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The evening world. [volume] (New York, N.Y.) 1887-1931, October 22, 1907, Final Results Edition, Image 15

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j Y t > jriJeiin 1 < nil1 0 l 2 c a ijl i iU aGtE a t Z l nr eJ i fU ets Ira A t e nn 2i 41 t 11 1t i r fi f
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j I i 1ti r 1 l I iBt J 1111 5tIJJh
n i j I lffiJI0l 4
= djt JtSt ll i I
1 1 t
r i i J q
r i J r hlj i il i
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t Gee sli I wlih ourpop kept er saloon
flow doiyou llkotmesnewhat iKitty
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winter Cgbley Mint > > I had
c d
i l 1 w 1M ji TvA r
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s l <
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F lllljWJ r jiltgi ii4
f d I
L V Waltzes lto
1 <
Jfjizz 8uiZ ss
J i
fl w no All that hftJ enlIlldlnpMi1H Vdf The Mefry Widow rT
w 0 ji8JJana ts4i1ilc ii u i Cl n on crC8SouJ iJmoUi r ai L
I ot DrkCv i Amr i1iomlcWITh0 1 ri 7 W r
g f UeV mayieani nclr in the7 liipi4jojir o ohalr itor yfand itt their
1 i lTOiSt on the head Thej = riSe < 1lt bai vi8jn Viw
prixluctlbn wlitch iIManager Henry WVSaV
4toto r rRtthoNw Amsterdam Theatre last ntgiit > 1
Ci r L
j 1
at Prllrice tbanilo nniE W BjjJacBISiiMi t t i
The Jlerr > Idow 1 waltied to
liir ruro the delttchtful 11l1l ldMnaal
W4 II i > ed10
tf a but it fal c nouJiiro y there hardly
1j V l mattered when the PrlQrll1ncQHaE
whwlorangtruoand nllad tho e ar Tlth
4 JLditr Q9 t 4 i
i utheatre In many a ragtime year The
vita f tclc rJh 1l 1 1 t0tt ttf11
1 tS5 t
UT i o niIL gtmtlo solace Forgive us fa
ire nfl for wirifhnri suffered much
l To hf rfJ Pjrr i htj jrmslc oT
thlVJcnhrs < L operattaTJy Frnhx Lehar
t was oncirlad Bons Thebook by Victor
Leon and Jeo i Steltr tWlth Jyrfcs by
i Adrian Hoss jnlght have talked Icjfs i
> ibul the stajrtplctur by0eonce Marlon
savcil It trom becoming tlrcnome The
ri twauty of the production 1 was 1Ji sec
> WJc i iW th beauty of the music
iThat ihythwlc jlreamy music waltjed
n ind again WIW until ybur
1oi tYBr Ji1ot Imy
JltadJa naighlrland youdetermlned
jj c 8r ffi t IT iE
youve heard about the fiuiiausv waits
7 V Hf j you A t hear JttjtO sent the
r J1tk tlcltCtll X IAf
J a ky Co I l l hbtJT perhapttthe
iipeculuton thenfirflvea may be waltxVne
is Hf Klaw l Si I Erfattirof canr tcacii tnem
X1J tcp and then you mayjto aridbe
1bfD lil Irt rtajI pw biffw11 filbtt Ij
ji g1HZ WlienrJimd l mf it Sf t
t + I4 J t O nJ lr frqm I x
ImHj tb W UM want oft lti tand I
jandedj on II lmn < 81Jt may seem Un j
all l n to ay o bill bojlih Mr Brian
tod ithe merry widow r n imerry Oanco
llii stalKlU throuph tho piece Ht danced
f r ts lhauzh he couldnt help ii llzhtly
r l jayly rhunnlnKly ae 1 it man 1 hns
onnftJd en Now York atage In yonrs
tif T nrt to i1 tilt 11 I Jsy ha sa e i t niilr
inc ic rlntn1111ltnanlInI
