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Heartbreakrng Pace
Cause of Epidemic of
Heart Disease Here
Health Department Finds What We Live
L Too Fast Worry Too Mitch and
Dorit Bxcetdse Enough
I 1500 MORE ViCTIMS iN 1907
Smaller Cities Escape but Chicago Has
Similar Increase and Return to
Simple LIfeIsAdvIsed
j Siatisiics showing an astonishing increase in the number of deaths
due to organic heart disease were submitted to lie members of the
Board of Health at the regular monthly meeting held yesterday The
figures startled the members of tlie board and the general belief among
Jthcniis that we are going too fast a pace in these enlightened days
The records cover n period of more than forty which
yean wiic la tho
length of time tlncc the oranizatlon of the local Board of Health In 18G6
The most remarkable thins about the record li > the mai4ellou Increase
tot heart disease mortality In recent years especially thl present year
The Increase for this year as compared to 1906 wIll b approximately
7 per cent For thc flretolcTeu month of thU year whare h dln New
Aork City Just 1246 more deaths from heart dlaca e than laBtye r With
what figures they have at hand for this month In the Bureau of Vita
Statistics It Is known that the number of deaths from heart disease for
th prawmt year will be almost JGOO more than In 1906
Tti figure were oomplled by Dr ViIl
Um E Oullfoy Ileglster of th Dcpart
i5 nt of Vital Statistic fls haag be n
M work for many months on H chart
howinc Ui heart dlieitso mortiJlti In
r thli and other cities during th hat
I kortyon years Commissioner Darling
ton TfnJifO iurtbundd < tha h mibmltted
tli chart to the full Board of H allh
and ttnused much dlscuasloo
The Race Too Swift Dr Drrllna
t ton Says
Thls r OOTd Li most surbrt n liUd
IDr Darlthgtoo but I dontsi what is
to b dontahoot It Tle only war to
bring boiit In TiOI Is
to Ut tS pufclto rWEr th tnt of
ttlsi Bormous increui aodi pop tmay
rjoly m rid thlr way OS course
tbs g Is Iszumr a
I DItsT lM 4 Int1o to d5
1w1th th tiwis
I seftlue of
Tvk CIty rhhti
UStIstwtft a wli m wu
1 bruk ia4 aIw
wb oxnptl4 ths cui
oC the iot
is ln ths UIth Drtm t U hI
t woik in stUnt ULS
b r g s2th strthni
t ssd thtoortanIort
d Oulttoy but I niu t ajr that
J afnt prepared fof uoh a l rir l iri
M la shown tols year The Increin
tiM t looaX I haro securcdi the nruru
rrejpondlr for C5ilca o viInirton
L Baa iFrancUwcs Phllad lphl Bootoniand
4 other cities and th dasthi from hit
1seaM show a larg increas bi Hill
tbe ptci Nona JiELi < uohtanalarrn
I lncrea a Xajf York City how
On th other hand th n u absolutely
ibown a renmrkabto deonita In rainy
fatal diseases nuch as Brthts Jls As
I and1 other afflictions brought on by dls
shntlon and general intempemnci Ttis
I ordinary disoiCswiHrhich the Board of
J Health has fought o hard how a large
I decrease In proportion to our populii
I 4lon So you can ice Cat while wn
1 hVB been sing lives at one end Tfe
h Te been loilwr them at the other
j Tho grip epidemic U unqueiUonabty
xavntblo for a large measure of tho
Si tncrmta of this year but then comes
H th act that this heart disease mor
t tultty following grip and other Infec
I tkms fevers haa been confined almost
exclusively to those over twcntyflv
Indicate A
Thcie Vrurcs
year t > fft4tc
dSgenerittondn the genorai healthy con
dition ofNew Yorks hearts It shows
that these heofls have been weakened
toa degrea wherein they are unabl < > to
t the shock and straln oflnf ctlous
Worrv Lack of Exercise and lntem1
oerance as Came
ljick of exereUe orrrtltig
K liltti1
ptetnpcraIlcc iid
ItlltrltlClnV high lhIti trPipIII
Ihplc fur the reIIIr1Ablt IflrfTluI I
c Koll s don walk enough nowadays
Wo hav become so adcustomed to the
ncllmell rlsh of the > age that our bodies
t r being niglccttU Rapidtranit fa
culties havo probably Caused us to
Ump into subwaysor on elcvntedtralna
md surface cars In our hurry to reach
r 4 pobit and we have entirely foruotton
tho habIt of walking f = r TT
L i2 IWo worry too JSU iS IL
pruItnt dai TIt Ii reuponaible
for hurt icikeUlfl
r T Pfobably the snxlejtles and mental
Sll tufbancs of the recent Hnahclal
f troublohav had ioniethlntg to do with
J th increase of heart disease deaths of
