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Thaws Mother and Teacher Testify as to Insanity J
Heroic Students Save Lives as Famous Academy Burns
BattleShip Fleet Heads for the Straits of Magellan E D gN
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RESULTS EO iT I Circulation Books Open to AIL I I Circulation Books Open wAIL I
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May Roberts Clark Fires Four Bullets
Into Frank Brady as He Sits in
Room Adjoining Restaurant of
the Department Store
Frank Brady an advertising solicitor for the New York Herald and
Evening Telegram was shot and instantly killed at noon today in the
immense restaurant on the eighth tloor of Macys department store at
Thirtyfourth street and Broadway by May Roberts Clark a woman
whose love he had spurned After killing Brady the woman shot herself
She died half an hour later in New York Hospital v
In killing Brady and herself and figuring as the principal in the most
tensational tragedy in New York since Harry Thaw shot Stanford White
the Clark woman used two revolvers and emptied both of them They
were new of 38 calibre and she carried them in her muff In her hand
bag she had another similar revolver fully loaded
Macys restaurant one of the largest in the city was packed with
women shoppers at the time of the shooting The tragedy was enacted
I In a cafe for men partitioned off from the main room at the northeast
II I corner and the actual sight of the murder was hidden from the throng
On this account the excltomcnt nn
not so groat as it would have been had
th uliootlng taken pine o In the main
room The diners heard the ouili
of th < > rfiots nnd snw ttw pLstol fvnokc
tout were imable to karn tho tact un
til they had l ft tho rrlnurnnt Sf v
era of the waitresses fant d Scores
I of women dosertol thoir meals and
rurtied for the p 1ntorR The excite
tnejir did not exJond throughout I3ie
building however In fact those on the
lower nOON did not know of the mur
der nml sulcldo until loner after tho
iworoan had been takon away in an
Feared She Would Shoot
J Brady n goodlooking energetic
yountr fellow he was about twcnt tour
had erpressed the foar recently to
friends that the Clark woman would
km him
Ha ald he Tvaa deeperato and reck
leu On several occasions she had
created scenes In his office and about
two months ago she nipt him in Herald
Square fcnd broke nn umbrella over his
That she carried out to < lays rrlmo
En accordance with a welllaid plan is
Ihown by tho surrounding circiim
tancns She know that Brady took
luncheon every day In JIacys restnu
rant Bhe went there looking for him
and care him no chnnco to defend him
eelf Shortly before the shooting at iv
counter In the store she scrawled the
following message on a piece of paper
which ahe stuffed In her handbag
Information concerning my affairs
cn to found in my trunk at No 219
West One Hundred and Thirtythird
trest The keys are In the handbag
He Saw the Shooting
Frank MoPherson was one of the wit
nesses to the ahootlnK He knew Brady
and saw him enter the restaurant
There Is a place In the room parti
tioned off for the use of men who wish
to smoke after their meala Women
may also accompany men Into this
room It wns to this part of the restau
rant that Brnilv went Ho took n tnblo
aerved by a waitress named Llzzls
Brady nad no sooner seated hlnuelt
than tne Roberts woman entered the
restaurant through tho main do r She
glanced about the his room nnd then
