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t II
i JOT ix w 15 X JL i C > iS E 4 i v
i > George Gets 10 Months Im
prisonment Marion On
Suspended Sentence
tfTKat Was tire Testimony of
lf Geo MacKcnzie Who Said
Got Part at thc Money
jPwrge Carne and Ms sister Marlon
bo wereplaced on trUl heforo Coaaly
Judae Stephen Stephen nt ° lort Illeh
rnond 8 I today on nn Indictment
charging conspiracy to murder their
brotherinlaw Kredrrick Hulx changed
th lr plea ot not jiullty to i of
nUtty of conspiracy Their action In
tfjJMuIlng not guilty w s tukrn with the
content of the DistrictAttorney
Gtorgc Carnie was sentenced to serc
ttn months in the County Jail Sentence
1aMsflon Currlo wan suspended
iLll preparations hlid been made for a
vjajorous defense Henry Tlcrnin coua
Jfor the prlfoncni announced bafon
the opening of th trial that h would
produce a witness who would put an
entirely different complexion on the
Tt appeara that negotiations hUro been
under way with the District Attorney
Kor some time looking to ths accept
since of a plea fromtne CarnU They
havepowerful friends and relatives on
BtUten Islnnd and were urged to do
anything that nould avoid a trial and
the longdriivroiu recital of tha al
leged murder plot
chief witness for the State was
6rge Mickenxle who originally re
rfed the matter to the police Mac
Wnalc said he was approached in Bat
tery Park on Aug U last by Qeorjrc
Carcje whom he hid known for years
Carnie oaked him If he vras wilting to
put ajn n out of the way for CO
Mackenzie aald he was and Ueorge
took him over to Staten I iand where
triey called upon ilarloa Carnfa anil
consulted about the method to be em
ploye in killing Hula The Carnlei
ccordlne to Macltenxle fully believed
that he nould kill Hulx nhen he loft
thetn and told Detective Bockabout hla
Mackenzie says that he actually col
leitej part ot the M from tho Curulca
He y that he went to Carnie with
Hultp watch and told him that tho
mtfrdei had been committed Taen he
llrges that part of tho tM was paid
him Slacirnxl ayj he wasf to get
s the rirrUlRder of the money next diT
3 > Jjfclirfixle then comnaijnlcated wjth
J > lcttve Bock and wjnn Carre cams
overto ManfclsUan to pay tho money
isr mthlowcd he was arreatcd
Hulx fa a brotherinlaw of the Car
tiloi After the death of hH wife stv
eral yean ago he made his homo with
tbep and it U nald that ho fell In love
With Jllsa Carnie Sho x > a > wllllns to
larry him and he Iniurod hi llf for
Sna In her favor Then lie suddenly
itMtnsfcrred his affections to a young
itwnan living In New Jersey The sl
legefl murder plat was then concelvtd
wlreUos deiipatch r rrlve1 In thl
< < lty today from the IacUlc tstl vhkil
J 1 il afternoon ia off the Georgia
11dome UW miles out at c stated
Jie c i th authority of Admiral Kvart that
rS i fleet would make the returnJourney
Si J om bw y of tl Sue Canal
Thta would mean that the jilticshin
11 make a Journey around the orld of
060 inlle j
Help Wanted
jdvcrtised for in His Mornlnj
World Want Directory
> rla i IS
14 IIou Jttork Tt
a Irvutn 4 a
1 Janltou s
lit 53 UjJitK1 Tallcri 2
i Klicicn Ittliu 2
tV KaUptthol Makvn S MVUIT
iff fcui Holp f Stllllnfrs
n i Nurn la
Chintbtrmaltii I Iifkri
Cii ir n Ilurntxri 4
QttTrK > fHir ft lort < rs u
i Si1 Wil < U ri j r 1 4
y jCooki r maJi ttl TreJUUfn i 3
u t lita < 12
> r tunn ri i4iiura 2
H rer 1 Tlrtimlths
e World printed i
y 398 more than nil New Yort
ts cotpbincdv <
i i
t id
Ntf York Man VVhsTPul in
Bid Wants the Allotment
Explained in Court
Gonia of the J > Intrlt Supreme Court
