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11WJ i fizJ i iE i i LiW7p i 1 ii I i j iFiirit i j i JI m b
r 1
J Jit
i Truths About > J f apa Ii oo
i By Henry Geoiifire 4t OO
i ff HB ams of txjllttcs tothSLSBdjOr thsRUInrffiun has
r tram r t Uni a been tttrtralsnt All history iprs
if Kline th revolution of lie attests Untmlnl
ar C tocldentn > riee M
Oat of ths most spectacular of ttieo was arOund ths
psrsonoT tJ man who Is the leader ru th demowsMs
Efi taf4
tore In Japan today Count Okuroft founfler ot th Pro
> cr > sslT ips4ty iJlUd who In many mrvrlwd respects Is most
pracreasiva Indeed ho Is tojthc democratic movement what
aiarquli lio 1 to ths Cdnstltullonal or conservatlre move
ment ttttat ivsa men tielns th tfreatast polltlCUnsJr
of trie J empire
Advanced thouchihlsalewshnve lwsyii been they h ve
notat all times tIoce withthe radlcaf vnniruard tis
when In U > jkitW sUtitles as Mlnlstr of ForeUn Affairs
> nssrotlatsi a now trexty with the 1powersm utln the Europmnniarltlnuj
r artfi Jnnltcd Stain Thers wa consldraWs dissatisfaction over his
u on TsunckIlCuruihlma hurled ajboenbiat ths Minister juntas he
r1d1riroutothf sroundsof th Forslen Ofttoi Thi carrlax was smaAhnJ
op < ecand on of th Counts less so tailly msrufledtha J lt had toiboampu
YM Sumn vra undaunted That partleurtr treaty had to lbflaban ondbut
ds CouW himself hA kopt aloiisln th heat of tlilnjrs They havfejot on j
i lit Sio r aid tha irrlm kind of humor and thy < canhav tb iother iwicn
rBTt5iex wwnt It
CountjLifiakl nnolhsr advanced tAte rnn T UI stabbed almost Jc death
nd Coijnt Jnooyo of the Ito pRr ywjJa frightfully ilasheil and lea on the
l ifjrqunrt for dead
liach of tltepooMwiults Brow from political irtruitfes and each nod Its pe
tullar complexion Stilt a different one occurred with th iwaamilnatlon of a
Y ry able and brllltint man tvho vroa ctp nlnz up a bis political career for him
elf Toru Hqshl
Hoihl ms tho first Japaneno birrtst r to recelve a1 decree fromth Stlddle
TmIe Tendon IIo lecame Jif il advisor to ttw Japanese Government ac
quired a larse nnd lucrative prlvato practlc and fllled varioun public port with
dlstlnsulifhea ability nmonK thehi thai of Minister to Viashlngton
While In thin country he fie mt to hnve conceived 1r111I of forrrtlns a Tam
t many political organization In lntDr when he returned ln jw Jirued
very means at hl14 command as Minister of Communications m Itos Cabinet
and ni mrmber of tho Tokto City Council both of wjilch pottloni tin held ni
wultnncUuily to bu1 up n machine llli j enifet1lanfh uniietiyiiff mo
tive KRf to fofin nn onrinlzatlon with which to pros forward procrrsjlve
BieaflUroa mcaswrM for the rood of tho plain people of Japan And It must bo
r idmlttcd tint ho illedpoor But Jill ImmrdHto frtrnd nrjd political followers
F were Involved In ecvcrol contract scanCals for which lorn of them were sent1
to prison < j
At lart thlnss ichid chn pam thnt Jfprti waSjpubllcly rtfiurded 1n
snrt of TivsHl In Tdklo but a brilliant and therefore1 all tho mons IIjIo
ine III NVmrsIs wnV > at hand In the perron of one Sotaro Ibe however
Ibc fpard Unt Jlothl corrupt methods woulil extend to edticatlon nnd
