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Southern Womans Prompt
find Brave Action Saves
Victims Life
Facts Became Knovn Only
Through Official Report
Reptile Was Gila Monster
In s TV irlenttfto report tha l b
ine writlen by Curator F A lurii > qf
th ChllJrena Muwrjinc lrdforl Iurk
llrcoktyji li revealed rar act of
heroism by h assistant Misi Murj
I > iy IeVhb rlked her iff In ucklnir
the venorii of a KU monster from th
rtn of an Attendinl ul the museum
who hit been bitten
In appropriate nclenilflc terminology
Mr Lucas explains Just how uteat a
riffc UK comely young Southern woman
tj > ok and hntv liml she not acted o
promptly deith wcwld ha followed
iwlffl iiftpr the bllts The man Mil
Ix1 laved Ir Krink illltun uim UM
long brvn tmploytfd as mi attendant In
th ChCSdrens Museum Although ho
vljy taken to the hospital sixfwiks
DiiOf nothing ivas Mid of Mini Lees
varf in fJvlK Hl life M sti pr iy < s
Mr GigaiiftoTkecp It < inlct she Jlilno
conxjdex the act as wrthy of remark
An U usual YoUng Woman
Sh Is a very unusual younic woman
Us n i t tU turai < > r at theChildrcns
F iluseum who ciinio from her hojnm In
K Ulclunomt Va to purmiw her iltudlca
In natural jclence Vell knonnui a
1Ityjlclst and expert on wlraleia teloic
rapJiy Miss I e determined to broaden
her studies In natural science and took
uo the njirk In the Children Museum
under Mr IAICMJ an enthusiastic
naiilnillit >
There nerc several flnn opeclmcnusof
thai most hideous of sstirians the sill
monster at the IJolfAid Park Muieuin
and It wns one of Kraiik Gillians duilea
to attend to their wants Mis Lte wa
Jiukl3 r a nfieclal study of tffcse horny
headed lliards ivltii fits cversuappin
lioniuM JRAI She Untliritoal tli <
lethal wMlties of the sHaV Vhym
Which lalonly a hnd less destruollVu
t hlia nti flf < y than the venom at the
klntr cobra thn trfox < deidiy reptl In
< no Id in each of who Vine It 1
auld U enowch polon to ktrroumoT
I Wai About to Feed therfeptlle
> rnn niul
80 tHanHiniUnt prepared tile fKK and
Vl ll > Mfe Hc rnichid In
S sifii ll lorIe I Ill il Brt
nl Mit tin
i lit to btmc ami In a moment
of liialletiflon h lropped III rlitlit hini
near tne iitunstrs inolttji n an In
l > rt nboVo the tiinib
1ll ymiturntnn shoutul for hp
he found tlwt the faiim ia
Into the bode nnd itn contd not
th mftture off TJicnlir
Jll s Xf Mr lUcn
ii id i t > rnT u
t mo atl to iiiirj Th < ym i w
n omeifla hnon Just nluitn o
thn jnoniter couUI not ML jnuVd 6o e
i > AfJa nl tor pincers mid rnrtn th
lacked 1n ifr elf Tlien hhe t ucred
ailllsn curried Into her ollc < >
How She Went About It
o im had an
ftanf Wt and hurfledly tepircd
tiuVt wllh ujllch hv opened thnnjjimrt
jvhcMii fl Jtinniji riinK 7raaiKraK A
tjn lilool KUtMl forth ctBapMed CP
lip to the wound 8 eritl m
drfew out the poUon rlnslnc iltr
eich t m wlt > an antiseptic v j
Then she wjhed the i > 3n J w th I
inlutlon < f corro lvo tiblllmti > AnS
boundiJtaii ClIlllHil wanink rf s
am ie
quttp bailly btji Jin wn dlrel ir c l In
a few Mnv rnlrey Vurrdi and M now