today pllfd Oeorrc H Cortelyou Stctff
tJry of the Treasury to appear ti
court Jim S rrext U > shoiv cui why
he rhouM not Njenjoined fr m < tumlJi
of thc °
over or dfUverlnci th balance
Tfthf Panama C nat lx > a >
to w taln fcatik and p r Mi to whom
ht has announced allotment
The VlUtion l U sl l > > Ju tlc Ooula
basrJ on petition tiled by Gorge
W Austin of New VorV who d crlt > e
himself < a a taxpayer and property
owner In the United State and who
declare h mafic a proposal a purchase
bpnds of llio advertised U ue of the face
value of SWJtA
Jit nvein he had ayryed to par at <
rate of 1RX575 nnj accrued interest p r
nnd on nolc fof the itcccptaneo of
h nubucrlptlon tnnd r ad > to dpo lt
he atiu < nt wln the Aulttant Trcan
urer at New York
Mr Austin Inform the court that he
n bjcn ndvltml throusft the public
dint In dlrrct violation at tio
and In iohcatut dUrecVrd of
the Troisiirer Departmrnt clrcutur
Xo f of th i OjO or th bonJs ni
lottrd only JlfiWWO rf r < uUotled ti >
peraonn who were Individual bUMern
for the sanis ami who In accordance
irlth tlic vtttutes nJ tad circular vora
iclvcrt nn tciiil opportunity to ub
icrlb titereMr th reiiufnlnK IJ OXiOO
Tv < Te nllott to divert national b nhi
throuxfiout tlic United Hutes nnd only
J3VOCW of whl h were nllotted to
tinh which hid bid a hlsher price than
that bid by bn
lieji he learned that hl bid liatf
b n l norod and no allotment madr
to him < f isijii i vjmplilned toftht
dtrpartmcnt and thr reponto convince
01 trig ix > cr Ury mention todl
ril ihf aiatuirk ind hereby cocnmlt
ifrih3nc for which h ay he
rs and avcr Jlr Cortelyoul not
man of tatnelent m ans to anawer to
the citizens of the United Bute and to
Continued from Tlrst Pojc
of the Arisonla where llrs
JoncsJlvcJ with her hi iiana up to a
iihort < tfine ago and a pianso ih t
her release waj decided upon last
wyer > nr chflel < al the firm qf
ilays UlnTchttdd lives at the An
onia a dhn w Mrs Jorvei Belnir aj
bankrupicy and corporation lawyer hel
was not Inclined at first to nils Inahe
affair Hovovcr tne other guests of
the Ansonln Inalaled on his making
Writ S rvtaatBellevUe
Ilalph Wolr a lawyer utusohed to
Mr HlwchrlUda aK nied fllo iwti
tou today tliat tesulttd In Justice
jrfc nhaun1 orc rlnj thti Bcllcvuj aa
Jln Uics toprCjuce Mrs Jouti In
forthwith Immediately after
Jiiitice Oreenbuum had signed the wt
Lawyer Wolf hurried to > Bellevue Hos
rUM to servo It on Commissioner ut
Charitlej llobert S Ueberd who U
reapon ble for trie patients
ho writ was fn turn nerved on Dr
Grecory In churga or the psychopathic
In tliu petition to Jtutlcu GreniDaum
for t4ic writ Lawyer Wolf et forth j
Uif lAn Jonej was bunlthcJ snj ru
i lrcd lii Uio Inianu want agant tier
ivlll ind loat her coniniittmetit va > not <
prupcflytwrecured I JTiycr Wolf as
serted In Mf petition that Mr Jone
was plUceJ in tm hospital on Hie
strenstU of nn affidavit iruide by her
lUt9b ndand by Ur Graeme Ham
mond the dllenlst to the effect that
she wai uiuound montHl The exam
Inaffun tiy Dr Hammond the petition
pets forth wu matlo more than year
ago and Car that rtMJou should not
Only One Specification
The statements of Dr Jones to the
efect thnt hl lfofa < afflicted with
dMocdKTfd mind iind not a fit per
ron to b at lnrgevare cUall n ed in
the txtltian for the reason that Dr
Jono1 didnt upecify in his affidavit any
hutanco to back up his aLilenrntz
other than > ts account of his wife hav
injTcatcd dl turbunc hv pounding
orrtW door Of his oflleo In the An
fnnia on July 1 s
Mr Jontj was a trained nurse when
Iu1 married Dr Joncntthre iyeHrj rigo
