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h < j o1t t lio 1 I L J
i4l L
nnrt kissed nir nnd said Its all rlRht
I have prnbahly Mivod our life
Q Did > ou sav on the other trial hat
Thaw hated Vnlti A No
Q Did you toll Abe Hummel that
Thaw hated Vhlto A Yes
Q I lIt l you ovor imr that White and
his friend 1roilpf e hard caused
Thaw expulsion from a rub A Mr
1 Thnw told mi something about It
Q Was It the Knickerbocker Club
A I dont remiinher
Q Did vou ever tell Hummel that
Thnw wanted to put vhlto In the pan
r llentlarv 7
r A s I toid Hummel that Thaw sild
it White belonged In tho penitentiary
Jeromes Last Question
i At 210 Jerome crossexamination
I ndcd riitliir suddenly Mr Littleton
proceeded to have the witness correct
and nmpllfy certain points In her testi
I When Littleton wa through Mr
Jerome ball he had ono more question
to ask
Did Thaws conduct when you first
t told him your story strike you as ra
tional or IrratlonaJ
f I cannot say I was very much ex
1 died myself I only know Mr Thaw
I j wa < terribly excited was the reply
This was all At = M Evelyn Thaw
left the stninl She had been on the
b Bland eleven hours altogether and of
I this six and onehalf hours was spent
I In cross < > xamlnitlon As Mrs Thnv
went way from the stand n large num
ber of spectators likewise departed
showing that for thrm the main source
j of Interest hat KOIIU
The next witness was IreJerlck W
n Ijonsfellow Thaws lawyer In byono
Mr Ixmrfellow testified nt length at
tile other trial He began this time by
Identifying pexcrnl manuscripts n
Th ws handwrltlnc Incluvllnc several
letters which r written to him from I
n t Europe In 1P02 and Wi3 i
Mr Jerome nt once obJecteU t any i
l j testimony by Mr Longfellow on the
ground that a professional relation ex
4 isted between Thaw and Ixmsfellow
I The objection was overruled
Whom Mr Lon flow had Identified
I i > 1 a 1 Ithe letteds Mr Jerome renewed his
lorlclnnl objections Tin Court held
i that the defendant 1iItiif must wa vi
tho professional privileges before Lonu
low eoiid divulge the contents y
the lelerThaw
i Thaw Bows Assent
I Justice Powllnc himself PU tl
question to Thaw Thaw after a moments
i ments hesitation arose cnnfilMdlv
land twiwed an resent
Then Jernme had anither olJeotlnn
I lie slId It was alreadv In evidence
I tluit In l J when larI Thaw wrote
most of the Jettem IH was tlrlnklni
heavily He held that Longfellow rould
I have tin ltd lull knowledge re ardlnc
ihe defendants condition or mind nt
Ilhal time
l His Letters to Lawyer
Mr Littleton Marled to read letters
written to Mr IoiiKfi > lkiw In October
i The tlrst letter said
I Mrs larbury and Miss De Wolfe
I will arrive In Now York about Oct 14
Miss Marbury knows Stanford White
I ruined a little daughter of a nttsburg
j lawyer He rant her mother away and
then had her to KO to his place In West
Twentysecond street where he and
I James Breese and others had rooms
She Is on tin ship with Miss Marbury
j and Miss De Wolfe and she has a letter
for you Give her whatever money htt
I walt
I With the exoeptlon of this letter the
I others veer disordered and disconnect
ed The obvious purpose was to show
hut Thavvs mind was unbalanced when
he wrote them
Mr Llttitou next read I letter h1
I was Introduced at the hail trial It
was very disordered and dlseonnecttHl
and addressed 10 the present Mrs
I Thaw In the letter lie stole of Hiniu
iniedlfs Mrs Thaw had found
They were not for inwphlmV he
wrote 1 have never had any dope
of any kind and you Inol It
Mother Got Me He Writes
In one of tie letters to Mr Longfel
low Thaw wrote
1 kept Mrs N three months In Ion
don kelt cost of 1 > Now she has I
got me Se has sailed for New York
She says 1 kidnapped her steen nd
threeijuarteryarold ImiKhtcr The
diiiiKlhter cannot bo with her because
of superhuman negllpence A black
guard was allowed to drug the girl and
ruin her d
I K i I Primed for the Fight Thaws I
d Wife Again Faces Jerome
1 a Evelyn Thaw came tack to the witness
5 when court opened for another
