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< WORl
Champion Pedestrian Gives Valuable
Adviee to AU W1ho Care
o Join the ut
The Evening World will shortly announce the
date acd route of the first walk to be conducted by
Mr We a ton I
In cue any of the readers of The Evening World desire to begin the
exercise of walking before our plans have been completed for the regular
weekly trips there are a few things 1 wish to impress upon your mind
flFirst of all donot take the notion that you can start out and cover
five or six miles the first afternoon and then do the same thing on the
following day You should begin by walking a mile the first afternoon
On the following day you can easily go two At first you will find it
dirrrcnino restrain yourself from going further but you must adhere to
your schedule In going from Portland to Chicago recently 1 had the
greatest difficulty in holding myself down to a given distance the first
week I could easily liave gone further but knew it would tell on me in
the long run if I attempted it
> On the third d = y you hail better at
tmijit four or five mile You are co
Iss f > flnrJ your crratwt Jtscle nt
I Utc enJ of Ut i miles your > will
I jf t heavy and pcrhioi > our ealvci
Jlj lxcome numb yon will feel horribly
YL tlred J y4 wl b < 111 < 0 Imarino itt
I one of your hips or the bones In your
foot arc dislocated You will think It
Impossible to iTi > ceeO nnothcr nlop
Thnt will b the n ami practically
the only teat to your nerve Yoil must
Mlclc to It nt all co U and plod alonff
OoVt tfvo up No plucky man or boy
jMiJrhiJtIwant o give thl aJvlco to
tho e who are Inclined v > ba a bit
wobbly In their determination
Mutt Fight It Offr
I have loao iliroiiKliwlth It on evr < ry
walk I take when the distance I more
than six miles When you luvvo foujrht
oft that fecllns for a halt hour you1 will
i i so feel i ortnble You will rot
i your vecond wln < J and you can proceed
to the end of your Journey at a nice
clip Now remember this for the feel
1 o Kearlnem will certainly come
OVOT you It never falU
But b < fbr stArtinc on Ion walks the
altImportant thine la the preliminary
care of tha feet You should bathe
your feet In alt water for five or tn
minutes before retiring and be aure to
see that the water washes well between
jl the too Qo to iome feed stor or
< irroccry tor and buy a small suck of
common rock aalt TaJce coffee cup
I fullof this andtdtiuolve It In n quart of
boiling water When It la thoroughly
dlrsohcd add nvs quarts of water so
Uiat you will have about ilx quarts
fc llathe your feet bi this before retiring
and Jn the mijcnlns 1C la what ti often
called plcfyln the feet and It pn
ji vru cortnb < tween the toea Cius jl
trt m the fever which arl i through
1 It Ihe rubblncof the toe ntalnit each
It you will follow this treatment of
Forecaster Spangler Says New
York Will < GcrUp in
Either 1 > M In mine to be mlichty
hard yonr In fact the httrdt year we1
evrr hnd and Incidentally the last
year tny of us will ever have or else
MrT l < ee J Bpaiu er the rfftod fore
v i caster and fcoroscopar of York Pa
has iv liver that > M ahould hvo looked
Into rlxht away
For Mr Bpan ler lai certnlnly looV
Ina throuuch a las darkly Accord
tins to hU latrot atxl newest prophecy
the eivjl of Uie world wilt come Borne