11 Usf cntiy xhr has hecit Mntt with Dr
antl ilr Sajnticl Kcjnoldi nt No J7
VVwt KUhj > flr t itreet Dr Jontfa Is
io lonxtronp6TThTfffia o physicians ut
ijo AntontX Il9 ri37f IffJa itfiafom
ly In n apsjthjent rt Stxtj tTflli street
ind Droadivay AllitDUgh Ur Jones
l2 been tUutrd as saying that thcac
ttjnt of liU vlfii were renpontlbb ur
ills loanx a lucrative piuilko tlo
trliniU uf ilrt Junes ilccijro tha hU
trcitnicril of Illswifevjflf tile caute >
s Con > n loticr Croiriii
thl < i ufttrnoon opened Ijdj for tlie r1
movat of snow The ComrolJklonerail
1 vtrllsetl one hut the bcU wore to him
that Iwi threw them all out and advor
Tno > j > u4 opfneJ todsy tlurc
ni < U niiv < frKd a trrt fejin than
jtvnta por cunlc jard Ku lit
u i u a3 ai > SUt teutfl
j Tlc v rajiu of jj cnitn p r cubla
yarl for uion rrmJM I the IOWCKI In
ahVi jiUtury uf tftv DdpxrtnKnt with tha
TU aCcnnbnilirifr liU iio had t
hJd taiJUUtpt and cpuld rrif tfll rio
vflulil < at thn mntntiiu Alj tho co
tractdr who hld l t lmr nd many
moro Centered the competlllon
Sargeanf of Jewelers Nalipnal
of Norih Attleboro Atade
Loans Own Account
on > f
Interested in Different Busi
ness Concerns While1 AcU
ing as Bank Employee
IS Thr Jewellers Xatlonsl Bank uf
this place srliaie vlcepr dtnt nd
cashier Fred tick E Harr ant was
found dead in bathtub at his apart
ments last night failed to opn Its
doors tar business today
A notice posted on the door tatrd
that the bank nould rt closed
pending an examination of Its affairs
UankEx3nilrflni Alfred Ewer and
Harry N Currier are makliijc an In
Albert H Wrwtnt president of the
Jewellers National and ho Is also
vlccpresljent of th U as XatlcrVil
Bank of New York City u quoted to
dxjr as stylnc that th suddend th of
Caihfer iargesiii while an viamlnitlon
of the b flairs of the tMniC wai under
ivay naturally excltca sriiiUiun nnd
caused the directors to iiike ti im
mediate Investigation ctlrf uith ifc
bank examiners
A parful Invjttlgatlon it wjs MM
revealed that Mr Bargeit nad ex
ceeded his authority urid nrlthoj the
knowledge of Uxt dlrrcton maj4 Ivans
t local concerns n which ht < was m
A4 n Mlof the manufacturing J welr
lent fn this town and in Attleboro have
been doing business with the Jewelers
National Bank it U anticipated that
th re will besome dlfrtculty in nuking
up the payrolls of tho factories if the
bank remains closed Wednesday is
th > regular payday ut two ot to
AccorJlng tp the last statement of the
bunk the capital KislliUduO surplus
nnd undivided proflu M jO dtposlts
lt60710 and loans Und discounts
Tho bank was the successor of tho
Attl borp National BanK wht h vros
organised for the convenlenc of the
jewelry trade In that district
Medical Examiner C tt Holdea ttaUta
toduy ifutjn nd not given the cause
of the deitrrofJUr Sorgwini as acct
dintsj drowning as reported lo t
nlglC hut limply as rv riinir furf
ther than this h declined to Ulscuis
I the cue
Cashier Esrgesnt was thirtyseven
year oid and t tora coming tier In
IXC was employed by the Btsto fltret
Trust Company and the CominiU
valtl JTrust COnipuny both of Boa
Mr 6arn6ant waspromln nt In other
lines of builnesi belnc a director of
the Iloser Wllllanin liuurahwe Com
an > of 1rovldenct a member of tUe
nnu of MHUr luftr Whltine ot
this jun and of 1 J CJlIonlil At Co
AM > lliklr < and huu cufters Tlirtc
> ojis JRO hf wan marrltd to MIs >
ilurlon Morgan of AUbufndaie and
ulth Ills wllu MJS prominent In th
tClal Ue of the town
BOSTON Die 1SU tlu National
Shtwmut Bank wMeii j < th torre
iondinl In tills city of Uii Jenelers