S stand today opene
other battle of brains with the merci
less Jerome
Justice Dowllngs courtroom was no
more than half full when Harry Thaws
wife pale and sick looking after her
gruelling of yesterday mounted the lit
tle platform and perched herself In the
big oaken chair
Stl using the harsh skeptical al
most brutal voice which he employed
t yesterday thr DistrictAttorney with
out any preamble whatever went to hack
ing U the point where he had left off
I i last evening He caused the small wit
and the big violet
a ness in the blue suit anl
L t hat to tell him more about the time In
c 11W when she said Thaw tried to kill
himself with laudanum
1 She answered as briefly as possible
t Yes or No whenever she could leI
J voice las full of the concentrated ex
T tract of defiance His tone carried ran
cor and unbelief hers carried sarcasm
sitU anger
Eager for the Fight
By the very Inflexion of Jeromes
ipeech he Impugned the truth of her
I story Her very posture as she sat lu
i the chair showed that she was prtiueJ
r lor the light Indeed almost eager for
I t I
Harry Thaw kept Industriously duek
4 ing Ids head around Jeromes Interven
t The presence o a deputy sheriff
+ 1 J about the Criminal Court Huildlng
started I reoprt that some paped
t were to he served on Evelyn Thaw
Mr OHtllly explained that the
1 I papers were not Intended for Mr
a J Harry Thaw but for Mrs William
i f Thaw the mother of the defendant
According to Mr OHellly the papers
1 4 are preliminary to I suit on the jvirt
of Dr Alan McLane Hamilton the
t alienist who testified for the defense
j lse
at the first trial Dr Hamilon says
he got only 1 for hU services at
that time and he wants I30 >
p Mr OReilly says that I will be ar
ti i innged so that the assistant deputy
can serve the papers on Mrs William
1 Thaw tomorrow morning
t 1
i A cough or sort thrnt nhouM nt t nee
1 1 I JV1 Hrimnp Itninrhlnl Triiilun1 LIV
lmll mph rre frun oNal
P Ic r1 t Ix
ii Help Wanted
ToDay I
I As advertised for in The Morning
I Worlds Want Directory
l TlSlA r JAN 21 IS
t A rt Pbwerp 0 FrlnI
g flts 10 tirotery eltrks
APireatices 4 0111 3
IJkfn 2 hitrnesattihtrs
Itartenicri 3 louwork I
HokkIf irantis
lloi c JanUor H
Ltsrt orkcr 3 Jaiihiresses 2
IIhIrn 2 IIchn 1lt 10
Hutchr 21 Iaundteses
hindtry 111 t Iaehlnll a
Canvassers 22 Manscirs 3
1 Carpenters i lnnlcl
ChlI 1 lllnr 1
IhIrloll 17 Nur I
Chef 011010 I
1 olt 1 IhUOalhr I
CorUol S Iort
Look Mthei II 1iucsers 27
Cook ilviaitIe 2i Iresmeo
r lIIU I Sallies 3
Dresuiiatc I S 13 tihuinen 3
lentis 4 IiIr 2
lIIher 7 tnuKraptiuri IF r
4 DrIvers J 11 1
tr tlerks 10 Trinuuuisrs S
1tc iqttr Junn 3 Typtwrttra 1
2 Im rIJrro 3 WUler a
Eagitii 2 Viltrsss IJ
11 I 1001 2
nnln 2 IUO
11luI 011
Tilt YnrU1 primed 11 Hell Avk
tOddy 5u5 more than all uihei
I I New York pap I combined
L it1lW 1
Ing back to catch 1 glimpse of the glrla
face Gar van the ammunition man
was Industriously searching a lot of big
portfolios for powder for Jeromes at
tacks Every minute or two the Indiin
trlous young assistant was slipping
porno note on paper Into his chlufa
Jerome fished about for a while
Jumping from ono part of Evelyn
Thaws story to another
I Vou know Dan OHellly dont you7
he asked In a tone that was hat sneer jl
I and half demand
Yes she snapped back sharp as the
cra k of n whiplash Of course 1 know
him I
Goes Back to Foreign Trips
But without going any further Je
rome branched off on her first and soc I
1 nod trips to Europe with Harry Thaw
before sie mar Id him She didnt I
lnow the name of he French physician
I who attended Thaw the time be poi
soned himself
I Q Who gave you the money for your
return from Europe the first time A
llr Thaw I
I I Q how soon after you landed In New I
York were you In the tower of Madl on
Square wltl Stanford White I I
I A Within a week or two
Q Did you lull Harry Thaw of this
I A Yea but I didnt go alone with
tanfor1 White to the tower I at
He Not a Policeman Saved Norma
Munsell From Drowning in
1 i
I a Pond I i
I Is the desire of F Ij Srunroll of
