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The evening world. [volume] (New York, N.Y.) 1887-1931, November 02, 1907, Final Results Edition, Image 9

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I nl W o tvl < i P a i iy Ma g arx i n e S at u r d a y iN i imfc i JK JB M
> C
il gf i J ii
tl t l ie j f j > > vi >
1 < I1
m I j
jje J J0At
HIS JSiaiflne time tp come tpreheara l scpl died MlM eloU
j II u4yjilker WHydrdrit you getjer When 1 was itldy
I As thoUghyony one could bo tidy at rohjarsal And
L anjwny np prfo could ssj that Miss Walker dldnft
t tit 1Jc k N thcrCfJul llnon aa r c9ntIt
WaSIlVnsi br wnIPeckledimanIICa lttllt80mUlnclhlill ro
i ild rB rl Jt II511tiidXtbu nw B e cr b e X t > 1ji ht
T1eXpect 1t AJ1Udfi ri irit y t nlllIUII Csbut bet in t ycetl
i look noVipiumc Under and < no the atlha frills VpeckTeir ir coit t brt that wasntS mido foiWhor t t i Tfrcy7rcarBpalpnt rMUs i Vilker f v f worci
n f it h se lrtf t herom ri ritlif 1r rd4 She i ri ggcd IC 0worl Tliri
I 0 r t > f C i
> XlfJW nehuro fibwa clng fitcd 1 t1 Ib maM in r lIr H er bnl fWd
oVcr hor dye and herey cswcro idanp nd Syiascdjbt mRjclhK
i1fS Z VAO J n > m i anM NftiM W fllkcr k cheerluily j J hrjPlkt t fili
couldnt but ho did and 1fcel very mucJi bett4thank youi
i r u htff rr cI
Cry Ihp comrnanded But ii 1
CL4it ecarc up t Jt Then ho
and repeated Cry Cry Cry And
tht = Um carc me7tntolt
ampt rnritmiidg U or n ft hunntjfnl
Shcalrehit wept with joy at the
What else has he been dolnp wlth
Oh lots of thlnga she replied
gratefully Butuiot the tin Carter
h Bort of thlnjf thafthey tell b tti
j 11110 hastily thfcdHe hasnt been
i4 + dragging arou rid by the hair even I
4r tfl6ugh my hair mny look lVr
1 d f orry
r No eajd she evidently haFlnJ
disappointments He has been
ver > KcnUe 1Plflul clven me only
jone blow and that n5f n blow In liol
t He a veri r K6 wTVstralglil eiiefl
Tfir halwftskitR was for
lr i li
b ill It4 hhlbu to r course I cant put
1 r r h handa onpaper a ihjery
i lns Mother I cant rAt when
blffsomeThlnB hit me In life back
c I didnt Know what fc was nllr1i
If i hcanl back your Mr back Bclonco Dont moaning try to break Your
Tu Straighten It up
i IJL > wag your romantic hack = tho
back of your romantic past I In
I quired i
sraiicajuss waiuorr T rwas
1Ifti afi li5sl JM
f tho < wck that hrtl brcn bc irlnE thf
iii ivbnrdon of romantic drama for yearsJ
J Tfie poor TfilnR you scc i didnt JAipw
Jt Tnny better Hut Mr Belnsco tnught
i It toknow better with that one blow
fti0fnwIBbeha i Itself hereafter
> iL1he romantic drama then ls bad
prth b tIfiu 11 TpiiC1fir d
v criticised Viid Mrs Lc Moynos
t VfnTPlppn f Jgj
t < L It Knve mlnn currnturo of tho
n Hon X li1Doi J r Vnlkcn
Mr Belaacja startcd In by tencblni
me to i lowecniy chin SomefooJIsn
person i < hp remarked i ha told yon
lh hb llnij Fyou oe IIf1Iimtt
ful llndl Blncc then youVvo riConJ
tortlonlng aroundT Veir lira trying
toatopcotrtortlcmittfi arounoV fIT
Bclaaco iBdolngajgrcnt deal for mo t
