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The Eve m in g World D a i 1 y Ma g a z h W e d n esdfay January 908
A Waste of CanalesI I
and Holland
at a Js e I
Villain I dont smoke
THE The Hero You will in time
But will you John CJlcnarni with your uvoforfivc witwlll
you we repeat smoke when you take out your cigarette In the pale moon
JUht Beware Ukcwitc BANG
Tho Hero gracefully lodging a bullet Bates I believe I am In for a
hell df a time
You 1CXOW that you are
i The Hired Help or Assistant Villain foiled again Hell
Bates the Busy Butler Downstairs sir
sticli is life In The IIOUP or a THOU
cam Onndlii lit Oalvs H Is a I
WHHtc of candles mid Mr K M llol
luul You watch ttiu dripping tallow
drama with heartfelt bympatliy fur Mr
Holland ami growing surprise at the
managerial Judgment of Mr Jumei 1C
llnrkmt You remember Tim House
oT Silence so noon abandoned and
The Houso of Mirth that fell with
a crash and you knock on wood as you
enter The House of a Thousand Can
dlef built by George Middleton ac
cording to the specifications of Mero i
dIll Nicholson bestseller And you
find a weak rickety structure as oil as
tha theatrical hills
At the door stands Hates tho glorified
butler even more noble nml selffic
rlficlng If not ai Impossible as 13a
rlee Admlriblo Crlchton Ho Is poor
but a Kentleman still He has taken i
tnc guilt of a forgery on hU rmnldes
and brought It all the way from ling
land to Indiana where he buttles for old
John Marshall Glunurm who plays
dead just to sea how his heirs will
behave about the will
And here thrilled reader Bates
en s and lovei the < lauBhtor of ue
E M Hclland as Bates the Butler
man who dashed off tho A Y for
get lotiR b < foro you borrowed an umbrella and splashed to Dalys
the start You dont know much ot
I Of course you dont know all this at
anything You Just rope oir wav tnrouh The House of a Thousand Can
dles with a knowing look from Bates now and then and a funny hero to i
I cheer you on your uj >
As acted by Mr Stephen OrAttan the hero li funnier than the play Itself I
He comuj on like a sldovalk conver
eatlonaJlst neat but not noisy and
Kivea himself no rest Nothing can stop
him not even a bullet Come what
may he Is John Marshall Glennrms
grandson and he Is KonK to abide by
the will and live In the andleUfht
house for a year even if It l nt Just his
Dates tho butler looK on and ftp
proves Hut Arthur riikerlns PM i
tor of the estate dnesnt He wants to
get rid ot the rapidfire crandfon so
that he may rummage about the place
for hidden treasure and hunt for a
bunch of his notes that are coming duo
In the next act 5o what does he dg
but hire a lowdown neik to sound t n
house for secret passages and other
hidden places and to take a shot nt
Grandson John when no one U looking
vlo addition to the fortune there Is MJid
Marian who for some strange reason
has fallen In love with John
Well mines go on like thin with John
hanging on to tho house until thu head
villain anil his hired help try to get
him out by law Out tfo the candies
I iind ban bans bins Kf tha gUll ot
I the Sheriff and tae rust ot the pack out Mary Elizabeth Forbes liS Gladys
there In the dark nUll the rain un1
Stephen Grattan as John Glenarm
hlghhanuea villainy Is about to triumph
when Uate the handy butler opens the most secret of the secret chambers and
produces gramlrathor ALIVE
And then well you can BUMS what happen It may sound tlrilling bu t
lent H Is simply ridiculous The only iselrd thing about the play Is the act
Ing Mr Holland Is excellent as the butler but with the exception of Miss jliiiol
Jloehuck who makes Marian a ploaslns young person though a trifle tail for he
ethe nonsupporting company Itnt orih a candle
cMaude Adams in Skirts Again I
Statidc Adimn Is ba k In dresses again
at thn Emslr Thealif after throe
years In tho knickerbockers of Peter
Tun She Is appearliiB In the dainty
comedy Quility Street as the fas
cinating Iniighng Iho hc Throaocl f > f
the ringlets The rtceptlon given her
in this part was both enthusiastic and
flowery A perfect RIowtr of bouquets
almost submerged Miss Adams aftr the
third act and the way the nosegays
flew over thA footlights made every
woman In the audience wish that sho
