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The evening world. [volume] (New York, N.Y.) 1887-1931, December 27, 1907, Final Results Edition, Image 1

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l2 rS 5IS r vff i l m mj via iX > k < im
iwamp Murder ° iXJil i
r JT t fell
Y tnooJr niITriirnt < r onlcli i
V i c T JM
o2 BboJts Open i
Lv j JJ
Mrs llcllmann Enjoyed Ihi
fi Fun Until She Found to
Whom Clothes Belonged
Great Rejoicing When News o
JjHr ItGels About AmiHigh
r Rent Movement Spreads
In thft hah Kins ° f an obnoxious land
lord rt cfiitfy ymo of th people on tli
east jsldo this afternoon thowrcd theli
aMittid resardfnK thtt mammott
striko ajralnst WeU ts which th <
tenement < lwriter ot the moit clowly
densely Inhablteil ectlonof the world
The mock jyaehlnp took pUceln from
ot the tall houm nt No JIS Ctitrry street
eRs toT iiiiwlunmCRiUT of tjre revoll
miiliul thn sy t n ItrS Sarat
llelfhian tepi ntwai making an 1m
iaiurlon 4 irpeccU In Yiddish to a blc
excited audicnc when four Ixjys camt
running ut of the fronf door bcarins a
hastily constructed dummy
About a foundation of bandone < l beO
ticking the b jyi < had hVlchM an old
coat and ras ed frtir pfjtrou cr They
nwunfed It wfth a false fncs and an
old hat The crowd shrieked Intpiee at
the slKllt j
2000 Enjoythe Fun
TVIth a rope tho executioners tried
first to Uins t e dummy frrnn a lamp
post but tho tope kept slipping UIK
finally they swuiiK tho efflsy from an
rori iook in alall wooden fen When
VUi crowd liad srown tlroil of tiootlnj
end Jecrlns the danellmr lB > ir the boys
two it down and proccftied to kick U
about ilic jtriHt while 2WO men and
tfomcn applauded
> ir IKtauvn cherretl louder than
anybody Until she happened to remem
iberthat tlioirunnonts whlch clothed the
bod ticking form bolotixBjto ono of
her IcHlRcra who had loaned them for
tho occasion
The crowd srow sp blr and so dis
orderly that the police reserves had < jo
clear theStrecU J
One Landlord Civet In
There was rejoicing all over tho east
aJdo when Uio new upre d tint ilrst
blood Juul been scored in th unique
Cheered1 by the report of the favor
> ablo result of the otwnlue klnnl S Ui
binds of younr men all urdant Social
ists who are nixldng arnou > a to houia
c nvssa > forthe L < wcr Iteot propaganda
redoubled their efforts U wus predicted
that within threo days the number of
volunteers enrolled for thlssslrinite in
jdustrlal struesle would > numbw u Into
IhoriundreSsToC thousands
T irom tho Ki hlh Assembly District
where It bccun tha light la to bo cx
tendcistomoiTow to the Second lh
JUrth ottd tlta Sixth districts In ad
dtlion to the houswi vbereftjie Recall U
ir nl orv trlko yesterday or last
ltrit tha dve3l rs in liouscs at thesa
ddrcss < is aJso refused tiio Jlo dlords
demands today No 10j Hhllnsln
striot IBSlrtJantlil Btantbn atrcetj
H Norfolk street S3 Allen ilreet 21 li
jjjQjgj strrast lSJ AllenalrecU
107 i orsythi atroat SSI1 Jlonrou street
US Monroe street and S3 Mudtsoii
Qrt tiR Jpjclnfl Over tho News J
waa Ottinitttnat the rst victory
sbouldb jf inodln tho house v litre thu
r volt actually tstartid At 10 ircloctc
tUls monillig IJr J Vuiserinadd of Nti
74 lUytrnton streM lesnue of the btc
doubledecker tenement at Noa 3iu
Btanton street lnnc l iBH Jtaxreem < fo
pltdcluEr hlmsolf toiriHltio tberutei on
