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Secretary of Treasury Reports That
ijovernmen t PreyeatedLa Eanger
ous Panic by DepositiAg 226
< in National Banta
9 pr a c
< WASHINGTON Dec 5 Secretary of ihc Treasury Corfclybu in
hanruml report submitted ioUay makes referenceto ifi finaifchl panic
whfch hetascrilxs jn a large measyre to the hoarding of funds but fails
atJ i to say anything about the success or failure of Jit usipq000000 emer
it > gency measure Nor does he submit to Congress any concrete plan or
Htfft suggestionfor the prevention of such panics in thefuture or for handling
themshould they occur Like the President he leavesltall to Congress
Secretary dorteljroua report upon tha
thelpanlc Is as follows
1Durinjf i the summer th gradual tn
creaji In rat of Interest charted Tor
callmoney time money and discounts
ot conunercisA bills Indicated m pro
diminution In the amount of
i cash Accordlnely It was de
J 1 T to make eaoh w tt
substantial deposits In the dlKtreit < c
tlotit of the country wll the Mr
tteular object of facilitating the fall
movement of the crops
22683 23r DenciUed With Banks
brhewt distribution were continued
aurretcate amount of
WMkly until the
W X > 0 tiad been to distributed Not
llhstandIn T this measure there was a
constantly Incraswtnjr trlnency In >
t inonetary centre which culminated In
i forced suspension of several Im
fi portrait institutions
prior to ihls crisis the hlpments of
urrency to the West br Eastern bunki
fortcropmovlnif puru es had betn Vn
IgnlBcant Tnere had been no linppr
tant ahlpmenta of icoI JbroHd no the
rvmetary trin ancy hodto b due
tn Mario naaure to the h 11
lunda > T owner the eot wlio had oe
coma approheostvo or Oiclr financial
afety Ai the rl la approaoJwd th
4eprtm nt ad6ote < i tin l1nKit
m cwrrer to give majerlal awlrtanc
Within four days there waa transferred
fnini theTTreaaury to tho banks the
urniofvmooo000 the necurtty rec < Jved
therefor bclnr sruch Btatrmunicipal and
rsJlroad ecurlUt as are acceptably un
der the lawi of the States lot New Torlc
Massachusetts Connecticut and
Jers r SLS Investments br savlnits bank
Ou Nov lift there were on deposit In na
tional bank depos < torie ir y
T Ut
ThU sum TinuiMUrtrlbuted amoiyt na
tional bank In every Btate d Terri
tory ot the Union
Tis depoatU and other Treasury
eratlooi In connection with the as j
titled tort erf prominent flnancUril
nd other busmen men > nho tided rlrsl1
byBlvlnirknportant toilet to certain cin
barnnoed loatitutlona and afternjrd
by prortdlnir for ttie Imports of gold of
which U > to Nov 115 there h d be n n
KaiTd more than > 000 Xi ooerat > d to
prarcnt a dajiccrou oanlc Tho SKm
liry of QM Trvajnirr haul made such nd
jupUoent of dtpotUa befne n the va
tlotxs cities and cUoiu a wan j > os l
U In ix i time of financial stress
and throusrh the cooperation o Kastcrn
banker ha n mred tho tramffr
through th usual commercial chsnncUi
ft of lsrj unM of money to tiis Sautli
th West the Nortliwest anil tlie racltlc
COasrL There was how < Tyer KTMI llnan I
clal tlJstrwrs In maz y sr < tlonH ot the
