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The evening world. [volume] (New York, N.Y.) 1887-1931, December 17, 1907, Final Results Edition, Image 4

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1 i J r r ftt1 < rcw I I rr t l C Wri 17J ij 7 = T vfr wt ry75Sf < i yVf
< i t 7 lt > t c < f C7r l
rllE E V 1oiJ JNG W O R L E > > Vffi a DAY DECEMBER 17f 19 O7 1
rJ f Wi1W j 1
2 f i
It j Sixten HundredIndeenent 0
itg C jjye rsN oW o in the Bush
i f I ness of Ieir Lives
tl w
4 4 <
f i I
i ff i Liberty Dner dillbfCai l to
I X Involve United 0 il ernstcrs
fTi < t iasympalhetic Walk Out 0
1tr i
Alth4uh th LIb rl p rri Nmt i
tI iin jby that the liWO union cab drlvcrt
il ftf iiX jn York all auk work IJj poclock
4r i1 kJilodatlhe lrllie1uubccmUle
5 quiete lderlng jla size and a Qle i
that Now7 Tyork has eeen In a lonp
1 time ZZ
At r vcrnlbt the bIxgtt livery Bta
ib I Tn town hoi a wheel liirnedl The 1
1fii ro prItqra and manascrs 1 ltIn their
i 0 Sflicei dcelaHnxvthVti they would clo e
1 helrdooubeqrelhotf In The
> J itrikera Btdod Ic orderly croups put
fff ral < Uy aweaHrip thn i hadi a tf rtere
O furiclj tot back on and aaynjj they
uld atay put until thuy got tho now
1ft r fner
r c oilhey nra ilcniindlhs There were
IN no claahea ndrJo calls for rt ervc8 >
There miy bo a UlttCfltitQTi to tell
cff a lot or flQfl union cabble houid
fearrive < from Phltadeiphla thii evenln J
ICLflflU me iwi independent cab
Y1f 1b1ewhoownorlclUlcrljt for them
jjh have done the banner business of
> Uielr J sJrthe v i Liberty Dawn Aaio
it 0 elation had been able to enlljt the InJe
jIc del latheeould huvclledunclIb
i travel with the exception ot that which
p the l1ewi taximeter might bo able to
p l lllAuJ ther didnt
> ThehofeU clubi cafvj and railroad
llri atatlana see n1ed to have all the cabs i
Tvti1e needed There was no evidence
b ipf any cab famine at anv o rthe b11i
> hotcli where tiie demand for hansom
2nd conchej U usually heaviest
tI IjIce h Up =
+ Women Jhoppers some of whom tue
Cabs during the Christina rush more i
i < than fan e1Sonorthl year were i
4 < i omoirhat hampered Elthcf Uiee womep j
Jt went afoot or they had to 41i1JuUf i
eOn greater than the customary Chrl t 0
ii mas tariff to the free lance and nghi I
tJ bawk of the business
Th Liberty Da vn Association lsal
0 k0 Bed with the UnKVjJ CAI1BIIrlof Am er
00 Ica and the strikers Insist that ea last I
If 0 0 resort they can tirlnK about a sympa
C 0 thetic walkout that wUl sf I ct nisry d
lines of Industry Contrary to the com 1
ii mon lajpreHslon UIP lull til crtvers will
4i0 not bejdl3wn Into the iroTTberc I
i Ieemtdtobe no prospect that the
ri fi cenes which occurred lant aprlns when
ifr 0 tJn < undertakers faced a strike will be
i1i v dupllcatednow I
tt F Business AKCII JOseph O Olynn of
it Uie union told an Evening World re I
0 Porter Aiat the men hall been wprklnc
fourteen hours a day with two hours
f off for meal They now aU he said i
t y 1 loru twelvehour day nlth one hour I
for a meal ThenJonakelTTn f
fWriIIff Instead fof jUwhW they hsS
Jtii 0 been gettjnc t > ut this iloes not llgure Jr
the actual Issue now I
i t r Hard Times Cut Down Tip
k The final order oBlrlkeeamcntn I
miectUp the Uxtutlv Council oftht1
0 i cabmen at drolls i Joll in FtftyUilrd
i Street near Lcxlnston avonuec which
