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Siffi Si fflsis is rfon
iff fl vrv r f w y < f > J =
t 4f jr t 3 i vf Z > 5 f i l
Jr re g s
fieulties Marconi Promises to Send
v Commercial5 rlessa ges > Accurately
r v r tJ
FrorntCanada Station to Ireland i
IKpociU to TVorM
Slf Snuniaiioni
Affef working quIeTly and undbstnisive loryearsTWafrSjril an
that every dehil is aLlast perfected and thatTirelcs trnnsmis
on of messages over seas will be estabished tomorrow and that from
ri lll
If hl p rfocted ra chlnery 1 aU tht
GSlTrconl cliEn for If hUOvc i ays
lt n of TrtreieM Uderaj > hy Is of vaat
to th cornmorclttl world
In its character
of the flrfct
Scientists have long watched Mar
coni wireless teat with an atiltiifc
that was far thn 8jmp thetlc 11 has
> Tn urxed that td wireless system
coiikionVor be > perfected ao to be
bsouteljr dependable
> f JJetter S wan hurted thrquBh thoi
t TtrfherAeros the aVtarHJcranildarinB
fthat period Iho sceptics bnr continued
itp disregard the accomplished fact artd
declare thai the trahsraitalon was
kf for lew a matter of luck
r Now It 1 elaimttl that the untlrlny
J 4patlence of the Itillnn Inventor has
unriddled all tho problem that kept
f croppliif out during the cour ot his
Jexperlmentt and at 2 oclock P M to
tmorrow be will announce to tho world
gttot Use Marconiwireless telegraph
tiiystem stands prepared to transmit
commercial mouasra accunttcly nd da
ipaodatny over seas
f Elaboratf tests Kere m de todny
and In evcrylnstance they wereuuccess
fuK More elenalu were received hers
a from the Continent wlih perfect ea o
afidjaflthpiit ajfUw nrhaU
SJforeoverrISis JrTtsrT irtaTlon reports
Ithat Its apparatus Is working easily and
Irecelvlne every mesjage sent without
a tracftOf obscurity
moora than wo thouwnd miles at
Marconi ha been lecturing WB c 5rp
at operators h re for weeks
i Korr he considers them proficient and
hoj turnd 6v r thft tn trumenU tftithew
Jle has stood over thenV d jvand nlkht
in th course oj their le U
clar that he l thoroughly
hit apparatui l o simplified that
nv competent operJTtor may manlrm
jO7 > firaiof iifere nnd Uia connrcllan of
lhe latitm with tlie British Post0
teJosrapfijr Tha connccUons witrV
lVe ern Urtoa and Canadian IMfhr
Tel fe pli campanfe liave bern nwilc
Jon thlssfdeand iKo i > ubUc notified that
Manuil has beer In wnstntjt com
letters In Itnirth wecr nt iwil received
without dronnlng ail ttcnal illlch n
= f
Asadvertisedforin The
Worlds Want Directory
U J nltor i 34
Alliiutlaa Hunli L J > Rllrt < xi 4
gf lUktr 4 Jencllen iujJj
n < wkblndiri fi JUcblnlm 18
fS 1tttiiiearfy S
Ulndery llrip 15 Millfne I
IluttonhcK XUktrf 3 Upcrzlori T 43
CaWnclMiVtri fl O < Foathcr t J
IS Ihoto toiijtn A
i N II Jalntfr 3
19 1rlnttro S
aid Ilumbr > 17
Bs Clerk > S rortrri I 1i U
Rii Col or i l ck r a
Co X Funslf M prr llia tr t 13
Cutter i II Hoofer II
k > s l ilttfailUf ris
i 3J Shipping Crk a
S3 rtltra rumen 4
Druic Clerkt 13 riolltltom 3
UaiiB S StramUttrn t 3
r r > fl 5Unp rut < h ri M i
