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Vnr rarty1l + tAn9M4 C9PCrArarej arssS7F4nr l = I ri
t j
7 K fPS DU iN Crlllvtti
con1Ini sii Tier Bin ham Vil
Increase the Force as Soon I
as He Can Cet Kecmits
Arrests in All Precincts Have In
creased 3u Per Cent in
the lit Quarter
Thn polls dug s IIIIHI at PtrlI1 II
hlsih coninuMnlcil In lip oinelnl rel > orl
foi ii > riot Ih KMIIMU covering thi
flu IIrter pnilln < Mn i II which was Is
su < M liy nni1Minr liifhuiii toilu > I
The dog are pnleii In glowing terms
old ltiiie an quoted to prove thai
they nr the most effective branch of
tin sleuthing constabulary I
Before the Belgian pups were 1nl
down to the bosky reaches of ParkxIIU
there WitH an average of ten burglarlei
and ten tarcenles a month The sleuth
hounds were sent out on patrol In Jan <
Uary In February Chore were ont
tho burglaries and no larcenies in
Heir precinct Last month there wer
tour burglaries aad no larcenies and
ope of the tour burglars was caught bj
a canine cop
There a record for youl Deputy
Commissioner Woods who Inaugurated
the Idea li greatly tloklwl over the re
sult Con ulataon I BIngham Is aloe
latod and declared to < lay that he will
Increase the dog torO as fast u tit
can procure the animal and brew
them in
Th ere has been no diminution ot
crime In oUi ci ponce bailiwicks In
fct there wu a 80 per cant IncrenM
I ID the number of arrest for the law t
quarter over the corrnepondlnif quartet
of 1807 The figures are 4092 arreetii
641 convictions and 619 cases pending
la the last three months stolen property
erty worth 1106470 has been recovered
by the Detoctlvo Bureau and 1020361
lia > been collected in fines
It Was a Plume but Police j
man and Curious Brooklyn
ites Didnt Know It
It want an airship or a disguised
J Prince that caused window about Pros
pect Parks residential section to be
wide open all morning and heads of i
auburn gold and fray peering Into I
l tres neighbors windows and back I
yard They were looking for some
I thing An Inquisitive policeman walked
quietly under one of boar < windows and i
B limited Hey What are you looking
mtrOh I
Oh Mr Pollcnman Havent you seen
1 the Bird of Paradise which Is missing
t S Ul flying about Brooklyn some I
r Then the cop thought cf a belated
April Tool joke and wandered off But
more windows wore ajar and more
heads thrust out scanning the tope of
r tretv and telephone poles
Samethln1 doln whispered the blur
J coat and he pbnd the stationhouse
ti I dont know If Its a burglar a
foroUn Count or
milkman Prince but or It some escaped ttlrulit lit
tiaiit One wom
comtdwl to Uhe 1Ieulnknt
bird from luraUUe
SJKI It was u
an thhtep Better send
but thems rare Ill bt walll l i Tam
resort 01
me am over to her tu JA M If may be Wl
birth that 1e pollcemarl out le likely holding
I the same On emUns for
34 box yet
up that No learned of an
t a reDorter the appeared Uautenant In a Urmiltlni
ad that aopoja
night reading
pciixer of Paradiaa Somewhere
Lost Fulton lrd street and No 133
between IarK Inquire Apartmont A
iTosDWt tauuiry there hroiwrt the luot that
Lamb daughter of Mr anti
Miss Grace
liirs Ucoiae J l aino nod dropped an
YarutIe pone
UnoiUise bird of Paradise plume
captive after a
brlnKhuc home
ne was wat
ilius ahouumi It nod a rare leather
and Allbs Lamb felt her lost kuenly
Tfoxj advertlsemont followed The wver
hUvm a clrcnilallon In this particular
sextlton causal the curtoua glances
titan ivthdows
tloasu dont mention anything In
thu o1oor olondcd llrs bainb My
d UKjiter feels tenUly about luting tho
raiatlK Dlure It wan earn a bvautl
ful plume and we only thought the
nctlcu would help
I O3 DON April SThe action or
Prlnc i Vlctor of Thurn and Taxis ot
Austria to restrain Josephine MofBtt
an American woman from alleging that
she 18 the Princes wife and that ho
tied tram America to avoid his credi
tors came op In Justice Warrlngton
court today
Counsel for Miss Moflltt applied for a
sufficient adjournment to secure evi
dence from America but refused to
give an undertaking not to republish
te statements complained of pending