IiiiH began at midnight ntid did not end till
l i 0 daylight This Executive Council hnrt
lIPf previously bwn g1Senpovorbytijo voA t
fr < bf the membora of tho Uberty Dawri to
rfcct u settlement with the members of
6Y he Livery tiJabloKcepcuiohulol
> i The liven HVble men met the reprc
iftntntlvfs of the cabmen und teAm
1 ter unions at the Hole Imperial In a
K 0 c BnaJ effort tott tognlhcr Thev failed
0 mterlj It was said jheit thn confer I
enco endfJj Tho cabncn nml > ohm
i i fier went lhc to their haH w Ier
it JhcYidl uBledlhftj nttsir and later went
lh sni ° xecutlve scuslon if
0 i EdwlniOould > ot tle t1nli < l Teanuterc
and PH
r JloCormlck President of the
iLlberty Dawn Anooclatlon dccar the
i > tIlen wcrohqroKnlf prepared tor tho
ft utrugie U wa said by Others that
5 the cabmrn 1t11I kelund of 101
0 Sndcou14 geL help fr lliO Vcr S 1lron 1
OrgnnlzlAllon 1
tinnployors > ald the mon bcfn
i 0 wakinfT good wagi < Itor their tips
and that the present Jyird times mve
E < 0 lto cut downthe pfolht llwy
it I wen thaUfi rcdiir tlonIOrJ QurHooubt
ii the Question Thu cabmen claim lthu
1it 0 UPS have dwindled to utmost nphlnK
c 9iThB a fee < < l cnnwrns and Individual
I > itoMomen Itiludp VMam HMrrtif
Opera Vlblo > II1iH Nortons As
t k lor stiihles Allen Irfxowj Krw York
S i Cab Comrany James Mulerow llert
r 1S antan A 15 Moulton and HII ben
Imt UOIt I5ome of tho hotels and clubs
f4 tliat contract for their cab service with
f Ihetie are the Hotel ImrjsrJnl the illotel
i 0 JsTether nd Uio Hotel flu lnlhnt
7 0 the VnUlorfAj jorR the Holland
ic Taupe tho Answnia the Hotel Walcmt
i he Sfvllle the Brwlln tlic Hrlstol thn
0 Ast < 4r the Park Avenue htr fltratfonl
thiylnr Chlb the lIrkrflllz So
cictY the t1nltmClubtJIIJ fngneeTt4
0 LUb the Ylil CIUhIh Yak
clus ltnonjcoaflii the Union Cib
Jnrnortn of Hie Astor ttitIf
left l1lmI < tno homo nt Ho 61t lM
ns > on avenue earl > this morning and
hurried to the barm Finding his
men hm quit ho mounted tho Uox of a
bu unit hove It to one of the ciiinla
0 be Innttutlpn to take n lot of crippled
children to a rIY school
IJurinc e forenoon ror til1 twen
tyrive stabltvi that had MPnput
und ttMelllbrtD by the L4b < rh
Dawn urrndTed U thr mon P J
Frawlev who ha tho cab i > rlvlo at
ole of the tile Tcndorloln rwdiurnntii
IInltM Hall Company nllh Viable at
iLteond ttrct anti 1nrk avenue
jrr < l In DSV Utl Mac Thto
r > bsiVt the rctlrwiwnt of th < elo
from the II very SUbVV Kwpr Ask
rrtenfwn for they svctv lnblo fines
9 f 01 MoILtJxr remained
Accidental Turning On of Je
Causes Fatality in Room i
ing House
Patrick Jameson a motorman Ur
redlatenenrtbe Third avenu car
barns early todAj and few tour
Ilil r his body < wa ii removed oan un
Jcrlakers shop from his fUrnl ed room
on the fourth I floorjjf Xo K < Thljilwv
nue Ills friend William 9to cJiw s
driver had been provl rirry 1 carried
from an adjoining rooin to a Flower
Hospital ambulance suffering with cas
Patrick Welch ridhuwltll who i
cupythel1oor have four roomer in 1
cluding Jameson and Dloechle Shortly
before oclock William Martin one
of the roomers smelted r g s f andsroulfd
the Wclchoy queat for tho source
of lift cdorj ended In the room occu
pied by Dlorchle who was found tin
ccjiscloua In bed
0 After DIocctilc had been Hnltothe
