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The evening world. [volume] (New York, N.Y.) 1887-1931, November 09, 1907, Final Results Edition, Image 2

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Of the
jU ed State DBtridAtkmKy StimvDn
of n toB l rtx ik ITtt om
< i > i v c r
> T at > bank borrow mor tun n
th cotnblned caplUl took
urpluio th r bank
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iw w ii r
IFMtfMortb AJneticai the Coo olldat d
jjjjjSiii Bu itu New
irVi t v f u o
Ben air ct a toward o ceitJitotnit
tock nd
a artne
SSjeTinUreerta Ipf
to the eilTee nroat not e
uBlmpiaredreurplua It hae
ar eearehlnt inveetlgatlon to
wlietlieT or not the eurplus of
riall of theeie baoke waaj
I PJJJJJ j j jlfjtieiV awpld waa tmparred
1to SictiOB orJTtnHeijrWatB
v r VVfV K W
iotb tereertigatlin to deterrritne
tmf the plain director
jiroont pfiJu lIoeSt
l iiia CpiJBmlttiS fjjpro eailBri r
ijjUcltiralth 77 1
f Mljoiriiwiij lT
SVy smY > o > M ni < nir j > Sv
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ipeBS li ijY y ii l > lumbni > vivi
Scieei J lf oiati v M iljjr miinT > v >
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VsSf3KS T Hel f
i sWV r riit > f >
of Jnvtto Mvd the
Tb roiop wpctal pain h v b n
tk n to flx th rMpOniitbtlltr ofdl
b cau c It frque Ur luippenx
men tn ctu l control of n Uon t
and not officer r m mb r ot
r i > oaalbU oramltt Z > iiairhr
not unknown In bankln circle
No rQ etlon of StKywioy
The flr bonk uruJtr lnre ttcmxton
mf it mut b uiMlentoed th t then
ti no quoiiloa to heir alvetiay
Mmrnntfl n 3060000 l oAOOO
N Amrrtoa 2000000 2100000 4100000
oMdtttd 1000000 11JJ1M JliS M
AmnioNlMn 1000000 SMOOO jtJ4000
O rfl M 1000000 l 7000
thU la appc T that th offlc r
and directors of them binkii had occur
law nf J ot the
ln tltuaona The lnvUl UJon will d
ferrnln whether or not the surplus w
1red or unimpaired within the
us of tb d w
The Board f Directore of the Tn
noue Coal Iran and JliJlrotd Com
pany which WK yuichaaed by th
reorcanlzed tod iyTh entire old
Bord of Dlrectora tendr athelr reelK
1 nation and a l were adapted except
tlioee otCSialrrnan John Al Crapping and
Frank H Crockard Thoae two men
o rther with ievenU pepreeeoUttYMof
ithe United 8Utiiet oI iconxm tlon
were1 elected onJthi new board
are K H OartOi
Chainnani ot the e l Corporation VV
B Corey t Prealdenf TV B Dickon
Ita Vlceppe ld nt and Rirhard Trim
ble Thotnae Murray and V JVFIIbeitv
alloffle T ofxthe iteel CcTpori tlon
Three raoanoi on the new board ere
r t < n p rt
LJ Jfflcl lifltth JteledfltaJeaiBte L
jC0TJ oUJmwathat ofthei WC
capital etock ofi the Tenneaeee Coal
Iron aad = Railroad Company betw n
haa b en de
linJ 1 MUI HJI
chance or United State Steel S per
oent bouda
6v > r = Theahnouhc menr
at Washington reeterday by Sjcretary
of Btate Root thatDarldJ yteHill =
Amerlcjan aflnltter to the Xethehlanda1
wouldLbe namedta Ambaeaa < lor to Ber
IE In aeoe lonTUr Charlemarne
fower who Ha about to retire on ac
count of Illhoalth wa well received
at the Foreign Office here
The Intention of tlvi United State
Oovernmrai had boen known for evera