i One Hundred ant SIttyFeeond street
land Woodcrest n vet tie that EI wall
j Quinn of One Hundred and Sixtyninth
street and Jerome avenue shall hove
i all the cndit for savlm Ihlrteolrec i
I old Normn Munsei from drowning vei
i lIla afternoon Through some twist I
in the offlilal reports credit for the res j
cue has IiPn atcrlbexl to I pollcuman
1 whose sole nart In the Incident was the
i cnlliiiK uf an ambulance
i Xonna and her twelveyearold ehum
ISuth Shaw broke through the Ice 011
a jiond at Jerome avenue anj One
Illunl and HixtyMfth street anl
wen beyond their < depth and drowning
when Quinn happened along He is a
I husky young Ilal onllnarlly but a
1 rent operation and u long stay In a
jhuipltal served to leave him wak and
I S hak
Nevirti flPi lio did not hesitate to 1
I pluiiKe into the Icy water anJ KO utftr
1 Nirma Munsell whose pt itlnn was
jimist dangerous She was uncotiielous
wlnn he got her nut II the meantime
other had reached the Shaw girl with
tii > > rtM of a long plank
Julnns amis ant hands were pain
fully rut on the edRiM of the broken i
1 c Mr MunRftll feels that he owes
Iic life of his daughter to Quinn all
will take steps to sec that the endll
11 I lee rescue shall not ho diverted
Manager Slirrcr of the New York i
riarin Hi sill today Unit I
1 Ito r ngd iotisi en I flea ues hac Iel I
riHlud rapiily this witk until thin <
is initstandini now only yiliiiinfnio
It Is the litilef uf te 1lrn II I
officials that all ule uutHtunillnK ceril
fkate will iiuvo beii retired in t AO
I Miln rriii A iipllriinl IItsuleuI h >
I llriinllj n riij liinn
I 1 I In ivnarl s A Iiirip or Brenkln
witi todav ilertp h tie Uojrd of
Aldernpu phYSicIan ci tie Kmi
1iiiiuv Jai Ol a s I f SV itt a
n T jo1 I rr lie
Ir KI strt a iniu i itiiiSpr of th
linird n liil I s > r Miiu
r1 0 is I iiud I tin i 1 juh i
xv i hr i vnp
IVHt 1 CALaUA flLt11tCIits
j IM vj tit r 1 o j ar tni nnol
i CTifli nnOMO OUIMNK uIe rxtnaTci > cause LAXATIV U w
Orur ou box 2Jc s
r ka I
tided A dinner there where others
were present
< i Were you In JOe with Harry Thaw
at that time
A Yes
Q And you bad lust renounced his
ilnr of love because you thought you
v > ere unworthy 7
A I didnt renounce his loeI never
< It IhatI only renounced hl offer or
liLt rr I ii ge
Tiroitif raiised the vltness to Identify
her signature on a photographic reproduction
ii uol ion l the lust IIKO of the fit itittits
Abe I I tutu nici atlldivlt
I Q Did Stanford White cc3l on you at
i the Hotel Navarre after your first re
I turn from Europe A Frequently
Q As soon as Thaw returned from
Kurope did he cOle to eo 011 A
Yes He came with his lawyer but 1
refused to see him Later he came to
xo me and I admitted him then 1 was
I quite cool because of the things I had
I heard about him I told him I had
I heard unpleasant stories about hIm lie
asked me how I could believe such
Q Did you tell Thaw about tbe stories
you had heard
A e
Q What were these stories I
A Tiut Mr Thaw put a girl In a bath
j tub and s nltlC her with hot water anti
I that he took morphine
Q Did you tell him that you had
i heard he was In the habit of tying girl
I lo a bedpost and beating them
i A Yes I heard that I was the first
I time I had ever heard of such things
y Well did you tell Thaw that you
had heard he wuj a flagellant 1
A Yes I told him all I had heard
Denies Tale of Beating
Q Did you tel Mr Hummel when
you went t hIS offlco In the fall of ISfl
that while travelling In Europe with
I Thaw that be had Inflicted on you sev
eral violent blows with a whip
I A I did not she almost shouted
Q Did you say he repeated the sauna
treatment for several mornings
A I did not
I Did you U Mr HummM that you
got Into a very nervous state as 3 re
sult of the frequent beatings to which
Thaw subjected > you 7
A I certainly did not
i Did you on or about Oct z I9X
In the tower of Madison Square Garden
before Abraham Snldcker a comrnls
donor of fleets subscribe and swear
to an atudavlt which you had pre
viously made In Abe Jiunimela office
and In which you accused Harry Thaw
