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Senator ancher Kidnapped to Defeat the Racing Bills E F
w 7 oman Speculator Claims Police Blackmailed Her
Woman Killed by Convict Son Out of Prison a Da4
Ilnln tontf tit Thnrmlny oloutly nrnl n 1tr
RESULTS EDITION Circulation Books Open to All Circulation Books OpentoAilJ
Tucker Boys Ride Fancy Bird and
Beggarman in Amateur Event
and Finish 12 the Play Be
ing on Other Entries
Sporlal to The Evening World
BENNINGS RACE TRACK D C April BThe result of the
Amateur Cup race was a crowning victory for the Tucker family of
Philadelphia J Tucker rode the winner Fancy Bird and his brother E
Tucker finished second on Beggarman The pair was coupled as the
Chelsea Stable entry
The Tucker boys in addition to the purse were presented with
silver cups the first of the value of Sl5o and the second of 75 James
Crawford was the third horse
The success of the Chelsea stable lIr
a stunning blow to the talent but n
KOdsend to the lity rThe books were
kartert up with IuTwt1ie r and Jam s
Crawford money The former w
edded Between the pair It mat hard
for the bettors to make a selection
but 13llwether finally wont to the post
favorite There was a scattering play I
I nthe stable and Ferry Landing bu I
the stable want back In the market so
It may be Imagined the play on it was
light and ot tho piker variety
Had either Bellwether or James
Crawford won 7SflaO would not have
paid the winning bets No wonder the
bookies were Jubilant Firebrand and
Beggarman made all the early pace
bile Fancy Bird was laat on the tar
turn In the stretch however he came
from the proverbial nowhere and won
easily James Crawford was very poor
ly handled and this account lor hU
poor showing
Big Field Delays Start
The bli field of maidens In the open
jig event was at tim post twelve min
utes before being slot away Tart of
this delay was due to Miss Cusliman
throwing her boy Alex acd running
away She was caught and brougu
iback The race resulted In a big coup
cr Lykers This VMH one of the best
psi things of the meeting nd little G
Lynch took no cluunres of losing
though eight lengths In front JIB roda
as If his life UepemleJ on It Woolspua I
beat out Amontillado for the pl8Ae
money jUte latter was last to leava I
the post and ran a great race
Lucille R Won Second Race I
Woods GArth crutchid Hawkwlrs In I
the twoyearold selling event and de
pended on Lucille It with C Braly t In
to win Luclilu R 111 the trick hut
was driven to the Wmlt to stall off
Ragman which closed fast In the last
sixteenth Court 1udy the lee ilu
the ettlne lndlcatc1
faorlte ran as
Wnlshlna third live lengths
Jolo ran a had race
man Great Julbrlpo back
woll hut
He was away
last after the first eighth I
Bi > nyah In a Canter
Dan ah at odds nnwon the third
breezing He went to the front
race at the turn and never was In danger I
Azure Mn tl wa 11 > u4Y
thereafter lengths In front of Bob Cal
second lahan two Banyah was conulilerod a good
bet on
and lot of money
thing price but the
him at the prohibitive
were mad on Bob Callahan
bIggest bets All the wine fish
the place
han went for to the latter with big chunks of
mone3More Cup for Jockeys
were two silver cups for the
There and second jockes to finish In
first Chase and as In the AmerIcan
the Chevy the cOlpllll entry ple
lean CuP Smith an I
b Courtlanll
Dalle ridden ridden by J OBrl got
IIy Grace The riders wore huntiry
the trophlM hari to < tis
costumes of red and were
during the running ot the race
tlngulsh the field passel the stl1ll
tails 1aIHllller
only two
There were
and Kitty Dellalrs The riders were