Vie < levoiH flf tho > oun wonmn
rho naved lln lfe
The iur ciiiii t if hoxpitat i ta th t
hi youns 1BI uiftloulVjMlj ovd lili
j to ilu iitMtUnl cirHfor nf the mti
r urn nloijRh jiho hin snfjiwi v v
1 f llcti w fetv HH wet
n < nllllinK l d HIMY lrpn thn llirlt
pt lircuk nu miphmf r mouth
thu pqMin would lm
entered her >
tmniiO ilwDi follwod
f i1 IPetifil hovnvr hc dll not
t rrer nor Uld ln nftm tit ponnlilef
1 htr lct Wi remark
aoleI Mmply dl l njiAl I
tir do
IrcumiUiu t only rKr t
thRt Iwnji not l be tOj v hln arm
e < jf
Ag lShmticl Weiss andrHis Son
iHad < Complaincd io Company i
VHhout Avijl
Banuifl Wlf io had pAnmd hi
rventynfth yejrr hl married < > n
ijlaiftlb who lived with hie family on
tho floor nhfljvo ti old man In lit rear
hotinfl nt No in Korkj lh rlreqt lind
ofttn epndCnlnfit of ln thaytho ai i
In Jlitir jipnrmcntl beotmu exttneuiih
edi lljSHt npnnfillL o > H p At citiiw1
ftlimxi wjicn the p I wuit llslited the
flkme fltictoateil nnfl ncteit m If ihrcii
UninjfittiulijVw out nt iw > JHincilt ThL
con pt41hi rif HIM Ucijmc wJF Vmffilu
to the ifvfv1 compiny irtii tiny uftu
Han nfrrild thot 1 tm > 1 rawthwort
In my room WHIM nlwhl If flut rsn < l >
not rtttetiilod tOi old lr VWtorl iiir
ton recently i I
The old inn it wai todHytfotiml de t
Indued ilt > hvK been tiphyxated In
fitw li KKiped frutu1 ii rtUllv
tuRaj1 It wn ovditn < tlint t > oforf
rollinrt Mr vl > > had p rOy tiirtUHl
on thc can wliUH did ItjHlimwl ec
jcentrli irlcllB l r K thenl hl nnally
ito BO gut nnl Ho iv ttlillfhted Into the
The Oronor a maklne n
Capt Poladk Who Guided Rudderless Sieamhip
Safefo Over Ocean Talks Modestly of His Feat
Ale His Meals on Bridge nml
Slept Little for 17 la
Queen Victoki Decorated Him
for Brayeranfl TlhreeEnv
perors iHohbred Him
When the timt North Oerinin
stfjinishlp Kronprlnieisln Cecelle J l
e t nnd ftn sl nt the companys great
fleet docked at the pier Ill lloboken
Tue day afternoon undoubte < lly ihf
proudeMJ inan oh bonrd was C pt
Clmrtci lvdnck who hadbroisM tier
crosi the Atlantic
It nvif he vrhoconlmandrd Hit big
ICal er Wlltiolm iler Orosse when that
VMsel Io < t her rudier In mldocean
aboU a month aso end who took her
with her front lltlmiui cargo safely to
the home port steering only with the
When Capt Ilotreman wt a com
modore of the fie conmisndi the
Cecelle the finest Vf l In the service
was grunted leave of absence the North
German Lloyd officials vwlshlnR to
honor the hero of the rudderlen ship
Incident selected him to fill th Im
portant po t mode temporarily vacant
f y Cap Hogcmftns rbJtnce
Another Incident that justified thn
youngskippers feeling of pride wan
the recent presentation by Kiifaer Will
Ifim as a rec55KnTnun iif ids sterling
performance of tNo Order of the Crown
of the third classthis b lng the see
oml medal which thotlermjn Emperor
has conferred upon Capt Iotack
Tfi tlrst was presented when the
Koenlg Albert then commanded by
CapU Pelack took the ICalser from
Bremerhaven to the Mediterranean Ih
K H When the Kaiser wtnt on board
In the German port Civpu Iolack re