r the last two months It cant bo
f johuired1 that the Increase In our popu
i lotion due tov foreign ImmigratIon Is
riaponslbl for tfili alarmlnir showing
k Li foreign Immigrants dont have
ifcul disease
mli U our om inl < iWt Amrrlcita
fhln iiflhIcIloii
> kB ncoombi to thu
wbIt Lu It nur uo thIri
well to do lluSlijMj1 or nuoliij maii
nd woDhiiltlIaI KOs dotru vndcr
the Mtrniii on a trrnktmeil heart
1 Some idrsa a 1o tho unUsual incree
I Ifithis year heart dl o rule v r
I itt jprevlwui1 year la to on had from
ith fAot lint 1WO showed an Incrcam
only U7 over the iirecedlng yrar <
Ttien tUOa had only loo mora thnn 19MF
fiitiU that year beat 1J03 by Ta8 Thio
iiOUn ss of the prison t grip epl
4tic wlilchlsr glnc fjl ta bai een
t n tact that the weroM < Wttj
and luisqusAI I
I itlueaie jMt week as eompmredi to for
I the uane week In ISOf
During the ftrut < lt ln Dumber
rftthe wero heart dls death
There were 1SI for th Mm wk this
7ee the ue jnd week Hi In WK1 to
ao this yeartlie third week 10 ln lw
to Ii In 1307
IDoetnlt Think thence TooFa
iPrhap the most prominent specialist
in heart dieaie In this thy > or ln th
Cuatry didnt
seem much exercised
oYsr the report cf Dr
ojar OtUlfoy whca an
Bvenln Sorld rewrter called at iili
hm last night This phyilclan Is al
way calIed Into con ultallon In 1m
IRSreS1 and Ws writings and
lectures on heart troubles have be n
and 1 alt over the wflrw
rt ow Yorker doe
travel at a
rahlid rateS Saul ii and jo do
nhIre Aznerlca PLiblIc It in tlii vini
and go that has
math tho
they ttr tbday
tako a T grea Ifock m the fact that
Wo n
nra tearing along at a rate that Ii
Wiakeiiilng the pUbIICI hcirt TIite
baa been an Jncreaue l Infrctloizi fevers
rsent aarii and
thifi lisa or Cuurse
2nda fatal exnct In 1i there aj
tortifle L14ith grip p1IrniO I thinJ tiat the
Iupurtynent recurdi wIlt sLow
fln normo flhIXnier of heart dlei
dwths for that Lar lihe Greater City
Tran1 forniej then and It U I31bie
that Jw Health Board
orn what incomplete
ib Also racllltlea It iiuit for be nembered that
mora thorough diag
nO5fIn iiart rd other diseases hav
eeen perfected each year It Isnt at
all t1ilka1 that the increase shown
may b ascrbd ln purl ta thU tact
Asfar as a decr a 9iPmortallty front
flrtght dJieas < L and lyw troubles ii
Concernej the fact that we were tho I
greates WiIiikey drinking cation in
tne world up to thirty years ago must
not be overlooked We nav sine beI
come hte flOre Rnii moro otawne and
drinking pople Bt < 1 wino and
bear are much dagerou1 to livers
and kicey thaj whiskey On the
whole X don t think we should get
alarnuid over our hearts
On ot the
surgeons i of the
dty end 000 that hai Len callM In
to care fo foer 1 >
Proslilenti of the
nation Iiat this t0 ayi
I hAVe for OIna tin realized the
atartiirig inereajo h hecirt disaa mor
t2tty but aj I am a aurge I Isit
my pInch to 3 and aJCigg a TSftaOfl
for the Incrase
It very likely Isjdue to the faot that
got too rnt a clip lIve too wiIl
aket thinge as coay a w < cn end
I dort Iet eflOUh BOOd oxercIsV Late
AUppdr1 tn muon alcoholic rtlmuUnt
I nrtir715 < > tvf port said late hours
I r nrt
are undoubtedly bad
tin heart
< Hnciaho The Brenlnr JVorid
ALnA > TY Dec 24ATbany physicians
state that of recent data they have
been cpmpolled < o reject many appli
cants for Insurance policies and that
thIs condition hasbeen notloe ble Jnce
the recent decline In aTtocks Ono doc
tor said
It T1ayecem KS tronare but itla never
dries true ttrnt In my experience ot
twenlyJlvo years au examining physi
cian ifor nn Insurance ccmpsny I have
within th past fei months b en coin
peJIed Uvrejoct more applicants than at
any otfier time lit my career for the
name period In nearly ill the cases
the applicant was rejeotedibefiausn of a
weak itttri
A ked If ho believed that tho weak
Iiart epidemic ivasdue to the recent
financial panic tho doctor rio Id
Well It IH hard to say If the dis
turbed financial condition of the country
Is or Is not rcwponslblb It Impossible
that ln some cases the ratisem y be
tracad tOthoWlk condition of stocks
Sp < xrl l loTho Kvenlnc World
SAVANXAII Qa Doc Nothing
In the way of a weak heart epldttnlc
Jia struck Savannah Ilcnltli Ofllccr
AV F Hrunttor iiet asked last night
by The Evcnlac Vorld correnpondont