i flanjfd Wirn no i mada waltxUme lovn
I Y tolir vvlcio < ytften htt loakfd down nto
f h ri v < M n < l nip Knttil up Into 111 tho
waits rfcvri too = tor feohlo
r > word I oolffaBTiJshn loll Tim but Marniylnn thoro wa cotiimas nothinc
cold aTout this II KIS tv1jloast l00lln
I ffi h f hade of Sonlas ahfeni
iI Miss ICthol JncKun 131f iSM li tlin
r Jri ftior less morrj wilowtwho wah
r i Atrl raylnit yes with her
f ltrtk n 1 tIlrlv and OojibtinK for
j yn 1 Prince iDanllo wn ih i devil nmohc
ltI ith InUlca nt A Maxim Vftth a voice
lit it tn ul T ranjt 111111 brook out tlrll holl
day and a laugh that ouniedJlke ft
tci bubbling out of a mill bottle
Now nnd then ber volpeitruck ipot5Sle
n r ili r iP A
the MIni manaBed to follo r tthei
couraeof HerrJt hat I j melodlea smooth
br and pleasantly When ohe came
1 lliri bt jf1
hornndi1W p ho tr1f t d rrtb t
r1 +
tllohlonllole thjjj SAUMla1 =
iA t II > qrS9 n b CO 1J
lM Loin JF wiurthe blonde < rJi X
with voice chleflynotaWe for Ita hl hj
Until X and amUothat wouldntcomeorfk >
8heran cond l i1he tIr1I1KJa
dutiful wlfevwho pulled the wool over
thtoiwh her aKCd the husfiuida twoliole oyei ofinaiummer unUl tiouiwj
ondi aaw wh t hej hettnJS hatt U i hef
wIbIe ofljcer kiMbuf what
Bounded like Nan4Je id lti T1v d hlni i
rljfhl for tooUTnS throu ih 4 m rhoUJ
Mr R E Qraham wMr SbUie ltoitoop
awa i
o thorjkfryiole In rorder to aphold r the
dorr who hid tohhF meascnser a r
Ihunvm l1 irE pro
Crahui i i ff Ji 1ti rlllb
umUeT but fl > yU doV
The zw fun becwi in th J t
t X
M txlm if youre e er trcfae aoWntfie
ItUo Koy l foranl llUof jtjand you
f 1 1
nla Muxlmr at the Mew Amaterdam
t Jl fflJl W i
KicKiriir a tray OUtof a waiters n I1 i
and tlondasiilnp down the redcarpeled
I lairs to dxnco until aho was picked up
l nnd carried kicklnr to a Ublo Uttfu
Evar Bennett was as Ftfl as they mak t
r om and IOLO and DoDo and JOuJou
ind CloCl and thejryt of tb gifts
W t 4L
who r there toteomforl you1 erd
well they Irol NaueiitynAUchty
YedtIUl Uont lull Mr OemstooX He
tnlfflit i XMid 20 tluit he whould koo
for nls dtcllnlnur days In1 sowc tmu
IU NJh tliJdl vinu lc trar Mr Brian
told ojboUl Muxlmii Jnitho Iltut oft
Iii tIn 18 unly fair lo 8ta Muiajsur
Mqrlot to wyrJmt lthQlaAta jt mor
ttilIIV dUItothtlJIltlKL d d 1
I There menu almost nwre songs than
Conductor ulsF aottsoholk oauidi
hlLkealIck nt and they wero all I
Kooit particularly one about Womon
l inirhich sovwi mere men atlJlli and
danced wh t tltw tthoicl i on tho suu
lln dltllttlrnar C1JOJ11lo rw royt 111t l bti
brouglit back apvln anil again
Thort wulir l nt much use In talking
about tlui music that liad Char nsIO
soothe thu Sayaffai 1 ul tn VINlM
Tho Morv I rJUuNt Ii rd IO
J = = i
Uf i J iJ fii J1i 1 < I lJ1JliAR DfiA E k i3ii flI j l m j
4 > f trIfy iqXtJtfm 9 rr9rj2t i Ili48 PlJl tZf1JilZCi i p iluJhe rL
f t I rJ l 1 Il O IIC v 1 t J r a t ri at a I 1J b lIt yIpaTl Il1 en
f t Y ittiI l ORI tCI hto SI 5fe lprecistcouse ieniiiien Pt erc i