vould brlns Rreat < vll upon thn country 11 > thereupon wrote n message to one
no tho nfw pnpon It w tjtli I havr decided to kill Hoshl and < will kill
him UKly not bNaut of olltl J tnjtlwc ti f of rducAtlon
Slsnlns thla letter nnd malllnR It to tho said newspaper the Toklo Malnlchl
Bblmbun Ibo went ntrasht to tho City Hftll Ohtnlnlnc ailmls lon to th < > cJiarn
wr wUer s to Ccruncll waa MtUnyT ho went up behind Hoshls chair and ctilllnir
tiif Inttvr by namcr cttvpljed W1 nHOhll lOoXrd up
Hoshl ffll without noonland then has since been no attempt to form n
smcjitm nlih lllnfl
Those troi tra > examples th t thn common mqn In Japan htui constantly be
Jfcra him Ut lsfe llns more nl > d more that Japan U hl rountrj Ho ban btfn
wJIe < I to fisht for her In two stCAt wars during tlin last twflvo years nrvl he
Is now not AfrnIi to B5w < w his plmsure or dltpleasiiro with events political
Thllblbt explanation of thorlolIJovtr thf peace terms with Rua > ln
> r d dnirn at Cilx Uin bronzo stntue of Count UO WBS rxilleil from Its marble
pedestal and drajjped through the dirt of theftr i t to Ui < disreputable quarter
of the city nu jntflmnn hasderncd jeflor restore It f
TJiat nln lijjjliy Cojjnt Olrama wa requoinrd by the Hmperor personally to
Itsaufl at least oys public statement on tlro Sin FrancNro chool qiicrtlon for nl
JlioURh thr cGimt I now holdlr rnopolitical rmco hs t regarded as havln
most lnflurn < < > with tho man jRTlTe slreetj and It appeared necfusar n
ycaius thl common man hUI1ot offending fliu peojilo of the TJriZted Statra
Th < common man HAS no Yoltc hut he has more andi more to l > llstenevj to
K 111 flttht for an Idea and If need lv dl for It 1
1 i hnll tell about this spirit of liuirtildo In the common man In the next
I ef this scries I
r < I
The ill trst in the t DinGtis
i By Chanles j Ifih iDay l
N7C sprlnp PT Barnum ceme utln one of tho official publications of
I hu 1110 In n personal card the Tike of which hen so skilled In In
r ii 4HIIIInnd iwldly cllI tonlhll dear puhlto to support ths Bamum
i f show anJ tho Ilarnum show alone With fheclever arirumerrt that If he
Ivwl all the patronaso ho would be the better equipped to ppiyAlflhe
l Jc amtisemrnv Jtr narnuin was rpeaklnff for hlmself and I iraUkf
owner who probably Indorsed thn sentiment of
When Adam KorepaURh rend thl proposition say Chsrlcs H Day an old
olrcus man In th Illustrated Sunday Magazine ho exploded verbally and em
ptifttlcnlly nnd then1 ho expressed himselfj Barnum and Bailey or no one else
In the miriness can ever monopolize It 1lmhhtba different If l I1wlan
mall country but Win United State covers too much ground ManaRers n
rim show wlthoirt cnrins a timber for IP TBarnum James A Ball y or Adam
roreptUKh bJOrlhRt matter Old jOhn iHobIn on uod WBO out on the rond1
MidstAy out for years at a stretch What nonsense AJ think that any ono can
ver control the biiifn AI such a MK country as thlt You hear me It rl l
be on Tio policy adopted by Bill Coup to cncouraRo the < aisesjmitit ot Inrse
Vcenies and fancy prices for lots hashad the InVndeJ effect of somllnp the
hows to tho wall Since then hlbeenlhoiurrenft