ceived this distinguished passenger In
full dress uniform wearing a number
of medals he had previously received
for acts of bravery It then occurred
to his sovereign that the young mari
ner wore no decoration from the Crown
Accordingly when the passage ended at
XapleSf C pl Iolack was presented
wjth the Order of th Crown of tha
fourth class with the Hod Kagie In
chidcd as a special mirk of distinc
The Accident to the Kalier Wllhelm
Dcr Qrosse
Capt Iolack Is only fortyeight years
did but he has followed tho a for
thjrtytwo yeitrv During that time he
haii > arned for himself by acts of hero
ism anil dlsilnruUhed performances an
even dozen medals of honor lie Is a
verll < ihlcigl nt In stature and strength
stamling six feel tliree inches In his
stocking fe t nnd weighing nearlyS
poundx Ily b rs htJ honors mod
When relating In detail to an Kven
ipg World reporter Uil > mornltiK tle
remarkablej passage of the nldd rlc >
Ktlitr Wllhelm der Gross across the
Atlantic he drew a dlagrnJn to Hlui
traiu the hipi > cnhi It showed tint
thf angular stem which runs fropi th
keel of the ship to the overhung of
tht stern ito protect the propellers andj
to which Is attached the rudder liud
snapped clos to the joint t the kel
son nndi near to thu lop where H lti
Into tho stern carrying wltli It the
rudder and rudderiwsf leaving only
a few Inches of the extreme top of tiic
Just how thn acctdcnt happened
probably will never be explained said
Capt Iolack Wo left New iY < irk on
OcV last Two days later Wu were
pitching and rolling In u strong south
ii vtuilo while licniilnc east That
btMiight tlio heavy seas right on our
larboard beam About a quarter past
nvo on tho morning of tho > th I felt
a Jerk that told mo something was
finilKS The man at tha wheel shouted
The ship doesnt isieer sir
Tho gale wnsjf bl > iwlng with such
fury that couldnt skijv down so
speed wai not TJvcn reduced Ii Imrne
illitely notfled the oilef engineer tint
there S IrwuJile with tho steerlne
Ktnr mill had hm nul > e an Immediate
examliiitdon He reported thnt ne lyid
no r tiilcr
Ate His Meals on the Bridge
> nere 7i 1 nillJt from Hiillfi M
milt Mm St Johna IS J nillci fjoni
< < uv Vork ind l 7IZ miles from Ply
ploulh After a liasty consultation with
tin chief fnghiNr and chlot oiilcor H
uas decided to Itocp her headed for IlJ
niolilh xol It puNvnet on bo rl it
that tltiio wusannrv that nnj thing
wrtjr At st jdLfok ilut niqrntrt I
u inr tltft l v li Hutfirwwth mn
Iti tlut mfrlcrtii colony at urft >
Jen nliu wan a pistsngiir and tolit blm
1 our IUclltUriSiil ultiiu rouuct tnat
lie itotlty ihu other imitsMlBfrs ntbii UH
IHtlo Inn H poxslblc
lie foriiiiit u commlttuc Jncludlni
two or three pasHsniKirx Wlio p ku
rjtl r aiigUano and I ho word Was
Riven QHtt Thttpistfnitern nil took tllo
rlitiiulliiii quietly ilnd bullafrd lit the
nlfil piiiiidld mitntKr
I did not have my eloUies offi from
Hir Kulrtlt tll awidopt ttlttlf Xv
riiifiicd IlfcnUrllavsn ijvu day IiUir
mid triple nHJt of my mcah on th
briocp which i left only long enough
