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Irs Garow Dying Husband
Dead Result of the First
Dhrl Caroiv and hU wife Augusta
fl happily tc cth lor ilrtxtht e
> ars until todiy wficnthcy quarrelled
venawayward on Then In tho heal
T nKerh irhot anj mortally tnured
le irlf at their lome No J J
tjijttentV itreet Uroolilyn and blew
ut hi own
Tb Carowil hae raised nln child
m fl turdy m m and women now
Bd all ret > ectea excupl on on yrtfo
ojnUy fell amonx evil com pan ton i
od bnn to drink
Tb dliM c l oo wm TMt ourc
f rl f to iltu 11 talkod with him
jd tried cantltaNK then haT ti r
> lr C row tried to
arow hod PO In hi room MieraJ
rro and when ft dIAppcJired hr
ispect tiwBOn The youns man wa <
f tending raor money Uum w kla
and h wa more duwirMlid
Th father and mother aocud thi >
n lax night and h admitted th
But 1 will pay It back he aid
> d S harchad out of th hoius and
tn l friend at the corner Woon i
porow determined th xm muit ek J
ne > w two and thU morning when t
jtwlfe wa preparing bcoaicfa t In
kitchen h broke In upon her
rhat boy of our can never ntr
hous a Jn h Mjtf
heh i followed tho flnt quarrel
th Carow wa deJermluod her ion
cjJd not b turned Into th trot
Jaiiaifor what Ills crtm bad been
f poke to her huab nd ancrlly i
keenly h whipped a revolver from
Core IT utarted to run to th i
lj throu H the hallway Sho hadj
tlorbd the front door when Garowi
r d h fell a a bullet entered
r hor left houlder and pa sed en
throueli her body Axaln Caroivi
but tbl time th bujU went
n u oa itj IO ittlf I
Con n ntaced th muzzle of Uio re
nei In hi mouth
r M blaw h i
out Mr Carow wa hurrUj
n T Hoipltal where It wa oalOii
> > wu < mat choocv for her rcov
at ihe Metropolitan
CONniHJD maklnc om up P
mportunt out In Lohengrin1
t the Metropolitan OperaHousel
2 irdt night avoided tho
xiltce Interference by
ra to a cloie a igoSt ten mln j
fore midnight It wa not the >
Mentation of the work that h j
ie In New YTork jbut on the
It wa well In line with Ui
IllreVtor apparent purpofe toil
hla popnltr faturday night per <
nce worthy of nupport An j
ire of conrlrternhVt lte gav un
table evidence of Ifjltnjoyrnent
jle In the title part ranc with hlij
elTectU ne i but hi lncreed i
UpeM of figure left omethlng tn
lslr d of the distinction and
lallty aimclated with the Knight
Holy Orall RappoU EUa w
bit romantic and In the earlier
4 h was Ineffective bur In the
In tho bTld i chambVr h bor
T bravely and ang W1L
endorfT Ortriul va marred by
reaslnc rhortncxi of breath It
AhUpered that le wa not well j
Ws appsaring under protect
heloM h conceived and acted
Ing th part tn a pralioworthy f
r Hen Imperiranallon will bo
Korth ooscrvlnit airaln tOorltx
an excellent Telroimind In voica j
tlon Ola a th Klnjr aH <
JMaa the Herald nave their
ar Impenan tions
jjchoru wa aometlmes oft the
iut Harts conducted well and th L
1 plciuiv wern effective j
hat htf Iiad recelyiNi a cablegram
Slcnor Urlsiiall Ms penonal
ln Lant0 i itBtlnit that
hsd lgned a uppc
coltrnqt to npp ar at his Man
IloUie thin jriuon and
make liar flrat appear
Jnrt T1e contract ho ald
llcor fifteen perffifmoncen wltlutliq
iof tncrcanln this number
j l > iij > r cablej from London this
JJJShs jhat Jtfroe Tetrnxilnls
umgraTlon wa to be UCW a jw
VWVvlL t
vv U
BFT 7 A 7fl STS
4 n v J
store a ° ses at 6
WanamKerjs Solms the Christmas Problem
Tomorrow Brings a Unique Event in Holiday Merchandising