11 his IU1 JI a month ditliiK irom
Jan 1 l 0a provldlnguho tonanis would
par him nsjpunctually HSpyjaiblo This
meant a restoration to the dsures lu
ffoct prior to last December
ThoiWoniMt of ithe house lojby their
champion suvertte nyarold Corliella
ArJtln had a Jolllpcation when word of
their landlord s1 surrender wsis brouc t
toithonu ThofBWasjftUQa lot of che r
< iuirL at jth SSoclallst lead < uartur in
< idrand street whers te nghj Is being
> OWn rs andiI < < s eciinreVlilnly appre
licnslvoovor the momentum and pro
portion of UiOiStrike 6f lli teimnts
A monster pnrado tiirouKli en t Wc
r street j > oxl wte k Is be K planned by
th Btrikos They wlI apply io coin
miiiloner ninfehnin for n permit and1
f itJttls rrant tlt will be unltitlc pro
coMlon Fully onehalf of Uio WfXO pn
raders wllb Women and nearly cvtry
Winged Beauties Liberated t <
Delight Guests Crushed
by Dancers
Coining Out Ball of Philadel
phia Girl Rivals Fairy
land inWonders
lo Th Evrninc tVotU1
1lHUVUKlPHIA Dec Klflcer
humjred bUtterlHm tKautlfUl winced
creatures of all the colon of tbe rain
bow were tacriflccd lat nlcht to adJ
noxtUy tota debutante ball The poor
Harmless little liven uerc cntxhed out
under the fet of the dancers and shrlv
< lM up in the burning glare of arc
IlchU at Horticultural Hall whll
1blUdelphla society which boasts th
bluest of bluo blood npplniltleOjand pro
uounceJ I perfectly lovely
James V IAU r arranced the ball
In isonor of the < Jriit of Ms daitjchttr
illu Mary Astor Paul The Immensi
hallwaab nked nd trimmed wltliflow
ers Fountains ofv perfumed watt
park te < lirndt twltifiied in the ubdueC
JnUiig of jilftltiRc SoK J llchtn
Cloud of Bilitterflles
At 130 tbU mornlnirv at he V > > rue > ti
were dnnclnfC to waltz music hunilrfdi
of gorgeou y spotted butterflies Im
potted from South America and the
West Indie were released at the four
camera of tho hall Th beautiful n
ecl fluttered out In clouds then scat
tercfl dartlnc here > and thero inonK ti
ilower andi soft IfKnta nod addlns tc
tho tropical b iuty of the j ne the
tlnal cohvincinc falollko touch
U was corny It o KunTtse Th
dancer halteil1 tKe mtwic died away
Men clapped their hands and wom c
cried out In pleased admiration Mr
llall whose Ingenuity ea a contriver ol
spectacular tffcU t matter ot rec
ord In Philadelphia ocloty wo over
Whcimcd with comrratulatlons He took
thorn with the modesty brflttine a man
whohad p nt tlWO fofrthe pUrgQae
oT creitinir UUs vcrv iiuuon
The foolish buttcrtlles followlns the
bent of their kind made for the lights
ifwrtthey had been liberated IromHhe
dark prisons They hunB In clustcrsfo
tho axleas bticonjas lilacs ro and
ferns that formcdicushionsfbr the walls
and depended In irraceful streamers
rjomjtj iciilinB They died > as they
ciun now rs or they dashed
putjhtlr fiebiellves in frantic charges
upon jStt lights and their crumpled
faded iiiiK dropped undor Hie foot
of the dnncers below or into the bouil
lon champagne or food of the gueit
dinlnjat small tables in the foyer
XiFrench Garden
Thel llroom > of HorticulturaMrall In
Its natural atat a fpom of consld rablft
beauty was transformed for tho Buf
t rflic Balllnto an exact replica of a
FrenohiKarden oMheLoulsSeixeiporloa
A raallj rmy bfnartluaut nvrked for
days under Uaidlrncllonior the rich and