day throuttl a despatch from tha Geri
man Embassy at hlnjcton Preildeni
Iloo evelt It In t te Iliayliii aBk d th
Gorman Asnbainsilor Uaron Bpeck von
Hternburj to Inijulre whether ilr HItt
vouldrba arrnoatilo an Ambmrartor to
the authorities here tlm < followlnj1the
u uat practlco botwetn dovornmentiT
Emperor yilliur to whom tlia In
quiry Traa fiubmltted with full memo
randa on th uufct of Mr HilPn reo
ord gave hit Immediate approval
which w r Ur <
cntfd to waehrngton
plrii Dotmi loT7 a wUJow forty lirnT
I jaari olil liacked to dath Hi a
Itthlmj hatohet by Hhreve YeagertHix
iOfirdsr forty ye j old t t her homo
No 771 < Carlum eret till aftarnuou
1 nuni laftwrward luiod hit throat
Kith u ruxQr tutd d d nlthln a tnf
Thu inotlvo for the Mnuhlo tragedy
could not be lurerlulncl at ute < hour
fX > l > ni 1 T wa alive when a no
llormanir < lMvl the1 hou but dl l at
the ihoipltal
Th Itooton and Allmny tup1
from Albany for Uaitnn itriick
freight tniln which wi birldnit out
of Uinr > t r > hJ nation lodiy
o u tnc a < > < 1 wrack nd kllline Ht
innelneer of th estfrcxtw fleveral ipw
on wer out and hrula d but nono
wiu rlou ly Injured
Four Qihera Injured When Trolley
Car Crashi fiito Hole Caff
In Rochester
i ROmUBSTMH H Y Vt f t One
Jlramaii nn Vlll d ajid Vour InjuroJ
hi > re ioday whan a IrAlley oar itruok
a ho car which wu cro ln Clln
ton ayonuo
kW r > Sys1
Dams m mem <
er Showei
Great Dislike for Fat Ten
ors and Husband NVho
Now Tips Scale rt 210
Pounds Js Taking Efeetrical
Treatment to Get Back in
I would wiUlndr Vive a jeaft eal
arr toBet rid ofthlrtrflr iuni5 cf
adlpoMtfnue remarked Wllilam Ellla
Corejr the nOOOOQ a rear Pmideat of
the United States Steel Corporation to
a Turtdeh bath rubberjeeWrd r while
ond r oln electrical meieao treat
ment at VIctoTPreeJlereibatti Lexln
ton nue and Oeveatyeecond treet
The t el magnate amailng inln tn
weight lnce hi aecond marriage haa
alarmedht actrewM bride formerly Ma
belle Oilman and It tatb
Corer wel h SU poan i tot er
thlftyflre pounAe oorat an when hei
married the former comlcop r elhrer
The headof O Steel Tfuat iMt
liht Inchee In hel bt nd of
InNthe dayewhen be pitched coel at
hi ukelea worka at BraVMock PA lian
did not ne lc KJe rmna lum work
ifllnce hUwWelr herald n Ji °
beautiful Mlea
ed hla oaaUtheoWT aod one In mor
The eteel king1 faoevl tro4gy hi
arm fltbby Hie girth lijfow and a
Jielf Incbe greater than IftsweJ twelve
nior H MO HlionceharainV eeleeiare
oft In fact Mr Corey la getting In
iTTbegan lo worry hlm7and he ejon
rulted hla phyaldan He trlej a d t
It worked finely till hlrhPneymaoX
oeht aooird ehlp and at the olood5iv
French otate the ChatVau VlllegenUee
whlchhe boughtifor hlabrlde Regula
tion were caat aalde during thaee J > ap
1pyihoor < andthe mtlllonalreete lmiker
IjKar d In the belr that hie ta t ofi
JTarlilen ohefi oould turn out
The reaJlt W that Corey reinedthe
thlrtyflve > pound which today irefglv
tnglhlmiaa muchworry aejthe aftnln tf
UiBStee Truat t
Btage folkremember hat MabelUOII
man a a prtma donna had a perfect
horror of fat erioFa She poiltlvely re
fuaed to appear In the oppoatta role ot