mode her wav to the little cafo In the
corner A toll striking woman with
light brown hair she was nttlrrd In
notlceaBle colors and wore n emit blnek
picture not and a black veil Bhn at
I tracted some attention as she made her
nvny tnrough the aisles between tho
crwvden tables not only because of her
t dress But because of the agitation in
II i her manner
t As she entered tho care tho Ornves
girl approached her and asked her If I
eha wore looking for some on Sho
replied tfiat she waN and adlil
Oh there ho Is AIr at iia tUile
Ho Is vhltlns for n
She approiched tho tablo at which
Brady vns slttlm Mr Mclhrrsoii
thinks njie spoko to him but If she did
he had no chance ti uply Whipping
a revolver from her muff she began to
fire til the hpliB min
Bullets Fired Ripldly
Tho bullets sped out with n rapidity
hown that she was pulllnc tho trlic
aerus nat us she could moveher fin
4 Contloued Second Face
Some Unique Features to
Platform as Governor Will
Announce It to City Club
Special to Tile Evmlnc World
AI13AXY Jan 221t was authorita
I tively stated hero today that Oov
I Hughes will take occasion in his speech
J before tho Cltv Club next week when
the Hughes Presidential boom will bo
publicly launched to state his position
In regard to national issues
It is understood that his platform will
1 bfl unique
lle Governor fliaa been receiving a
I large number of loiters from people I I
j living in other States asking Win for
some expression of opinion on national
j Senator Owen Cassldy contributed this I
I terse comment to tho many commenda
tions of the Governors letters With
one sweep of hs feather duster the
Governor has swept tho political sky i
clear of all cobwebs and has confounded
the malcontents of his
party who are
more concerned with the question who I
Hhull bo Warwick Ulan who shall bo
The letter la a clever one and shows
that while the Governor is a good deal
of a HtatPsman ho Is not without polit
ical acumen
i I
111I11I1111 11111 Clirca I
lriiiaiienUy h XMV UINror
XnW YanK Jan 22Recorls
of the
most startling cures of catarrh asthma
and bronchitis by nscatco the now
Justly renowned drug continue to pour
Into tho AuKtrlm Laboratory 32 West
25th Street Now York City The de
mand for the remedy Ims boconin
universal nnd lt Hold of usefulness
broiU nxtomllnir fnm ioitjhs and coliU
to Inclplelit onntniK ivi that thn di
rectors of Ihlt larjjo laboratory have
been ierouaded to plmo <
iisitio on PaB
at all reliable drug siuiis Imlodlii 1
Itlk is and lleseinairs of New Vorl
jind Ilronklyn
lleietofou nscatro has IIpnn sold onlv I
In In iltu ioni tiling a lull months
ticanuiit Inn in aildlllon
to these
cenl bjUu iiUluiel for coujlis colds
i j odnar iiis of Catarrh may now
be luU nt tin diurt tcroi Hi lief Is af
forded by uscaUu almost Immediately
and that awful odor caused by catarrh
U d utroyea alter a fow doiaiAdvt
I t
Thought Mrs Strokers Plaid
Waist Was the Tartan
of His Clan
Mrs Mars Stroker the very business
like head of the L C Smith Typewriter I
Companies Drnploymcnt Bureau at No
311 Broadway has or had an admirer I
with red whisker nttachnvents Today
I he Is In the excitable ward at Bellevue
sinking little serenades of his own com
position to Mra Stroker while she
keeps on clicking the key of her raa
ohlne and handlns out Jojt as last as
they come In
The man whose nnrie Is Robert He
Qreffor called on Mrs Stroker three I
I weeks ajo He was looking for a Jot
lie le forty eaTS old and with his rubi I