Simple Trt Pn ly nrmonlrlc
If Merlin of Nrw nitocvpr
dispensers of poslam the new
The for eczema and other skin affec
I tions flUTe depend almost entirely In making
mf known Its merits upon the wonderful
results which they demonstrate through
experimental sample which are sent
free by mall to all who write to the
Emergency Laboratories 32 West 25th
street New York City
Better still the 50cent package now
on sale at Hikers Hegcnians and
other leading drug store In Now York
and Brooklyn tolls the whole story and
r usually sufficient to cure minor skin i
troubles such as pimples rash herpes
complexion hlomUhe scaly scalp fit I
In eczema canns p slllm stops the
Itching with first application proceeds
lo heal Immediately and cure chronic
ua1DWO wiek V
FIRST RACE Lykers 7 to 1 and
5 to 2 1 Woolspun 3 to 1 for
place 2 Amontillado 3
SECOND RACELucille R 9 to
2 and 6 to 5 1 Ragman 3 to 5 for
place 2 Court Lady 3
THIRD RACE Banyah 1 to 2 and
1 to 5 1 Azure Maid 11 to 10 for
place 2 Callahan Jr 3
to 1 and 2 to 1 1 Beggarman 2 to
1 for place 2 James Crawford 3
FIFTH RACEPfIe Dalley I to
10 and t to 3 1 My Grace 1 to 3
for place 2 Warrenton 3
SIXTH RACESt Joseph 9 to 10
and 1 to 3 1 Peter Knight oven
fcr place 2 ember =
FIRST rtACE IFive and onehalf fur
longs threeyearolds lIInllrfght
Mist lit P Burton 15 to 1 6 to 1 and
3 to I won by two lengthi Ida May
110 flnuKol 2 to 1 4 to 6 and 1 to 2
second Apple Toddy 107 SklrvlnJ9
i II 1 7 to 2 and N to 9 third TlmiV
111I 15 Spunky Uneasy OolrtquoM
Dinily Dnncer Fresh Countess of Mel
bourne Rebel Queen Dick H os Agnes
Vuod also ran
SKCON1 RACKSIx furlongs three
yvirod lIlnlleradc 106 fPlcltcns 3
tci 1 t lo r and 2 to 5 won by a length
Hasty ABIWO 1H Gaugel even 1 to
2 nnd out second Financier 103
Flynn 11 to 2 3 to 2 and 1 to 2 third
rfmlI 15 8nvi > rus lyotus Brandt
anti Drlnndot also ran
THIRD RACE Pur e JWO for mares
fouryears old and upward selling
six furlongs Sheen 105 Nlcol C to
I 2 to 1 and 6 to 6 won by length
Annn S ntt Iff fT 1nltrr 40 to 1 15 to
1 and 8 to 1 second Ingenue ICC F
Burton 7 to 1 3 to 1 and 9 to 5
third Time 115 t 5 Very Royal
Black Mantilla Grace George Lid
wlna Bitter Miss Zinfandel Donna
Klvlra Vohoom Etrcna Sweet Vera
and May Row also ran
FOCRTU RUli The Rosebud
Stake twoyearolds value JliWo
five urlomjs Urougham 115 Warren
9 to 2 R to 5 and 4 to 5 won by three
lengths Lena Leech 107 Nlcol 4 to
I 3 to 2 and T to 10 second Intervene I
116 HI Flynn 12 to 5 4 to 5 and 1 to
2 third Time 101 Wheat Bread
Tnnkee Girl My Lady Francis Gavin
Transform Ilttle Moss Irrigator also
FIliTH RVCKfilx furlongs three
vfarolds and up nurso 100 handlcnti
Blasff 112 flynn 9 to 5 11 to 20 and
out wv > n bv onehalf a length Frlzll
9S F Burton 16 to li 4 to S and out
second Al Muller 100 S Klynn 9 to 5
7 to 10 and out third Tlmei114 Frank
Lord Grlmnldl and Bertha B also ran
Op clal to The Evenlnir World
TOIjCDO 0 April SA sudden
heavy April shower coupled with the
wet condition of the grounds caused
by the storm of last night forced Man
iiKflr Armour of the Toledo tram to
call off the game with the New York
ntiints rclicsluled fxir this afternoon
Great UrnHppclntmi was expressed
by players In both teams
Ulllxq left immediately for his honra
In Syracuse Others of tint Giants
lenvo tot Columbus tonight where
HIPV will loin McOraw iquad while
ome will go direct l4 New York
Planned to Wipe Out Entire
Family for Fancied
Bernard Carlln released from Nap
I panoch Prison yesterday walked Into
hi mothers home at No 587 Quincy
street Brooklyn this afternoon and
hot her dead firing five bullets Into
