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Pardon Re fusedby Hughes Hummel Must Stay in Prison
f W mMMm m
J vS a
RiESULTJ EDITION Circulation Book jr p
The Governor After Receiving Report
From Special P hy siian Declines
to Exercise Executive Clem
ency at Th is irne
rollorrlnir tlir ifTT from Mlinnj lint < i llnRlir lutd > l rllnnl fn
t pnrftnit Ab Iliimmrl It IVHA rrptirieil till nMrriionii flint tlu ill
linrrril Imrycr Itml illril tn lir Iuii > illnl on VurdV Uliuid Till rriirf
mi Ithoul rniimlnllmt Tlif li < > n > llnl imliinrllIIM Mintril lint II > ITII
tlU unite 111 lint Hint III cimilltlnii linil mil rlmnccil
Special to Tlie Evening World
I ALBANY N Y Dec 18 After having sent a physician io make
t special examination of Abe Hlimmclj who is serving a ferm at Black
veils Island for conspiracy in the MorseDodge divorce case Gov
HucheVhas decided ndt to pardon the disbarredlawver nUhk im
Influential Interests have appealed to
the Governor for ummcl release Th > s
Governors phy lcl n reported that
Humm li dlse KJ I8 consumption and
that It mlsht carry Him off at any
time but thaithere t jio ccrtnlnty that
he TfJll ticcumb In tlia near future Tho
Govornor unld today that Hummel
might Hvo out his term IT future de
velopments Indicate thut Hummel can
ot live much Jo gr the lovtmor will
pudon him o that lie mayipend M
In day at homo
The Albany phylclan commissioned
ty GoV Huirhe to jc mlne Hummel 1
Dr Hanson H came to X w York
yesterday showed credentials from th
Governor and was KJyen permission to
RO jo ihu Island and make an examina
tion i
AldM uy r Tynbcrp Ur Tvannon
mado tho examination last uljrat f > r j
Uanion rcfujed to mchj any conwienti i
upan tits conclusIonV to t > cr > ooi < here
So f r 11 l l < nown th IltrictAt
tonicy h i < not keen coniulted by the
Ubvernor conccrnhR Din applkatloa Io
HunJiner pardon Thcrv l anothcr In
dtctnicnt hanclnR ov r Hummel nnd It
ti oplion l with the Cl tri Attorne >
wheilfer ornot to placehimon trial
Hummel ha beon jitbe hospital ever
lncc his commitment to tht Island
Inxt prlnc A World reporter who
called upon him two weeks apo found
nppatentlv vcaU and alllnjfr The
nojvc Knnd nplflt that prompted him to
flcht hUv onvlctlon to the court of lasr
resort Is broken I IB In now
broken Mttla iit man n weird
In lils toolarKo or ion milt
llummvl wits convicted of aubonift
tlon of p < Mfvrio
divorce scandal The evidence Uikcn
at tho trial slowetj that HUmmel nro
cured > falie testimony In order ro
cure muneV frtim Cant Jamei Xuprse
of Han r Me n relntivc of shnrlei
V Sloras Cnpt ilorue rtonsjdeiyid tba
Charles lliirje n marrlaKwMO the
dlvocvil wKs Of DOdStr tifiVSl >
wa detrimental to the standlr of tho
llorne family and csnjlpy l Utimtne
to jnvnlldate tho marrlaRrt
Coiytmi wio hl hou e
wlthan whack of lh KtAp was tWtlinr
cun > fon l > l > toiluy ninL1 was coiuldercd
ionifwhat wtir
Have advertised In lic Fur
ArMttmentjof The Wotld
