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The evening world. [volume] (New York, N.Y.) 1887-1931, December 19, 1907, Final Results Edition, Image 1

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Ahearn Again Sworn In as President of the Borough
i lfWtl SmZ 1191 Jti1fffiIPJjJ Jt1ytIt1t Iflit i JM i1J fjE ijliijj lj
j J JJtlJ 1ffJtii B 1 BNj1 iJA t1 n
i I I IIjt y i < J j J j J 0 I
iCnil y1on I lif 1riiy njhJr I
j i I j I < J v i f < t I f liP J
r J
i li J1D HS U Rm 9 r IDI1 IIOIN i i i 1 r joitJi lt JlijJbo kps QP Jto m i i f r 1f U Q BOo Q pio 1 i y H f
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li ifRil i E JNE eEi N iEW Y I 1 Ht1jR SDi Y i D iE e iE iiBiER 9 I ili 9 < 7 ipR Iile iE OfNi E iE ENITit >
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I J I I I II I l I I I j I I j I i I r P c I I 1 I f I n
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j i j II i I I 11 I I i I j I I I I I
1 i I I I V I
i 1l I I i 1 i I i I i I I I I
I I I i i j 1 i I i i j n I Ii I Ii I 11 I I i r I i i n
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0 I t I Ii I i ill i c I 1 I II i I i I J il II Ii u I j i t j i i I Ii I r j I I i
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l t ifejfteatefefc r ij lR 1iaJ
stftoiiiiatot S ijb y Ife llMel 1
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vpifew 11alFl iEoomJ0 i itll MC0r
i tafsU l fj rt 1 r
v t c ccc
I l i >
j WASHINOTONi POC 19 The coal mines of itheiUnitcrt States hrej
killing three llmcR sKinnny mph pcr 1 > IMU crhploycd ilhgielfimost
European cbvnlrlcs
i In the last sqvcntccn ycnrs 22bl0 mon have Riven up their JIyes in j
ihci inlnca of tlilsKcpuntry pnclioll of thos ilcntiiBOCcnrrlngin tlioJa llt
jryehsVlSOo j Thq niimbcr affathl acciacns each ycar Is now doublc for tht
I 1fiT flBiSierjninh vycrp ildllcd or Injitrcil jh tho irnjhcs the I ikllled Ii
fn 2ib6hJamhthe ilnjureii JSOO Iji f 1
TliciBo terrtblcifnctB have becngicancd liytGoycrnincnt cx jerfa acting
i under orders from Secretary Garfie < j of tho Interior pepartrrient nnd
i I they nrcprcset by JosepH A Hbline1 ichlcf bt Technolo6lcal
f yUrnnah of the Department ijn abulleUnJB8ucdpnCoa MlhoXcciaenUj
iThol iCftugca andj feeventiongi n m J
r r BIT URG iEec i9 Fourihurdfcd mehrc cntornbedj ih vthe
0arr Mine of the IRittsbtirg Coal iiEdmpany at Jacobs Greek nth
Pittsburgandiiiake Erie iRaiirbadj near ifiere V i i i I
3jhe mill A bufuil1ges lJciscut pffandlt isi 1 ieyeclalitheiriien j
larcdead > Vv 1 j I 1
i GPNNEliliSVltiliE IDec fiQ rrpiir hundred r I1 rsareel1
itombed in the Dafr MinesHpf he Plittsburg jGdal mpariy at Jacobs
er eekyibn hl oughibghenyjRiverixeigiitw miI wes IOf1Iere fthese
foirhuqdwdfuy p hundrcdare IA mcncans the rest being iJirincipa 11
Hungarians vV terrificeplbslqn hQOk the jdni I yofi I he i mi nea I 113
faMs tbdayandannounced ta all iHe sOiTQiindihg community that tt
pealmn > lsipiiprSprnei indihadpcq J dovn n rlt Iffsurface >
i j lyafJeSsmdHe e nilql1Ssueul1i h yycolulnns1f rom Ul mouh
ipf the nline which > 5sofitlieslope Yariety ThVmbuthoXtlie < 15 I
eckfid andtills circumstance iaconncctioni withihefircjwhich was j
iifec6vercd i rfe fe ragiiig Jrs lepe en led effectually any jimmediaje