of belling you alih a whip and of using
A 1 did not
Thaw Laughed at Report
Jerome gave her a copy uf the Hum
mel affidavit to read i
1 never signed this paper to my I I
idiowledg ihc said I
y Did you ever tell Aba Hummel that I
Thaw had utrlpped O naked and
biMiLii you with rods or whips
A 1 never did I
y Did joi ever say such I thing to
any person
A I tiijsi certainly did not
y Who wits the lawyer who accom I
iviiilej Thuvv UI hla nrat visit to you
at the Hotel Navarre after Ida return
from Europ In 1tti
A rhiuri Loll Wurren
What did Thaw when
y say whe you told
him lalelant that yuu had beard he was n
A He laughed
Q Was the man who told you Thaw
s a flagellant a friend of Whites
A I told you yesterday that the man 1
who told me Thaw whipped girls was
not a partlcularlv close friend of Stan
ford hite He was a newspa er man I
who afterward became I theatrical
Q Isnt It n fact that after this I
friend of White had told you this
alert niout Thaw vmi and llnvr
Thav sat and Iiiul lire ikfast with urn
A Nil I Is 1Ut We were having
breakfast all he ale and sat down
with us
Denied It to Her
Q And Thaw welcomed him
A Yts lie spoke to him
What when told
Q Whlt did Tnaw say Ihn you
him what you had lieild about his hab
its of bralutiiK ulrls
A II said 1oir IItie Kvelyn they
have been makliiK a fool if you Then
be said If I had dune such things you
surelv rtiuld know uiiout them
y Whit tll Thaw ny to you about
the Kthcl Tliomas suit 7
A He said I wn4 blnkmall
y IJld he say he knew KthiI Thomas
A He bald li was a disreputable
woman and had 11111 to blackmail him
vlannliiK lie had whlnne her In his
Fifth avenue apartments
Q What did Thaw hay about Hummel
111 White
A He talked about the Incident about
my going to Humm Is otllce
t When did you set White next
A In a ld days at the hotel He
enimie nearly every day
Q And you were living then on
monnv furnished by Tliaw
A es
Q All the presents you received from
White wore of a piacikul kind were
they not 7 i
t No he pave me a senrl lr > ok t
worth I2WO a sapphire ruiK live other I
I nines and some diamond
Q What did jou do with this costly
pearl locket A I pave It away to a
Q What was the friends name
Jlr Uttleton objected but Mrs Thaw
had to reveal the name Will Stun
glut she said
Q What did you do with tho rings I
A I cuve them a 1 V too I
Q To whom did you give them A
To friends
White Still Visited Her
William SturKls to whom Mrs Thaw
grave the pearl locket H n particular
friend of both Harry Thaw and Mrs
Harry Thaw He has also been a fre
quent visitor at Mrs William Thaws
country nlace at Cresson
Q When Mr Warren camn to e you
wiai Mr Thaw tell nie what he said
A I said Stanford White told me
Hummel was the creates lawyer n
New York Mr Warren got very mad
at that and old Hummel was only a
shyster lawyer and Mr Thaw agreed
with him
Q When did you next see Thaw
AI met him In the Knickerbocker
drug store at Broadway and Thirty I
eighth street Hu said I did not look 1
well and asked me If I ant not have
rouge on my lace I saiu Yes and h >
told me I should not wear palm on my
Q Wlien did you ext se him I
A 1 parsed him on the street We I
only poke 1
I And you were nceivlng visits fron I
Stanford White al this HII I
A Yes he was calling at my hotel j
Thaw y Describe your next meeting with
A I met him t the Heaux Arts at a
dinner Maria Follett asked me to
go with her to dlnnr and w1 Ie
Thaw I didnt expect to see him
Q What did you talk about
A About the play I was going Into i
Urged Her to Investigate
He said I didnt look well Ha asked I
nm If I was Kolm to do any danclntf
and If I slept much Hi > did not want
mo to dance He said If I would stay I
from the theitre he would pay my sal
ary I When did you see him next A
At lunch In the > aine place
y Did Volt gO Ihr vxpvtlnir to see
him A Yes
Q Uld you tell him about sigmting any
papers at Huniine A Uuv mild I
whn I didnt sign nn 7
U W > did Thiw say to you at this
lunch A lie aIled m aide und tlkd
about thl morphine story and the oilier
stry He sUd l that were true
