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The evening world. [volume] (New York, N.Y.) 1887-1931, November 02, 1907, Final Results Edition, Image 1

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T t r
I f > ifrtr
r >
r RrtteiT r TT i
taifldnioprf willv riftrettcs aihtallegnidiis ihittil JuilridviseUi n > e
e known MrfShanmaif fjQcl JliiniijC rof yearr and have af i
S mosf iirifoftiinale mnfUnl nllairs
t nf four In n tr mnil Wily
tljat relation bstween Mr nnd Mrn
Chapman were strained but M6 Ctiap
nmn most reserved In h rcfT
nres to ds donirtlc affair nnd n < l
ther kd nor received udce ofany
from me
IVrTer Jlril CliMI > lilrtii rrnr
I hv itseep the court papers In
th Clispmnn suit upon which th
mopnlnr arr saliitoTie found iJ jJut
I4 o knoiv thi > t jl > rcbnrsei therein by
which I tiSif accused of Inducing Mf
Oh prhsn to desert or HsJilh wife
jne rpB wu me and my
Air Chapman VMS with innonmy
y chf en sexcral occasions since III
t < before khrfcp ratton h
jhkpman nInTosif > t > olh towarl
vjiiif ano Mri Gould w < Incurred by
IrUiiAiufor the fact thV Inritatlom to
jfr CIfipmnn for
Since the UliKfrcm < nt brUVeoniilr
GouI < Jand me uecjmu public howevrr
I have been Informed that Mrc Gould
pd llr Cliipiiinu Imv become ftsf
< rl n < i nJ It as even Intlnvitrd to me
Mr Ctinpnlnn acceded to hU
cninnttitptify nime woiiM l > r
tii to1 h
I tlll refused howcrtr to have
anythtnic to do with iJr Chapmana
< ur e In me future in tn > r rpsard
D J I P the s m JUi lntno i ant
XTl ppareuny
thV eve ot a public tnul In witlsh
difference now l > t i een
ni nm and Mrs Gould wJIIbe iM sed upon
by the coTJrTs nonln urfiiriind to r
lily 9lst Mr Chnpmah lu > l ld to tno
tinanclsl demands of hl wU v avold
the dlsl tefuU nai4Unde rved puU
jtctty whlch 3in com to n I lle
Chtpiuan null I did not however
Ull > ln irith thls fiW 1
VJiothrr Mr wviipman corrMdewd
thfc cownnr1luva adipt < > d In my own
nffnlri In turning u Jauf ejr to over
ture ior jwttlement nit A Ko d one to
CSirotV In l own I do nut know
iYom my knowledse of Mr Chapman
however I bMlove tliaLJi an well i
I prefer to let money S ° for Ufifil
rathcrth n for trlhule
Cluipmiin AUu J nle
euf this statement
Jt Is absolutely untruo that my
Tfifaid MtrllJHmif
Influenced Tmn In mv conduct towuul
iitifr 1 n tho ne rp Pr rWhep the
truthi cotnes to beJcnown however I
Vflut lioweier thl oiny be It will
rUUnly bc hoxn that ftiatcver H
dldio r Id Bmi wholly uninfluenced by
any of m > V friends and 1 nm ontlrtly
Wl > d with the courio 1 pursueil I
t le a itr GouMdoubtlMS doej thnt
proc dlnii iln w ilch uoh faUe and
not b ettl diout ofo5tirt and think
thM th bent ttoitwer wldoh c n be
< m d itOitji unaccountably vicious and
timed reports of gome of ilhe11 newnpa
ip JU Mtre hIns out of the l < ue ln
iop n courts
T HiBl o imy counsel vluw hut
irnrlhtrthtnwhat IJwe i ld 1 cannot
oiintodt ll of my owncnaq at this
Slim Crovd of SocietyPeople
Get Out for tftetlumpi
TII United Ilwm naclnir AssoclaHon
at the Bclmont I flrk Terminalioda
in the presence of it slim crowd of
acely folks nnd under tlTe tnont dls
i aKreeable weather cuhdlllons The
1 racea resulted as follows
I KIIifrE CnTh N SEfu Hur > lIlfsn
dloiiidUlnnco t m anj < > quirt mllM
r Arabo IV Archibald fJ r > inj out t
zsinjuleart nTeyM ere carrvini h r
S ttJ vHL 3rWhtadSSH fc
Ij flAI UB ID Xovt t John Mltoh
