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ll iVllV I II
Big Turbine AqefreredOff the Mook
Six KouFS Mist Causes Train
Collisions and1 Grounding of
Government Steamer
Afterbeing held by the fog off Sandy Hook from 950 oclock this
nmming until 3 liU nftmifton thggnrif tnrhini FiinankcMautetania
dpckcdat S3o his evening
Her maiden voyage was completed in five days andsomething less
itthan six hours which record was surpassed on ifit maiden trip of the
Lusitania But the Mauretania brought Ihe recordffor a single days run
miles The bestrecord for a day of the Lusilania Is 618 miles
ii The fog that delayed the Matiretania outside Sandy Hook was re
tiiponsiblflfor other embarrassments fo ships and for mishaps lo trains on
rj fand TJie Government steamer Gen Meigs bound out to the MaDre
tarila ran aground offSandy Hook and must remain ona mud bank
1 T unflKthe tide changes
7BoithIek w the blanket of mlstron at the stationbv j slqial On another
H thJiJriverij itadj ibayj tojdji iUiB roahy
fJIOUVynanfpciGUusnd here iv
s riw Msftrom ooiilsipn Kp C
atoVW6 rtyVftiSnf ElllsrUslaijd
ndHthbW fraUroidferries ran on one
> ohe lulea
f rusnal rwuilljvn < rjppl < < l to f <
rid th e were two I sma htiPK
vJ hicbi
jfour hours
Nl 6
c > u
igirouded amV
rea on
Ill lifefl
s l ayMJli a 8t lW1l iHt
tj cwnw do no PM J
1 twti1 i 1 tii the
ibiiifttiiircrivcontrlbtiiVdJJlOOOitoithe atokr
cr inr nKtrvtJy Myyc > j 3a wysfaJ si3agivii yaaCaiae ot
S Otlier cmpP < 3Tjn U50 andsoveryr
jii nYJ 50fniJontb TyilLiluni
OKyK4 roVf eS i
lnjufcdi T lk wi IffirearrcndviolUUon
ciiy Jinc ir myuie mowrinan lailcu
to ee WnliinKi itriln nd Wd
rammed It before n < liad anopportunlty
to xet tlie brakes
The iilatfornn oMhetwo collldlnBears
wtrt spllnlehcd and lite slraphanRers In
boiii trains were hurled to tha floor and
badly bruised Tho two rear cars of Iho
city line train piled together with such
force hat1 Ihoir roofs weraimaahed and
their windows broken Several
isers n these car wcro cut by tli
Tbeothir crash as JU tbelow the
Thirtysixth street sfation on the Fifth
avcmia line A Ilay Hideo train shot
out of the station on ltaja souilT When
the truck of the flr t car Jumped the
snitch nnd proceeded for Cpney Island
jTho Collier trucks caUsht the switch
and pulled for Uay Hhlga with thu re
sult that Hi a entire train uas noon
sprawled acrojifthc tracks Th ru were
few l > a enscr In lh trainju the lime
but the acclden tied up the Ccnuy
and and Bath Ueacii lines for half an
The thick fOR was also responsible for
he craaif of passed gcr trains on the
north phore Ilnu of the Buun Island
Ilapld Transit JiallroJil Uuday a a
point just south of the station at Ai
linirton Xo one was Injured altliousl
Ihe bump caiiscdmostofthe occupanli
of the tiro trains to ba sonieiffiat
shaken < r =
Up rt
The hcadoq cblllslon occurred on
strip of slnslo t ack near the Arlingion
depot The trains were proc edinB
vrry cutlously whon they struck
Into oiirtMpndayen
Habeas Corpus tl
An echo of he
GoorKO II Dwr of the Twelfth
mEni was heard In the Suprvmc Court
tlif aflernoail Vticn Jivmet V Oeborni
nliirricy tfor Coif > > r nwurvil frnin
Jiujlci 0Oornian a wrll of habeas
efiUHIre iulrlncLthc Warden of ilt >
T mti ito produce on Jjtcmlay L P
Dlnon private t1rtectvowho wa ar