surety you would know It He said also
tin did lot mulisuind why the man wlio
accii ed him of whipping girls won I
want to do such thlni hecau e so far
n < > he Thaw knew this lan was not u
friend of Stanford Whites He said
Ifjve you ever seen me lake murphln
I said No I never dd He said I
Tiive you ever Stan me und tli 111
lluenre of drucs I all No Then
he urged rile to Investigate a II these I
stories before accepting them as true I
Q After this second lunchion at the
Beaux Arts dldd you set ThaW fre
uentlj A I saw him oica ionnly I
I was around Christmas time and II
used to meet hm occasionally I
Witness Discloses Names I
Suppressed at First Trial
Jeromes crossexamination at various
atageit seemed pointless and futile and
It dealt with things that had been cov j
ered BO often that the spectators seemed
to iose Interest Even tue witness and the
DistrictAttorney dropped their mutual
attitude of keen antagonism and grew
listless Jeromes questions no loimer
cume raMping out an If his tongue had
been a rough file and his air toward
Mrs Thaw took on a kindlier tone She
save her answeri In a lifeless tone that
was In strong contrast to her fire and
dash earlier in the day
After twenty minutes of this frt of
thIng the young woman spoke a rum
which caused the Crowd to sit up and
take notice for It was a name that I
hud never before been openly men I
tloned In connection with this case I
Jerome harked back to the Identity
of the man who had told her Thaw
wnf guilty of beating women I
Q iJlil this man tell von tins HOI
more ihan once A Yes or rather
he told It different every time he sa e
me 1
mey You say this man who told y u
the flagellant stories cane to your table
when you were dlnlm with Thaw A
Yes Mr UlllltiKham came to the table I
Told Him All
Q And you had told Thaw that Dill
ineham had told you this story A Tea
u What ell you iirwo talk iirni
A I Ve soon let I dont remember
what was suid There were others at I
the table and Mr IMIIInffham did not I
tnlk to me or Mr Thaw
111t Did you Ml Thaw ahout going
with Mr Garland on hli yacht atm >
after you first came tf New York A
I did I
if And about going to Hectors and
other placo with Jack Barrymore I I
fore you met Thaw A Yes I
Q And about Barr lore proposing
marrliigc I > you Into A I did I I
toM Mr Thaw all of this i
t VIUTf did you in with Thaw on
the night or fhrlBtmiiH Eve liSt A
1 Sent to a dinner at Hectors i
Q Who elsp was there besides 011
and Thaw A Kilnn MrPlir M r i
Warren and haniet Hands
Ttwsp names were also new to ih
I leonrd At the first trlnl these natieH
I had not hnn broiiKht out I
1rlol fished nbout In the rtfords i
i for HiliptB on which he might contra
diet 110 Thaw He didnt have any
I hrltllcnt ivo For example lie
I lni ten inlnut trying to trip up lie
i OUII Imll only to discover lor
i I f that she WIIH making Idtnil
illv thf litutite unit worn Shut mudo a i
i n flil
Tinilly Mrs Thaw Insisted on lookint
at the lrar < Tpt of the forrnar te tl
mony for herself
Look her Mr Jprnm Mhe said
Ms niifH has been aitrel and some
1 hlnl b ax been paitfil In I testified to
part of this If you will read what
p th it I ran iinke a sensible an
I swer Oiirrwlso I can1
Harry 11 turned to III press tntile
uitti erlrn a lirnad cnn > rr apprecla
tot it lie wife iiiilH i Sirttci fr
I In Nliclchiiideil aganst Mr Jerome
Kv nliulv JerniHH gave up and re
Illr Currd In I lu 14 ilnj 1aio Olnl
I meat It euaronlrnl to cure any case of Itch
j los IHInl Ulrvdlnx or lrutnjlln 1MI le In
U lays or manes K
turned to the subject of HI Chtlstma
Eve dinner at hectors In iSO
Went to Live with Thaw 1
Q At what hour did you leave flee I
InK tore A I was early ClirHtma < morn
InKQ You went with Thaw to lili apart
ments A Yes
Q Did you upend the night with him
there A Yen
Q Ani the next day A I went back
to the Audution where I was living
Q And did yii see fhs w again soon
nfti that A Only once I wu In
the hospital Ho came there to see
some one else W e met In the sick
room of Unit person who was iL Later
