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The evening world. [volume] (New York, N.Y.) 1887-1931, November 08, 1907, Final Results Edition, Image 1

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of Mrs Zesaia VfgiJc7W0se
Busbanyf Is aC banManitep Lay
is at Ff00t 0f tke Stairway
i 1 t
7 Face body ohMr Zasara Vigil ihg aged fa of
uiulnlwdrbrheniegra rW
beautifulbrownstona honiain ihirrgftirnf H t ntr p
houses No 217 West Qne Htiuirti ini T < < l i f
f The caseilKis many niiSUrious Ieutures Mr Viols sktiir was
fractured as if by a bludgeon andanotherconlusibn on the topofthe
oru fall A sqtiadoLGen
iral > Ofnce nienj tlfider the personal diredirm < f Jnurih jDenuti Gorn
missioher Wood are at sea
Aidlllgenl jenrell by defectives faittl
show how a imrsfar got Into th
h J AJiftt twenty or twcntyflve
J unv diTiatchcK were found at the top
f the t Ircii9 antl fhai stains lor
llevtd to be blood uliuktt IcdTInto Mr
ljl s room s ve Ui police the IdM
that the allint mlBht ha e b tit
Shft had then appearance of tiav
hand tlKhtly clutched several un
jn Meg3 au mi BGSsglraJtecar n rjv tr tiiiiin i pia c
Coroner Ha iur or was considerably1
worried at several myaterlous angles
> n ojis and decided to have ta
rnKJTed to tM HorsUd and an
0r Jlaher of the Jinrlem Hospital
tWnrat to VJow ti body H
d that death was cauWd by tha
at tSa bas of tKe Cfalnamr
th woman had1 b oen Utrad only
oCTfour bours JThal doctor
rihome aO SO oclock iA if
Work pfiBurglariT
far aa > th Inveatleatlon of < ti
ha r iie
i that th act wis the
< w rk tali an of bur lar who l v
WM i > burnlriif lhthOJcttchtnyind
sJwani of itlio buffet were wide
n when tha colored maid > nts
twoo iSiaohedi thi aroundi noor
Mm Viilfiemdr ilay on the flrat
turn or th
ln f wtr plndlcatlonsofj a stniRt
Muohnippprt ofHhethorT of murder
sfreel station she t >
> oiitlttw ntythree ears oldbr ljhi In
obnv rs tlou i and answvred > lio iltuih
Wdryiof the Maid
Mrs VU1 rUredlast night about
119 olctock ho said llw llvlnc
rooms are at the top of this staircase
onthotiocbndjtloprr AI j ir6ojntl ontha
third floorjuiitj abovo hers I want to
> b d alCmtiS30Vcbck I ulept soundly
during ihe entire nliflit lhav tioen
llr Vigr rhald for only < a week but
Uilflwr that Um I nuvtr knew her to
got op after rctlrliig >
Il did noUheir sound during th
1 aos early and was irolnc
o fthe kltbhar bv Oth
whin I saw hor bodyjiyinjr
downward ot th bottom of tho
tllght I trled to aruusei hoc iand thAn
Jlniun sure ttiotil turned the llg ta
all out In Uiokltohen when I went to
beoO I know tliat > th drrfvifarB ft tho
I buff t wars also closed This morning
< the J U w ira turned on full andth
btiffet wa open 1 dontti know yet If
smytWjiifUmlraing forfMiuvc not had
fliKBVROi Njy Sov > i8TTbrro
1 iWHirtuino material ohanins todny In tlio
i tondltlonf of x > Qov Olt11 Uo paused
night andMym reporicd
tlil njorntigk
iNofe Saying She Was
Maria Ix > nerO shot herseff twc
with n rovolver at her home No i j
rEttst Twentyninth Mrert Iat < > th < i of
rnoonr 8h ws taken in OyJtevov
