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The evening world. [volume] (New York, N.Y.) 1887-1931, December 30, 1907, Final Results Edition, Image 11

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S er j Ii J fJf I IFiiJ i h
J 1f fl e f I fcvening World Daily M r a ga r i n e M o n d t a y December 30 11 r 1 JIr e J a ll
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i The i1 vel ttlFe
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Lloyd sbourne I
CcprncbU 1W7 bj D AppWtoni Co >
rxopsts ior FRBCisomo
I twit kirknitrfot nlck anv > l IrXJ
tI pluckj jouor MprlUA bQ trsoA
l jon carf > rks wi m YO IoIo
rrprM Jtc uvuitMi wjf Hh T >
tlun li uuJtr Ui leJfi hp of four P < I
i I i u tamuui cf1 ntor Dr ill
an4 > > O17 I lr 01 < 114
raYJAo1 olUt Tbe
to OJn nlCU 11
Wl 71 lo nI 0 > 100 l1Mwnlr
otSoull Airrcaa rlnr 11 can
II 1I1Mlrnon as Tlld n
I Wit O1 < lr llp Ibe
< 21 um wbHI nJ I
a > AbJo f 1111 < < Ilind Kirk i
> r > niT 4sutlblr
JIF21 blotm Ie KtrkInu bI
It i Ulton t Kt > tlr tuJ
and th VacU on for r ujn ot bis own I
Is erctlr trrlnr to miXo Jin Hltebrock
J AnlonItJIt oa tJltw a fincj to Kirk
M njik ji him contl ofrlcwr At U Mt
with a pck I < rtw t < Tortun o1art oj
fcr inUttt TWrr Tt ujotlou trltltul
Jorck II l IlPtUr1 < la c
Jfl7if JJERVlijj
Y Mutiny l
Y 4 i oJock Krk > watch was over
It was bloMnc UlbardU ever
and the blork alld day was
llrknln s ulnut the captalna
I1er lo press rfotael utmost
and taJietcverr adxantaso of the favor I
w rO Tb searcnllght vas IHd
Us daailrR rays were projectel far
ihrml op nnjr betClN them a path of I
melrd nnA ntarlllrc brilliancy Kirk
worked his way ajonir the life tines to
the aftercompanlon and utmritered be
Ion to tho cabin he had b en allotted
to share with Hatnes ire ma nsed to
hanr ttclolhlnlrad then all
i4res j < except for his atocklngeil feet
IM we Red htrftself tn his bunk Kle p
IK couriie he cnuld not Tlu moticn
rwas ttrt racking too 1 i olwtforrien
fho protensf Hut hi could closo hii
7 e and alleviate to otn degree tbe
t 1 itn i tIt
fotigue tof nervu i and body so long
kept Intension i
1 fA Hall
After ekTiife > leBr while b heard
i 4
SJ Cti tro iD of feet avcrhead ho t in
rtlenlate cries t the ipouadtng of Mooks
0 > e > fmy I loosenerf sails thundering In
fji wind i ticawy lurching exsjo
fjeratlng mnrement abrapUr ceArd A
l > e f nly pcacotootelts clace The wln1
wi atlll shrllilnc tJiroach the rlcglng
Jtdlbtm aner bla t Vhopok the ship but
IE comportson with thismlatriea of th
kTwrtoma under sin thechatsg wm
i ionUhlnr Kirk Jiang ib MtfOUiir t
i gaat n rth hf torrneritol frtjiii tiit
hwt to naatrV Oh ttvciMUifsMttea
if rtl Oh kh gioriotji reJejcsjUon of
waaijr1 raustat How oothlolg tlisipll
low irht supported hlaOred hed IV
yesj closed Kep t had come TsU U t
long dar w o f
Bjfbt M Kirk WM easting
siupper hsi bMrdj rvMta b
It wwVera gMfioe to Ow
him She ww vrr isil <
< r ohtn ernih > bindM
> fcitarn l and looJcid sst fcis Cb wW
d her s f t tuatiuuii vrtu did
sxk drop aa Ciey mat hta cnsn It waa
who faltered unflitvthat tender
nn oppre ed aa he efttB was
b uty > It WM rnc a fnsili
Terrilillm a fresh torment filling him
Jealixisi rapture UnU grudged
slRtvt ofJier toiacoQiar