resourceful Xr Iiul In itftcctliif the
Sixteen boxes fashioned of planter of
Wri llhpd with pln < velvet and faced
KlUi pfaster cosls were terrace aloni
the two lon T Id U of Uio hall Tne
ilcpi Icaillnif to Uio boxes were carputcd
will antlquei prayel ruifs of fabulous
cost Tio wldu VtalrwaValcarpctod wlth
red VeTvet audcanoplodnby smllax and1
ronoi led from the main Uanclne floor
to the balcony
The prevnlltns Cfilor schema was
pink In the tnatse of xrr ii ry ant
nowers that hid tlc walls the plllufa
and the alagu ImndrvUs of small elrc
ttlc llstits were placed In the d c
orntlve scliemu SOW n w pnk roies
called the Wldmorf fvlilcli huvo been
In cultivation forinlriolycarji ere u ed
TliUUiu rti oua Uirs as the American
IKnuly A InrKe fountain on thcitagc
and other fountains nrrangrd lo suit
Uio saneral ouliyinu s irardin crfect
l > laycd pfrf tmed water which va
colored by the rays ftoni movable
Tho receiving party litood at the head
f the s nlrH in frwrtl M n bank tit hjv
lioJIum turns nxalena anJ bttconlna
Mr Inul wa nwUitii In rwlyirie by
liU1 slntcrilnla Mffo Alexander an
len ipli r iMrjl AutWj > n > Jvlrexel and
MrsUeorwe iOilinsiibrcxcl Mr A
i pr < xel lliJdlc Alt Mary Ajitof IMtll
tnd MUa Mtiraurrtun tfrexcl dn
irstoi AlJ i pxe > + >
lUsciti Oxford iUnl Qruy Iciton fCar
fty mid Moulr Qvervvali iilllclltii aiuli
> ith r fnn hft iifiitzht tor lit > in > iinr
inili tomorrow atJKlNOS cor nth av
n lUd it Op a Saturday v nln
If It Does the State Superin
tendent of Banking Will
< It
Objection Raised That th <
Plan of Reorganization Has
Not BeenExamined
The surended Hamilton IUnk maj
not reooen aTler all It was learned1 to
dar also that even If t does reopen or
Jan I the date rot by Justice DotU In
Ms order of yesterday there la n crob
ability that Superintendent of Banking
CUrkof Williams who has the custods
of the State lunks and trust companies
will Immediately Issue an order closing
llm Institution igiln
ilr Williams h > not seen th plan
under which the bankils torsume and
The Kvenlnu WorldjWas Informed upon
reliable Ihorlty that outside of the
UUtcr County Judge and tba interests
which handed in tho plan no one hm
seen the plan by wlilch thepreseni as
ot o7 U7 Inslitutlon are to beTam
rendered to a syndicate of outsidebanka
for a loan of HliWOuO cashT
Mr Williams was not at hla office No
C Broadway today UoJeft on It
MJ train for Albany X V where he
fwlll confer with Gov HuKtcn In regard
to proposed chanKes In the Banking
law the nn > t drastic of which 1 the
complete severance of the banklnr sys
Irm of the State from the control ot
the Supreme Court through rec l er
hlps Mr Vllll its reoort will nup
port the m njecomnjendatlon of the
llanken Committee which recently
completed a Unrotich Invcitlcatlon of
the problem nnj the outcome will b
the prenentmrnt of a banklmr bill In
corporatlnir the proponnl reforms at th
optnlnc of the Lorlnlature f
Justice Iir < U hoidj that ina much ai
tttv SuperlntnulcTit of Banklne did not
oppoM the plan of reorRnnlmllon
therefore he jpiv iU4 consent to It
Deputy AttonicyOenera Vllllvn P
Matkay m mado ovril vain trlpn
to KlhK Ion In an effort to get the
dctalln of ttie propo aJ plan by vhloh
theaisetSdf Uio bank are to be turned
over to the ouUIdo oyndknto of bonkcra
The proposition to rcoi n sounds