National Bank the ottlciuU werv greit
ly surprised ami hoc < rd at th deiitli
ut Vice1rtJldent Sargtant Mr 8ar
htnnt UK wull i IrMidenl A 11 Wig
Bin of the Jiwcleri iiink lecelvw
tholr Uinking training In Boston liuu
union nnd ncre held In 4ilsh teem
Mr Sarscant was connected with tile
City Trust Company nx well as tijt
CouimonKealt i X tloiul Banic tetum
golnj to North Altleoro
Among Uinkeis on State 8tr ti It Us
ald thut Mr Sarseutt In rtrcem yearj
had rtcoma InWciKd In other lines of
loutllde thu lunk
lcclrcsldiml Aioort 11 Wlccln of
jjuviit of tn < J Joivucr National
l nk of Xturlli Attleboro ilass
ricjcilck U inrxoM u < u fuunu u iii
in tnu uJMU y < tt Jus liwflo icnteruuy
uccur l toany nut tha Utuu nuu Uuu
favo uuii1 irreJtUtiir lona
Y y tlio hraiiior
aa Jlr
j htard of Mr Sar
notlltid llirry r Currier the National
IIIMK j xuluii r atMaiden Mc < < lie
A nt to the Iwn and with the dU
iXu > r > a ciiicful oxamlnatlon wj
nviiilr As ii fcwnseguence iwe have
liBriud that > r SirKunt far cccedei
hH icxai siuthnrliy in making lu
uiid It will not u uily jtilfr In
vinciAir litti > nv Of attairstoktp
thinlr orBrfr
A W Uicitlrcumstancea of Mr 8 r
c iiit Ccatif I urn liot nr Diroa to
tZy nnVtniPR I tindentunii that Dr
u K lloldor the mtdlcal exaralntr nl
Xortll Attlcboto declnrvd dcith to
nave ueen accwehtAi I hAVe noLiusus
aiiv furiiior InqwrlMi
llr VFgln rctu id to say whether
tle dlstlosurci masln by tho bank MX
i iittor > wr off chnnift r thivt mlcrht
Und a miinto suloM Hej eald that h
i ii Jiift rcljowdn uisu In the Limit
hnd nlucv lud tho crfuteit conndenci
in thu ei hlr i nd wcro gently
v Mtockivt to find tliat he lindncivd lit
UKJllv I hl muniment of ths
ilW nitlTAIN Conn Dfi IS H I
rcnortrtl Iffrc today that rillUni I
Sslltcr iie defaulting tret urer of the
Viv Hrlialn nyngn Dank h s b en
erriit l Il Kn illidu Gil uml thi th
> ianX hni Vcn nolllUM Tlio ofllcers of
ro FfmviiM Tiraqiiin
IASAT1VK HROMO Qulnlnf rVniini thf
i TfliSfl tht KTtiuUif IUfrJfull rim
rdfstik for Un tur of Rfjvarov
r 1
Surrender Only Befoce Pistols and
r Are Mandeuffed Wiith Pair of Siis
jpeQted1 UEglars Alter Apartr
Is Raided1
Into atiny flat that vos fairly crammedwiththe richestloot that
a burgJarcould want two Central Qflke detectives burst today and
j though the four inmates had time to nuke desperate resistance they
were soon down on the flaar and handcuffed two sullenlooking young
men and two pretty halfgrown girls
In these arrests Detectives Boyle and Fogartyj 6f the Headquarters
staff think they landed the most daring group of burglars that have
preyed on the opulent upper west side in years Tliey say that the two
men prisoners David Gillmann and George Carr are lie same daritjg
pair who have for weeks been robbing family hotels and apartment
houses fcy lowering themselves from the roofs with rops slings and
breaking into unprotected windows
The place where the two hvl b n
living with the rlrls they call their
house at No W
wives Is a rooming
West FortyeTghlh street To the other
dwellers In the house the four occu
pants or the rear fiat op the ground
floor were knoivn Mr and Mrs
Ollmann and ilr end Mrs CVirr
Traced to the Lair
The detectives who have been work
In on the c for ieveta4dJLyjjefuie
to tell whreor how they struck the trail
that led them to the raid It is possible
that a pawnbroker gav them the first
Clu or else one of thOM handy police
birds known a a stool pigeon smelled
out the whereabouts of the g lly dron
ed quartet who did light housekeeping
locethSr In th two front rooms of the
