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f i
LJohn t feCarthy W4i0 Exposed
the Brutality to Patients on
Wards Island1 Suggests
o t
Some Reforms
By Dr John C McCarthy
t of the chargesjlhat1 have made against he Manhattan Stdte
Hospifal > l haye been asked by TheEveiiing World to write briefly and
in i generiJ wayff f the treatment of theinsane contrasting it as it is
1 andaslilhink it should be
j < Np text could serve better for such a purpdSTtharr thrvbeaiiliful little
i jtntroducttan to ths instructions to attendants as printed by the State of
NewYork rl
r Part of thisl quote
jff Ifjhcy s ek for sympathy and counsol or for assistance In their
various trouble or prrplexlUes tbej should not he disappointed Do <
to every patient as you would like to be done by It you were unfor
tuaat and8lckntvay from home and > our freedom restricted by
loaj of reason
< i TeritJsilon wlthja Pfoper spirit will generally be followed by
< qulet mcqulciccnce In alf reasonable requirements Much depends o
upon the mannr ot Intercourso wUh tho Insane
Touishouldnever becold and Insensible to their wants never
and Impatient in your Intcrcourw never turn a deaf car to
their r pre enUtlons never treat thum with neglect or with feel
ilDgi ot up rlorlty but mingle with Ihem In klndneai acd aldresa
thun with respect and > ou vHI secure their confidence whlcL Is
ctc aaTr to their best caro
Inmy axpcrleoc at Wards Island one Of the greatest difficulties hat I en
nlefed was in ettlnf lat th patients and In tryinc to Insplru them with
sjsjsjfllsiinr n roc I found them extremely reticent and It wasonly after a
whanthVaaw that 1 neverhlt them thaj they became at ll comrounlca
Xrq tbeq ther wssan pbstacl I was named AW r from them fre < iuently
Hr Md told that Ihad better not hav too much to do jirlth them as they tver
yeirs experience with violent < ajies exolu1teJy r have never been hit
yf patient once Or Mabon In an Interview jrhJch 1 had with him recently
1td a number of Instances where doctors and ntlondniiu nere kllltjllbj patlents
0 eh easa do undoubtedly occur but for one such Incident here are thousands
WtMra doctors and nurses die of disease contracted In ttc line pf duty
l hat found that if Insanepeople are not beaten they rarely resort to
Violence themselves Much Depends on the manner of Intercourse with th
In making a request of a patient you supplement It br grabbing him by the
smt collarand giving him a yank ai Is the rule on Wards Island ou will
probably encounter resistance just as jou would in a sane person
If when be walks slowly and to retarded In his movements you kick htm
wkhheavyboo slnth ankles he will undoubtedly become noisy It Is likely
tha hVwlH cry out In stentorian tones as did Simmy Carter on Wards Island
siy Ood Almighty DtdTSou so nhat hedld andao give the attendant an op
hang1 him for profanity
common Krtnsny wards betides Ward M Is
with an Int6natlonomethng like the grunting of a
v i sss r wjp m tuujuic word ofUitasylum Translatedfrom the vernacular It
Uto < f It reached ilu iilgheit perfection si delivered by Attendant
IfcjM W rdt4K lrlKrbroUrnt upthiendlofthe line of sixty patientsan wo drpv
1 < tiim to hal or to exercise It w ifrequently emphaalxcd by a shove or a kick
sitheankle and was part of th persuasion with a proper spirit
fnI i 4hardlry th t such trestment wlthioccaslonal hangings and con
UnuarbeliUngs wa not such as vwouldappeal to me as proper for the care and
air of thednwine I
J To many attendants especially those who hsd r er boen In asylums before
Hlwaa looked upon with thegreatest disgust ut to the regular professlona at