to He down for xhort n p ocfantonnlly1
It was not so wonderful OthMTSCjaVi
limn It Copt Albert once took tM
D > ut htand into port In tic nm wail1
lirr anil Captt Uannomann hud a tnu
lur uxptrlihco In twi Krliuw lictit
only ttiuy uld not Ji Ve quite io far to
Of all hl > nieiUls Capt iolacH b
inuitt piond of fii lirst gvc htliti It
> n from th < > lato Queon > victoria
fter tiigttllant nttvmpt to xnvo ihiturov
if n xlnKlni ihIp witUi h < < won fcoccnil1
ciltlcor or thv pitl lJni3 of ihn North
Urrman Llpyd lino
Tim Incldullt ocuttfrril al KnJfiilW
Thr Eltts was CfiliuilMldeil f by Catlu
SiVtnir and diiritm n4uirlrt aalo Ih
nildoojan a imlllnr vej ei tljnx dMtresi
MtittvU wiH KlKVUtili Thn sett wnj ti >
iil fi Hlneior < Ud not ftf l JiuflfW
In finlirlnv his men off flo lc calledfor
Saved irour of HU Reocue Crew
Wve nifn itn1 selidtnl Io uccoriipany
OWcer IJOIacKi They wer tm r < > il in
rill Dfv the life boats and got nithhi
clglity feet of the shiMng xhlpithu 1iiu
lloi miring wyfiiliira neircr Umu u
riusrter at n tn < Air n > lni > K n In
Die not of heaving a line when a liigi
vyuro capulxcil thtlr boat and nil vrtrtii
thrown lutotho sta y ji
OflUnr Polack being M lttcU nt
swimmer swan about and pulled foai
of liln m it to U lde of the over
turned craft Ucf ri he could reach in
Utlt the poor fellow sank from sltf i
and was n yer secnT Ealn Theiurvlv
orH succeeded In rtKhttnit the boat and
mndtf their way back to the Ems The
Morm Increased and Capt Sander nK
unlUil thai he would jtnnd by to render
atslptanco when practicable At day
lipht not lnK as to be een of the un
foctlinatt craft J
apt Iolack ibolds a medal Riven him
bv the lllverpool Shipwreck and llu
niami i oclety for t kliiK IW panKenBuf
from the bunilnit < am hlp Abyssinia
of thf old Olilon Mne mi l cof I la
when ho was an oltleci In tha Kprr of
llit Hnnii Uiii wsitcji h i W surves
Tivo dayn later he rcxvUed two men
idrlft from tho KnuMi steamer lona
Kor tills h < was ulven u ineilsl by the
OfTinan Ilumanii Society Another was
Klven him hy tliv Grand Duke of Oldcn
btinr In recoRnttlon of his lacrolc per
formance up to that year l 3 Ho
a a Ohlne medal for taklnir troops
to the Chlnete wiir In the Aachen wJtlfih
hi < Hnm ndetlf In 1WW Kor titklnjc out
l Chinese vruloor built In Ocrmany
atthe tlmeof the Hojter trouble In iWt
nil lola k an tho mediil of the Or
der of lh Deacon pr < entd by the Cbl
no1 Kmperurv WlieAi Jiiytook prlncoIvo
milm li mt io Japan after the corp
nation of KliiK ndward heiecelved We
lapanoie Order of the Holy Treasure A
Hpanl5h niednl w conferred tuiioivhltii
In lM by Klnc Alphonso of Spain when
hei took tho Knituror of Oenimnv to
VJKo In the KoenlR Albert and still an
other by the Kins c f Saxony when he
took lattern ilatishter Irlncefs
Mithllde on a crulcit In the Med ter
ranean In the steamer Princess Alice
lays Mrs Ada Back Who Sued
Because Her hhstowl Was
Killed on the < L
Alnoric the victims of the Fiftythird
street fturvo cntnstroplle when n Ninth
aUitue BtevaieJVtriln pluncril off tho