I cund cheek adornments appeared re
ponilbie This illusion wis fluttered
when ho conllded to Mrs Stroker that
ho ins charged iti electricity and
magnetism Ho attributed thU to the
fact that he had Just oeen discharged
from the employ of tho Edison Electric
Company Ho had made friends wltli
a dynamo lie suld and was full of
amperus and things llku that i
Won by Plaid Walt
Mrs Stroker usually weira a plaid
waist and MacGreuor declared on hK
first visit that sho wore the Clan Alac
Gregor tartan and was a daiiKhter of
the old heather This Mrs Stroker Ill
nled and after an interview with the
manager MacGregor left In a hurry
A week ago he came back Ho car
I ried In his hand a folded paper This
he paused with an air of mystery to
Mrs Stroker She did not open it at
the time but listened to MncGregor
while he told her how he was going to
buy Udlnborough Castlo and marry her
and set up a new clan MacQregor Mrs
Slroker listened because she was wait
ing for the arm of the law In the form
of 1ollcemau Gallagher on post at the
corner to appear A young person
studying stenography had been sent to
got him When ho come MacGrcgor
loft once more
Mra Stroker told an Evening World
reporter today that MacGregors note
ran to poutry Mrs Stroker didnt want
at first to toll what was in It She was
busy typing At last she was persuaded
to reveal cart of its contents As Mrs
Stroker was typing all the time her re
I cltal sounded something like this
I love you as I never loved before
I think that was In
Ill love you while old winter holds
his sway clickclick
Its too ridiculous
And wo will married be
When the birds sing tra la lee
Upon our wedding day clickclick
TliTe thats all 1 can remember
Raid Mrs Strokrr with a blush und
I think Its enough
Love Unchecked
MacGregor was back again yesterday
This time ho wns thrown out In live I
minutes a messenger entered with a I
roughly scribbled not appealing to
Mrs Stroker to save him from further I
You are my souls desire he wrote
nmiry me i nd we will ncvor see a
typewriter again Invitations to our
royal parties will be written with dia
mond pens on goldlaid paper smoth
ered in motherofpearl
Mrs Stroker thought this was going
EG for a stenographer but just the
same 1ollceman Gallagher came back
ana > Ia iiosor chief In
the Centre Street Court ho protested hU
in C i Mi STil > ir und sua nu
would make her n millionairess even
njwj dll4 vv ri iiiu So the > jea
ilia it lUllir ue u IIIIIK It over
Ill ilitViy mill wire nnd Mr
1tliM i liiiiiu r mid daiisiiiii of He > v
iul Kalloil To > w Orlotns an
the HtiMmHiilp Iroilo toilii A nuintier I
of tliulr frlciuN were lit the pier to I Id
em bun VIIIVBC
I KAllL3 IteiUurant 1118 Park n Final I
owninOinn till mlOatt ciuHeU ti lOOO
Woman Who Killed Man and
Shot TJ rsfiJt at Jtlacv
STAGfOf Vm Gfl
Battleships Leave Rio Janeiro
Headed for Narrows of
Magellan Straits
Evans cabled the Navy Department
from Rio Janeiro that his fleet with
the exception of the Arelhusa sailed
today for Punta Arenas
Will their departure from nio Janeiro
today the sixteen battleships under
tho command ot Hear Adnilril Kvans
enters upon tho third lap of their Ung
voyage to tho Pacific In this run of
2230 knots which will terminate Feb
1 according to tlie schedule at Punla
Around tne most southern port In the
world lie ships will PISB tiiroueh i ne
of tho most hazdous slagcs of It1
rrulse the riarron it the eastern en
trance to the Straits of Magellan
Magellan Straits consists of two near