the hearing The justlcn granted an
adjournment of one week
hue rises OUIHun seta 0 27M wn son 020
High 1Ir Low Water
Bandy Hook lIto OU7 30 115
Dovernori Iilnndv l > 41 in no 343 pap
Htll Date 1134 1133 315 jlii
Araloa Rancor
trbuwss 1 Hronwn
oraltle Smyrna
lltta dl MtmlQA Ono
eltl of Savannah Savamuh
II Rio Galveston
Int ken Seville
Pretoria Hamburg New York City
loorrle Liverpool Swansea
M Andrew Antwerp Rnnlitrook Hevllls
UmbrIa Uerpool Mexico Vera Cruz
udion Haves llermiidlan JlcrmilJa
Armenian Liverpool Coma Galveston
ne dltalts Gibraltar Iroquois Jackvonvllle
KroonJand Antwerp Cmsu y
Vlellsncls Nassau Ouanttnamo
M QylOpe Uavri fish i Brunswick
4 lf
l > 1 t iJ
Pidnt Stop on Rilit Side o
Road and Magistrate
Burlier Protests
ern olrnle Kerrt chnn lttlns in 1
Harlem Court today denounced r
sntv arnrt of < lrlv < > r or milk wngnn
Ice wagons and bit > > iis cartn mnil
VMtpjxUv and Ir Var bv order v
Deputy CominH loner Duither as all
and outrnjreous
All of tile wvntv prl on > r < were nr
iilRned her re MmrUtrnt Kernochnn
oompteloly clupKlnn hh ialendar Ti
char nenlnst thn srta tfmt thfi I
had failed to turn their horses head I
the debt nav when that vtci > ped nt t
curb On the treat old of irnn I
alt l PM ilmtiM always lit leaded amt I
when nt A Hlandillll on the orta < 10I
headed north on the north Hid
cross trpLs headfvl west Xr I
Thin Is All written In great dc ti I
the iulo of the road and It Is a im >
demeanor to disobey them Voting M
Buifh discovered that the city wai
suffering greatly from persistent dls
obedience of this rule so the Trattl
quad was ordered to get busy It dd
and prn Ucalh every delivery wa or
charioteer In Harlem was arrested i n
the course of the morning
This Sort of thins Is ridiculous
Bald Magistrate Kornochan You
brine storeS of poor men who arc eiin I
Inp an honest HvinK bofore me an
compel me to fine them furthermort
you clog the machinery of the court s
Chat It Is Invpoatlbte to give more Im
portent case proper consideration 1
will write to Police Commissioner
BIngham at once and denounce
silly bulnest
All of the prisoners were fined SI
Girl Cleaning Glass Loses Bal
ance as Vind Whisks
Brush From Her
The Mali wind that swept round tie
enter of the apartmenthouse at No
U4 East One Hundred and Thirty
fourth street today Is bellirteJ by the
of the
police to have been the cause
death of Susan Mantrd a servant girl
la the employ of Mxs Bmllene Krause
who occupies the third floor apartment
The girl started to clean windows
early and the wind blew away bu
buoket She got another and leaning
out from the sash started to scrub the
panes once more Lillian Krause
bree year old daughter of her em
ployer who was watching the girl saw
In > r lose her balance and fall with n
cream aftor the had tried to c + tch her I
bciuiiblng brush which had been blotvn
sill I
from the window
She tried to sae herself by clutching
the curtain but they tore loose and
ehe plunged to the courtyard b low Dr
ICcofe of the Lebanon Ho pItal who
was summoned said that the girl had
died inetantly I
Benjamin Curtis Porter Known I
on Two Continents Succumbs
After Long Illness I
Benjamin Curti Porter a portrait I
painter who had won honors on two I
continent Is dead at his home No H
West Eleventh street He was sixty
live years old and while he had been
In lit health for a year U wm believed
h e would recover
Mr Porter was born n Melrose I
Mass and after beoomlnjr successful
In Boston with his brush opened a
Jtudlo In New York He spent several
fears abroad He had won many I
ivtards In the United States and two
medals In Paris at the universal expo
Among his best known works are his
portrait of Conttuelo Vanderbilt now
Duchess ot Marlborough of the late
ornelus Vanderbilt and Mrs W D
bean Ho leave a widow and one
ion He was a member of the Na
llonal Academy of Design Society of I
American Artists Sculptors Society
and Institute of Arts and Letters
The funeral will be Sunday afternoon
rom the Church of the Ascension Tho I
xuly will be placed In a vault In
Coward Bunion Shoe