and various other cevyspapen
MaVctccelvcil belter remit from
TKc World than from any Bother
nowiprfper j
Mti Florence
Woman Arrested for Intoxica
tion Was Given an Option
by the Magistrate
Mr Jlo e KiJld < wife of Morris
Kiitd of No 154 Manhattan avenue wat
given lirr Choice of Kolnp to the Hlack
wellfc t lnnd vworJchou < or a Connect I
cu anlarrunt thin nftcrnoon when
nilsncj beorr MagUtrnic Wnhle In Hip I
West SldiIidlcc CourV Sh reluctantly
chosa lhi < fcanlturlum
Mr MM Id wax amm nt Inle yesterday
afternoop by Pollwilttn Cc mi of the
Vc it J ariyristtntii street ntatlon lit
Uroidivay and Kortythln ktrco4 She
waa rnanotuv liifrnbOTjt tho muare In
ticli a queer inunner thai Uonnor
thoulit It best to talc her W thv atn
lionhouse She wan charged will In
An Pxaniliutlon of her liomlhns
ilic pollw rcvivtietl a diamond br <
osink lx > dk sbowlns dopo
toWW Mrv rnlitr ia placrd in
coro of Mrs McQuadi tho proliatlongrj
orrlew nttacJicd to tho Vsl Hdt Court
and lierrslntlVM Vro notified of lur
When tlieoise wan CI < H UI court
JhU afionuwn fwr irn und M rrK mid
her bnither William V Ood o lawjc
of No 231 llrondwny wens prrseivcUJl
I Or L jjnvroaw of the Hofrrrtook
Anylum OixcrvIarm Conn <
ilr Kuhl who Is a rtlcitmaii tuld
tJvj MaK irati > that Ifln > tuv Hud to
actlfiK inn riy ur a year and wmild
f < n dlKfipirtnr arQVtrnt day at si
time IU fem l IH ald uist her
mlml Imd wiakontil and MiKtf < jineJ Uiu
i i XIB itcH to tho nvXluiki
I wont xo ririki > d Mr 1VM ut
jth toirof her Volci i t H a conspiracy
Juds > Im tot lnxuit > luit they tiavi
bj > iv tiTlJlfT to Jiuvo inn put tnvay
yorCftd toWi Bll iliy tlDTailu litorv
J > ACs GC aWML jev
cral tln jy tia FtilH who kept cry
tins Its o conuplKtcyr1
Vhiil iiivy r fhtlil lilil llnltlud 0p
reini r r n fuiv fJT7 > rheilt atjrl iliitn avi
Trii Fitld hcr < ilioli < > of I
Last week The Woldptmtcd
5781 reparale House Rooms
and Apartments Advctijenent
Rinng 2il > 76 ovrr correspond
ing Week lost year and leadm
any oil cf JlwoJevf MorlcjMornV
fnaucWipapefs together 159S
DislriclAitdrncy Accuses Him
of Shielding Himself Be
hinJ His Counsel
Declares That Ihe Lawyer
Should Be Punished for De
fySnglli Grand Jury
Jerome In an argu
ment tvforc JidKO llojaltfey today OUT
th rlsli of J ti Cravatti counsel
for Tbonm K Hyan evinced unti iul
Interest nnd l > UUrnr In characterizing
the tuHiinE and ilo slnss of rlchmen
netused of crlmo mid tlifclr lawyers lie
denounced tJif action of Thopirn V
Kjan In giving testimony before thfr
Grnnd Jury and then hiding behind a
tccnnicalhy to > U lawyer tind ad
itcr from giving testimony as n trie
In certain references to llstluculac
counsel who wcnj In court in support
< t Sir Oravatii tho IXstrlclAttorne
talUta Ue tho Wittkrm Truvcts JcroM
th < j > eo > lo voltd for wjuit l made lit
itt siar his MKfi ollUM1 The dlatlir
rulshcd counstl referred to wire Jtidcc
Alton U Irkcr prcstdcrtt of the Nu
tlonal Uur Asi6 llon and John I >