ilph3ihescueoftlelmptlsq irnen k
The butldln of th Federal Supply
r Company ndjacent to flh entrance tOj
the mine was slightly damaged by Jlu1 I
i forco of tlte shook causlnir the bulldl1
M rock and some of Us fndowU
t 11 <
Amongthose imprisonedin tho mln i
Ve ipit oi s OConhcU nndiatfvo fire
On account flhl vIolence pf < the
xplbsloii wii it rent the jnlortpr of
Uf > mlne ari lhc pre nco CClrewf
th6 ibVocked lliJltionotlhei mouth atl
tlie ilotX it Is not tli6uglit ilh re
mucJv lranco for < theimeninslde
iyirfietherthey l hay surylvedlror wlll
iurvlye l ober at jthe iuhcertalnUes of
This re fino menn I i fye t of doing more
ithiin itucss rwhothcr Jt was gas or coal
fdusft thaexiplod i1fdim
wntIc hironB > Mine
ltlifiintIlW mlnuleii lafter tho ex
pl6slpn XmoiitliVof itlie ItI Trtis jiir I
roundeil1 iby r ellllt ell i fiuid frienii lof
tho entombed meii Tile scenes iwerei 1
rnQst pillftili Tho tsmokc and fflajnfC
ilsAUlnR fromthe lpf > o made it initos
iilbjoitoXenieri nnStho wivcs nnu cnil1
di nwerefrantit ty
JByery effort is being made latetoHla
tf mibMife < tIfn flfefiJllu tltIl bllril itlSfj
O fiercely that no hesjlway o lWbb1
rmade 1
ItlBJSttttpd that thesuperintendentot 1
th miiie Is pno of tfioiia jmprhioned
lt 4 saia howentilnioUie mine jiKTs I
jiifternoon itoi lnVesU ate Its JEondition I
< l SndvyairlcaURhtfe the cxpipsion i
iiltVlej Hope ipfJSjiVlnoV nyi 1
Thplniti iofhclajs expressjfiui littie
t1 Pftj iII lntt lioHlivesVof 1 it ait
ljjiajte mon iiV tho mouth ot lho sliatt
iliXfilied vwitli r ksjland eartlVj and ittip
passaifoWBy lOro s iltobei badiy ob
ti hiUJ
< irtiucleti s
Tiio exact Tiumbprqf mcniln llie mih
attholh1lc of VlK > Rccidcnt Is not
knbwn Jt s said Yhp shifts nrp inpt4
IRrBorjtnnn ilM ninfc iSomo of thy
iconlvcompanyipfflclals irogardilhoimin
ns dne of fh i afest rownMl byithomv
i nd cxprcssVnlye hofio tU1o Xr
plpslqndjd jnotl rpa laUof the iwprjtr
ins in wjxicit oyen many S ° uii lti
i Still niiyeii IIi rr tRhr cpuld t ii yeai i
y > ic Prq ident SYPodford tiited tfijit
I i
i 4 I I l t m
J I tii f f J l gt L 1i
ilCO men were illkeir In the mlhe at tho
lIme of fheaccident
immedUtciy upon the receipt of the
news iof the eipipsjoritheromcials of
Ill e coinpnnffy her tookj iprompt nivis
U resr 1rroietJ Ordersiw jieufzii tothe
surrpiindliiK min rKqucslnK itiVnt ex1
i > rt riirn bo rushcdj tii the scenes to
hSisiln tii lwork of rescue i
j jlliyslcians were 11 OJII npalchcd tmj
litni firstitrniiiiifrom pjttsbiiri ndthe i
to is iltiJJI ehttpVJ eol siCri > ck
I The T lttsiiurr Coa I
Company imihes
I nre ion iHjth sldfcs of tile 5VouKhi6ghen
l tlver The oalj mlnnf < In thl i fltlil jii
uAe1 top II1i1plJr > se Itsiai part
of1 ftlie original C < hnllsviiie cpke fleldi I
The Amines Jii tiitV isWtlbn are said1 tb
eohiiis jn
cphslderaiie fgas
Krht1 nu Ot LJ tlls Erl Pl ° lon lUllroad on the Ulo I
of tho louBhlogheny nivr Jao > vti 1
Creek on the main lino dr ltieKutIj
1IJIOr and Ohio nnJro II tnc i j f the i
river It Is
forty miles >
lib r nml eighteen milts west of Con
The mllio nas i
one of the largest nnd
was equipped with the most modern
appliances for inlnliifj
nhlllt 1
This l thq thlrdibl mlne cntnslrop o
which hasfuorr dn I hlsrtclnltjrtlli i