HIVI the reports of dcathsmiido to hli
iotnce hive not Indicated an unusual
prevalence of heart trouble Tho car
illao column In fact was KO unobtru
We < i to not evoniurrest hlsnltentlan
U ha xlJiiCctl down th ri > ort
JflhTMOKIC Mli t > cc SI Doctor
Bonley the Conunlnsloner of health
miyw thr llsures or ills ontco show only
fanormal Increane in deathsfr < > ni heart
idlneamii with srowth of ipulatlon
Thcrn t fcro NSl death from that ciiUio
In 1H < 3Vvnd up lu Dec w stj In lWT
tclan In loading hoipltals lien say
there Is no Increase In the Lumber of
deaths fronv h art disease Jnnlc has
not struck Cleveland stifllctentty liard
to cause heartfailures
COIiUMHXIS O Dec StNo notice
able Increwln mortality her from
heart dhsepse
CINCINNTf 0 flee eI
demloi of weak heart tiere so far < as
l dln rphysicians know sad no on
t I n t
iurual number of deuUi > from heart
epldemla of heart dlircaa hero
rlctst < o The r nhur Wotid
NOltFOLK Ve Iec Jt ifoU no
question of the fact that > ephp1deqnc ot
weak Jieirts exlnta here T3w reowif
financial trouble > haa had a good 1il to
dowHh It HeareJtat values cause1 n
booniand heavy JnveatrncnU were mado
nine months euro Tho bottom has
dropped out and maiiy sea their pur
ChLIPl worth far lem than the mort
gages UPOn which they are now paying
Interest after puttTng what cash they
I ht In the property The financial crl
tds too has caused the shutting kluwn
of mllla and factories InilarRH numbers
in tills nrctlon Hundreds iiave b rn
thrcwn out of work Theiendlngor the
Atlantic llfi to the Pacltlc has alM
thr nvn hundreds out Of work hare
Half a dozen nuicUes lrav occumil In
Norfolk and rtsmouth recently
V iiiihutiiic and Wn wife Mra White
he < u both comirUtte sulcldollast night
because oftthard times
3hts wriwklng of the People1 Bank
of 1ortsmouth by Ciwihler JL D llult
who Is Rlmrt nearly 3WJiO caused
great dttreis in Portsmouth Mechanics
just now thrown out of work Jiad nil
o their rainy day savings In tho
bank Three peo > Ji > who lout heavily
I Ir the wicked batik haw taken sick
i Ui tSia laJrt nxirjth and died many de
clare of broken hearts
I a
to ru Evealn orhd
P1T 7hhtitG Pa Dec 14 Physicians
sa > theres no epidemic oOveak liearts
hefei Thousands of casts of grip are
reportiyl leaving hearts in weakened
condition Doctor say tt Is not at all
likely that financial troubles are the
I cnuso of t hA extraordinary number of
i cnaea of iilnrea although Ul orolmlile i
thatworry over Jlnanctw huts 31111 to Jo
with luorravatlag ome lndlidual oancs
Platform of Car on Which
Men Were Standing Cut
< 0fliby Another
In a collision between street ear at
One Hundred andj Sixteenth street Hnd
ilmllson avcnufe last night during the
height of the nuts hour the rer r ljit
form of a Madison avenue car was de
molUliod In upHo oft fact that both
cars wcro packedwR5 pasjengere only
six weru injurcxl one ofthenui Herloualy
8h ls Mrs Sarah Block No a > 3 Mad
son avenue whose right nnklo vas
Thecolllslon Was caused by amlstaku
Jjj signals the One Hundred and Six
teenth street car hitting the Madison
avenue cm when the latter had almost
crowed the street The rear platform
of the Mail onavenue car was crowd
ed with men
Jump for yourillvw yelledOne man
who saw that the collision was Inevi
table The mcjf Jumped and not a mo
ment tot soon for1 thnext lri tnnt the
platform was carrld away
Ill the Madison avenue car a woman
was forced throush the glass J h the
r < nr door by tho sudden jolt and other
passengers were thrown on top of heir
ret slio escaped1 Injury and hurrici
away asjKforras she could1 get off the
CA Thosn Injured with the cxceptjon of
Mrs Hlock were cut b > broken glaai
and all reCUsoil tilo aastsiancojor n
ambulailce kurgeon who wafisummmtrt
from Harlem Hospital Tile accident
> lock dtbott cnr llncsfor moreUhannn
The third collision in A month be
twoen a trolleycar nnd a horsecar at
Third uvcnuc and Ttyent ninth atreot
occurred at 10 oclock last night The
driver and conductor of the horse cir
jomii JiiwilnK altij11lOlflas Xaugiuon
wcru tnron off thocaf andsvorety
lUrt ii A Schulte fortyseven of
No 231 East Twentysixth street a >
iiisicnwer was thruwnfrom the roar
ilnlform 1111 ankle was bTjraltied and
tin brnwcd
The trolliiycar was flllej with worn