1 fiitrtotfraphtri Fl 12
KngraVrn 3 TJllir it
llanU S Trlmnirr t
lTtiuuiltl in
i Typewriters JL J
i Jvtrjlidic > > 3 fviinjlnfrr < > f
CJ r f ir J Jv IJlJWft i i j t t 0
Onjvry Clrh S w Kct v
Olrls > 100 hVs4lutMt 3 <
Urnr Makrr Hvatchmri a
Everyweek month and year Tha
w > V6rld prints more HelpWanted1
JrUls than any three other New
the jtoun inventor nmlllni remarked
Ttr rxvlVtsI mnnvcongratulftiory l tiws
from friends and relatlvcs < in Knsioild
which were transmitted byjvlrclesi from
tomorrow as It I Mr Mar
oonl > wish to set busy jn a bualneM
like manner unit without an formality
or pnrnae Jle will cntortaln a few
TuesU who will witness tho sendinir
of the nrst commercial rao apes lo
oro me ocean without th alj Mt
Tho wordlnff of the opening rnewaje
ej ytwarflr whilft not drcld on IH
be congratulatory It will be addressed
itb n few Important Dritlsh nowjpnpors
The first raivucfl from Cllfdcn will be
sent to American jjnd Canadian now
alieXIareonl5vJrcIfcyL tele
wiltbt or rt fnrlniilncjtjt
The commercial rate for
mesiascfi will bo 10 cents n word and
the pre rale S cents a word between
Cllfdcn nnd Port IMorien IrnmodlJ
AleJr aictthfi jscrvlca In Xova ScoUa1
I well established the power at the
wirolesj illation at Cape Cod will be
increaaoii and a sonlce opened thtnce
Mnrcfnl a In a moo t ean ulne mood
My service la perfect he Mid and
Itxpcct to handle press message as
well its commercial mewagef The
friend and I loflk for this frlendxhlp
to continue
FlrstTest Eight Yearn Agot
In view ot WarcdnrB heralded MIC
made eight years npo by Tliomat A
of Jlenlo Park
thejextent of tolnR away zeneraliv nlthi
present matndils but It will undoubtedly
Ncome very valuaole In signal nerrlce
In wars fqr sordine mewiafres between
nlpj Howeterr one oftn never tell
wrtivt dl cnver > a are irotrur to be made
and nomethlnc mljrht hasacn any dav
will brt about n revolution
Btirbarossaand ccanicPassj
and RepissS veiiIl4ri s
3 T Down the Bay
Four thousand steers c
arrived at NMV T rlc today bn fouj blf
steacuihllpii and th hurry to ot them
lamled nt Kills IsUnd coifed IhriM of
the boats to run Up tuo lOwer b y at
racing gpoed Troin Scotland
U > Quarantine
j BUg gjijjj
nnd the Oceanic th row s r al
contest in from th < > lshlshlrv If tha
i boftta were delayed Mrluunly H j
llut the comp rrfos would bo
nice jsrowds for the uddltloruil time
yileTKe ttjgfi M r wf t e jracrsta y rr
JUiclr first and secondcKum pntsenKa
docked and out of the way no af
i land the stecriiKu
Snips Race to Port
Tliu BnrbMossa of thn North 0 rman
Lloyd and thu Ocosnlc o I3i
Btar WCAJ neck and neck i the
hlp und on th Mco In tiio two
and ropajiscd each other aevts
tine irIll KO Hrat
The Cjmarder Claronla came jp jn t
liehlnd tiicDther two eutiyirnrtJiogrc4i
i t numVr in the pteorase JVAJ The
OCwnlo had tit rttemsc lMui en ors thf
HalbnrosM 1S The Kalifer Wlhflm
SJwWch also 4ura In to lay Jiad KI
and l from tho OJcar tl wJilcii
lr ytjjflBnhty 53 uti
i nuklnf In nil 4611 t
Pu on tho OJciiUo Included