CidTaladfr prffjldcnt of thu Xovv
Vorlt lrr Vsioclallon
Tiieue Kcntlcsnen xvcr lultc lm l tcnt
In opalntis I3i t thejf twre not In
court in the Intfrent vi Tliuma
rtyan or of hjmas K fyans counsel
They WVTU In court to protect thu la
tere ti o thel or defcnsoless lawyer
Thry woro there to proUct tno ySiuJ
ncsi of tho privileged co jniuilcatlonk
tiut pasi lx > wcon liwjer and cdvnt
Jud c lirlter Waji stiocktfd at Uio Uleu
that a luwycr or a client mlplit be
tnckcd Intit walvlas their holy right
Jerome Not AKected x
The DlstrlctAttomey did not appear
to IKI dvcplv affected over tins expressed
disinterestedness of Jud o lark r Jd
Mr CadwtlUder Hn roerrvd to tlnm
an n lliltler of lciil IWit
j Nor did he make nn > > bonei ithn i
deslKiiatla thu UctlvltliMt oC tlieJajy
ycr In bahalf of tlifir profrislun aH
n iirctepJQt lie tt lar l tlmt their ixjl
purin > i c vran to jfrpvcnt an Immlry Into
lie truth of thccliarKo tlmt Thomus K
HJUII Molf JlllWJ In the AVull and
CortlUKlt streets Kerry tiawr rlllroad
deal between Anthony X Unady and
the tMyronlltan Sf rUIesCViinivir
The lUfstrlctAttornoy i bccinnl K
tlie argument r vlowrd the clrcum
lnrt < i > K of the case 3ytinr that r tlm
contention of fiic counKcl for CraVatli
iti upholtl U would > prxctcallj clj y
lo lil prosecution cVerj nVonuc of ii
forinailon to dfilcrmlne the truth of he
wry tiid hy Mr Hyan to th ormd
Juty ll contejidul lhit lyanN faint
before tfrnOrind Jury and answerlnc
lid < iucstlonx nHkoiI tiicru had Inieii U
prncrtcalwaiver o the rfsht they wcro
navf trylsjr lo claim of prlvllescd iv > m
jnunlcatlon betwoen client nnd lawyer
Ilyun nnd JiU roan n ad Mr Jf
romc eannot iiHe this tiuwitlon of
prhlleKe as a sword and a sWchl both
Mr Ityrtn went before the Urind Jury
nmi lr tud to aJov tlie pmscctt
tlwi to IniuKro 5y th only venUo ti
o them It n futwi haa been coinmlitcd
If tl MinumllOii nf Mr Cravatlr
counat tx nrinM lliu irmeitl < n has no
appeal nnd are blopked In their
effort 10 ftsBrrtaln If aCrimehas been
Cites Many Gates
DistrictAttorney Joromwcipd a
of < vhrh he 0 ll
U roiittiillon tliat tint jiw tii nn
iifpl In ihti cav > amldCiHrd that
ityn In otpNllfylnc bcfori the Rrnntf
Jury hid itantlilly waived hln
jfeht to the nilc In r rard to tha i >
lallori bctweiif tllint nnd ctinnsisl Th
Hflson t til rirte in told had TMCJ
nhdcr tlu tlrcnmstiinecxTind when thr
lor the ul ecmed the rdlr
Thc nionu > t lio r < i < on for thlH rule
an said > Ir Jiwino jtiVn the
t a tdUftn nut ttf lliij < t wJdfli
dls rule applio Thu jlcopli finvtf no
thiil Jyin has iommUleiV n
liur Is ha r tenlftr iiidlothienV
Tfero A > Oid 6ft UA ra > ioitlil > and frnc
0ialconfltruFtton of ftm net The mtj
ivn Inlantlrd for the Intrcjit of jho
putjllfi lt Ta nol meant for a flf
srrotrnor ttwyem and capitalists
Jt > Srreitiror tii niblUv arfi at <
tills cw mutkr l twins
Continued ou Second IAjjo
> < > V r
Winter Weather and Rain il
Soutlicrn Track AtakesUie i
