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The evening world. [volume] (New York, N.Y.) 1887-1931, December 25, 1907, Final Results Edition, Image 1

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p K six year old en fd fin
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1iit tiH sireetj ndrdtxided SanJa Gla s was afUis1owihir11 KingDls
WFi r1ds
ft l1iillhel pmWi nlhciYQqngst rwerehisUt IlesiS rsJA 11 Frances
jMY I1nie nvtheri exfro hi wasijusibij j brpl herjug sl all4i Int1J lheti
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jiJi9Id HCiaWl leditHrqughthe roorns beh eel1hint and the p rlorWliere
J hflstfmtsJre W s iiladeiiswiih presents l bn Hisvliands iandiknees and
fs4 tHinkingHtii wpiildicatch Sin laGlaus QusY atJiis vvprlCi
r JIh n itWas that iDayjddisc veredJhe tree blazing jriiefimes
f jd v ur edi aMHe prK n siand yere shpolinf lHrougjrHheopenivih
ow I
Th frightened boy loirt no lime InJ
wakening his father and mother hli
Wtle Blsters and thebig brother Mr
Moore Urtd for the street carrying
< tlje youriier children In his arms nnd
calttnr for the otliere to follow He
reacHed the strrt with his wife and
f < > ur ofhU brood only to discover that
HttleiDavldiws fnbsfng >
t Ve tiEiilckifOr Preterit
Tie OYbadiotto the street only
toXricall that a present he had boujfht
rfad > ib en tlu buhlnd He scampered
J up the long night of atalr and cntiTtd
tiburnlng apartments
j P Where Is DavldT the 1 father asked
tNo ono kne > v rAugiiat the brother
tried to get iP tho st jJsJul the heat i
nd itnfoko drove him back He came
TBjV tu gerlngfrom umkniss u
tt tufnod In r alarm of
r 9O and ladder Company Xo 1
aniurv vie burning building luIlJnw
fe 3t ladder was raited Up tills ladder
mfiKlrenmn UugairrfThe flraiiian KOI
1 i ilooros apartmnnli Th <
q uolioMiiK and tho tire waNnll
P I Almout under the Christmas
lti hreman found the unconscious
iii mmnot llttlu David itrllunllleL1thQ
ohlld In hUv nrnu Itil2 reach
r SfsTwlmlow but It wan fn posaibfer
L Chen ha nmdo for the stairway Ho I
7 had only JI5olc a tavf foo when hu fell
linqoriivlciuV from thu niiioka
Ei CSotnu Tho of llruiiicn llioin misled cillmbvd their up thv comrade taddor
but tlioy could no more get IOthh
tjmn jjUKln Cluld Kut out
i l f
Both Unconjcloui i
iJUUookcd almost suicidal when jovcril i
etl Istl d up Uio Htnlrwiiy Hn
IF > Wtne 7 way they matii cU tu reach Il u1
1 lo roi partmcntsand therettey found
> I > uf an unconscious wit the uiivon
cloiisiboy In hi arms Tha llremaii
i 1 andrboy wuro carried1 to the utrcut d
They nr > almost dead one of Iho i
Iollcoman Colbnne of the Emt TJilr
hlytlfth street station suddenly leap dj
Into Dattnllon Chief Shay II > tuIUa Thc
uncoDscIoiiH boy a nd n r1 nit nrtore hand
fd In to him and jjlvlnc whip to the
horse he started on a niad ctllop tot
Frank uKent Ratekeeper at the hos
pital w 4 p1 hai b en there R o lonif that1