ATI Eleotrlo Light tweat Box
tir oal i tiUOpound ht mede up hla
mind to iet buey to take off that eS
c ivwelriit = tB filI ur fu d Urtdot t
work oond time anmu4 laat < and
daiperale chance tb el back In < thell71 <
p3utul ola he ouV outProf V4otor
PreUler wioproml JUhat hU AdonU
clrctrlo llxht bath would dotha Irlok
Corey uppeara promptly at S oalock
1 ch Tueadiy land Krlilay afternoon at
tha Adooli bath tiblUhmtnt Te t r
day he ai lhl > liiilaulti ahead of
Flnt he U placed ln ld of a b t
which U licited from within by fifty
utectrto llffil In color of rd white
i hd blut till Heed alon l expo ed
uiid around hU neclc Uiplaced a h6e
tmth towel topreenl tne cold air from
eirferim thi koxTwenty minute In
tJio rlectrla llrhl compartment and Mr
Com emereei wauUnv nd puffing
like a porpolie
Then va Do a of Violet Rayt
1rol iruliUr n xi pliuui ItUkmllllon
ilro patient ouVa loonier coucti and
vlec him what In caicd the tonic ualo
andelectrlcal tnaixmu Mr Corey ap
penra to enJoytiiln portion sof the treat
ment He iln faoe fdownward whllt a
luti KIUM tube wtthihootlnr rayi of
vIoTrft and other brilliant ooliTr effeot
U > uiillv pronged aralnit the fleih
Ye Mrcor y iTue th vloln ray
IreUler explained to Ui reporter who
nan the ntnel inaxn tnUMB III Artonlj
bath ymterdav I havent KOt urreen
rna yil but rxpoct to have them In
took March 17 next
follow thu rouch p rt of tha
trentm nl Air Corey Itaken to the
H roomandvtando with hla hanae
on an Iron bar If h look
to th wall thli lgn tneeta hla
I Oh that thla too too eolid I
floeh would meltl1 i
Firs H Turn d > or
Two hu ky rubbureiku aBdH 77n
by name Uke hold f t flr how and
play U on the baak qf theMeel Trtut
The foroe f tie itream U
Mr Dora Sterel a htndtome younc
woman waa Mftted at the breakfaaJ
table Jn hertflat Initheiajiartmenlnoue1
t No tO Myrtle avenue Brooklyn
today with her two oSlIdien JulPUiC
wl nine and Eeth r edieven and
Mre Mary Aracbonekr ane4 hf or Her
hucband had Urted for work In a
woodturning = eetablehment la Manhat
tanHabouthairaPihour prerrloualy
The doer of the dihtngroom opened1
And a brlak whitefaced little nian
p vpedln Wltti one motloaxbedt w
IrinMy Qodl ehe erte ire i Joe
lel whined Pt her bead and
the walU AnotheTiihotfand
I =
with both hand The bullet had paaee
through berheexrt
Too iFrl0hUrMd to Mop Him
Dropping the emaklneVpiatallnloJil
pocket the Intruder turned openedtthe
Mre Aiichonekyrand tin two children
began to ecreem The little girl out
herielf upon theacrampl dup body on
abe floor
The murderer flashed down tteieUJr
and Unto the etreet To or three
rfi etfeazned afi f him ofeamln
it eii i arn peered out of < t < meiiandlookd
eSupdlyat hlml ai he raa along
Myrtle aVeoue TVIndowerln the Jront
ft th fUh < > u e dpenwdand women
aungutaad icr amior
Marderl MVder Marderl
The cry wi taken > p In thejatrejit
and In a moment people were lwarm
lag from the bt bulldtngj like bf
from a hlfe They apteared In ro l
ofthe fleeing man and be 43 red
gradually etrangthtnedJinUlIt apj tn
to boiCoreyJi onalmtn llfeitoikeep on
hi feet From a medium warmk li
r theiWggeet corporation