is roomy over the nonsitive
joint and entirely relieves it
of all pressure and dialing
Tliore is n high degree of
comfort anti CaRe in this
original BUNION Snoi entirely
lacking in the innny spurious
bunion alines which trade on
tho immo and reputation of
tho Coward It
268274 Greenwich St N Y
cofun WAnnr IITllru
MU Orders filled iallerCatskgne
R W tY1 Mq J YyY9glIfYA V 7TIft > h41A1IF 1fiCt1i
ti +
ti r a
° bawl I
rxd3 + t
+ Y 3
I k3
k3kw1 1 f tY
Scarcely day passes in which some
policeman of the trnativ New lurk
farce ilncs not perform name art ol I
linotim at till risk of life ami liml I
Thf nveniiin World will keep ant
i il > lth in the Jutute a condensi
ml of tiiSC orctiix HCu nlUn
nth tli > name of tin officnr and th
miactvr of his praiseworthy ac
hat tlir Jf Ml grow apace and rr
Ifct credit npiin the Veto York poll
uryaiiizatwn there is not the nli < il <
n doubt
frrjll X L sBnElLiY DENNIS P
iTolman Mulberry alreot station re
ed at greet personal risk four pel
I < 111 In a lire at No IK Bowery
M1TII PUANiIS II patrolmai
Vidrldco street station rescued i
rest personal rsk four persons In <
Ire at No 133 Bowery
CONG JOHN E bicycle pntrolmm
Mfth avenue station Brooklyn nt area
ersoival purl topivnl runaway hor
rollopInK down upon children In frl
f pill tic school at Fourth nvenue HI
Ponrlu nth street dragger l two blici
tid bruise
April J NEItl JA3tF l of the E
I ridge street station fell from in awn
UK while aoclftliiE at rescues at a are
it NJ 41 Heater street In which three
persons lost their lives and many ww
urt and la disabled from Injuries to
Ms back
Sunday World Wants Work
Monday Morning Wonder
Broadway fourth Avenue Eighth to Tenth Street
Womens Dainty Lingerie Dresses
At 5
HESE most attractive little
THESE are made in princess
style of excellent batiste In
1 blue pink and white with a few
In lavender In a full range of
sizes The waist IB made with
square yoke of Valenciennes lace
t with Inlaid embroidery shirred
f Into a fitted girdle of lace Full
t err skirt with deep flounce trimmed
with Insertion Threequarter
1 I length sleeves
We bought four hundred and
fifty of these pretty Summer
dresses hence the very low price of
s 5 Each
+ Womens Voile Walking
f Skirts at 5
I Made of handsome sheer Tolle
i I made up In full side plaited
I style fitter over hips and trim
II med with two taffeta folds Un
i 1 lined A very popular and desira
11i 1 I I 1 ble model at a price that would
l not cover the maklng5
e Still a few left of the
Tailored Suits at 9
Made of striped novelty suitings
In brown blue or gray with hip
length slightly cutaway coat full
sleeves turnbad cuffs and plaited skirts with fold
l13tement Old UulMInx
Young Womens Suits ai 15
t Ianajah cloth In Copenhagen blue Havana brown tan
OF and blackcloth of excellent quality The satin Itned Jack
ets are aemi fitted and singlebreasted with French front
and turnback cuffs Full plaited skirts finished with told
Girls Tailored Suits at 1650
But worth fully onethird more Of Panama cloth In tan
Copenhagen blue brown navy blue and black The catlnllned
Papldon Jackets have cutaway fronts and are finished with
pongee cuffs and collar Full plaited skirts with deep fold
Girls Jaunty Spring Suits at 10
These Junior Suits are made of fancy striped and cheeked ma
terials The box jackets are satinlined the skirts are full plaited
and finished with a fold Skirts In 33 35 and 37Inch lengths
Splendid value at the special price flO Sizes for 12 14 and 16
years Economy n emtnl Old Building
New Smartly Tailored Waists
T OUU croups ready for tomorrowmost attractive not only
FOUR they are the severely tailored styles In lawn anj
madras that are most wanted Just now but because every
waist Is priced at a much lower figure than 1U value warrants
all brand new
At 350 Madras with colored stripes or checks tailor
made plaited laundered collar long sleeves
At 5225llndras with neat colored stripes tallor made
ilalts stitched to bust laundered collar long sleeves
At 5175Sheer lawn with round yoke of Valenciennes In
tertlon front trimmed with embroidery and made In the new