ilr a U Mra J S Anthony TCttil ona
MnJ SjAmcof JloiiMid Air ami Jir <
fjjnnrlct V1 IuAltliuOlaj r uuo MM
t Charles cC < tuli > r MUs Frmcil Mj
j Cotmi Jlr and ilia Henry ilijivj of
LVIitMburf and Ui ir s n liinr if
Fnnd Howard SIM James
Land Afr Janie Lehicii ItooJ
9ff On the Cfltonlii wore Sainuc1 o jui
iehincn ft Mr and Mm J w
Ilarnett Mr ahil Mrc T II Freeman
Wif and Mrs Qststr W llamlltun Mr
iind Mr 0 fl ilftfd on Mr ami Mw
C II Hcrzciw Mrs O Ulfw V Osdun I
ajlrt Mistfca IHHna Jlary find Gertrude
Ojrden MM J D Cawon Jr M r T
amlth and Mt W <
Lj ji jsfp
i Wroroo Ouinln th 4 v0r4wfda
Inventor of Wireless Telegraphy
and the Canadian Station
i lurbed lull Location pf
rfas Indicated by the seismograph it
tl aStite Museum which regittered Its
passage during period of nearly an
hSilr today Th > record how thedln
tinbanco to li ve originated at a d
lanee br abour tXiO mile from Albany
and this vibrations of one of the
tnenujwtrc o violent a to cxcc dTtj
for rtfflstcHtw f
direction d fTi wHEnS siiitsloh
mcd with c rtnVnTy Ji nijKfftfw > n
tno centre of the Ulnlurbanc Would
seem 16 huvo bwn wmewhcTorto rnir
south or southwest lin arrival o tha
ijrap = s iV = = = ssas = rcsard < i2atiSCliAi = iL
and of tin main vlbratlons t 911 A
i utes attrr vwii iliu rf 1
subsided hut were traceable tor about
an hour THo builatln jsry
j violence that h a Hccn recorded thin
which wiwjm dtafrucUvcly f lt7n
44ci > Tha present uno mny Very AVCH
mark it continuation of the movements
Uuuhava been under w y Mr Homo
time In the CpTdlllean amrCarlbbean
soncy to Vhlcii may Iw traced also the
earthquakes or Sn Franclfreo Vni
VASIHXOTpN Opt 16 An earth
unki ta rwt violence wis rojorrtod
by tlg ttlSfttospEPh nj Jim AVfathei1
tronge t motlorr
the aisturbince besrtn shortly after
about x mlnutej later tho npproxl
imH time a < frt hown by the Gov
ernment Instrument bclnc from SU
to 910 J
graph > v ro cTiansed thU
STiit carthounka was recorded tho
record of vWeh ha not at y t been
oltlroly cotnpUtcd TJH precise b Bln
nine 01 tho jJUturbansts cannot yet tw
tividu out but It wan notltfwl b foro
Itik Straus Hfifiton hejraa that an
tarihquaXn wna occurrlnB and tho
record vna adJUitoU to tho middle por
Bvn with this precaution however
Wio nuilloii of tlm Inairumcnt wan a < t
jfrvat aa 10 c rry thw re < wdlm levijr
Ireyond tins margin of th slieel oo
Umt this dlnturbanco was ijvJdently of
tfonKliiorffblo vlolence Jli etroiiK pirt
Of sJiiv mttoft lMsaniWSai ATOiJ Hut
tu ItutHttori wjujrvliUivoU 4 > iprtQfnl
> tt nlMiit SCO A At scvcnly
lllan ilmc T
Tll atplilttudc of tho trmiB nction
KIM nppfirrntlv nit wat n t < mrtenlhi
fit an in ti iu woohlliKtofi Pull dctnll
of the record cannot b made < wi ontll
tba lti trumlit < Jiivo ce < ai > il rceonjlnj
1 and Ii9r t < tril iJiiHjt am tic rusnavod
far xnml tlon and meftmin > inem TUi
tor < vt l > K tlmf tn ftnty bo Khen up I
Botmtte1y t prt nt
MilX M t OCT An Iftrth
i tf was felt hero il 7 > 1 oclock last
for two r llrrco fietonds follow tl