lud a conservatory at hand to p nee on
tlio llnudo Adams shrine Quality
Street Is by J M Rirrle whoss dnll I
cate hallmark is on ill of the dialogue
and pretty lovo scenes of the play
A d Miss Admss Imporonatlon of the
rliiUottod 1hocbe poiSLSses the same
graceful winsome olurm that dlstin
rjihel It when sho made hoi list ap
pearnnce In the role live ytars ago
Hoh mm and women like this frnarnnt
little Harrle creation whos attractive
romantic I1l1alllls seem never to grow
I 1 May Wantons Daily Fashions
ONG clinging
I L lines ore the
ones demand
ed by the
ntyles and the skirt
that drapei the fig
ure gracefully Is tho
one In great de
mand Here la an
exceedingly satis
factory model that
U circular and cut
WIth modified Em
pire llnei and which
can be either tucked
or gathered at tho
upper edge In
either case it takes
Ideal lines and folds
and U admirably
well adapted to al
most all the fash
lonaWe materials
The quantity of
material required
Jor the medium size
Sa 7 12 yards 27 5
3 rds 41 or K Inches
wide with 12 yard
f of Bilk for the
idrapQj girdle
Pntjrn Xo flRTT
I cut in sliej for a
22 W 8 18 and 34
f noli walit measure
measureCircular Empire Skirt Pattern No 5877
Call or lend by mall to TIlE EVE lNO WOULD 11 A Y M I
no to TON 1 ASUION DUREAU NO 1 WMt T went lhlrd
I 1 Obtala I ork Send ten eenta In coin or tmJUfor eaob pattern ordered
Ijl JUnuI n JA11OuIANTWrtlo ay IJpeCUbe wanted your nlWlo And Addrou plalnlY And at
The MillionDollar Kid dt e By RwTayor
OH MR MorH <
rm JNovj FLAKE
1 1LJili
0 = =
tlinSli puffs dont nuite tnatoh my curls do they
TIIESE It would never be notlcid
Doe tho pink how too much on my left
eneek 7
No Just lovely nnd even
Aint this cream powdurine the dandy on my skin
Kdna and I while in the dressing room putting on a
ball could not help overhearing
tv liiilshing touches for thbell
ing tho above dialogue between two girls who were monop
olizing tne mirror Ircjentiy the topic of conversation I
changed I
Whos your friend i
JIIHI a girl from home 1 haj to bring her Style aint
her long suit is 17
She certainly dont lace her wnLst or feet
GfYtllIdtJarr1I11J I
At this jucturc Ednas vole > came over my ehouldar In
an underrtone
Ill ytaltc the Klrl from home against the powder and puff creation when I
lI know the difference between a professional cosmetic
they get to thn ball The boys
metic drnvmstnvtor nnd a natural born beauty nt first tight Ill bet on thu I
village hell agans the beauty doctor I 1
U lent an added Interest to the evening to watch the little drama In which
the powder and puff creation her Earvlle ond adoring friend und the girl
from home were leading ladles
Tho creation entered left upon the arm of a regular Sixth avenue tailor s
inndel With haughty grandeur she undulated Into the limelight clicking her
stiltlike hffls switching her hips from side to elde beneath a pipestem waist
and holding her hairdepartmentdlsplay erect as the fuzzy mop of a 7ui war
11115 IS LEAP fEAR
irS c
1 > 11 COODNEbS1
QT Vl 60 fO 1
Ut M H
15 So tou WONT
1 tH V U IT
OF tRCMI 51 t ARlq NOneV
G I i r l YMi r oY Ey f ofl o
TALKS WITH GIRLS By Gertrude Barnum
The PovderanciPuf Creation and the Girl From Home
Mr = r r t W0
rlor Behind her In awe l admiration followtxl hor friend with a nondisrrlp
partner Anil bringing tip the rnir came a cowed awkward moJe rotation a
tho creation twcortlnB the gll from home
There was nothing toned or luwkward about the girl from home Jo
cmanattd from uvery fibre of her being the fresh Jjy of a child dlnroverln
now worliU to i omiuer Not 41 < pfcom loils hair lurkid In the Bunny pomiw
dour Thp dancing uyw Rhone with guyty nnd tha llguro strong and free
swnycd rhythmically to the music of thn band
In a moment the i > airty WBI mirrounded by till l > ors and Edna bcga
raising the belo upon her favorite
Did you ovr see anything so happy outside n cradle Hh < > nKked Shn1
not stuffed wltli sawduit sheH ronl Tlio other girl looks llkti a OhrJstmaa Ire
ornament next to her Theres two kinds of Ixsmly dimonstratora One kin
diiionHirates from the outside and tin other from lnsldi out The girl froi
home lias tho kind of btviuty that dont rub off or fade on the line When she