I went to live with Thaw
Q Where did you live early In U M
A At the Grand Hotel
Q Under what name A I have heard
since that Parr WAS the name aal
used but everybody caller him Mr
Q Where was your mother livIng A
1 dont know
Q You were living there with Thaw
A Ye
Q How Ions did you live at the firand
with Thaw A fntll I went to Europe
with ilm In the sprtnp of 10
Told About Seeing White
Q Did you ever tell Thaw about PIKS
IHK Stanford White In a call A Yes I
told him
y Did Thaw ask you about thl In lin
early part of UUI ant did you tell him
that one day while iiilnx in a hanvnn
tin Pifth avnui jitii with
Oi IIfh aJw j1 wih our mOo
passed White and White rose up In is I
carriage and said 0 little Evelyn
A I did teil Thaw that
Q And did you toll Thaw that Wlilte
called you up Ihl next day imI wanlil
to come and se you and said ynur
voice rounded so ROCK 1 over the hOI
that A I did 1 told Mr rnaw all about
Q When was that A Early In J rJ
before we went to Europe i
Jerome gain went HsiInK In the rec i
ordK for pnlntH eovured In the last rpi >
Ivelyn Thaw spoke up Middenly to eor
reel him I
If you will qune the vviole queiilun i
aol the whole nniwer I will try to 110 I
you what you want tn know she ahll
situ rly You urn 1lns the wronn
InipreHslon by quoting only part of tnf I
ll Did you tell Thaw that Viie hnl
Mnt people to you ti tell you situ s
il iut Tliaw A Vex
I And I the stories horrlllel you
so that you tt hint sleep A Vis I
hat never heml if sum i things 1eor
Q Did you liellevi tlicm A Yes i
II nst I IBIIS si nianv people 101 nu
You see I had never heard of si i
ihlllkTH Ijtfore I didnt it lila > ui1h tliliiK
existed I didnt know what was trt
and what viM tab hit when I In
vestigated when I tilnnp these t IO f t
down they all toll different verlni
and none of 111 could rite tile any
facts A mud I finally deeldeil thev w i A
nil inlr 0
nl You didnt have any partlculirl
CIIP frUnir inwipl
first came bark A N 0 I had no f I
itlrularlv friendly fo Inc fo 111
i 11 Xinl vim Inved Tliw A I Id
I O Yen lnew Thaw was comlnt I
Vmeila shin nn1 vet vien White i
loll theie Iorles roLl lold titit v
llilnt viaii to SC Tinw A Yes I
I l > eved the storied until ufler Thaw
I arrival
j Back to Hummers Office
g Wheu vou went to Hummers attica
aid Huunutl tend tor 1 tenoiiraohnr
f A Ys Hummel told me I must not
interrupt and tnen Uimmel went uheid
nnd told the lat tn put down I lot of
stuff that was not true Ho put It
lot that Thaw had carried me off
iiiinliiNf my nil and that I had been III
realed I tried to break In because
tillso things were it let Hut Hummel
ild I must let It stand that way lie
Iiuse If ne eiiuld make I aplarthlt I
fliiuv had rnrrleil me off aRiilnst my I
will it wipiild lie kidnapping as I was I
under am
q I nJ Hiinvrel ask you for any let
ters that Thnw had ever written to
vnu A Yes I
IJ And you took them to him A I
ii You took the letters of the ninn
you lowd to i Uuvyer and aifent of t
the lan wMo had ravished you
A Yes Mr Hummel told me lil let i
lers would be sealed ui and put awav I
Hliiniel said It wai hill done for my
own prntectlon i
oln 101 old were you then A About I
IlnolpI told Mr Thaw that Wl ij
I YOI tll 11 haul
fiat tliimnvM hat
had admitted f von I 1111
squeezed JIOIA out of him A Tea
SIOIl Ott lie
ilo A
Q What did Tliaw 10 1
1I You went away with Mr Thaw
In a rub from the Madison suhtlare
Theatro on Christmas tvc JW I
A Ys
out of the umttlCe
Q When you came
door that nlsht did you notice any I
IJ tld
toor lt A There were
ont jitund near by Thr
seine > id ° YOU know ony of them A j
0Q Did stt ever speak to any one
of ihttse rtrsotls sttbaetitmeiltiY NO I
o 1101 slseIIIltly
Q AnuS i sure A e I 11 slime I
II in New
Q DII Thaw carry I 1011
YOlk IClr Clr lna J In the nil
vie5 of ltcszer QMitna Chief oC IettC
IVT Vil lor S Irl v it
ties nt Iitshurg A Ye he til
I Ilt viu tell Mr Tint w that you
sIgned a pnpfc in the Madison Square
tower on Oct 7 103 A Yes I told
him I slirned I paper but I didnt i