I equal branches running from north
east to southwest and from norMiwest
to southeast with a total length of 311
miles and a width varying from 20
miles to hardly two miles nnd a hnlf
In Its Iso of the Sirxlt Ailnilril
Ilvanss fleet will have tho lie < t time r
Ite jenr fir Us purpose the mliHuninrr
if the Southern 1IrmI3 ere
There are fow olnlri luin In M ec
lui fctrnlt from rocks in1 suul It Is j
similar In chauter ti lie numn j
i nnneU ami liord nlu c tin oa > i if
Suiithen Chili Like then U U bur
dend bl lilh and oft < n imvlitru w1
1 I > < 11111 land ami his nunuiinns
lirnu i > es SMHO of these offu piorr
mutes fromocoin to oean but t iv
an obstructed by rork Tin lr1t
IM entirely within Clilllin lerrltury
but It U i free txitr u u id Is en
nldcriM neutral territory
As compared to tho Capo Horn route
tho Strait has nn iidviuitvaKe of s11ihlly
mora than one hundred miles Steam
vnla alldom lako the Cipt Horn
route It Is used principally by sailing
The pi sago of Magellan Strait Is In
most respecti comparatively safe for
stem vessels though there aro a Vw
dangers The main dllliully Is tint
there is too sreit a depth of WIIerIII
places It ieaehes over 3011 1 rolIo per
nil aiichorvj The Ktrilt N ell light
ed with numerous lighthouse <
Seimshlps of lIe commercial II i
navigate tho Strait by iiiKht with tlu
exception of two parts whloli they al
ways pass In daylight Theie two places
110 the NarrowH at the eistern part of
the Strait and Crooked Kei h vn i
Admiral Hvans fleet will pars through I
alter leaving Iuntu Arenas
C >
Prxolil to Th I1enlnfr WorM >
WJilTK lIAlS X Y Jan 22 As
briefs wcro not suhmlttod to Supreme
Court Tustle Mills Ire todav as
agreed PKIP In n n fnr imicl
divnrii broiuht hy Mrs Hogirlu
Towei a rain si her iiisliand nrt H
lower the mllMonalre livn master of
Piii hUeijMi It Is no believed that
efforts i bolng made to compromise
the action
< 7
EtHi tn Tie HiinlnR World
IinrilKSTER N V Ian In an
Interview toilay Fr 1 Hamlln of KaM
llloomfleld the hiitlnn 1 nf Llnl
nuvpl denies the repnrt thai i in
tends to fight for n vinre of tle for
tune nlu Is Hilil to haxe left
1 V Hi inn Ton P
Tni 1tfi > iier WI rCIIh n Iveil hi r
t in 10 r i i on c ti wlnt
IIK > I1 M ln I ln In It i
V ite niici of liN In i > I
iniv uncoil e 1001 M Trampai
12 11 winner of Il 1 M arol i
dhlslon 01 II > lv7 l l < ti Iin Iti I
iiirr h n biiti i < l Ii i i in i
Ilttsiing to L i > 1 > > r f lieloxnn
ilL for 1GH I Tramprni rg shlpne
from hen to T rrn llinitc Ind aweK
n go I
1 UAJ hiJ tlttr r au of iue i >
1 010 1 WINS IN
I leavy Rainstorm Puts Course
I in Very Bad Shape
PpiHlil to Tho KipnlnK WnrM
NiV OHhKANS lit Jan J The
CIt 1arlc Clml played In hard luck to
il iv Tncru was a buiko fcMturc down
I for derision and uniUr fair ditlins
tho div tnltrlil havi Intin a nutubli ono
fI ilii MMniii Tin uiMlhir inanRuv
to It that no situh thing happened when
lie sint alone 11 MMd > luitit rlin tint
foil nil nlsnt find dentronit thn last
hope Uilt tlii Kllni todiv niinit be
such < i uoulil JiiMlfy the an > earuuo
i > f si Kooil lot of IKMWOM that luul cn
Ciitrfimimi TSie Iriclc ris ul > aut as
bad < is any that hits biin hail here
this KI OII The mud wii > ilitn iniiiiir
to de < > r trilnPifl fnitn stariliu only
those horses that have Nlmirn a partlal
it lui sticky lImy tuff
Tho btukt1 fiiittirc was the Tlllane
selling stakes one mile for threeyear
olds juU upwiKl It has a good lot of
horses viiKa < iil wit h 1iihiiUnn coming