rented two wrel ago on Ihn diarxj uf
ntf inptliiK tobrlb one of Uie principal
wUneiike win had npfrnml Hirnuiiit
jthp Colonel to leave Ilio Htnto
In hla petition Mr Qsbwie nalil
Dlxon who ha been In Dyer employ
flnce Hie rcRlmentil rowulcveiuped waa
> nK held a prlooner UleRally
tetter Dlxon was brouehl from the
Prl on to hit 3upremc Ciurl aid b
cc n of ihl iplitfirt AttoAieya ompe
ho ivan it > lf > M Wvnlll Monday < nu ca ir
hail 6Mloro I
N Jcnnlnir for twelro years a
nian tnh employ Ioinp Steven
Von R cjipltulil attompied todairi0
Mioo Mr 8levenon Tia liittec ei d
tho revolver aimed nt j hwd nnd
fo uqrh hln a iaf Ant Dnl hiflp iirrlvd
Jl hhln was ilndlr ovurpawercd and
K n U U Is Dellovtd tilrtt Jenninc
UHi mt tinlitciAy demented >
i Mr BtVefi on b i brother of 4h
lorm r yieePnsuldeni1 of tlju United
Maxwell Unable to Furnish
S30ido0 Bail Locked Up
Alongside Negro
invesjigates Further Into the
Ajluireof the Glosetl Brook
i IJoward Maxwell former President of
the BoroURh Hank of Hrookjyn fallej
I to jseoure release from ionflnnwnt in
IJtaymaail Street Jnll today Ills ball
JJ1W appears to bo too hcavyIor
lilx frl < nds to negotiate nllhouKh liij
lian not lost hopo
Maxwell Is in a cell next lo Hint oc
I cuplctl bv1 William Jlorse Uie neirfo
I o
IhurKlur who killed Joccman Kav
nniirti n week ftKO The IndlCRd banker
win nlloiveU lo sleep between nhce
nnd blankets brought from his liuino
nnd to have his meiils brought from al
restaurant Otherwise he wan trritett
like an ordinary prlaoncr and corillne
ment talled hlm
Tho CryndJury continued Us Investl
Button lnlCfthcaffpin ot rtWlJoroush
Jisnk and other jUrookjyn llnanclal In
slltullons today It Is expected that
iblner Indictments will bp fou in con
necllon wllhlhe nB pelisl n of the Uof
ough Htrak but A Alanf DlstrlctAt
tortieyElder say that they will not
bo handed down tills week
Tho Ur okiyn t anK tho William
Company and the Jenkins
tmrc Trust
Trust Company are aso under the
Grand Juryprob
all ion livllcuiicnis for forRcry in
third dceree grand larceny and
misdemeanors were found against Oow
Cnmpbelft and Maxwell Qow was Jreed
lit KMfl bill nnd Campbell wl from
ihaHlrst has claimed ho was only
tool of Oow and Maxwell In fWOOO
The Indlcmciit cuulmid up are two1
frltii charses atralnst Campbell whjch
varf wltjt irfEin Ificcn v > ti fmprUon
meat lhfta felony cbinspn against
JMaxwcll which carry ixlth hom twen
tyrtVB years Imitrlronmont and two
felonies and three misdemeanors
sgnlnst Oow which could carry twenty
six vcars rmpriyonnrcHt Tho finest
mlcht eawal thcnuniQcr of years they
could txt Imprlioned
BahlingDane1 Guafalitees
j for
Minn Nov 22 Joe
Cans and Battlhm XelsoiT liavo slsned
lurtlclox of ajtrecmenL lor another flsht
botoro 0110 of tho Nevada vlubn Nel
ion i to guarantgo ft lttW ourn Of
thl 75 pisi > cciiCT i5C to tho wUinoriand
25 per cerrl lp tjiojowf
Nelson ha bven nftur Onus for art
other match over since Uidr famOtiR
batlle at Goldlloliiji wljern Onns wai
nlvcn tho doolilcn on n loul It Is un
dernlcoj that vono o tlu Novaila clubat
will riffor a purno of 3JWO ttioujh
yet Hie fljhttrj have not slvcn any
Intimation ux o who will oct IIP tha
KAB il txnt
TrraVury Ay nthropt of th Treasury
Department In charga of1 public bulld
i Iran dealRnatnd eight leadinirnrclil