I Jrf Gfrti0tf rui eirn ta l rartlcl ln ca 1 t
Ii >
J liii fl
I Si
fiin I of I L
1 Vl jj
Alf 1 if 1 I < f t
f I t t JiI i c i b j i < i 1 itiir S ik iffisMi
ITt il 1 i9il if 1ff iWM l1t 1lEtw mfma i
> d 1i i 1Mw
1 I i 1jti ll r reblW iJf J11 rl
JJBEfr lJ J j Yt1t il7 Lv I rt t iT j lIiI jfYf 1I1
L mL 7 fi IHfI i7 JltJ c lloJ 1SIil6i 4 Aj rTJJ1fl i 7J J LI 7 < i VZj < 7 1 7 1J li t1
j l
11 A > Romance founded on
2iJ i ofiihe isunc < name I
j 1 I Bv John Murray
f fri 1907 br J j
Jack PuoDf youni Xrtwn ranch
owner inurl Ec 1I0 AlUo oaiurtter ama a
n lratrfrlnr cAttimno Eor loac ibjfon
a f
wu mcmnd to Jickt chum Wck LJn
liut ltlleln th Ja tt t to tv b n mur
dr 4 br At > che oU P Jt an Jac
kno Ulck ullve bat kt t tb no
lhli iillI
fiMmiEAio r rln < to lo her Jiurbjfort
IllIa ldlnriDlck1abOearo t Jaclc nW J
i heoa iurai lh < InUh and jd parti Aa
old utlonm Jt r n m > T rrlll hM D
I > hot nj dHDol 1 Jon 000 b 11 kJrcK
101 bICbrnd ba JD1fho h lurodLiDlfl
nh1 J g ry
Uchoa cousin who li cr Ur lo br
8lm HOOVM U f t all rltt2 fiC Plnil
CountT Jink off i mort un with
thnl30nO fDk i mv iooh7ili VcK rtrte r to
avert cuiolrlon from hlniMlf blr chirr I nit
J cX with Trrlf rourlif rna arlnnlh
t To mortcftr elrxr Mm wn lf ntM Jack f ttlli wltn of Dick fttn riilt
I Bchoithui Ilamlot1aekI dfeeptloa Thtnk
Ine V < rUII n iIA na 1alOl ri > > I
to th < M rt to brtnirhlm back 7adc
f flndt Dick wtplUni m tler anJ Illi htm
lo ri to FchoThoy r Ubdf bz
A chea cDI elwlu 12DI J1I41i1 a
iroUIMbA VTilryjn n
i CiI ptBRj XlX
In the Cattle Country
OTVTf In the valjey Qf thi > Sweet
irt jffjriItor ii
chuck w jron haa haltrd fany of tha
boy orf the tound uplare lUjtl aileep
thejiIjTht1 herdera ape relurnln to camp <
The cook h lUrte < thli pr paratoni
for breakfast Hit wairon hn a cov
ered top like prairie schooner JThn
tailboard has1 been lowered to form a
table if supported i by i a rxwbld Lit 1 i
M > H
About him are scattered tin cups and
kitchen UtenallaAthln aplral fsrookc
L ii t = Tho
nickering flashes Illumine his face it
Jio bends overTT steaming pot of coffee
ira fill a tin cup
Parenthcailii U imlxlrm doorh In a
dUhpan set on the tAllbonrd of the
jilt llniih kneels near him
puttmg on hl apora preparatory to
a < td4nirfiupf a > heito i onith ftr tre
The rsjichmcniof the > 8w etwater VaU
ley have fathered lor the round up
and Ihe loni i drive to the railroad It
kO tl f eili j 7J
was the hardMt work ot the year
Eafcohad oMumed compete charse
oT the ranch and with tha ielp of fSaffe
W t
ii i
Bn h had carried on the work Juatju
h thowtht Jack would do hoping
uratnot hop for his riturn in sofety
Iff hldlnVVer sorrow trom thos about
Wake up Touts n4
Fr ino ordered Ha Bnufli ThetC
Uornlan threw awsymthe b tt ot his
dgarfttte ond hooU each majTnythe
shoulder Wltn much y wnln itnd rub
tdne of yea the men crawled from >
their l Plnirba s D hto cold wa4 r
into their faces from bajfnb lde
ter JT 4ri 9 JaI