First of Ir T
lIe IB toning mo down Hercto
lrel Ive been toned up When i1
e1 lnytn lnThccrtI = tWnl
i jtieymedtoeiyIinlerniptcd
Mubcllo 0 Oiriar1sal singing acrosatthe
street at tho > IJtJ oil But I was only
d doing i what I was toldtcudo
That was the romantic Idea f
ISgjIt seemed Ypujre no Idea
whatlhe romantic actor Is dike He
neieIdomti4iT u
r She drow tlHTCoar about her neck
t tttl = hUdd WaaiBefasco
brlnglngjbcrdownto earth <
ctin1 on the j vH
u 1H4174t1gt ulItfd ftiru1 I
into hysteria but Hve jievcrknown
L =
tn ffl > rtown nimln Mr nMncrn
j showing mehowItoJdescend Jll
fully What hed really trying to do
bto teach mo how to act on > the
ToiactOn thelev IIThcrcifti was
dramatic art In a lIfiHo
11 ri nJ ct1tMe Ijc 1
lit rertrZenoWi confessed MTsT
Slkcr 1 that I i never have < have
been allwxong Until f came to Mr
in11 rcI did not know rlghtfroni
I1Kn haiyBiiown me tlfcriglTl
waytoaqu ItBnot all talk this
Braise of Dclnsco that wttve teen1
UearliiK for years Its the truth
fJt A deep earnestness darkened the
bpby blue of Miss Walkcns eyes
fJJ Of course she ran on smiling
Rgaln I havent kissed the h mlor
8ii 1rn1 mij7offIJU ri f iiitdJ
to have a very deep respect for JihnJ
Ml confess thnt Ii used to thlnkTThe
ftolasco stuff one heard was nlUfako 1
1 7iiF 11
anil t fh wriSYCrrmcliiIlKe
jOther singe r managers H probally
scorns that way to an outsider If a
liOl should comoi In here now with
a telegram and see Mr Bclaaco tug
glng at hla fmaUhnlr
probably say Can you beat 117 But
after you have worked with him and
pfi ri9 H Otf tI
to Bee that all this sort of thing
ifiaa become second nnture to lilm
Hes as sensitive as a woman and
hlsniiervousne9FeyIdehtly tnkes Uu
jorm Of vwhnt might bo called nttui
n 1lJsjI111I after youve been
Ithhhn for a wlillelyou realize his
i kindness and patience and forgettho
Mt Vnil RCcUJj TinJifept inf gropes
Belasco sent them Hays some
They ronot soiir rapcs for
f Vniklf fl1CPwcr ewe w t
tho best luck of her life And the
good luCk had cotno when luck
seemed against her
7 gl iiQrm wdll J
I1 had como to a j sstIJCrct
was Belasco or nothing ho de
clnredi Wlren I found out wlmt
small persimmons I was Tsnltl to
myself Its thla n1n nor eo iibn
tvpewrtter Yes I had really de
I C rllil to il 111 ve fth stnS J 1 11O ij
wouldnlt take me W i1Lwent t
IbtIJ tifru 1 liildriUrp1cnrdsOn thcr
table For Gods KilceTioKn me l I
ffu1ij 1uJh f iryti
I imontiUtand then nskcd How much
hmncv havo OIiJPl1ttO tarhls
doason Between tareu nid four
rit1Iilttbit U nothing to
whnti can do If theyll lot1 me go on
1 answered Mr Bolnscj smllejl niitt
said hocf think about It At that
= L ulhik1 witIiaLOn p r n 1UJi1t
rnllureil1idl 1ldn1J expecAtQJ Pi
pear in It again Hut come thing
jjse Jrill ltriJ tho Majcstlc irindc
wero sent there with On Pirolc I1
kiravr vna bud In tHe jiart bnCT
didnt kIlO V JiOT dbad Icilllll bo
111 + 11 I l J 1fiui
rhfi Theatre during eI1 iLl t nnd
JJnstantlybecamn n ramrod Mr