4 strusturo Into the Mnsnt on the
m riilnc of Sept 11 IWfi was Iollccman
Andrew Hack who vas a jiasjenecr
IIU widow Avda Hick hrousht aetloir
assUul ih Intcriorouirh aapld Tninsjt
C > mp nv for WW dnmW rfor the
loj oflirrftujb > nd and ti Upi rt Uf
luraglfiand two children
Uliin I0 C11 wllt aeil In Jltntfce1
OOonnnn court todav cumi l < fot
th iHtertiorouBh ndWo widow nil
tioiinced that the cno Imd l ccii t ttled
b > the payment of II5 V to Jlr Hack
Dee E Mrz Atmle
M itrndlty who w acquitted of OR
murder of ixSenHtor Unnvn in enjoylnr
In thCoCoxy attractlvn home to whlcsr
sho wa taki > ii every comfort that lov
TliliM II
see thu world tllfTv
tertjoM no hatrod 1
Hne of iluty Jus
iKoliig to follow It
Mr Urndlcy has as yit formulated
no aiii u8ltB Li Jujst rwtlng and sho
Mys IBM such a spod u < it and nil ti
KO lienutlful tfiHt nhf hii not tnrncjlier
eveii o tin
i i LrT
ST LOUIS Dec B Apoplexy brought
otJ by ihi brain fair of oorinir over the
111cs miiuml whlisli tho Iollcu Board
had prilprd hlni Jo commit word for
woitl vlhin thirty day cost Sergt
Apthunj Connqly ha t laxi evening
according to frJendn of the pojlcctnun
After thirty years of nerylce and al
ntythr si5 years jot age Hergt CJqn
miily Ml late li lii tlit nlgt deivlntf
liitn tlio innniirtl After hivylng vnllrU ii
beat all day lnberi of Coinoliy s
family H > that from Sept J unJI
Oft i S n vrftuai it ler tFnii t
lloir Hiui n hftK at home i ch day
aROftiMirHrt hjurimrWiiw toMA
rrom ilia poUfej t tl6ii pprliiK over tlia
manual f
uvfui if fit i f i ft 1 i I > V V
IDAgoslino Wound Up in Jail
With Wifein Cell
Near Himi
Anxiety on the part of Lii
tfno t entyoni yeirx ud of No 5 un
UHU lrt H to Kit ulong without work
ing hard fur a living Vis rtipaii lbl >
fof Ills beliiKJ illcl arloll lUidquar
teM today on the chaw f attempted
robbery wll < tha yuims mans vvlft
Angelina cccuplcs a elghl orlng cell
Mr VttiinpliUl extortion
Mr fromtnlco OcIojdo IIvv In Jn
nritjimuiii Above that of DAgoalliio and
s the pO jcs r tit A f lr dmro ol world
ly goods lgo tlnti uhu niavtd In
jiw > Wiek nito didnt lui6 any tltnr
about makltiK dfrnaiil for money at
Ieptt m rtjt tlirfut lof vjoliince Mt
n tt vo told trf pollen KIU had re
pcatrdt r JfU d to sy i pl Vtsltf
hi dcnurtJ fur SV hU Mrc U > i
iont no tiiiio In cominunluslini lh nWx
to DeHutUfc MICPlH tilt dtvorty u
tho llalUtn bri < iPh ot UcKctlvt
i Hiit ttuK pr < nr ul tor tho
tAfrOtttn Hi1 vjth the
ipcrcwrf Hi k iotx rf t iiV >
jirrtvitl was axJHli Jwnltwl The
urlnclnilt were pot < Mtlwwl and f
Mr DttloH0 1 fa Ilnihod llvo
oVercoaf JR tW WW4 li < V
i hicwl iltrm elv inn closet and
Bin wan iinilpui1 Io diUstl tSiem A
hhii wai diSlHyllnK th tnlr to th
Mtr t j > otxns t AKOftlp i met hor and
rlactiir a rfVolvorlo her Iiriui callcil
uixin the womtn to lv < i mm thn cotts
or li iiu l hoot Mhii
lcfllt 3nU < Aiy < w oxDlMitfil ilip v
le from thtslr T > hctr of hiding urtti
istiiircif lVAgo th > i who va nm
rs J hoi
U >
day before je lT Hr
For Saints
Sinners and
For Brenkiasi
Kit tha a wt 4f >
liny tU e fo 4