an feartn Iookej like a eohootboy who
he Juafbeen whipped at ithla juncture
of the 1Adonle bafH3L hurry run
to the ateam room a plunge In the
awlmmlng pool and he laagain In the
profeMor room for an l tr1c l m
Pi f Pralaer fixe htmeelf on braaa
tranamltter and algnala B aaalatant to
turn on th Uctrloourrent
1 Thla Iatueimanrelloue > rUih reducer
ayi Prelaler The ourrent paeaea
throuffi my handa andea I maaaage
Mr Corty hefgeUHhVdtract reault
Idont guaranteeto > make Mr Corey
p rtMt Inonii day but hlaUmprovament
worTderfui MrTCoreyruttorwiii
benefit oon fora complete new ward
iroha > wllUbaineeeaeary Kihetoontlnuaa to
take oft weightal he < hai during the
laat month i
Wheaxthla laat l otrlevmaaeag and
vibration v U over th handa lof th
olock are eloa to > > and Corey tekeaa
nap He > eleepe eoundly and lenore
luudly aoUheiatteAdantaaver
At twenty mlnuteeito T Uaaouetne
aiunMHilillB honkita rrlv latth ld
oftho bathhouee Tbexalejrk wakeeUhe
HteerTruat ohlefandyhlP ra
Mr Corey haa arrlvadj >
In five minute Mr Corey It fully
droaied tlpe only one attendant Up
varle from tl to and then niche
out Intolheiatreat Urgfeat hibride
Ive tatsenioff tw9 > V ° u1 toalay > I
uu 31y hlaiflrat remark
Mr and iMra Coray than iwhl oft
either lo thalr manalon No MjriftH
venue or to i harry JOT Delmovloop
or to aoma dinner fiartVi and Fhannhe
iteeliklnf make up7ar loamlma What
or anl a puriult and fce
eeaj > ed but om thlng Impelled ji
tlo throw away the r otT r i
Me toeeed H over the tence of a ooal
lard Tt haptxened that Albert Cold
teriiand VlllamKelt Bian a rejnty
jherlff were right Jn hit iray when he
got rid of the weapon TheVJtimjediat
htm caught him and threw fciaa oown
Policeman ZUnrarma of fAe Wrnoa
renuantatidn ran up nd > t ok cfcarge
of the prlioner Wlthdtttwalthii to
Inquire wtiat crime the kaa had COM
niltted he jfuetled him to the taileo
hotne Wiere he e1d h name a
Joeeph eiiuineluau4 > v luet < eefe l th
JntortrnVmi tlmttiehadklllad Mra
KeveL i i
Why He Shot H r
ITegot letter troa her to ho
wnrrtoianrTe tteciarei we = wejre
in buetaerejitogeither In Uocton andiao
bad l had a right to ehoot
themurcur queailontngtn UnantaFaa4
the children UUieiW jiiliBownot Mr
Sier Mbyher neighbor TMifaldrtiiej
andh r ihu bandmovedlnloitoe bouee
a month ago ytng they ihadrjuet
Mra level ndvBchumelU wereipert
nat tftr bualnaea Jn tJUMcHy Tae
ifumen toTeV eotne of Uvp KJOBU who
called upon her that chulflMU had
broke up the bualaaeaaaAIMd to Cin
cinnati j8heeJ < T jba never i ected
toeeehim e aln
From the lanltreemH waa learncwV
that Bchumella appeared atHhehou
early Hi morning and aakedfor Mr
3 level lie waa directed to her apart
ment and tho murder followed1 >
The little boy J < filu a bright italk
atlve child jeoonv recoveretj frop Ih
hock ot teeing hi mo her ikllledianrt
baM > l d at length of the relation of
the family with the murJererr Htatwa
thoniy etory obtainable ae no one
knew where the hnto nd working
Mr BohumelU eald Juliue kjie
my mother before nh marrM my
father I heard mr f ther aftd mv
mother talk about It loUoftlmee That
aa out lnvCltveland Ohio