Northerners Shiver
Proposal to Go Back Jo
ihe Use of the Old
it Tbf K nln
rther cillly MlnlT day KTcetfd the rais 1
Jit visitors And yet t cho that the
here li still onth tncnd there
IJilny bonUi In the rlnit today
tft Isrsun utmit r reg > ttrrd lnc tJic
2Mi > opened At a meeting of a few
Jit the prominent laicni yesterday It
Aai decided to mak oiie t 0p effort
n bava tile itlAnasnLpi f ih < > tracks
Scjrp rilurn to the old ntyle of lnxklnf
Allit rljtc < and liootha A petition will
riiftily b circulated tomorron and
f cnoush sner arc Sail thr jockey
Iisl > will prei the clmnsf
TSife riielax fcativr i today rt th
Oeittly i > ialcc at nlv mil n lial fur
onjfs ill swat for ll ci7aHa In UJK
fo cnilfrJit lint thcra wqrr Mshtccn pr b
able Jitartari Tm trocX howc icr dd
not ill all of t ni
were numerous ti thry wer lhniv h
wit the card i
1TOVr JtACU Iur > tVfti msldenj
two MrOlds IHo furlonrs7 Clee Wilzt
iiW fA PiX iH 3 tol and I to 5 first
JSjnfuliusi HI I Noltcr 8 til 1 and I to J
i rond Bitter Man 107 V Jowfrsri
112 to 1 itnll 5 to J third Time 1 li
iliill CoTuIcn Kural Ilov J U Hevd
Phil Unltm IlanridKe HoVWrt ArnUnd
Hoyal Ohanco JJ W Mucklln Iolir
Siiir Vtt Vlladn and Tmc < < also ran
SECOND KACI Iurso JMO a weil
ana mile and eventy yard Alma Uu I
> oni UJ i Kocrner to i < nd 1 tu I
11 1 lMy Onkhxiul lot Mountain I i
to 1 and S > 1 for nlisv ij Ijtntprua
W Dclnljy 10 IJ J and i In 3ling i
xj J roem Maxlc OXolll Ansonln
llusn l o ran
ITIIRD UAOKriirjiv 00 three
rertlla I li Ilclctnnl l in S and
i t 5 u fjoxriK rnw I > Ul tcrnhy
to > Joii to 1 Jj Qioinnr W V
1OflCPD li lo 1 < md 5 lt > S Time
llintc > Ilyienli AlrSd > Itanrnw
KIlloLun Arjrul l < mlKcr nttd lljolpJ
also rin
UAOI > raiadtna S to 1
dud ov ni 1 ii > fiction 5 to for plnpc
JUcobltc 1 to 3 3
Interpreter iir Special Sessions
Arrested for Alleged
TAHrtllCh nn lnl < Tir < ter lp
jii Sp clil S lonxr wan hold
In JSW iiill Mr further < aamlnailon
totlW by > ll Klfftn < ti Corrlsonjln < hf
i clurvrod wltii oxiurtloti
Krotfcl Tindllfili Im1 bcnn
if from Jollsa rv Oiinti of the
side f r tonic time and IHIIIIV 11
C4 will tc rcild lu trotlfy nEUlnil
Mm Kriiluy
Tuiidllch ui irrejiid Inday Ijy >
ttctlvw noitd nnd Kltzdiitmon uf the
UI trlctAtori yVolllce In th corrl
d6r < of Itxi Criminal Court UiilUlnK
11 Ms rtwrSfit Hit xtortlnc varlqua
numsof ntontfj1 anlouulliSi to C3 fr m
Henry lopaeM of Xo Sia Kan TJilr
TntH slrcol r
lx > riciii irirt mo troubii in rutsburm
> Jttiner nt d nlivn irreiltd 111 this
lty to B htld
iar is Of rfMHil lo
prctor nniiilioh
aVii cueutoil UH ilOJV bill fo
whin lie iliilil by tJtii vw rl > i nd
nltlCTi nt i lnl Tnndl ci J17J Mr
hi i fivvur
t YvtndllcU ilrt b pin tp ittort jnoiiey
liltit Jwok la Niyat In AVfttwt
tht Interpctcr iirvWrto tut hU
hlm tlshtt in wfir
ofllrcr VttU Jiacil 1U jil
lie l t UI SOirTJion 1
at Fancied Rival in
iEvayr lss Joneses Discharged
pf i ony ilp iph liaVti aKenMpiy S i