sin carrylne Chrlfrtmus bundles A
varied awortmcrtf of dalls Teddy
beam and oilier IIlYi4 wvr catl ra
over thn floor of the car The bundles
were reclaimed Tho horv < car van
thrown about three feet ofTthe track
13ERLd f Dec HProf Oscar
titsar aorinatoloiiUtf of tho medical
acuity of Ilerlln Xfnlveralty died ye
erdawan thoronill ot an auiomobllo AC
tdMU Hwsa gLflyhIhV yaruOW
No News of Atithiwuil I its
Wife Cruising m Rower j
Boat Snark
t h tN KlUNCISCO Vx < ot a
I little anyt tU tIt ire for I ho safety
of Mr nmt lrtJmik tVindon vhp afej
tourlne the world in ti r po erboatj
I Sfiark It waHlellveii they would be
fjeird from when the utii r Mad
I poiaarrlvfrJ lpit hr w iitttj JOMly
lixe i hiji bryOcht no juall fronvc Uir
nuthor >
jdlnd ri left llilo on Oot t for
Ia Lti Js1nI Of Onlri1 HHil when tho
Mnrlixi a left Jtlk > 4r I > e S nothing
had been heard of tfiem Wi n erri IC
from llllp the novells 1 wiotato frleiVd
I here that he Aicpecteil to reath 1apttte >
In flro or six weeVs Caj James l > anHt
I Korneof WaihtnRton and Martin Johni
ori of Independence Kart are
I dona iSUAJt on Iho Snark 4rhfch car
I rlos one tailor a Chliiesu cabin boy and
a Chlricso cook i
Mrs Koehier GctsJrcrnporarily
kittle iOnes Husband
Tore Fr in Her
Decision In tbe habeas corpus pro
Wcdlnsi brought by Mrs WHhelmina
Koch r afraJrnt her huaband Eugene
Koehler a Hobohen brewma ter wa
reserved by VlceiChanceltor Emery
> t Newa7li yesterday after hearing ndtj
dltlonal testimony and the argumciltn
of counsel 1
i Mrs Koehlir seeks to bu given the
I custody of her four children the eldestj
o f whom Is thirteen She charges that
her tjtisbiindconspired wlttrtwo other
I men and a woman to corrtproinlse her
and that her husband forcibly took
I from her the two OIigCAt chlldren and
I plnced thieni wIth the other two In St
I iiiUabeths Academy Convent Italian
Jersey City
The woman named In the alecedcon
ipiracy b iSn Jforf > ler Is Mrs LouIju
I dl Ixir izo of Oersej City She sub
mitted a sworn statement admItting her
part In the conspiracy and declaring
that Koehler Ictiti her IMOforlt Mrs
ill Ixirenzo wSs summolieltras wltncsa
but failed to ow tho Efurts order
Oneof this witnesses wasJohn J Fal
len counsel forKoehler John I Woller
the oppiflns counsel tried tocomp
I him to lull under oath whether or not
I he paid motley to > John Mulcahy fc > llud
eon < County cOurt otncer
Fallon admitted that MiilcaJiy lCoeh
Icr and Mrs dl iI orxvizo had been ar
rcated In Jersey city on Mrs koehlers
ehafgo tbat they Induced tier to ac
company them to a roulhou where
Ihoy succeeded in getting her to drink
liquor Kallon w u not comiwIleJ1 to
answer the qutMtloh and Koehler re
fused to answer n aimllur qucxtlon on
the erojind that It might be usrd
jiRiilniHlvIm Hi the trisi of the con
Fplricy oi lie TJie Court permitted
Mrs KoSjiiVr tu take tic two xuns
est children home with her and keep
tliwn over Ohrlitimui A lnillur re
quest from Kowhler reapectlnfr the
5rthrrl ochlIdreijTva also eranted
Current ivlraleiale market prices cor
reefed dally in tt guide nndgusrdto
The iKrenliiK Vorld houM > l < oM < btiyr
Drewcd Jleef UKT poiind Fair ito
oijolce Sc a1 10o beef cuts No 1 14c
Xoj J 1c4 Xo3 e chucks 7c a
S lIc rounds 7o a 5c Do sed veal
pw lb city Ho a 141J ° Western
10 1Sca 12 1Jc plS Cd spring lanbs <
per lb lie a 13c yoirllnKa 10c n
10 l2o mutton > l5c n llXit IJvers
CftUf ln < > C IL WeJbcef tc p < irIb
Oxtail1 each ft a jHirk lon He a
iJk smoked itam pr lb 16 l5c a
11 KW ahouUlcn ath l4cr bonelesm
IMOOII per lb 13c n JT lc ribbed
bacon Uc a lAjj moke i Let tongue
per ib 13 lc n 1W
Drer < Kl PwiiHry per poimd > Ierw
turkeys ifc a s Vosi rn turkctv
Kc a lSok Chlcken Spring bniller 3
to 4 li pair V it lc Hprlfii i1iclons
roaiting ihlliuHlPtthi lie u lSc Ooese
Mojyiand He J5o ilTJjJic a
13CT SjuA > Ior dozen JljTa ixiiHTS
Bprlnjs iUuiik Ohio cwtco liX u Kc
UafesiuCottontaH pair J c n 35c
jack rablrtt jc a tSc a pair
Jlour pel4 barrel HpriiiK patents KM
a W33 winter paienU Jtss n < SS >
r rviiflour14K
n tilO por Unl i3tinr hjr tuHhl
Mnrrow H < J123 1WT K3 a Ji5
wilti kidney 1WJ tliolci 2Ci H 70
fidkWiw > vl T tholce Ji15
HUttcr Creamery per lb Etc tosOct
factory lir to luc Ciiee oar lb