by whn winded iy a n rp < xt > to
f < iri Jn re > v lntanv < Mi rhjnawaro wa >
XhroTVn to tile loornnil i mnny dwelt
nts tii dlSliVn rnttio < iilniiy nootild
i ran from tlielr hou c The chafik wan
n1 < > fait in lj wtvnc and J ndtintlprry I
X 11 wit ° dantiiBo M ritfortvil
i imTiMOM O < t 18 frof Unrry
Flildini Held proffsnor < yf teolotflWi
tjhyuloa who hi chnrffo of ihtf Hop
jlflsu lniBKraiih snlrt to > d y
I ill i lii liiil not nil y t had Unit ju
vt 1 110 vuttKqvaka urily hevnjiln
fiinc4 to < ilaV hut th ronrrof tlm
itlilurj ncp wn < not ntoriv thnn JrpfO
in a Collision on
1 S
Eighth Avenue
nunalnr at the rate of twelve mile
ii HOUf a iroTrht > otirm tJBhtn arerrae
Mroyerrmsshed Into tcroj tosn horse
Lear t Twentyninth strc today nd
sfrlouVly liijuro two men anA a wora
The paMn < rr oc both car worn
rira > < frr f rrn < io toturnlnK over
TH L Injured are = <
n < > nBW8Rr 3iWr3rTv FST3iSrSe
Ar of 7 r33 T nth avenue contusion
of head nnd fractured ribs token to
Ronrarolt JIcrSIfaT
HOI > AND EDWARD Qil water
de n cut on back of head
90 l xlmrlnn avcnuer renioAcd to her
homo In ctrrinse
Holand amJMrs Henderson were pai
sf gertlnthe horyft < s fln 411 frnntle
efforts wivctS ei
cvij im ieiAif iii
by her Innband Fblns cut a half
The noltcc nere Informal bv witnesses
that the mot rman of tho Klrhth avenu
car dlirrsanled 6 ultrnal mad hi Driver
arHt < h nd wcnfytralght ahead Jhe
crosittown car waa fltriicx lorivard and
ih U IL whltc nores wore thrown to
the er it One onjmal wn ludly hurt
jiglated at Funeral of
Financial Witch7
> Vood lpck Ont Oot 1C SU proml
nent men > t Soodslock nmonc whom
was the Mayor er jvillb arr t the
funeral of Mrs Cansla Chadwlck thli
nfterntJii I > pUe the famlljs en
deavor In have the jcrvlctf Tit privotn
and the ra o
Her littKlKind Dr Clmdwibk wai not
VfASTilNQTftW Oct li The ChWie
hnv developed a marine mounter that
puts the AOTPflsan sen terrxnt In the
ihnde tiefordloP I mU advices In
niWttlon io the rn tery that surroutidn
jlir CK gcrpitit for tho appearance of
till ncW inonxtir C unKndwn the
China iinlmnl or n fi lliii the lecoTd
if luvliuc actually attaoKed liunian
> U
ccorJlnK SO the Chinese story thin
b twtftt h i iipocnrod In tho nelelrbor
of fihan J U wlifrw It rl ii > l5
live ilitlmnncn t o of thoin sub
dvlni from their uimdi and
MIC boliu Iftftln crlllcn ntata with
iK > tli hiinds bitten off Home of tho
ritliieiie < lcjorii that tha tnoniitrr Is a
limt Hhnrl und ottKrs a ditblllo what
ever tlut may be The W > IIIKH arc not
Ilkft tjioco cnusiHl by it elmrk beln <
otoir blleii und ilci n < rulnii
An Unvlliliman who < jx mlncd thn
ixidy of one or the vleioms dwlarra
that the wound had betn caused by
an miormoun tortolsn < inil the
nra clamoriii
Hes Gohi to Chip Himself
Up When He Learns
Dr Gresory who Is In charge of the
psychopathic wnrd AI iletlevue wan
MeaVInc thin atternoon In n liiirry to
rFach his rooms In the main bUtldlnsT
when ho ftius stopped by a rather stub
Dlly dressed man
I am looklnc for th AaSjay OHlcei