her body lie was captured In the
rtreet after a fierce fight by three citi
zen and announced that he would
have killed his sister too but for the
fact that when he reached the house
he had only one revolver
They let me go to prison said Car
lln when they cnuld have saved me
T Intended to kill the whole damned
The murderer Is twontyt years old
and has been a thief from boyhood
lila family east him off long ago On
March 24 1906 he was sentenced by
Judge AsplnsJl In the Brooklyn County
Court to a term In Napponoch prison
for grand larceny
Entire Family in Peril
The term expired yesterday and Car
lln with a small sum of money In hU
pocket cam to New York bent upon
killing his mother his sister Mrs Pow
ers and his brother Anthony all of
wftom lived In an apartment on the
first floor of the house at the Quincy
street address He bought a revolver
In a Bowery pawnshop yesterday even
Ing and slept In a Bowery lodging
huoae over night
In the morning he fortified himself
with Bowery whiskey and shortly be
fore noon started for his mothers home
In Brooklyn He was not a welcome
visitor and his reception was anything
but cordial
At the time of his arrival his mother
and his sister Mrs Powers were in
the kltohen of the flat and his brother I
was in the bathroom Mrs Powers was
carrying her baby a few months old
In hu arms After a few minutes of
conversation Carlln asked his mother
to step Into the parlor saying ho wanted
to talk to her alone
Cartridges All Fired
That he contemplated violence was
not dreamed by any member of the
family although they knew that he had
a murderous temper Mrs Powers
heard some of the conversation In the
parlor between the mother and her con
vict son
My eyes went back on me In prison
declare Carlln and its your fault
You could have saved me and now
Im going blind I
The mother mode some remark that
Mrs Powers did not hear Carlln
drew a revolver pointed It at nL
frightened parent and tired The first
bullet plcrCd her brain and she fell
to the floor Cnrlln stood over her ana
pumped four more bullots Into her life
less body As ho hIred the last shot
Mrs Powers rushed Into the room
Pointing the pistol at tier Carlln
pulled the trigger half a dozen tlmca
Then realizing that the weapon was
empty he threw It on the floor mid
rushed from the house Just as his
brothtr who had rushed from the bath
room made a grab at him
Caught by Passersby
In the hallway of the house Cnrlln
met I F Harrison a tenant who had
heard the shots Harrison spritne
upon the young matricide and threw
him hut wna not strong enough to
hold him dWn Carlln who was an
amateur miRlllst brought his knowl
edge of ring tactics Into play and
wrenched himself free
He led to the street pursued by
Harrison and was met by George
Tone of No 618 Quincy street and
Edward Sawtelle of No 1215 Thirty
eighth street who had heard the sh t
an < 1 were running to Investigate They
tripped the fugitive up end jumped on
him and were SOII Joined by Harrison
Carlln put up a terrific fight black
Ing both of Tonjesn eye and cutting
his lip He was overpowered by force
of numbers an4 dragged back Into the
house whir U hysterical sitter aM
Weather Rain April 8 Tree Muddy
8 FIIIST itACnMaiden three yearolds and upward 4OO adJefl flv torlom
t Columbia course
Iot lime i03 off 115 Start good Won rlMrn nut Winner br f by Chue
tanunla Frolic unf Ownri MrAilam Tlnif 1Q1 IV
Inx Sirirs Wts SII FlnJnckevs 01 III d PI I < h
Ijk IH 4 Ib 1 L2 I I I O Inrh 7
s oolinin le I 12 II 3t I R Msrrtn 10 t fnI
Amontillado Ilf 1 < 1 III it 4t 1IeCahe i 7 6 a i
4S Onui Cameron 10H I li h g I Tnrke 1 t 1 i3 7t