broad shouldered style
At 1ZS0r sheer lawn tailor made with plaits
Fourth floor OM BulMlnit
RIBBNS Specially Priced
Jtic Fancy nibn at hie yd Checked ribbon in millinery shades
FiU in wide suitable for trimming childrens hats
2Rc Taffeta Ulbbon at I8c ydLustrous finish black white
light blue pink cardinal navy blue and brown 514 in wide
SI Moire Scan Ribbon nt doc ydWhite light blue and pink
8 inches WlllP
Wnshahli Ribbons White oink Hunt blue lilac No i 14c
piece of 10 yds regularly 20c No iu 20r piece of 10 yds rcgu
larly 2Sc No 2 30c piece of 10 yds regularly 35c No 5 60c
piece of 10 yds rPRtilarlv 76c stain flow OM Bulldln
From a Fiddle to a Shoestring
You can buy or sell it through
A Little Ad in The World
n OiL lL w + aw + s M revwe
J G1eenhuf Our patrons are cordially invited to visit the new Reception and
een u
1 Lounging Room on the Fourth Floor Tea is served without charge
throughout the day Take 18th or 19th Street side elevators
I and
I COmpany Styles Which Mark the
Dry Goods WellDressed Girl i
I HE specialists in readytowear apparel for girls
I T I and misses have taken full advantage ot the sjJ
latitude offered to individuality by the absence
of a set and formal fashion in design this season
True the Japanese and Prince Chap influences are j
strong but there is plenty of room for distinctive
t modifications and snappy little touches of originality f a
Our suits for girls and misses show these pleasant I
novelties in profusion
t 7 1 I t +
Exclusive styles of the highest class are here II la i
I but our prices are moderate We can often prove I
to you that besides the advantage of better style this 1
store can promise an advantage in price of at least I
onefourth the figure asked in other stores for gar I I
ments of similar character t i a
Dashing ThreePiece Man Tailored Suits fo 1 I ti11t1
misses and girls coat in new Prince Chap model i I1 1 1 I
smartly kilted skirt with braidtrimmed detachable l
jumper waist Blade of fine checked woollens in
gray andwhite brownandwhite and blackand k I I
white value 2500 at 1750 1 I
Misses Princess Lingerie Dresses Of sheer i
silky French batiste charmingly elaborated with I r I I i f
Cluny and Valenciennes laces tucking and lace I 1 r I
yoke and sleeves in dainty pastel shades value jiip II
1250 at 900
Tailored Walking Suits for misses juniors rind
girls in twenty new models each cleverly de
signed and smartly made in plain fancy shadow
striped nnd checked materials and a full range Misses Taffeta Jumper Dresses in a becoming
of and dark their and work
light colorings style
model and fancy striped
trig princess in plain an fancy strIp
entitle valuation of 500
mans hip them to a more
silks handmade or fancy lace yokes skirts box
than of 1450 1650 1850 and 2250
our prices and side plaited shown In pretty colorings for
Girls and Junior Tailored Coats in correct y street or evening wear value 1850 at 1475
and full lengths in a number of striking models for Girls Reefer Coats of fine cloth fully lined In
street and dress wear single or doublebreasted nIl
castor blues
reds browns casror Alice and Copenhagen es
semi fitlmp or loose backs in solid tones of Alice
silk collars sizes
avyfitti bluein smartly finished with velvet or sizes
navy and Copenhagen blue scarlet brown and 4 to 14 years at 375
English tan also in mannish Scotch mixtures and
Shepherd plaids at 500 650 750 8 50 1000 and up Second Floor
Boys 850 and 1000 The finest earlyseason Read toWear Our First Floor Millinery Department
y has aside special
offer of boys suits that ment set a space
Suits has been Hats for Women for Saturday for a complete showing
yet presented
of smart hats for misses and chil
At 695 in New York is put and Children dren Besides the uncommonly
forth here tomorrow good values offered throughout we
Boys Norfolk and doublebreasted belted suits of Sale of Flowers continue the sale of
fancy cheviots all wool two pairs of knicker Chip Flats all colors at 55c
Worth 125 i
bocker trousers sizes 8 to 17 yearsValoes50 U U
years Hats hats forstreet and semi