fitatp full crtiitn iood to beat ll 3Hlc
to is 3p iikltttfct in fli2c KKK
per iloxeii CJood to fancy Ci ho4c
elmlct to extra WciKtern av tni 31c
beitJrofrlKurator I7c to iSc Sugar
pen lh Ornntilntc li 4iWc powderM
lWiS Mnlnae > pcrgation New Orl
lean prime I3o to M < ayrupo prime
to fancy SOc to 2c Rice per lb
nornwllc prime to choice 61Jc to
ittc innnRoon c it 63scv
IxniK Iptaiul potatoes llW a 1215 tier
bbl others 1173 lo 53W Sweet pain
toes por bbl IJM tof 3M cclery 15o
to OTc per dozen ulalki caullllowor
prr bbl lotiR Jllni vOr short s t
it egKolant per box II ti U7t Flor
ida bane ner basket JlW I o
norliia tomatoes per carrier
to2A tL
n roiJI4o Dec liKor th llfthtlmo
In two year there wai n flro In thr
southern section of t1o arsenal Thi
naVxJ nplrll storeJ wcro destroyed jJn
many of the llromen and troops were
Injured Several vats oxpJoded ar
ftamca frcm tha oplrlts whot up itov
htlfht 01 eUrnty to a hundred feet
I r
Christmas Holiday Sensory Is
s Chbsen as Mating liinie
by 5CiCtV Brides
I Tlie Christmas holiday aeason prnm
iscVto be ijulle asgiiy a uiual to spite
of the Hard tlnW cry W ddlriss are
luiulcu in evilnc slYerah are to bike
i 1tICe tilt utlk and dinners dances
lIputre parties and comingout teas wilt
occur ipitictu rnplI uqcej Ion that the
head of thodetltttaiUpls In a whirl
Oj re oftho most prominent weddings
of the holiday iH i on will by that of
> tlm Alle Frederlca Wesson daughter
61 Mrs Frederick Wesson to Stewart
ICarle Barber paymanler In the United
yutoa Navy This willing will takrt
placs on th last dar of tIe yivir atthc
jhome of the brldeS aunt Mrs Ilusiell
i Ifj HoJdioy sr xif Nott l ist Snyenty
I third street IttMipp Fredrick Courte
nny of St Jam a ProtastantIKpscopal
Church will perform tho ceremony
Karly In time new year Mr and Mrs
I Uarber will call for Jui rope nnj spend
their honeymoon In the Frnch capital
I The wedding of Mlv Menrlatta Van
Arnlm Maxwell to Jlonry F Wills
I wfilch is to take plac Thursday ere
fling DecZ In Christ tChtirch Is one
of the social events < it tho eay holiday
season Miss Maxwell will be gowned
in the usual while sntln elaborately
trimmed In old point lace tullg and
orAngu blossoms J Lee Maxwell half
brother of the brlJc will give her
A far Miss ijllxabeth Maxwell a niece
of the bride will attend an maid of
honor and the Mlcii Louisa Adi or
land Ruth Hoadley of New York as
I bridesmaids llliinclio I huller a
I younger cousin of Miss Maxwell will
bo litwer girl Frederick C Sutro will
tbe best nian and the unliers will In
elude the Messrs Henry W llaralln of
CanandalgUa X Vi William 1 llalnes
jot Buffalo Graham Brush ofNew
York and James i L Oixidwln of hart
I forth A receptlon WlH be held at tho
ITotel St Regis after the ceremony
i Tho wedding of Mlni Ithoda Seitgman
I daughter of Mr itnd Mrs llnnry Sellg
nlan to Frederick Lowlsohn will tak ii
I tonight at the home of tile
brides Ilarelute No 301 West Fifty
I sixth utreeu A s the Sollgman family
ils In moucnlng lh wedjllnir wUKhe a
i uuttit one
Miss Chartollo Warrefi daughter of
I Mr and Mr Whitney Warren will ibe
married to William GreenouKh In SU
Thomass Church Dec IS
1 Thin wedding ot Mlsi Nauinlle Foote
daughter ot Mr and Mrs1 Robert
Dumont Foote In John Meyer Jr will
take place In Spring Brook House Mor
rhAtoteui X J Dec 3S Mr Meyer Is
< a granJfon ot Mrs Theodpro Have
meyer pr
Swears on he Koran loStop
LiHis War Upon
TBHKRAX Persia Hoc 51 In order
lo prevent summary 1 e lb run ment the
Shahhas acceptejithc ternfi Imposed by I
Parliament and lini ij wornon t lie Koran
to CAVLSO alUstepiirflgalnatIarllament
The Preslilcnt of tht Assetn ly In
formed that body today of hc details
ofthe Shah declaration ubrfrittedjyei
tcrdiy In Which ho yielded to the Con
ntluitlonal leader demands The dec
laration provides
h That SaadedDowleh leader of tha
reactionary party odt1r Infrlgulng
prie ts be banished and the re
sponsible for tho recent disorders be
punished >
i That AlaodPowlch and his brother
be allowed lo return to Persia
3 That InfitijtryniVi be placedAs a
permanent guard before tho Parliament
4 That nil Droops Including tho Cos
sack Brigade lillherto an Independent
command bjstplaccd under the Ministry
5 That tun Humlan onicer ofthq Cos