Hospital wrier thamirgronirTnld icr
l3cauridjf weremortal
Mre lyxnero nui fortynine ijcars
IVld and ohllfle s Her huabond la a >
Txx > ltke pvrMn a downtown hnnlc ic
lia been iTiof lat < > atid complained
I terrible palns In lir tioSa
In hwulcld l uttempt she irreichrtl
uerjuif outon a hod In her room Thft
nrst t hpt j he Hred tnicl > her Iri tha
neck Inflicting j terrlple wound Wlt
alLhcr rcmalrilnlf vftallty sheheltl tho
muzzle < > f rfvAlvcr pg fntf h r
rlEht tfrnple snd1 n d anothef siot
Tills ip netrated thcihratn
a table near tfio llifiI7ihoTrecl thit
> eJf biird > n < tipon Ker husband fih
dlnscied Unlilhefi slvfniMvtl pa lti d ln
thr Lincoln Trim Company bo jiaid
S PolloivlgCj ar > Uj HjJt8 of the
racvniere toifay
IKIIIST JUCBSIx fnrlon sJohnny
CdnMds tOT DelAby 1S to > 5 16 to K
led 2 tovs 1 Dlxlo Klmmol 1 J Me
Krt lltoK 3 Klnffn Plato 107 rBeclc
man S to1 D 1 to 3 nml out 3 Tlmo
11735 Ponlac nrnfrRndocIo Guncot
jton Paul Pvy also1rnn
SECOND l VOEKoti and
tup six fwrlonitn Cinislalio no
man 3to 1 and 4 < to t U Paul Cllfforl
J < niaoldit n 4 to i andi J to r
1 Morning1 Llsfht 102noi n Id to l and
i tolil4 Ooodni4nal o ran Time
J1174B j
THirtD RiACB Threcyearldc nnrt
Upwardmll iand a fiirlon Lally 105
Dulaby voa nndj I1 to 1 Ij Occnn
flprniMlUtdxitb rt Ssto lftndd to 1 2
l hiiBAtcr 115 < McOxb Jtoil antlS
ttoJK J Time 301W >
1X > IJRTH < RACD Thr yearold and
Up two tnlle ony < lat Tru Boy U7
Noonojaito K and out won T lfaro
10TjHttrrloni3itOj2 and outjiocoiicll
BeiUBoyJt WrlifhD Bton itnUeVr M
t t
thirds Ttmo340
i FirTH RJOEKIWoyeirold iCtfiir
lonit Ooei fast 1W Llbvrt 2 4bl
anoTiiJ to 5 1 Tom Shaw WIKDcllnbv
even and 8 to 6 8 Profit 1H UBecfc
man4tol Apd to P 3 Tlm 1H716
i siXTHIlACIv Threcyoarolds ixnd up
ward on mil Coltncs lMDelaby
i Vo A IJiJBsfltol nox
welfteta Wf ffliSrr v I UrtUnti I1 To
It Was Only m an Ash Barrdl
intl npjganiage Was
z = one T
nnti NVas Chunked by the
> Host
n mi liurrtl in < h
nun VnmJcf
In honor Of several otitaf
tjjft bis ilinlnttrtom on Oie trrouml floor
and f nt dozen wrvnnfi screamjni
Into ihc utrects Xo oVinuiice was done
Patrolman KrUch of th Traffic
jqliad was passing up
wismi V hti > rrttre nolle He rushed
through the tradespeoples fjstrarice an
ijtittkiy extlnRUlishtd the V1 NcmW
of Die wMyivnti could explain the cau V
01 r Vanderblll and his iru tii
hastened tothr ar of tlj v nou c In
llme to thank thy pollccmarir Jh r
werVconslderAbjr ajjioijed atjthVantlcs
Mt Vnnderbllts hoUaotol > iu
shlverlniriln fear wttlilnthe portalsfot
the mansion ffelther was dismissed
for tellln to hui M j wrtrs about
th flr J
two Trtka aro a fire fOt < ut
origin tnear the servants fouar
in uf yanderbllta hom
a similar aJarm hut did Sbdaroa
der AfierVVccidenl on
the Bofefy
ilnbblly wan tfnockjd to tli
> jaxlCAbat ith Bowery
cited early tlod j rrcfW
itcli T u edliullld ih
at dt Vincents Hoiipltal four hourr
later Th TBinruftouratt r drtvmr hl
in th urooklVnBridge r tnrn d
and fjavp lilnmelf tip to th nolUe ol
tin Mulbwiry street itatlon He nald