back iu < tin lop iMght with 111 pounds
The makeup of tin llcll was somewhat
uhuiiKc 1 liy withdrawals from the list
of liroliably Mai IITH mnt out Ol IIIht
The tmiytiiriild ntinilxr wns lor maid
en fillies IIH In this a shift looking i
band of inl sos were given mud alN
nnd as UMial tliiri uire a numbiir of
warm tips In clivulitlon Summaries
KIKST lUi So Inn purse < i for
malilon tAoM urid filln tlino fur
IOIIKX iinnliitf llu iNnit r J to 6
lo i ami 1 tn j noli h a hilI hnjlli
I Nasturtla w i 1 Knfncii ii lo 1 J to
12 and 7 tu 5 sioond li SiVtII 110
1 i ynn to I i to 1 ali i ii in > third
I Thin ut Nora MIIMI Ncbrn < kn
I l < isi Inola Smurl lIr Miss
I Hniir Miiy lyp uMirloli I n > ti Helen
1 lili t nlso ran
SicOVD RACi raise MOO for four
j yciuolils and upward SOMII furloiiKi
Innl Iovntt UJ C lanKa 10 to 1
i i to InIll ii tu > won by a neck No
l trr 107 1 ICoernor 1U to 1 3 to
i 1 and iviii Lalhd 101 1 Let i
1 in 1 to 1 and 7 lo 10 3 Time IIXI 35
I i ciluiiui Tmillnl alo ran
THIHIl ItAfU luro JW threeyear
I olds sellln s Ix furlungs E T Slilpp
In iMliulen I tu 1 S to all11 to 5
MIII diy u head Applo ToddJ 1U2 Xnt
11 1 to l i to 1 and fi to 2 second
Hustle LCi P Klynn 7 to 1 5 to 2
and 7 to u third Tmo 11U 2 Gold
Iuet Albert Star KtJu1 Carr Queens
SouvcnliT Lute Kottoi Male Fletcher
Uidy CarolliM Tnmar Virginia Mol < l
also ran
rOLHTK HACK Polling Stakei
thre > yearolds nnd upward ono mile
value K270 Tnmacoo 111 Noter 7 to
I J 7 to > and 7 to 10 won by four
lengths Anselus pi Sumtir 15 to 1
i1 to 1 and 8 to 1 2 Srly roston IOC
I I Mtnanbl 12 to 1 5 to 1 and o to 2
Time lVi 15 Miss Dclancy Pedro Or
phan lid Ilantlard JJuirna and Pasa
I dena also ran
i S
Secrecy i
If you are ou of work nnd
seek empoymnt
If you dread tho plbiity of
le line outsiders k low about
If you wnt lo deal direct
wih the empoyr who
needs > v r er cej
If you if xv n o ay 25c
fcr a wo i o to
r fIe i i 2 vri i mon
V > rnted id v it a pn
a 0 ntitr rr rldf
orcr t prntcd n
11 e J nVorld
24 hlOUKS
I f + i
Subject to Violent Attacks of Rage
Sullen Morose and Very Nervous
at All Times Miss Belle
Laurence Testifies
Son Born After She Had Sustained Violent
Shock and Passed Through Grave
I Illness Two of Her Brothers
Insane She Said
Miss Belle Morehoiise Laurence Thaws
Hurry old teacher was
ailed to the stand to testify in his behalf today
In childhood the boy was morose nervous
subject to frequent at
I tacks of Wind rage When he cime to her school and long thereafter his
language was unintelligible in fact
act one entirely his own
Thaw seldom associated with other children she testified and often
without reason created violent scenes in the class room
Miss Lawrence followed Airs William Thaw the
aged mother of
Mary Thaw who rounded out the plea of the defense that parental in
fluences and hereditary weaknesses caused Harry Thaw to become insane
The prisoners mother although pale and ill took the witness stand
and in a quiet faltering voice told of the illness that beset her before his
birth and the perils of his early childhood j
To do this she bared to the public the secrets of her home and J
family it developing that two of her brothers were atllicted one dying
weakminded and the other recovering after an attack of insanity J
Anthony Comstock the vIce crusader was the most interesting wit f
ness in the morning refsiwi M till Thaw trial today He testified to 5
receiving a call from any Thaw early in 1901 and that he thought j