know what It was Mr White SId
It was a matter of business j
Ordered to Leave Hotel j
Q What sort of business A I
didnt know
Q Did you read the piper A No
He simply asked me to sign I
tj Why did you leave the Hotel
CumlHTland when you and Thaw came
bock from Kurope the second time
A There was a lot of talk In the
papers I talked with Mr Thaw about
where I should po The management
insisted on our leaving tie Cumber i
land Mr Thaw said there wn so
mueh notoriety that we ought to set > a I
rate I went to a friends hon ii > I
wither Ninetyseventh or Ninetyeighth
street ant stayed there Mr Thaw used
to call upon me there
Jcronv spent some time tracing out
the life of the girl and Thaw in 1S04 and
l > f 1 until the time of their mar
riage In the spring of the latter year
Often Discussed White
Q When was the first time vou came
to New York after vmr nurrlaire A
I cant recall I was In UXJ I call
with Mr Thaws mother
o Vre vou In New York with Thaw
for a month before he killed White A
I cant say whether it was a month or
three weeks
y Did you and Thaw frequently dis
cuss White aCer > < ur marriage A
YeU Hid you cry whm you mentioned
White to Thaw A Yes Mmptlmev
Q Did vou tell Thaw that except for
that one awful thing White had nlways
tiun very kind to you anl very thuught
ful of your family A
fil 11
CJ Did you always try to calm Thaw i
when he spoke of White A Yes I
Refers Him to the Record i
Q Anti YI when you saw White fnrt
Martins on tilt night of the murder yui
vrole a nol U > vnur husband saying nt
blackguard was here A 1 didnt write
hlicklnrl no look at the record and
tv exactly what I 111 write If yui
want to know
Q Didnt you expet xluit note tu
excite Thaw A I thought it would be
better for him to know about Wnite
ter have Mr Thaw nm into I i
SVhlte urexpectelly I
Q And you knew Thaw hat n re
volver In his puokiL Q 1 hit seen t iI
revolver In his room but he didnt
Carry It always
Q Had you told Thaw that Vhlte
was a fine man except for that one
tiling A Ys Everybody said thut
and eerybt dy said also that jie hl
a mania for young girls
l j IJld you not testify In the first
trial that when White gave you tie t
Champagne In the tower It tasted bit
ter and Immediately started a pound
Ing In your head and you tale In
tentlble III Littletons objection was i
Q And Ill you not read later that n < >
narcotic existed that would produce un
consciousness and shortly thereafter sen
sibility return sutllclently to allow you i
to sit up ni nlirht and Jld you not then
modify your testimony regarding that
episode whin you cume here again to
g e evidence
Littleton Scores Again
Mr Littleton objected on the ground
that the truth or falsity of Mrs Thaws
story toll tJ Thaw could nut be assaied
In such a way He was sustained
q Did you not go to a Christinas
festival In li2 A Yes
Q And were vou not Abe Hiinimi
guest 7 A No I was with Mr liiles
hut Mr Ilumnifl silt at II same tab
I leer was Mr Hummels KIt inn
whQ Did YOU tell Thaw the night White
r yiu was ie < tli > n nlglit Novem
ber 101 A 1 did not
f > Was I that night I con I know
Q Did you see any crowd on Broal i
way thai ni cit t 7 A I dont remember
Q And did you tell Thaw that eu > i I
were photographed by hIp on Nov 3
IH01 The quetliin was ruled out
Q lal you sivn yiur hrithir since <
the last trill nf tills race A No
Q Or your mother AN ut
y Are your inithiT or brothor still
IIII A Of my own knowledge I
C i iu Id nt say
C 1 Did you say at the last tral that
you once aw some needle In Thaws
t mu nIt whle you were llvlnc wlili I ol
In Paris A Yes I saw wine needle
In his trunk In Hurls Tnev were II it
unlike cnmhri neeilici Pie WI
larper Ihal darnlnc iidle t nval
they were larger than the darning nee
dks I IThaw
Thaw Smiles at Answer
The neemlni nrtlessnij of this an
ewer bronchi I smile to Thaws face
II had hn dulnif a Rood deal 01
sniillnt nljout Jerome shoring the se <
slunQ Did YOU tisk Thaw atvout these
n Ibs A Yet he said to me to pits
tin nttentlon tl Them an thev were
merely sinie old ituff that hfid beti