country md a remarkaW carclty of
ciirrsncy Thecl aflnirhoj < In nrarly
11 the prominent cities of the United
Mate fell obllred to adopt > ncli miu
ureo of relief as Uier found available
The remarkaWy sound and prosperous
eondKton of the country would sem t
wwrrant rhe belief thxt Uie strain HI
leave behind no extenslv tnislncM d
f Many Bantci HoardedCash
Wlien the stoo of the recent com
mercial and Industrial disturbance has
Tb enifuUytDld I am confident that
many mlsapprehenilons will be cleared
away and that the Interdependence of
slUsoctlnnn of the country will lie more
fully understood It Is sold that many of
ourp oplo have 1 warded monoy Thli Is
imdoubtedlyj ieybut to liafl many ot
uink cifflarhllnle howorr of
Untold numbprtJ of ratRIt Tin
s n who knowing thit th trnHns
nltuatlon throughout < r runntiy wnp
eixntlally sound did not allow them
sfjvos to b Innuenced liy thi oxclte
mrnt pf tle moment but cooperated
with national bank snvrne banks
tnist companies and other lnnttiitlon
to support credit and rcHtorr ronfl
dtncc What has happ ni jijint only thU
yearhut many tfnifa bftorr slioulil
l rve ns an ailmonlllon nnet ivlse
laws for thepr ventton In tfwttllV ot
dlsastersrdue In prt at UantJ to Jim Itn
perfrct orcanlutlon of our nionMnry
sistenv Admittedly It ni Iwrn of
areat iw > rvtfe to our rwjp p 4 > ut Ttlth <
rhanRlnir conditions OiHi Jia ijecomp
room apparent MCh year tlc need f > r
Improvement of a subsUntHi nnil ycr
man nt chwartrr If no nrtlnn t
ttiounht udvlfAble at his tlmr fiily lai
meet tills n < d J de n It Important
that somnthlnx Ixs done n < sp t < lly us
m y be consistent with tio > vjri fnni
sMeratton to nrolde undfr Otrfrn I
mi > n iniaranty a cr < uit r iLi siitv t < v
the ourr nry someUiInit fhldh i itl ti i
automatic In Its operation and wiI < Sii
not ony In different jfctloni ot ih
countr hat at different rlo ls of hn
y r
Pane It Up to C3pprct
provision sho > ild b tmdn Mthcr for
Intervention on the Mrl ofthe HNTC
tJiry of thn Tf < ury > ti shoud > t
granted th authority to supply it by
tijopwly nafejruanled mnasurp 1 he
llcwi that Hlmpllclty of nlim nnd
j > rtrnptnrs OfmrJiWi are rhat tt ff
I rlf niicii ind will lUnonil Wht pnr
tlMittir forin thli iirop lft Hlttlon
ti nloiilfl tnkc tnunt 1 left IP tlir nctlnn
Of the C < intrr < M I hnvc no prJ of
Ife mlnloi ft to th < i nmthcxli tmt I >
the Jmvnt foncctn lint the rrnult
lm nic < jiintiy KinineJtl
The only m > cirt nvornmen ntlon J
would ttmHw t t > f > wit IK thm It IK
rlvyn rrrortmljiti ntlon Bin thni t be
li nt Inld a w uiUH somn flullnUc n < > tni
of nllef ball hnv iMeni nto < 5 Into
w i
T j retort 1 full If Ms Jluuren r <
f trtnt prcwprlty ind rrol
of MMI iwilftn Titwtoiftl
lpu f Hn Oovernnieiit fri m nil
ce foi1 itic nnvtl Viwi rnillne Jim
r Hpu from vu lfim
ntJuvo nj wlitrli Uin or
York colUetMi
OWW3 Tha lotsl rooolpts rroni < 4nt rn I
rovcnue were IWJ6 < 3T7 M
Tlia total expenditures for the yenr
iwere iitil i3s wid the surpliui of
rec llr i jover xp ndltUrrmi fS48 >
S5SJC Of the expenditures in roUnd