t Tfi s1rrOL tilel1
Hav yjim hoard tha MwuT ah
kidIn a volcetBO low uttItwas al
oa twhJper
i mf What newT i
I i Theroa troubles forward
f Hush not ao loud Th men have
I tft round robin A deputation
t It In at dinner tlm fow of
i WasntIttoo1 bad wtim w were
i t i 7 Miiiappyi so Jdilightad and Uie
j tiling o trnrid < iusly ucc js
1f I dont 4 + > do
Inattton nrare
ito It they ar not ii told
j 1 tci put back the i ah Ip Th
hotel con ptmcy waa hatched In jTllct
j ited before we started Treischirouji of
rt j
JDMtn wjumtdt and < a fdlaloyial and un
JMliiinill And Oie horrid things want
tajknow What they r are to be i pild
wJItf that fellow Beale cried Klrfei
1ii cotmdcd me himself only a week
0fO tho rascally sea lawyer I mtght
t Te knowni that he wa golngjo prlng
J f
3 ioimethlng on Us Qtf I waa Jackaon Id
patWm In Irons and by Qeor a iii
thty want volunteers to do It TU i
iffscdnsurreciion i
t Kierea more listen They say that
iJackson and Mr Halnea have to ro
gn and thatithoyWlUelect thtlr own
5fc Thelr own offlcen hT OhiI aee1
I Citit OJealel A Die thing that would
te4 1
UReU bop they gar o i tbmia sJft
i 1 ltt < < i dldu < > t givatntm i ti
Vf t fight I ban Mr Klrkpatrlck1
How lean we f There were thtrtyMren
names signed to It in 1a blgjoundiclr
1 li Po a ho salcod ll sm tboom In
and tjttllc U over H O li tn11 waiting
ft > r you Fto flnlhprour 1 dinner toi have
themalllr here Iidontknowj J tbe
hMldccidd to doHi would ooiull
nu whn i I asked htm AH
l Tlr j
pub d i away nU ptMa j
I ic donei h II41 I cant 1M
I and at with half < mutiny oa
kjr band Steward tak e away
I to CO over and > pok to thmt
J i
U be wrong do ywl thtnkT
i mOi no lot them alon
1 r an awful 4quarr gL > JA1
< i
Ulf Ii r i
wJjW I 1 Joj tI t < ti i fii it 11 tf1 yM f
t Ii iJ1 1 t 7d1i htlcl 11 j
I I 1t t
6 < <
w c rt I f H I
know and done everything Je qouid
to thwart us He waritx to do the
talking but papa wont lot him Papa
isfor compromise an1 reasonablenets
and I bolev he up < cUthat Jickvm
wouM Intentionally try to make thing
Impotnlbin The iiIdTady taunts pap
with being weak nl1tl seems to think
aIlutn c Mry it B or iello set
up and give everybody a goo l scold
ing Too l > d tit
US 1f l
JIadnt we better got out otUi
YTonJalik i It make tllnotld
gry to sit here and feel that I am
prolcKi nft11n fuj punce
V ru aemnted Jthejbot1 rose
and went ov r to die side of the cabin
SL 3tlnr tienwslvij near thfc chess play
rotIt fta a signal for the others tc
arranip cJiemwFres tUnllai 7attb <
hwulof th table a grhn JIttl party
with rtie Hgrtt of Uattlo In their eyes
Th steward vns < 6 cnt on deck with
mug II ba4 tmrdly ben gun n
minute bofore 1bdl ritotol
on tb irlilce It had an ntarrnlnjr np
preh n lve sound All talk nnd whl
perlng cea etl Theje sEl1 rat air
ot InqutaiuJfe Tlicn the mm filed In
llently ak though diunted > by th bril
liancy of the great c tln and at ir
on 8umpUoillcl Inradjoc It Vt
nvtlnlY < respect kept < hem t4nd it
t roarsid tosctlier about th main
msi < 1fQtI1jri < tbWlU Juother
with their bond In tJieV ix > lets
oth r lounglnx carelr < < y oitalnnt th >
bullChMbilt1Ii1I affected rnvn lo
A formidable crowd fllltng txurly half
the cabin rniWJiy tnu cular and de