llit tin ihn f J f if tn th f
ll l 10f
i in u < i < fr t tl Crt
la n imn a MM m
i rii v > > I
Ioilura C1 t td jitikcrA
WUls f V < Vf i
ahon Must Work Out SI000
Fine in Addition fo
Fiveliear 1eim
Victor J Howling In the
Criminal Hrahtti f tho Supreme Cou t
today sentwiced John Mahpn husky
neordowell to live years In prison nnd
to pay a tine of > 1 < XX AJ the charge
annJiintiAlahon vas simply that of > t
sault iii the second digrce thlx sentenci
1 < a v rn on JiMtlca Dowlliij sllpu
latcd timt in addition toserving flvs
yearn Mafion thnt serve a lluy for each
dollar f his tine
Million Jifis ii ver showed < i HkhiK for
work nnd haa no money W > he will
hnyti to neryt 6iit Ills tine amount
Million pUaded guUtjltthrtvlng a
rauft l iU wlffl II ftnick hor over
th head Wlthu shoVt1 Idcause sbo
refiLiCil to sf hlm inonry ful drink
Tll xvoman Wai In UU ho ptil ax a
rthilc or tlie biatlng for tlvo weeks
ilnhoii linx i < < nNd thuHt ternin In th
WnilctioiihO fdr Ixatliiir liln wlft He
tart tl criminal carter twcutytwii
ynirsngo 14 serving ilmo In tnj KI
miri llrfnrmntory
In idcidlnir utlty Mahcn xlood cring
ing l fort > Ihu bar imd bojnrel for
mercy slylng ho wo uld reform
PlTTSHlillO Hec 5 Iec StroiMe ol
xo 413 AVeiti One Hundred and Thirty
ninth street New York died suddenly
here yesterday In a hotel from acute
SndlRcctlon Stwuo was a wellknown
travelling nfty mnji
Policeman in Battle High in
Air Overcomes Fugitive
Armed With Knsor
A nlldalr ittniSBle between
x drawn clutu nd a fr iizleil blood
Uliied Italian armiI with aniior fl
Innid murdtrouji attatfk by th
Italian upon a nhtii ntM maVlln tho
rtr fV Mii8tii BtidC6rtlandt
fnai i forty uven years
to Italy tOJay H
the man in tltit Hitf cummr ami Is
now prisoner In th Uhlireh street
station unf chargiiT of fflpclous nt
Uaiitt Intho fludnon StructHO ilUI
Wo Hisvictims Ul vaniii D HOSRJ
thirtythree years pW a laborer of
Lso 16S Washington strteu and JcnnU
qiftimf mold at the hotvj Woth ure
ald to be dying
lo llpisa camo to th lintel wee
hft Iifwell known to ee a maid knowi
only tit llesnlo and by mlslakn got
Into a room occupied1 by Kernrtto VJieti
tho latter xv til doorop rtnr ui > l be
hold a stranger In lilt room jle l < Tvl
out of bed u MO scliltie a nvior nimtc
for Uo HOSIUI lcrnato slashed Iu
Itossa cro s Hie face and reclc open
Ins hl ne h terribly
Hearing tin nickel Jonnlo Clifford
j who wa < f f leapmit u hallway on tha
fliHir below niu upstairs and Into tb
1 fjwin und WAS el upon b > Kirnatft
He tnil a rnony sash In hl ft had
and stuffed It Into his hlrt as he
ma < f < jr tho nonun He ialj lier low
with strokes with the razor and thsn
> ran out of the room
Makes for Flrecape
Patrolman John C Hale of the
Church Street Station bag ni hed Into
the Lot el In chae of the Italian who
after daslllnz through the hilft of the
fourth floor Hung himself through a
the flrceKcaiie Tlwro
window put upon
> e xiood wljh uplifted razor defying
Hale to folliw hm
Hale struck at him xvlth hta club but
the blow fell short Hale reachedor