tfidanta on tae ilnunet thlr < treitmcnt or psllents Is a neverending courco of
bi t and merrlmenl Over their cup sndfln the places whero thcj conjrcsite
tUty will relate their experiences nlth the greatest gusto i
etia while l Unn5 to such grtiMome tales as nre there told tint I HrJt
< Kie lv j the ldea 0f brlnirtnc the subject before the public
V J 11 tnat thft Poor P > H > U c n h handled and more esll than they
J now without brutality A strkfiidherence tothfi fentlments expfesiied In tha
Dotation at the hend of this article will make the task of care lighter for at
ttodsnts and the1 chance of cure for the patients will be Incrctsed a thousand
S A Mf m f Jt Mf JLT jfjQ I JJ IfL
5 One thing which I think Is abiolutely necessary li or tho phvillnn to come
Wto th ward and demonstrate personally how much more easily It Is to ruli S
sjS7klndn s than by blows
W J hls may sound slrang to some of the men who h ve thumped pstients on
ttiejlsland for periods ranging from len to
twenty jeir and wo we r gre n
A if f scharge attendants and as supervisor But I nay to them and I
fc4Ur < r I will ultimately prove my pont that thpy knon less now about hand
Ultra prson with aidleafedfmlndUhsnthy did when the > flrstlanded In New
htaat word has not been said upon thin xubject nor will It be until present
Sn1 t hear from phislelnns In tbl and other
In w
J m n W to sny as1 much
an oujd like to on account of1
io Appear before the Orand Jur > But I will say that I have by no
exhausted my kn > wledrn upon the mbjeet My SSperltnerf tendV
alon to cawsof ljruullty but to casts of life and death not
Italians on Graf Walderseft
earea Decks 8f Snov
a Sorm
n the HamhurgAmerloari llncr Graf
Waldersee which reached port todiy
tpsTm Hftmbunf were MO Italians fmost
ofWhMitquallfledon the voyage for the
TlWytook ihrin nml lesson on board
thshlp on Nov IJ four days put from
17 r
the nlght of tliar6th and
4ssy on lhe STth the blft hlp waa In
thmidst of a blinding nhonntonn A
w + rly gale blewythe ship thirtymile
oRh rcourse In fen fcotirs Capt Fro
i llfh Cn thtrldge7 waa unable to eo
thfJitotjrsrd lookout wlille tha sorm
w at Its hitght x
TMntho9r WIder ee w out of
th Ti s iritthe docks were covered wlth
it axoailn pua ngr auggevted that
sjss tsls i > tMtera b
a cb < inclo tike some exercise
4r n
m <
tev v4 v y
bus Kqtllpped with tmprorls d jovel
aud brooms they set to ork and In a
few hours hod Cleaned the shlo of
nnon Bom of thrm cosmtltulnd th < ni
oelves foremen of the Vork and will
undoubtBdlj fcOQn figure notlvely In
of Netv rorks White
Mrs Kllrabeth Janortohauer a steer
axe passonKfr bound for Nrijmsla to
Join hfr hunband Ion two of her three
children on Nov I7t They dl l of
eM within A few hopr of each1
and wort burtBdat
Two of tliep senger made no pro r
tctt about the skon and1 cold Tlirv
v r ft Polar bear and a tMnlan black
bear bound for the Broni l nrk Zoo
from R Hamburg anlmnldsaler
BAN riUNCIHCO Dec 7 The rx
terrnlnMlon of hendhuntors hy electro
oUtlon ha bf ri Introduced by the Japa
nsn In IJOrinoiiA Waller Clifton man
ager of < v rormomv mercantile company
who arrj sdJviireyestorday on the Japa
nf o liner America Miru In authority
for the statement that to ilpe out thli
trlhc which s > roUnlng the commervlal
dejeJopment of Formosa exceptional
being adapted b > tlie Jap
Tht e hea > hunterj said Cllfton
number about 00 wo and Infest the
entlr ea t ooast of the Island A11 ef
forts jo civilize them have failed Tlw
i oeriBy lnclElOlJa < party of 100 Chinese
sn4 Japanese Into vn ambuh on the
prsionw of phowlnff aora trmjmr nil
killed all but three