Ing the oist thrah t eoks Tho hrit
oCcurr dnlthe
Naomi iiin
iUnllcd Conl Company and thirtyfour 1
men sncrlflwd their lives Tw O < ve < kn
HRO an explosion of dust in JlononguU I
imuffcd out lhe1JeQrro more
May Be 500 In Mine
iporls of the disaster at the Dilrr Jtlno i
rlcal ell hero are to ijthb7 effect thnt
them arc more nearly nve hundred men
r 1tho mine than four Hundred
i Physician were rushed to tho scene
ronl hero
01 = r =
8 IUK lvrn fJ9VgB i J
At KlnK > CorlUh AranU Oad ill I
i A chance seldom offered totgela swell
llk lined overcoat at U Melton 1
lloulos ands Kanoy Qrays Included In
thUlot worth i t > KINGS cornnrieih
av andiZU stre L OiwnevtnlnKs until
Chrlstmai i
> n >
t i i t v
11m Alli r C I I AI i j I Ji j N I
i I m ND f R 1m N i f I 0 I ffi M If
< I
I LIffi NllmmI iJ I
illhais lie M aYlhe p 1 Klondike
King Came Back from His
Honeymoon rnrip
Wlth htrr nose drlpplnc snlt Icicles the
jMajeMIe of the White Star line cumo
IntoJnv Two 1I1tI wrck iihe had
rroob BOlnB On last Tuesday1 a
eaI tip < up the moltiinait so far
that U slammed two lookouts about thu
cows nest and loft them brul d and
t unnt Tli ft men were carried down
ihRIt41 nele
On board were the passengers of the
Kroonland of the Hcd Slur line which
broke her shaft two weeks ago cora
I ilng out of tlverpoo nnd iiadloIIUI
I back Tiere were 6iO of thcwe n
Il ui lrll KO steerage 150 > ccond cabin
and J Mmiclniis paMctigers
Among the Miijitlcs regular paanen
gcrs were Mr ani Airs orJOO
iVonxini f who arc just finishing a four i
I months bridal tour The wife wafe
Mix Kruicai rkeof oealtle > before
she tiuirrlcd Mr Lemons w hoI known
In the West as she Klondlko King
or nillier osono Cdil mvcral hun
dred Klondike Kings Ilo went North
thirteen years KO JIo burled three
i partners and lived one wholo year on
rabbltn bat I Oft ruck the rich dlg
gln s at tit Mlchivls rOlh < ruth
cal irin JlIIC cleaned up several mll
lloiu in real Jioricy
Mr Ltpuiiis wlurls afblg man with
a chest llfce a pianola wore a double
atnh chain of nuggets acrois < hU
waistcoat wlUi a diamond 1111 silo Ac
Illlnrt In tbT vndmost Lnuot He
also had a lump j C virgin gold In his
tie that would have filed a small coal
iiodi l
8c this snld Mr Ixmons jOlhc
reportcr1td rawing from under his arm
what looked like a ilonf ot bread
wrapped In brown paper Thats haf
A million dollarx that I brought from
jhe other side During tho panic U
trlcil to send a million to Heatti < 1
It got tied UD lns Xcw York bank Its
jllil 11 dul Well Im going tt put
ttdH through by express Thl chap
here Is helping me to oknttllti
This i cliap here won a Husky per
son who lurked e raf his uiiployrrs
tii iJtViThi Klondiker called him a
liII 1 but hfvhadmiir < the ear marks
bodygiiaril j
Ttiere wns an old man In the steerage
who attracted aIot ti ll onjlo
was Nicholas Street agtxl seventyfive
who hail b en loliU birthplace In Hivli
ir t trJl d JrlWWrj J j
lerlrttwl for iH nrsV visit ho had paid
In flfty ne y < ifiirThc patriarch now I
Jives in iKansns where fio votes the
Democratic U k ltVllh JLhe ulniout
regularity I
I M Iclif mtH ISO F tCE
JVASHINOTON Hoc 19Spretnry
p6rti > Jj > itwB ir pbrtcdfcU day lo ihfi not
fliillososwcii iHIi hiis iliccri oqhJlhcdi to