= ClarrncSiJlltrinrti of No i
broughocoUrl by iPollcenian Isher
iwoodmre TOtoriunatc man was een
UKB < rlnR alonK iti pAvement Hi1
wa apparently intoxicated1 As Ul
3tr ei he iturabledand feBraJtalniit th
rear ivtfcel He tlr ck the pavement
haavlly ahd > did not ar t
ftr Lawlor of 31
iho was evidently drunk
out rcsalnlnif consciousness f
Several wltnesjes sLntMSthatsno blnme
should bo attached tV thflj cnauf nir
Tlernnu atoppod a minute arid then
drove onjbut later returned i
i i
Coroner Acritellis Investigation
lieads tq ij 5fdin inBail of j
Physician She Gonsutted i
Dp Iryliiff Cciok wlthmn ofBo ia rK
344 W st Thlrynlntltr itHwaiih < J
< ln Mt > Jwll jnVforo MaKlstrat Walilo
ln < icentre street Court MtJiJ nfurtivtin
f ftw aiifnvetlKaton Intp thc defth of
IIJBH Marlon KurtrlFM twctityone years
olI of Nn 15tl iKusi On < Hnrldrcilnrifl
Coroner Aorltolll cgnUuetcsU thri In
iVistliratlou The slrr told iPollcsmpn
linland of itlir Vc t FortyHcc6ndStr i
rftntloivho itptttiflvtllliau lo h lnvl lted
Dr 4Cook She wn pnitifus < idMisd
k Or Cook niKdo t rettiy In Which h
stated ttlot his twatmrilt ofs tJi lrl
had inot bfcn Criminal for
iHremenduous Seas Smashed
AVheclliouse 80 Feet
edi IiKroiigh Big Gale nl
24V35 Knots wjth 6i8 for
Bestays Run
Thmieh tile IuHnnla htine u ajio
t lllV USillliltR U3ld
glifniHdiihitr herth
Cunard line nlcr todAv lior
TWj7CnonctrtiJ jtMlOlii ft loro wiir bftf Kj
after the ferrlflc itormthrpUBh hlcli
the srrat ijue n ot the seai wwsfd1
y Mt rda T
Tiier was plenty of bsJUsi to liclp
weather the s torn however for
awjJy In Hlie tronitioom
in cold that was pr tlllvjnatched by
Maw iTork bankers A k fast si It could
Ai < riurTiini Minuirn i 1
1 Mrs Patrrok Campbell iid Jullii
Marlowe w4ia wvr passengers de
J B Watt skipper of the Lualtanla
Bjrre djtfi4 kllief Ciamjhotli turbln ItaiT
received1 a iterrlflc poundlnKT and ad
iifdjtKit liad ItTnpTHBMli for tliaihead
crd woud iiaVe been an hour better
ellpplor morethan two hourg from
her former tlmt
Tlis rm brushed do Ti trom a
ctoudleis skyuat j elock yenturdajr
mohUn Th stiff westerly wind sud
= = v iBW
aiiO the smooth ocean through
which tno llaer t aa ploimhlnK at wt
di mbuntulnoui rtd s of tansrj
tfort dawn thoTynd was br > wtn
with hMtre n yglocltr and continued
throushout the dny
trtarlniTra calKa thlrTyfoal wave but
i > d l o torciv
t i UKiAi < i umishcJ liui
ut eVJmos ntu sa rmi d
xinlifiiKii r Tl lifsW If ojcfore thij
i2i04E iOX j A afiNiiixtVj
pVe oat f ats foriWlenl
XVrMt wercoatLrKatffiJioUiiHorroil1 fSii
JCI > js M3i < prc > ndjvny oinS CttylUlln
> v la simeulu or
> f jjmoqf twjkeiwrs janrtr xoxfordie
I J tt laoiaiyslan ja Ad SnowH fchtKrj
irrln bones sllltllnedj JHvetvi Jfin
r Mt tlmc 13 off 2H Start Mi Won dilvlnej Winner br e
iimiair frrifr Atii J < i > mrr Tjiir lt J TV
t HBCOND HACIJ Hnndlcftp ll Tiriwt 0 adUt ir evn furt4itK
O iRHrttlme SSSiL oft TJ SUrt Ko Won fa lly Wlnnw b c by S ln
Bl fmailo Owntr Pchrrtlxr
iniitx Kt rt m i Fin Jnekgn ot nHlgH < cn
110 Jack Atkln JSi 5 2vhi > 4 1 5 Ibucnn aJ