Beaker IlI1 Coup sufferor from hi own
isichctnes since he B0t Into inEllianded manaKcment on hl own account It
i net builness to encotlfaira extortion for transportation billboard and such
fui to make the other fellow settle overcharges until heroes broke
c m L
11 may j Martoris Daily Fashions l i
V i i il i MiM < M i i
i ri5 t im
h j th ttmo
e ffeot Tk
This one
comblnesnet withJou
MM silk and I iIi
< fi tli r
lr tbadrtlii
znndejno th two d
n I C tcg O lili Jur
t oke mille
n Lf It lljJi
tarl 1 are
i k
tg slmulato jri drap
e7 r ilJalh pre
1011 rec1
Jie lci anJitTot r
irJalli q l redtor tho
lrda i 1lkf > trtm
ii orStihiliiltlrf ii
i art1oi rT or
i id 1 n liea i l
l jt rite 1l
yards M rC1rit lio < O 4r
portion andvsjif jnirt
fi t IB S Jf I
n n
r n
i i II bTnl y O T
f i roNrrAllmo URJI4tfNW tI 1
IW r i8aatItncaI l I W l I
f 1 ria 1 IKPOJT Wrtt J
t f iI J t L
W Jt 1
trJ W t ft MH j t A T a + it tt HA t 1i IifXJtif rl 7 f
1 1 d d > tf1 i w ii
1 ll N I I I i I 1 TItI iJ r B S I I J I 1966000066600 I j ffl McManus c > < 41 1fJ
I 1
I PRETTY tow i
I <
i i
I L d m
l c Hi LmaJ Stip liimii Hii isiiit W11J liifc mi teJ1I m Wmli itO e lt Qt i
M fttt
Me Adventurer
1 ci 1
i 9 fJ Osbourne
Opyrtitht 1SKI7 liT D P > t d co
d wli Klrkpilrlci known si Kirk n
ttuckv yuuBirjAm frle nitran4 4ilnLondon
in > o n n adtertlicratut rnlllne r1r
nIM Ir inrJirrtoui M p < tuint
irlM Hi I > 1 accepted nJ r > cot to Boaih
America DO G elu to t > i rtal nature of th
tilMlonWnir ilven him On the < ir Kirk
Iotlll and tA t In lave with AI beiutUul slrl
verA WMtbrook bound 1 tor tho UIIe my >
erloui KO I She levIdenUr l < non the e
I crrt ofthe lp 0lllon nil nol toll htm c
jne nlirtit th neamboat to which Ihoy hire
boen trsn > turr < t haUI at a cmmp all 01
rnie4 men The pUce li known u FXIcl
iAj Karly naxt niornlnK Kirk xptorca hli
urrounrtliutf EWfhfm nmito he half
mill ralllnc hlpotaI ill J and Incredible
riKbtneii 1101011 the pnurta u POrle4
< r htne hrtlu 11 examine IhollrllIto
veuo1 And IIDd Ibo I con I r ctt 01 if aJum
j num al11 of other material 1lhal combine
trtneth 4 1 lack of vrelrtit A mnx jtt
men t > edn nxirlc on the hID Krlc reports
Ls CatiU J ck on tumir jnArtlnet roni
i r Wr6l the exiwMltton IJiter he inieti
s UllowsiSveatiirer Bt Auhvn wrio tell <
litm more tjouc IM t expedltton mentlonlair
no nn otUIMdrlfmlUl nllm W
Lrooz 13 Jo
I c 1
c Continued J >
Churns <
i tts H chllina splendid old fi > t
1owI WMtbrooJe dIH
Aubyc You tnual havt hoard
his name Hoa tho icreat nun
msji th Yankee Inventor Whos been
eltlediltnEnllland and maklntt irun
for tthe British Ooy mmeuitorthoc
+ e
last twelvn years Ezra Wotbrook
nd Company IvlmHed The For
luna was his Ideial his Invention and
hes the only one of our boanei who has
ny onl e or any manners A nne old
f ifhap wlth a i splendid i fsf ni overJ
rldts I Everything even bislll Health lio
was the first to tlli rand has
never r really shaJtenlt off Poor oldfel
low It ll he can do to totter about
t ir > iH 1
and two monthi aso wethoujht ho wn
ROlnx to die But III 118 he hhi 111I1e
mswtrr mind of the enterprise and the
one that holdi Things toirethcr Wlth j