sack HrlRnil hall merely Instruct the
mt n not command them
nuhIehcps In Teheran are open
again today
Thomas Varh rst Played in Ama
leur Theatricals WitlT Granc
and Florence
Thomas Wnrhurat for nearly ilxly
years a well known theatrical manager
died of the grip yesterday at tho rest
il ico of hts on at No 416 KastTlft
i cond street Ho wtm In his eighty
illrjt yenr
Mr Varhurs = t came to this city over
sixty year n t > to leam thq trade of a
Awieer cutter While worknig at this
he joined an amateur driinallc vcluj In
whlcli William III Crano and William
Klorcncc wore members Ho was the
llrst person to uxpfott Arfemus Ward
and later he KB the jnanager of
Uotn > rT ll ltcrUiolpIxnlst and muilelnri
Far a time ho nianftguj the Havllund
mlnstrM comiKinlea und started IJIIIy
Harry thoiebi1tteti end man on a
iiicctwful cnrwsr For nineteen years
Mr Wiirhurst managed Hllnd Tom and
wja tlib only iwroon wlw ever suecena
fully directed theineiiro pianist In some
Mttions having aniuch a K prc
1 Mr AVarhuml married Nancy Porter
daughter of Uufus jPorter first owner
of thw Scientific American Ho leave
two ons and two daughters
Won Itroociilllnn In
I Hyncrun An arilM olf > i iv Vorp
nnd tnrls4 died of Internal troiihla In
ionpltal here yeaterdiiy Mr lljnemari
ivftsiborninrhlladelphia Itflynlne years
niCe and received his Csirly education
hers Many jyarn ago ty went abronl
tmLjptudled art undeivflonnat nnd other
masters 1
Before returning to this fountrr ip
pAtmctin welt ulm reooinItIoi4 In A4
cent ofihe IeadinaFttrotettnvItire nod
tti siilona
ICPr5 BYni
anrhut atUdio in ew To
I The Damnation of Faust Is
i Gken Again atthe Manhattan
II i
I Berliozs Version of Goethes
Fantasy Heartily Appreciated
> by a Large Audience
S Tlte amrjatlOn of
I tIiet nla performed again at
the Matihalian Oprrajltoune lajst
night before a large anil imnrucntive
uip1tAiice Tnl yerBloii uf th Qoethe
ba < md was tnt < m by Mr Unntmcr
stoJn m the > c < mdnlUot his Sfjinon
huil apparently talll niilc I trip uii t 1
for n rcpctlllbn ofll wcreis many that
iitii lilVjilon uuwibg hue IHflMii of
Mary OartJen tlffllhipreailo comtcntoil
t < i try H utln vrltlirVuH nultIeIeriU
encjurnrlnc It fa tob hoped 9 Injure
A < J1rnLiT bcrlnfy of thewOrfc
Hcniud lmi > riira t hun or Mcpllsto
pheol alnrii wuulil justify the pr < Hlue
I ion The Fvenelt lii cit iii iprCA jnls inn
Intellectual jtfrwnslvn devil that Is
imiriue ttte 1i I ubllc sittirntna knd
ceo eon ii iii e lift lean UnlJ figure with I
tile painfully ImpreMlvollmpf his linger
nallit elongaUvi like talonn hli In
gniulty will craft A c inlnnlj no natural
coiitblne to treiku Ills luring nnj be
ale1im of ilvj flil doctor who would
bo ybmg agiln understandailn Vhuhle
III voice In not great ho nUfiifeep It
I with skill lIe fonK ot tho fl n In
AUerbachn cellar and the serenade be
fore Marguerites house are admirable
Dnlmores makes the mAt convincing
Faust since Jean de Rrjrke He lias
voice manner andvprcsence It Is cany I
Accident Leading Man Post
pones Under the Green
j woodfllree 1
I MHs ilaoclne Elliotts N ew York
debut In Under the flreenwood Tree
I lij night at the Garrlck Theatre was
prevented by a painfulijf not serfous
Occidentto her leading man Charles
While rohcirstng tho plefe f > ndiy
night Mr Cherry sustained an aid
fall wliloh badly sprained hi Tinkle
Though aufforlnK extremely ho mado it
manly effort to kefv on with his part
but collapwl eompletely > ti foru many
minute nnd wait removed to his hotel
Tho physician Dr Stokes and Dr
Olbricy attending Mr Chtrry were
sanguine of hi xutllclcnt recovery to
appear last last night but the anklo
refused ioyl U to treament and at
1 M when It wai folind that howa
unable to stand upon It word mia smit
to thia theatre that ihero Wciild be no
performance The house had been sold
Between eight ami talf past the
4 net wai Jammed with carriages and
tlVbvbox office benlegrd The large lfn
ontho door announcing thaion account
I of an accidentto her leudjpn man Jul ii
I Elliott stud her companywould not ap
I pear was notfttaken seriously oita
thrOngn galherMl In th hnIIy
Ii > t iaai night tIle mnnaxvment gno
out the Information that Mr TJouRia
I CHlrns Mr Cherr > timleritludy wo11
takn hliplacc In th cast until he Unit