11 President of J the Mine Workera
HJnlon Is In n seriously wrni nfd con
dition following an operation for an
abhcjjj at St Marys IIo pinK li ft
nlKlitTithe fourth operation performed
Upon him In th last two weeks
Circulation Books Open to All
Mrs Evans Had MuchUn
declared1 Baggage
A livnns wiiosi niuno Jms Ira
of traniutlntlc Btcamaiilpa durln rc
cent years l mllilmnnnetcT llJe
T and her plau lblo talk whllu
satisfied lhccustms ottWnls tliit nu
ttiin Inflarinn eVrrylfttniT liittnbla In
Jiec pQ sti lon fir after jear lier
plentiful supply bf banK < > KU linn toSn
parsed wlthouTjin uiiTH a cutm < r
nnjlnillon T
IliH vhen > jici arrived orittf While
Star liner MaJwtlo last I wri k wrtaJn
Inforpiatlon had reached l hiirxe
Office that a rioter Inspection of hfr
offusta jnlKhl IMS at pront to tnrlc
ly Doputy Surveyor Jniin M
Ac4lncDfl > uty E U Kcr
iTood made a sfwlnitrlpto qual > <
lolntrrVlpw Mr Kvans
FollowlnKjiie rrtWiliiitoTitIon nf de
< > 1arlnc dirlnc tha pasa e across Mm
rSZ cairtas
whichthq nuri r ltailBrovldd hoit
mill > iiir Ve ffi nrh L
amount covered nil tho hai on the
tliurln > WClo < Wuiy isOnlilitd lit
the nrrnv of valuable stiodi lovealpd
Hllk underwear expensive liiKcric
dress coods il mlllinerv were Includul
U the wardroba of tha demur little
The entire lot was rent to the Public
Hlores and when IJrmlsejl 8YCrcdlwn
fpaKOs of account niper unit footfd un
according to the aporilseiJs llturcu n
than iM >
little1 more v
U Tfas decided today Unit they be cn
teredias a Hcliuro nnd thdv will proh
iiblv be old at the next public auction
Mr Bvans i avr her nddrrs nt n
liohie In West Fortyse enth rcet
ifiKt plffljont s of eiiqhijiyeurJorvjtlier
ew f fs
p te fes lSii fti S i ts il
T <
l to Tlic vcnlns World
AQUnuiujT nivcn
Lill L > IW J wts won by the
rrixker Ti > < l 5voirtIiS AquMtiet llnmH
cnp tho frnwrstof tbtjacejilnK dny < >
Iho fall mcetlns lierc Tim pubilc sent
In H nsunevn Krcnt cliunka on X
Ion MimforrunarK r WeM Nona of
tliwn isot a rncll of ilia mtmtt
llrooitdalcXympli nt S to 1 lull u t0
wny after the llrit sixteenth of it mile
iUjir > i > ar i from I
nil lit oft nl Vlo
The IScM wlio came oul to tlio
msra ajilOunJcd bj the trroitl Itn
hnrititnt the oiHirreT riTo haWnJJnR
down In the opeifiiit rcrawUc bclns
lenRthn out of It early anl he ocilldnt
ratch Kilter which won with sonicthlnK
lo rpnre Jord Stanhopo va thlrnt
lobelia otirted like a quarter Mno
> > Ut blen up ntnhe stretch turn
McC3ricr n Easy Winner
AlcCnrdSr vai rwontr fftvortto In
the c econd raw Kent peanuiil U > wont
lm lifll ho on nil the uy Vlla J
Sourno Hcond Volb < iuniu wn wen
jlcyeiU rpnntllly nm third
Added StnKcr Von
Klnc Cqbnit < sith > 17 Pounds and In
J3UKtcan up wan an udded Httrter In
the Unimlmoor thu JlwDyeiltCatftU
ute of tho turtl Tl i lipokn lnliltlio
cud irlci of S to I iiBilnst lilin and
5u won cjilly afl r lradlnr jnosl of thq
WAV d wn thejBtrotcIi Herjif M ltlwn
ftconl lnfront o Sctfamu tlu < favor
ite Thr a prcvl play on Harry
Maid Wlur > IMnynJ Mnniieodiir
MonccoiUtr B KMd thlii In the fifth
rncij wnT pltynl only by n wlmj fow
mid iron alt ihn way from IreltiHlon
Qum Brody ttiircl Th crowd went o
llie fnvorltn while Qulm
Hraily KOI fioin piny Ht VJkntln did
not run bit race
In ti j roce tier today Wcrp
FlllKT 11AOB Threeyenroldi and
Ui itevnnufiirliiiiiri HdlnnUiJIS Uw
Jiindorl 1 to R iiwl out l OrJshfio