of the coffee Vhich Parenthesta poured
out for thorn V
tha they Mo tly n all tbe boyBe e In now aint
T 4ti IlaWerd18g Bir5inrr1w5 Jt
finish brandln the calves today It
r onFfr It ftiii
OTI1 lrfe Tth iii fl
unl Jack Bets
IleeTfd ary woFd from Mm Y j
Nothln1 jypllsd Saie < KrimlySllm
wrote from Fort Grant he was on tho
tmll but the ApcHes wttsorut an thy
wouldnt let htm leave ths fort Ull i the
noldlera wcnl wi h him
ta Slim oodn oughtar fon suid l i
rthlngiJthe way h dki D lick McKe Is
jrettln a lototb mrn togwthor and
Iowa Aols olnto ntori Sheriff him
ae1t l 4 JrrtWu
HeJi1I1WOOtTLtoURhouu ti i
him Sheriff awayhaint dolnL u
an jgood Allthe rusllers from T xai f
an N rw Mexico are trallln lnto the
counttrrjust as soon as they hfardSHni
lsiloneWOil1ts surprise malf > e have
n run In with the bunch afore < wo nit
through with thls round up
I cot my eye on lhU iPnruna1 Inter
jected Fresno
t P ti rfj 7
Peruns whos he ajikol Toxn
Oneot Buck outnt answered
iFresno He It mltfhty slick wlthltho
runnln Iron and brandln oth r folks
calvw c
1Wecantbe too careful warned
Sage i Brush t TnJmjailJiMralntfd to tho
buittln point and jlll promise of r gun
play Is BO In tdj tilttia tThole lot of
Swinging one over each armili
started towards the corral saylnK
Comeonrboye wefgatarotTtodo
todar Oet yoUrhoastaJl t i c
The nlirht riders wore coming Into
camp greeting thqlr oommdes with
grunU or telling them what to guard
against In some particular parXPf the
1 rn bri 0 = tftlle
Thejimn had risen Th cattle wer
I on l tholrtfe t fcrowslng th shorU lawoct
f TMX T moving slotrlv toward the rtyer
WorkW srowld 8howt < owi Darn
h oIC1 ainit cotamonwjdito haleilt
iFrcano picked1 up i his Z ssddle ito fol
r w rMs foreman b it i j > ftu dilnn
anough to t tire thU portlnie shot at the
oook Say Parenthesis tf them bis
cuits youre makln Is as hilnIUIthoj
IsJit bunch save tour of cm for roe
tr1Iantj o shoejttvat pony ofmlrIIIr
PantltheatattlrewtLUn UV7 Fra
f no wliotdodc dilt 1 Punchlnr tho dough
vtctau ypo TsniJdi Oarn this hOUIIOii
keeplni Oetsfa > teU itt hnndJall rough
lI i spllet the dlspoaUlon ofa saint7
c rmJ111b ryTrjtsTlnternnrtediAjrBnck
tiK66l1dl tlw etltJm
L4z K outnti1 which waa I IlK a
meJb 10W < tham iJ
Hello Cofflklel Ho r gots ItT was
his grcettifr
hlgNlot1I j <
ToU wlndiltup and Jt jrOfa < jltlll
days Parenthesis bellowed hlstempcr
fast reachlnc the breaking point
Jack Payaon aint back yetr Buck
askedj paying no attention to the bad
fiumor of n Parenthesis
r J 1 1
An Indifferent Girt
W r ttr < r = > 7 1
HAVH manr tlme asfced a young
I j I wf aTirtionri am deeply In lovs
f07isotOTth tT ftftn 1ll r
ih tilft refuses I Wylrigihe < doesnoll
jk i m1jirt wimJsatr > OitrtTOuBir
man On of my friends awber at
fth theatre 1tfi another man ft toKdj
MWMtil and j hejrot angrj 1 hftye a
nice rni account anAnave a fortune 1
awaiting me Would you advise ne tc
contlnue myjattentlons to her or glvej
Itii y and I tj