outhfm ltl would nil tumble like n card
house Who are the rest of th raT
t rs g Xs
Well Uiores Jack on You hmlaj
ISttla 6t lk wIC him dldnt ouTJ1I
jyas enough wasnt It Thoy say he
JiI it droppiHl from tha transport service i
cause of Inxnnlty This via1 about
his sole quallftcatlon to be put In chance
of us af least nobody e nllee nny
ot rnOaA rraxt blr ovcrbclrlns
il ngcllWltii a Rcnlua for
maklnjr mlschlof anil InvenUnc trouble
Not I lnconi < tent ih knows IIIAIUIII
nesstie nil rlsht when It comes to
lIh1p + but ohlldlnhly vain childishly
I ctontlniu1 always Isolslwr for sllKlits
And nndlilK th < Andt worst of all i he
Isnt loyal Ifos been lend affalnit tho
affair since tho beslnnlnfc Hu makes
hnrdly any secret tof his Incredulity
I You nnl Imairlno how U < sprwotnj tliat1
I In for us follow under him It jnay ba
tho moot lillptlo folly but It doesnt
ibeoSTK him to assert It RliKlhli
docs co In tj1bJt hli whole attitude
iU one of hopolasn Ka I1nI llJtd T U s
He mad iyou nalutu him didnt he7
Well wova l > ad more rumpiM over tliat
Members of EyeSSfWorl Mt Glub iHave New Chance to Show Talent i
Q Da Lesson Will Giye Xfeein aGood Idea of Proportion i in Drawing
work upon tno
1r result of your W
THK dertirn ni The BvenlnK
Worlds Novel Art Wotlu been
JrioIIl xcellent M ny of these beautiful
IHU cre Ulon hava be n mad by
roombers of our art club whos first
dr wln nt to m would maks an
f onBnary ob efv r think thoy had no
knowled whatever ot art But 1 noticed
In thoss crude drawtn > th nld
r f
den merit of ihe Itltl artists
Now youns friends Ket down owortc
for Iam irolnsr toisnnounce at the end
ofitnch wr k wh rieJLlth boys of thl l
uritqu lub or th irtrU como out
ahead in the number J of eftortsisent In
also ithe mortti1n mcn onHoiltlonwm
b ciT ruUy not d sjJa honofwbl nven
Man will b msa ofsxxn olth bast
1 Next1 Saturday yew will s j f thi bojs
or iclrls have come out ahead
Dlrectl tis for todays I ssonOat
ort J1 the objects and rearratwrs and
pV t them In tha form ofsa picture
upona j > lec of white paper 0 Iby I
Inches In size then < take your pencil
iddriw In iwhatver pleasei your
Tnls li > a wrf ebarminc eutout and
cm upon whlohrroutcan dlsplsqr a srreal
disjioftsJsnt f i
I wondsr wfamfpusay ls humpiror her
self abputT I dont think the doc
rnt hJtS dashlns alone el even thlnk
IttK of hiT but Is bant upon oatchlnir
A J hispies p rbaps th VOT oive
poor Jrtttl has be n watchlos so pa
In armnidn the ntrures b sun to
place them In relAtlve proportion so
that when your picture linnlshed th
objsoti F wsUsc9 ar li propsr location
For Initnnce do not stand st cat on
the fenos boilde the tnah ithe rate
for you can rwdily swthat sh would
be much too largo oompsred with tho
man This ri lomuat Severn you In
seloctlns and arraajiii ail thi objects
b ttan o
l L
saluilny than livYMIIdtnr th Fortuno
and tiiern you hXve the man character
In a nutshell
Wh doeintt Westbrook cet rid of
icnr W IV
WhFcsmt her v
the Woman in the 1 C se
Becauie ll mfToICrui tine
Whos the wldow7
St Auyn laughed and taking the
pipe from hU mouth blew out a doiul
of smoke
i Sioillriohllndili enton
mirthfully a nondorful old lady i as
rlchnlCroijuitnriraB CkeduI