Serrano became a ratrfrbd and oh
we gave an awful perforiunnqo This
settles raeJ said to imeJtnnlli1i
began to think of looking CorJnjoh
ias a typewriter A ifew daya later
siiBOta note from Mr BoIaSco1 ask
ilnp me to come to see hlm1Vbeni
Went i I snldF Idqnit wnntJtoll1Ulkc
flhls Hard for yoJIMri1ehI5Ot
plcaso donttry to be klndtqjme1
it kuuw yuu dont wont me atter 8ee
m pe1t rminio In 6 JPiiroic
I sent fo youjwis Hla qulerre
> nponse idisiay that I will tako you
Ill lot you know when I am ready
roj I C9uldnt believe my earn
What can hownnt mcor t E asked
1 9il1 QL f ffi c
= o 4
It wna for The WarrenB o Vtr
Blnla < heiplay iby young William C
JJc MIllo > wjlch Mr Belasco was
Writing at a inblc acrocs tho j8 oirW f
while jthtt rehearsal waited iUii
Some time ngo r Mica > Walker p
rippled < lougTlJec3n1oaCrt1ld 1 l
nilEht neverfet anything lltA j32t r
Southern girl f5 pfayBp T began to i
talk like a Human belng declared i J1 1
tliat Id rather Jarll lady baboon
than another Southerner butheieilfc = L J
Is agalri orochqw or jollier how1 fuj
> ovtr 1 dont mlnd J I r
onlyloo fTlndlo takp anythinglir
iBolasco Is wllllriir to giyjLJno Threo i > f
yrofsi agp wticft he r 1fm e eJ P
liiKPniio > rnlclln The Mt ic < < Master Ii
I r VJABI more partlnblar i jrefijsedjt f l l
HayldK Htt Iwfts sick < ofi playingthe i il
i ingenue1 Andthlsfrom tier Uie t hap ygor
1 i 41i y 1
tfled to oicrci > nle my oblfctlon > 5
nn l9tC1Cdtobcr tlfiit jyp
la4p wauld neve Ji give5 mo jui
s <
ij t fl
< i
wotililnL play a RRiitlmcntal Ingenua
Ivp got ronse and I can play
ble direct role And I believe Uiv 1
> ed n play should teach us wb t
rnmpl nnw tinvn no syitipauijr
with tjie old i sickly lJwce l ve detdiJiw
aort of thin ItTBccrafl rldlculooa i1
n I J nnjnsJthjt cp
to raise my eyebrows 1 amconvinced
li r Gf lrl ij
that ahoplay Isuntrue I1 have a
Kciii sense of tho ridiculous jnst u i1
Ioandposslbly three f1 is f
critics haveami since Ivebecnjgolng
tl tl 4
fortunately ithnll agree with fi
Hc tittl I I ryfitt S b
a pcnse of tho ridiculous < cKItl
y IIn or1 ate > u11 lnqulr r
Innocently Jfir
No Kick Coming i 1
I answered MUs Walkerr
WltlKa bittersweet laugh Tdllloat i 1 c <
feol that I havo ftklclt coming Noy iFI
i you know youve never given l m
Plcasp dont11YtlatlII begged ni
DIIttI dont blame you sheipro t
j testcd You woro rlgJitiIIiraJi b 4 I1
= know Itnut the port WM 1 J1t
wn ilbacLfojb iilnWiUiItli pant d C
through iiIOve T < M1tiI llgtpffIT sr l
J from love ibl UQCn1E1 nl l1n tlnr <
frjun scaslcknesB ThojClovely cilrt r j
parLs always made mo elck
But you never 5poked lcteY i
always lr 6ke < l i pleasant and1 smiled pr
i lli TIJlu h t
Thnt sralle < mayihave been t1 e
rntt of ray Southern training 2
iL l tW1ieti I ihclped mother male I
1fu5J 7mt dfmfelfi 41 rlml1 iatr 7
thq world no matfer what I happened J
And Lord Ii certainly ought to imUs
now < < It
Jt fijft1 1io 1iifJ F1f1 JB1 n jFoo rif c > j i iJ w t 1
< J 1