said tho utranyor
You will not find It hjjr ald tho
physician < he hurriMl on
Then TH aharblIy drcsed man caiight
Xot o fast Mister ald tho rpan
I want you You look lifce n man
with ome braini
Although the doctor protested that he
Some time aro said the man a
ju rrea tTdruj lie KavJSne a7dH5k oi
= cg A C3qignr tKgR pCTgrLliufri XA a 11
It and It turned m Into a nuLwi at
j wild cold gee how I sparkle Ju t
flook and1 the rnan turnod slowly
orounj eo how pie yellow SilncaJ
DC Grefcory w and rtarted to le d
the sfranerr toward thsfischopithlc
th man and I am jrolnir to chip a
piece off I want r u to ajjtay It You
nee I wan looklns for tho A ay Of
fie ro tlfey could tell nr ju t hovr
to cut myself tttrsrlittte at a time
Mnklnx no bKelIonr tho mart wai
cot He aid 1io wa Wi
Xlnlir treet II is
from zeneral paresis Dr Oregon
Justice Greenbaum SrrDecides
in the Suit toOust Hie
the SuprcmeJJourt that Mayor M Clel
tnrC Is entitled toftbttrw P rtlouUr
mltcount of ballots Improper arulrraud
tlon and unlawful countlnR of lll ffal
and void ballot and of ballot c Jl by
nonreirfstettJ voter and repeateJs who
voted more than once for McClolIaq all
of which Is charged ITL tho complaint in
th suit Instituted by AttorneyGenera
Jaokson In the name ot the People of
tho Btat to oust McClolUn and sa
JIear t
TTo iiWur6 Tiotonlyn Jutlgin atoueL
IHB McUloSlan but also soa lcit Hearst
thfi onui of proof must ho bornn by th
plaintiff said the Justice
It Hearst Is bound to establish > J
amrmativoproof the allegation teniilnif
to establish his election It Is clear thut
JucOielUxn Is entitled to a bill of par
ticulala of Uieifl alluiratlons
l ubllo lnercHt rr < julr tlmt suchtt
bill of particulars be sene1 no to
limit th scot of the Inquiry and pre
vent any improper und uniifeewftr pro
longation of tho trl i
Ko Injimtluo can low from nuch a
course If jlie rlaiHlf Hearatl has
miflldcnt faclH to vltlutu the title of
MrClolInn nd to tupport thut of Hearil
It u tust lo MoClellan that the com
plaint txi ehlarctd with p4rllou rit Umt
will fairly apprise him o that h may
be prvpured to meet lie Issye ral eil
If a nariv mu not aurtlclcnt met
to < orraiH the ifeneroi alp > ratlors fa
4omplnlnt then l uotlon reck
lessly broiiRht nnd a trial mcm IKJ
employed a an lintrurrent io dljcovery
whether or not a oau of action xlai
< o the unnecessary and frultl < M cost of
the county iand to tho nonndtil of the
administration of the law
The fact that thn ra e nvolveji
r at nubile concerns ilnoultl not mill
taw aealnsl well settled rul s jf pro
ir Vr io rnj < l < > 5 ° ur tftl1 n < >
Ars Adears Testifies That the
New Rochelle Affinity
eniaTned r
All NighL
Tnrtt or dlvorOiToT Charltorrj
Durnott o alnst Us wife Blle
wllclr < > on before Jinise < jlerich Snld
tho fluprnnw Court Uie unn ne l NowJp
hatt b rrfritirrrate rvrttn tli
Burnett eyer Mrwic June l5oi 7lv
thlsjoparatgTC In lity latter
Mr Jiurn tthivd lor Jier
at dinner ono ovenlrwr a younjr m n Ve
had a little dinner party we four
Vu T happened alter dinner