Nowelti as Nero and Macbeth
With Nothing Eke NetfiNext Week
V j
But Vaudeville Will Havd Su
zanne Adams and May Irwin
for Headliners Broadway
Stars to Give an Attractive
Performance for the Benefit
of Mrs McKee Rankin
Webers Theatre Will Be
Closed for Two Weeks
QVKIM atvtl < > IJTlc Theatre pn
N Mown nlirlit wilt give the flrnt
American production of rietwi
poetic drama Nero It l In
five sets iind shows NVra thlrsterj
for lartlstlc glnr rather than for ini
pcrtal dlfrnlty It sljowi Seros rtf
amonjr tho gladiators pugilist rhiri i
oteers danctnr girls and buffoons as
well as poets painters nd xulparx
OnSaturday night rthe Italian actor will
bo seen for th flr tlm here Inj
Maobeth Th repertolr for the re
minder of theweek will bi Tuesday
r6ur Hovs VTedne d y King Lear
ThursdttV Kean rlday The Out
law Saturday afternoon A Night
> Jmonz those who will appear at the
i testimonial performance to be given
Mrs MolCee Rankin at th Broadway
Tfteatre on next Thursday afternoon
i are the members of The Merry
VldoW eornpany LAW Field and
They Qlrl lieMnd the Counter com
pany Kill Janls and Jo Cavrthorne
JKrmete Novell Viola Allen Cecelia
> lMttu May Irwln Mme Tsaslmova
and rompatiy in the third act of A
Dolls Ilou < Hose Stahl and com
panj In thb second act of The Chorus
i tJy Uavld Varfleld and 0 orge M
Webers Theatre will be closed for
the next two weeks It will reopen
with a burleiqu of Th Merry
Vv Idow In which Lulu Qlaser will
illay the Utle role
The Man of th Hour will gjy
souvenir clock at the Savoy on
Wednesday afternoon when thCOOh
performancfe will be celebrated
Cnrlotla Nlllnor In The Three of
Us will nt next weeks attraction at
the Grand OperaHouse
The nurnell nrothera will b e n at
the Fourteenth Street Theatre In Th
Hired Cliris Millions
Ulllan Wortlmer will appsar In
Bunio In Arljona at thi > VWkvllle
Johnny and Kmtnn Kay will b at the
Memipolf In Kin Caey
TVie Old Homestead will bo the al
traction at the AVe t Knd
l rfe ° f an Actress will be
nown nt the American
OrKan < Jrln < 1 cornea to
the Star
W t on Burlesuuers will be at the
Tyrrv McOoiorn and Vounc Corliett
will appoir ulth Phil SnorWan City
Sportii at Hurtlf Scnmons
I Mme Suzanne Adm the prlma
donna will hrad the bLI at the New
York Thentre fiho will b heird In
gfjectlona fron arand opera aa well
llfhtr offerlnKi Including the ballad
VSpeak but One Word1 whlcfihTinpj
for Ivln c Edward Other featurrs lll
be Mile Chester nnd her do Hiull
Kurnian the ncrobxllc Uforccn >
Qulnlry Urpthen JUan Unlcmlo Klnn
f ins > lr r ilmid Hall Macy n < l
Julian Rote
At lUnimtmlclni will be Sred
Knrno Ivorxlon pajitomlmc Comp n >
m A M ht In an EnsU h MtMlc
llttll1 McMohona 1iillmin Jorlcr
lnldi an1 Wotortnelon Glrln Ajec
Hurify and hl cuitcrj IJIllv Clifford1
Jpepnlne fabel Cliarlotto Iarrj in
il > rotcah ikntcb Wurren and UUiictarJ
Keno Welsh nnd Melroao and the D l
more iSlatcr
Kcltli A Jroclor TheatreMTht Char
ity Dall III be olnet fay th Bp < xmer
stock company at the fifth Aonue
Theatre it the Twrntythlrd Street
Thetre will be Hon and Kenton In
Just IJko Any Woman wit Imlta
lion of Hnrrr Uatider by Mr nosa
Cressy and Dijne In Town Hall To
Nljrht > 3r the Roman troupo of lnKcr
nnd others Amonjr other at tha
nlon Square will be the noiton F
dettes Batty and his trained beari
Ko > and Clark In Ti Sprlnic of
Youth Charles r Bfrnon Catherine
Hales and flalxsl Johnson The Xlfiy
elrhlf Blreet house will hftc 6t ll
MaylnHr trnlncd dois th At on Corn
Jy Four Hatan Ben Atlii Arabian
Acrobats ond > Hoey and Leon The bill
at tli i One Hunrtr d and T entjnfth
Strnet Theatre will Include Oertrud