hospital the household retired again
Two hours afterward Welch wan
arout d for a second time by the odor
of escaping gaL Again thc household
was aroused nd this time the gas was
found to come from the room occupied
by Jamesoni located direct v In front
uftMonaILCJltedbY Dloechle Jame
son had heen dead for several hours
IUUi utturnedonthenli jet by acci +
WARSAW R ust n Poland Dec 17 0
Sixteen hnudred Polish achools In all1
parts of llusslan Poland have beep
elo sInic constsjurnce < of an order I u fi
> r G Skallon wxpciwllny he POB 1i
School Association The funds Inlhe
hands of the association IJMWO hav
been sent abroad to avqld condioatton
The rooms of the Ifew York Flower
Mission No JJlCl Twentieth atrcot
wU bs ope Pee J I0 U 1 arSH for
fJhristmm contributions for hospital
and tenementhouse sick Kversreent
Chrieitjas cards fruit Jolly condensed
milk capned Roll tea c are urg
ently rc < iled Cnndy toys niidCspocJaJlv
dolli for cHIIdirn arc rfqUeteaiwefl
n money for distribution expenieg
HAZI ETON PLL Dec 17The Jean
vlllo Iron worksla3t night went Into th II
liandsfof A II Jennlnea general mana
ter ot the works aj recelyor with
power conduct the business The IIn
ullUIn are placed at ttJlWO and assets
nt I7I1CW The reason for the receiver i
nlilp U inability realize quickly upon
the nssots LnlldiltffioE working capital
= = = =
P rk iI Ii J t
it > 1040 i NMT York
I Around i tKe Holidays we i
i i arcunusually insistentiqnw
i having whatever is concedeH
1 the very beat iproduccdi
Therefore ifBr particular
I giftsandihorhe entertain
mentsynu rhaypreferPark
I 6c TilfordV temptingly
delicious Chocolates aha1
I Bonbons These surpass
i in exquisite finishandkpack
i liingiaht i are acknowledged1
1 the finest most delicious
Sold1 jflh tin of drug itoreTind othc
C paccsand in til ri own Horn i
0 0
S s
s M
K i i
I I iMasJibPr Mandolins Guitars and J Banjos 1
k Lyon I1d Iea1y Unrivalled 1 Harps i
T41I VIofins iTy Modern Masters I
I Victor TdkinachInes and Dec Records 1
a j
I MusIcians LIbrary ofSongandIano I
I Uikcs 10vijiUrirc ot15sti <
It I I ttiq I 0 j BA i WIN i j
WJ I A1o
it i PMOS For isnr o rioiltc1 ar 1
fI 0 2 1
j 1
t 0
0 0
0 J ii 0 f1 1 u o i 1Jr S
WHfPSI < i < SM gsyti 0
0 E
Forced to Resign in 1903Heil
i IsRehstated and Sentto
0 Paris
8iirprl ulJCI lrd amonc custonn
ndtccrs like Fthnroj1r that
Wllllnm H Thl b1Idhnrlnllthe
Oovornincnt itrvlce lie Is now n spe
cial agent In Paris keen ytChOl
ra1t11Yr persons uv ctel of plannlni
to imusg valuables Into thh country
When he resigned In JW3 Under i hres
arjie iUAi sprciaf employe In the men i
of the Collector of tho Port of New 1
York It wait believed IiU carecrlnthe
tervlco > at an end and hltriCth
resardrh recent restoration by ere
tary Cortelyou as a vlmllMtlon
Appointed to the Tr II sury service by
lynmn dage Tbeobnlda notable
cnne 0 WAI > tlie seizure of ff tWOW neck I
Ifqtr h j
Ia4e and other Jewelry belonging to
Mr Ph > llla K l > od ewtiotaJledIO
declare it Afier lltisatlon heevel >
wos JlhrlhG United Siiiles MrhuI
an mUgslrdv
Iater Thvobal took posjerMnn of a
iijpitw ihertUlaeo liin 11111 0 Atrsj lit
llarrlion buVfes of PljlUdclpWatylip
finally r c < > Vcred it Tne clrciitntancM
of thl cso rwuk ii Theobald rec
I Iln Ion Iwlnt rfiuexUfil1 JVJtt n Kccre
liry giaw hearst of 11 r