numbers tli9C03CW went for th inaln
tenancr of Uiu civil establlshhient JIS >
COTOOO for the military stablljihm nt
WiOOOt o for the tsval establishment
anc nDOCOCW > for pension
Ffor the JUeaJ ycJu lim the wlmated
total re enuivi of the Government will
jb JMIPaWI10 and the oxpendlttires
ar wiU > stM at l OIOSWiriO Xejet
yers buslneix jjf Uie Ooverament
should show n surplus ot M2WM but
the Secretary of the Treosun estimates
thntfqrTthfl n c l ytnn IfW the ex
p nses of the Gbvirnment will exceed
the receiptsby nearly nJOCOMOO Of
cour e thls Is aUrnroblemitlcni
On iAtifi II lM7i therefrerct StK n
tonal banki In the JUnlted Srite with
capital1 or ROVOJ7T5 There were 407
inatJoiial banks forranlxell durrifr th
Current Erice Guide for
The Evening World
1 J
Household Buyer v
rnoirket prices cor
rected dally as a culde and guard to
Thn Evenlnc World household buyer
Dre tl b ef p r pound fair to choice
Sc ft 101Jc beer uU No l UlIc
No 2 lie Xo 3 8 Me beof lolrut
SlIc a 13c ehuck c a Scl rounds
TT7r a9 JIo dre e < l vrnl per pound
city J21c a I41c Western Wo a
lie drtwcd sprlni lambs r r pound
11 1flft a 12ai yearllngi lOc n 10 lc
mutton So a llc1lvera c lf ouch Sc
a S0 beefj 5c a oundfoK tails ACh
6c a Ic dressed hojri per i ound 7 1lc
a 514C pork loins 13c a Koj smoked
tiams per pound 11 1lc a Hllc
shoulders PC a 9 l4c bonelo bacon
Pfr pound IS 1Ic a He rt bacon lit
a lie smoked b ef taniruc per found
Dresstd poultry p r pound Jersey
iLrltriiciA > 9 turkey
a < juuin Prr
dOienll7S a t a riabblU Cotlonial
pair 3X3 a i Jack rabbits C5e a TV
a pair
Klour p r bbU Sprin patents t
a KJS winter patvnU ItW a Toatj
buckwheaj WW a ttio per 1W lbt ryu
lour JUw a UW per bbl corn nmal
J3Jo a J3CS per bbl Uenns per buiheU
IUitt r Cri mcry ror lb < a
lb Stat full cnsun Bond to <
J5K per difien Oood to faticy lie K
WcJ choice to extra Vt t rn VK a
33cf bent refrlcrnor 17c 3 IHs Hil < ar
n f lb Granulated < 0o powd reil
rt tuiu vv j vr iitajion ew
Orlfins prime ilc 3V syrup i
prime to fancy JOc a 23c lUc pyri
Hi Domuiitlc prlnio qbnljp 5 Jjc 1J
n C lc naiiftoon EC to 5ine
t T
CSK Plnnt per bor H A Jl75 FlorMa
itrinjr i ini > p r UnfKet Jl n ita
rtoridq tonmto pjr carrier JIM i W
Ins five ilayo upon a cactu did Dr
Icon Hlbcrt Lnndane who has berUn a
f vo weeks ustjor that plant us n foo1
iif lout QUO anil omJMjiiaVtVr pounds
He Is not exlsltric entirely upon ractu f
however en ntout half o tils food con
slsts of > ttUc Celery and cataba
J ji
Coffee Is a strong diuretic
i Irritant It interferes with
tllKcKtlonl arid affects the
kidneys In a fjreat many
cases wfjert U Ji not even
suspected J
If you value health
nnd n sound bodythe v1se
thlnjj to do would be to
quit coffee nnd give Posturn
in fnlr > trlalsay two weeks
Theres H Ktfniori
Read the famous little
book Tilts iRoad to Vell
In pkjjs
r I
f 7
Frigid Wave All Over State
andIce Blocks Erie QinaT
UT1CA N Y Dec E It was very
cold In tha Mohawk Valley ttndthrotiirh
ijut Adirondack points last nlght Tho
mercury h rr was ffoai sorb to i below
In veral plscer In the AdlrcndKcki It