l he seems to know oy ilnstlnot when
It Rtntcossaryto hurry heard tie
clatter of tho KalloplrjR horses hoofs
i nd tho rattling i busyy anjitho ratc I
were open when tha policeiian drovo1
IMP Dr Prtiry took Dusan and > th boy In
chnrcc and after several hours hard1
work Itnaa said both had a ohancoto1
t rccoy r
Aflcr Ilndlnp thc unconscious fireman
nnd boy the firemen went Ihrotich th >
Iii 1110 for othcrx who nlRht havebv n
ovcrcnuio by smoke J > o one was found
but nixt il6ort tho firemen cajno upon1
MrH ilnry lUvisan Smoke had srcped
throuKhvo Avals lnofner honio and1
nn i
sltQ hairlieenirenderod Insensible whIU
flhi xlopt She W ns treated by aiphysl
Vlun and allowed to remain at homv
i > VienuU > ts flru Viua ot lind rcontro j
iSt had about dcatroyed tho contents ofi
the Mooro Mat Tlwo win bo no Christ
tnis for tho u children In that home tor
c I
NI H dXHJGti V y Dec i3A
Churlri 15 Hutfhos I4ub wan orzanliod
heru Innt nlflit with a nienihcrrtlilp of
thirty Hrpubllcan politicians The fol
lotvInK omccra were clucled Irutlilent
J jln1CIJoch SecrctHry l > rI B
Ucittloy Trwutirer Otorto C Hhpptiord
l > afdcrs of hOt factions tlujpvty
WITO represented at tho meeting 1
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f ttS tijE IEv Nlf IfMW v 0 7 1 i
riiJ W KI Ji i UUB G Ii ettfi i
j i I Y 9 W O iR S J w s tq i
1 j i0t alf 1 tlicnU Uf U jofr IIClImo t J
ISiifeift SVw Yojrjistjrii lnliV riUfnlK iiilbbr ercl rir Vi 5 > j
i l < sgW i ft r t 2i Vaic x i Ji1 U J
0 < T V i r V1 v V ii > 1 r r iv
f I v VL v V > Jilit 1lk vj r 1 JJ
l i if i W rN ii W hfm t t 4 Ji rqj gK lfJ t
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li Ifi fi t > W
I mW mliimYINii pprm
I i i iJI L i I ill 1 I 11 I l i I rm I
A1 > M r W gi
The Annual Sullivan Dinner
Brings Cheer toiHot Who
Know Not Home
Each Guest Given Order for
New Footwear Besides
I j Pipe and maC U
More than U thousand homeless men
innd ho SWethr Ghrlslninn tnists of
HlK Tim Sillllvan at Xo 107 IJowepy
tod y 11t1IUIIbiutlll hlKROsl anil
no t successful Chrlstmax party of
Ills Tims1 career anil the ilry pleit
jint cathor < wont a Ions wny In adding
cctI the festive pi rl t6tIl
The one tiling lacking list I ecjn
tlnuoun presence of Big Tim To thA
frequent demand for n look 111
smiling face Llltlc Tlmi5ulllvnnj5 RIe
insurance thnt h > would be around later
In the day It Is the custom tthcl boss
of the Dow cry to make hut one appear
ance < tt his Annual Christmas illnn y
1 nhlllltn town and to make that
appearance brief
Ithe tried to stay hero through It
theyd tear the clothe from his baw
i explained Johnny White chairman of
tljo Committee of Arrangement
There wtro four thousand men In lln
wlfeh tho dtK > rsKnWfRyiri wn open at
11 < oclock ft was la pathetic ragged
Ifrjebut cheerfiifL Hundred of the
men In 11 hado hot eaten a satisfying
m iforwetklInd do not know when
tliey will CAI another after they il ust
tbe food furnished by Big Tim Hut