s e loves me the s aine E D i I
I dont think thegirl caj < jfar you1
i i 1
8ayml6t9rfW rt Tyerlow trca hipricefirermarrla8e licenser
i verymuch or she w > uMK ocpt < your In
tvltotlons Howorer continue attentions
m i S ooni80IIICIIyatf
H i
n fctt Kt lUid Aibii1Nt
lady one vear ray Junior W havej
I tt spoken to wA other fcjr som j
rime tKoujhJ think f shels nowiwllllnir
lo ruwepur friendship as I met herj
lately and Jfer action and smiles
showed a dead re to maJce up A few
ft k 1fll r ri1j
ago I jrrote a brief jwl asking
call I recelYdinojreply and
mrfht t l r H
my note Should I write eln Inviting
her to sUtend a little reception I iKa
tt r th = n4 t ISW1
tWbuldJlt be > prpp r torme to stop her
on her way hotneffrombarndjd Coliegoj
and ssJrtreraIJoutJft W
A you think thj flr t nite w ntj
horn from college siid iLsJc hw then to
iSie rewotkmT
love a > ladr of6lghte h and
f h < Jov inst jTV want to get mar
ried 4ni 1 1 h r fattier says we must
two ttn hoanroken
Get Liz er feller In > dl polper 1 dat Its
ltta slble ter raise ar kl T properly on leas dan
w nty touund dollanil
kOtI thul1 knows on
t TIICOOk OIIdtJllf dough with
elaborate care
l Alnltiio l1 n Si < sssB = Bi3s = = gs =
Well they uliit comin iMCk either
They mllei It Off pretty Mick on ue
follows lootrholetIIl Pffjsort so anil
makes ft blurr nt chnolri alter him
I Tnen they geti ott oticwhcr pllti up
the money iuui trtvcs us thu lausht
Parciitfie lii UInVon him In anger
and shouted Til toet1 my oulllt aKalnst
411lr of jcrcon wxika that either ono
ohti m Q tdb9 U J njI1jJi JlJbOrn
t VOUI1 up lsrqcr
You 1nh snarled Blick Well
were Just waltln Nr cm Well swing
Pyaono hlrh hell Okllkli1
oyxzird and iin Kfr Hoover woll hes
served Ts last twm as Sheriff In this
heah C UI tn1oIJ he h me shouting
StcKeo cutliU pony cniflly wlthhls
1lltl HU nearch for Information had
not bt II successful B hn expected
JIll knirw ho wan de pliil hilt Iriol
dare reVnt Uie covert Insults of
Parenthesis at that rnomentj Kite
lou InpeTr < t on nt n STJl tj un rili i Wi
mount htr J M qBhe I laahrd Iuun tIC k 1
IJi riilit1 jJ jJ
I TAT with hlrrV PTMnn n ta
V with hlm houted Piucnfhe
Jr iA t d Ji31i horee ptchert
1 rd bf dfp thC < ttn I tho
rld KflllltlJIndnlrsI
tho bronco Into a lopfl Th other
boys followed eftch apparently
Inventing amr noVIiriott dervlltry >
The men werp ruling out their new I
ttrinr today A achp a dP rw >
itiI i f iIt iJjj Ii lili mSJ iiii lii r l
d0btFbr dr aklliltr n roll 1
rpdo up to JIOAKon
ill WitM rh C
m tillllftn
Nothln1 This Ireah houeKeepln
nettln Jon my 1n efvountayjte Ilp el
fe rfulT Partntheilii atruckCbe td 09Xl
ta tavoffe whack and addd I alnt
2ut out fof < iioiuekeaplnrr 1
Touvo been out 011 rul or1 om thlnr
all rUht Vi retorUd Polly < glanclnr at
Parentnesli looked H at hit lower llmb
I a > U O would flnd ini nnnwer lnhl
c J
I am twentythr and I11tU t d
4rea IIlA
i i1I 1
yt > Wiirjt tfiVrib itL ytq jfcave kin
engajft nllmt A n 7I nTt hJq b u 1117J