fcured iih ijie SuiV U buft a A < rU of iibeiSKColjMdemimlin
iciioiv beore JiStic < 3reenlwi
Wlien1ia er
indVtlial l5n Srei6ryffit hie
Jies ft
hlirrletf consultation be
There wa n
IWMn Uwytrrn as to the tie course
and It was Unfitly decided
> B >
Mut f
xHsslwrited is unf It wna
o tkc nnrfnrfiier MCP looklnc to htr
rance In l e rfilpfdno Court
Vour women rlcndi of 1 Jone
hid wh n her awny In carrl ie It
te l tlnu he would Bo to tit
va dayn
aide to rrmiiin for
Nothing for Justice to Do
WnU w K JJilnedat tho
Mrt JniujVi oftornev U I > B nvPtruUon
T r
two lawyers h d Or Cir wy certify
n to lit1 nndlftSH reoirdlns > lri
Jone ninl l condition and wttn tlwt
ant tl > wit 1
d > innfnt V11
IViurt ftd tint In vlnv of Hit l riif
the matter I il tnkc thiro was nollt
tnc tT Ilni to do
jAWcr Illselow itnnoiincrd that tjo
would haw u1 taiu wuu Mr J nn
tills oxnlmt Inn tJiit hs did not knou
what autiu h ooliteniprtfd t iWn
pavilion itt Uie Indication nf her lm
lmlid < n Sitwuliiy lvcr slnrn tno
nuny women friend of thj j hsc n
vvlfe have been jjorkln owriUMUyfo
pjwn dally and tiluhUv weetinri t
c Kund ComntlMfflii loDd y
trti > Uvlij Hi 1IH lnlllh V UfJ Jjllii
road Coniian > u I < > r No 3 North
Itlvnv for en yearx at JC C > year
wltfi anatltor ten icar IH M for a 10
l r cent adVfuioe ThU Is1 jn oilvtinec
Wlwn tlto JonipiroifV rxxijinitndrd
° lh pKynntit of U J w tb > ilBtroj Uan
Opera Coni ny fur Its in June ai
far the VOiiiilienpfWCiit Sjriiie uflhi
ColJeyr of tho City it SVv T r IVesl
iKiit MjOnvvan auKSeited ttsat jjn co
Ujiw nuthorUifsi be irtim ii Una thiy
tilj hrtvit ti w > < thtir uwn i
ntttyoar and llityw McLl ilun
V1U i ho dt tncy vtv their
I Whvn tno inysiKflt to Ulw Jt J
N w Vorlt tliiiiuitt tootoiy tnd ther
nMtutiont f nutno srotfi Court tinea
niuk up tli > Mayur xilt
rVflo iocliitj prOTitwu > d i J < iuar < of
lw rtro nor and u < > l4trcnt l in > it
inmn Uv M I to Peod
tho Maj < tr voird to
About Frssh Mlif v
t lU VM > utisly iinro iiu < l vfiiolesonn
mllft must in rosn liavlnit iv
saiiltsry comlUi W1 UiJsbllily U > <
hind every liotllf f fluid
wllK urndfircd anl ilntiv od by Hoc
I iVtif tleVlvfm lnFierins l slaifii bat
tles wlilcn are icalcd In the country
s i
I i i v
S l iiLtljAJASd lfci
E Joy Who Married Star Six
Weeks Ago Fires at Bis Fan
eied Rival in Her
7 Presence
LeadingWoman of Fn the Bishop s Carnage
Goes On with Performance Betraying No < S
Agitation Encounter Brought About
> by Elmers Presence in Gab
Special to The Uv < nnB VorW <
FORT WORTH Tex Dec 18 E C Joy ihe new husband
b r ft
of JessieBusley of New York leading lady oL ihe lii1 he Bishops
Carriaffe company fired n shot al Harry Klmer advance agent pf s
he Peggy From Paris company at the stageentrancc of the opera J
lioiise here lasl night B
Joys jealousy ofElmer whom he accused of seeking to win J
Miss Busleys affections caused ihe shooting J
Hoist Danger Signal Too
and Pedestrians and Police
Heeded U w