brlffht Hunday next December In the
m anifnlle there will tfe a rffli Inter
eaftfnc events from time to time Junt
tok pUhe populac tlrrod up > uch its
I the ideatiuctlon at New York presiTmv
iably < by nc ndthe sinking of lioton
which coUutrophe will no doubt In
roTvVMayor HoneyTMi
lorn More Calamities
5 All Vt rlv ni will dry up the fUh
In th jvill dM and the Unit
atavt tf sury will shut up vhop
Other eWJiu too nuowrousi to rrmn
ikon wlU lxiaonatanUy ooourrlncr In all
lihrM rln srou Uio elivatod stake and
upon tti hlY > podrotno oojicoura noi to
mntUMi UiaJmctULirerls tent and > eh hal
of ourloM
ilr MpwMrler olalmn crprtlt foropre
dloUnaT thai IJttlllmoro Are the BAD
MHasiliMiQoiii Ooo or twice h IdtUd
offU > MCMrwUi a bomb but the past
J p rfotti > Jic s dope want wronx some
th way v th Csnr Is still a one best
1j b t In aawta lnatlon clrolca
K kxnn time a u Mr 8jxinrlerlimf4
asUit m nt In whloh ha clawed that
tbJ > iUnttsd 8tJUM wouditfp to war and
th y wouldb Notorious that they
1 ride th la
and lie aaprCTno on the lilah waters
Mid that all the nations would bo In
volv d In th oomlns war Th mov
if th rul fri m Hantptoni ntMuli
the fett curafully you will never hltve
corns whether you b a p dR trl n or
not Of course you must have ho
that fit your feot comfortably TheJ
muit be Irons and at the fame time
the upper muu bo reoxonibly aqft
Eat a Fair Breakfast
The nuostlon of diet U not of irreat
Irportatjoe unless youattempt n walk
of twentyfive miles or more A llcht
breakfast connIittnK of fruit coffee and
r ir with breo1 and butter will uf
flcc It puld also be aUvable to eat
Prtjnos in they nrc a pood laxntlve
Kcturnlnr from a long walk do not
eat n much aa JQU would like ai It
mfcrht injure your itotnacli Alwayti
leae the table before your appetite Is
satlsniM What you eit
little difference provided that
iyou do not eat > irrc cruit from
pastry uch as the ei < J of pies
When I twsln to feel a little fatipue
I flnd I can rest myself considerably
by riacpinR acro tho road By
wnlktng In one rut 1 the time Jt mlcht
b that the musclo on ono W nra not
broUKht Into play ILK they ihoutd be
It would ba Impossible for me to walk
fifty mile on a circular truck by KOlnt
In the fame direction all the time Af
ter eolnir a tow mllcj I olnaya re
verse mywlf and walk the other wny
for a while ao ai to keep tlra muscles
on both lde worklne evenly
I tiavenevor been abla to understand
how the tlxday bicycle rlderu can go all
that dlt ca in one direction I often
wotwlcr Tat one cMc of thorn doo
hot Ive way undor the utraln and be
come paralyieJi But then I suppose
they arc trained Umt way and their
muscles feet accordingly It would be
Imrxxislblo to do that In long distance
AVhen you have iprogresaed far enough
to plan long walks nt thirty miles or
more you will have to pay more at
tention tothe Ulet especially on the
road but I will toll you more about
that later on
Any reader of The Uvenln World
Is welcome to any information I can
give Jn the art of walKtn I will be
glad to answer any questions lent
to me
watchtmr IU movement with great In
> Jutt Read tha Lltt
The following la hia laUat bulletin
Th End of the World This world
ivtll ooono to an ejid in wlnUir in the
end of Uie nxinUi of December on a