< t > i 2 Mis 1
lirT rtpxin r S I1 fr T
M > wtlixninie tiVJ HSV < U J Not fr 7 J
ji 1 ° 4 Wrig tHJ n
nu iBt 4 ii PSjtu3 u r > ia m vi
ckAtkln mucn th M t wn to t > front f tK i Hpftoncr had li
S < tedse i
Vtanrb ai by C tv
pOUHTllI HACB lUn3l pt ar cjr on flvcstx
o t > P rt fan B I > Winner v h br
Mr < D l nry O TT flam 1jn ni Tlm J n 41
1uf in JofkfV o > nlllgh Clo ll Bhi
H > JHMcnanlfl SilT10 3K
lVi 4UJ4fei s nlIiAM iiT
8j53gigste fesriar
IV W iftii Hi
ir iSS aiJ isriiitr iir
S K fl tH h Tt 1iiiiyy > rr < rirr
rtlirut tlt07 l took comrrijnd ln Jth 5lef hi > 7i iii
Hn n < lN n1l sr tt tc < l MC Waln1a to nialcb fnr
b M
r < mMlw 422 oft
tenlin Urusfa OWD
Griffith Gets Former Wash
ington Manage lo Gome
ftth Highlanders
of th < Now Y < k Atnrrlcnns on
way to hi ranch In onUns totho
that h wxl dropped ft nt Clll
np J Garland Stahl
former Amaniwcr < rf the W llln5tn
teamtandnH an outlaw player
lnthoiChleaRO league
by CnnWuon > > ticc orial s on
rflfiised itb Joint Ijie Vhll 6ox He
5jblnodJ1mny OatlaliAn and Bother jtunp
Int tnajpf W P y and played
md < nixl < > trtry > Lnter In Uvu iwajion
StatU wiui a k J to be 4 jwrty > to a
trade wHtcJj > ouli > rlnK htm to St
rfuali H was then
m nw yorkllnaUiree < orneroa
dwl wtth the siloMpn c uj > iand fUUy
rSuii < Jtor irniWitKtho Yankee Ills
i JU urprtso Ja
thit ti
Ctrl Jnrnpn lrom Wlntfoir Xftir
DrfViktnn C rkalt > elA
i TheffioAynofr Hl n Schwab twenty
found IvInKjln Usc
yard ti > r r 4lQ hc at No Si V rt
V V i < 1
Tftcro Tn a trace of ctrhollo ncld >
an tlifi lliw ot tlt dfnl Htnmti A win1
tho body wax tying In comnln
parlor ot their n
oof 8i Io t her fathtFiP iftart time
uyp bytlonth nndwvas < leipqnlltnt Tin
ynly mcjnbflr of1 UIP family remnlnlnir Is
j brotJicriof 110 Blllcldt
HO5TOX Nov Tte fMtball cam
ifrom the Curlialc Jmlbn School nrrtv < vl
hero tQHlny for thn annupl came with
HnVvunl Iln U > Stntlfuit tomorrow
rrhe man nt moot j f the nftornojn
In practice on tho Amcrlfmt
j See Evening iWbrld
I iToMorriow for
Robert Edgreni
Story omiCweer of
> No 9 in Series of
Champions I
I Haye Known
When Messian at iS
Miss Sain iriuthe Fifst
BpokmakerGeorge Boles Sells His Button itof
r i Y
George Burke and uits ithe MetFqpolitairr
Tiirf Association rBig ay at
r 0 > J
ftQfiEU RA E TRACK NoviS truswasaday pimfr
athislra Ih the elirn evejiaone enough mOnejcs wagered
on1 MissSain fhe greit Westerri filly lo take SlQQOOQfrom itheibogk
makers shut iforttihately for the riiif Hessian a 10 lo I1 shot just rtffeed
tout ifhe good1 thing
fin the fourtluraceanolherjiphingeofbJpdimensions wa
iKistnTTetlie pltingo weU through and the ringwafbumMp the
J75ooo Rl is the
Promoted policemen r Are
iBound iby Oath Against
All of ll cvpbljcomcn pfomoterl W
Comtriljalohf r DlnKhani In the lat two
d ya Sr tidtlmV l tlicIF duty anflrm
ilhe Conimlssloner by what In dcUrnat
oath of loyalty vor rciulrtd fromam
hltlous mombors of Xon Xorks iln
in eaihTnslaiKj CRe cnmllaai
was tailed upon to take
Imil rlnQt
cncc oV monetary eonMfiudun with
any political power to1 iraln promotion