ililx iiouso for spine days wltli 1111 La
lflk priKrlp 0 >
8Vcr lnrj iietcalf h slowly irccpyeiS
nit frpnv aii atlack of grip lle wa
obio to spend a shori tliric lii hliipfllce I
to a andoxtiecti > tofi i himself aKlitl
Uystl end oirtii vrcfid < II
JlajpiCleii IJqiliiChlbf af Staffils Htli
Ironrimd1 to his < ioni 11 ihJIIJ attiiok of
g0jiandiwl noKib Jnl ifrtQ1Kitoi el
iYoric ip weicpnic iSpcretarj Ti > ftftoij
niprrow nitliouBh lieisniendjiijj sTcud
IIy C pt Iayl asistnntitn ithe Chifcf
> f8tafftwll r rltlltq < nlI < > li
i ArTanKeiiicntsihuy h eishJinBde toih
jotVeof tliptii5jiiqfi thii Quartprnmiiiprsi
l > cpnrtjncnt j l > yiv UVo ifiay tpjiiei > i1
t1i e lYeildeni Gmnt tofniptTpwj carxjx
J1 M jp sentcr IIcnry IT tJiIl aj
ymiljfsparjyUpfcper pndfriend4 I pf8pcT
rotary Taft
Sunday World Wants Work 1
1 Monday Morning Wonders i
i i
0 it t2iiiiii J i I l
f W i1
t jiH J
A jIYrI I I I n I r I
1 INi WINne
I j
iDunnes d filly NovtIM
Long Srihgof Stmight
< Victories
Financier Is Best of Two Year
Olds in the h Second
< lp < Ut to The Kvfnlnir VorMi >
XK OltlKANS L i Dec 1J Tlvs
racing offered today was auit fair i
The track was steidlly Improving nnd
is eenrer being ia8tt Inday TIni
any previous time during the nKCtlng
Ad a result the tyitf hung together
almost ns framed atra that meant they
iWerp strpng mimefjcnlly If ttiere was1
but llttia quality rcpiejcntcd Thi > t < ir
e nt wns a mile rondltlon race for l o
I yenrolds It w s a nxxti enough fen
turc but PQIIU 1roplnlonRrndto
concede It a sure thing for this Hurlcw
and OW lll IA JucnfHHC Among fhe
prominent arrival today were Her
man Ouryca nnd Thomas Illtchcock
lJ 1 FIRST IlACKPuriMJ HOO twoya
uilds selling flvn nnd ahllri furionas
Jilttcr Bir 1M V Powers 1 M1 I and
to lnrstr Sylvia O 1M Mountain
llitol mid 5 < o 1 1 second Catieua MA
Klynn flo1 andM to Ii tliinlV Vlne
1I1 33 Silver Cup Auspicious Oeo If
White bundirt C II flhlllng Bcnrx ie
Vld Irish Honta Krlmmer Cara co
Florldagcn sTail Tuskmaitrr < oran
yenrolds solng AVP and onelmt
furlong5 Financier 105 Mountain
i 9 to 5 lIn17IoI0tlrR3lb3iJO III
i O Powers IS to I nnd 0 1o I econd 1
Ptdlgrec 100 J Sumptcr M tol and
JtoIlhhd Ttiho 112 I
Pudrone iltrun l > r JJtovall i Mnma
roneck GwrnaVaca Tel I 3ij
mudu Divorcee Ora Sudduth Kitty
Smllli and > jtlnsaw altio ran
THinn IlACEPurw HC Ulrt o
> ciirolils and upwards seven furlong
Dainty llollc 105 Moontaln 1C to S
and f Wtll1t Gambrlnus ion
0 ICldiif 7 < o lnnd3toJ second Da
bII tiJ Mo < iiikl I to 1 and 8Jo
5 tUlrdi Time 130 3T5
Jiiko Wcbcr Tlvollnl Hancock Snow
twill JaOk Dolnn Asteroid Moadow 1
bri tzJnlotmk i
KOUHTH HAE MM Maizonl 11 to
and over HStlllarlo 1 Wt la 1XilJ
l > 3Jcunis o i3 1
d u
1 I
M R rJ A piNVIU 1
American Prjnia Donna Attacked
by Influenza bui Will Sini
1 I
t New Dera De 27 J
Mar cfyirdcn th American clnger
10 appcarlngnt thtt Munhattun Opera
11111 Is cumVHdttHnrrlied wllhan
allIlealil kot Inllunixa but Is expec
tcd to recover In taw days nnd bp
able to ring In Louise1 on the night
r f Friday Dic 17 She Wan to hive
ladc her tlrsl uppchranco In that opcnt
ltRnorni v nlghl I i
At I1rCJl Wa J rfUril Ml ilnnlen
WBS stricken with imerimonia and mi
ifii snrl6 Hiimmrrntcln was greatly
