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The evening world. [volume] (New York, N.Y.) 1887-1931, November 09, 1907, Final Results Edition, Image 1

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f r M > > KSMiiiisfe
8sar0t Adds 15 to f 0tali tb
to Thp ETPrfirKVNorJd
J Jc
striking distance of S400000 in the matter of turf wnnihgs for the
l Z k
tdded Sl835 asthevinncts share fo his sfigufing uptthe grand tofal of
Ballot iliad n be could < lo to ln
iaWljiy US proved ben pnly after
tslrtve almost the entire ienKtl of the
stretch with Drookdaje Nymph and as
they passed thnJudKes Ballot was tho
narrow marfiln of a nosa In front It
w s decidedly a close At
Brookdale Nynrpfl hid led all the way
to TTnnrrretc fnarr B1ior hoolcrd
up with her Nealanrwwrterfr a e
irlous contender potter roifc Birttot to
day Mllier liRVlniTthe ninint on Nealon
atthe prohlbi
tireiprlce oM to 5
Booki Win In Flrrt iRaceT
Theibooka cleanedup In the jprst race
jeltlrm a gooil start for1 the day All
tfiewUS money ienl in n Trouble
maker and at tho last minute there
TV as quite a play on old Robin Hood
Vuftlane > as tiiV
prc because ah anUnownrTJ6fRpy2
named Hutcbinson indJ1o mount This
t th post but when ho got off he was
jrlth the front runnvrs all the wayi
Js55fta ESlG S t LJgJJ v
but istbppeJ b4ully and ripisKed fourth
behind Troublemaker AVith a gootl boy
UpiGeorgeS1 Davii would have won
Thltlr l lr Won Hitf ChsiaV
after leading alUthe way
He was an even money choice Jimmy
lane lookedHheoontcnderonpaper nnl
r anpromlnenu until something Imp
Tjp 4 ZTT hl VaaJthrousThr Bat then canjeion to
i l tak the plSyCtf mojiey Dulclan un
seated hU rider rtt the l st mpaiid
this tn bi dJimmy lan to g r tlw
thlrdironoy althotmh the riderlesmDul
dan > b athlm home
Oahdalt for JRoyaLToUrjiU
Th Oakdalo Handicap went to H P
JKhltneya Royal Toansl will
up IntUls ra e MllleriliOH d
a riderr Hekirwde aUJh o resl
unllcensedboyjit orrino
1tliii rail all the wy ut the
arrthe stroteh turn injl won
looked over hliu boulder at Klvlti unit
Dorante flshilni Hout for ih pl cc
and money They flnlstraj n
> Falcada and
pDorly Falcadi wus carrI J and
sJCr Every booTi lBld tiem acrons
ltlooV d on fornrim
ou t
Th books rof an awtm drubWnr In
tth flfth ract vrtien Oriople rolled
home FranR Farrcll bet ton of
< mon y0n bis hojse and after pft lns
the far turn the < result waiunover In
idoiibt RoyalJ tady vrwt alonic with
othls but tired then
him uojt point
ilid drjptMrtbact ouj of 4ontenion
Oulnn BridV taa WBndr nd Robador
f very Wn c at the end
for thf n ° f
sPommem fo
n amoilir Its nM ntfraji
blsM > etmaa ballnon Prfrnmexn which
race made an ascension todayjifrom
this city ThoWomnvl > th swlf or > Dr
Julian Pv Thornas of iNew Tortc who
Others rt 6 mado Ue trip Included
the fallowing Oajpt J T 7xVftlacfi a
member of the A ro Clubor Arnerica
stntcf of the 4 attl iip MlMOur <
IrtUhe bllloon tlw trjp wlll ube Of only
dno dayi duration Theptvrty Intwided
various experiments of Interest to ba
loonlits The O llo n swUed tonmrt
WasGrolsing th Bbwefy jwUh Hisf