toc l of N w York to submit epmpeUy
plaim under he Avl o iKwliruno
jjsu for ihe nuiV Do t > bltlcoliuildInR
In uw York lo nhins to bo opened
March ss m1
Thft nrrtulects minipii nr dnrreriv
llastlnK lIjilnK it w lnrir MoKiui
Klnp Kenneth M MtirohUon iiuTl
iCnHH Uilncrit Tim namii of Iho udKis
to nnxs Upon the k
Former Rder Lands First and
Fourth Events at Jen
nings Israck
TimSullivan Arrives af Course
and SLirls With a
INolUr who ilth McDantel
till jockv lonors here daily
the xeconj tOimer of trt dawfor x
JOckoy Odom In the fourth race Mc
> anit brought home Ornculum In the
opening event Hpth were nldaon
rholfesl buT lhcv were tll clayed
Odom li trcitlns the jnonojr here
idirrti does < a div nnj without som
iicrj TForx 11 i rn landlntr n nnrse
KusoeltT led al Um way toaj as
heusually doe There wns no stop lo
htm and nt the end he was runnhii
Easily tQ Tyln frji xyKijnTpton a steeple
chaNS Jioriv t lonK prKij OcorKc C
ilin SdllHJUi wads hi flrp 1 > PB
anpent thelrafk to Uy lo arrived
Mobre UK lil3hoifc commissioner
Kaney Ulrdijn the
won a good iHt on
cKond He bet K puco nn4 fh < >
fi to 1 iinl 3 to 1 ns Ihij h9 c < > ejC
KOlns to IX > M Fancy Ulrdt llnlshed In
ihe place tHhlnd Trash
McDanle Beat Notter
fetlock dwp In
The track toUy wa
WiUcr on top
luyt of
mud with < i
Mcthinldwalkid Oraculum to the post
the opposlto way of t truefc The
Odom ca
the crowd did not Ilk MoDnnli 1
iimko the wlrti i on him
Wjmptio nwtf prov ywt Mc
The result of tlif
Danltl and Notter nm the only rral
U n all the
HlBht imd True
n U l t twi h Workman
third Trath WJni Again
scratched from the ec
Elshl were
eleven to Ko A Rrcnt piny
wllh Xo tr up ent
on to Sto 5
noli was pay J w
ol frah Troim pidvtd
iti 0is
WMtthlfBwHriep of 13 to 1 The fa
vorite1 HimpnhnniKwk was third a < l
do rVrrpRSmliicinly tatheatr tch Kl
there dropped out of It Trnsh ran A
good rase but WRS length oul ot lt1
TnV srg < i stretSivgf uH Jjiyop ugff g
30 to IV Shot Wins <
Loiiing Smith on > V rd ome to
h race He wfia iHKt and
out W Jt on ho bickrtretch Oxford
KM Hlnrtrd nealn or th < second tlmo
li auccMnlon W the bMt Jbaold gray
1 oraVcouU iurv 4 WnlrLanoAl n
mdK n 1 to favorlu but nintln ll
appointed JJn 4 > w > awa4iJiaii gonu oft
llo ran next to nut lodaj
Books iUoae 25000
a nOn of DURillHe was
backed henvUv > > n this Uth race
Openlnir at lo 1 the best prlc m the
Ilostf nr tha market wns3tot against
hint Dlcfiiilcecolls arc nol uppos d
lo like Iwuvy KOlnir In fact onlyfwe
uf them Mflsiiue uniU Infantii have
Kpnln the ROlnicthls sraion ncoitnto >
success therefor vas a blow la the
breeding sharj > s
AlltofiKiiiOOO wa stnken fronrthelbook
niak irsfHin the vlotorjvof tho colt from
Ihe Keenc castoft sale McDanlel iroJ
IncpKntto off In front and led all thn
way ito yln by lUe IcnciliH from Miss
CAte l > y t 4 > lxu Jllmmel who opened
favorift butrecededj wan Oilrd half a
lenKtti behind Miss Catei jy
Baltimore Pool Uoot
A barrel of money a Italilmoroipoul
XVHH IOM to the l > ook on the Html race
of the day Tim mmii > v of thu sport
from the MonunPHtal Clt wcnl on KU
dorado The ist AlfUanlel could do
wan lo finish Ihtrd behind Tloynl Ijidy
lIlKRtnlv > < ham with Joo TCouer up iwas
thn wlnntr He IcrtHjiMhn way iqlosely
atende l byIloyali fTTV lo the stretch