Commonplace looking tenement
At any rafe the two Defectives fottnl
cut soon war wJiero the usp ct ifved
They stayedon watch In a hallway op
posite the house alt laat night Snortly
aiter dayllght one of the pen slipped
la TJ two detectives still wilted
Just before I oclock the oth r cam
home The watchers giv him ample
time to t sillied
About oclock the two llctlten
anta lpp d Into the front hall
of the building Halt a mlnuio later
the flimsy outer door of the Qlllman
Carr Hat was lifted oft lu hinge by
thi iUdden shove ot bnxad shouders
spd ever tSs threshold junip5 Ine do
ittotlves ach with his gun and his
cliib ready
Th aurprlte was complete The twp
young Hen wire still In oed The Irls
Jo their night garments were pottering
about a jraistove preparing breikfist
No Tlrrie to Ute Gtin
At the crash of the doorUIHmarm >
hand atoi under his pillow but
7hdgarty wa too quick for him He
Huns himself bodliy acres Carrf
Wdy cruihlnt that utunl fuJ y > utj
tlat and from that van ie P tnt It
Held Uls un on Ulllinunn uhtli Fogarty
could shackle both of them
The detectives had bethought them
selves to brtn two extra small tots of
handcuffs Thoyneeded them The two
Klrs Loth KCIU loolanx toutht like
trupped tiger cats untUlttli d ttctl
VouId bracelet them wrist to wrist nnd
bundln them o > or on one of the beds
Th three ilabby rcoina wer Icked
with the spoils ot wnm appeared to
ba at eosttvo dozen robberies On
the rickety munte in an Inwcsiivv
row stooj nvc handsome gold and onyx
clocks In the lo < of ah old Blocking
which hung from the nmo niuitel wcru
four gold watchvf one DeUrlng tho In
itluls A lO undi another Intrujted
With diamonds
Them er a case of ran old cold
colni a diamond loclcsi containing
minis lurca of t o young girls a big
ruby brooch set with ten diamonds u
a dozen brJucJcLi u naU sold
boic full of rlnxs a iillvor jewelry box
contalnlnt many small trinkets co tlv
furs and hand Ixp and two closols
ull of womenn Karmgnti TiM wiplo
It WHS worth close to JV3OXr > ho
detectives feur d
Froru under olllowa and from various
MinK plucci the dctictlvus gathered
up two bi revolvers < ind n da4ntv IK
tlu plitol wlilcli u uonian itiUtil carr1
liirc ulcctric Unt8nii kiich an hur
iurj faney u tu o uracKsuienii toon
ncludlng u jimmy and a set til chlselr
fll H polirem ir billy
Under oic Of the niAtlrersej Uoye
came upon tho man slKnlhcni nnd of
all This vrtik a nftyfoot coll of sironc
rope1 showing lsn of near yvi myvr
Tolibid tnn w sldejioi > i must liuvn
u > p < l just such a rope In forming thi
tarklc that i < wiin them down from the
roof aVf to the wlnnowa <
Manacled GIpleTaunffCaptors
lron the Iwd nnd the noor tha man
aclctt raptlvrs watched their captors
Katharine up lliuau thln in sultou si
tcnee for ajvhllc Then tho men l sun
to cur IKS thtlr luck end the police
Its n KWI thin yoil took 119 so
suddrli jeered onu of the itrfrls ele
wed hccn oifpot the tuick window and
you two liullv nould boon piufiiud
The d t cliv took no ctmnc on
losing tlifi tamo limy had workod to
hard to Ktt They mad tho Klrli nulr
handcuITt un tliu trip tn HcJilfUiriui
Tho Klrti prlepn rs mlcht have pAJiHtd
for a couple of pert forward ch n
clrln had It nut been for thalr itt
brre itts A blR curloun crowd to
lowed the pmy from tha Hlaeckor
ri > ct suwajstlon to No 300 Mul
berry street r
Gillmann In Gallery
A coon ll ut Ullly yxirldNii tin
eon rlth tin vuinera y Uv 0111
rtuns ha tocoKiilrcd him Tnnt chap
nit it pjcturft uD lars it xild
Sure tnouKiii there v an cjccellent
of the yoline mnn His rtoxurji