iBnot er When Trolley Ran j
Elirtrtyearoldt James Dantonlo ot
TSTT rafi J it TOT fflnT
Third streftand theB wery laU tlilsj
Ettgrnonnaiy e rAn w thih bTothjg
Anlonlo ten year old wiw ruTJdowt
Thc > llttl
the tnick Patrolmkn Fred Stnisi
motomiariHwa Tarreitf < >
= V Y = rt
I RiSilltIS IDffli
Qficalatian Bbo Ooea
NOVJtMBER 9 1 9O7 jvr iJM y
rjit a4
he of the Cartridges iEx
irv Her Mothers Xrms
While playlngwljh a dozen children
in front of her home at No 1S34 SIxtyn
fourth strist ProakUnjla > day jlxyeur
Jold J t ni iiundl foundta rusty MCAH
ibre revolver She > called1 to the othert
children to sen wjiat fhe had found
and they pressed about her eagerly
fFhe Mlttlo boys were very excited and
jwantefl to tako the weapon away from
jher and piny Indians but she clung to
JIL with all the strength In her jradgy
lingers nncie1u Vdto Jerit go
While she wa danclnB about In the
pride and excitement of her find hei
mother Angelina Mundl en mo nut of
her home
8e what Ive irot cried the JJttU
girl shaklnc the revolver at hermotheri
ThemnJi her mother dapped toward x r
to examine the rustyplstol tha
tooJouolypulled the trigger f
There were four rusty cartridge In
Ufa cylinder and one exploded > th
> ull < st pfnetrntlnxi the ltthgirls tbodjV
HerrootherH arma were almost Ionhmj
i jihfctopplediotfr
Imr been killed Instantly
iPlCking the child up In her arm i the
mother ran toward Uie rorner and
Pegged > Pollc nah Brennan to tend for
an ambulance believing the child1
till alive When Surgeon Norton of
the Norwegian Hcnpftal > to1 l h r that
the ltlle girlma dead hcrefiiseid to
believe < t anrt carrfid tlm body to her
ihoine Vhere her husband ResnorT canvo
In > rid jolnadherAfmemlnutm latcr
Jetinle wunthelr only child
How the revolver came to be In the
tiorhpod couM cplin Its nlckelllng
had corrodsd with rust
Sarried Gcnis irt > fBag andi
1 PITTSnUKQ Pa Nov 9 the po
liffrauthorjtleai report that Jewels say
lot have been valued tUXW were lost
In Naw York la t wwk by Miss I C
Cliallant of Allegheny She Is related
to th family owning tl apangChal
fant t l mills of this city and Is
M Cnalfant visited New YaiTr U i
week to do some shopping She wore
KamolHsklUbag with a belt umler her
iritlft In which she cirrlsj the jewels
Th taut time li retnemoerod
the ValdbrfXktona > for a tllorin es
returned toitiecrojmat tn hotel whoru
bedre s a to taktrtHs aPM train
> Rallroad
MI s Chalfant dld not dlseqvel the
dressed to g t Into her berth on the
Amongthe Jewels werea < b fooch co
talnlng fourteen diamonds andean cm
jeraldln the Centre whlohshe pur
chased In Switzerland three year ago
fon1500 adlajnpmlitudded mlnlartire
ja dlamond b rette a nwklsoeot om r
aldsfand tayeral irlngsi nd pjns b
BEULilN Nov < J Crown Prlncets
Frederick William gave blrih to v tarn
at DJOrA M tVdayr
Crown jPrinca Frederick William who
wasiborn In 1SS1 was innrrlcdvJune 6
W05 to the PrincesasCecllle of Mecklen
bergBchwerlnr Their tlrst child Prince
Vwifllam Frederick was bornJuly 4
Ti Imperial dignity InfQermany la
hcredltaryln th House ofHohenzollern