ffd ILnIa Ft rel1 O1 i
1 iirjrtitojwhom heijs ffhcrTi
i ftnoj iJTlrlin JiIC rni I IC t6
< > tH r or jjpt ihe jvfin to bake
yQur hArid Ll hlltlrodIlCtlon
11 m u R IIirn Jz it f 1 1 M m Money iL m r lly G otge lilij 1
L t ti j 0 1i t
1J i fii f l 1i
r DW i ggfefe t1 Pl i K4i
i jl l T t
fyitv i Kj Ji11ft Ij i 1 IIt J Jtt i j
< IOfot I < 1ii1t f i iI
I = t i
lad If you an > r ma 1 Rfn
Jg4SB II lojnlnj K me rnudder cou o rrO t k
IZ dale anodor couple < t 1
r tt f
oQf ioD cjjcroiWQanofevecii ut
g 1I0ri ilobhiLJihnc w thaonl
flNOn 1ItJllrlL lu iJAUllfPoII I
mB1IJ j eputEe4tieK Oi = > sg i
i Pirenthoalji lookodralHhc fl elrl ailuhn
were about to ay nomethlns oncr
about BUd lie cliansed his mlnj ami
ansycre < Jr shortly jMJojMt camc over1
hcrowllli < tboi iJcklohee oulnm <
ffoh r ntilZr qrd
Hodi b ttervcul ouCiBuck lllckeo1
If tie iwatit tor stay onmyVl UlnK
Hl llbUi P XslwJtwmjlhoMt ft II l
UWIlN7U c 170 e ll lUIIlIu
< hli covert on J ckalldialill
1ah lrc n Ie dithO 1 act thnr1nuI11UII j
Opn laiitlyi in > the company of MbKco
and I1mod < prefer theconpuncher
eoclotVy toJlier loyrnV
Whcnl rithl r heali waddln eotriln 1
off Ittrcnthesla lUkricld
IlItJJrowiJlerl C up proudlyt find
1llltkJn 1 ttJ Ma1Ull < ilhauBtncstre it
f Jl dl WorlnUrlnon endln OUI till
CAroIlI monlir
The oowbOr i8ye twlnkled CWelll
I m ngoln to cut tiKnmY tobaccojtlu
tlle n hJlrHJ1 rt5i
Whtf rf IIOKap 1lynu 1IrlL ei
WIYrm lm11ttiI 1rilnro kLu
Etna briiliC laugliM Parcntheals
VPolly r lld nothave to nniweri for
811 Brush 11nlr jraltopcd up to > the
JW In1 hutlngitoPArontheal4l > Put
on your ruri C
Asking no rtjufstlohsi tbecowpunoheri
> bqyed his1 toremanTIOllbl W
browing JtluUjhoc < > tdHttinly eilAII
hn lin i toXldo waJitoobcwordertlnj1
ilI tianonllultd ItoVpMnt a
KU1 rttt him
iiitniTThr Pm7 g aWIir
rji iPaywjnT ef 1 ine b t tip
80 t look iiYf r htall Yi tor t r owtl
that efomlththldrlO C
i lMOTe to hlnjBtlf than itoiParentheaU
OrPollyiSa je = Bru h ildi UVirtah
Lo llaI th ltjJh rJH V Thl TrWjf8
inb pao owmpnnowr Bu k
leclndbIoutntJhiJl1l1k lip
thflIIAlthj kftY th r Jg1
p 11 1 IDIi1 <
Im cOri e it 1JI1I f
t erplexed riP01l7 I
r 11J t 1 11 nlonrlo tiHooyer cotnfitlr
JIk e1d 1t1rlrllI wI I a
< > = i
rl o eE J FR TOE > AV ij jli14
J y fiBabni Koo j
let U i
1 = u ttt 1001
LL 2
r 7A W W Oil > FnJ
IrN1 meJI
iih om Ucn1 ItliMC
imlJihoUriflI i1iC 14e 4Qz 1iird
b4I UA rJ A1 l9ri9C1wu R
rolialn this time1 menace theIr plOS fr
It y lettheinfbrlnKijtm no lawsuits ain
ItuiiVtbvle eI l t JthoU I fluMt lori
SherlffXpr rio d7 tfl i1iiri iiJ I1rF
rnafcln1 aNtltlft t law endorder < rlel1
Itssot Ihls section back twetvtJk t 13
rJt Q ml enJlltI e iCt
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foreman Fresno reports tbat he fln < f
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SI Inlilt W niCI ffl lirC lflli Ihfh Blouse or Shirt Waist Pattern No 5811 liirS i
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