lit IllackmafO S to 1 anil 3 to 2
JfrrxJiJti < Mciinene S tot nnd 7
tot J Tlnu l31i
ix furlonc Iroit Ji > l Hurtv s to
1 fthtfyl to i 1 yVoolspuu 104 O clc
r fll
man i IS toI njjl o J
JOI Kinld < tteln 1 in r
KOlUTIf UACIJStcPpleetlnHe Foiir
i VwrrrotaandLi5i Two and Ol Cjtiar
ur Mllis Nivajo l MUL2nde wi 8 to
B Alii t to S 1 lr l 115 SivsKe 1U
tu i Uiii J nr L OiurdHn U KeeT
I herJi l to 1 Umt e u > 5 3 Tlrni vT sv
Kirril U > Ci Thrr TetrQM nnJ
JJadKP m Mr
nnil 4i to A U tt erujt 110 Mr
S lo 1 ixnil TTii 1 i Horninn Join
1U Mr IMvli 2fa to i and4fiTV
2 Th raej rtin hprp today w re nt
I mST rwCKarnce Owfjo S to 1
and lo 1 l Xlnfaqdel oven for place
2 Ianliia IiV > i 3
1 fF < 30Nr > KAOKCixmuRipiVK da to
1 ami 3 to n t Do Iloco S lo t for
ptne J BU Koel 3
WNCOIN > b NowZ Fred M
KllnR of Phlladolphln wns foupd
dead In h Hurllnvton lUUroad yarflt
I wlih a bullftt h lve th hli htnd and one
In il neck Tiie body had beenplaccil
on tho track itnd was badly miinxlod
by n switch enKlnu Kllutrs mother
tlvai at Nu 1KI Siiiuehitnm utruet
Nov A i e tlMi Of j
Die va l Brand Jitnnd fell during lht >
riiKii frio
The police carried out n
Inluccd iW onB
U It tw ivbt nonn was HcrloUMy In
J fd ini play proceeded
Are jrniiln iwjd of rfadr mnneT Ther
krorevlr a < kmnrrdnl arllrlo obout juur
hsmelitarcfaelory oromr th Vorld
f t H U Ail wtllJMt lurnLnl
CallW on Him Yesterday
and Is Rbdy to Testify
Hcnrnn Krommo couinel Mr Iltj
th lrl shomTTTo Glilldrcns Society
iMillevcd went away ylth
should tho actor be jiacwl on IrlaL
FPStune aiiW < i at tro brihrmH > r
would hear from Hlchock within IT
fe days
Jlullu iioivenils jpild the l vtr
< iame to my Iltw yenterday nfttfrntiot
I < IiTnot itriow J eri4 Jia = rsw Jiir
before She MI ht > wtnrilJt nialsf i >
vns Tibjut her rontiMMIon lh VJ
to Iwi ivxUtli
no We ot his whornlwflts
fiWrw Hw w u
further J > U
itna P Pt lielty Mio hap II6
tt irior a
that thc > lod her tlioy liSd no reason
< mnt 1 1 fit hl
rmiii Hank IlUohcork dresser
h < > t wanted b the > ice a wit
IKS In the Hitchcock cast has dlsap
lluUjfuwoifd totc with ttw
Th dbt < llve < who havo bcfcn at vror
n 111 HUehcock mijler < rom th start
biljijve that ho uctor 1m Bone m Oan
vrta or Mcflco jnuer tho Intprwl n
that hi cannot be cstraltfiud for til of
frnse with which no h > cJiirKol rjivy
do not think he wouldfnj fopllili cnomli
to lake jai n on u bin ocean llhiir unjj
Virtually thrw himself nro t iu hanils
oftthc police
Itu ab llv HltchcDfki wife con
tlnuix tax inn i iun oniin s tiirt
In A VanUwp Tourist She h is auin
lOuiuii tav > I a Iiit Ultchrnolr AUB inur
deled and irom txr tiointeanur the no
1tf < Inir that ih has ia irj from him
ur of him
A innn ho JooUeil like
UltehcocU and was plulnly e
duy Word of iliu visit > n relit to
lin police but hvn iletcuitvcgi atrlviM
lln man had iil appear The Savage
force denid that HtOhfCk vlsltovl tgo
ottiefR ami DrOfr < l Ulltiriiilt i > qf the
Idertltv of the mun o > vlth Uie Ja r
tsriclnt tn Ttio Tlienl WorJJl
jWlLJI UTON Of Nov illarnef
A ilooJa deticllva rom J > w Vork
nnlved Inth < city iotloy lnrenrcli of
CoiTHNnui liuyniond llltohpnck who It
H iilil ai sevn III thin city mivuril
il Ji ngo
lllltfhcook orninrly Ilvrd at Holly
Ouk and thttdeleutlv Is icoUrlnif thut
l2geF ggej
j S I jfe P ib Batjlejn j
H Pelting Rain on Polo x
CarlislesSpeed < Handica pped by WeatherDon
ditions and1 Passing Madeinaccurate