there IIsa whole lot of consolation
for thorn In th < fact that nomcbody had
thought About Uiem and j was trying to
make Chrlstmasj liee 11Ukll something
elsulhan a mockery I
Sombre Human Documcnti
Human documents In sombre tints
were the e guests of 1lgTfm Sulli
van Host of the face In the line were
weak fucen Indexes oichnraci ers fa I
cwayed A greuV moving history of
wrecked Ihso s misdirected energy hard
luck Hlavery to Inherited ladles men
tal nnd physical handicaps nd down
right t meanness lay burled In the minds
of tho men who partook of Dig Tims j
Ueforo the doors were thrown open
to the rushLltte Tim Sullivan passed
along the lino and picked out the crlpi
pies The lame the blind the epllcptlo
and i tho upon whom conrumpllon had
sot Its Indelible marke were gUen i prei
ferment They had favored places at
thololIJrtnblltlln thah I1ndtho
waller i were Instructed to piy particu
lar attention to their comfort
rill men were femvl In relays r ot GOO
They wore not allowed to slldown but
there was no disorder and no man was
compelled to leave lri IIIho hld eaten
Andifn kFlsniiftwoC tho un
foruinatea belrajcd any sign oftilndul
gence In liquor They were earnest and
l hungry and cur l In tho knowledge
that there vas plcntvjfor all comers
uurprislngty considerate
Joshed Tuxedo Waiters
Kaeh nun war sIVcn a sfico of turkey
aover J Ucci of chltVcn fblg pUto of
7 > otato ludhiICit pie and 11 the
beer or coffee or both he wanted to
drink unlimited quantities of broad
worinicrved The waltet i 1JIl by
a Broidwiy hotel i wor Puxedo cunt
andcn Incllfolnlot of goodiulurod
Joithlng from iho crowd
I Dl rcriilndsmeRI41oryeOoW
tryltoofd days when l usedto t o3
me face reslar at Uols an I never
tleancd upma chuck d Cl illdnt slve
Vne wultcr n gold watch < 1
I > rpf Jimmy Carroll and his or
vchcatra furnished the nuiHlc The iiit 1
of molody wa broken occasionally by I
the announcement tioLlha professor Ija I
4l I oriilicstra was posltlycly tho only i
orclievtrft In Kew York that would not
play the Jrry Widow waltz j
t Wionilho mcnhad culen all thoycouid
Itold Hnd woro pasad out of the ilinlli
KttHplng i li1Y39 handed a package
conlttlnln smoking and chewing to
Vacto ami a c iiipfpeaniiI1 tlckuff
calllngfor a pair C8 11i lsri shoes
iiro to bo distributed on Feb a
1 i
Shoe1 for1 All1 on Myitlc Date j
VhyUlB Tlm eUled upon tliojdate
Fcfi 0 for his annu alstrl ulton of
shoes iho has never explained 1111
fripn H Mty that An hlsthoyjfpoji 4days
donUlnlnir1 lappttncjl on 4 ce rt3hrtvi 5
thnt prompted him Iotlx that dlu and
a pair ofaiiocii In his mind1 XTsjinTT
rate every man prossntliiK one of ihu
tlckclv Isitifd today i at the Sullivan b
ro on1 tb6 IWS i IHberilvell a1
nCI ot nerylccabla shoes
I rlttlo Tim SulHvun i aa master ot
i < remonttv spent < iidbusle t day ri till
y iW > i BJ j
t V i 1 1 k 8Wi
1 p r
i Big c TJTKT ld iVaJ J t t WlfN Gwsts
at jJinMi aMa WtiitiiJigin 1 iong jlkiiJilij