March hare Jioli lriUllttJ all the
monoy Mrs Poulttricy Hitchcock By
Jove Kirk Its a rum world pL no
mistake There she was llvlnt In Paris
j nriollolll American with a jnllllon a
minute when som < itJ6w or other she
met Dr Von Zeiltwltz nc1rrcifthlbee
In her bantivt Heaven knows what It
has cost her already or I tllmRy
lot her in for thou I thats the leastof
It Shos a thoroughbred vililiher
money and nover counts tho chansc
Anyhow she > took up tha schema with1
volcMJilc anthuslairm and nuVer reitedi
a soc PlI tlU It wxia In nhapo and moV
liiff They ray she w Itl WeUbrook
ont t iicr card and laid Ihe prwblen
tyforo him iou lQnh inventorr she
ald You have brnlna I have money
bi landship fett tbo ajidi lfltili
will you build Jti 1 dont mind Jj1hnd
It costs but you must guarantee o
havo It work Wwtbroakj trli > d t dls I
uul her Ho told mo hlmsiVf tllaJi
lit llrst h Tcgofdcd trer ju lunatic I
nr < l atleinpted to s t rid of h r But
she wouldnt bo pot Irldof She hunr
WJietl you havo flnlihed your picture
mall It to Childrens Editor > 3v ilni
W T 1PO box ixa New York Cltyi
Bplrndld work hfui b n 9ntln o
tho Children Editor by the following
rnrmb ns cf jth Art Clubl
Oaiwina Van Cott q nwood Land l
ti r lii giisif
I > ii Pi
r r I jH Ji i 1 1
i t j i i
on Ho 1ca w ° k to think It OVMV
and < hT > b iatitolrOt ercdtrd hlmwlfi
oj d sea poHsllillltlea At nrnt lie wen
Into It mijre aa n tom tban nnythlny
else a ort of BClentina cjieapotle otj
rkno1 But his Interest soon cIBifuctff
Tri o dojrnrt fht rlorisnell
Tou know itheFor u llSllbuttot
aumlnum and you know also thatalu
mlnumlitSojllBhtet metn1 thai exjstn
Haventjou rver wondered IiYlt I
not used iloroT I mcnn In pcnwal en
n rinJ1Wellf111 tell you No
bodV has ever been atdo to brawi it
pror erly soldor Jltnlclhoryoumow
Oh yes Itn done nftor a fnihlon of
I r elIW1th alrahliis nnd osucipan
handler and such thlnfm bur not really
practically sOrAr Ililaltcen like
tuiMInK wooden nouses wHh kii
I tividi of nails Woil Wf okKqf
thru mlsslmr solder Took him la v r
ut i tieROtilt IlHn It down and bacscd
It Its aToonslomeratlon of sdlver cop
per oUI nnd platinum nnd the secret
ot It till will be woirth a fortune Craw
fh T rnyslt will put aluminum second
to steel
H Hr I mbLis
ExJlcnih17Wcll 1lioUI I say It
wta Dut for that matter i > > t balloon
silk for aali In place oj canvas Tou
noticed Uiiit lOU Oh y s it9
save welfihr EvarytlilnK to nave woight
Hickory bamboo lkroJlcl nickel rtocl
rxvffflaii Iron < every i > outid Is
counted They even say that fnt men
1111 bo discriminated nwilnitj Why
even our bnnl U wore spwlolly mnnu
fnltlrr < l of tho finest and Uirhtvwt wool
tho game Idei you oe Not ovcn bootn
rnly nDnppr UKht mnrchlnK order
and nothing carried that can poislbly
j Mildred Jacobus Codar Orov N J
Florence Domren No 71 Barrow
strec city
i Emily Turner Nom West Thlrtlrth
Jit et dty i
1 Hdna iJine No 171 West Main tr t
Soncrvllle N ToE
Hdtth MarRiirop TOiorpi No SO East j
One Hundred and TlJlrtyeJjrhtti strool >
city 1
k Ulbort J MulKcan No 4S Bant Oni
i Hundred and Thirtyninth street city
Georxn Gallachor I7lmor avenue j
i ICnglawood N J