Theodore ii5 Parker ilttd at his horn
NP SPSShlUldSQOrUvu irirJ teuey Ct >
y terdny ilrTTTarkjf va born
Milton Ufll JJrs l > m Ii nluAI1
oncltwl member pttha uid Xew Vor >
Produce Extiiantie and one of t >
foumlors of tiie ure cm Induce lt
Dmnp < UI11j1t n life ir nb r of th
Xfew Vpric Hlfterlcal SocJetj 1k If
a wlfrl n tntt ansi three dausliipr
Jri g
i iiI > <
iiI I
< 4
t < J
Oriental Objects ol ArLt and Utility
> make the moat interesting ind lastingly attractlTe
> i Christmas Remembrances
i Broadway bet iSth and 19lh Sis
u u
Broadway at Haht Womens
Thirteenth St j Department
0 u J The Store WiM Rem > ain 0 < pen i
0 Every Night Till 9r30 Until i
Christmas So That Every Woman I
May Share In the Benefits of
This Greatest of Fur Events
S The Enormous Presentation Coii
tains Unheard of Bargains Made
Possible by Our MonsterPurchase
1 1 I n 1
I Scans i Muffs i
< 0 1
I s5loy1JOrMirik J7 > 50itO 5500 1 35 to i 75 Mink 1 750tO 3750
i i 8 to f2 Sable Squirrel 395 4 593 10 SibleSquirrel 3595 i
i 8go fJ2 Natural Squirrel 395i J595 UOi iNaturalSquirrel 593 il i
r 25io f35 White Fox 1095 > tO 1750 1l25d 35 White Fox 12501 to 1750 I
jn > to 1 25 Sable Fox 595 > to 17s50 i 115i Sable Fox 750 n i I
i JJ50 Royal Ermine 2500 Ii i 85 Royal TeS395 i j
ii16J01 SO Hudson Bay i Ii S5toJ2 Hudson iBay i i
i Sable2950to 4500 I Sable345COto SfOOO I
V 40io 85 Baum MartenKOOOtO iOOO I i tl5f 0 110 BauraiMarten 3950 tOi 5300
40 to 60 Black Lynx 1075 IO J2950 1 130 to s 40 Blade Lynx I 7i50itOl950
i 25t 4OBlue Lynx SI 075 tO 1950 i 30to 45 Blue Lynx 1500to32150
J5 < to 25 PersanLamb595tO 1275 12 lo 27 I Persian 1 Lamb 595ttO 1500 1
1 e7 = fian 1 II
Fur Coats i I j f j Miscellaneous c Setsi J I
40 Nearscal Coats st 19501 ZCaracul Paw Muffartd rltS 595 J i
60 < Caracul Coats at 2950 i 22Natural Mink Muffand Scarf at 39751
i 70 Russian Pony Skin Coatstlt 35001 j 5IcclandTox MufF and Scarfat 312501 i I i
i 85 Sable Squirrel Coatstt 42159 I 1 l
II I J25 < Russian Lynx Muffand Scarf at l75 1
co Natural Squirrel Coatsat 4500f i j I U r
t 5 525 Blue Fox Muff andScarf at 3I375I I
i silo Brown Russian Foal Coatsat J530Dy t L 2tl51
3150 Far Eastern MinkCoats at 5750 12 White Thibet Muffand Scarfiar 3593l
175 Caracul Coats at 95001 H Childrens ImitationErmine atr J195 I
Il2l Persian Lamb Coatsat 110001 f i ChildrenuWhite Lambat 3195 i
450 Persian BroadtailCoats Siittfi90 1 i Childrens Blue i Lambat 195 I II
300 XXXX Seal S intlC Si at 15000 I 1 Childrens White Thibet at 295 1 j
525 Natural Mn6 Coats at S275IOO 5 Misses limitation Ermineat 295 I
I l
= =
n C <
l I
1 j JnaJEcNuuTpus i IIEWYORK r I
1 One Dollar aWeek
is 1 1 iasiIyfaid 5 1
hyAn j i rO < I eWho i J
1 WantsaGood I J
iIQ 1 i
i i
r Y013 get one of thq most Tellable 0 r
i most thoroughly constructed j
and most honestly advertised instnf P
0 i ments in the world
r the Wolf r at 1 250 i
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i vi y7
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i i jSltttl Coqpe SIre rllihFlopr Ceattrl
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C tI
hd i
Mtv iou IB0 JJ leur je litJ i
0 We are so close lo ChriUmas Hut you can al If you fear ihat you cannot call until pretty near i
j I most hear lie jingle of Santa Clauss sleisjli IIsllhc last minute send for our catalog and yoiican