IsTcs iijtfd to bav b n 15 below tero
Morehousevllla roporfs below aod Bis
Jloo ft reports Are J bolon1
Ic ha fprrncd rrom two to four
Inches thick on thn Erie Canal andll Is
not thought that It ill b possible to
break UMJ channe throaRh nd Ve p
tthe cartnl open till the 10th as tha tvater <
is now tkprouKhly chilled and lCf forms
rapidly >
Plnkus lortnger seventy ryears ojd
who was as regular In his habits as the
tick r tiic trarfiitituers cloiK t a
Mowl In hJ roorn oa tUu jc fnJ la1
of the Jlftun at NO V > T < lri1
fireit did not rW rt for SreaHfyt on
th stroke of t orilock thl
and itlun RMmManshirr nt ts f
vestlirattUhe found htm dead from sa >
The old man vjio lucd THh hl r
Inlaw Aaron Apswl manutaeRlrer
of pads H No i Slcrcwr strtoU ntlrf <
to his roiWi l 15 Odoek 1 < I Mich The
gas came tam a tnu heater at tile ldc
of Ills bd whlfh l uppo ll to hnv >
beconiedliarransed acctdentalty r
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Castle or i
f Volley IJrnnd Milne style
tehderand sweet can
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i YoikSUtesuprcornjMiine > A
j style canv WV
i E sleBrah jr Highest grade tAti
jfjjaiinder can
sit Amerftan AUrrowtats
extntichplce ahvi < >
iImpjprtedpetfsVpdis t
j moyensvv =
L Tl
Sjpicl i lhipoftitfo of ripe lui
icl6us MilJgiS In btgfO > v
i j flusters IN
lSwejet ripe asia Juicy In tbreii
i siz by lti r oz ir fe ig
aicitcist UjKlivlnj lint4 best ilK
65 clidlcest
quality ilb 4f7W
Mlllarsjlrteh arnsiaiiUMBrina
JSllSS ljMi i > > rV i 1
Best North rr v rq n steamfd and
tllri drlirdim65fc > iUfifuJ and
fenie housewifes fiyotftei nates the
i llphlest treaVfast fcakes and rnii
I fins to eosy tp digest ft
Selfiribinianilecpnprntalj Triumph
1 Brand Ib pkKe il 5cv BlUi
Ribbon Brand 2p TM pki
< ess iDrahdlb A
Bucltwlieati iE
1 jilbiSfifpkgt lcfSi
1tafeESit J PVge > j
I Giilf6rniilnrlciriynip iirK 5
i Tf6rhWlruitlniSyrupjtirRcan Cj
fesiei Iears FJiicy ilifDrnlaj fiart
I Itt5 In rtch liwyy syrup jggvi
lMfilltS irtVichiyVtipjlirie
Pecr Sjft 3rahJji ripefrilit iiji
TlCn > fcV rM I
Birtlcttsln sjrupj lsoCicin Jkijt
I IBJ ms Fancj lffoirnlJ GycJn1
i syrupi pc2J rtSS > > V
InsYIe > VPlunis PliPilirilifowUr
f QrKnGaiVprigiiiJw ll 7w
rsyruppargs 2feiaifeW a Vf
Hiins yriiibnde fjaUIsilrand fjewj
jirrii2jvanei > H >
Jhcnnple UHfcfOtiv fpuJt ill uj
orioti ncuic h J4 5 83V
JIUue ni > oti alt fhe fruit
ilalntlest of dessettSi
mi Ihc iinl
Vf tal UvOrlte v paCkaj
Sx Indj of yrisp ir h ifcottleil K
i Mlx l wctt or sourpickle gr t st iiuc evtrof iBiJ
I fg < > ojtC Tyv gatvaJ aasiijLM A
fSp 1 i Qglbnjj
iEnglisKi Difcaklast
Irciigihflavor and piirifyTSine jfrialVil nuke yoir stop paying
uioiible price dscvhereffQrteas of jlie S3medeH litVjlniaity 1
V jprtJiiitfDxpllaraFpUnd > i
5J of BuUer s iUiSxlcl Oploirigi Unxllld
Indian lUnxlttj Mi < c ir U h x 1 d >
iliv parcjiinent ipaTfcWirffed ciirl ns wliich retain flU tlic original
Jreiliili and aroma of the ea unUI u et liy TO a xic lnr a
poiiiia for tea when joif can save half the price by goinfftb jlie
itearctJ VtES I Ttl lR Stofei Ojic nlirclme vjll convihce ypii