Florence McCarroU No 11T1 FMlton
etreot Brooklyn
i Frahcin Sihatta > No 116 Russll
street Brooklyn
Toasl KaU Ko TU lUak str t
icltyAdam Bronx LA U Ifffvl Jx JB1J Bov nttTavenue
Adam KJener No 130 nrst i avenu
cityTheresn f
Theresn IDel1e kNoGiIE oilO le
I and Thlrtyetirhth stre tjclty
iit tiH IN irl tiil zj
Chcltw Smith No 57 Gurt On Hun
dred and Twentysecond street New
York City
Hiviol Smith No X 0nvmn plac
jFreeport zLl
lirenceiJiuikaonoi ITOEaat One
Hundred and FortyOrel street city
Anna 8chuekwNo 213 Fcurttj street
Union Hlllf N J
l o nvevi titnlthN UtTetrU
street Patchoxue li I
Mary W aterman NoUS Oordonj
street L X
Sherman Murphy No CM FWtteih
atruet South Brooklyn
rarKaret Boelscn Hoffman Boule
vard Klmhunst N J
Sopho Juntrhaus No oiW 8l
Blaventhstreet city
1 V L
f t tt hl I
ss iHD
J fTTf f I 41
I 1I1 f Rtj I j
i I
r rI
r aI
r T 1 f
J >
I 1
Of U
Bt Aubyn stopp d and puffed vtor
jously at hU < plp
i Now you ltnowaUfdo u h r
Not quite laid Kirk Lets et
alon fto i Dr Von Zedtwltx Ton haronVt
f f t Xf
told ne about him y tIn tho whoa
vhIOfithi lib l iei i whars c1oea bs
inIEIr s i
fr Cruncil of iigLt
Oh he Our Cplumbtn returnsd
fit 1 > ii AiVusli nOolumbui with
iI Vilclnir beard A man about fifty
blK tlilcksot and pauffihy He > hud
chnrge of the trannportatlon and consequently
g f Lmt i
sequently till lately w ve eeii but
little of him J lUvnera are In hli
ilepartnjent and ths mails and tho
whole tiurtc of irottlnir thlnjpi up hsr
at must be Mid that ha iba dons It
maimUlcentlj 0 My yob oc UIL
i He not only pen < > Spsnth Trtilili lion
of the rest t do bu hs him 1t8 mat
terlnc rI Indlnn dlal cu Ha know
all till country like th palm rhl
Imnil rind ts one of thotelndofatlpible
costIron ho > eUalpn ohapa that co
at a thlnjr Ilka a bull i tnko my hot
off to Zcddy He Toutonlej wtilrl
wInd of capacity and en 101fJrjeAblt
course nnJ rousli and i often tlpny but
by Jove chum bJ ilne out In thn
Kenernt ii1 muddle klI ii rnOnd
n diamond If the
ortunovoLdoosll It will bo due
to him pnd Wc tbrook
ottioIJI1Ie our leadersf saia
Klrl Vcatbroolt Votj XodUvlti Mrs
JouUnoy imclliiOJriknd JnckaorilB
Utat rlchtr1 v
iVia returned SL Aubyn Th
c lrm a sort of board of directors
with Jackcun ns tlio mouthpiece Thoro
4ron oupfii more nt headquarters
bfitU1l dont count partloulnily Sci
I Cnnn tho paynMeier and Ptillllpi thu
00 00
1 SO ho ico ls an attraction to bo desired by alL IVw >
A oftui can boast of miiitcal conversational tonne for i
eI19111ru sjjpahod methods 1I1our daily l
speech but wj oKen employ rasplne rllh oind I J i
rs snouyh to dlsHluslociia the mosf ardent lovsr
How often Jmv w met a pretty gfrl who was a deJIfht
tei thmeye tfut nnubamlnatton to he earl Any KlrJ can acquire dulcet CoIO < for
everydsy Jri M by Uklnj a llttlo pains and Vktepliwi strict Jtn her foniue
Keftaoment ls < al 4 Judirtd by the O 3Ofa slrls vxilco In ralUmy suitlont 1 J
b way arsnr other public pUoenAli < harahvolcfd tfrl Is Jramedlatelyie down
is vulgar and coaw whrJln reality sh may be neither Also you will fln1
bat your wiu llni suitor Urrrartably admlro the sttrl ho po sen sj a muslosj
olce for they couin smor r her choicest < Attractions her swet low 1le i