ThouRandHofvpeoplo are pltinirinjr toibuy distinctly USEFUL Christmas Presents this year unless they can find
tho more luxuriougiftihingH it low prices too tempting to resist
Wo recognize this broad public diwirf nnd the Wanamaker Store today as always anticipates moat fully the
public thought nnd is ready to tio more tfiiuiJtH part to relievo the situation anjLenable the thousands whoshall do
their ltritiiias thoppjug hrre to liavi oH Jjlierul TiucTmlppy a < Chridtman astover though at very much Ifss cost than In
Ircvous years f C
A dozen economy4 bonfiros throughout these two great buildings will bo bright tomorrow morningto lighten
Christmas burdens aijtl brightonGhriiUinas liomea v v
Tho USEFUL things and the LUXURIOUS things will behanded to you often for what would need tobeipaltf
for them acrors the ocean in the Art Wares potteriesjor out West t Inthe furniture factories And there is wearing
apparel for lesujjlian it cost to pro < 1ice it n I I
f Come TOMORROW and iiTiiKd Ghristmas purchaKes whlje thereiare so manj opportunities to get even DOUBLK 4
your moneys yorth Head tlieinews ih detail < I
Tke Most E raofMwa r Offigriwg f WomensCoats
That We Wafre liver Made
A Thousand Handsome GarmentSyMany at Less Than Half
Wbhnve presented extraordinaryofferincsol Womens CoatsJand Suits aJscorejof times thlssoason and < they hnre
made tradeihisiory bntevery offuring in the poat is > tremendously di counted by thepresentation of lowpricodgann ntaj
ready fortomorrow
Mtore than Mine Hundred Stylish Coats at Jt5 Each
Thiadot compriMBfabout sir hundred longloose BOTnch box coat About one hundredi tight andihalffltting
50inch < coats Aboutiahundred handsome broadcloth coats in evening styles in the most dewirablo shades richlyem
broideredi Alsorabout a hundred handsome Tweed TouristCoatti domwtieiand1 imported j
The valuesfoMhesegarmentsi range from Hplendid25icoat up to Bomc ofthe importedscpata that were prigihalfy
ipriced at 35 and 40 These best tailors In itatv York
coats come < frorn some of the manufacturing City AH are
hand soni oly lined nndall n re ipriced1 tomorrow at J each
In < addition thereiiis > anotheriperhapsjgreater attract5on Women everywhereiare enthusiasticabout < he beautjful
GaracuHGloth 6oats < in imitation ofibroadtail4ur carmiul and Rutsian ipony These garments are not only handeomo
but they are < wnrm and sorriceable Theibest substitute for fur thatthaa everbeeu woven They will1 be ready tomorrow
c About flvohundred dRthe9e aracjiCloth Goats in the smart ipony shape in two lots Thelinergrades willbo
priced jfj O sach for regular 20 and 25 values and wUlbe > sold on tho Thirdfloor of tho Old iHuilding
S The othercoats inthe same models but not made of quite such expensive cloth at 7 > for 15 and lGiiO
values will bo on sale in the Economy Basement j
Womens 2 Princeton Suits at 15
i r
This isthemost popular stylebrought out this season Made of handsome fabrics1 beautifully tailored The i
coats areBeminttetl with breast nndl pide pocket lined throughout withexcellent satin The skirts are lido plaited nnd1
finishedwith deep ibias fold Thematerials are beiattful suit5ngs in wid andinarrow stripes i
There are just twoihundred and tifty sulte in tbe > colloction at15 each tomorrow wrtnocr ow
WomenS 750 to 850 Waists
47 5
Of tnffcU silk In plalda or plain dark nhadf tallgrmadi iom