Sunday in the yoar IMS Heaven and
earth will pruts away Nlntuen hun
dred and oKtt will be a y kr of trou
ble such a was never knownHx > for
Nutlon iihall rls mtoJiiBt nation
KlngUoni Khali rUe aealnst kingdom
Dicru nlxill t > fumlnoa uvl posUlencua
ami oarthquukea 1
lllver will dry up
Tha drtj of Uie ca will die
TJio ea will boll up wlUi < a great
TOo cities ofthe natlonji will fall
Mountains will not be found
Inlands Will POM away
The city of Uol m vrllKalnk
New York will go up In smote
Poople will lleo to Uie mountains
Tho land will dry up to g t ready for
The crops win falland prosperity will
The banibi will ke j onfyfalllnir This
cannot b Btot > ped7 i
Itoos vot will getrM oftall hia money
Tho Treasury will go dry
People will carry thejrmoney In their
pockets and hlde trTn tliolr hounea
Trouble From Gold
iFamllles will atcal It from one an
other Till Is tha gold that is piled Un
for the last dayn Thin irold will nu
In your Dockets It will give you moro
trouble than gooo
onranlxaUona will come under
onnhend and rulo tho land
There will be great wmth among the
people Hatred killing one another
hnnelng themselves and chlldrvn will
rlae ngaliisit tliolr parents two acralnnt
three and three otfulniU two mother
All pJMru that are written In the
> Dlble will be brought forth The land
will b4 fill of iccrroRB crickets nd
oousts Whosoever will be stung of
these loaustH will die
There will be nlgnx In the sun In the
moon and In the stars L
In the end of time th i un will be
bin ok and the land will W In dark
ness T5X nioon will fota biood th
lstvr wilt toll find tho heavens will b
i h kon This coming summer und fall
thaelect tji Svlnts will h x
Wether lFpr nto Jewin shall the
KotlMirlngJUe The brldo la getting
I roady to me t Jesus the Brlrtfirronm
andw twlll beiehat ttllnthe twinkling
of wi yo and me the l rd In the
< fn PETKRsniiua rvo A at
patch from UnimUh In Pornlan Arme
nia whloh wn brought out by n dc
tachment of UniMso troops Miitr thitl
far the last eight days that lown Imr
been entirely surrounded nd i olite
hy blinds of Kurdl h rnlder who iy
of loaded oinfcli fo tho
A caravan escorted by tho Himnln ol
the rKU lnn Consulate at UrumlMi
whlehiiwuai the Hrst to got throbiritr wnj
attacked by fifty ibandlts > Tho robber
were rapulied muny of them b lnn
killed or wounded CV > mptelr nnnrrhy
prevallr at Urumlah Uu h Is plan
ning to ittjangthen the oon3Ulit gutril
th re but K < 1 declared In St Peters
hat tha tlmt for aotu l lalsrv n
Evening World Walking Glub
Address i
ajk Pill in this couponand send to
i care of THE EVENING WORLD Mr Weston will be glad to
answer any questions pertaining to walking
Medical Roddys Counsel
Gives Up Post After
Seven Years Work
Jtwaaannouncod today that Champe
8 Andrews had retimed iua chief coun
snl for the Jfow York County Medical
Society ufljr wnlnic In tliatcapjulty
seven years The resignation whloh
was trndorrd several wcclu ngo and
accepted Ust week will take effect
Jan 1
To succ l Mr Andrews Emery C
Vellcft of No S7 Liberty streot and1
Phillip 3 McCook of Ko IS Wlllliun
street young lawyers are being men
tioned Both hnve hAd experience In
pushlns ciues for the Medical Bociety
In the courts
It was dfnled today that any per
sonal grounds were at tho back of Mr
Androwas retirement from Uie legal