eighty shell be lovelier than evor
As tho evening wore on we saw that Kdna had stnJtod the right bemirty
the girl who hod boen ralwd In the minshlne and fresh air who did not lac
her wilst or feet so that exorcise was a pain instoad of a pleasure who wa
PO natural and cordial that even her rowed awkward escort dovelwpod eaaa an
high s t irlts under her friendly Influence
During the Home 8w u t H me waltz the professional cm tic demon
etrator disheveled fadd and weary llmpvd from the hall on torturod feet un
noticed while the village belle fresh niul rosy swung out with a devoted swal
the last delicious moaxurra of the dance As the powder and puff creation
loaded her disenchanted tailors model benu with buRs and boxes of artlflolo
brautlfiers for the Komoward Journey the girl from home lingered to say n
luctant goodbys and to promise new friends to como again and In her ever
look and gesture there was the beauty which Is demonstrated from Inside out
M H N 1 < N < > < < N < 1 < > < < < f > o i < M < < < W44 1 > < + Kj v4J < < 5 < Jx4 < M MHw XJX < J + Sx54 I
< HBN the thirteenth girl to Billy had said Unfortunate Bill by lovo made 111 And Cupid thn daring elf I
0 Will you marry me Rill he scratched No longer responded with smiles I much dislike to send you this note
> mln his head He sslzod his pen and ho wrota her then But my advice to you
t And wandered what to do A lettor so short and cruel Is that you fO hy the very next boat
While a leapyear pain In his tired brain That the lady Im told frreiw faint and cold To the land of the kangaroo
< Went back and forth like a shuttle train And had to l > e fed on gruel Thon should you miss In a yoar llk this I
f And made him decidedly blu Some man wham Kate defends
If Bill was right Ill not decide You 11 bo in a place to go th pace
But wihon Miss Crny who Is fifty they say You can do that for yourself Where loap year never ends
Commenced Sier winsome lIe s But thus he omitted the wouldbe bride
i N WN N N < Nw ry H obyb H > < vN ivN 1 + H + N i ij j ivi iN H < bN > < > iNWWV + iN >
Leap = Year Laughs By J K Bryans
You look worried old man Whats the matter boy
Yes Had three proposals last night and dont know which ono I Gee Mamie eayi Its leap year an she goln tor propoao to mo
nt h l Y
The IViutineers
1 Steal the Ship I
00 00
00 Alter Days and Nights of 00
Worry and Despair in the
Fortunes Camp Kirk Sud I
00 denly Awakens to New and 00
Thrilling Treachery
The Adventurer I
sv I
Lloyd Osbournc
4 Cbp > rUht 1007 by D Applcton I Co > II
I Kklatre lulcKiiaiiiiii un > i
CK UUU Aincriuiii Iio BiiHtiiltxl li
Lxmiion embark on a nosirloa OIfld
thai litinlxen wtilttt The txpeiUltun i 1
under ih Itfci4l r hlii of rur ptoplt Wi
bruuk a famuiM liiftiti IJr un 1fit
vtltz u Ocniiui denim Mis lUUlico i
an enormously wealthy old laily am Capt
Jackal A tun y irurUi4 Vtbrui build
mlehty slilp the Kortun i rr tul upui
wheels and thus cuiialilo of nailing on UiJ i
1h8 are IK > men In tho pnity They nr
enauniKul utar the ship In a feouth Aincrl I
can plain Kirk ftlls In lov wUi Wait
brook I lovely daughter > ra 1I 1
inadt poconil officer u hen with a pekes i i
crow the iVwtuna tarts on hr InlamL MI >
a Von iCetltw Itz wa once captured nn >
rnflavod by mUHgtvt in that country IInJ
foun 1 u burlM city rallfnl CstftOJiuUrJ con
Valuing u grout ubUrntnoan cJianiber ful
of gold Lara It la this hoard tjiey ee k
A aat army of mounted BHvn ij IInn801
Uh rifle and Low nttncU the ship whll
charge through thm ami put then to rout
Kirk inJtf command iltirlnx t1 fljrht anJ
fa nrt rwnnl mail captain Jackson and K rt
Officer llnlmn blnll iliifl rr I > woeh H
V ri jrh ist t tlio rdondahfd IK Kr
I 1 to whom uliti linn bt ct > m enKiR4lj t
1 nbnmlun thrt troanuro trip Ho refuses 110
bifuka the engafoment
i The Stolen Ship
I I HK next clay at dawn the mourn
Tag prii < iratloa had to bo tnnili
I to Inter Uie deaj St Aubyn
j hJ < T usie l uwuy durln tho nlsrht nm
four BTuves had tn t > e din a little wnj
I fior the ship
Iy W oclock tho Fortuna was unde
way acaln lying up rloschanlcd gains
a stiff nreezo Cots had Ixen slim
for the wounded alleviating In some
il5ht measure the trylnc motion ot