lloffmanln Imitations The Star Bout
the dlubawlnglnjr Mnwatts the Six
American Dancers Hobby North and
Jlmmle Lucas Th ttock comp n i
the Harlem OperoHous will produce
Honor nn ndnplaJlon by Maurice
Mai nu of Sudcrmana Die Ehre
May Irwln will be ittle he > ljlnnr i
the Colonl K hero the bill nil In
cludo Fred Bond and company In
Hnndlterchlef No 15 Princess Trirl
iDnn nurke ndi h r Bchooljrlrls Chej
Italian Trio and J ni i J Morton
At tho Alh mbra IU b Frtd Wai
ton the toy < oldkrt Paradl Al
liy I < s Tromhett Oracle JSmmelt
nnd company Cameron and Flanagan
Hill and WhlttaXer nnd Bnm Wllllama
Tony Pnttorn bill nil IncluJc the
Dt > Koe Trio Dalln ri < 1 Ellnood
Clnjton nd Dre rurrle Scott n rt <
litt nnd Callln John F Clark Grace
Orma and James A Welch andcom
P AtVAtlantlo Garden will he th Aerial
Wilson D Ventu and De Vevix
John iSutton the Comply Duo Jennie
Fllmn and others
Plnrre Oiilner the nthlete will be
i special frMure at Hiih r Mtiteum
01Ier Twist will be played at Par
tons Lee A rnue Theatre
The CrnckerJncks wll be at the
Oa > tty
Duster Bro n comes to th Follyj
True Irwtns Mje tlrs nr nnnounccrt
JnmmJ Corbett will be een at the
nijou In The Bur tl r1and tha I udy
Tho Boston Bell will be at the
Ohmplc J
Thomas LxMcCormlpk a clerk thlr
ty nv < jenMtOff11 at a J42S Park
nvrnu < fl tf suddenly In hU plscy of
omp1a > ineftv today Cilfioun Rohbln
IA Co J tis and 410 Hrondnrav
McCormlck recently eotnpUlnod of
heart trouble Today h rjporlM for
work n u t l and nftir hanclnc up
his oercoa fell to the floor Before
lh ftrflv1 of ambulance he was
JapBJies InsuBUrated K method of el s >
trosutlon l ric bndlp of troopsi vftrrf
lent cult and now nhen a company of <
h il tumlcfrt H JocJtMl tho pine In aur
ruundHi > > W fnce The wlrm
are ohn rKfil with elfcrlcltyf The < ol
dlcrifbecm toahoot th < ciaa iwsHain
antfthen the deadly wires cot those
Jo se p h J O D o n oh u e
i Nephew of Late City Cham
berlain Died in Hospital
The body of th lat j Joseph 3
QDonohn ho died eatcrdiy In n
hospital at Worcfiter Mn s from cor
ro lnsubllmvte poloninp nai brouxht
to New YorktlTday The funeral will
be hId on Monday from St Patricks
o Mr ODonojiir A on of John V
ODonohue thr founder of the coffee
and iplro hou e at No M Front atrert
now conducted by a corporation known
as John ODonohuen Son Chirlen
ODonohue of No S > 7 Carroll street j
Brookyn la president of the conccn
The hte Joseph J ODonohue City I
Chnmberlnln of New York waa an uncle i
of thfHman irho died > cstrila > In Vor I
ctstrr and Jotcph J ODonohue Jr
prcBldtnt of the Ilrookbn Terry Com 1
pany Is his cousin
I Joseph J ODonohue Jr as soen at
his esl1nce No 5 Kist Slxtyntnth
street to dltr H said that the pub
llratlnn of UtVnen f the death of Jo
seph Jt OlDonohue had resulted In
mnny telephone ciljs to hU house by
persons who had confuted his Identity
ullh that of his cou in
The Joseph J ODonohue who died
jesterday d Mr Donohu never
ertirniied In actlvebunlnes He had a
large Income from the biulncfs left by
hls father and devoted hlmclf to quln
recrmtlon und travel I received notice
o his death by telephone yesterday
from Charles ODonblnie who had
fgon to Worcester In response to a tele
gnun statlnif tliiV he tvaa III
It Is explslnrd that Mr ODonoiue
Itoole corrosive sublimate by mistake
for some tablets he hitd beep using to
tUd him In breaking oft the smoking
linblt The mlitake It Is snld wai
made a week duo Mr ODonohue was
InimixllHlely renwved to a hospital but
vas not faronjt enouirh to withstand
the nrsl effects ot the poison
1 Up to three ars ago Mr ODonohue