ICIdorado wnii oft nnno too well and
nlthoURh he va srunnlnf fast at the
end he never could Kd to the two hi
Orelcunt u Hr
Kile io uy and rfailniu > ui K1NUI3
Hrjad av > oi > p oily lui Xfki
fllklln < Hl Ker ty Mellon nvu lri h
Irl ie overcoat all lengthi and th
inevr h trln hone pMterna In cray itnil
dark ihal i nil at JS75 worlh tl iiiso
mens imiiarttd onjtoi1 nulta ea > iK
meruj nnrt1 blatU Thlb t at WTS nil
Ire KINOS il I3ro Jw yopp City
llACi > lllih clicht IK J
nine 11 Ivft iliirSniUtfrgTI utrtwi1 UMmtfi 7TTT t ni > Will
nir U c IS KflrctTtr Hnntmrlrni Onnir 41 l O ni TfJlurf tiin
2 > eiMhi i > < > low ia
r i it T I ry
lirtjiorkriLan k ihi t 7 2
4 t V KiTftruinVr I i1 7I >
l ii orkinalJ UM rtl Jf HarK > i
i4i lnvKiriiMI K4
ISW liur A Un AUI tintin T jjt UlUii 11 IM
Oractifum rJ hthlml iiy IMCH and rinm away loiftly In liic flnit Jvrlon Itlcjit
arM True iv rtf rasllr wtfinl in t find hunir on wrtl af r ntikt > j sjl iru piWM tVork
man finW T
I i J vlrL in Im r
if utJZCiT BKfTiiitiih hivn not nun nSft than ona rat In ll 07l
1 mllf Cnlumbu i iiir > v > >
AI CI Pff iURi Start AOIM < > n fi > llr idiw ramr VI
> h llrjihvlcki Owner TWJoulKr TnlnffM J Willnn
jli l Tra Ji j IU
isis Kan yIUivl JIT
H n Tina Hny 1
tSV lonrovk II
lliU V iM fjr US
imbrclla 112
U Itlvmber l M II < < 4
Sis KmJnoU j 5 3 < j 1iil
nn Maraxif J 13 ill ngir l
Tr h
4 MM rirrftT flftSiB WufffttWUPslkJJfJ IrJ Kml iiiiViicf tnB Mm s ioTi
l Ur5 ftillcil ono mllf anil furiy x nJ CttlumliU coinyiv
nor I tvrArMi > C irVtI f > iyn r JLJ MOTJI Tf ln fJ K filmjiiiini
IB s F t igj f Ittfi4 I Sti 44 4 i J1
Wrlr Ji tn ia W t anil nil wnnli 11Jn < Vl TriilrAikla llriiwd ihrtiurh on the
itemr mnrllo an < l w m > lns airasv Oxf M rJn an lritinniiiejii intr tilt Ian idi
inml l the rinl h Alien i > a pot u Iff outBlilu off Irt ttir Inal laiume
ml to jull up
145 R
2W Kt nn
Wl fXoorn O lldlU
lit MllUtone 101
UH1 lrlnc i Vcltle HO 5 i < M53 > cull n H
1217 lltrln lfIll 3 III I0 i 114 IJ McIMnM 12 r 5 I
Uutriclt Ill i Tl t
1U7 KniXklrtjr li 7
lil 5 lorke 4l III
IK Jim Nuttwooil l 3 1J7 1 3 > III Irai > iii 1
II n IB T ami in I xmltn so
i lxnhrlt
HU tll T founl Ibi win 10 hl > Ilklnr nn1 ali < ny Iml fw > l Of 11
Kfiniilrei ran nn Impmnsl pirr nrorCT pHill mn < > l ir
l270 >
Tim Iis 1uii tliiif rtv > rtff OM tsr < Kwid Won twlly
iMtr cne fir Oliguli jliniiiton ll Orniyrau A l jr vAinrr n JMran
Indgj Huror T u H n J ° < 0 7
yu j y t iiiTjphir Fir S
lS4 < i IncOCTUn J i < w
J 1 1 > tt > 11 fi ir >
1am1 MI Ustriiir JTJTS
Ulxl EBIWfrlffia
1U401 Hummel 1 1
1340 llrn nsjocio IOT u u h > ni 4 W Mclniyru 7 i lit
I2ll The KhiUKhran liiW 1 IjU tl W 31 Ilranrll o >
Mil Jill lob fiffifirnuiii CAllfriiln J liiKl t1 32 5 i 51 < s inU 5 < 1 T i
> T 7
ll NImpnri in
k SL 1 ft yJr M > A
121 Jfrallm ir lU k KK n
OTVii is 4d < i i
h7nir r > es JtM r5llJnT i
y i uninT iij ir W no
fss iiss sfi
Lady de Malor th eccentric woman
wiocalled ieriidf apre < less of Sloro
aiter and vnrxhlppenl ContantH < at a
bluilnic ulirino in her llttloapnrlpicitt
tXo Z12 Kanl T enlythlrd street tnt
dropped out of lsht and her1 two dtJch1
ter believe llmv the tioji cornmltlod
I suicide 7
t She loHa lott r for them aaytmc that
flro was lift and death Also bcfor L
I jiiie w rf awaj on MomVa laut he lil