wa labelled David
i > ilr yeirs old HM
oodntan Hit roror < l
> hr hrtil licsn nrrenind bo
orc bill < Vcr enitvlsieil I > K rty anil
tjoyle jul lltt Wi < tjiu leader ot tlji
84 far us could be learned none of
the oth r three prisoners had ever beta
at Headiuarter ltonv Cirr iVt
> as ittcntyihr The cirls who
Iniilsted on calllne themselves aii
Annie OllnUnn mid Mr Klttu rfirr
aid lh y re nineteen vear old Thav
looked nearer slxtcn deiplte the blc
thtr a hatji and trJKns klru t < y
affected The men nun shubbll
Jrc fd but the trls had evidently In
ted heavllv In wardrobes lalelr
They refued to tell their mnldn naicj
or whrr tle came from or when they
werft married
Aft r an orralenm < nt at Jefferson
Market Police court All four were sent
Jyoi to Jlult emr dtrtct to riv tin
foTff time tp locaje the owner of the
coods found in their poss lonr Th
loot wag piled up on 3 lonr table In
the trial room wal tins clalmnnts
Hired FumUhefd Apartment
Two months ago ilrs Sharp wto
occupied thr < roornx at the West Koj
t > l htli atreet addresa advertised to
Tent her apartment fumhhed oyi
munn whose name Mr Sijup thoJsM
wat Glllljan despite h KUajJan titJ
and accent answered the Advertise
ment and moved In with the girl he
exiled hi wife In few days the
Cam arrhcd with drcissult esses and
trunks and tiey too were inttslkU
an members of the household
Th r wan a fifth vltltor a short
tockly built younx mail who c m
freouently to the flat and sometimes
si nt a whole diy there
The other ten nusji > tho Carts and
Olllmanns usually nent oat early in1
the evening find rarely returned before
3 orioclockth next monilr They
hjda sotiri doe In the rooms ml the
nutfV horkj of arfetJnc never failed to
awsken th ntlRhSort of the saino tlaor
when the two couple woui1vrei back
to quarters long after mtdntsht
After the r > Uys hart been t k n
w jr a couple of men from the Wnt
Fortyseventh utrect stntlon wero put
In charie oLihe rooms to keep out tha
crowd which quickly i therd Fo
garty and lloyle c m < back to the place
lonr enoucli tr mnkea nfcond andithor
oujrii March and then they set out o
find th third younp man who KO often
caleld on the CAr OIIImann outPJ
Contlnukd from Hr U
Into to ate If a crime liai bctn corn
If the contcntlsn of tho counttl op
posed to me Is livid It will be that a
man could fft all tho t n tUs of an ip
p nrano before n Grand Jury and atltl
prevent the determination of the truth
of tho story Jia toMTi < t construction
of thi law would l > In tha Interest of
small roup of laivyeri and airalniit
tho jiisople who IIVo and cit undtji
the laws
Calls It a Trlc S
ilr Jrroinc then took up a c e which
hail reon quoted hy the opposing coun
sel anil slid It was more or lesa douut
ful If the cas cled appllvU la the
present Uiue
i nd moreover said the District
lAHonlcy it vn an offhand oplnlpn
of an ovrrwprkod AppellM Division
Un 1er ny clrcunUtanceji th l w wad
neyermeant to proteet llr client
jBiidlf any inu tlcB Is to ba dnna by
liavlng a truthful lawyer compelled to
answer quesUons It would only bu the
lying client who Is protected
MMJcroJrt9 ld that tne Immorality
kf the itropo ltlon wai to plain that
IhnCourt rJiould not uMsln U tt
woul I > ° rmlt tt witnens to ctrhmlt
perjury hu II wUJfont Mllawing tl
prosecution to contradict any tyry
that h mlsriit tell Tha question Jlie
Mild was one bf law nrjl tTic irose
cullon should have tho benefit of nry
Mr Pnrker rep ylni o Mr Jerome
recited tl > fAct4 In tho ctfso and con
tended tht nmmnr Ityan did or snld
before th Grand Jury made It proper