tflSi Hv t anip sjRtyc e f lli s WeeK yvi t h J vry lib
witlivalljpurciiascs of i < 0 grants t more t Q p > xroir
1 1
Q Wi WXt 74fi flSc iL
wih itlie following conibination piirchasft this fe Vu U
1 ilbi lVutler5 Very Jfest fTuas vorth S fpr5QcV Prt
il lbiOJtf PlaijtatiViiiGdifetSsbist iinpbrtcdy fbr 306 Pv
iixiip uality ill salisf itjicfniqt < x > cjijj
connoisseur pf fine coiltses Seiecied lly eipsris ifrcslr foisedij
dally SbdlntJieticanpfgrpVind 1 jo s jityoiiKas prefer Wdi j
CXiStajjips es v ltlii dh b 6iii iPlaiiCaiibn Cpf fes SO c i
2 1 SlampflrTree with ijbiiCholcest fBlendetl Ctiffec 25ib
l C ianips Free witjit 1 ilb CilqlcestiM
SianipsFree Hh 1 Ibj Gliolce SaiUoSiC6fceL i c
4 QiTifiirYc RrSra t full bodiecl tlior
aLlJIiyi pitjjhii 1 4 Reliable
riubf > inUnk liLonaonUreriKfl C
Cairpfnla > tholpf i Jnllt rtiMhA V
ircilr < ljlt liin Cholec Urjnitaii >
eVfruttJ jfB > 1iik 1itVti Jlwv
itai Mtat lllue Ulbbon ma i ti iT
jt lncfnll < jiit and
ilaril bnlc > Uiiii itlhboiis njv
lriit IJIuV t ihlilioii ripd ilclctou inilU T
C llornja n < v > > iVi
Currttm > M cltan
Doublefafe li ew iir I0ozrOllof SOtI mift
Pride of Stliouis br
Stipirlailve XSjWtiii ty the
bestttoui milled
give sou so much alWacrton inci no L
other hfshKrade flour an bi bought
fur so low i price > i
Bag 75c
f 7 Ib Unfi2bc3 itUnul2c
Swills 1
Smoked Shouldersj
Delicious Jltile plcntcs1 as tendtr
Mcy and nourish as the bitr
lumjperfecttyvweJj US fnspsctJi
4 to
in welRbl this week
Boneless Bacon
Swifts Inunous UnRle IJrnnd ib
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sttips cv ry illCe strwfc
ed ltflat and leJnjSiv
4ory andjiitijijin lib
Relishes and Ketchups
Icerlejs Worcestershire In J
Sauce bottle I < cand
Peerless Tomato Ketchup romj
purest IngrcdisnU In bot
tltt cJtth ISc and4 lOc
Chili Sauce Uutlsrs LVst
fitforan epicure bottl lOc
Horse Radish Liberty
Brand frish K ud bottle lOc
French Capers full of
fbotil iQcjnd lOc
Spanish Olives
jirul line of tlu UiSltBnndi fimid
for thdr crispfreshness indappctlz
ftt lUvor
Aanmiotit SpnnishQueens
Joe bottle for
Mammoth Spanish Queens
Urge club 35c bottle for
> Pntcnto iituffedOllxcs fn
f resuUr 25c bottle for
Wttcd QIK cs lor cocktiils + a j
ajc bolUefor 1 C
6u Spanish Queens i o
KCUbrtSc boiJUfor 1 C
i2lccicdriMnnntilll3 w 4 j
regular t tc boHttfor JLUC
aniTj Assorted Ollcs fiAj
plain and stufied boltli XUC
Unby OllvesdfUcious little
I Spices
Pupjicr btttk or white AVtistarJ
Mixed Spires Allspice Clove
Girder Cinnamon ill
In Ixaiidamtiquilitysl
ilw tin H h iilliiii lop
Ijiprlkn Lcsl lliniKiriin I
ouboUJSc 2oz bottle
Curry ImvJer K l ImiU
fCarrMVny Seeil fr h
full sjrcntli 2 1 pickapej j
Irrth froqi is ovens yf Hie
Butter Tltrn IMcLa e 5 i
Saltines QA
Sccinl Teas J v
K Newtons il Alb
irnhniu CnickcrS IA
Oolden brlsps IK i ft
Sujcnr Crimp
Al 88 Jnrries B ller
InCt > n
30 > Jjlf amps Veevfo
30 Il p ianlpiSlRr e y ith
Huntqr ii > 185ci
pfiorii 1 ttiRi pgranii iskcyi fl
eeAvitltilialftaiifrlmneipM VVVl sikCy
i Mp e j il W

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