and > follows the law of prlmogenllure
Therefore thechild born today tands
next to hlsielderbrothor Princa Will
lamjFrrderlok In the succession tOithe
Oerman throne although he has no
status usheir to the throne except In
thn unlookeiJiforevent of tho death of
hln 1erbrother
jJFABrnNOTOX Nov i 9 ThV on
galluaiRnhllcnrisiat Uifticrotsroiidi nrif
craUflfe for Bryan atfdthe nojltlclans
iH l fNVf
NVf > Wfiifl
sl anal
> uron
8Urt r lr Wondrlvlni 1nn r en e by W aran Tim
At pott 213HoH2ig O T r JlE a > n > m
108 V aumttr
11MJ iloortB 8 Davis IDS a Ilulchlnaop
IIV 11TB TrouuXmakfr Bobln Hood flu jLi < Sf MoOsnltl
Ffirntr3f < 4S erDocmanr
me HoelutoneCtCrit i k 1 Mlll f i
11821 Frank Lord < < TVi 7 Uu ST vo
1158 Workman 7 10 10 e
lilt Park Row IDS 10 8 > Cttlaban
Cora Prle 1C 11 11 II 10 Kr un rr
1148 lAmour 10U US 13 12 1 11 Brftti
1103 ItoTllns llridite 103 14 14 M 14 12 P Kelly
fl 41
11M 40 30
rl Kt very Mronr on ths tB W Bcl w tHh w y at th end O orr
B D M ra iasooa rare Troublemaker vary tronc al tlMflnlth iRockston <
< Ulu Ji n2Jjo pcorlrZx 4un lx aiu JjC LtnlW
CECONO IIACB Tn QumiiDaro ffierplcchaca Handicap fnurr rold and
dMkl upwtril 150U addedabout iwo mll s and a half
Hlurt STMS Won e d op Winner tti by Knimtof the Thjttl Z rilna Tims j
30 A po f2M nft54JL Owner ft W OBltr 1
Wtm HU lam Kln Joek > t nHUhClo ll rHh
IlITTl Thl ll l c too i rcu11
1177 lit 1X3 S 4 4 4 2 T OBrlfn 0
IT Jlrnniyline 181r 4 2 2 Turnburke 11S
134 2 y n 3 r ttAr < rtiataT 10
Thlitle lal > outcls d bis n il n < l won niM1 up lui nui a fair r c Jimmy
jnt iblfil sfttr showing a good turn of ptl DulcUn was well up until inn
inmbl < l ndif ll at > th U t Jump <
1HIHD KACE TTi OidJil Handicap irltKO stldxi six fur
Start coud Wmxoully Winner b c br 8n4rtngh ra > > l > ur > Tlm 114 At
rpoti tli off n13 Ownr II P Whitney
V i St nr Jock y Op n UlshClo fl Mh
IK Ttoysl Twirtit V7 1 tl 2i 1 PH Mtll r = 2T2 3 7JO
J J omtr 2 u <
iSSSJSlSt 3 31 3 3USU Mu rVA > 12 U5 12 6 2
10U < Fmlcutli 124 3 OH fl IVH4HK jDucan 3 15R 72 flfi 2a
llhT KingHot 104 4 4 4 > 4ti NotUr 1 T T 52 d
1153 Suigleam i J Kumier 3 186 72 B0 26
1181J C > t nnsn < l 83 JJ JJ 7 O Swaint Us 20 12 is 6 S
I17S > llreiWlr 116 T VH7Vi7 MeDanleT S 10 J 44
Iioy l Tourln haBdIxrhlsiweiriuinfIn > trU andfitdnrrrou
li nwtqjhj rt p dja ndtijtljj > nhwtll Porante rsn an Improixt rser Kin Bol
FOURTHS RACE TB Ba Niwr til I2UOO ddJ one > mll nd tur
Inde iirtfiV Wmi8i3U y fin Jockty > Op nHggciotiiai >
Taftttr < ir iBKfl a rL3 jliuiSf a j Ili
ha < > tOib hanlirl d naoiwln He wssjalljouL Jhokdil Vymph ran a < ttnt
fj < a toulth flnl hQro lr KMlomouietaas l
thrwiyeafoWsirsnUiupwsrdjitouadded on mil
i n7 < il U t 401 403 Wlnn b r
8l rt r Wt Jogk yi Op nHI hCl6 < PI < 8h
11721 jjyi Milter v aiDiOlV2o
Jr dy 101 4 W0 Swain MS 2 l aft 4 78
1M7 Aobtdor 103 71 WT 30 2R 2U 6 52
8tJAknlln 104fc 5 McDanH 1O H 12 J if
Ho > s t s Lady pn 3 Pv n g 2 J
rurlonc >
8Urt t lr by
a ln TbKltun
pjarence Duffy
knonn1 an illnpNey wjib ifiirurcd In a
lenrttnBipnrtjin ilia Honor the Mayor