Mr Westbrook ro ae olILreet ° 111
manner wa that of a dlrrctbr at om
hareholder meeting dignlned calm
YouShalli Be TolB
Gentlemen he anfn a deep
resonant voice I have here a rxtl
Bon signed by thlrtysoven members
of thls xpidI onltuiol for some
ttdnga that are ponslble and others
that are lmr > ulbleWtnt1U
good aense and forbearanc to hit on
some kind ot a compromise You can
not go on without us we cannot go
on without you There mtut b eon
o tona o Ithtf ld It te > tneon
otrrabl that a ottsjm i an boldly
projected o laborlouly carried om
o auvpldoaily begun UldtW per
mttted to p rsh in Ignemlnr Tpu
wlhU knoirth object of our earcbT
Wm you ahall b told
Tkr wa a hum of vacar z
pCtaocy Head craned forward TtM
lonirr tealiMn < kl up
Bot on onccmditlon
Wwrbrook to9 dMdi ardd them
W will br k n mtcrftrmo with
OM control of IM re Capt Jack
pin wtl rma n In ommacd Mr Halneo
wtn remain first officer W zi > ct
from erefy man of you hi Individual
trd f honor to < 6b y them loyally and
onQi o iIngly If you ar not pre
pard to oo nc d this tt rp dl lion Is
atan > > d aodw ball rtuim to Fell
ddadiand B lef dtiband t I
l Ifold ra a nlnjtr rld Bal
prs4nc blttg Tntly 10 h front and
raisinhi band1 for attention IWe
dont think that Jacksm I a fttt lind
suitable pcraon to hav i charge of us
cu ill J
J i1t
Not only is b no aaaman but bis In
noted and fcverbsarlng way
Silence eriedi w ii iliiOOlccipt
jacksonil not lJbi dtscusseJj Another
word arxl Til waah my JuHdi I of tb
r wtooto iffilr = i Jty
B f xjroti latd Deal
Til I liiWitlie ipeakr tith good
COM of you mon IntenTJiKed West
brook fiercely Such language ilia intol
erabV c and can only make matters
IWoiH This i Is rio lnlotor personalities
and lnulta Y i have aubraltuda j > ro
pOI well w meet It with ft counter
propOB l Tlisf th question itcilthe
Deal teldIto peakbut way dnurired
back by Jttla ootrrrad atrugglln and
i L i rt ots of
BvonuMnJiV wwiw w rv
Shut j < Dalr Put a Stopper on
ntar fniat ilr Weatbieok aay i
i Jr nUroj tuiT n Mimt hhn and
foldedihl awniiaoro fcla brent In an
Pledge i
i Now pmtlMnaa1 continued Wet1
brook w tiaHtell ixnuflvsnthlng Irj
In returnyou Jt yourlr to up i
port our ftltICttl willingly land cheer
fully T or no Ifiyoufple H
11 ire waa a shout i ot > ant that
lawelled Into 1iftr The ibln ratur
twlth hurriha Bal flushed and
acowling soemed alcno In withholding
Ihl r con ent > H tlrfed f iunea lly on
his feeL and jN llpe UghUned as
though In mute rotet1
xlU8i hear from the nayi ex
claimed TVestbrook 1c fixing a j withering
glanc on hltn I I have oW heard Mr
meal decision Cansjdarlng tlmthu
t our prinotcal critic his r aaawar lA
Important 7
t fT hi with the i crowd rykurned the
AuBlrullan Insolently dfi thay are
ready to put up with
i Youre gettlnc away from the point
cried Westbrook Interrupting him You
r mean itliat you rtve youri word > ot
honor without any reservation what
ever to obey Capt JackMn and the
rotncm wei hAV appointed la
We Are Ready i
tthI lU oa to 0itt 0 1rJ lri
0 t t barealn
i 5We ar ready to < do that now
Alt jrlght then hit DUleiln a
choking sort flt volcx >
Then gentlemen I shall5 call ton Dr
vo n ZMtwIU to put you In po eMlon