1 Iliotogrnphcd for The l cnlngWrldlJya Staff Artist
I Pt i r 2 i Wl frr V > S = m > C I
I jM l 1 1 I m I t f
j J
IK III i i 1 i
m nlm i i
j b i i i i i i 1
c J L
Biggesl Stake Field Yet in
South Faced Starter
Gassidy 1
llPid I to The Ej iTilld t
OPIKAVS Dee a The Christina
> f
Ilundlcnp which carried an added value
of J1K proved nn excellent magnet of
attraction hern < ihlaaf Itmoon fully
KffK pernoni bclnjr In attcndanta In
thefeaturc event tho lar et number uf
slnrtcri cttUUCCCPI UaIIIt1tn a
stake event faced Sturttr < Qassldy iirnl
Inaamiiuh nilio work qf Ilamllcappoi <
Jlnraltin stood out fit bold relief 0
sparkling contest was Hit rvnutt
From n peculating niandpolnl tht >
event eclipsed lIt memorable
IliiUKlng of the prliy titlJI1ri1t
wcathqr was clear iinj truck RoOd
K1IIST HACK Piirwi JlOil for two
ycAroldHj lle and u half furloiiRHf
SovcruK IOC Xotler 2 toIUld oVch
wonJJY1u1ICli Ivnth Tea liear 101
UrllHeIJ15Io 1 V toJnnd 7 to 2
JieeondjInausuritlon liX G tHmlnl
ito 15 olJnnrtloi third TiiiK
lOS 35 Sabado Uofoni Friend Saln
saw Dnllii Trliro Dlci ItOMe Ixsxlns
ton l > ady Orlandol Tho Thorn Tluir
bet ThomaH CUliioUn und Lulu Fodtvr
also ran
SKCONU llAdF l1rtfhhrcc
yoArAl < U and upward lx fiirlonK
Coon 104 Notion r to 1 s lo5l1ntlJ to
5 won by u hiMitfi Hsllp Htrome lOli
J Conlln 10 101 7 to luud 3 to 1
Hccond INlil wbacczciIOSC p Kor
ntr GI 1510 i and Cto 5 tlllrd
Tlmo 11M5 Fuy llaiuliirrjiOrley 3d
Artful DodKCf llalbert Bertha 1C and
+ ulnstJonl > oTlllk
= THJIIU c rlurae W handicap
t1OL oldsiHlx furiotiM lUiyJ
ml Oj lie O VUrrlin t tnli 3t < >
and 3 to 4 won by tvo Ictislliat IVw
of Dnwn10l C ltewIQ toI 4 to f
wnd S 1o ne und Ils IManey 107
< C Koernor 5 to 2 H Ioqll 2 tJ1
UilrJ Tlnc ms iS Uivatrinn Dnm
ner Wv liane Tartar Mnjd al uran
Hwcla in Th II Evmlnir WorM
ItnyL Ii DvC K gfo111
ScaTiuiii MiiTerlnlviiilvnl iif PrvflTdcnt
Uoccv > lta place at SiiniliHiro Kill nnd
iijl iff thu tmtiloyics on the csiutc woro
11m reclplentx of Chrlmmuti turkoyv
from Mr and MrH loooavuIt
Johnny White DaW W iICII iFit Jim
WJlaon of tho HtrfistKjlvhnlnif iia r t
Ine umli Jimmy tjwlhr
Ralph it In faoil ruprelfonlpd thif
host of tho occasion In welcoming thc
outslda BUtsU These litter canio to
thoBowery h automobilesfrom Broad
way nnditho big hotels uptown Among
them WCTO Hhlnehimiyr STildo fonniji
ly DepUtjConimlssIonor of Jollct TT
automobile contingent playrd a tianta
OlRUs part by iu ft lng out caslrto nuny
ofthe dlnern wtiodookej u though tliojr
hatl pttftlqiilaf need bt lfi
Atnonp ttoae who aiildsted iUlllo
Tim I Iii voltmleur capacities wcro
j u d c Thomas Dlimccn and Vauhopu
lyim Judge uocucn atul Senator Flu
uvruld oc ucIIt1wliulUVli1fi
Sg ofld tittle1 andi all the Howery auU
CJHt slilo characUrs wcrov Oil hand
In preparing the feed llttlo Tim
InUMu twytityilva > irw < i uf beor 1M4
iiiinrlK of eoffffl 1000 poiiHdfl of turkey