staff of the Medical Society To an
KvenlnB World reporter he said
1 felt thatTjrepdertil the society the
highest sorvlceil coild hope to render It
when last y ar throiiKhmy efforts th
IJcclslnture pftucd the law which do
finca properly thu lecil a pects of the
prAO < lce of th medloiil iirofoslon Un
ilor this mw the work of my otllce be
come largely routine lnAf the law
clearly nxea tho smtua of the prosocu
jtion and thedeferife in almost every
Itiiarliiablt ca
Dr J Jllddlc pofr l > rt Jdtrnt of tU
izoclcty spaie Jn high tormsi of the
work of Mr Andrcwa and said his
icrnil rotrrcU jMr AndrBWK hn jifri
prominent ln all iof0ie cxlenBlvo fUrhts
mnd by tte Medical Society acnlnsl
clan < 1 5 < ln Vror jimllcensedi prnctltloncrs
A Bruised Nose
or mark JFHe cp nfortaBleBy
glass siHat yp > rit tU lfepincH
istHexcSie triat iis fittecl witK itrje
iJoUlOnly i Oiit FourSiorn
ttttJ Araeti
K t < llon > fnim > Thi
> lernrWi > n t H
1 KorVli L6 Tou So
3 Miilriia
ft Vot cn j
> n < iljf > in < C j
N True l < nvhK Wife
iiisilV Cavalier V
iilOM irry VIJu > ValUi
2 lo O r to Church io
1 1 Cllmbln
l n i y
15 Thera Com
if cti JP plr i p t i
SO Wont You VnlU Homri
S v l Hwv
< r < iw Old
2 lOlorW iWoriii Jay AVltlt
Milm inlfivf wlth
KlWn Trrmb6ne
W8 ni Antonio
S Marlulcl > lo ri at Co
IS StiiiWa a drancl ibid
liAViint Kaihion iM ni
git OiwHlnl To Any ilorn
K3jntsmil s WalixV
ldCh rrir
34 ilXiwn l ttie Old Chrrr
Orth nl
A Miny the Tlmr
37 rawncoi i
asJftgUthfrnVOIrli V
toMMi MB ixwh A ihqi
41 Any Time Tour I aan
41 Th iW I O t la Much
Oblliwt to Tou Olr <
llflilml h Counter
41 TttVo Jlc back to N
Vcfk Town
4t itr l iliurHp < v > ny 8am
Tlia Cllrl Who Thrrw JfV
< n gonttkvijra Walllni f <
4T 1ifn the Hrart laiHad
4S Th Hrart Tou Ixwt Is
M > l > irl = tJ
At mi Hu Aiuwtr noo Ooo
f > als Victoria 1
A3 Dffit kt Marrlnl Any
tcriaM VU V
lllill ta I
In tno l atK Miy li
M lUimtllns Itoifi IMI1II
SH TJie Jlmnlft Ulll > j
liner ttlllll Llnloiii
61 I Itatrnl ToU Mj Vnin
tNo > v c1n
if ffl r
31 < I > t IVrt
HI t JIM jty Ixno lni n i
At All the James Butler Inc Stores
In return for the magnificent patronage ourstores have had
durTne the ho Way sciion surpassing that of all previous years
we will giNeLOUtSwE S H aPAMPS absolutely FRBE
with all purchases of 10 cents or more for the remainder of the
week jriccs and spiciah remain the same the lowest possible
anclthcbest value to be had viz
s Brodk Prinit Butter
Fanciest quality ofCreamery Butter in cUari in v
canons diist and o orproof pound print k
BOJStarhpstPreeiowith 4lb
60StampsyFree wihMllb
SOJStarripsilrtree wlih 1 nlbi iocestJSoiiij Teijs > J5c
iSfornpsiRree > vjth sllb Crioicest NoZfTeo 25c
20Sj mpsjprJe ith lbi
iihiTfi lb CHojicciit jyVnrncnjbo Coffee 20C
b fCiiojccit Snritos Coffee < rili
Tolsli I
m purchatseithisvweefc Vp rcnu
rba5 ortKpv r Qc4g0
Zitbestiiimpo tedi for 3jpNCJ VW V
ikswcek Total
11 I Turchaa
rrr fr > 5i ir5 < llr fi
Teosj wortH 5Wior 5M g
ASp rmsr Manianlta Brand
Californias choicest con
Ap irS Tips Hudson > fogc
oelebrited Oyster Bay cam
QUrt r cuUi
w amPt teor Tort
Bchuyler Brands choicest dry pock
fST Tork State In large tf
< Be Essie Brand with or
ithout tomato auce larx
SouiekciperiiBrand with or with
i out tomat sauce larse can J
m > filivn CHJ1
American d
irt v