Of facuttmtlBducedju fo embark
L > J
i cr I tt I1 J
y J tr
Iit ir
r > JI i J > Ii 1
ri l j ft < < tE Wf1 btiij f jt Jiwfui ii1
r J t > i < p i i
1 bt MifllllfitiJfIt I 1111c1rr JJ l1 Jj F JI f L f q
Dt Ithc AN t
r f
irCM f
i fMl 9yr
I i
iIiIJCJIiI ijitifc tc it JIJI I IIJC I JI I I JIJJ Ji JIJc a JIiJ CJ i Jc II Jf lJI JaJI ic JII JIJIJt
C r > > <
tit iI Ir e dO1t it i t t It1 t ii I a ti Qi
JIJI jiS 11 c J JcJIjCJIaI JlJIjI ic iJI c J4 C C i doC JCc c oj c c JI Jc j
An Undecided Gtrl
Alii twentyttirext and keep cotnpeuiy
i I i1U1 a young m iithe aame age
I I with mIa niSeplrlnlovoi
ltufJ is only an elevator boy rue
boa a > d me to niarry hhn I also
love a youn f man who has his own
bustoe Which ahouldfjl murrj Go
l doat think you lore either one verj
much as you would nqi bt80 und < j
cld d If your affections wora ierlouii
ITlnOl ed If you love the elevator
boy wall until JiVi salary In sufficient
It o eopport yea arnd them marry him 1
Bowing Etiquette > j
l1liIlT proper fqr a young man to bow I
jlj and tip Ma hat more than obce
to fJiW ll kiii
1 during the day toa lady whom ha
ii oaf > YM
Cvcr > time ha meets the girl ha
should lift his1 lint
Tog Yoang toLove
Dear Dtty
WO month i ago I had
a quarrel
I 1riiil a young lady whom I lovwj
i i rery much We n yer mad up If
lost all tov i for tier but lately have
grown to c v jher oncu more I find
h does not reclprcoate this A nhort
time ago I became acqualnte f6 lth J
lyoung lady whom Jl am suro lovcs nio
jronoftof her 01 muah as I do
tho other yoon lady rAin Ata Ion
kto know w at to do 1 am i pretty nura
I r could lovojtho young lady whoMoVca
msi1ieJn e > ite < n yearn old
r Uat tooyoung to fa > aerioualy in
1 <
lore with elttier young lady A tili jl iI
jx > ung lidy ktves you ami you aeem to
think you could grow to love her pay
her attentions and forget your flm
Treated < lHim ftadly
P Mr urI
i Ait nineteen and in love with a girl
three yeark my Junior I > a t B 1 tur
I day ntebtitf took her toa dance and
during tho ixenlndi he danced wtth an
other young maii fftt previously
i NAPMr >
itiu TWO
tnromlsed me that U ceIIO of course It
nade me very nngry Thin > inf adj
ha e ked mt to go tip to her house
this wee it o TOU think I shouW go
under thea cIrccintnnceaT ll B I
Th young te4i you very
badly bu tl imldrnot drop her simply
because aha gave your dano to an
othrTeU her that sho dfd not treat
you fairly but unlrws nhe continues to
light you3lvouldi accept her Invitation
toheriious oi <
i Put itlVe 1 Blizzards to r Wonkl
By Prof WW Wiley
IP flcrcen bllrrcrd the storm wind and the gentler breeze aro
agents of th nun They nrecaIIfo1i simply by the h lln of
II maKMAof alrjover great nroailby llic solar orb such masses boing
g thus made to expandnnd rim while denser ma v rash In from
elsewhere V lid iProf W W Wllgy the Government Chcinljn
Chlef to c Henee Bache In tlio Philadelphia Prftp It was ta < eil by the lite
Prof Samuel P Langley the foremost authority In this country on nojar
physics Uint the imo Jjii sunstilne falling on four nvcrnge vqunrr firt of the
eartii s j < rvlc Is equivalent to one horse > C IIThb supply of hono r > power
lsnot only unllmltfdbut free to all who core to use It