with fancj stllchlnB others of excellent silk In dainty erefltng shade
trimmed with lace
Also a lot ot 5 Taffeta Slllc VaIsU In wMtclfcTit blue and
link AUopinln Nel AValiU in ecru or darkshndps nM375 emcli
Fourth Hoor OU BulMlnv
1 mm im immm mmm >
Womens 2 and 225 Silk Stockings
a Pair
Pure black illk In various itylw and welshts In sire 8V4 91
and 9H 1 pair regularly 2 and 225 A aplendldMOpportunlty
for Christmas Rifts
Also a lot of Womens pure Black Bilk Stocking In the usual
1125 and < fl50 grades with ellght Imperfections which In no way
affect their durability now at 65c a pair nun noor oid
Womens 3 Shoes 490 a Pair
These are three lines of our own Wanamaker Rellabjcj8ho s In
ntyles that are to be discontinued They represent the best hb mak
ini on tho market at 3 Kldskln and patent leather In modern
shapes Tomorrows price JlJO a pair were 13
Main floor Old
n i
Womens 3 Gunmetal Shoes V50
Winter welcht Blucher calf lace nhoca with welted soles In wide
Womens 1 Slippers at 40c
Of felt In pretty colors all sizes Useful gifts
j j Ilum nt OW Bulldlni
WomenSs Combination Suits
Decisively Reduced v
Standard staple style of Union Buffs fof Winter wear reduced
to onethird f r
12 lo 1250 Combination Butts > J375 Combination 8ults at
it 150 White 3wlMribbed me 52SO Swiss ribbed altwool In
rino low or high neck ulso of <
Americanmatin whlteicottotf high whtn ornstiiral cplors high
nflck Alto Blank Rlbbcd All neck lone sleeves guaranteed
Wool Equestrian Tights aukle unshrlnlinble
length Mln floor Old Dolldln
Mens 3 to 5Shoes at fli > 90ta Pair
An assemblage of smajl lota of various styles or hlgnKratlo shoes
mostly patent leather Broken lg sizes In tne vaflons styles but a
good assortment In the collection at the remarkably low price of
1190ft pair Main floor Nir
Frenqlv Lisle Tbread bour jown ImportnUoni ininMyi
slgnsi Jroffl ithelbestriiiakeraXor fancy Hbslevr In KranceT
sAjso s6mqblackanidcolpTiili iure DH lialfinose wltbsclfcolorHl
And MeVs Import iliUlo T riail Half Hose Ih fancy ipatterns
r Main Goor > riuiUIn
Shirts and Drawfw AiBpdf
I la Barmen tv
j riiiin flloor New Dul4inff
l ru TlWed C blhatipnMiBhlUioriWInU
acroSa cHesU 23cai stilt were iSOc
lsUoi InteTrlKhttrmy rlbbedi > raerlno shirts andHdrawers
5fci jXn floor Old
t JVlnter welsbt ecru irib6eaciDritiBn Cbi lnatlonSuitsHatilea tlian
Nickel iijliitetji ion icbpper wjtlivebpnlkfrdi iwood hsnUlcs
sliie Spleritlldly mmlp and flnlihed Jiistl tweniyflye to sell at this
Sptho pT iimporieUipigRkln Otli rs cnnyas eoyercdi fboiind with i
j her Iron orJObrc USL thtftyfiyo ih b jpt Wore WI5sto 3Sl75j j
< i
jlUifmtnt New liuiJ4lni I
tg Eid ifofyn 2a fertf
Tliosrjwannifieccy gderjownjii iln i jnk jlgrii blue ntT il jnil j
ioldif6rs4c s Jtbjtn lEOc a yiinli Vor itphioiroyi1 Ithc special > prjci
AJspriaj most jnjtrnctiyo lot pfi iWpprtitcl inlaid ilari
Aboutia hundreiii and twe tyflye pairs vl Y He vpql iBlankets i
Rilkboundi ItKKd i bluCivplhk Void or WliUc bordorsi volghtVG oXC
pbuJidiJ Si JT 72sS2 up io S Sl Inches rcgulrrriJCi7C toK J9I23inp > v
> ifetriantwbpaJlrBHtpftCiiatc > iner
JSiajpialr j otMrnp H
i himtlrcd fullifiliioSUktlne jCornf cirtablc8ifllle HhVcanlcaco
t6nvaridtUfcdi by Ulindi Mnt mrirn ithnri tlirgtiHtbiaicustomprJ
trourthjn < Kir Ola BiiIMIn
250 and 275 Bedsprtadirat fr85
Just onu hundred and fifty large satin and Jlar < ill u Bedspreads
In beautiful patterns Not more than tro to a customer