Womens na s Readytowear ats or street semi
to 10 dress wear in the newest and smartest effects for
i At 695 each Saturday at 575 each I
Second Floor Flowers
Flower wreaths at 125 to 275 <
Roses foliage and all the bestliked flowers of the
The Smartest The showing of women shoes oxw season at 35c to 375
fords and pumps for Spring and Wings pompons aigrettes and ostrich feathers
Shoes for Women Summerstreet and dress wear Special for Saturday Only <
at Greenhut and Company is com
I n New York ideas plete which The smart women distinctive like style are Coque Coque and marabout value pompons 250 at all colors value 195
in the leathers and the 150 at
shown profusion workmanship are
all colors 50c 75c 125
Smart wings
the moderation itself
finest prices are Fancy bands braids frames and all other millinery I
Oxfords in patent leather Russia calf brown and accessories at exceedingly moderate prices
black kid at 7 300 to 700 MalnFloc
Walking Pumps in patent leather tan Russia calf a OOP 1
tan ooze C o en agen blue suede and white canvas 500 I
Ties A Saturday The first two Items were bought spe I
Colonial 1 es Sailor Gibson and Garden ties 500
daily for tomorrows selling the last 1
Fine Shoes our complete stock includes the two Sale of item is from our regular stock re I
exclusive models Simplicity and Prado
new I1
in patent leather tan Russia and dull black calf Veilings duced
at 700 and 800 Meshes Plain fancy and dotted new and
S ecial attention is directed to our stock of pumps pretty patterns in black navy blue magpie brown Alice A
sailors and Gibson ties at 300 and 350 blue old rose and the new green values 35c and 50c
Second Floor At 25c a yard
Maline In all the new shades suitable for neckbows ±
RUU The exceptional values which we and hat trimmings values 25c to 35c at 20c
New Kibbohs stock of veilings in all styles
ew Kibbohsoffer jn this Saturday sale of ribbons part of our regular Spring m styles 1
the fine French
and colorings including many of goods
Underpriced are the result of a special purchase
At 18c to 85c a yard J
A fine opportunity to buy millinery Former prices 25c to 125
ribbons all colors bows made without cost Main Flood
Allsilk taffeta ribbons all colors 5 in wide j regu
larly 25c
At 16c a yard Saving a Dollar F J tomorrows Saturdays
vP selling we offer about 900 new
taffeta ribbons all shades 6J in wide
Satin regu N
larly 39c Un rlew fresh lingerie waists in tll i s
At 25c a yard Lingerie Waists Springs best liked models They
0 all trimmed with
Allsilk messaline ribbons in the newest shades 6 in are beautifully
wide regularly 31 c lace and charmingly elaborated with the individual
Main Floor At 21c a yard styletouches that are characteristic of this store
Every waist in the collection is easily worth a I
dollar more than the prices we have marked them t
Sale of These fine dainty real Irish Comparative shopping will prove that
i crochet collars and coat sets ure At 250 350 and 450 each
Real Irish put forth for Saturdays selling at Second Floor
Crochet Neckpieces the following enticing prices
Sale Green olive oil Castile bar soap
Turnover collars value 125 at 90c IC OIr value 25c nt 19c
Stock collars values 125 and 175 at 90c and 145 Toiler Goods Tooth brushes ventiseptic Mar
Collar and cuff sets volue 425 at 325 guerite and Taylor models values
Coat sets with new Dutch collars value 600 at 450 25c to 30c at 18c
violet and sachets 2 oz bot
Childrens coat sets value 275 at 225 Coudrays heliotrope
Gibson stocks with colored tie value 45c at 25c t
pique Lavender salts t size value 20c at 15c
Oxford Ascots value 38c at 25c r smelling sa ts pocket
I Roger Si Gallet and Violet imported face pow
Imported marabout stoles black or brown 80 in der all shades at 35c
value 6 00 at 450
long Rosewaterandglycerini and pure glycerine 3 oz
Net jabots lace trimmed value 50c at 38c bottle at lOc
Main Floor Main Floor
J 6th Avenue 18th to 19th Street Greenhut and Company 6th Avenue y I8th 1 to 19th Street j t t
FI y1yti N a rrpe

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