may continue with his affinity but h
will have to pny 125 weekly ailmotn
0 Kthel Hoyt Duffyno whom JustlVj
granted an Inlerjocutory decre
today Slip wjl re umehe >
maiden name Ethel Wnnohe Jloyt
ey > rcrTnaTTW = M = Hi JwsiTcr = = cF
the PNrte at Buffalo In May iSSS an
Vhrui Chturh Houston
TCX April 1
Duffy brought l
charged that her husband
th Hotel Woodstock with a
strange woman Mrt Duffy ay jstn n
on tho tfaci that iho Is not bn aetixsi
andr In an amd > 1t alleged that her
husband had i offir d her IS a iwe lc
allowance tfi she npuld withdraw >
Vname of th tactreiajfrom
o s thb
actrees jwlth whom Duffy wnsr said
to be llvtnjr
SU Prr Onl1 D h niurr AttDior
iVi > T4 7Pfr f debepWr
bortdstconv rlblelnto stock TvaajaiithWr
ijted1 py th Boardvof Dlricfors of th <
XwYftrltvN p jlaven and fUaftford
RallroartiCompsny today The boridn
will havo a psr Value of 1100 and1 will
beltUFdttt tile propdrtlon of one bond
for iicl three almrea of ntock already
hold f > < <
Thu offlclat nUHoi < ntOf ithe Inten
tion to Issue toid vrn made today
following aVm tr of tho dlrectorsln
t clty iNo mention wns mideofthe
CUBE N T No > SWwardl
llI oclock thlii
iiff SA M Alon
hit waa fr tedby many rnen TvWo Jt
term forty years aeo < when h ir mp xl
throu hC mraJJNwTortcv
iisH J llir rrlV4 iln fiyrocRM early thia
ls ivSw r
vmtjfv S3Y MiT5 > 9iiniiL
Croswell boane wife of the Protentant
IKplacortal Ijltftiop of Albany died lo
ttynage l about seventy years nfjer a
jlTrieJt Illnewi She uffer d a parnl > nlci
itrokela t Wednesday
J Mrsl > oanirj aa illss Saqiti Catherine
lDmdltof Newark N J < nnd1 married
itho IJJshop aJio wni then a rertor nt
LMrs JnmfK TerryDnrdner of
Vork live nrhridolilldrehond two
Mrsi Doani wlll be burled In tl
n special
act of8thaJ < ifil l lure providlnit for
the burial llirri of Ultihnp Donnovnnil
twomembersiof hH Immf lala famtly
9 Result of the racf here toda1
wcrq n follows r p
FIRST RACt > Hor mares twjya r
TlIUtD nACETIireeyearolds and
UP on iyrTJcllI9
Peter Knight mUKerr JJ2 in INuid
even Lord Uadgc 1W Fflshf 3 to
I1 nnd V n Ttme lO < 8
H IIACB 8teepleehaaejfour
and ups lwo miles Bersl l gi
3 toil nd > v n UtD < ii Mur
pDy H7 McClnlnK 4tolandleven J
auardlan 1T Keller < tt > 1 > and to
113 Time 1 41 a
J FIFTH RACB Twoycijrclda > one
Tnle MUR Catcwby K J > elnby < to J
ndtoiit H Kings Plate 108tlxelb rt 3
foj 1 Innd 7 to 10 J JlrnBffndoclo IflO
Udolcljtfln 4 to and even 3 Time
1I45I5 t I I
STU RACE3ycarold and up mile
and a half Jupiter 401 firady i to U
mVs2 to I lPanlqu 1W Delabv lo
1 ana to 10 2 Cwmbyses Lelbert 3
tollandtevent3w Tlme
SEVENTH RACB Threeyenrolda
and up On mUe Ivanhoe 107 Doi
Uiandiout 1 Onilond a
rni i icmu nu
Many WomeiiCut andlBruised
in 3 Rear End Gollision at
Relham Ave Station
1 More thn twenty perpnii were to
ml in a rearend collision on the
Third avenue li road tthe Pvlham
noon Mm JJerUw CWten of No MO
Ba rt Rfth street and Slrn
Dunworth of No 400 Douglajia rt
rrvrt stnl Fnr < l > m TTi
from th Tfreck suffcrtnpi from
htirtn Half a doron women were
painfully exit by broken ida s