Hv mothers and father left Cleveland
and went to Philadelphia where they
tcher hDprJrrr om lniet
the hesTrb st ar father
nd l mj mofherto
run awar wltn him Oae Urn my
mother waa jrotmcto ret a dvorc
My father didnt want totta
around and told people the neat tar
father andmother aoldwiuinot koahnr
andnobodv wouldcome to ourahp any
One Cut Up Her Wedding Gown
fThan my father and mother went to
Boon and opened a meat aliopAfter
a while Mr BohulmeU wa InBoaton
too and wanted my mother to run
away with him One timehe waa In
the hcuee and cut bar wedding idreea
ilto ptMei H Mnt h r a ohekfor
I tllfor that <
Henraeia bulldenand > oar ent r and
talwaye aatdmy mother hadlan Jlnter
e t In hlaibualneea My father had to
drtve hlm iaayfrorn > tha < houae lota
of tlmoa n < J tl > n he would 10around
rto p aplaandltcUUIaelana polthe
VMy father and mother wdnt
eay mon y in Boston becauee
mother to run away with Tilm Then1
MriSfhilmelUMiad fojro toClneJnnatl
nd my father and > mothercaaieHoN w
Vorkwlthoufeaj Ingfa wordU anybody
We thought that Mr Bchumilta oould
notflndi u
He haa a ooualn In New Tork and
hie ooualn awwJnr ftthart ° nj l t reot
and followed him home ana wrote ito
Mr Bchumeltx where we lived andMr
Rohuraeltz < cam here nnd > hot matnm
When he ehot herjand wmijrunnlogout
thedoorhe holloredJ Why didnt you
aom whmep
Ura Katherlne Ctodkln1 widow ofiB
U Oodkln editor for many rearg1 of
the New Tork Evening Poetdl4 ye
terday at her home No Mv Weet T lh
itreet after a long dirneee Her maiden
name waiBajida and etae waipaanled
Oodklnion June t lMi After the
Jeweller Petzel Bought Fifteen
Gent Brass Filings Affer
Assay Test <
Petxel a weltr of No SZ
Eaat Fourth treet la1 out JIOM on a
RoWdQrS swindle Arid thr police are
Jooklng forthe Tnnn whoiaot htmoney
Jfsaiuel Herifeldrjqf Np 17 Moore
treet I In the Tombe accuaed by Pet
sel of being aparty to the iwlndle
el HcriTfeld told him a man had Juat
returned from Siberia with a box of
gold dust stolen from tti mlnM illerz
feld according to Prtiel xave him
some of the dtiat and1 h < t had It nwiyed
and founa It wa the real thln He
then bought the remainder of the duat
from the man Hnfeld introduced him
to paylna IICOO In caah for It Tiat
turned out to be braw nilnin worth
Kibout fifteen cents
Petiel wentwto Henrfeld and d 1
no tionLnw of hU i
u he had tvot participated In the f
and dM not know the maniwhr > hidJ
old th niln jKtxpt In n casual w j I
1PU I then cured the wrvlces bfl
Aeu Bhanakj and Thoma id
ersfeJd wairanTeted mt hi nmiT
tact nlcht Jn the Centrn Street Court
today Martatrale Kerno ian held
Herzfekl ln ROOODall tor Mamlnatton
e iFunerali iDlrector
urnlnr Jo wHnliwt vea f ff rpTnPJohn to
tMaroleVB 1rfromiltamietoVij > hh
5fe j xi i y > f UiiiitS > fti
pr > m Oburti te jd cld that TJiomaa
VJofinT ib rnai VDwiSf
ondcnmplnln that h did not > end
wordthat He wae1golngr v
iAlyalnian itoa funera1 lait
I would oloveto have ijjeen with you
lYoui knoic I love your
VOeareit Marnle likyii IaabtKer
iverj > niiePln
teri jmMaaffe Hop to ee ypu thU
3STDnygSWlUi0thg rb 2 4l6 > i 5Kth
Turneriflat climbed itheivilreneeoaPr