good aid a likr > m > depositor Who
doc not mjoico In the proponed plan
but the que tlon Is Who re jho
beneficiaries tho nonn atntlnK de
poMtors or those who hae signed1 tho
AKCecmcnt put out byalio old manage
ment J
Tlio yndkat of bankers Bet upwajdl
oil JOIijWlC wbrtll ol valuable asseT
rorTlC 0 J in cash whMi U io be uted
In piyrnR > oft tli nonajwintliiK de
l > oiltors Th < > poor dcjibsltnr wlx > have
ercod to let the Ivjnk pu1 Un m oft
In H year tlfcy wlU clt Idl tj nnrtttrusi
lint the future tmslM vtli hi InatUu
lon be Kood enough lo meet tt > elr
ileposltii >
What the Question Is
jViille the law I ullent In
Iho iicllon of fhe Su rtntinilrnt ° t
Iltinkinp in the event nii jienil J ItanK
lias a resumption plan It slvw fur
t 3uiHrlnUiiilnl of Uank
r > ower tlir
nc to closq an uimafu aim iirisditnil
Thfl wicstloii which he wilt liivo to
jeelilo t Ilf H tur to th Wpeic nt
> rsontlni drlHixltora for th mtHapi
incut to pktlei the a flti of the bank
to cover a JlWMMO loan wJileU money
Kill chlftt > k lnlj to 1l P 1 ccntj
Mr William lt lintll Jari I to dc
ilde hi iK linitle cowrie
14ic best pirt itf the ows li < rt nights
vvhi In ti > Courts own wori L t
Tlti l ank lii v nbilliy tt ra > every
ono rntlllod thei to on ilrmaiid nni
ntlli Imxo rcmalnlnKovcr a ciuartcrof n
million ilolar i
Alt of the other U Pnipd banks
ivhlch havo rwininvd ha > lth9conseni of
ltrt Supfiln < iilit d Hanlflni licfon
st Two iDays 9
11 i
As OddsOntChoice Wit
Notter Up Wins
8 to 1 Shot Beats Out Tele
scope 3 lo Choice in
ORLEANS Dec 17 For thf first tlmi
ilnce tlic < aon opened thf re was s
really fast track here today j The point
ims been steadily drying out and linprov
inn until the footing was us hard nn li
will be posslbH for it to be or M > mt
tlm IWhlnd it nil howsvefrttiere wai
a threat of more ruin that caused thf
owners of the strictly hard trnck horse
no end of vorry Tit day was murk
andclcoennd the rood crowdln attend
ance was compulledto put up with aotm
discomfort on tliaL account
For tb feature today thnr swa s
condition rao ox A inlle ndn rlxteent
for thrce ye3T orda and pw < rdAthal
brought out sorrw horo that tMJIohgJr
t iuk tiEndlfnp illvlfrtiTi tt d tliy wert
thrown In nt such weights as U > iflve <
seroblanco of a good I race
murr RACK r rs nco maiden
twoyeorolJs irvA furlonr tur4l4Boy
1CM J Hennery JS to 1 and t to 1
fir t < Ill ki 107 A Icien S lo I nnd
t l second IJItter Man 101 Ji Ive >
IS to I nml 6 to 1 third Tlme IfJC
Mojor Jfackj Truce Xeeamore Iliicklns
IVoy Hnnrldce Cnuciit atonemun Finn
amonl Czar Taskmaster and Maixon
atio ran
CTXXlND IIA < 3K Tiirs JtMi thrc v
yearolds nod t p sellitip lx turtonKSt
Coonej K JIO J W Murph > T to 1
nnd t to 1 fl t Telescope lfftMcDin
lel J to 1 nrnl Gto S seeondf Itobln
Hood IIS JXotter It to S and veti
thlrJ Time 1J 85 Helxt Ornnada
Caper SI Ferris Alencon No Quar
ter ami Mi s Hlrome also ran
old and upward J oevfin furlong ii < Ji5
105 fNottej1 t < iS andout won CK > ld
100 MoUanlol 3 to 1 and I to I tec
ond Coltn ss MS fA Ilekenn U to 5
04id 1 to 3 thlnl Time t2S Jj Allow
amaUe BrlRht IWy UiC rttan Yuldo
Vou Vfn Early Houni Monerr Mocca
sin ond WoodsaR also ran
FOORTH ItACK Ilirnc three
yenrolds and upward one mile nnd
teventy ynrd Hyperion II 10 Me
Diinlel 9 toiJO and 1 to 5 llrst Dainty