It U worthUrylngfor irtrls I foryou winadd greatlylo your charms trr cas
r J n aside your rasplnj C volociiTidnRtktTifrtrfti cChj i r H sV
iG t CJrrnJI p
in Bettri c
if i YOUNOi man baa been comlns to
Ml oe no for nearly two years and
7Jl thou4h we w r not onKuxod he
led me to bcllevo that he iwould marry
me some dllY1I11inowonhnlytel1l1
> me he In not In ivpwdtlon I to marry andi
would triko a very Ions time for him
Jto save enousjh to da so Will I tell
J 1tJir
him totdlscontlQU his tbjfI M II
Don waste more timo ore Uw man
Encourajfu thi attention of other and
for him w sooniaspoe 8lble
Marriageon J5 I
quI ttJi i
1 Ail a younif man twonlyfour years
i oldarid am making1 lie a week vrlth
dhiuvce for advancement Lately
ji it1IAJti1I In tov with a
i U t
doctor But thos you nuns ars eh If1
Bis Four u we call them Th uA H i
W srbrook coold manajrs H iit wool a
boll down to Blr Tfarss Hs oant
hlds his dlsllk of Jackson a aJhi
i l faeavsa and earth to ifst 1
out Bnttbs captain U on the tott slds
ot th old lady and as stis ha put
> Uith9in y O rtbe bert psjt iof itt f
t brut tlci ana no thine emabtidfs 1
him A hams i Isnt It Ths oray < M J
wiljv rid by rolnlnjr srsrythlnr il hi
hasnt don so already It makes ms
tt tblnlCItt 6ecauss oa tiii I
Ik ir Ti hoTni a urstty fins spirit
and hsvs wofkid llks Turks and1 ds
servs 1 to st aomsj kind ot a ran fw
our moosy To brtak up now it lI
very sv of success would 6s prstty
hard wouldnt Itr
Kirk noiddsd hi hsa4ttnisil rtss at
An sJarm clock w nt off intbs rssir
Quarter omswlwrs K Aubm Junipsjl
liltl il
wa ralssd rsvealln s rsry bronssd
countenanc seamed and irsmtheftwttini
together urith one hairy hand
Heres iSj Wew hapl I
Time to tthetAbj + iadiths stppsv
Come ta Illldebrand said St As djifj
hyn tlref aaoneCc1p want you to
meet him
The newcomer obeyed ire was ri
1 oriAcmnri with olerclnjr block 1
eyes clolhml < In pijamaa and with a J
cooks apron rounl 11 wnist
ilajor Hlldcbranrt lata of ths Aus 0
trian army snjd rft Aubyn by way <
i Introduction l1ndll1e tDOk In 7
camp Bad to see a AvI ym non > >
duced but weve L all come down pes
Flilc Jt 7ei ICJ1i1 k IIfCi C
In Fetlcldad Major Hlldebrand thlsta
ilr Lowls Klrkpatrtcl I
To lio Continued c > >
youn Indywho although nor rich 1 1 t
fairly lieautlful and hu an excellent w
I voice Do you think I had better marry
hnr or wait until I can better support s t i
vtlfoT I know my friends would Ilka +
to sco me KM married F A X
I think you had better wult till you
tiro making more money befor cetllae
married t
An Unintcrestcd altor > 21
tMir llettr
AM sixteen andtt younir man call
to see me wlio Is about twenty >
1 Ove AlUiouiflt he Is very nlcp and i
itlnd tom i Bomotlmes h BO S to
Ir frhHtRJklru lomeI o vou J
trilnk 5ip cares much for my company
When he doeJ1IIIIa11 I try my best to t
ontortuln him M Ml
I dont think he dOMciirotor you
particularly AVliy don t you encour >
aet soms other man who would prot >
bly iiprsci ts jour charmit 1
J tjfjit
i t 1j
t iIi
i J > r 0 1riJi
1 I J f J
J I ltJIo i tJ
1 i I i B l l
i l 11i 1
qi1 Jrjl1N1 t

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