counsel for Burnett ntk < sl
TOry Mrs llurneu and tiiti yountr
man rolUwV
T rtoCstrKinrme tfaroom
1iat M this > ouair man weir
Borrowed a Night Shirt I
did not se Wm tn bed Ke bor
a nitfhl i > lrt from my hu Uind
In tho mornlnjr
Althouch the identity of thU yoimp
man the New llosheHe atttnUy of
Mm Delle Burnett IB ivrfl known to
th elawyrr his unm < w s carefully
Undor cToMcxarnlnaUon illr Me r
husKind t onFTImeT indlBnl he Jin
HT fqp < llorce hut had with
drawn th ult
At thn resumption of the trial thli I
mornlnu Julia McCardHl the bashful
rooX at the fashionable Central turk
Vcst bosnlinErhouM of At1 ILC
Snmpson whlln Mrs B rneUUv l
there after her separation from her
boy husband wan Jibjectd to crow
examination by itr Burnett attorney
Thl WajLHkr Testimony Jf
Uayinir testlflcd tiat Arthur yTllum 11
nhrny had spent m ny eATnlnfts In Mr
Hurn tt rooav which was about thOV
slie of the Jury box and that Mrs
Uumett had eomnded hor love affairs
to her In the kitchen and in thi bath
room IncudlnK the InterestliiK infor
mation that her affinity had called hw
which th llsplrtff mistrejw of the
cuUhio hluohlnslr wrote on a < svrd
alxcllnc and RurBlinc that he could
not irpmaic them h < i wn turned oer
n affldAvIt directly contr < ct
even years If she dldnt
Under crossesamltu tlonthe cook ad
mitted iiitt < he knywah could not b
ient to Jail finshe had done no
andthen Sir Keating rattled her
> apldnre qucstlonn about one
I yons
Jullau Msniory VFry
Julia rMd she did nfl
and 4h l diary had not been employed
i and finally Tn
irorner ft her njmory found b t MUM
and Marv had lcpl iOBCther la JtiitJ
same b a for a lone time j
Hut n couldnt remember whether
Jlnry Lyons had d clln < vl liPr Invitation I
lo accompany her to the wodjllnR of a j
which Julln aware that Mr IJurnctt
wtWL Jinowii A ft divorcet woman otL
Vic frprJiTig < iiiii < gria THMr ffpfe yait
to marry Mr Humphrey that bo had
Jt ird Mrs Harriett cnll HumphrcV
Rcao nnd Dollsht and ha
her lhrow her armn ulauthlB
wave h r Tiand to him fntm rti
dow and throw kisses to hlnj after
had If > t iho hnust
Julia SW hTtIKTiratrrarnfflrtirrir
ain stoutly stood for the truth of PV < TT
and theBridesmaids Were
IT1LVOA N Y Oot IS Two broth
wji frrnduate of tile Cornell LAW
School UKsS marrIM two ntntem Kr du
atc1 W the Ithaca lllih School IKft
loJayl Two ministers performed thp
ceremony and iho two roatls 6t IWnOf
wcro uter Tlio minister comluellnrt
the main e r moiiv lat > tlc > l each bride
nii < LlLwajtli llr t WMJding hcjil jn
ho n W Ttttxiaiaoln Chilrcli The JounR
oneu iinl l > sn prominent mrraber
at ilia tilrl dlUixli one notliiR w
nnlit tor alx your n < l the other
aa KDlolit for five vnaw Tliera wcrw
olx brhluaronltU who nl o nctiil nt
The l > rliltt vcro tho MlMe JeMlc
May wnrncr iind Ktdcl Vunier uiiil
ih hrhlrcruom TAOII I roy Jtorri
ami Wllllftm ArtMir ilorrln U v 9M
ney Ia her of TrUinnnnljUrtf ivr
formeil the ecronujny nU Hoy H Hr
Vo < c aMIilcd Thu niatdi of honor
vfrt two tUtcru thi > MUsen Anna and