lived In Brooklyn tHc IVM a member
of tho Atlantic Ycht Club anil a
> Achtlnir cnthuiHt He nat alio an
expert glf i i > y r nnd practised In all
nutdoor iipurti lie hail a mjirmitv
home at Worcoiter niul innpfaMv
pent hla winters In Ne wYork and tha
Houth Ho vn preparlnc to rniiv to
New York when he too tha fdtnt do e
of pol < on In fact hla wife had already
lorne to this cltv to prepare an apart
mint In Upper Broadway
TMo 1i > trate Btimrt ha been Intrusted
wlt ifVarra t for th nrrest of Dlnl
Tcula the 7ultiaml kins nho e loy
alty has bten qiiMtloned and w nl
leiced support of tha rebels In declared
to bo rfispcicllln far the threatening
situation In Natal arising from Ihe In
cr ln boldness of the nu ves Mr
fituart n III proceed at once to UnutU
the XUlu capltaL
Should DInUulu refuse to come In
and iland trial 1 > a cJMI oourt tho
nillltary forcos nlrf d > mobilised will
take the fleldHmmrdlately I irge num
jcr of Natal tl > oopi have bton U
tlon d on th < frontier Tbo authorltlci
are mindful of nnsl outbreaks nnd renl I
Alleged Swindler Seedy in Ap
pearance bill Makes Up
Good Line < of Talk
Moies Ailx who says he lives at No
110 York street Toronto but who Is
believed by the police to bo Samjiel
Abroud iv to formcrlj lived nt No K
West T Mt > fourth street this city
waa IvIjtcd ln Police Headquarters to
day having been broUKht here from
Burfato by llcut G i n of Central
Durinc the trip from Buffalo Gegan
nn > ii Atl told him how rasv It had
been for him to g t almost nn > thing h
chose fr6m tho merchants of Maiden
lant nhom lie Is ULCusod of swindling
Azlx doesnt dress like a swindler
Hit clothes are threadbare and his ap
pcurance Is general unkempt but as
Oc sti xplnn d nhathe lacked in
drias he mado up In nerve > snt a
ffitopth IOHKUC He was arresteu in
Buffalo On a warrant snore out by
I n Hlfsch of No 37 Maiden lane a
diamond merchant charging erand lar
AzU beftnn hi career In Tsew York
It Is nllegfrl by purchaslnz jsno worth
of i co from ii Pulaskl ol No 4SS
Broadway He represented that he was
a mernber of the firm of J A J A ti
of Toronto and on this representation
slone got the coods promising to pay
In Jxty day
Ho asked thit the lices be delivered
at No W West TtfenotourthatrjieCiex
plnlnmg that hls hoitso exp ot d to
upon a branch establishment Jo this
The goods were delivered but th
landhtdy refuted to accept tbwh b
cause of the size of the box Pulaikl
then became auspicious and kept the
Next Axlx got PS worth of Jewelry
It Is charged from Hlrncli representing
that It vrtm for King UUeie Of Bul
fulo ThU vvas ueilvcrcd to him la
person itnd then Hlr ch telephoned to
Uuftnlo and loarnvd tijat Axl vvas not
known to the firm there
Axil next haw d up In Buffalo ana
itrled to eat goods representing that ho
was a member of a New York house
iThe tlujtalp pierciuinU jve e not so
ca y Tliey commuolcited wilh NiV
York and th arrest followed
A la e quantity of llveryax was
found on Axle when arro e3 and UiU
is aM to have b n stolen from Baf
jfaio On Uie > to Now VdrJc Axlx
confMea to Qacan that lie iMd sold
ome o ha Jewelry h got from Hlrrch
In Albanj The detective took his man
toff th train at Albany late last nlghl
nod recovered the Jewelry
uVrlilrnt Wllli Jel Overcome
fllrep ln Ttioir llonm
j0s Vo po thrrtyeir t years old
TVhoroomed at Npt M Avenue D wa
foun dead In hla room today It is
thought he left the gas burning irtun
ha went to bed and th wind blow It
i ul during the night
Charles Doellor twentythree yearn
old of No Hl < Broadway THIS uffo
ted by gas In his bedroom at that
address haying turned on the < em acil
before reUrlrvjf Doelr vvas a