to Sr Monnltt her landlady ilhat
all happlnunj could be found IrT a
jdfathby fire
j Mrs lie MMcr who drclarwl the title
of Ijul > j as conferred upon her by
President McKlnley occupied thrco
small ruoini In thn threesory Twenty
third street toimmentt IJeru uchter
Helen uncl auntie lived witti her unlll
thfce week IRIX iT = ajLHelrn mar
rled a wiltcp In Ihe Savoy llplr and
t > Her Uter Ounle went I
wlth her v
I Th motbw WM Ittt dlon U busy
r V
J iMisi
hers lt with her mranttc custom of
worship Him spent HID Kramer part
of the day trlftklnic Up her tawdry
shrine nd ImiiiltiK nacrltlcei upon It
Often she wouldofffr up hiT daitKhters
flne lingerie and silk itocklncn on her
altar llrcs
After her daugJilufB wenl vny afiS
burned up miiny odds and ends of h f
own clothing and some small pTvbuiL of
cfotlilnr On Sfttunlay ULstfilm jscnt
for an oxprejsman and sent all her
tya < ond neKlmenti snuinc Uiem
rasuroMhvUresldtnts nnd ptclurci of
famous generals and stiilcsmon Him
llrccied tho nian lo comd bark on Mon
day for the remainder of hbr furniture
Uut she IIJ not watt for tlU urrlvU
Monday leaving the hupv > rly uhd
idrawlns allHior money r M from the
bank henshe bade Mrj Monvtl the
landl dysood by she said that she
rtrA S > t to her llrcs
I When tho dauifhlcrs were notllled of
the dlsapptnrancuaml wenl l > their
hmothjjrsiapartmtntslhey found Ihe fol
l ililJiJS11 1 Si1 r r
Nov KII han been
ny ihe Antl Clitrlcalir iwho won oyer
wholminsly the municipal election on
I Nov 10 lo elect Crnejit Natliin a J w
Mayor of Home llu Wll b lha tlr t
Jew to hold inch un otlvv In Die city
Naihau a tin I iiKllnlunan thousli
few yean ago h betwma a natur IU d
JuJUm i
Prisoners Affection for ExSenatdi
f i
Bomjnated Ewery Qther Emofioiyp
Swears lawyer Who MadAd l
vised the Two in Their Affaiis > 4 i
Another Witness Declares Her Lov Was
Irous andH erOne Desire sWas to Become
Wileof Man She Shotto Death fc 4
Browns Loye Letters > jRead
Special to Tho KVenlnj World
WASHINGTON Nov 22 Insane in her Igve fo w
kvnjis iheiway bn of Ihevleacling witnesses for Mrsi AimieMBradyr
io41ydescribedll vn enaKcondHion ofthc prisonfcl
Albert H Barnes Assistant AttorneyGenera of Ulah was the
nerson Who gavc he 1testim6ny Qiieslioned as to the sanitybfn rs
f3ratiley he said hat slid seemed to > be adlufely under the influence of
Brown and that while he could nbt say that she was insane she had an
insane love for Arthur Brown
Four Engineshippk and Lad
dir Fruck and Police
Reserves CalledlQui
ThrivjiiumieihlnK irioro trim tin crJl
nnry spnnklnj calling for Ih lK y who
tlilsiiftijnoon turned In an Alarm from
Jubllc School No W at llubjrt Mm
hook and laddertruck wcrecalkd out
Nn one wa inr t t
wramr jrt H ax yrtjHi jmtKny juL maa ir
YouiiKjitcr wercJiK Brtuurln to 30
hoinn wlien the nhiriu wan lur l In
hTificnmn Vroth liJiScn wf
receive of > the Iooimnl and
Chnrle lre < < t stntlonii ero hurried
out Innucstor Kiuroll itl o went
Thoru nns no fxcltrmrnt iitnorii tlA
chnilfeu In thi acirool rii luiU a fcv
of them kn < jw 1h venifn < > t arv 11V Tla
street This i > olc j Itiiv been iinnblu
to llnd ntyr olup lo tiiB vouniCKttr wlio
turnejl jJtv jd
Cnuvht llrtivccn inlr nljil Hntn
untl > Slrnnnlrd < Drulli
Georxe Meyer tlle fhreeycaroid
ndpiili ton of Frank Itiiivd of Xo