I mention thebllzzard simply bocaixniflt ppe nt R the caso In a picturesque
and striking i way Its energy Is tremendous arid If IntHUscntly useI could be
mode by triefrozen farmor to ruma hmtlnjr plant for Iiljbouse oi tht1 he and
tils family need ahlver no lonKtr Only a small fraction pf this power Vrotilil
be neeclej for the purposo indeed the Iwlance bflnsrcutlllred for torinyInis
ciuantltlia of electricity > ln cultable and InexritiisUio bptteriM to be tfatTntifcn
lit ti IIoJ5 of cim feather for warming the dwellln r for illutnlntctonor for
othrlinsiN < i
tiufpocn i > i
Xaturally you fuiVQlHfv Is tjiti to be accomplulied In reply bymmis
of windmills Not mich nljmllli as we have mow IHU ivlcntllknlly constructed
twlndmlll i Properly utltliVd an ordinarj evryday windmill with lelgtitfool
rvoJU wotildi be capable of keeping theI dwelling any fmnivr In Xorth Dakota
atj a tempefaiture of om > ty dcgr < a all wlntr long though durlnrthat entire
iperlbdth e thermometer oiiwlde nhooMBtsrKlat forrr degr n baloij zero
TtfliIOIt1 U
ru1H v j 1
r o Pt i
l j j
1 i
p 1 I
I i f
i 1
i 1
e HI 7L > t r
1iir I Jri itI1I i t 1iif2 U j ii
e WgfvyB1
HeMust Wait
riotirJiii 1
i IIJ beenke plns o r1nclrlt
13oungmnri for about eight months
i I 1 who want F Jo marry me Xcw Years
Day but fllo riot want to get married
Just hu my fl rcntadorioi con
cn Both his parents are dead and
he wants a home of his nnO says
ho will lenvo she city lroI ijonot marry
him Xcw Years I > ay Vjiat h Ul > 1
dgt f 18
Tell the young man youfnre willing to
he engaged but as your parent do
not con nt you think It wj ra 1to > walt
If he Is not willing tojwait fOf you in
little while he Isnot worth takJng
JHer On Initials
p r n ttr
i BAYS < It Is right when giving n
a present to a brIlolohaVeUIo
I I maiden name Initials or moijo
1Ion tha preaent U says Tt U
right to have Jier marriage namo In
itials or monogram on tho present
Which < correct7 A AH
i t Is cujrtomary jto have the initials
of thV maiden name of the bride f
In i the la t vecir thrf fad ha coma In
to engrave tha Initials of tno morrlel
r To Stop Blushing
4 r i > II hlnjb stopped I nm growl
I I < f10 in1001 ow and uould
I Vin fetn slop this If there Is anyway
dt Oftlnljao
niuvttiVg Is caused by elfconscloun >
ne i jltho presence ot other forget
yourself In trying to plenas them and
the blushing will soon disappear
liootstefa rltl iBfef a t Smrillt J Jj i r 1 MjW i e81e
I L = r 5 i t =
r t < 1 4 f dtIIt 1i ti
f I m JWi itw tIt J
Truths About Japan
1 u
y Jf
By Henry George Jr
> i
HAD In this artlcl ntend i to speak of how <
mon nun lives but I cannot refrain tto fMtyottig
that until I liav further poken of tft wtUfVMM J
the Japanese common man to dkfpt5n Idea
When during the recent box6r trouMta In
the allied force hesitated before the closed and
Ing got of Tientsin they wr htd at r
Japnne ll t iant nnt > a private ran forward
their arms full of djncntlto cartridge and blew trp Om
gate and wtth Uie gate thtmirlv too
Tho Kpcctntors nnd the world beyond ° tood anaad
and then lifting their braw remarked that it waa a
exJdMUon of Cilcntol fatalUen which dlaTtward dMth
A If Uiat put a nnallty to the matter the itibjoet WM
dropped and forgotten i