IWilU ICC Koerner 5 lo 2 nnd 3 to f
second Orly II 1W A lUckeii M to
I nndS toil third Time 1 < 5 t5 Don
tin iIIeuterllriK and Debar also ranv
Young Juliusv Kahn Took Add al
DeskiinOflice of Pnrent Who
Seativl at a de k Ir the oltlce s t his
attif K1T Knlm an imtwrter of tex >
jleyj > o tt I miflrd utreat Julius
iCahn twentysix years old swallowed
i InrKe quantity otrjydrcrcyanlc acldthls
iftcrnoon He died ns his father who
iaw th Act reached hi nldo
Th elder Knlui ID wealthy and lives
n man on at No i West KlRhty
ilxtli street Julius rtj n his njnll
lentlnl el rk There were av rnl other
mplrtywji In the olllcc
Th younic man eavu no Intimation
liber to lit father Or to tht > others In
he olllco ot his Intention to kill hlmielf
le Ijri behlnfUno letter of explanation
10 far us I known j
TlnnlKjys necnuntr vv ri all straight
flld Mr Knlui WJf had no trouble
iboui monej unj fti inr ntl know no
Ve iiltnlr IteJiuVcr whimpered iiWord
o me of liny catlna Unit would lend
ilm lo take hlii life
ills mother U vw 111 I fear that
lmaboek wlll iirov too jnuch for her
VHItowskv H pretty Iollch dome ilc
wpnt < > ne yniotuld emplo > ed In the
amilv of Ki V tllBlHinn on i rch ne
me IlogotaiwaH found dend In b d to
Iny liuvliu b en asphyxiated by KOI
ilu Jt wua turned o full Sln lind
iccupli1 tho room for months ainf was
amtltiir with th ia
Tho yovmi w iman H xatdi to mve
alhy rolOlvcH III Jorney City who
mod tu luki < her rtutoniulJllliiK Hho vln
tedJhiOi nvcr Chrlnttnas r turnl Klast
> vemn i Mr tJIbbons trrtvo her a fuw
> r > enuiiml tint Kir XlsXd ner haml
ilid Telirvilt taklns tint pnv > ent with1
i < < n The pickairerf wori not Qpenedhy
ur This Coroner Is InveHtlirntltm he
en Suits 980
the iGKeat Clothiers
av nd j at Incltidfnit
llivck tnlti iir 1iinoy Wtirstctin Knnft
ti > ch icvot ROmO JIW lined andi
Uxht TFr triJajtt month t pniili1
rlcrs jVJnir 13day find tomorrow aii
aw U W nH DO lilv jv nynrth H <
nd fW KI QJJ corner Oth av and
Quarrel of Fvo Girl Giisliiei
iin a Restaurant Sends
Until two weeks n o KlUnbcth JIc
Carton twontyilx ycurn old nndGcr
trud UtinKeT rlKhte n years old were
fast friends They worn cashiers In a
chop hou e In JJnst lVrty ecnnlstriHl
pretirToreoune and popular witlr tin
itatrnnx KilnUiflth wprklnfi ilnya re
ceived a sllplitly letter salnry than
Gertrude on tho nlRllt watch
Thin tho innnaKrr aiilfted tha Klrls
and IncldenUliy tUlr salrtrlM ami n
feud broke out illnt hft K wh
ury A niimlxir Of Iho holds cu
tomers < and tlu HunRf RlrLs i > atcnt
mvc stormed tb w w violent
MIKH XrcCnrtonn lottfr to tnittltiK
wives arid Ml UUnpcs parents t jl
nn ot O rtruijos fonilwiin for hti
and nnd strnnw mfn caui > l It nil
W4i n HIS KupKoMlpptdilnwntowork
> ro marnlnK In ii d JiiH a doc n nnsry
actl woiiin wnlllnc tot h r jKMllv
with whlpt of clui q < inJ aleJ In th
foldn of their skirts sho wan itlarmc
and made an mwntlKiitlon Onv ot tt
n n wttose wife v ilecnmpcxl nlthouL
VAltinK of nn explication ndvNidOcr
trudo f WstjJjUt a warrant for Miss
Ju tlc MgKevn Iu 8Kcbl SosslOnx
Kurd tho mnry all of itund ilica
oncol Ml XlcCarlon tcf t it m
u lhn Cltv Irisou for iiuturblmr
Ith uli true JudKi sold lllsi Hc
Cnrton when onlliii to the slwiid I
wrote Hit ItittTs lo her motlift and 1
wrote nttrrs i of coifif of uur