the ship
I Mrs Hitchcock appeared at tnble tha
day for tho first time slneti Jackson
deposition Klin nas very eiibduei
thniiKh there waa ft gleam In ller
runlcen black eCN that betokened OIls
hlef Hut she vas civil to evorybmly
lnqilr il tho days run and cnmporte < 1
herself with a sor of stiff dlcnlty tha
Ibncama 3ier Ahry wll V p tbroo
thfvusrht to natch up peaca with her
and mistook hor carefully calculate
I mimner ni an nvortura nf frlendslili
I Utit lie WAS quick undeceived
Von fall tn appreciate my position
1 ho Knld roolly
The Threat
You have everytulng > our own wny
Just now and 1 urn powerless Hut Ill
find ft muniiH to nssirt my rlghti Igni >
bofoie you ever roach Cabsaqularl
My < lear Mrs Hitchcock crlci
i Westhrook It i most painful to hen
11 I you cpeak like that May I not nppea
to your good seme your generosity ti
11 nt nt rnst tills miserable mlsunder
o stnndlng This IH a tlrmj for us all 10
I ami togothnr shonklor to Hhoulder
II I mil drop all our dlfferpticta for the
s common good
He rMe antI came over to her hold
Ing out hli hand
101 Heavens sake let ua be friends1
i he exclaimed
Hr tallow face hardened and two
little spots of red showed In her cheek
Up are not friends she said
ttrsibrook wont back to Ills plrce am
sat down turaln
U was nn unfortunate moment foi
I 1 Jackson to remark that ho himself In
tondcd to sue him for a quarter of n
million damiK For abduction he
Bald not to Hppik of barratry plraoj
i and wrongful dismissal
A Flash of Temper
At tlilH Wostbrooka tempo leaped nil
Then sue nway1 ho roared Sue
i sue sue And Ill show you up In
I court for the coward you are IVstor
day we took your measure Jackson
I mid If you ever Biy euo again or as
I mucTi as ralno your little finger agalnsi
us well glvo you tho swiftest trIm a
I man over got ond a frogmarch for
ward Sue Indeed I Hy heavens well
glvu you nomeUiing to sue for
I Jackson bent his head before the
i i storm JiU cheeks his ejirs the hack
of his hoad slowly turneil to cr mIO
Mrs Illttdicock took up th chilima
he iSared not ucivpt and tremhllng with
passion lot Hy the lash of her tongue
Tho inrty broltj up In disorder The
I oUl womans oniUush could ony be
evaded by light Thoro > > nsued a gen
eral night her strident voice pursuing
Ithtin a they hurried up the companion
All compromises had bocomu Impossible
It was to ba wui ssar to the knife
Trouble Ahad
They all loiivow Ve > tbrook Von
Ztdcwltz Ciawshaw Wlckj Ooltz and
Krk himself that tho temporary camp
Into nhlch they pitched noxt day for
tho better earn of tho wounded wan
i likely to become n hotbed i > f treachery
and disloyalty With ever safo mird It
would hn Impossible to prevent Jackson
and Mrs HltclKoek from carrying Oil
a propaganda for lotreut With tho
dazzlng Induinonls the latter OMld
offer so tangible and fiiv In compari
son to n triMirtiiro thut wnR cortwlvaily
a myth this period of delay Was frai u
with xUcmo danger To iniinv of these
needy adventurers a sum of JJUic or
llOiWC Wit n veritable fopcuno In Itself
and the bait was likely to bo greedily
The situation had to be foetvl with
all the coolness and resolution they
could minter and It wan dotermlnod to
kp a close watch on tho pjlr and nip
Biiytlilng In the naturo nf u conspiracy
in the bud llwito espoclully waa to ha
undor surveillance though Wicks told
them that the fallow had lojt muoh of
111 ftuthorily monir tlia crow tkl tiut
Uiev were ovrrfttlng his capacity for
For Kir < tho trJn
trying and deadly mon
otony of tho days that followed had UK
added bittern of Ills wlmnuement
from fru He lilt 11 apparently affronted
her too deeply for forglvenesi She
stniirwtiy refund hl advances kept
ill nmld out of his way and did
in fri pay him the compliment of bo
llr Ing Cither anger or chagrin In
puhlU nnd he never naw her at nnr
othir time her
manner toward hIm was
nrdUtlngulslmblo from that she showed
fir othirji She did not pointedly avoid
Him sli oddromed him just enough to
glv < > tho rest no chance for remark or
conji sure and yet her girlish armor
WHS Impenetrable
Loves Crooked Path
on iiftfrnoon there was a heavy
squill of rain IClrlc took advnnta
< Jt It to nil lila water tanks vrhloh
were cvrendy wrlotuly depleted He