Hut It did not Bottle ItJ nt least lh statement bott Oriental fatalUurf
should not b pcrmllUd to rest fur tbe thing that pa forifatab n 1st hj
Japinr > toJay I not fatalism at all but a living breathing vtrlotltn ruo
lid Is cherished an Oit highest expression of nationalism am i European teopMil
nnd thcfr off hoots >
It li all mislakrt40 thlnlc that thoJapanesedoes not fear ptoyalcal p B
or death Ho fenrs It us muh nudocti the inan of any other nation or rnoa
ITe will nin away from It ts fast as any otherman and 4 > found that Inth
ETCII hospltAUQ Tuiclo there nos complaint of lack of anatomical subjc
lars l > bcoauno of tho fear of tho turgeons knife
Hut with thli fclr of pain and death tra come nn Idea greater than elth Ty
or boll tlm idea Uiat Jivpon rails lias need of tha common man H l akw
to the Idmi that prompted the fiwhs Van VlnkionMd to gather th Jhfaf of
deadly sprars Into Ills bonom with tho cry of Make way for liberty and
to thnt whlcn Inspire tho American FoJdfer Nathan Hntt to ray a ha atood
on the BMiffold hind and fwt bound waiting for the Imngmans rope Sly
li that I have but on llfo tti givn for rrty country
Take the Instance of a common man In the navy which I met with befor Z
not fool on Japinoso soil
I sailed from S tttte on a Japnncre liner tho TnngvMini Which wl
tho exception of an Ki > pll h captain was ntlrpy manned by Japanese
When about nlctiy mllM ort the Japanese conn we slgnted a jrreeked
finning bott named as If Ironically 3layt Miru which mean Weal
and ongcvlt Bho had left Tnndiago Miru Inato Ken In < b nortbM tern
pnrt of Hondo tho nnn island ot JSlppon with a craw of fiftewtnen an
for ton iluys to catch lctsiio bonlto from wWcn the Japan
cut tbVtcndfrloln itenm and dry It l
Vhen about clpiit hundred fi h had been taken th < s tvcathcr1 cot ugly and1
a bati ifvell cam ilp from the southwefft It was the tall end of atypboom
tint h i wrecked Uw lnrbor ot Ifongknnit China
But tho JnponeSi orr bold sailors andjCipt Xiliamwra had tout heart
Other nulling iKXita which had startedo t T Ith his turned back th Hoy
Mar kept atnilsht on
But the 10 JapJncj Ktxji Ilka the ancient Greek tots at tlraf cot
envious of motttls rnd Complra3uma Increased the wlnda and piled higher
no ccjis Mntl alt nl cr ca a huga ware Urokt over tho HUla c rl npp4
Off tiiv mast carrkJ nway most o the oirti all the provisions And all tha
llah tiitt had bent cnujlit
More than this It lovo a Kugn hole through the bottom
All tho crow could do Tvni to htns on fur lit The llttlf boat could not
sink for she tvas of wood and Hciit but riia becnmo waterloggwl instil latac
when the storrp nbitcJ somewhat the crew atuffed What remained of ith all
Into the trap In the bottom and balled the wnter out j
Buf they were without ifood and wtth small means of gttlnr out thor
Seven ofttio cnrv died from exposure or rrcrr washed onrjyy bcaaa Hxy
ctll not < hold on any longer among them tho captain who atroirtg hart
broke to think that he had been rtsponslble for tho disaster In not tumtnjr
ncmcnard when Hiiirn rviu a chance His joitnj non wbo wa < i of th crow
trl l to hfiJTrlen him tout one of the other men who r a tat experlcnc and