or Jtfst for tha DistrictAttorney to call
ivi4th > brtoii that Loly
Slated imkcdly Mr Inrkar told
el Vrlshr ami 0 tha absence
of vntiiuel to advlso l lm of them may
by eliciting from him the atatcmVnt
Uut ho Wil told to M attorney truth
lully the samo story thnt ho ha told
tho nr nd Jury loitl him Into the
wnlvcr of his pivic however slron
uouo lio may be in his Insistence of
T I tt U waive It
hU inwritlon not It
1 Ghoeks Every Lawyer
Ohxtously saph ri nroposlthn hocka
tvtrv Inntlnct of the lawyer
V Imply nu rrltlclsm t > f tlinjOli
trctAttorm and we appreciate that
In nurnuInK in unhrard f and extraor
dinary cnurso tic U animated so yly hy
a d lre to ndvnpco tho ends of Justice
in h oc thorn hut we woMId remind
him wat the true ml ofi Juntjre and
l < efir > tlvl > admlnlittrntion of tho law
af not ndvancedbyn ch moanii
The privilege that hn e K to oyer
rldft has line been dimmed one of Die
most Important iltt tnm nlalltleii In th
dmlTiUtrAllon of Jnsllc nmUlu treat
o t JiirlMn nnd tlio IUKlieit Usnl trJ
biinnla art raiirpjj Ineinteil Inslitencr
upon UK Inviolability
Judge ItoMlky reserved decision
i i i >
IAXAT1VB JIIinMOiQtIIKltU wmttvjs tht
ruf4 llffj tn wurldover tocur iiiCalaln
On DsrEviarov s slgnslurton t
Waiils Slalcs1 Power Defined
and Says Government
Aids Illicit Liquor Jrafilc
VASlljXttTON > < < l Snato < Tilt
nah today inirwluvcit thi following
risolujlon imdi < J tu mtmedUtcjcoa
That tho Committee on interstate
Commerce b < Instructed ti > conUJcr and
report ny bill or otherwise nhat IrglsU
tlon i rttflrablf or recc ry to enable
the State frt tlie cnxrclse of ihelr police
powers to control the commerce of
liquor And nlcolollc bcverxes within
their border so is to Aid the cause tif
temperance und Ai prevcnt the encour
agement by the Lnltfd States Jovern
tncnt of lliet dealing In thf ai f
Explaining hU tnirt > o Mr TTIllman
saidIt to prevent If poj llle tho
circumvention Of the lew Jn lite In
terest of prohibition whlcft arp l > clnc
nenerally ciiacAil In the Southern
attempted In enacting lli
to irroteot tho people In
tne enforcement Vf tiieir State Utvs
butthe courtjf hsre shaded and > h ded
down tho protfetlon Xintlt there it >
illy ndthtnp left of it and I
uinl th coniuiltue tii 11 certain
Ancther lt > Is not prAdtealile to give
relief The decisions bf the courtr
JiaTo ltn on the xround that thr law
Merited vvllii Interstate conimerco
itud It u on tnlt A aaiit utit I hav
asked to Havr tile InvestlgJtlion midr
l y tne irlerMctlu Commerce irctnmlt
teuJirr TIKman hoMi tne express cool
r niis r KponAloic ir thc uvaiton of
tht St j Uivs He ssyn tnty art
noodlng the local option rurt of ouii
Cardiina and otherlocal utiilon South
rrn StJti4 wtll wI key which It
III from1 other Stages C O D Tar
supreme Court of the Unite Stntei
haa hed that such trafilc cjnnoi bf
lnt rfrr d nltl b au e uf iti Inter
Aldrlch objected to the paN
of ihlj rusouuon on itiv ground
that It called for a great dest of in
formation from the Interstate Com
merce CpmiiflBctffrr Mrnnrrr wouul cun
Jumo muui time nd he tnoiurhi it
eloukl tlrit Kft to the Cuminilicu on
interstate Commerce in ortler tliat
Hut committee infit sscuruiln ht > w
muMi wari would be Inwtved In It
Senator Tlilmun remarked ttiit hf
KuiAUr fn > ni JUioJ liljuJ Mamcd
bf UI > tCl3IU
I am always inors or le sus
picious f s resolution C33iln frou
the Senatcr front South Carolina re
torted Mr Aldrich
Uecauje lie wjnti to set facts
eaked Mr Tinman
X TtpleU Jlr Aldrieh tcau o
ho may ont to s t facie rttan Jnt
Preconceived ld u or hat should bJ