had put nil lands on a rigid half al
lowunrp ana this alleviation wai most
wlciime Tim Hquabbilmr and heart
burning over water came near to as
suming the proportions of a mutiny
Th nlWardly pint that had been ol
lonrl for ablutions he had had to cut
In huH Hli economy had been bit
iirlv crltlRpd for of nil hard hlp
tint of being dirty Is the worst The
lain was a GoiNcnd relieving him IU
It did from tlios rrstrlctlons ho had
ilpiiuetl It Imperative to Impoa In
pldmtally the squall drowned out the
camp blew down several tents Includ
ing his own and Incited every ona
lo laundrj work There was a scrambU
for soap for buckets pans basins Dig
f < llow > stripped to the waist floundered
In soapsuds rubbing and scrubbing un
der the downpour with tho glee of
children It was th flrst washday In
Camp Weaver and the fact that It
wiis posslblv thn last SB well drove
every one Into th < open with his arms
After the Storm I
As soon as thn aun came out KIrk
had the winches going on board tha
Fortuna and oil hfr sails hoisted H
was afral1 ot their mildewing on the
liooms und yards and wished to dry
them thoroughly Hvory pallor knows
what havoc damp plays on board a
ship especially In th troplcn end
how dearly neglect b punished It
coat Kirk a pang to hear the slatting
of tho booms and watch tho etralnlnir
uneasy sails as tliough the old slilp her
e r was fretting to be off Ho wa
frrttlnff too anJ it seeimed more unen
durable than evor to bo doomed to re
main there anchored to a iiiR man
while the precious wind waa blowing It
self to waste together with all their
hopes and plans
lie sighed and went back to his tent
where H lav collapsed in e goodsired
I puddlp He got It up anew pinned hU
I soilclng and bedraggled wardrobe to
I tho guy ropes and wondered If the
world nould ovr be dry again The air
ot Iomfortlfssness everywhere tho yel
low mud tho cigar that would not kp
alight Ills slopping feet the Ulsagree
able sensation 01 water trickling down
I his back al wore depressing to the
spirit and hard to bear with eauanlm
l ItyA Queer Resting Place
I Kirk sick of the damp of tho tent
rrooed to tho Iortuna nnd RwinrJng
himself up the spidery spokes of her
I front wheels ensconced himself on the
truck This was a favorite plac of his
For an undisturbed nap It had no equal
llff hit had dreamed away many a hot
I hour MiiiKlr hidden out ot night It
was cool silent and peaceful though
a trifle hard to lie on On this occasion
I It hud the added advantage of tsinit
lie took oft his shoes and socks un
looKenvil his belt and bundling up hla
coat Into a pillow fell Into a doze
He opened his eyes Men were dis
i tractedly bhouilng and yelling Through
tho rapidls revolving spokes of the
wheels he saw Vlcks with a rme at
I his shoulder deliberately nJmintf at the
ship With this ona exception the whol
I camp seumed to bo in pursuit as they
might after a runaway straggling out
i for a couple of hundred yards In
i breathless and panicstricken confusion
The Runaway
I For a moment Kirk thought tha
Fortuna had broken awaj of herself
I hut h was quietly undoceivcd by thd
explosion of WkKss rifle jho threaten
Ins irestures of the pursuers the crt
the execrations more than dl by lio
hoarse rattle of the steering chains as
he watolwd them tauten and blacken
In obcdleaco to tho helm above
Then It was no unmcky accident A
directing brain was guiding tho mighty
fd > rlc and Jie could feel her speed
< ouicken as tho sheets were paid out
i tuid she woa put dead ibefore tho wind
Doublo up on tho Journals and hoMIng
clutch Kiilc
I Ing on with ft convulsive
slmsly bosun to recover possession
his faoultles All lie undurstojd not
I loose sly glancesUeales unexpected
I ntllinsness ami good humor in working
to dry the sails Uio riMiUnrss of soru
i tur of tho iiuilconteiils lo boar
mind for tin common good while
kr men licld l k Intent on iwwulng
tlielr Hodden liilonclnsa It NI
plain UH ilu > MKht r y
Jackson and lltale had run ow y irttix
To Bo Continued
Better to Come Single
r fKLL1 1 juuut care to hav
N1LL brother
N Hello Viv not
1 > oilJust think of tho ImpoMibUltjr
it concealing oaaa aco c <

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