Wilson A double rlnir
WIH tjnckd
TJ j l > rlml coupin Mi lor H two
wek honeymoon in AIK ny thU uttor
noon Mr anil ill I < on ltorrt will
In Ullcft iui5 ilr UR tr Wllllniu
Home junt twrlvu mll < < u
I lTTSKlBl Di JIMK Oct It A mar
rlano license bin been Issued lo Kaw
inn a wealthy Chliissa merchant mill
Ml i Kllxabetri D XlUon Snw forty
three years1 old and Ml g > fll oit
tw ntytwo
Both Confident of Victory but
Admit Illinois Central
Vote is Much
Inc of tltt Illinois Central Kailroail
during whlcft n spirited eootoit fitx
peeled bitweea ittuy caant Kl liv tho
rorfiier lT l < l nt and iK 11 llarrinikn
fr the control pf titr POUJ wn h d
ioiJaj tThfl contest fur t > raxUit con
tlnued utmost up to the hour of tire
which arrlviyl In tho mornitw brought
of helayiNi proxies f rim EAt
ofMr HS7rImHriTf r
i4io2 XSbjlbiUiXJ2fJlli
loslnit coutrol df the nneiinc < uiiert
lHirlhaf Be Y duTdTraAo utiIdr 6f thu
ISOl Jhnres which wt re wot rta tlv
In the mcetlne of stockholders mor
than uniclent vote to carry tliroUBh
anytlilnc ho vviriiuH
Mr Fl h ggpjMMit lilmjflf us ontl
lcm of ihf Tniti m TTftH ai srrnrr
bur yald tharutWajrnot witniti tVin
powcr f anj man to atate exactly
thft numVr of vote f > contntlUit T
Chang In proslca ie said iud lKy4
numeroui that it vras iot poijTUIu
t IK f cjega3llhKrcaul t l aLecurjie jj
lie fj ejfd iilinstl faT satiiflletr with
the akaatlan thus far and Iwlioveii j
that lho Inal outcome would IH > n i
pl AiliiK to him n he could desire
Tour directors wcro to l > j electd at >
tlio moatlne Stufxosint J h li li <
llurrlman and John Jacob Aitor re
Thu uuuumiim Jtucn trfiiic
noU li XXUW nhartui Of tills amvunt
u was eitlnlated thut 100 i ntuireK j
would not bt repriDeiiUd niul HTJl
aharo would not count In too aee i
tlon In viewjor th ojrd r lisucd >
terdayby Judge Hall TJiU left it toiftl
of 53W jSSSrcaT wKlcli wouTa accord
front th niaxiuium mitnbr of
vote l
A lorui dispute b txv in the attornftyj
of iltuarw KUh nnd Harrlman resap
tltc oeronncl pt tho committee
delayed th openlne of the toolthol I
erf mcetlnc or omo tlmn Thepri
vnle pecretarlcj jot Mr i liil Alld M
llMTlman were ele < teil to act for th lr
principals > ut the third ninn wsft this
ntumbllnit block >
Juibre Karrar for Mr Ftih nnrt WIU
lam > Cromwell for Mr llarriman
had a lonp arffumeiit over the
member and finally referred th
to hlilri Ball w
mftlnc > hortl bnforc JJ oVloek lie
wan KTTted with round of j > r Janv
He waixcii vfr to the tibtr where
IHrahan ot the Illinois
tral at < arejrldttwr officer v
The box nfflcr tlcUri pecu
lulnr nfl < ttir Inrnl Ilirn
tor > r Tr rJc In Iinj n tlikrt
of iirutntor nnd in trill
I to brae you ur r t y ur n rrr
p teeDrugs
folJoTTd by rr tr daprrMlort
Tyiass lle
i r I
A nilur l tonlch < rer > t
TI rr All Sail U s In Ilotllrl
SItnr palrr n < 1
COPOft rttn St Now Tork
cup of finelyblended Java
and Mocha Coffee
as to no other mixture of
coffee berries if the eje
Tmcnts of the blending be
truetodejignation That
Paik Tilfords Java and