Naught Furiaus Fight
Cnrll lr o f 0
At Ilillndrljilil MmnK At Yorfnlk Srirnnrr
Krrntniirn a l jr cmir of < p Soiilh 2f liilvrrallr otVlr
mrnO urliiln II
At Ilillnilrljililn PrllUK A i u rn pn
jij > IIJ Ullj Jlnvkiifllril nnul core
Vlstcr WH 4LK r Gardner v
cklgham JT WausekaT fit
fW JfeG fAfraldofaBcar f
to HGrr rl Ljoa 4rfl
BBoth TJKT Llbo >
Brown HK t Exemllmf J
Dillon 4 UB Mount Pleasant
UH HI Thbrpo
Tbott Il4i Heinlrlclta J
McCornilck Fd r HnusaT I
GRQUiNDSfNov 2r = OrangeandBlack becrand
triilinphcd over Hie trickery and sjxcd of he famous Carlisle Indians to
day the Princdon Tigersjollinj up 1C points against the victors of
Pennsylvania and crushing them without a scoreiljeneathsuperior weicht
T intl ggTirelfT aHe ti k g
ilie Tigers were at home in the mud
Tibbott and Dillon circled the GirltHIe endsfor lon and spedaSilar B
Pp jjjtouyie g MTOles if h Hie
ns ahwiysorriap and tlie fajjied jForward
tit as niostly a kicking gamc7vilh honors about evtui Ietveen = tloti5er
and Marian although lie latters goat from field vaTa pretty bit 6Tvofk
R2peaied fuinblesof hevetoval cost the Indians Thucluground and at
least one touchdown r
l ilrlzzllnc rain Tislicrcil flu the name It was a passable day
for the Yootball piajurs otitaiHKir tlityfor brlcht rlbbona anil dalntyTtoon i5
r > ft
So the crowd to outward appearance wns a reflcctkm ofthe < i
May Kor onr thfl prguiuls lyrrc not jammed to th lr capaeHqr and for
once Hie only urcat Eamc that New Yorkora havejt diaTicc to seo wJtbout i
tliB tirreatenlnK dnr thanccngnianv of Ncy Yorl fno
hall finshomn RnVfnil djivR ajw jfrpd KnowlfS of jhdKcw York iBasfi al
taluto ihnrrffm t Omtjt Wni st H > tWend had comofto him wKh an offer
dollars Tfoir fqur rand slajid
tinahlHiS > itcrirnnflTi < laR Itlml ThTrtitvUnfiy or what this nmnacemont had
done with the tickets was disclosed upon arrival at tho grounds
down the chute from the I
to the entrance one could count Just
thlrSyaaVen Jlcket speculators each
wih crcnt bunch of untold tlcketf In
Wl lftPlw Jor > once thoJtjGfc wenS
wronit This annouueemnt that all
ticket were sold H f k oco frightened
awty th cro d that mlslu have taken
the thane of obtaining n pasteboard
ai thcynts
Many Scats Empty
At Mj onlv tun mrnutel VifOT < rthc
iamf > Wat to tart thefit wen thouij
nnd1 Of finntv oatsnnd tho lemalns
nf thx crowd wor trtckllne liv throuch
the cuttH IMS the horde of disappoint
ed t 1tei fpecttlatorx < vnrv lowlv
Half an hours beforA thj nio ktartcd j
rain bivan Ojfiilund nvuiXtUlnx tin1
occntirtablo for evcrybculv who was not
hAUKSl lio > er th covered stand
Capt McCormlok with hU Tlosr
team ran out from th eluhhous nt
150 oclock and tha Princeton sympa
thizers rave h N w Jersey men a1
romlrie rocection wlthlocomoUves ira
I on i
1lvo mlnutea later Cartlsln tewn
runhed through tho entrance onthr
eiiHt ldn < if the irrolmds and n s
greeted lth Indian rlla some of them
Kenulni1 from All noils of the nrounds
fFlr t Halfi
The Indians won DI k os Phillip
off but the ball coin back for
play tli Ttpsrm o ns five
Phillip kiok d t
v l
the bail back ten yards >
> 2byajir line Jiiltrnriitiiroij lslit
iA ohnexod ten y < ° T tfion < jn i
kod piif of1 boiniiion ttifli
tomptela fakw kPk and waa dpwiwdi
for a loss of ten yards
The Tlifers th n punud to llw In
41yard line nenlrlcks jot

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