J lWP vlTflIPIS I 1f t7jle J T8u > u fJjfllJS j tl L a I WJSiw l1 eiffl tJlfft ffJf1fl F4U1AIJl11A fa l
< m n
1rI1 gr I i
not surprlslns that ne
fJt 11 Jltnnt and hit fellowtownsmen
sm tinifsfarigt lthnllhl inayor
ii Crowley n1ty 8 Kor VQT a so nrrertluiy many undlipUted oCleela
l terms TitT 113dIx l1chlet maslstrato
Hiint m l stjho fy town socnifd to
glB i
Kcross tli fiiill5 lni roin Crow Icy In
l nTCTStfcr jaig ng t djtBf
i werejKlven to much nbu e QrIII1Il
r 7 jrrnied h csntre Of mlttC ff Ilro i
ofCrowieyn rJ M yoi nnd hl t jill
iF7t Jltlon It was It tlie trturaptiant
P VliidlI4UJAUJliwCll1aiJuil1tnQ
i ptt9lr91Jj lrluii lJIlJi Q J II IJ
111 E iIilm Wi Y iti ia
I I fe J I iiJ 1 li I a j 10IY t i i
11f to T I i Vl G e toilli errs
ih l = t c t
I < ier Father Objects
11 1
I < r UcliVt
i ItAVJS had the pleasure of mettlnK
n sir1 whom r like very much hnd
Y > yo1QJIll1ullrQ she like me nlo
I WiiiIline ankeil her to < o to tho then 1
w < ptJ1 thh1C I1 JiHI1tJJ
i plerf 1t iJtdrt WJlalrolotit I do
A p i
AskVthn father IIft objects to you
i Tj or5it Htnrft hct iloo not Jyhh Jjlit
If daughter to go to thu tlifntrp rjthojitj
f n I 9rnlgtl Intter la Iho cnic
t un you can persuade him obo
r > J nore lenient lt > his views you will
i < c h ve to fther tnlc nchnpcrnn tir > rc
V vrtrlei voUrself to callxnt her hems
11 I When Hes Bau Calls
f II u
J iiltei necessarywhen n gentleman
0 i calls to spend an ovcnlng ili furnish1
any refreshments on dIt ay uMiit
< J li kinI1TI it wcessary for Iho young
L > I 1 tadys mother to mnko nn iippcnrancc
fD IJI ylnB on n former oqcaslon been In
ti troduced to the fiitlpiften A n >
f It rlilllol necessary to furnluli ro
iJ1JiI S
tiii 1 7
1 > i fdftl Ii
j < 1 I
x 1if1 + l I t f 1 t
1f M ii
y 3hNI fb
f I i
ifN w l 1t j
i the shortcomlrif Filcfj
I TJ Iftlho p rlodii3 IljiJ Its
t1I Ffi tt i 1iliFll i d1i
ul1moryJTI 7ir hri e IUln lui1 1
agreed admirably wtlh eachother
I LtUCrowloys centre wn thedlsKrace
ttt civilisation which 1ST nrliriihoni
11iiilt e outskirts wore Indcjerlbn
1 hlThe alrcctn W tnt UllP Ved tlio
jrond UnKridedj the Infrequent street
luin a Wtr eliitJTnpfirirjn < y agt t i
at s iLVJJj I I I it oni tll er h rj
sldo toward the north was Ihe road
5hlch tho biR cny w 3tM I 6llnU ursl
iTIDt ifiill fhl Joil1ft ltOTn i Jaul 1
nl1lJr a tperdway so creat were Its
nJ rnf1 beauties On one side fay the
winding Isleted jtrram lo thn
other tloplmr Voojod stretchej Hut
rniirlSFtw at IL I f frI ll I
l rivcrTviSkToUUi of the townd j
j h 1 j
JMII nl1ltreelh tIO > O IJ D i
l hoii fft Thcv llf r fljW mi j 1
I Jrowiey wU nTorcly n ferry slip i
TliJJ allIl1twllhlhnt nnclen J
f 1tIIII 3n 11
rre < hmentn ll1 trfCrQulo Clrr j
< lce orpani + and cakr jir coffee nnil
finndwlchefl KTB Kcnefillr rvoa > If tho i
Klrlii nfothcr him nlrenily bitn Intro <
duced It Isnollli < e < iry for h rtW
ilifindql ovunlnx > with Hie caller
i th i j JIIhljjj Uir to hnvf hfr I O
jlilmnri rrmailn n abort wlitK
1 25
1 > n Ilclty
O yo think t younc Klrli > f elsrti