Fernato seviifal times but was unable
to gel too near him for fear of being
cut By this time a great crowd had
gathered In the street and iheravrerc
shouts of all kinds thrown at Hale He
filial resolved to set KermUo at any
odds he cloied In on him as other
potic4m Krrlvca and Jtok jpasltlons of
vantage oifr tmtlflrevccape above and
beloiv to cut off e ope
Holo awPoliceman McAullffe on the
flreerapo above him and IVjllceman
McKlnnon below and calling to them
to get busy he selzetl Fernnto Thei
Utter commenced swinging htnrazorr
strips out at IlHlc co t
and U cut
i Hf1 H had not txon a winter Karmant
he would h v been nerioualy
i Injured
j Chokes Him Into Subml lon
Ito finally sot the Italian by tl neck
nd twIstliiR him around bent him over
tho hreescape railing and atopped hit
wlndplpo with his lingers The Ital
ian right arm WJU heW undor Jilm ond
no could not u o tha razor n aln
i Thinking thu razor Jiad uouu deeper
triin tha UnlnK of livlr companions
caut Mclvlnnon and McAuliffe nnh d
from the placu w > < ra tay were stand
Ing andaIll sidK riintOOver iho shoul
jcrs with ibelr tlubi llnlo wa In eoodt
fllmpo however and after dUarniinif
KcrnnlOi lu Jerksl htm 4hrutiRli Uie
winilow Into tin lroll i i and drutrctd
tlii down llu > three tllght1 or ntatrs IN
round Moor
from the drubbing ihu na eem ns gave
liTnl Hi vft found npces iry to
JIBV Or Stewart patch him ftp ji
w i latei examined by Coronor AcrJeli
i io whom Ilw I1 lnnl a ni1 awakened
no Middenly that Jin ftnred he was about
to b robbed Ho aid ji hail JOin
working a miner lnlcadwjou s n
> fJKKUth intemor
ni at > ment i of Fcniafo > victim
l rof Thomas the Sociologist
Says So ami Tells Them to
on Their Chvii Feel
CHICAGO Hx i > < i eiUa for
d lan > toii of Hulcpetidttfte by
Mfif c made iKtordiy > y Irof
I Thomas Of th tntver ly of
i RiiIuirlr t and author uf JVr
SovUty Irof 1hotni Would hav i
O > oiien put iwa > j thd odft hlon iv
Jiloil of vupiHrli llTfitlon and into
jRCUliI Mirrtiiilor li > Ui lr huspands In
lerfitf think fnr iflijiwlve ind havt
> om Ulnd of n il < Mrlmt Jn the Jungle
Vf xjdiijURV i < i > inltiIiUltt < i in wlilcji
Ui y couM stansf un tllelr n tmi aha
> jnl > tnr CH of alt they lu vejid
Prof Thttmaftcxhre hl lileis be
fore the Clilwxo Uomans
Club In ar i
upon Tho Future yf Slarrl
After touching upon raco suicide
women1 HlAvcry to fa < thlon and the
like Prof Thoinai joiunlUl the liberty
Iwll for lve > by saying
otlll another Ideal of marriage H a I
more marled M of Inturesta for thai
vrlfc With the household a l Is now
made up It i not psychologically aj
Kood tlilni for one person to be dc I
pendent upon the will of another and
< ol ly attached to hl Inturvati Xo
millir now perfectly ft woman Is ndii I
cirnd in tlio schools oho III not keep
paco with he man imes sho hai i
noiiiv concrrn for which she la primar
ily responsible
j TJili a ei not amount to naylr
i Hmt she must be financially Indcpmd
ent or a breadwinner though there It
no objection to that Iut her life de i
iniuiiU wnc firsthand reaction to the i