fe 4
nuns ir
New Yorks Mapriages Each
Year Have Reached a
Total of 55 000
To House ihe Families Calls
for an AnhuaKOuilay pf
thousand Newlyweds are carry
ing on a quiet real estate boom of
their own In NB York every year
Nearly all of the 40000 want n w
homes Borne of them start hovuk p
Ing In Manhattan flatsBut mot of
them seek coltafitsjtn th suburbs in
miny outlying netllehfents along tha
ne r rapid transit lines entire dis
tricts are built tip and peopled by
colonies of Nftwlyweds1
Mr and MM Newlyned hive becom
he particular dfllfcht of the suburban
real estate dealer Ho can Identify
horn at a gUnce Ills trained facul
ties tell him of their comlnc even at
a treat distance His Is tlio wld ex
paniive STslJe and the glad hand for
the Kewlyweds
Vital ftiitlMIC for the year with less
than one month lacking show 5wO
marriages In the greater city The total
33il less than that ot 1 > X whn It
UJiS But 19W scortTl an Incnsas
of 57CO over IW The figures prove
therefore a healthy steady enlarge
ment of the Ncnbvved population
The reason why the past cars total
of marrUBCs did ntt run far beyond
that of 13W It laid to the financial
panics which have raged through much
it the year Young men hesitate about
fining the Newlyweds when thlrflnn
clal futures are uncertain
55000 Newlywedt a Year
To get tha full force of the Newly
ed movement In real estate howevor
the 10tX0 Newlyweds In the New
Jersey Wcstchcster Nassau and 8uf
ollc suburbs must be added to tlios of
New York The total Is S5WO for th
This Is practically the same as that of
SO when there91 marriages In
ihose outljtnjt nuburtu The lncr as In
ueh suburban tmrriages this > ear
when considered with the slight de
crease In those of the sreater city
shows that suburban swains do not let
financial consideration Influence them
as much an do the more wsMlTRSojrs
of the metropolis
Heal e tate ien In the suburbs ar
making exhaustive Kttajyilcal studies
of th Nonlywcd family They find
Newiywtd the most failldloua of
homeaeekers He wants the b t and
he has not learned to want asa rule
at the rockbottom price He l t Mrs
Nettlyned decide sonic of the most
momentous queillonsand Mrs Newly i
wed M susceptible to VVHA bint frotn
the factfulrt estate broker jHo the
Newlyweds become the most agrea4 > l
kind of customers either as bujcrs or
as renter
Forty Thousandfor Suburb
Of th iSOC > marriages In Qreaur
New York durlnc the yoar iOM hav
been In Manhattan Brooklyn has
scored 10CCX The Bronx has celebrated
fC X Queens f KlchmOnd 00 It
li 4stlmAted that more than half of th
Manhatran Neniywcds seex homes In
the suburbs So the suburban Newly
weds make a total of 4ot D ach year
j That the Newlyweda do not let th1
real estnto men rest lone at a tlm It
evident from jbe ntimber of marriage
ench day In the greater city and all
It suburb the dally total la ISO In
Greater New York It Is 13 nnd It was
Ip In IMC In Manhnttan alone It Is TO
Activities of the N wy 1 Involv
mrtlons In realestate operations They
are the backbone of th suburban horn
movement The outlay for sucn rtruct
ureit dtirlnc the pi t yeir h reached
nearly n5COW In land and nenbulld
Ints Ilrookl > n has spent fyiWXXW and
000 has been spent each In the
Now Jerseyland Quetn suburbs
DaiiRfr A detective connect
ed ulth tho Savantyslxlh1Precinct at
NonloVn Is In a nerlcus condition to
day at his homo No U 1nplar nireet
CoronaI I froirT the effects of coal
r s which almost suffocatedhis lentlre
lamlty last night
Mrs Dancer anokecarl this morning
to nnrtUnu iuiiit1 tuiuil ulth the deadly
funiMr Her hiiionnd TMIS unconscious
bc Kla her anil the Uireo children