Hold erooks Indeed were these In
tirond dayllitht they drove larc Mfi
movlnt truck up to tin curb In friitl of
Vu lii Kal rifte litt imt slid 1 < > I
lireb HijKvd u tnckle and fall from the
root edps
jtiK r titnr wen i HjdliiJic < t and
prdiSlrlnnr4 UK wefl as the cop on the
boat KUthrVed on the opposite fide f
tie jiUeet and rtirloiiMy MtcJied he
f loWirinif uml enllns priceT
tjlii Uttr phane of courc tinknown to
nny but the dirlnj crook themselves
IJifOrft the twoIon tr failed mil of
IhV open window of J Cohen A W
fur fuctofy on th topjloor the Brooks
iiad brvken open the oflke door fitlntti
aware tint the proprletorn vire ibcsnt
jnd the Purc lemjioiJrJIy
The Mif wsyiwwred In a l l Iu v
lle way placed on tfie urk and driven
off Xot MiitU sevoral huurs afwrvuvd
Vn one of the i returned waitliu
robbrv UUooVCrcdt Then report rm
Jollco H adau riei and tlie
m di to
station lmt
u mi of tiia M < fc J
tuUnd Th dnrlns < l l urt
> TlieHlal W 10 ocloek
1 onUln lcoii1d < jMVt < < jf ll
r t Valuable i > npir nid
aucd at at dtlllara
AIWANV Ueft USnaOr Ocarse
Jo > elV idOII d HIl Chairman i IT
nn fif h cw V > r CoirUy IliWHi
Aian iinUt < onUiY ° 1
trtdfiy IHffr lsil > hl ilnirt iVj j
lltnuV Ale Irml In All TlilnCT
m k poCtci ilalt Bev r
It nppr r that nlmer hnn lwn cro
nK > Joyx trail In Tcsn nnd the South
tv t for om time The nttemptiif1
Jny to kljl iimor n the culmination
of a cnrloi of controvcniltq over
Waited at Stage Door
luit before the rlv of ihe curtain
jirraii conjnlnlac Joy nnd hL wlfo
na clrlVnn to tlin front entrance of th
operahoup Ji > y entering the hou
IinnHdutolyviifi rwnril KWner entured
Un cirrloxe nnd ias ilclveti with Joy
ulft to Ihf HlKv Uoor whrro hr hui
band tpod isnHfnR fjir her
Seeing Ulnier wth Ills wife Joy drew
rf > MHV iindllrfd tht 4 > Ul t Juat
niljjtlnit VUnrrn iicnd Flm r Jumpod
nit ami f e men Vnv Ulrinclng Tipan
ca l older when tliu i > ollc njnced ijoth
under mt t
WJtcit tJui ijiot waa flrwl Ira Joy
Dcrctiniuvl but infUMil nil offers of aj
ilstanr v nnd went to hcrdre ln room
In u fou tiilntitri he appeared Iwforo
it irowdrd latin wlthoutTltspftiylnstfin
Itnst iicrmU5nci > i Jlid plujrd
did nol know of lliittiootlnp >
Klnur toUiy mnnot b fftun < t > J
ni rrl l Mla IlusW > nlx n si
Ufa Ifc In u newpapor jnui IJ6th ti
JUKI iilx vlff rifu to dJf ciisi the
affnlr Joy In out on lull and will b
slven a lioirliiK In cwmty court to
Tliompson vid D
twtlvei Ain JXo undj C mpbill
turned bUUh T for a abort time till
on IinliUi iviimc one door
iuth of One Hundred d Tnentjr
in lontA wWlejftmnK and
f tlo ji < iiu In n utch
n Ifth notice nibbed Ui the
ThW foiind 11 Mont do r twid H Jtopc
lotno time W chop It lf vn TnN rviHl
n inriot n HfBS wo d In Jfutit oC th 1
pnrt >
< en they linally x t Mi llm oollce
Cuuitd out ione mull jfhuillrvf iiln
om Jja iiri Alt
fi Oih Uiliilro < l
ao a vj Uyovtt Of
In imtilnK i tl > u
vit ji wvenil

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