H 9l cilitomiTJ trOtlUK tinAir uf he
rapers o thls wtll unyltptr what I
lil7 > riTniFr Ttit Klri knows that I
wriito tho truthj nnd 1 < J nlhcrl rrir7t
ltd hurt Kotiio wives J Tln > y oiiKiit to
now < wlmt thalr hubunds
and o had Mls HllnRCs nlotbcr unci
Well thatll do 5fls < McCnrlqn in
terrupted tin Court you lmv caimuii
etioHKll trouble now Its he radii of ix
wouinnx splto Your Ivtlorx went not
vroit nnonymoujly 1liink
C ri tur lB Ollli oill Hlll i
llalflricu Mens Oviireont BalB O
Ilkllnvtl ilons Ov rco ls UMlnvflUit
f ifiajlo
Rolc of BUie Prints Helped Al
legcdilnspeclor to Enter
Hrnrit ArcJinr hycntyxlx years old1
who said Im lve l nt Vo a West Thtr1
tleth street jv s nrristed this iifteniopn
on clinrK1 w BHind larcenjv
Tho pyllve > Archer wn formerly
hi the einpfoy of ili 0tli 13J vatorCoiii
panyr mid llint wticii ho fit dlpclmrKud
recently lie kept n J > et of bUtt prlnls
They > > ihefjy pircd prvinlnently when
he Vl < lt d huucea oil nud nmir Klftli
avemus nd rtprBsentcdpttiut he was
j A v i i
Kcfl tu Inyxct ihacTivatyr
lie win provided wlh n list of such
nttnut as tfi VitnJrrtilltK tiio Awlpra
nmJ jjthtr promlneM fnnilllvM 5in ex
hibition at wlilch ttsui < y AlUyxl stui
pleloiin J rj < nn wtuini jie vlnltwa nl1
ilo c limtll iisd a hslblt o collectiTiKt
souvenirs and complained t the police
Thn d y Iwfor Chfatnai complaint
ti dbfcomu jj > nuiitemn thai Cdpti Lan
try of tho Haft Klfiyflr i strict t
t was Utd to ld nil tho i n hr
could piirs to limile ilia cuprlt < They
did nw rtnd tH in n
r of Xfi 3
ruporitfd that
htvliad bcin vlntted by Uio cuppased ln
spcctor And that tlfc iontenl of fl
ilroNlnf liitilo yttuc at 4a > were niliui
r > ic tlvo Hhclley Hu iib rujd Harris
miw a iwiiwlliurijlot blu prints
0nti < rUi iiu ti of viiiiim UifimtV nt
NO H Vst MftyWilnl nrevtl Tlloy
ftllliuvcd nnd iml ulmril llKrft with Ar <
chor bottirc they had hint beitin Into
TJio iiollre an tli y fomit 0ni of the
artlchi tnkcn frtuu Mr HcwslimW
lifiWM on Avchif > fond U owner
identify 1 TSiejr Also fiumd twelve
mwn Uckets nid irv ItJveHtlfratliiK1
them 4
Acher wvi Hld In V0fkvir Court In
Oxford l o omt ICrrxfv wrurcgat
bilk lined and sold allSifunn iit USami
it now l i > 0 at > lre KINO earner
Ctli av and ZZd si Otxn Saturday
Carpenter Snyder Identifies Bbdy and1
GTothing as Those of Stuaiiger
iri ° dty Wte Arrived on
Chrjistinas Eve i
Arrives atMorgue ThirtyHours After Crime Ii jf
Revealed and1 Ruts ff Autqpsy as In
en jeijtl Jften on Ytacht Near yfl
Scene GiyeQThirdDegree
i Evidence v assecured by tlicpolicij of Harrison1 N Ji this after
noon tending to show that lie woman who was murdered Wednesday
r T T f i
night and whose nude pody was found yesterday in a swamp hear the
Passaic iRiver in garrison reached Newark a stranger on iChristmas
Evel She xvas seen on Market street at the corner of Mulberry street
in that city by Wijiiapi Snyder a carpenter r
That is the woman saidi Snder as he looked at the body nfd
theTpiceesof clothing the police have recovered who spoke to me
Christmas Eve It was close to 7 oclock I had just left myhome ° at
No 38 Mulberry street and was standing oni the Market street corner
when she approached me
She Wore a red skirl and a red jacket and carried a muff and
there was a fur collarette around her neck Her hat was decorated with