f A 1htKTrlwimrTrnfrrw < Ja
oit of itli ntniion wJwn R train
craluvl Into It The listier 1rhi
yrnn In conTroI of Motor Ewrfnaer JH
K My He put on the brak nn time
but on nccaimtpf a dpwTi Trrado arid
flHppprj tmeka the wholn illd
Mooit of Uifj iper onn Injured were In
tli rqnr aj ot the finit train whljsh
v mnajhed Nearly ollthe wjn
prokanTrTTheforwnrJ csir of the eo
ond trnln and nome of t7u tMuwancers
Wcrt ci Ul yyho gln i Kellyt capd
I Policeman illlr i > rnt calls to Ixb
non Hint Forillmm lio pllalu and Uiree
IhaJf an hoUr on tlio Third lavenue tltlt
above ttie Bronxi resulted from tb ogl
SchoolboysHaveFierce Strug
gls tor Victory omPoTcT
I Adrio
Kour ihoucandV Tdmiftrn pf tho9
yoju > K knhrtya of th srldlron comprls
lue the QoVVUt eliiiton nnrt Morris
afmmds itoday ti > vTtnpsa anil cheer
SBssig3ff 2E2SiniS en i a ft
sir for thf Toeil JiUh school cliamplon
rTnn i > l on tha benches on tho north
= oftSeiiri i hT1 t5TnKrneie
j 8JioolrootHf crowded tHo south
ttandr Cheers for Mch side were
stveiLiittefnntily before th inmc
There s Rreat enthusiasm dlipfajed
by thn feBpoctlvw rooters when ilie two
mldXBt Uarn fromtnc two his schools
tranvnoltil tivon tha tkld preluda to
thu bU event <
Thti kid twms played like veter
IJttViIXtnack NeoHi kicked a goal
for t > o Y lmCiinton on a rouanrd piss
unnine tw ny > t W
Jltirrln Sfiircn Mr loln U
The nrnt half of thtfjranm reiulted5
Dc Witt Clinton DarmcAly of MlrrU
WlBh m 4e w straight daafi or twenty
yards throUjrU thu line ncorlnir tho
VSk ° Treder klcKed the vl
cleverly scorlnp tho alx > points umld
the noiestof qheering from tho rootewl
inilhesouth bjeachersjond tand
Aflclioni of DC Will Clinton waa f
criticised for several ibltn of foul work1
Final score Morris lit Do > WUtClln
ton 0
CHICAOO XoVj 8 Filllnff to relloje
his troubled conscience with drlnkuind
religion Anthony Kelly fdrtythreo
ycara odf BflfS rayshrls th < black
shcepof atwealtJiy l > Wa < lcphlaIamlt > i
sytenljto ft polloeC tHtl ttt3Astnlhtaridi
conf ed to havmViwmmittod num rous
burglarlei The poUc bollcVe that ho
l o may know sotnsthlng about tlws
irecent tmirxler of > Jamo VAltaiwy
the Los AJSW < OU coramWin Bier
fonantvho wa aliofand BtN v 6
i T i > fs AM t r 12
44 Fiejasah1 l t y G iiiBJ f
I T Against QisohTvgnlHanfi f
3 fq
pen Game gn West Eoint Fiejd vyith B
the Air Most of > the Time andi
New Tricks
of Football
rrtM 4si Vrti
a Us
> Pol oS sl JferrU ttj
Wltt C11 O fol JL
At F 1
At At JTew HaircsiTsiU rt l
13PrlBMtvsi S
f r
SpecUl to The
sHjirvard most dedsjvfly this Afternoon
The Indianswere ineyerimda > g It s an open ai
the field1 dry andtfavbfe iheSwirt Of
Iong < tfo wardpassestfbo1ea Harvatrdtconrpleteiy iPiknetuiis lesspnwais1
lostdhthelGrirnsdn coadies
Whe first half the Indiansjled score l2tto10
plain thatHarvard could rhalce no progress thfoughtBe Garllsle sllne y
rin3 fth okJ4mcthpdsr0 yT ln4he s oTVUhtlf
UherrallianWer thc ridiretr rHd amfdrJ ctic
Harvtird nd th IndUx lmd ttacjn
L pn J1t m 4gTMIron LQ
day Carlisle blouibt a Jinn collection