norrled He wa fUleVcd to receive the
following sintciwni from Drs iImnk
1 K Miller Simu Iximbcrt and A P I
Gull lp held a connilltjillon tuu
iftcrilboiTon IJl ii singers condition
Mir CJiinlpn lk cufforlng from an
ncuto attack f epidemic Imttienxu a d
bronohltls Several day of resuin bed
probably will control the attack iliul 1
illow her to nppear about rliJi
iDecZii 1 1
Jk I n
i mE IlS CO U RliiH Eil SI N SAN E
lpXTiAC iilchj Po 13 ewJlf
or Henry Cliiy Ward a Avcilknown <
1niinVpnnlr 1Vftiils iiy H0dspji pf fhe
jaVij itvtirViiriI al pioneer lumberman
wh > wiissttldnt tho time of hi diatlr
nvoriil years JiBci to bo thn rtehest man
f M chlKum ilms tiled nwlltlon wlth
ilhVipn i fltourtherotoihuvoihertni
band eela rd lll8l1nt n lId committedHV
u inniwrlumnt KlliiU STheihenr 1151011
thn pctltlon vns dtor Friday afteri
vr Ward IRraid Sfphave been iaolliiiri
tcuu iarlsffor JIll 00 hlIJ lleil woiv
kijown In Callfnrnuv whcrp lie liusl
np ht consWeriiblejtlmet
l i L iH t i6 1
E t
C111tAOi C1Vjl Perrypibblee i
vcnlUiy jilislneiis n 1I9tWa city and1 1
n bratnerlnlnw of III llLleCtar hull
II 1 t1ll1lhofoll today
H H 1
i KAULH r n laur nUiMlH Psrk ri nnm I
duvinloOycu till ulini IIIQ u 1000
i I i II I I I 1 1 r U I I iIUIII1 I
1m i
l1 uJ 1 0 lJi L 1 l I r = NJ I 1 t I
U j I I I 1 I iIYII I i I I I
I i f
i D 1 L vA U i i I t Q I i U
f L r I I I i 1 Y 1 J i ii j r l 1 iJ i i t 1 1 1 L f
fL I II JI If i 111 1 1 1
i I v p i i r i i AP
U iI fmf n > iMrissQuri ii Batters 1 M
John Sharp Williams tfe Mi
noriity Leader Af ter the > ti
Lie Is Passed i > i
i L e
WASHINGTON Dec lO John Sharps ia 11Is0VI Mississippi
leader of the minority and Representative David1 Si De Armohd nrif
Missouri engaged in a fist light over the l passing of the Jie on the iloor
of the House of Representaiives this afternoon immedialcly after adjournment
iI i J
j umnleJiItf2Rh
Mr Williams struck he first blowand Mr De Armondreliliated
vigorously WidV clencne fists < i Xr
When the combatants were separated f blood1 was flowing down Mr
AVHItnmss face from a gash in the left cheek and1 his forehead was red
1tniliibrised Mr De Armond1 bore no marks of the if ray
Ir The encounter was wltn 1j11nf 1
thanfone hundrrdimMiibcrs of Uio House
and by as many more pinions In the
mUrreil1i1nKlhenl s 1 score of
The iiibuVfl havlnB Just broken up
w iftandlnj
r lotlt pre n III if 1 r
or slttins lOxiiit dUcuiiiiinR the commit
l < appolnmentfi that had he < nIII11
rnpunceiV by the SpRakflr AihonK itheiiii
hweriij Ir Wjiilaimi c ti JPt lteire
IrenJdtiye iWaliaces dc k on tiie contro
jinijslepf tlie r > < inpcraticriride ianvl Mr1
ljJ jpccupiedJlcprrsenta
Ue ArnipijdvlWho r
tjvf inhrtlrltls desk ndJolnlnR t
They were ciiKaKfd In Very farnesi
itajit but their voices wcrii lpw = kndtivfyi
MpecjiV iRttehtipn Su
I aUrictod np i
dehiV fiothtmen spraiig to their feeliand
bjtxan UrikinK Viicfii other
l < pV1Arrnond Dpaws BJocd
I So fiartif li nnd soatounded were the
I mfmWcrn of ttoVloupb IUd II jpmg
claiiiilUrit for a moment np opei cCeroii i
to Iriterferei fand tin IfHiliir Of tlif
mliiprriy and tile niember frpiii MU
Vtiufl iiingcil iincki anil furtli bet wtrn
iliis deafis tilpih swaying wildly aniv