a whileiplumc 3he askedfme if 1 could direct her to a goofy reasonable
priced restaurant
Pitcher Campbell Wanted
Louisville s Awarded to
CINCINNATI 0 Doc 27 Tho con
troversy IwtttWiii the Vallonnl Uiucbutl
ComnilMlon nn < l th NntSonnl Asiijltt
tlon of Minor Uacoliall CliibfiiianiB to n
crisis totiny WlHii tho National Coin
mbstcn nnnoiinccil ll v cjitlon onriln r
to the Cincinnati > nttonil l > n rue CluH
Jltchor iimpjcll on of llns pliiyera
ikclareil blnrkU < ii il nt
the < th Xntona Atsociitlon
last inoiitlt
tcur e olicuU 0wjir of the loil
Jn AMOijlutlfln Itttiilvcal5rtfll
tuit Campbell ivfns Ill uml r contract
to dim anJ that Clncinniltl could not
cur < s ti valid transfer jpf the pln > erM
tfom the ilorrtoburc Utub of
thn TrWlnti Ieiigui1 On theotlHr
mher haiMl CamnlHU sii rleil ttat
Tobcau tmil no k ft his part of il
contract imU he n Uiftcfcru io
iHtiitcr bound IV its trm vliw h < cn
tcml tht > wenIce of the IlarrlitliurR
nmnaKitnirnt Tli cuminlisluji ilucldja
nicalnnt Tnbtau J
Disturbance in the Lake Region
MovingRapidy East
Ti < lojal W iiO > f IJUrcau Ji rc
rplvftl the folowiiK special from nat
norm wariilncs nrrtcrcd
to New York Tli < > I4ik s
storm 1 movlnor rAplllj ra t
wnrJi and will cuu a lllicli ouliMe t
winds ulonir the Middlo Atlantic and
New England co U
J ent her iu n lunch room a f f
doors down on JIarkct urcou She told
mo hc wiu a stranger In the city
iavlijf just arrived on a train
it Is KUpiioicd that aho met he man
who murdftred her In Newark on >
Chrlstmna Kve rChrI tmaii I5ay AVlth
tihe cluo jtrn by SnydcriJp work onj
jtlie police haVe started ta rirace h r
tifiiTenient In Nfj
No Time ito iMakc AWipy
CotititytihV lclan Converse who oj > o
iiililon rnnks wlth th f rf n Ootonef
In Dili Siatcdld nnt npp ar In Valsh
MorKiie nt Harrison to View the body
iqf ilhc swamp mystery victim until
iiinrly 3 oclock this afternoon thlsty
hrtirs after the crime was committed
AllliouKh the police drsIrM ilm to
innke < n ImmnJhtJ auti > iho oaid
hf wouWLHsift iiull a moro convoniint
time Dr Converse w atfcrihipanlcdi
> ConiTv 5cTCtrrr Charluck TvJio
1jrnntbiil ihH entrance Jrito U > o cas
bTcTiMllrii S l ttirbanc In th WB
crowd ouujita ilm XorKuAaiid nrrck
IIIK an lnoh riBvft bystaij ern JohnR
Fuller This rcprcnenis tho work dono
by the county authprlt ei thus far
The HntriDii t olte 5i vo iletermlnit
to hntd Tltomp on ami Klfkmsn
if l > o < tK UlSilsrftrr r Thcr wcrcaii i
llonert cloHy toiluy abiut thtlr aoUoKii
on Chrlitntan nlslit and the time they
cnt lo bed on ths llfl vaoht Idl
TllVf r the tho rm r
Ml nt
ThompaanalthouKh nn tro mod r
by trade l ft man ol ullelit physlquo
and cffemlnato mannorj lie has told a
slralKhnrory nd huQtatment hav
nil befii conllrmpd bfrKlrkman wliiV
lives wllli him on life boat < H on X
xtntoinoilt hu mado 1m Jinlped lh < 4
tenurimtlon of the police Vo keep him
In cDstCKly i
Woman iNeverron Boat
There novir W woman on ray
bout Im declared excitedly havo
A woman to m Is
no u a or
no more than an nnlmoi I ilontllk
svpmen and keop uway frOm thein
Thompson fl educated ifhl
cabin on tho bout was found ai crwi
book filled Uh ellppmtr from w
pnper about the extravagances aiJi
folllit oC winien forn tb wajr tM
m illon of women appears lo exetf t
bl th

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