knew how hopriess thoir case Wui said Go your way we will oon follow
you t
Nlsuk Nakamura another of tha crew iirore to C mplnSama OiM not
another drop o sake would he touch for life If the god would sav tb
Aid he believed that the god heard his vow for soon a mok wa
on tho horlion and our vesvel came < wlthn vnw of a blrt one of tbtmt took
off Mn bic jrul waved fn tbe end of a brokfn oar 4
Our captnln had them brought aboord ba hcd fed sparingly at first ul
put to bed
Tno next day 11 KC ran nlon the 1fcutlful Jarxinese coait th trlv
wrecled men rame on leckt risEel1 oat In c Jd > garment fumlah d fr Katk >
ships lockfr 1 luid an opportunlay to tail with them through tn klajM
of Dr Joklanl Takarnlns of New 1ork ttj srhons I hsd tho hcnor ts fcs
travelling and trtio tnitrprcted for me In this Instance
Thp thtngthat mon Impnf ed me nbout list Intrrvlew wn tft lnrpl at
tCRipce of ono of tt o humblo nslermn thus snatchetl out of the Jew of
death He aM Tliree of us crved In the navy Against thi nowCan anil
we trure prepared to die for Japan That wquld have been honorabl But
to bu caught by dtulh on this wrecked boat mailu us oihameO Thero WM no
nonnr In djlrx < tn f f
D Tnkamlnf tiirnfd to mi nnljnld It Is the spirit of the Samurai that v
from lh llpi of thatmaif
And I any that that h the Ufe of Japin oday
Great Meris FayoriterDishes Si I
ETTnn TUB aiUSAT Uiked goose Henr > Fielding Currant toft
P with opples Ben JonMn Pork pi and Canary
John 3ho IJaptlst Locusts and wine
nlld honey T Jcvlin I > ocke Flieli and bread
Henry VIIIf > nlson 1 Sir Waiter ScottVenison r ±
Frederick the Great lorkand cab I onardo da Vinci Orangeo t
bage John tlie Hvansellst Barley
IX E K snd bread ilarlborouRfi Beef and beer < V
Macaulay Hotrt beof baked po ka hornet Daten and water
tatoea Napoleon MJhatcver waa nart him
The Goats of dixie Land
almost every third youngofcr nwn a go t and many tiave palnptf
fitifm It In n coirrmon sight Innnx ollhn ranhlonable street even of ni > >
kle o ftt well grocxned bllllesNlrnwIn miniature carriage with Juventt
drivers Mnny of tho goat onned by Southern children arc handnomo anlmaja
TOM JL > >
May Mantons Daily Fashions
fimptr skirt
U a p r
nouncd favorlUof
th ason Till
model 1 M almplB
i Kt li aUrcctlv
and Is adapted lor
notl every sea
sonable materlM In
tho IllustrationIt I
made of onlffojv
l > ro a d c 1 o t h with
trimming of velvet
nd silk braid and
la cut In th > protty
round length that Is
no graceful for In
door wear Itcoitla
however b modo
ort If IlkVrt nnd It
would b ixttractlv
In th linger weight
materials suoh aa
crep de Chln
Ing taffeta and tha
like quite as wll
u tho heavier cloth
The quantity ot
naterlal req ul r e d
for the medium sUo
3 C34 ynrds 27
I yards or <
yitnliU Inches wida
with S yards of vel
vets U < yard t of
braids and T yard Clroular Empire SWrr Pettwn Kfl
of silk for irlrdloto trim a 11 rostrated
Pattrra No 8tli ta cutra tMs ftr a n II 28 Miand tacb natit
Calllorsendibymallto TirB BVENIKO TOKLD
1 Haw t TOVFAiJlllONBUnBAUJOJl Wes Twentythirdatr O f
Obtain JtorK Bend tsnJc nt In coin oc tamp for each paturn
TbM UJUOnTANr Writ your nam and ildr Mplainly

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