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lect that Lamberts sloks areas full and bright tlstratcd and we send it free i
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H i
0 I
i s
mFfl 14krai j < I hn4 Solid Mktrxl roll bMnd > I 1J itst lCpld hans elid 11 11413t i 4bn i
j I m flood a i onwuntlni IIISd8 S nxnd tnaj t mounting h n 75iOO OtAdIIo TOOdreSt4e niuUnhiOk i ii25IO I
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I Lt 1 V I C viJ
I EoUdI1rat SOUd llrtlId Itkrit 6Ud kirat < 11uonit eon 111111 s11t jUt Solid 14kaxt i
0w It beuttrutgol d 1 1 COlderoPaoldi Len CYu2d tncy d u Id tundold at i Ire KtSJ bttJU t I
cr0 r cr I 0111 an 11m 1 hert1ie II I
h ank pOlpatten I o Pat tome MaI
n roIO 11 t1er l1t1d loTn to
tO nhlm
mDd ZO OIaOl S 4IOOO bbs 7 3 O O 00 OO mr < J OO 1 500 lb r7i nS I r I
I Fancy Rings Cost Little i i
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ani odd shape enriched with ceimi Oie rings inexpensive gifts iHancy Stone Rings in solid 14
I shown iherejlodk to be worth jar more than you karat S3o6 up 1 7
q s 7 w J Jl j t
rrlId HlEu irofd ll 1I1 u rt sSOIliJj IratOd rt D tcatat OIIJ I t
IH IUt m uti WUIlml hlli J lIh ri r rtti 7tA loo I
500I n qUOI t OOnII S6 5 01 j r
I H i Odd Scarfpin Shapes i I
Sarfpins jn a legion of uncommon shape some tend all who weir them No man has so many I
Of them li e1 he wishbone and the horscshoe em scarfpins 5thtth ilnpt welcome one ot these I
i lemafic of the good fortune that ve trust wili aft beauties I 1
I j I
j I
1 I
l r Q
I 1 I
I i
IiivVrit ti karet i
Solid t4 kent o1t4 1 kaTht iU ar v BolW j
salt llVirat
I god band J
J coW OCCL Uun jroll V ermicetli Eot II karat
d o ord
I ga4 hsn4uat C1tJ with 6 no dLi tw uisrs
dIIIKrL with flonz
tr < destj
geroet ctIr tor hal I tine dia rOIs a n 4 7 I
CIa apOhlr 111 rapttres dtmoI4 13 50
S375 2iOO 5 00 10 00 sioiop sso oo I
I 1 WhyWe Lead in Bracelets I i
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I them but m W in Entities of the besf manu came fr9nl our otn factory I I t
facturer in the business You ire not linliled to a I x
I c i u r
Sttt t karat IOt4 reUltlO Icgth bri4 pettern 10 00 s f 4u k g I 1 ttCUistLo Injth LsteJ > bitkjrnj ji 1
S I Brooch H Surprises I
flowers that blow inusynMr fields ire notIW ell north keeping Prices includinir i to Cri100 I
ioregrace7ulsthranthjaeWhristmasib qpC he They drate profit wilt astonish 1 you lundrecjil c
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1I i U UJ
J J c
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itlfuliVytnmSillil y MCh pin mlr namtWI blndln tiN > bwnllfotly aJorniJ fTiv Nt lth hole n4i I I
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I in the midst t ef lI the Christmas rush thesale karat 4 40 up 22 klrat 5pupiin allwldiiisj
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i goesquietlY juhbnSkIYBn1 i44rat 3 39uP18 free
j 1
i St re6 J f
j zgg1 Lz
I HJ 1iJJti oni L
S Retailer nd Zmporter9
Third Ave j Corner 8 Qj5J0 i j 3M
Qp Et Ij enJ g iAIUJl m IJ
= L
i > i
J y r C
1 J
I r
Y ff
w x mIea1WJ 1 GlI S1Th Wtsr
with Embroidered Ruffle S olOLrto SO1
Black White PlnKiondlBlue 9 50to i 650
4I > <
h i
7 i
L i t I >
i I Mt r j i it g i i r t f 1 i 7 iIY ilJ
H < fi mni
j MJ 1
J S 3 1
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