COIiiiPIt ely recnvcrod but In order to
give n Hinooth iperforinnnc < i the seuihiig
would bo postponed till tomorrow
Christmas night
Passengers Frightened but No
OneriHiirt Only Loss the
Bargemanfs Supper
The Bound uteffmer City pMowelI of
th j Norwich line wan creepW throiuli
I helott Mr her plepnt EasfTwenty s o
ond street last rilKlit when she cra hck
into the coal Indet barKe Delaware
Led UP nt the foot of B tTWu > iktii
strV The iteel prow nf lh S < iiiItt
finer cut M hola two fol wide In the
amldhiP but it did not sink
I arge
and tile
the barge
lafli Ki her of
wit and three Children were enoylnff
meal In tho cobln when
their k threw tb dUne to Cull floor
ho ehiick
The family n < d to the ipler
11icLOii of the lx > well low
ereni eart uu siait hout but t uss flct
inwrhh ivere
ii harm ri th el liii t ti th cy t iumuuch the craft
hot daiii igri
tlAY of an Hour the
ftarl Ut the river on her way to
ough It OnlY got out of tVankrirptoy
In prll lit the ltrownKt mlnK Con
Jnctuii ColoranT of No 13 Hroad
street eeit IntO receiversi hands again
rirady Judse Jimlsh In tho United
ye i tS Oltrlct Court appointed llm
eix VrltandJamMJorfxtflr rcrelv
era on a petition In bankruptcy fijd ny
era ci elltor Tho tin Iitit Claims of
wentyone cr I It ore amount to I7
Jho tffccjvcrs wen directed toconUntie
ihi VJtinw to prevent revocation of
he dock leueA iby the cjtv
Tne company huls dirt Jtono and
ion fii niitin a and dumps It
can be done easily
quickly and at a
saving of time and
11 DiiyBr ii
jo understand wfay Marguerite tall in
let tu with him
is ut gri Mrruriie
but she Is a Hitl factbry one he
knows tho routine ot the prf and rti
It YeII within Conventional lhriu Her
slnglmt li pleading nlthcruch oicc 6r4
twice last night die eecriicd akWr oft
th key
TaJibe make an excellent Uruder
In JlhnMrlhinim ii to Iii hail ft > luag
tiarltoriflithat dors nil he Is nk M to
ilu well nnd 1 fullof promt v > t iruat
or tilings to come
Tie chorust i cihiy iiit rnln to
AuprtMClrX ceiljr la csccllfliit The
Vii Ia nf TtonCM iio ace ii a of lie fhtrd
apt h alluring Tlie soft roe lIg hit
tlirouh the fofcat BharnH butire the
1 iilii r eaoi a hun I ii L sa iii iil is
itiin u ithi
I I is 1 I ltgi 11 iumi Iiu tcih iuy lila It erlirti
ihlltM well iLul l U tttts i
I lll so for ft hlfci Ian Jiijhl in
the inovltiH panonnrta Is ivIfdcm
Ciunpalilnj rundu tcd whUi huts uiiUI
skhh lit sTJ It itt t
> MaryOtnlon ij gettlnjr over her at
tnck of bronchitis the dtxiHjrs cay but
fibf Will not bo numciwntlj ratOreI tsp
health to sing next Friday Consequent
ly the production Hf ChanflUHerji
MI Ml e is a Itt hi poitpnncsl his time
to Jan 3 Alianwhlle ih hun Onrden will
BO to thntlc City to lecupcraje
Vr iinmmemilni plans tuict more
aru upset Inxtijd of IxOulse on Frl
aVi Ii vl h I lIres ii t VrriHx Maflked
Hall with Huns de CUneron xena
lellii SarmnUrtit and Arlrnqndl At
npvt Saturday nights jtopular nerfbrm
ancr tho bill will bo Rlgolctto In
ilI > Cc of Kmanl with Zeppllll I ijI
Mintmarco nnd Ulllbcri In tho emit
Thats he Question Tiich Is Now
Agitating the Right Little Tight
Little British Isles
The Irish retain seed has long been
regarded as tho finest In the world but
of late years tho hrig his Ii ii ruth Scotch
iproditct haa
advanced so much In faVor
that oday tho three provinces are In I
the mldn of n dlncuaslon which for the
time han iilmoit swamped the Irh
To settle It for once ana for all a I
number of ivallknifivn
two Mow York Irish
men pnrpo to luvo expert judges
bully decide which Is the superior
t ui l I t a LOu I ii t Panned Hr
i > nlr for tho Irish j
1 P WltUlinion the Iriuli expert
who I I h IiOi aflcr tfl < i I rich so
1ls 1i y
ThP IrIsh netl ln n good today
ever If nnt better Them < only
iIacd Joijpt tli real thing and mint on Iii
I r la miii t p mC ° Ur PoU to ii cn nit
t hi world
t WABftlVOTOV Uet iVrank Ji
Hency cpeolat eouncel of the Depart
ment of 1 itoh Ice who has been prose
cuting land frnud ft Oregon and oilier
wirti of the SVsi is In Wanhlngton
tidyIng accompanied Attorncylltntnil
Ronapsrlv fnmi Chicago He convicted
Sfiwtora Mltc7ll itnd Williamson In
Orrgon nnd he will return Jan U to
continue thft llplit ngalnst the other dej
fendintw Mr Heney took luncheon
wIt e l1rahdpni
L atwukrWY