world lor the 1ko of her character1
and Intelligence
Under the prcisur v of natural selec I
tlon man made a tardy alliance with
woman nd the homo In prlmlHvr
times Ha has
used woman as a p j
thing as n sy figure on which to
hang hit wealth has bought her cheap
and bought her dear but ho h roally
twver associated with ho7
Prof Thomas declared that the kind
of wives nwn liked wore of the houia
dog type domtHtlc animals 1docll < Af
fectionate friend unquestioning
And in lending herself to this dlnpo
ettlon ha said worrisn has been
Prof Thomas declared many of th
women best equipped for motherhood
were leaving It in their pursuit of
f aitilon tu the lower and the defecUvn
cla vst j
1IEHLIN > 5 The German 8t e
Association haa voted to reduce Jan
1 tho price of ntrucural forms of t cl
nd hftlfroIledMtecl by KM I
Stokers WiayDovn
In the boilerroom of the steam
ship shovel In the cod nljKt
and day that gives her ipoweif i
to make a record Th L L
Scotts Emulsion
product flesh when other things
fail Ii contains more pbwcr
It istrulyabodylfuel Many
a man woman and child have
brokenUhelrrecords fpriWehjht
by thepoundj of flesh iais d
HI ii a i powerful fltihproduco
ABDrMtjUl 60t J 1100
MMi i > MQit
PiriiceRi 150 j 2ip >
nij ife countrys imost
aprji ftv srlkui isvcrnl ijunclfctj JSuil VantJMOyer oal al concei
tliaLaoj iij bqitote figure rcprcscnUn obljrabbut half yaue
idfj 2 QIQOgr ft Uc y > i < T > 5 ft i
Write for li Irday oucalojiie
filV Moxverv Saving
I < li HI Writ
Diamonds Sacrificed
Tlie ntornfnK Tiii tfyeninj ripeis
ut over ftpootXX worth Of
inils 3t been ijnv sieJ Into
tMjftl > y their 0vJitr who iud to
realie They fottml DUmondt lhl
most e ily convtrtilile of any form
ol property Oar ptirCftflSti nf such
liinoul ran into the thouMruijf
and vt ewtst io jsll i 611 ° IH
of them it 3 smill advance Juririjj
jWHoIltlavs Select llolfdsy Gl j
jtow and1 h vf them r erv < d for
lulurc tljHvery >
Certified or > Pay CJieckx AcccplciJ
SNOW 17 5
MIIITAIItK DIAMOND niNOf 0 < > lther
lllnr I lu Wi Ciw color r
f < > eU cut Kttr t e t < SrW C1TC
njtly svfl MI
Weddihgi Rings oar
Qe iHygaaranieed
vrtlitlo iuirriiV rUfiite ktven
rfiu AMe
a E crJcysiilHp
will aJil B
rotuen to tti
i u a txsnlue m mater
IA that i y ojwt stn
to HirUlbnrv win
73i n rrom the M S
iVf ctlV reprowees > t ui d
elass ta nJl U bmutirul
icolortnKi and w > f r llluml
mjtlonv J > ri tlnlly inde
tructlble It kwn oit
turlotu r arlt blots ont
unjlrliilj vlfw but lets t
alii um jlelit1 C l ut ith r
ooloriic taloru nnltwi the
i3Sn > t < wutlful < lo un that
wilt brlirtilen > < ur ihmne for
IthU eoiiiyni ni
> lilir store i iBROOKLyN
B w M 386 Broadway
12 07i
yirfit iiii
lint I nriil TelriiHohr OrlcVsr
GlMr filll
A ifine hlcntied
Ihi Jfll Msntiillan llrooVly i > 4
nronxs 10j
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ilQi QIRi i9R7lVi0
0l flOU 00 j 4V
bf litiis Month Only
fLibieral Credit Systemi
ffjKil CM ric < t Hewcflv M
ivrit < V
10 Sahc coTalnnil ISc
money to > K fuupnn mc4n K
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