Also elslitjvflve finest atInflnIhe < l Dcdnpreailfi wth JjandUed
fringe cut corners for large brats bcdatendn rejtularly 5 anct > 560
tnow537S each Not more than twoto a customer
Splendid Mews of EINEWS
Another bulletin of tho most remarkable pure linen bnrjfofns Not s thread of cotton anywhere except in the
TurkiBh Towels that are all cotton Theue poodsore spiling tomorto at leseTtfian wholesale costSiodajr to
to individnftbpurcjinscra < mmt be limited topTeVent < dealers frpmgettlne theOipnji Bhare of them
3400 Tur LlnrB TOo to S lHa Towel t UOo KnoU Included nre
nri t iN r l Bleach ebtf vl wBleaOhandiyobb void nleaoh
Towel All clcJin fr h nlcfhl hniiftltclicd purillnen huckaback Towfl
fromthe hen Irttli mker RvKUlfiK w ° rth Ttp sto tl3Sf tomorrow t5Oo
each ILImltcdJtoi jtowelitOjacutomer v
UJHeiTlKure Jl fniCriih raviiiUc uVoiril Ju ttwothoi an < lyards full
lilMchir uborder for rolleriot dUn towel Tlmltyantilto iculomir
> 1 AVIilte Turkish Jlrnth T < MTrI M ntkr Eucii 39x55 fnch1 tiilclt
ihtavy inlccly1 licmmetli jLlmlt4itowelit tdmcuatomtir
ifiiRU Kn < ln onaiumk a < l i Y vil 7z Inchca iwldo uperl > heavy
tloublo dainujx In tlyijbeiuilful p ltern IJi > ilt tl to 0 yards lo B cu tonicr
jartO Dluitnr NmuUtuVnrrjJiin n lorn 3l hichcn nqtiare nnctirvy
Iri jiifniapklnj In htniiilfiu spot d lK > ii < ljrnt 2do o5i to n cnatom ri
Xot more than three pairno a customer
f3 KiiihroldrrcJ IMIlorr C r ait SlMS 1nlr 1ure linen hrm
iittchedBrijl lirtndfinbroldored Ko moro than two palrn totrcujtom r
J T5loyn ct f nnd Niiunrv i lCMI HmliJure linen hnni r
tltchiiil and btaullfull hundemtiroldered Bcarf l > xM lnch and u Incb I
flfjr Old Deltoid
lEowetify r
> <
L kAAiV Jfe
FOURTEEN 111 STKKKT Wcht fifth Areaitt
< Me USEFUL Predominating
Study our Advertisements carefully twill payl
CHRISTMAS Use Shopping Cards and Get All Purchases At Oacet
Donft Wnit Until iajst DnyR lluy flow
IVCXRJD Come Karly Morning Honrs Are Best
GreaTSale of Dollar
We havo tnkun particular pains Ito obtain fpo very prottesfc
i bestf made und largest dolls possible ito offer ut A DOLLAJR
and cantrucbfuily say that
Are tho Best Dollars Worth Yet Offered I
f Th y comprise French and German makes havs fine bisque heads wlth
beautiful long curly handsewed wlggrcloslng eye some with eyelashes
I lulljointedbodies and range In length from 20 to 23 Inches
Dressed and Undressed from tho tiny baby doll up to size of a 5yearold Child
Dolls Outfits
J tx 8 t ofLawn Lbno Uaby DriM
orShort Ore Outfit 69
Doll Cp 10 to 70
Doll Hat t 23iiCL2 40
1 Doll Wli I flO tonlOO
Doll Slippers 10 to 49
Doiil Btocklnn 10 to 30
R r Doll 29 to 08
Undrexurd Doll Kid or Jolrtrd
BodlM 20 t ° 1303
Teddy Bears
All sixes Whlt nd Cinnamon
r 30 to 308
Aiurora Cats > 70 > A 108
Spits Doci 70 to i > 08
Mnky 08 to 108
Tlt r Doi 110 to ii08
Teddy Bear Outfits
> Vnrtd Toque 12
Worsted Outfit 29ilo 08
Newest Games iflto LIB
Skatesand Tea Sets
China Tea Sets 20to 208
pewter Heli 40ito > ll24
Holler Rknipj 40 to 08
Ice fl 1iitci Vmerlcan
Club t jflP ln I4B
UKxiks 15 lo OB
Special Holiday Values
Beautiful Silks
Lives there a iroman who does
not welcome another silk dress
or waist Scarcely A
length lor either use U Inexpen
sive here but makes a rich gift
daintily boxedIJcre aro
tempting offers
Kalln Barrett Plalda xqul lte color
initr lltrit and dark were M 70
o > Tiltr Ilald Btlk In rich combination