ooo pounds oCclll ilntw qtmrtn
ot pbfato MftlndS IOWjplcu and a sinull
1 mountain 1l i i Jsitiiiii JiY1
feiM rck f 13t1 s
t i D C H < 1i1 Wr tl
J 1 iii i II I R I
I ql 1 j I LJ I r i U i j i j I j i
i I II IE1l I Mj m 1 I i i ill < j I I 1 t iJ I I L 11 i
i Ii C V 1 U II i r J iJ I f i 1 I v j
If jM i lim i 1 Jm >
i I r I I i i i I h 1 II f I r I n I i j i I i 11 Ij J J t o
Ftiett di ot t0KeJf fBGl jMern 0 t Dtlte
< Y < d J
a rn 1 a 11 i 91 IiU IiIcfflh1 liiE lls c
Jp giiJHtis jFn si i nsltqwe
I71Gi n l El l l
C c
yijtrry Pclmour Is IinInf il1
hoiieSt i 116 Kait Clfrhtynlnth tr < it
Ho contracted ftlo Krft > a w cllnlp
und JIM k yJlt 1Itw k Iwllhr recurrent
ljif In + II1 nuL nycn ye4Mwa uii
able to Htmko Sti the nttnoK Todi1
hu IH dellrloua aiid lives over thnv old
duy whnn ho was a powir In Tam
many Hall and thn clOiicHt friend and
contldont rtf ItlohardCrOhor HU ph >
slclaiii IniVc cl i Jirp liopo j
lr Ujimcdcll troowl him untjliye tcr
ilqt > wittn his condition bccamij so
rrou th tlh Janfway vtsji called < lf
firT consultation A i physklan 7JljtT
nurii < > n and Mr nelmoilr who was a
trained mirso pravlpu tnl r niarrJnso
two1 year UKP arc In constant UNmd
iHico upon tho told inlan
t W I6ifau
OWof the OlcitQuard
ItLawrknc ti Ddltiour Ules iiitulhpr of
tho ftw remaining jucmbor of ihBJTam
inany Old Ouartl vl av passed away
in aha ilivjn Pf hl power he wax a type
of tho Tnmnmny Ivador who hold no
bfHc but ncctimUHlTtl utolllinJ
tltnntKh 111 contmctlo 1 with politics
OelmAur Is worlti atlriittfSM tt nU i 1
ilnvtitedln ljnremnronx IIJidjh l1JH
5 andhcal UV wiujboro1 estate In Ireland nUtynluo i
VyVv V fVii1 rfi l
til 0 M frJJi1 J
i 1l 8 fti W J i
year apo and came tOiXcw York Inhis
youth Hu wlw reared liol1T Uio Kasl
SItnltl n hli young manhood became
acquainted with Ilkhard thotar A
the llFcltt twentyseven Jui married a
liirlftv Ctrnnan lrl and jlley set UR
i1tllliiil1 t dlIt ir i < n 1
He Mtlre4 on5T tTrnjrf5t business
11 lolit twentylive year ngo 111fjc
rnn to takis contracts Jits Intereati In
Uils Unit vivfv dVersltlcd und Drolltabl
pml ho kipt inoit oCthl1lrtIIitWhcri
lllchard Crokcr dropped out of Tarn
miny Hall l arry Welmotir rellnd
froni nillUci and hu sliico lived u
1QAtJ UtL >
Known as The Whisperer
U yntf wM ly knou tn < h days of
hIK Political activity an V1Iapi rlnt
I irrjVrom liin natural rLtlcvncc HU
> ajUly tokc y ccrul njailu him ril
liable to Crolcrr Ha wis a diplomat
ty IIht iilIn unobtrualvi wny
and wai ofton cUItxl ur on to soulo dU
I 1l1tc WIJ wWUBlei In tha Tammany
OI11tIH911 <
SMli allhis rotlecnce lio Wi
jfftrnul cOJnMniii a iumt hli iijUuilitug
111l per 0ifll billltll1cri1lrIJhlllr
dfi i1nI II1nIlt wai not nolloly
i i r BUrf < nl li I 111 p lllc II worh ho could
bo found ul lil lloniti
JlI iUIIW1foillid nboiil six year
aso Tho iouil hud no ciiuircn tt
iol bolmour iuIf IItlmtilltltII I1 vvri
t melt Qr wicnitipnl1 and wns nursed