Thaws mind was unbalanced j
Comstock identified copies of letters he had received from Thaw I
in which charges were mad i ainst Stanford White The tone of the f
letters showed hat linn was at that time greatly wrought up over I
what he believed was Whiles systematic warfare upon young women Ii
Morose and Nervous as a 1
Child Old Teacher Says I
An Important vItnes IIf tlo aftT I
nnon vas the muh lank of nndjons i
expectedd Mr Delln Morfioit = c lnu
rencc Thaws former cllo tenchcd
SnprnrIniT herself on i crutch fh
mornteil Ile Innd fie Is i mlddtr
iiKoil woiinn wl > i roind pleasant
fucf K1iovnre KII > PS
1 hae lived In Lower Cnlforn
twenty Io veers R11 told M tlttb
ton Ileforc ny mnrriuri1 1 wns MIS
L > I1 1 iiirip living In Iltlshurs 1
tau 1 > tioi tliefo for man years
I ImJ n iM 1 pn > < hIndTRarten 1
TCtn mot of my life trjic ilns 1 inn
now retired
Q Vlien till von rit Ffi > Hnrrv
TiiiwV A Ill 1 7 iei ie ero 10
ny stii w t i < bruiser lie pnl
ttijod two ay In Junnnrv b7i lio I
i ftiincl m > il cnTel m aclioi II
n tlien live firs and leven months
nld lie wni oro of elcliteen or twenty
pnpli I Ixid chnrce of all of them
Their axes ransed Irom three to seven
Q Did yon notice hi1 npoparnnco
icn ron tint fiw Mm A Yes
llClitly When he rotnrnod In 1STT I I
noticed him particularly Hi had tee
npp irince of liavinK a hea1 too itrcc
fir hR iod Ha was utrvoio and
1 > 1 nOlIIhNI If 1 t1 laro
r 1 i vl fo rTliiirlij cc He
f oullr oo 9 Iirtcd nlamli
Hd O Lrofgo cf Ha Own I
> 1 hl pecnllnr nalt yleM to the
i irei of jour i 1 I
No 10 vrn yll oViT II na I
t tJ l 1101111 p II 1 n Ill1 1 i
rrc io nruvv e 1 v
i n nI oilor < ill > I i i
l J
1 r r ii 1
ilm dl IInd
Q Did you note there tlunuM Cr > i
me to time A Yes I noted him cn i
tantly lie seemed to be very delicate
Ho vrti reject to iu4d n perspiration
I Q How about Ills speedi A Even
when lie was sx rears old It was ab i
I < lutelv
unintelligible After weeks I
discovered that he hal a lanKuaye of
hH own and eventually I wa > able to
umlo rnnd him
O fv Ions did this peculiarity of
speech Continue >
A For mmo than three lear > In nn I
nilimrfto letsons corect It I Bnve him private I
Often Crested Scenes
Q Waj he excllailc A Yes He f
vry frequently became excited There <
111R Innlly a dav Len lie did not I
cmito n seine The disi room would f
Ct rinlet nnd pea eful when suddenly f tI
he would fall on his hand nr else KOt
up and run around the mom with a
fixed stare In his eye ii would cry
out with no jptMrenl tann Some
times ho would crawi under H table I
would pick him up hmlily carry him
toa bathroom ami pour cold water on
Ms wrist nnd head Inle I resorted
to this treatment he would remain In <
an excited condition for fifteen or twen
ty minutes at a time After iuch an <
a his expression would bo calm t
ami ITiKUld as if h hid pK9erl 7
through an experience of trcMt fatlniio
Q Pid he fcem to have nny rajfe j
npanst pnv nthnr child A No ho 1
seemed to lave a I1JrJ rn ° p He would
often rilse a cinlr nnd jell U a alnBt
the wn 1 UN fjroieaI noil 1 b
throbbttM nrtl hH liojula ieroU9 jl
IUlfolesi nnd cold
Cheerful at Intervals
Q Pd he mix well with other chil
den A Not lit all He wis solitary
and riiioc Iiweer lu Iml cheiir
in pirli vfii u > vull h H very
I 1Id
> Hi ht r Tviiuri i contlnua up
vt I llnii he loll the school A
Yea Q Whon ho left the school how about
bla speech A It was much Improved j
f w
1 H f i M ifw Ut 1 L i4

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