mn lng In cce from fourteen to two
years old wer found unconsclou In
the next room
She opened a nlmlow andi called aj
slutance nnd the throe children were
noon revived but her husband could1
not brcautclated Tlio tov s wer
filled nlth ioal early In the nl < ht and
tho gas asctndnl to tho floor above
where the family waa asleep filling
every room
ntctfvt cAwrui
He Is building th new town of Har
mon on the Hudson Rl r with it
Ilayreuth and muileal colony Ill last
operation Is a nw town at North
Whit Plains
Violinist Svalays Wife Was
Sick and Says Parent
Got Her Meals
A long haired violinist who card
reads Alexander Svalay arrived UU
In the Harlem Polio Court today In
reaponf to a summon on a chtrff of
not paying Ills board tyll The um
mona had been s wd by DanM
rxrtourio manager of th Hot i Wln
throp heTet M muHdan and hi yswy
pretty jounrwife Itvrt fw a wk
The clerk ofthfc court w makm out
a warrant for qvalay rr t whn b
cam In
How mbout this Mr BvJ y Jd
Madstrat Cr n yu d nt wsutt te
hotel twsM do
g t a reputation as a
youl t
The Magistrate had bsifor htoi
bill a alnt Bvalay It tm fr tM10
and w it mUed J nt board
H ixtra board t Jt > hon O
Why donl you psythliroonttnu d
tha Court l
My wife ke p my mon T r ll
th muctclui
Wh n fkd If M wK was in court
txckoned vignrouailr v a hav
UTyelled woman frho a 7t In tK r r
of th rodtn
Sh told what ui trou > wa Kr
mother hsd1 com down rromBaratoja
to lt lh m and th eitra board on1
th bill was for hr °
I wtu ck srfid mother at my
metis sldth w Th t xtra
board charo Is outrageous <
Kkldrrg t nx lh rlnltW board
blllthat 1lt saldj Ui Court Now
h went on ddr slng Mr Dralay
1 > rni Jiarol your husband I row
cuto < ly and you see that h p ytf >
hot till eerort morrow orihciM
to th prison on Blackwells Island
Th wife declnred ths Wfl wouM b
promptly paid
Banker Feared He Would Be
Called jb Grand Jury
Says Widow
An Inquest wasi held last nlrht
Coroner Brower In Brooklyn Into1
suicide of Howard Uaxw Il
of the Borough Bank Thr war kat
thr witneit th bcnker widow and
Annie Scptt A maM ud J R OanraU
Mrs Maxwell cried bitierly white
Ins of the Incidents preceding th
nt of her husbands body lnth l
room the day after hla rla
Haymond str t Jail
She aJd that on the day of
w ird tjsiao R Osland her
andi aTiorney c Jl d him on thi t
> hone and told him that ha b lta d
Grand Jury would find anotherln
dlctrrunt ajrulnst htm and h ml ht I
riparraste t alny monvnt This ajhc imM
and ih fear that h hlm lt would k
ailed hoforu Uio XJraruJ Jury to fir
erldence drove him to lake his lit
If I hav to MO bcfcr Ui Oraad
Juni she ald > he toldher I will liri
o tell th truth and this would fH
another man a married man Isit
rouble We ha sufferedtenouch with
out drnatfns others along with us
She said that for two weeks prior to
Uie bank suspension her busbandiks4
icted quetrly When he was ttken to
she said h > nd llcht brown hair
ntrcaked with ira nd upon nls r
eaut four days later hUhalr waa >
Irely whit i
Edward Barto HftMn la th Mr
Jamaica I 4 bcaus of his knowing
of horis and his kllsdaln of ditath
Testerdar h sprang In front of a fsit
movlng trsJn forced a baltcy hors off
the rallrmd track and ar4 tM Ura of
W H VpaHldloc his wlf and hlitthMsj
children Yi yoiing Marto tUatu kw
has doo nothing unusual ami wni
why bU trlrada should mak o
< hi
Lincoln league th leadfn ItspobUcss
ortanliatlan ot Northern N r Tffc
> met > enrtitp of UW ha r
roiutlon rjcomnwn
to tlT B wWc
Hcanteandloate for
j iyif 7ff
HrMloaiiiisi to tUs Cotssjwsqr
X > KN H CAitsU
S Altaian
DEC 9th

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