nnall > inrw < J thst
n Mr Knox
junsadmcnt to tho Wilson > lll
1 control of Ui
a tjtalc anl before or
a djiiverj to the conHsneV
nnnun Cscn iwtnurrw tu 0n
tlon and oncpJ the Jilll hc nta
r red to tho Commit tea an Judlc
fniv The Mil u pcscntd rcnfl
That all fenutnteJ dUttl or other
oineirttntr diuoia r s n
portfil Into si IV Slatu or t rrUory or
ririnolnliiff thcrtln for uas conmmp
ilon ialnp v storise therein upun nri
rhnl withlrf rtho border of tht jjtttt
and bofore or nftcr ilallkcry to tjtw
icn 9 In ch Slut or tqrrltory lie
ubjeit to Uie operation H < 1 tifl of I
the Iiwro susn State or trrltorv m1
nctcit III tho PA oj lit ptillre ppwi
crs to iir jstiu pfnt and In thu ani
an thoiil nv lltiUld r <
ra 5 > ul bu > roiiuccl In iMot
tiK1 cr territory and shnll not Ija
exempt thorcnn I rc mm of blti
thprwln in orlplntl pacUuycs1
Bear in mmd1 that yqu > can
Won So Good
5C 6 in nil Leathers
Between we > t and sole
there is a cork inicriinlnr
the coe eathers are
Hsh shoss shapcrctainmi
durable mil euy >
AsV tfce Man WhoWearsiThem
patent IciUhcnthO arj trett
ed by iccrct piocss Vhich
icnJcrs te Uather soie
Kiics a more endurlrgf
lutlir adds aIccst onethird
to lht I ie of the thcciand re
iuce cvec5ting or bfcuVtiu 1 °
a mitlmutn This procesulati
cosisc exiluilvtly tb the
One Was a Policeman Wlioi
Caught he Runaway After j
He Had Left Trolley Gar
Afirr a HyHy rtwi a mnn wliityi lli
polk rclcx li > rvc mrrnjj or A
Saas of jwendKVrj JifiUveJi nai1 cap
tiC5l In 1 xsnifx IV tnf CUy to liv Jiy
rj lcman Jllih Kndf The rri > oo r
who ytfnkr verj Jlitlc CnIi li t
Iii > l Thoina Jiltiro tueniyflo
yirn cjd A jokh cfjrarmakor and
that lio llyq < otif u Unr actorv at
cri < avenue and Hn iiitoh trcct
tlm troili < j > or of the homr of 3r
Iir in No t Taifil bitTM Dutch
folley car enw nlonB
Cati o UurdcJ It IVem followvd
tit car ort his win l m fir a Jam
tro > t There Cilraro jumped off thf
c r and startwl cfo lulu Jr tsi U
to tJi roid Oh his hike and r < a i s
Klf < tv nlic met Bicycle Itetfcrm
riidlr who JalnM In tlw > ch Cm ilo
was utoppcJ In it workman Inn broke
aivjy nnl junit > ln OV > T n fsnce r n
acres n iard wh rr Kidk who nd
dlmoimttd caught up Ui ana artzol
At the police stn i Cntzaro cald
hf wan onl > ISoVInc r n frlcrd iiUt
wrU iletfpt > MV 1irf think i b
IOHB to n Kanjr that haa been imnil
tlnfcT rronfi < tnrv roM > erleK In t c
clnlty o Fifth
trr intErisBuiiG i c iJ A 0
aiitci rrceiyed here from Aladtictt
idcclarta that tSjeJews nav bepri orderei
jW lieyarj wltliiij foiir liiy
Ji > ii li property holders Irowever
Kivcn cistitecti dayj in Whcli to Ilijul
date >
iliilistmas Qifs
Xn irrEerr Iff
Cslli > VrilS or T l pho = e MsST P r
3 Aliiideii
iJKralt ait NuMlutiefrup
3lu r Ifiuxnnlnl Cun jJol r IVram Kl I AliimndiXhlp
Prsnnt Tlilrw I 1rm ntCnmt
Cinnamon TaMeU Ktr Ktcv hU >
IfiOMiiDKGEMBER ilihlio Slst incasie
NIXID IIY tE lit rr ihnn th t
xolet iv tthfr i fiir 1UH
t ftlhoxfiiir prlp iteriS
ixitiiMU > i > vi > ivv
iiilleiV ii urlmeul ot
1 KIIUIT orVui jiiMitrtnicnt
r nil Cliocilnto ao C 1
Ul il V 3J itorrj aB
vs cHocoi vn > > > >
or n n or r
ijT it nnAnic Ai i tT > > Ei nil Mmco
foiiocjniiATiE ISC i lilnrt nClf
il lMMM V
i j > < i fv t T
nor trmUnl and
nf Ibl werW our iCortUndt nd Biretir
orourbMtofto neo tomeiii
lXn thi i not uirh of Hronx on
Vdne li TMc 1 JW > 7 CII1USTIANA
MAUTIV ntf Itaxcill widow of T
Dwlchl Jtirtln lain principal of Onuev
m r Hchool No SJ
fun rilUtcr
nlephStiK Columbua J
i j ra > u or OS7
Mnrlm OCrV
7 i

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