MS MHlIorr 11 venue Jersey Cltyj wn
kllrf wjille rtl play today
The ohlld had been swInRliiK On a
K tii H the ld of ihe hbusawid It
was there that Mr TtiKfill found him
deadj The > oy hud apparently fallen
frtim the cnta ta It SWIIIIK to and be
Inur cauKhl by the neck between thu
nnd1 the fence had been stranirled
IllKh I > rleesllcre Irod to Inipurln
tndon of 1I2T Cnmrm
TAhe Whltl Star liner Majestic which
arrbfd hnV yesterday biwijihl KJ
TS th < first Importation from
in modern fhlpplnir history
Tlic CKKS vvtv brought herabot Uf
of the nrcKjnl iileii prlcei In New Verk
Ale Ilrluktrx Qlrv TttmnUmjtar U < th
conlilDoil In EVVNS ALE
Thin phaiic vf the qucitlon at
In Iho murder trial will n ura In
hfliuthctlcnl question of JJOOO word
wMtit will bo put to th MinltVA xert
by tho dcfcnuo when ihcj or callol
nrxt Alondaw
< vrril iiKKc Ht > ii Mir llni > nclBl
lirlp fur Mr llrnill < jlia crench > rf
lirr Oiu nuuia i rlr from Ann
Arlior 31lcli on rlntr to Kcnd fUB
find iinntlUT in Klnrril
tbnln fur her jcnifll
ncr Mucrj Worn
ttrfi Mr > < liradly cntcrtfl court to
< lnr ulie loo < crt much worn if ie
> ad liad a lfcpe night Slio Jook h f
icciiHlomed sAt bncls of formtr JudgS
low ri and nuer a few words with hta
turnedto the reading of t > ormall Bha
cirrlad larsn croamwhilc chryi
nntliepium which hid bcm prtscntil
to her She orlRlilcnrJ nhen Asalitant
ttornfytJ < > scra Jlarntv who had IIMCI
on tht sinnil f rnTin tmo yetiterday
asain oak the wir chair Stu o
oi od him chJCl jsocmlns roucn af
cclyd wfaen Ji rfhiled lntcryltWiwth
hfr MncnrjiISK Tirowin Mr TDrmltjr
badtmnnr moodi dlirjni the day jlmigji
Ing otitrighi at onn tjm > and In thn
r nn > wn lovn Ivitrr to her vfcre
to ho Jury
n iiJr a1ilraJi Vllllllh jlOOTrof lO
Ivked nolmt llrown marrylnir h f
tier nnd IhAt lie hnd pronilufcd that be
fore Mrs Brown dtcdf o set adlyqrcai
anil jnarry her 8ic ald N wai put
UIIR ihe maltW oft and KlvnB hflr no
1 aatfacton Sh WM imich di turb d
aliout It nnd a loil f I would not o
i nnd talk with llroAn Sho thoughtJI
nilRht h V om Influence w h hlmy
iJr Ihrnrn 1J he niM < d to do
antl > Ir < Iradlfy then n ked whatih
ItiraiuM nrawji oustit to do tyfl
her > Cial In Ilio cicumttapcf Urjitrt
diiould marry h r and KlVfi hlr n m tjf
tlione children vlinpni rtl < l J >
MxRged ot me to co and I lU rru < ii
She rlJ nhd fdbbvii and aikrd If S p
nor Brown shouiJ i ntl for him woj d
i he KO nnd 1 fpUl her t noulj do >
Very shortly af IT Hut I wan ajktdlto
o lo nrowrt offlc t
r Told Drown to Marry Her
i The wltnens thep repeated what he hart
ink lr llradlnj follow Inn fjli talk
With UrjJwn 1 fold MCI he said
that < vh n I went liuo Jlrown otfg r
ho took ninln Sil plHntr room arid
cloied tho door He Him ald to m
UArnei Mr Brndlvy l > determlneJ
that I shall nurry her JVhat halhl
Aof iiat to you think I better do
Mr Birn x vstimony p < belnff
closely followed not only by the pillf
oirr hut by tho Court Jury ami coutl
el at well A h apprq ohed UIIK
point where he a to relMq what h
hnit uld to BmvvrilnAniWei o Jlrovn
request for advl Mrs Ilradley r J
bick In her chair imd bowiM jier ncjTIJ
Bho ra l 11 but onca durfnir
i ldj Now Senator yoahay
kk dthit qu tlon dnd I m
vory plainly oa tW

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