ofJrttirdy tJilotei tSssirly all viuraai
rVttha ristemvof pi ay backed Jby tha
ggTl fy a Taf tytri K lr l < Z wtpH h f mant tt
iplwia nt thc qiwrt4 c ok It w i b
ll vdtJi t the JndlsriV wolild prove a
tui > bom foe for OieCrlnyi < > n < je van
dTHdVilVTr limt aomtr
fin ucJi T ood condition n when they
two weeks
Tha w Ui r condition Jwer nearly
ldc l iandthe Indians were mtfcti
ptoased f tha anticipation of firmer
ifbotla on dfy Hirtbr thiu prlth
whioKthflybndto contmd tn Now York
lost week
CionV before noon
Scarcely nyTrrnd was Wowlne so
tooluhcr aldo
so far a kicking wns conerne4
The Game
hrThe Indians won tho toss and < cho
j Another tumble gave
ball ot UiaiiSyardillne
I A muffed tc1crxa > < i tho Indians the
irdv Ime Th Indians
ball on their nfty y
dians carried the ball Into Harynrda
tcmtfltr and their forward Pass a
thougj murted gave them the < U on
Harvarda n onyllyeyard line
Another forward PIUHI Kent thn ball
to th three5rd Hpe and on a m a
the Ilro tor a
CArllslo olnced It over
Uoushdown MoantPJeA jntMjlckedthe
< goal
utci Scora Carlisle Wa lpdi a
Afterplay resumedCarUilo made to
ibrllllant runs but wsj penalized tand
forced to Itlck to Harvards 40yard
H wi onlr llaht gain and then
kicked Into Carlisles territory again
After tba Indian had kicked to th
heritor of the n ld and Hwratd8 had
It bick ten yard a
line wtieradt TrnaruinbJMfiindftiCrim
son touchJdownre ulle < l on the next
play a goal following and th score
Svas UM PkrXw kicked th oali
Score Carlisle 6 tlarvardv j
The next ten minutes were occupUd
T NOV oor
Park r
> RT
Tiliiodonalil Jwtti LxenUifi
iNewhall OB Mount Pl aj nt
ilH33 HendrlcM
Appollonln FiB
> tth brilliant playafby the Indians an
another of theliy forward Easaea placf
this ball on HananlVWyard1 llrie tf
Forward Pass8BFooLHarvarcf jjj
JThii Indlnnsj nttcmptcd n gwU fforrf
th i flekl from the 40yanl llnebuv
failed A fewmlnutes < jaterUriflyntsi > dj
llneT and mariuo fifteen yarilsrmoro onili
pa s ja
Another forward1 pis sent the bsftrto
fHarvards C yhrJ line Thn Crtmapn1
team was fooled on another jforwmi IH
nnJ the neoondTndlixnJouchdownS
a funviud
WHICH was inuiivstmha ttf inu n > 4 < s >
boll on h lrfSyard line
Indians w jArd line wnria y 1
Pnrkrir kicked af Jroal from tho flsULi
The half ndtl
Ing i
After aneschanse of klcki t the < l
rinnlnKof the aecondihalf MountUlfi
nt caught the ibxll onhls p Syard
Una and rsn 75 yard for a touchdown
Thc Koal follnwod and tl > e orftWa ir
Carlisle 18 iHnrVanl 10 <
Hirvarrt wade nf tc n yard on wa
Uo kick but o i forward pass dropjWl
Into theiHMOJofan nd15 adiC
Hatajtben ru lj lth > alirwnh mWaia
onthefnoM1 where U wa jo t1omao u
Harwd by ft rle orrU < liM jn
ungcd to cor Jnothcr tmiclul4nfMt
faUedjatiKoali Bcpro iOarJl Ult llar
rbrtlllant expoatlon
Theitouchdown asrallleil hut
kick wetit badry
HarvardBJterrltory rorjH
finally Piaccd U on tht <
rd Ime On a third down
ree yjSdVi to gain > a 0 I onv r < i
s > placed U ball 3on HrtrvarV j
th iJlnl hThe IthocAM got
down And troJa against

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