marrowfats cn
< lldl Ally i yr T
Imported Chmmpagnes
vxj iu i i J
l PI iiifli
wl tereput tlofi
C Marcyandiliiiger Belalre gbjtii
l iCpiii fanipiis Iriipbrti
tfpn by ithenbottlevj >
Qlraldiil SHeYry jiSolsuj or
1 rich fullblooded dinner
Cutllloliiort eibiiieiyititigc rjcii1
lindiifrjiltyi Lsoj
anij iby thV K
Yrbi Alib p6iitOj very
ibid riclr nd iruily
itjottie f vvv >
rlnarlmii nei E sle Blpd sweet
InS tender with the garden i
vi w Brand
Vreen andHendor 2ciuis 35
Shleld Brand choice quality
Brand cholciit
lima beans and au nr corn j3c
can i
OrmVnde Castle Brand Qe
choice quality can
Uslc IruchcfHncy Callage
fornln In hcavj ayrup >
v lv Ullcrd Veitchem Fancy Call
forma ced In 1V4 cans
rm T yrup arxei SCTi
e CaJi 20C
fornla fni I > P Uw V
Monogram Whiskey
The old reliable blend of the best
American whiskeys mikes
frfends everywhere bottle
Sir 3johnuPowers Irish
rThe imous Three Swallow Dublin
1 Pot still pure buley malt
Imported direct i bottle
Kingussie Scotch
Old mellow blend o Highland whlsi
keys direct importation
special holiday prlcebottle
Francisco el Cies
Genuine Imported Champagne Co
nac nothlnj finer to be had the
Ideal after dinner llqutur
Special Reserve Rye
Butlers from Very choice old private
stockarj e treat ery special hoi
Hunter or Wilson
Dlrect4romh Distlllsryj J
U bottling i bottle <
Imperial WhisHey i
Greafest value ecroiTeiedtn astralcht
liquor free from all Im ie
purltlej bottle > UC
Gallon a ft AfV I1 G
Superior Gini
Exlia choice Old Tom or Hoi rjf
botll < r S > C
Geneva Gin
Old Holland th Rimilnj
Schiedam quare botle
Superior Rum
ExTra cliolec Jmulca or New jy
England AUdford bottle DC1
Best selected sound and meajy
Sp nsh TTable Rjj Flgs Smyrni layers arge
tcris ithfi finest nu i meaty Ind extra chplee
ftvlt grown and Iniported Ib i V vfiV
hTable 5RXlsini7JSLbhdbh liyers sweet and dillclousj lnbee <
jCilifornlis choicest frult i iTc hlwbisicets eicH >
iFard1 potcs BIue Ribbon new
maty and delicious Jruif
U riew ifrultj Urge pack
vv e iftJcatrrBliie Jilbbpn jmadc
JCC r > from rest Irigredlinjs and >
tciirrint yBlueRlbbon clean i p
Jelly il
New MIx eaHlJuts New VValnuls
jfhc Intw crbpl JM sweet and r
sound > Hbr
m miil
ea orEge Ilum flnheavy 9J
or K
rich syrupUrKe5iHi cans <
Urand large
le i cs r > ivjtj > nn
M ttsi iln rlch hcttvy syfSP 28C
larsojiH i JMV
New Torkj State
nyrup Jarge 2i can
i < mMrtom t
Ji jBi Sqperior Extra choice Calr
I ifprnUJJcrapetwlhe
pfirst fesslnp rBj
frape i
jViBy Superior Extra icHbjce tnd
rrrvMrne BrnmljrSciected jfrqm
Jtlc >
on Arti
JiiB iC lce rTjKe ppptilir flffj
by the VA > i
i jiB Blue Dla morid f by i He jj
Pride of StLouis Brand
Barrel 595
Smoked Shoulders
j ijulcjrfahdijifioijrlshtnj iPSjfectlj
j cuiFcdiU1iupcctedandvAili
pissed4 to 6 flbi In hCI
E neiess Bacon
siy i
Apples uff
Choicest iBaldwinsi iiJe beit jittr
Ripples <
1 Oranges
ji Sweet ripe yind julcyLilnllthreij
r rctXnicH nmixcd Abl trtJtt
fqrthe hlldren g6 ilo ilcandy
rGreitiHolldiyJSpeciiU titheimn
i ip7ecedentedlyloWprIceo
Jams Marmalades
Blue Ritiboin pre wliple fnrtt
i ladM l finestimj > 6ttedir
tiuffr tttn
cr V y f w
Jsilronr the i ftr1 fqf fhs
ifimpus Groimc Spring I pjdest
rhpst lieilthful and refreshln I
dofc ibottles fiJ5 bbti I
RobbtHW wordi

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