eaoh in aparcnV ditiiRBr of uplrig dpwn
Jilpbd wjis tibiviiJK freey J piil K Kniir
In Mr Wliiliimss chk whfnvXssist
a n l i Berg en Jit liIArn JFH IIIintfIFn iig
6ctwe n them KraspedlMr fSe ArBiorid
Bnd held hIm bscki yiili Hcpre entn
liyes and attf hdanlii fblipwlngsult ef
lnllllitJIltr iirtiiiiint rtoHic 11 < C
tlpn of the chamber was descrifdV nrid
nil llfibse on the fjpor wcVf wl rllI
nn ieaspr tlptpeliiK criiwd Vrolmd the
jeh lj I J
< Friends Separate Them
Dont ret extltcdl punted Mr IV
Wrm 11t17solnn Mr < Williams nnd
Ktrutnjng to fret r hl pinioned nrms H uno
to strike
Vhj I am not excited n the Ifmt
answerKt Mr VIlllniniir wlptnir the1
blobd from hli face Rltli his handker
chief < VolI mlnW < lonuer MV Da
rn d lared and Mr WllllaiiH con
Inl dabbing with hln handk rchlrf
TJi1l1 i trl fiJiljl1 tljon In ofJnIiI
JIHIIhnRllhl 11I 11llhl exr > ltcd
111W nrs In thtj gnlkrlcs nrcsiert
r SiehandAvomen nx1 Ianvd far ovrr ip
parehtjy hdldlng thilr hrMtlv s bov
uttrriblow w Jt stnick and rcturnVd and
io combatants lunged forward and
wayed When < buck Mr William wns relpused i hr
iT 1N11 o1yft1thI JfurR
iCbnllnue Sbn < 8ecpnli IaKei i
i W M HJlMlH W t9 tPii
1 Ahew iowfflevel In pricesfor theso
clcgiintsiilu sllkrUlncd any slie worth
ROUUat jcutii Try ono on nlyoui
takriUiiKlNa8vcbr 1lh1av 1 and JW 1
jatO n Tenln unUlXmUs
I < I
wm mm m
l j 3ljijrAl1lr
i mlo W N L I 1 U j I lg I I 8 fl
jeK Application lo jtop
litiase EQinbaUed as In 1
1f3lifi = ailhY 1
1 1
TJinJicaiinK liffori JijdKenIincomhVilh
jthu Unitri States Clrciilt CoKrt foMay
11 the motion of the renters for tho
Metropolitan Htreet Italjway Company 1
through their attorney Arthur U Min
f tnfor permission to drop the leaio of
HfJrl i
J h
the Third Avenao Itallroad brought I
I many diverse exprrMfoiu of opinion
from siockholdom bundiiqUcrit crudl
torji and oUi > p
IlifaUers Ailrian H Jolim nnd Doug
lah ltoln on wrru In court with Ilielr
coUn i biij did not lukc > 1 rtJn thu
jJlenry1 Wollmani who repnsenl < < Ml
xtockholderj iln favor of the appoint
ment of niV rwlveri by the United
KlHlfs CimrtjljJpcked 111 motlV bick
oftni nipllcatiun for ponn > jori toiiJrop
the lfiu e Ilo ilil Die Hvan IntcreMs
wen anxlouo to fari < rlo < iv and ncoop l ri
the nyjtrn
They tlljhnlocllIrqjiiiilili and
Ofmandth l right to bo relieved of the
Ji I IVIii 4 W rh I 11 t fere I
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jfpfi1 Ulbj iilortRnRe prpyIdY t fjit slxty
days inny l > takcn Vil y tlie interVt
liOiliOiirtfiiii lliiie thCjtruilfislilp for the
bpniSloWtr of Ule Mutrppolltaii ijtrVtt
Itjiiiiyay pbmpuny IdIOJ piwMjfrpnisiiJi i
iMbrtbn Trust Sinp > n toiuhoihe f aiidi
t afeciosiircibti thfliemlrit sjstemliiRyifee
nnJcrtakcn a < si > onll Uie ThlHliVayeniie
rpid iFase Isadrbpp eI iitid it1 pijincn 11
ut Interest Upormi chtJflvr dfaiicdfi
Jliilnp IWconibe atd ijiat he iyrould
itakf th suBS t3n uhder nUyiiemqritj
ftrid rccelyo briefs it 1
r 0 I 1
l SlSI Oi sraal Cltythlerx i corner
6th avxmie 1I11I1IdlIrelhnu made
nume luckj purchirsis lately and will
sell nil day today and tomorrow ele
rant silk lined Melton and Kersey
Overcoats n Ii J9M value iJW JoOi gray
hIMI KINOS cor 6th av and tZ3d
t Opxi evenings until Chrlitmai <