J ID j ttcn J tooyoujj rto KJj with a
i1 yoiinir nan of twentyruo also to
Igu out totho thc trowUh hln
1 If you have known him n Icmff time
anO your famUy1npnrav tIIil may
Too Young for Girla
Da > notyr
TI A it rovnt en nnd am keeping com
I jiiiny with 1IIfIrurrx vn I ixm
carnlUK s S > P r week I like the < KlVl
ery mUch > How cun rp InherIt
YniJur too younsf to thnk seriously
of any Btr However It Is perfectly
pro po r to be friends wlthllmlk
jhcr If youi may cull und yiIr
tt n 1lrattelllon <
tIllsm Tho owners Imd long elncc
ccafcd lo c 1it1hlnlnntltr ffii
mg pJtt ni II Ii
1 lcij liml frtllon f ronr ntlf root
I lie lln 3TIs Bone from ihcl
1I0WIiUlolloorwer fnllen from their
f ilns I tlie column of tlielr lihlil
nziaa were acnrriUand chipped by the
hand orlrirtnl JjI III Lh
rA8 t nJ qIlbciroIIlClrrll jc1
tfl I4nHc t
dlrn and roceed wevds cl k fnlltih
flnc crass where Invni Jmd atrptcllcd
ii was one mnrnlnff In ficptombor iliat
Mayor llcnne rIiwns tempted to try
tiUifnni lmclKJo road Ho Jind Intcnilcit
t01t ltol8pii ell f of the Igivii i iiu CTy
liT new liorfo on the good rnadn totitliH
QllHajuriaiimiioiit olIb lwMnjI 1I1f
dowllHicilep1 ot tK lluI1H hu
t n liw wni too hio cjrthorunXlli
tlient ls n unaonted frpsfiiresa In tho
nlr wlnuBir IIJtI1 lnitlIffi1
fui n rnlilhi l ll i wbtoJ
o try tUo liorscr loii ntlftIIrrbmr
1 I f ainiUtnisji66f swlrh prifcf Js ii riShiJ
then rlhlnjr nushed wltii tlu Dxertlon
ho cllmWd Iio nho light rlv mid took
h v
In Hie Xlrotvi y lan iuxe ho was a
i Ine flfttiro of a itvinU broadutxj iiell
111111hd In nature aproijj iho RlOtilderii
and nnij > Ie of cheat Orowloy Ijkfd llici
ruddy jovial fico the line rterp < Jron
rar muitKiilio aj which HI Honor vi
vsont tliulvl1lC hhIUtle kleeJi
ItiInJijNIt n iPt n A ViSUr1 hjby
Tiiey aufrtcd dellcafoln I uiy Ham
ilton and her ovncr Illsbin ia < u in
their or JiTi > driving BlOvo KFuifxd
tfie rotifi llshtly Qn ifho Hlver < Vuy
Lanlul ivj itirpaad Ifjliio tju lur c
lier hc l iout I1 tvfUtln r roart did not
look iiiupii lllltorvp ciilnK Altiiou h
lI djji1 ilI wlijdlne w > y lIIiIii ii11 Fa I
lit M tniT tnr > < If
An aJvcnurons rurnHhr xiinwhllt
UIoi coiilil bo cjiyllns urnluro < luiy
tl1l1 Ulv6r WrtyYWi < swt k lU
rear wlleel hunk yor a itilrtor pr < cyco
Wai1Jtoutf Hiu t3dSolUeatlt
contents hnJ cscupc l tfielr ropj moar
Incii In dIn tielijw a dHiw > d pile
ivlth tho rlpp > wi hlns It The driver
load scriUnln lil hcftJ Hili > iilnil
n tlnrjnWr rl ln fc thSCli1lleL
IiKJ your piJrdon niannt rild Ills
Honor eliilmratoly 1 Ion e for
t ot tlUn ounttn tt helti you maam
but till Diare nviftni i AClJ skltlliili
t 4nOIf Il Uo anythlujt fur
youTYen If you please snld tho lady
wIUi unfomlnlne i > Tomptiies l think
this drivers unlnlt J thoiirtit to uiioik
he < MIIU > ttiti nwrnlntr itnd UialVnln
lwnon1t WI ItlCId 11 dont
f turjliil9MnllnI4h iHini lic my
ruriuiUic into hit river H lllora Is
i vuch < a thins In Uin1 town back ttaore
cliGnCLld nift phlt Jiiili > II
onuttnmrr ndthe J