Mocha Coffee represents
the best of the Javan and
Arabian products Parki
Tilford by the Weight of
67 years of comriicrcial
triilhtelling guarantee
This is the best at any
price and sells ground at
31 cents the pound
Deliver rinude out of town
Accompanied by Terrible Itching
A Complicated and Most Distress
ing Case Wellj < nown Remedies
railed to CurF = Ooc1fjrTJTDUglil
an Operation Necessary Then
Iamnw > ielRritvy > arsoI < J ahtl ono
momllip 0 yonriUjBco I wn taken
tvith alirtrd l > Alil ifvnly rfehl ijlde It
two day I uui nl ittwck of mlj1
hemorrhoids hli < c < ttng mill iiratrudlnK
Tim JoctbrKarc nwfoihniCTdiemq nhd
nrx olntmcjnLfor Uieii ThlojihoInxi mA
gome but Hind tfllaop imnp thcni all
tlio time Hleti I glirttiged totho I
rcflwdythuUr I litljtult mn it nvcrj
day I would xo worst1 Tlio doctor
naid tliftonly help for mo WIM o go to
a licHpitnl and lx operated or At
I time about avenr ego J wnnt tc
g ilio S rfinctllPf I tried them
nuc help for my pl DiirinK till
llnw fores uoul < l wmo on a flcsli part
of my b < xh Thev botlicrc mo nil
tlio time I would Ret om healed and
another would como lli o sores
chanced to oCTLTna accompanied by
a t > > rriblo itchltiB It Mxmcd as if I
could rfot k > my hand front tcannn
m If h Tl < ntid the plln troulil
i t H J11 mtnu
Tlnn I got thoCfrtrcurt
wasliwi tho afTictetl parts with Ciitictirn
Hoap and wann water in the moniliiK
nt noon and nt night then u > cd Cutl
corn Ointment on tho irritated ur
faces and injrcted a quantity of Cuti
poaitory Slrince 1 aJK > took CiiU
curn JlcsolventTills tltrwi tunes n day
It took a month of tliU tnittnent to
Ret mo in a fairly healthy Mate and
then I treated mywlf oneo a ciayfor throo
u > ontb and aftir that onii nr twice a
werk It U fortunate that I tiee < l CutU
Tlio treatmenta I had tried took a
I am vrier nnvr I am supplird with
gfull or6rthoCnticnniItemrdies and
would not fivl wife without them
J II IIendron Ilopklnton St Law
renco Co X T Apr 0 1007
Cnnptfte Ejtirnit I 1 Intftnxl TrralafSt JOT
Htrry liumorot l inwOiUilreo n4 i5uluroo
raw Ot Ccijccr talpt25c > JOMn Ui Fllr
CuUcun Otatmrnt Me tn lnl ttu > PUn tut
CTMUU runrjwrvufot Wio rnnrriba likwlr
IM ibt Oitlc r jsoptwxiiorr trtluf lUc PoUl
Uirou t > oat it orlii IVtier Bret A Cbra Corp
the moment a no Rip
j Winkle He is profressive
aridweors the stylish f
5 and 6 in all leathers
Once you have tried on I
arc far and away in ad j
that J
other makers have yet of
j fercd Smooth inside finish
perfect eJilerlor the finest
materials Ihot can be
lity andcomTortln the
cat degree
jatcntlcather shoes arc treated
by a secret prpcctswhich ren
ders the leather softer gives a
richer more enduring lustre
addsat leastonethird to tho
tire of the shoo and reduces
checking or breaking to n mini
mum This proceMtsconftned
If Bur iiincrti ln
ru > lninfr mrh d f we
fnrTIt rn A BT1 AT1
S w pQ U N D a i
vP i < fVinin untl
> of on i
ivlf Jt1 Aiti C lo
sSjnlci1 t t lll1 Chireh Boftoa

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