AMermen ii fey a WiCJte i of 24 to 12 dver < jf r
ten the Executives Aetsion in 1
Rernoving the r
t > ii
Presidemt 0iX J
lili tiSllff iPipiSlll
> i > i i
illi lliWJE R1m E1E1R 1 t
RmfjiWg onstratic > ri i nft it pllelmiianj k 1
llatnberYVi ti emiIts Mpte is Annotinceti
i M tupitpy ffic ike i 1i1 tcti Sp < I t
Sl J v ioi FriumphiV i L iI
i G vlnifieiwii iInlt rii edof ilie > pieleoUnn > fiJohnftKi Ahri irii
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L jGbyHig1Jls 1b tedJhisiffemoon bylheMlnh fflnn mbcrsI
10fI iheiBbardof j Aldermen when JQl iHi Aiicarn wSrecIeclea f resident m
pfManhattaiiBorpugiii iljtie vot = was tweiityiipiir to twelve and fpl > tl
IpWed a dembhstrajion inijfe Aldernianici iainber ihe like ol whicfti tt
liasjinever beforebeeri quailed 1
K i lyVake it unanimptisif Shpulfrd a maiiMfrbin thcgiIlk i nd iHcfc P
cheers KicHafoljpwed guflUyel > Jised neitooQfW i ldint < d
I L Mujor McCJrllan prnild J nnd on mo
ijlon Iti liirrman SIII Inn h flPpiolnltdI
the Aldermjirr fa cpmmttiji of ono toj
scort JrrelJent AhcJirn lo the chapij
jbcr tp fei efv B t lie1 oath bf off Ice When i
tl tTifl ctodi HoijoiiKh Presldehtj nri
riyc i thOro was nblepntiiinc tip noisy
rpjniiUiiiiipf fI lip fcrOwd jnr nilcryaivrlh
nflcs Ucdiani brb < e > ound tha1
croWdhpptcd Itself hoarse Thebaihs
li M ndministeriSl by Mayor McClfiJanj
r1iin dlgnill6l > tye that endcMiredi him
ii ii tt < ii iicricy iiTi > tniiiiy tnerti
iVhrnrri vvis i > urround < d lind fairly liftj
ilM returntphliibTflc j
1 eil fromIlls feet I > turn
wa a murcI triumph j
1 MeCleli nI jCiBnirrVeritr
After adminlMeriniCL the oatli toti
ijnc ii wiiieiVi lreslderit iXhoarh swprcj
flo siipjiprt tfierCpnstUiition Mayor iMcJ
CJeI13i siid I nI ndnfni terlns fhe
I ontli of orrlc thll 01 itJrIIIel spKwIthbutj I
nassjng Upon your plii lr i lliier uII11
chairman Mayor > ascillzen 1
I it ilsHuhderstppd tliat Ahearii will ihpidj 1
illK onlco n nil I Ii uchtinicJasVltKlsideeinniJ
poiitlcrhat fie sllull ireslstn Thls SwIIJ
dftr iidyentlr iy oiiMi altltiido of Oov
iJliiRtVes i > i > ti toward Ahearn lijnii lft
In lIil PrO c cJegl lsjatlpn affecjlng Iho
city > fy it < Yv IIJO jrt1 rLtr t relj e
tolHedefl nt Uon rylot1A1 fee1ItH I
Tho Charter jfevisibn ppnilhTssJon
s ilj in i c xi sten qe 11 nd easily1 co n Frbil abjei I
jby thoilaypi Tjiis i c 11rm sslbm Iworkj I
versithat beat
wjl iheP rltlIRl
> In harmpny WIttJ
at Aibariy can effect siieh cliangcsn
tligigoXvifrinient of tKe city as iltf rndi
i chiiy arfccVthe HoardVpf Aldermen iindi
leveJtf1 theXpfrices ipfUbrouBh es tr sl
i Tliitfbur r li Q li ihemberiilatliiMif
intti jiitton and JacphJion Hspufiliciiirsh
I yiifivl j1tiVtjSeiTiiiinnanytjiim Sshncji
jderi ilcpuiSlIftini prximUcd to isupjiprt
Aheafniiris soldiinit swUchtdiiit tlip I
last nifmeht i
11 Ayhcn Tvotil was tnjenhoiijvl totCharlcs
< Ky Milrpby itiai lieRrn iiacjKbflfih TCr I
elkl clhe fexprejwed Jiltiiseir1 ipleoscil I
p ttjtelrjf > uji RldJ tfiixt Ins
riot only a > ylndleaTfqnj fA1ie7ffni7bMt
ulat flii acti6n i > fthpJoiird wpulditxj
rnI pinudedil > y the iargiv i > odyi otvoters
j wu > hadi r pelt t y elt > clod iCiiearn to
pmce 1 McCieilaniil tl XCHfiJri
I len SlayprMcCielitin wnnltql ihn