lty A ywnf Brad ut r S MarV
ltvwpllil niMdil Jwin htHI mar
Vrtcd iisr til UuWoiUuWTviwr i and Uioy
t abroudoti M lr ytiWlnc tour v
1itl iJi i 1JliiNJ rx ti f t til
it Ii I it If ii fliiiY ii1 ir
= j
if J I j Ii i I if f jfl
t I i i i i I I t
I I I I l i r i i j i i m i l
J ii j lJ Lf L U I i Jt t
r 1 Iii ill 0 h r h J
GCff i 1 I L < 11 M
i I r r J
I r 1 Ii I ii i II i i f
I 1 i I r II I J I 1 i
Ii p 1 ii Ii ii 1 I i 1 r if
i i t II I I J I Ii Ii I ill I I I L g
i I I i I i I I I I
I J 1 I I n I I c
i I i I i i
i I I j i I i I ii r I
I I I I I I p I I j i ll
ww r i i a e i
bqn ltlIl Vr J lett ncl r rl f
f themssassiflati n JJjJ
fiangi et
I < 7 < nliEl mmPITZliKTtPiT1 RiA7
g qit Stem h t i ias iij t
i BecauseDetectives1 Believe SK
i i
iRears toffjglli tf iB ack > f jit
i J fJ1Ll
Hand threats
i tongsiafld nd u ilnn d J 41 h ot
arlatiy0ac bar5cr who livedI Withhis wife n th ttcpnd Jflptiiv V H
f o3JOEis1 enlyeiglilistreetI v flCviv f M
teaeto was called frpiiuifsbetiil a krioclf on llie dopf iFfe ihrew ltl
it icnan5 Was shotdown witlipiil varningi hlsjsiaycr tleeingnto h ropfi i
wliert lie vanished iThe Ayjie pf lie jmurdered man bejieyes Ihe Jiilngi 1
the rcstillyof tfeiid though wjiolier husbands enemies vere eisUri J iJ
I a ij I eosl t eo I iCt
f ruvAmlmNl mMMr
I 1m f I V q8 iD INN I B 8 m 0
2 T O I A B8m Ng
J I I c I 1 J I I 1 A i
4000 Baskets Each with
Gheer Tor Five iHanded i
ut ia Old Armory
Wllcn a thinly clad barehesdcd wom
an hoc wan face bore the stamp of
dire povertywalkedd < wnbetween two
row of whitecoated attendant and
was handed by Commander Uva Booth
a banket loaded with Ingredients for ilL
Christmas dinner for horxclf her hus
threechildren this morning
iband and 1
the annual dliirlbullon of Christmas
Basket dinner by the Salvation Army
hod begun In tho old
to tie needy poor
Sixtyninth Keslmont Armory
mil Preadoyertho sad
A l lIIleoCjoy pre i
face of the woman as she i I < cdlp
Info the faco of the Commander and as
s11 lvcl1 aol blpts you Happl
sccmtxT to raillav6 from the old
wOlnnnishll wont town the stairs
andinto 1 Ibo wlret wfth Iroclous
b Ile 1
C i lhI 1 UoSths app I rlincow3S
I rr t with a er Sat hout t > Monve
1wo In ellnnit children
t h Ilk 3mt men
bluclt of evepT creed and
white and CqZ
fhrf Christmas
nAtion vho parlooU of 111
lieer Win dlspenped Kour thousand
Vere armed wlU I ticket us U < N Innil
Vunvo 1111 varloUH pOst li rise re
malndor hnd come In tile hope that
of the four thousand l liioi i
rio 11ou ne I and there mittht be somothlns
fl t9or >
IIICi tt were n tI livepound
lOaf ot bread potatoes arid
chlckan 1It1
orl o pp Ie i ini1
turnlP ll enough for > npPl II
orange n can CIO and half a
poillld ltnch of tea anil cofff Alt thttt I
live persons could elitiu In each
I tl1 y Short aUt Food tPlenty f
fQui1 thousand dinners all
iiroaonl l food priced OOittthIJ army
f o K cli JI3W Tho four th0uan
th Idem were relatively n MiutiJ