ItlrttlLnllirJII of wtt1ijthM
I1r i fm 1ft 1ffit wtt1ijth
M tktMnl fnriilliire WQ n
l ir i > ian Ser < wuHieli V unlonJ
oi It iloi 1 xend ltttti M roc
It 1n n 1 1
r 7
cc = = 1
1 1 May MantofiV 1 a 11ir j
S Clho i 1 i
t I wh
J r I lIMri1 1
lillIHilllIIte1eI n1
eilI111 > Altr
tivct and J Lin ot
IUilk nioit U
liOJlJormofnJnilt 0 r
arlhe lm
trfoT sort their va + rlIir
riety In atlio to v < n c iJ f f
uopreclated Tti S 7W JIll 1tflJ Ir1A f
one allows n pn > tty iI j
1111 1 I c r 1 j I
r n i i j liii i
I11cJllI1 b i uI I
uFIt nH1Ft j 111 t 1
IHNFtltee < lrt t1t = k l 1 =
Morn WIIIL blue > i il i
bolt nndtle The 1
IIn combines CKIO a I I
t h U < 1
tlirus rtecc skirt
IlntlII tllproUKhlv
JU fnoorv fro m
Ilu foliit of vqw
01 conifot nwell
11 of nptxnran
i1hrt1b a qliolco
mflO11 I ofor Ihllc
htlrtr or Innir
bl c nt hero
1 tI W1in Fl l
> limwo Scotch
lnd JTench ilnnneli
1111dII1I kiJnlltnro
a rlt I and
1JIl1 color af WII
If In iJlr
hIIIlnfnt1 IIUIt
1111 J7ckl
lri hlrl J
t J
Q 9nn nfJnnil
jlliis ollolOCtfil
11 l t1cr bCC9mlll 18ntI51 i
IIthJJo IJse oCa
mOllhou J
IliUlliIII 0 f <
lIlJtAl1 tre1Ulrc1
i for dO
i for the Jt k l 4
II 1 3T
< v
itho klriII a y
fcil < IltI 1 > r WDaJntyMornIQgiQawn Pattcrn Nos 5310 iandS175
w JiiokcWntlrm No olio cut In sUea tor 113 81 M J5 IO and i Inch
Utst tnvoture 8klr Inllcm > ut1I1cur InshciI for n K 15 2 < JlIlltl
SO Inch nnlit mcasuri
Call ot nd > bym lltu THKJCVl INO VOniiD MAY MAXi
f illon la r i ljfI KABHION ilUUKAUi ij21 Went rI I Htllrrl iroeu New
iDliti tn York Jf t > 1 ten cents lnvooin or stumps for eivch piltern ordered
Tbe r IMtOKTANT Write your ndnle and ddr s plainly and
1nUn way > specify ilz wnjitod < I
maam 1 answered Uic l SorrtI t 1
til of r idy UamUton Ufltcrnimod
trtO I I >
I wI1l IIII WI l nni1unc 1L
+ f IF JM l pIHM11
I I t oviTwhilmlue obllKxitloii
j > 4ttn i t rr 1TrOJJfIr1 hn
r nior manUKCrt Jo iJlrLLiWt n tha
ClprM1Intiyturntrbcjn11 to inttkff
B 6d lirrlrtto jtffnet9 clalmn In retard
ItohrIIcd <
hiurlJtt fiattho cnlni woman of
thff jKrxvy cyos wn jiropcrlv Mrveil
n ln I flrn
jlrlvcn by u iff iiiiC Iirn to hy nh
soltilely taciturn Thlr bclnc nr ri
metltlfincl ty Her tJuttl1mlntllllllIlIy
fftmoISrsinycr of Crow ley had befriend
od her i
Tim Mayor vtvi ini1 ladyn man
Ilftpen years tl > vtor < lie hnil ns hc put f
JjndJj > n too busy to thlnKjnueh nboiit i
9mIlnlll 1I1 I lifiIJ r
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jinn tmiheilp apjioai for UIU irrr mrc
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First Prlze5 Tt <
TJtoroYwnft lC J IMIP lady named Lisle k
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To eo till November
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Howard B KOKW i No 2TO West
Thirtysixth street lljVY9rk City
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Daniel whirled In his chair 16 > < MK
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Prize Winners
Second Prize 3
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