XliiernVanic Chamber to urestdij pvtT
LlIle eUctlpji lielwas accpnipanieii by i
1IJ1JII psiVrJcn aiira > ralptlierConir i
nitssiyiVcrSj IIehadUfcc 7rd djiby
iiinjfy cRv omdais Tand poilticii h
Aftijr tlitr llhJdbe Tcallcl the
jMiiyor referred to the rempyal of Mr
ifeny mljijiidj jpurpo a of itiifl
reeHng Wan torel > ctaMiiow Itotoulrh
lfr bIltil i
AJijtcrmaiiJjSfalllvan promptly plnit t
kthr name of John T Ahrnrn la noml 1
mfllmi Tho Aldcfinnn reviewed tho
ipolltlcal career of Preildcnf Ahinrn 1
t We a nyhere lo reelect film To
ilay said Alderman Sullivan Ills
n partisan i move I admit > but if was
selected i for slaughter by a Ilepublt
i n jwiir i iti
can Governor nnd rii as Democrat i
propoM jo rerloct him >
Cucra In the Rnllery followed this
d < claratlpn
Would any one quentlon tho author
ity of the CrSyernor to put the Mlyor
on trial and remove him nsked Al
dermnn lfrtll
Hujllvnn No Any one cm >
jtrump pr hl nnIIlI any man In
public offlcn mlRiil easily bo foundncjr
lUctit for the actt of hl s ubordhntri
0uld not the Governor hold Mayo
i McClcllan lblotor an lCIlt
ilvrellcllon olll ellnrflirfi Ifcalth
Depurtmcnt or any other dcpartmelt
Xo < one dispute the lirn lrRII
jthjrlty but tli Governor shouUl taks
jlito consideration the nrite number o
tyotcra who have repeatedly elected
JoSn K Ahourn and whom PnJldunt
VJieiirn has served faithfully C
I AttackiCutting
Only one nun hns aski > f ma to not
support AhMrri heriV ip > dty nnd thjt i
man1 presumed ion my acquaintance
He Is II Ktiltoii Cuttlns who holdi tho
Citizen1 Union ns > a political asiet to
KO to the highest bidder
CharBcs wcro miulo nxalns Prosl
dent Alintrn by a Ujcly of men jvlio
liave IHitill IlCOI jxlstenco except
sto be professional iiKltatoiTt Mitio
Imve fKotlC do somcthlnK to mako
alve their contributors know thlt they Lre
I appeal to you all you members of
thli Hoard Irrespcethe of politics to
sifpporlthli manr who has been faithful
o his trust It labour collsjguo and
we whoknow himan i Just man and
a faithful servant of tho people mus
and will support hlmj s
Tej rs wvrc Jn Alderman Sullivans
py s when he linlhed
This ffallrry ngiiln broSj out In n tU
mult of cheers
Mayor McClcllan aid the tltljallim
was soscrlousinnd of > uch Rrcnt linprirt
th h wtoull Iw derelict In hli duty
lfhe dldnot jnJIe at oju on Urn < mes
Tlori of recfcctlnp Ahcarn
TheiMayor Ruling
Rradlmc from a prepared statement
he JUyorffpald
John K A4icarn was eleclcd on thn
III dny of Nqv mbcr IK > 5 President of
th jVbnmsh of Manhattan of thp Cfty
of Xow Vork for a torm of four ycari
biitlnnlmr Jan J 15W on which Jaat
m nlloned dat he onterr l upon tlm
dutlesiof said offlcf In July Wl
oimruoj jjfitarjTsentcd against him lo
1 the Oovernnf Of the State ofjCqw York
Aftfr nffpnllnic the accused officer an
opportunity to b < heard In his own de
fcusc CJov UWPhM by all ordergl cn
i under Ws hnird and the il Qf < h
flta < o ot New Xork on Dec 9 lM7t ftnlnd
said John F Ahearn frutlty ofj
eharrf1 jnadu acolniit him ntidonlcreil
that tli public Intereits r < iulr xj that
sjijd John f Ahearn bo remuved from
office f >
Of tha e fnots the chair mwat tk
bocnUuce The remojil proceeding

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