nfter tTnithe rtlJLura t man ro uj
thei evldanc upon which Under
taker Turner b eed HU iult
ng wr o iinAl n ofiAti
ToadVW appileii Uio pl9rmoritofitv
lereatamll aiio r mtaI a = provld J for
in111 inyviKUH vo
The recelvere jthei
rr1oiad ip riu totlKfaotlon
Bail jforiirial
i > ov iTnf arVeVt
ye > raaric6fW iterCinrd hrtd ot
h < 0 > d hl h In bulnT and eoclil
circle He w arralmed Voday b
foro iJuil jrtfll iinvUhe nrt Crirnlnal
Tne ooraplalnant wa AcUnc Captain
old ofNo 7 Plaii lr t Bella
ihilrtiw jveiuiffojd of No
10B Commerce Ireit flvah Quinla ai
fr et KatlejlKeijy
fT 7wi4 r rrm7pn
imliair chargei They are secueeil
ten youna girl five of iwhonfare
iBsme that raocuii i Broesl
jSfaan WffijialelV gedjjwjtve
year reepectiWjljc 5
i biJSif i fi t fMtff n
ofjj trianment again t iltephVn ay
ifrtyrrr yemirii old fofcirtii iHoward
< > therii iondery imiinj H rry Odehf
t > idii epnt
yX > sJ > who
Tdoe buelneji InTtSj fCenfre M ritVtj
Jame y Turner ithlrj lgiiily ar ol
ayenue J
BiMldcsj thpf y n medftter f are flve
itatiari ahpftroiltere Under i jmltar
Hei othieV 1
oiwiNiKi iKi KOV ifc TJ fact
hrnt two
p 1fc iogh rwjtti tjji gfOTTOatipn
tbexa cli haa be a dlacorefid to h
Uiteve andthat cma or mop arr te
TiTe reeld icearol b d were ho of
O ocg McNeinemd A It 6m th vV <
iprealdetit of the Ne wr TortriOfntral
fRanroadAtjMriMcJ e < rreinoueea
lew cae containing jewel vliKd at
MfO Jweji letolen jwlillej g ro iwortK
MOW were l k n from bedroome In
home bf Mf i
Mlgletrete Butt who hai been oea
ig TOlf
venue thesBrqni wlthVa bidicold ret
t 4a iijJ1Sito t 1 e Couirt
falritedwhen he
aUddenly alrlckan wlth v rt ev > r
iSSi WM oarrtjdj to 5 hi s room where ha
WordwMlaent loathe TorTrrtllei
VotTey contlmied flrea under iood1 de
n d1ii thl marketftodai
weretedy Trading oh the
i Imprp ensent JJ 1 ijniH
milnfalned fth prlc iioi iltooxillUlii
iVnd iKaitorturther advaaced onuth
beare covenn ihne l > rl > lauppon
modarata amount or y wieineae
ittid 1nAmrl natha ftar
r jfa rdrfc bto aUtetnfny
gV eTatoraV3ijRnoea jrntac
lliojcal DrugjlitaV 8ayjilih < u
I sands of
Tills its meaiiaga
tifffavVMtfttie Mti fawTeeA V r
plcJhoihcrecipe hpvv bclns tctadcv jfk
kn6wnltvatithCilAr crrcItlcaythroUKu
Iltrjel iinewspipera yit is iBlcnded to >
pra iiionidgiUifAl Vi nniivBir jfp
j ndnKirj S if Dce BnilCom f j
ponn d ByrupOf Sairaaparllla three
U Tl > eVdo B 1 one tea oon tul Jittir
tura ther iismfdjr ifor i
fllterfrointbblcx > d anday t mtha
wo t ltnpurltle and tiric acid which
lire U > ciiBi ipff Ttietiinatlim It
tptrii a tmctach e blood i < lliord < M5
bladder we kni frequent nrlh tlbni
It1Uii uen Urts kldiiey
v > rat
i clenritHBbIoodTKi
ble7 in
nje prJ riplioniiati n tlmS
enlence Interfere with making up
Bi tern pabllcatloB It mini th
otith peUtnt m
i M m m i
iStiyiyee fwwerlyVefrirWIIebieroiiik
ii ta ive kSfenieielT rlittste i
IUn4i f > dit eiii d i 3e S
= J 4j it n t 5Mat r C i > iifiiie ± COr r iLrr liefJ = rasiras r t
rtaSev onoayNoyiuIOiaV 305 w Olg
S gt
JOrrtlIaV < n
rroB faiLWiTicee ifit fJoWlita
niurehi l tB1 iavT > loada rM oT 1 ty
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