coloring ofiuice effect Including
new Roman atrip nnd warp print
blending were JlS 08
Itlbbcrt otflHd SaniUl cltT 31i inch
white Irory creum llshttluc pink
Xlle lavender Brny champijjtic
brown and black JlTl aunllty 123
Jncc i trlr < l Dro lcn and Peat
de Gy < Mlnch aluo Klnch
Chiffon Pontrrri white and varlou
colorinr UM llorrr 09
tllnck OuaranteedTnrTMs jd wide
tine lu tre JlS quality Q8
Iltitck Me llne yd wide
oft lovetltmtrr ba quality 120
Real 1
98 ito Z98
lleal taccj like family Jewell
are heirlooms that more than
one cenoratlon can enjoy
Whst no refined and appronrlata
for n ChrltftMtts remembrance
Uhdertprice Opportunities in Curtains
ofpnrchaiws In which CASH w a powerful factor
lKh < clam In qualltl and dli > > >
lituidiomely wrought borders
plain or detachf J flaM centre
11700 IrUh Point Curtains 111
IHCO Irish Point Curtain Oil
J1100 Irl h Point Curtain AA
11110 Irlh Point Curtains VS
11000 lrlh Point Curtain OC
Jsno Irish iPolnt Curtain 5E
MM IrisUPoint Curtain lifu
U9 IrUh Point Curtains 308
Copies of Keal Arabian IrUh Point
nru tel Antique Cluny c liltfi
Bcrurand Twotoned mnnufacturer wa
snxloun to dear bt < tod < and told tu us
n S per cent off therefore
1133 Curtalai l > HlfSOS Curttlni40l
SM Curttni1V4tl 4WS Cnnalna 1 > H
aiitl CurtainlUSl OU3 Curtalnin40
5lncli ruffle de luce and lnicry
Onethird off
Jl ill CurUlnn IIDIfun Curt lntatlfl
tM CurSlnt IUHV3M CurtainS4U
DesK Fittings
Ink Btand Orldlr t Drai nnlshV and
Gold plated one and two bottle wltt
nnd without Penrack Ctodn
Calendar or Ktump Boxe
Rp l l vuhiet 49 und 98
D5i < k Pad SterUnr Silver or wthc
corners 39 to 140
In alerting mounted 79
PnrorCutter celluloid or ttny
metal 19 to 98
ysirr Boxt for alaatlo
bands 49 V > 98
Pon Wiper pl tn or torllnr
mounted 10 to 24
Calendar CJirlstman Cardii T in
Betls Papr Hlbbons etc
Millinery iRe4iJced
< BverythlnB markeddown tokeep
uu buylnRlnlerest So swell > es
tnbllshed Is this policy of our
that thVoughdiut holiday season
we do a > brisk business
49rU 149
Women Aelvet Dr Hat
ware 69 to 165 now 49 > aud 98
Women Trimmed Hat
were 1SOO to HOCO 205 to 1998
Women neadytoW ri
w r llM to fc95 98 to 388
Olfl Velvet > Pletur Hatatrtmd
wereli4S to fTJS 2198 to 508
Olrl Taffeta Slllc Plotur Hats
were n < 4 > 8
ChlWren no dytoWe r
wero 63 nd SI 49 nd i89
Pocket Knives
iprcestoSultEvjry Purse
Hnnfl forged iteel2 SiandHJbladM
V rl and tas handle re < tv25
picl t Knlvn 5 nd 4bladety
ond pearl liand r s 7J 49 >
Pen Knlvo rb t Importtd i le l
i anil 4 Made pearl and t
hnndle reir MM 98
Combination Knlve
j to implement 108 to 1098
Extra gobd value In all qualltleil
ldesiSMit 811k iortlere duotex
colorlnna arecldn Uado
value H7W 1DM
81lV0 m Jk Ton Myrtle Cream
Lim on Tabitc and oiner
hade with contra tln r vr
of nrd Armurt valua T1IOO 1998
iKIad Xtolrc Damask Portl r
olid tone fanc > edtflnr
value 11500 1198
Frou Krou EHunmk Portl r
Hose Myrtle Tabac nnd Cream
round Wer JlLW r BW
Duplex DunAik IorUeros also
Revernlble Mercerlied all heavy ro
ed e wer P 898
jllrd Armure Tape tryPorU r
GobMln tapeetry borders
Value JiW 308
Oriental Tapestry PorU re
BacdAd and Moorlih effect
heavy fringe wore ISSS 498
Embd Robes and Waists
ATilt C < xxJi ln Floor
Sheer French l wn Ili > bc deeplnc
or emhv or tucked floun7e > wlth up
and down Inierls to nvatch
2 98 to 1408
White Emhd Walit Patterm
floral roll tind other dcslcn
Worth llM 7