In oince Potion InK thl cauw nnother
oath to the cff Jt that thjjmspjrant will
not Use hli uniform to ihlaia onomlos
of luw or for hl > iprroonal train t
Tho pledge of fcaUyto Comml ilonfr
pcrnonnlly Is Ironclad and
n1 every Uiy It Is followed
of srnft In tha dopartment1
secm to bo admitted by Ilia
Commissioner In the wording ot hla
ontli It fojnw
I solemnly promlnc that should the
Police Comml loner decide to advance
nv no Influence or word of any pglP
tlclan will aworvo ne from m > > duty to
th pms nt P olce Conjnls 1ou J jttnd
lo UiBirlty 1 romUoj to doaJl tbrot1
I can to stamp out graft InSthe Police
Dopnrtraont and will mak the men
under me do tho work which lUie cl
pay i u to1 do This will 60 done ra
inrUlNisjOf1ftnypoIltlciil > aillllatlon aid
to tho fulliv > t eJUwnt > of my ability > 1
olgn tvilstoath iwllllnitly r
It wsuii romarked l r one > of uhofJUIou
tenant that tlio Commissioner has a
lino opportunity of MnUlriK any oitlcer
found iEuUtj of KriUlorUjopnrUieji
ilry under th wordlnjffof hlsioaUi
In theerunt th t he catAOHshed the
KUlIt of any of hlitmcn iuidtrrolBlntd
such n sworn statement ho will li vu
tliem liable ipi thBlawt oni theoharKe
of ibrtb ry ori faftjuid iperjury aluo
Uptojtlm iprrscntUoTnr otjthos of
fcrrd advanwnifTit has refUsiUf > to
On sol8Satur JayAOQO > m8tXallrwool
bttickt Cheviot suit lnjlound > laub1
breflotoil all t n irt > t395r PWlflM
Aittt fincv nHticrnj lAtui rnlxturtjtflfttj
Kfl Klvf W JWMIW ifSi
> xi Tv s
fta M
t IJlHly ibitouay th cginri 1a toneTr
l ro bat to atanastll whle In th
Wheelock tlio1
thousajfds After
Inr as hlfch a 5 to 2 night
prleo clo tdatl to W VVhi loclcjiJon
3ntisrOTd w i CT t
Boles Quits the Mots
4t was announced todaythat Boolti
maker Oeorco IMcit has auk the M t
T0jromin TlTr K UTOh7 thT
it th wlUt Jriair
but thcjrlco wns not BUUtL
fifth race un QueJnUfjouyenfr Every
Ixxly had tha tip aruflthe prls w
knocked dOw > crJ frpniT4iflhlsh cruo
tatlon at K IO JQucens Souvenir < ran
prpmlneiitlj for a whllajtut wiutnttcooti
niTouBti to > rot In tb monpjT The wtn
i > iturneJ up in tiiMKr < > ne filly Sandal
ln tlma outrhurtoilay wua neslcciod
finv fjtme away from h r field
Thefonslutent Mlag Polaney wi
muni In rontot Great Dam
= g5 > JjJlgg jjPff eii dL lrt
icon wrnt wrnrwr i ere toa y M th ii
Bpr atid It Ifja
thft iooks k 7t njl of ilWfX flicn
lltdiliui a 10 to lsl tfb < at thu ROOO
thlniri a J CArrolltnn mi jiluyeil
at S to 8 but OUlnt irci off From
What w11 heard after if rsicp parroll
was off IlylrSi ani > Troti4havi <
Jui fofrthB
who Just no < sl the srooj
UubUc Ujjf tn lyan third
were Jnblnjit when thq n
they hWetaiilln some Utn
ckrAtklh Won sVcond
Jnck AfkJn won tluv scisinil
tSpooner the Uikewnrm favoilti
firatrwu toUhe xtretcli only to
rwa > to J ak Atkjn who anu with
iluah t UTc eml tinQancrTIu listpil
Ions enoiwh to hc t Wolbourne for jlfi < i
Theri wn no pliuicra to npunL v
of i In this trs < < j the play WJps viri s
much > Ulrldod Ji

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