i tlOI 1r h number of applicant1
Iru i n
dinner a great many ot yrlwm had1
ilown flrth Hanjn
lu J < > lIlrItlC 1n
thr lI3OIiol and
Cja w with thulr srvy
llal8 nf Incomo ran 1 J be
other tourCM S rIIlJ1I
ulml t11 lhurNoCnl voar ago YjiU I
I h sparing iera and them thf army
W u able Vl give < out II many dlnncfs
ji ii
Oseto worked late l fr l htlriht
barber shop He was thoroughly tlrfei
when ho got home nd ho and his wlf v
slept 11tutw th Kc They srer
rousedby n knockon thekltchen door
iF1 alt Shoti
Onelo opened thldoorl1ridAah did
the man who knocked nrcd two shota M
The tllIft shot went hlTJj second j
bullet entered Qactos head above th
13J killing him Instantly v F
After tho shooting bio assassinstartM 1
down stijlwto the street Uchear4W
some ono In tho hall below itor1i > sud
denly turmd and ran upstairs
Jpjm Frank the Jailor of Die house iI
had heard tiro nhots nd ashe stoodton t1
tho third floor he saw the assassin itllf l Vl
carrying tlip revolver running jpIti
him t t
I Frank grappled lthUlllmAnbut ii
mxis beaten off The slayer continued
i jt
up the stairs ftJnu
Arming himself Ati nan > lIbarith
Janitor pursued When he reached th i
root ittll fiouse tffe murderer hd
disappeared 1 <
Patrolman OHaro who heard th
shots colled an ambulance and then
scarolicd the roofs for the muulng <
The assassin had run i the house > at
No JM East Twentyeighth street n4 r
down through tho trapdoor on tti
roof This house had recently been
burned and only one family lived In Iti 0
I Found the Revolver
nn l
On the second floor of No t OHar
found a S2c llbro revolver with two
chambers empty The on family liv I
ing In the house sold1 thai they dldi 1
not hear INorytl going through
When OHare returned to the Oaeto
home he found another revolver fully
londodn lying on tho toil In the bed
room Front this It wsa sunnlsed thatr
tho Sarber expeetud an aHack ndh l
prcptred himself for It
Frank the fanllor ald the man WM
an Italian about thirtyfive years oktiT
and wore a cap and long overcoat
Father McCabc in the CatrnellU
Church on IZust Twcntyoihth street
heard of tho shooting and hurried to I
tlie IIOUSQ to render ustlatance to tha t
man but found that Ouolo was dead
Bonanno Mlclielo Uilrleen yiars old I
of Xo 27 Flm street ald that heihad 1II
st en the slayer runnlngr cftu of th
t ClugeHQ was detained by the pollc I i Jli
Mrs Oaeto was also detained hoI
dctojtleabeilrihe know of com
mack Hand r threat and Is afrsld to t
speak t < fit
A Arli 1
JKIKKIlSOJt r CtT Mo lfc 3 1 y I
JUSII UptfKnifu and 3am Williams l1f i
fHrmers living nefir lt kQrrlJlItf ol > 5 IW
tet 1IIfc t rI11 It f90 0
JhypiveJ Inaqimirrej J Ht niKnTanjaJUpV o0jlft f
f I C1kIII i1 Will III mi VlthQhOVe1 li
JQ DjrI1 co iHjuhderMiirrjftsb irfl
tSun dJWiwOri d Warifs iVOrW ljt I
t M hda cirnihg yidndcf i lfffff
ii11 > iiJji ljf > ilvh 1 f
1i < v i 1 > 1i j1M t Ii1 J

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