FliM Madras AVaUt Patterns
noatlv boxed SO to 149
Useful Gifts for
FatherT = TBrother Friend
roit or rerular model bonom
of IIOO count pure linen
Wllllnmnvllle Al muxllii bodle
cuMom maile 14 to W4 neck
rll sleeve lenirth deuched or
attached cutTnv vr 98
Th cr l t uhlrt value In N ir Tor
hlne > lrlne anil tan or lirorni
nonn l l > et custom mad7
dark or llcht near hiittons
3 > to 46elewlier IXCO 198
Finer etln to KltO
T lte t tyle DlN > TBn VEST8
whlte Hnnnel ilolre trimmed made
to meaiur tiauaj price ITSO SOO
rourinhancj French m d and
tuck plain and fancy ft to 140
n avy > T llk trog attached to
buttonhole lane pearl button
M > for lar e andijmall men
eUewher 1K to 98 to 870
hAvy fleecy flonneUtl or flo
tronc mulln7 < inby trim
10 Inchc lonf extra wld
mltte itlOO 70
Oth r In full Jortmeot 39 tojllOO
Oo r nt Mi fait color rmhy alkali prto
andtr t tyl
Full dr t
color black ami wblte 169 to S40
Oltt or nkel buckle atronr
webblwr m paper or Japan
gift boxe oil coiorinin 12 to
With 0oW pUtid tackle jru r
tinteed not to tomUth 88 to 849
all txe with and without pocket
elaawher CW to tU 14 to 500
Remarkable Hottfay List of y
i n Jij < i
For To motrdto Tuesday Until I P m
To prevent dealer buying
iwo reserve tbe prisf go of restricting quantities
Novelty yoke and bodlco dertxn
with Vul lacen Krnnoli knot and
ilnlurkn white black pink j J t l
iltan II to 14 worth Jiw y O4
Glr7t Fancy Wool li esses i
Urown navy and pltd coloring r
that ar 10 pretty nnd aervlceabie for
ichool nd R ner l wear walat >
tyle with inlay of tltk or cloth
rlplngt braid etc J
thoroughly m d 4 to II yr > >
none worth le > than i
flVoBicnsFncfc Iiittnmu Sklrlal
winter weight full lde Stilt two i
T > IdUffeta foda aH l9nfti j cfy
ond b ild l o extra lxe tjyi
worth I5W I
nxxDnrautT onrr j
Soft rib fleere llned llk ntltchfd
V tankl length drawers
penrl button all alien
uiually < 3
Clo e1 nlt with open or clo d
feetlia toI yn value 59
School suits
to J5 yn Ooublo breast nlth or
wltnoitt bell Che lotx Twetds and
C tniirf In flnf a orttinTit
of Xav > Oxford IMacX and J5ro n
nntj dr V > lltirriitraltht j
or Miilfkep tfoinirc jI
ami ntO
i numi y x > Qit iKNTKr
lotal Cnril Album
Hot MO card jrettv blue or o rt1
red W i7
Mcrecfileett Damank PoftiercS
jlxiok Hlce iillk twotoned or I
contblnntlon coloring lieavy cord i
ior allk edralso French
Pine Axminitcr
filch coloring In Oriental > < Q
medallion nnd noral designs HO
hlutu DrcmtiChiimbrmya
fDe 3cabJi quality In all color
3 Inchworth
White MaduaJKjl tiaJe
Kama varietr of th l w t =
rwl m rte t pattern J
good txluiw at IB and >
MAIS nxxiRrAntrrE ooona perr
Ulaek ami color elilrredOTPialn
polt hwlor jewelled buckleiu
back and front worth 9
Womens HI Liacn lldkf
Pure llnen5t lo Inch hem
lutUAlly IJrt
J > inc llk Jimbit flannels
Lor ly rtylo fpr irtfubet
quallt > cm titcbed or cnllop
White ijcnrfu uad Shams
Appilquad Hwlasplaln or fancy
cw ire wmstltcli or alop
7S ft ItintU
MAIN ru > oii tRw nunnivo
8 < > ftpOI lior wH5 nnoliier for tub
cLiM holuvf 1 tooth brtiih
holderlowej baq paper
First Showing of
ehiffbitDrcss Novelties
Mndtfor next Spring trade th
hanetomeit creations ever brourht
out Ih thrse fnlirle dlcn
mbritclnKtlic atunrllnK new apoi
and clrclo patterns as welt nt
riiwr ijnecli In the mo t < xqulIt
hadlncn yet produced
Viould lie Ior a Holiday
attraction we offer them at
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