r id on Depot t i rom 1 to 53000
rnoupTLY tjfj THE rlnsr DUstucss OAY
pU0TCg rnox oun orpasitctns roll THC
I Tii MCNcANTiLc rlTeRiitAtA
1 a Hour 9 AM lo 3OFM
Cmiiher AI Cnlilcr I
1 N V for 1JtU 61 hlh AtdiHch
11i Trtntws hswoioCIaie4e dnuenj
testx monlhi cnilmc Jin t I DOS onall < i
ioht3tiitIItthereIO und rl6 byUwi at
tbe r6UR PER4T
iirnrniinu ym frnm
5 T0 3SOOO
tt0lhl nrdu 4HS w beLt Jin 10 wIll
draw Inlciot train Jan I
vniiAii rnisiNGcn lreaidint
JAMns U WANp IXn Tnitirrr
l 7
K COII aiiuuHT AXn riirA ix
iheTrualTha ordred hiteeat rod
lied in U i o ltor entllluO li rtto Jonr
1 JUW t ttieraIe or
uiwt uiulunlujpoilu inuuo tit ur battle
Juuj 111 will ilrn Inuroii rom Jaar I <
AcrtiuiitK can lie uptiiinl an >
I epiit iiiul In sosh
jon > fr iitihVoin SffffUry
th AII i t
ThftTrutlo hv ordered lateruftt at tho
rttto uf
por nnnum IC btnali to dcpoittor on snd
lr January llllion all turns off F1 and
UtIftn icctliuuwhlch hAve rrnmliind on d
Ixiilt 0ruha ibra or iU raonthn findliu
llecemlirr il it 1WIT In Sirjrtl ni < WIth
iMr byIivr and rUIC > < > f Ltieba4k3tOny
dpr > Att < l on or bafor Jiuiiiar bib will
drw iiltrOt from Jannnry l l > i I
iIiltT tI4u4hut lridnt
tAYI1R 8nricry
tu1u bCHOOI CIWL ADisCilIt mtt tat
coniuleU coufM If f nrollrd Wforo JJ1 1
r 85ac
DIAMONC watcneatrasy irxnucnteI coli
jJ muf > r pm nuih caiii KAOLJ
DlAMONp WxTClt CO l < M id Blta fc
reaIfloIidatIaris i
Wenwllf deliver up to iChrljtnws cvI
any piano you miiy select NOIC our
yoooo UprIght > Kimbill Piano
iiy f iqo00
Soldit J5oodovnind > ioo we Uy
21OOOUprIht ltradbury Piaro
only 5OOO
Sold it J300 down and 7Sc weekly
Brand new 27500 Remington I
Upright Piano onlyU f 17300 i
Sofdat SSOO down inddtOptweekly
Brand new 225oo Clifton
Piano only Jf 155DO
Sold at 5o down and i0Qweekly t
< 8oooo brand new Upright
Mayer Piano only f4SOOO
Sold at 1500 down and7300 weekly
30000 Mason Ifamlln two
t manual Organ suitable for I
churches or lodge rooms
> < fhly fOOOO
Sold at500 down and llOO weekly
12500 Wilcox WhiteParlor
Organ only 46OQ i
Sold at 200down and Soc weekly 1
7iOO Lecky parlor Organ
only v iSOOO I
Sold at 200 down and Soc weekly
AVe have a large assortment of I
Square Pianos such is
Chlckerlng Iverson Woreej
ter Bradbury fSSOt
Sold at 200 down and 50c weekly
Everything warranted Be sure and
come to us before goIng elsewhere
Open evenings
The GrandUnion Gbrhjiany
hit T t A fthi Si Tel 4O3Oramroy I
The Finest of
Clothing W JE
H arifl Furs
for Men and Women
On > the most easy 1
Plan in theseountryf
i No reference or securItyrequlred
nolnvestlgatlons or deliveries made
make your purchase pay your tint
deposit and take the goods along
with you and pay at your own con
verilence Lenox
Ming Co 1
3 StXIhAflC2V l7tkSL
t Z4i IiirdAslfr 124IhSt
8S4CoiumbLsAv nrlO4tkSLk
1L ± J I
I Autos il i ttoalliYfiMa
liMarihQtChivfS ofnnZ fwi vCt
I i uii virrtV
t G1 Corhiti seot ThomsiJflyeri4uaa
bouts sndi TourIng o4eso pioe
row IS Iio Oldsmobile Tourln j
IltxInlerI Iltunabout 0rTouflflg73Q
it 100 jtnSCTiArit0t t4O 1m
uoven uryPX it04 steo ImportM
fltx9uet to aOjO janhuart4iMsv4
Iohltricii11 lteniuiiiti flOfto3
O1WTaICioAJiOii1artfOrtaLQtoTi 500
IAi4o JLSaktr 1ecrto w
tatteriCi raaWInton IArtsteMeStbeoiJ
niMhl MI Y oihr unusual o pAnunlllM
auicaU iritcticatt > eCiC reilxtlmas
BsraIfl Tr4Ioet fleI000ItXtIiil CIMI
tlIe elte4tt
I ii4 so i tosioo tputj
ctaAI large assortment NawTttcczi
lronctWLyiUmrnOth Aito
to 45 est nel I3odwuy
r ri
400 tud OF OflV
anti enhiI fletbad
rThMnao UI1zvwtuot
srn 1sIinc
eekly find Moiithty Paym iits
toods gutrsbtuenn4dChiYerOdontirPCi5V4
JnCnronZI IcntlILL ucunpIOyrr re1ersflOSU
Nitionil Diimond Watch Co
1T1 iinAY muar C rthandLfir
Lfltlii D1INThrMrLr
CLoritIu1t at tIini sf rjra
I ui piartilihi N h
I Ii
i r
QnirillabtrtIp1tOlS4tofcolJr h
eltpiO0rArefePiiCl ilPCJist7
flitlsii1h it4
Cl riieotlehtidone xccttL
Am jinn Vt clijanelj m6riyjG6
3 tItltN ILLiL lldOfl
llEAUTIKUli lolltilrf i ili m6ha rinri i Z3
iZii 1IwT1 elpu lt ICoMit ceiiiplt
rtnpen1t tualiiess ciifldntni ihiA 4
IKiffW JKVtTlMV Cp > 71 JS asOI 0P1
1 i
tATCllti teifbYi fleods
r JtlPltflE1taMA I q
P l I 4 flS1IT4NPf4hh czi
t 4I
IWUT 1IiNP42 o WAU4 etE
+ t t a
fl f iJS

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