lylni nrnunil
Q IH It true that wiille ruts were in I
Iaris In 1 f1 at tlnvs lie would drink
iicuvHv 7 A im S si tote ti nice
Q When lii I I inrh a itt 10nc vou nnd
Thaw at Iteolorn that time and sat Ii 1
soIl table did Tim v em 011111011
A Yes I think Mr Thaw was nmiised
lie looked I at me and smiled I I
Llale I nuts 11111
Q And yet DlllliiKham was the man
who accused Mr Thaw u f belns a hag
el ant Yl
plalt And yet you were anvisel A I
Yes I was amused iIIIJlllhal
liail maui so many lie < and had contra
diiied liluiHell so often I nulled when
Saves the day for
many a dis
couraged dyspeptic
Theres a Reason I
I Hiw him beiauso J didnt hdlem
anything he Inlr
g Did lie tell you stories nlmut Kuth
liiiKiInn and Irancls Itelinont A No
I knew them hit ho leer told me
stories about them
g Were yim shown SOlo letters at
Uie last trial A Yes
I Were any of these letters written
r tn by Stanford White A I
tl vou lr hlo cannot
I sav isltlvy
V Di > you klnl vvline those letters
Mine fruit shoiite Jetvme liulng her
I and scowling A No
Her Recent Actions
Q Did Mav MKenzie give you nny
of those letters 7 A No
g lan vou ever been to the Clint
li i itt ClutrH A I dont know i hat It Is
g Have you any Idei whne it 17 A
Nog Have you ever ibien to Mike
Si r Littleton objected Jeromu
dropped the question He was evidently
trying to all > Y Tliaw by briiiKliiK up
the story that b itt In Thaw 111
several resorts In hlnatown a few
months ago at the time the altered
sightseeing tour worried Thaw so
reaUvJhl you In May Ifol have a con
versation with Thaw repnnlini a talk
vnu had with May MrKonzIo renardinc
Stanford White and yourself A Yes
about that tinif
Q You told Thaw that White had
visited May MiKenzle In the hnspltal
and May hail said Isnt It nice that
Harry and Kvelvn care it nm r r
each other and thnt White said
Why I dont believe It I will ct ir
bick A Yes I told Mr Thaw May i
McKenzl told me all that j
Fast Loses Strength I
Q While you were In Prance with
Thaw did you receive fourteen letters
from While A Yes I
Tin witiiis s replied readily At
thniign slie had not lost her spirit I
she had lost her MreiRth by now and
s > > e leaned up in the arm of the cnilr
with her 01 li her nind Her fioe
miKed worn and tired and had lost a
lnt of its color
Q Dur nc lIL3 lid Thaw send any
ilileuniniM back from 1arin A I
Hunk so
y Did you calili Ubli A No
I Old Thaw tuble to While A Yes
I think I stir tho cabin Infore it win
sent III Thaw toll mo be vould mind
It Tim ruble wan about Craig Wads
I worth The niessag laid that Craig
1 Wadaworth was annoyliiK mamma
attailn of
i Craig Wadsworili was an aladl
the Ani < rlcaii Ugatlon at London
y You nrd larry lofi iiiaiumi lu
lAiiulan didnt you
A llol Mr Tnnwfi valit I tel find
I stiyed In London to Jook nfier iniimni i
I I Q Anil uu had gotn away from
11101 with Thaw ius Ills mistress
I A Ycs
y As his mlatress
i Air ttleton said the Mnstsnt repe
I tlion 1 roll of the pleasant
i wonl was offenslvo and ubss Ju
te Jowllng riifiiSLd to entertain tin1
I ibliCtion
i Yex I went with Mr Thaw an
i swered the girl with no change of bur
I Wanted to Take Her Mother
I Q Did your mother know thnt you
and Thaw were going away together
A Yes
y Did hl consent 7 A She never ap
proved of anything I did
I Did Thaw suggest to your mother
that It would be better for your mother
tn remain with you A Yes he wanted
mamma to stay with me
I Did you iirri your mother to stay
with you A I did
Q What did Thaw read to von that
punortid to IK In the cable A It
was something about Wadsvvorth and
Wiilte II
ijklng I to stip It
Q And didnt you know that yoir
mother hud rone t ask Mr t a I
11 In preventing Tlitw from
worths aid 11 prlenlll CI1
takliwr you wav A I never lniirl
anvtbing vbout that until you alit it
unlHm triil Nothing of the sun
evn I phtttutl
I nor Wluu cUd you say to Thaw nOt
sending a cablegram to White vpi I
A I dldil want rn
Ing Wadswortli ldt wlnt 1
lsend It I thousht It was a crazy
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