71 Ilollle S us 3 Jij jj i b ti2 Kraute k 12 ItI 13
Mls < Cuhman M I 2 IV 3i441b Alex < < > CII M tO I
ift Kniitcr 1IlIe lit 11 11 nj n jii W Walsh is 211 10 4
2 Irlnreu Navarre O1 S ii T 7 tv Hums iij 411 40 12
45 HherMan Vt > 13 m IS 10 IX Trr Burnt 11 o e 4
ClorloUK Betsy tel U 10 tiiil 10 McCarthy J ft g 52 ia
21 Thutnas Hoy 104 I V 4l 1 4h 11 C lira ilr 10 ta IZ a aa
Admiral Dot 1I 2 1110 12 12 McFadd 111 ta II G2 Ta
f13 pers tO H 14 13 IX 11 SltTl ia 0 11 s 4
Ml Po all n 141 iS IS ta it 14 Falrbrother n an 30 12 i
rtuihhv t4 II 7 14 IC 11 QJsrtnin ull ii 21
This aaavery poor lot Ivker lllced the mud and drew away In the utretch
Wonljpur off POOTIV closed a lot of round Amontillado cloaetl strong Mlu Cush
man throw rhlor at thcpnthut wa caucht ind wn a fur race
86 sT5iONl ItACETwoycaroIdsselItnr 0111 dded four and a half furlones
Iosl time lao off S V Start sroo1 Wen driving Winner ch f hj Sombrero
GrI nm Ownr J C Goals rlmO 1B
IcKx Starters Wli Hfr ii tIn Joekevj Op HI fH n ah
S3 Lucille It HO a I I C firidy 4 it flX 35
52 Kasninn in 4 3 3 z aIcCshv 4 92 fi2 3S 14
74 Court idy 1001 G 4 b 4t 3 McCarthy 8A 1S10 01 23 Ioj
02 Oreat Jubilee j I 5 A 4 I Falrhroth HI 12 II 2 12
M T Croene 104 3 2 2 C lone If 21 21 7 i
Lucille H went to the front early and forcing a fait pace was all out at the end
to nail off the challenge of Ragman Ine lattr brune alowly and won the bor went
to the whit he nerved and McCnhey rod a weak finish Court Lady waa a bad fa
vorlie cmld not iinhiaCk herself In the 3InW
U7 IThIWiThUThrceYearOld5 J100 added iT and a h itt nju ColumbiA
o OU
Pnt lime 4US off 404 Start iroid Won ea tly Winner ch Co by Bannock
imvinv h Owner lleverwyck Stable Time 121 11
Inlen f iartrr WuT st V Li tj Fin Jockev Op III Cl VI ah
ai Bawval 111I 4 a42 JJ I to liurni 35 3a 12 in
71 Asnrp Maid 114 6 3 41 4 2 sraw II II t 1110 13
tW Dol Cillahan jr Ill I 4 C at 31 McCarthy 4 112 G 4G 14
Ci GHUCU3 110 2 2fli 5 3 4 Merahey 10 21 U 75
Siltram 114 G fli 6 1I Iiru sel 21 40 40 7jG
i rnlncMtnt 114 I I I I D r I VI 40 1
Llanvah was never let down He laid off the pace to the trttch where he ent to
the fmrt ant won KalMpIni Azure Maid outrun In the early part clnjl tron Bob
allaan Jr 11111I of a had ride McCarthy ± iL2Jiave eons bnee
ou KOTIITH RACES The Amateur Cuo hMinelKht elllnr ree fOr Threeyeazii
C5O ard upward entlemen rider JaOO a1Jpj six furlomtn Columbia course
Post time 42IP nf 431 Start irood Wan easily Winner ch a hy Goldfinch
Snlana Ownr Chrlxa Stnhl Time 12O gK i
Ind x Starter Vl > l I Ut Fin Joekevs Op HI CI Pi Kb
tFancy Bird iS i 7 TV 4 II Mr to Tucker S t n 2 i i
11 tUtcKarmnn iSS 1 2 2 t > b5 42i Mr K icker J II S 2 1
23 James Crawford S II J1 tl 214 aL4r T Wright 3 8 115 I 12
71 Ferry Landing 133 4 4 a MI 4 Mr Hollnway 10 20 in a 32
2i Prowler 1SH fI < i 7 31 Mr H Ticker 10 20 is G 53
85 > llwether 1VI 2 m aw n > 6 aIr Onrlen 3 S2 3 I 13
ni Firebrand i2 6 D 11L41i 71 Mr n Taylor 4 1 t 2 1
17 Bobbin Around l5fl 8 R 8 S S Mr W Martin 18 20 la e 62
Fincv IllrtK low t to o break trailed Ir behind his field to the stretch turn where he
saved ten lenithJ on the rail and won eajllf Herirarman alwaya close up heM on well
Janice Crawford could never eel up Firebrand liked the mud and Showed speed but
quit = = 1 =
1jVj9FTt11tACiThs Chevy Chase Iii ours teepiechase for hunten flee yeir
W old and upward 7 Oti added of which UOn In money and ISOO In plate biut
two and It hilf miles full routes
Iort time 454 off 45rt htart Rood Von easily Winner b s by Lonntr
Punka Owner C 11 Smllhi Time aai
i i Rt r Wt St 5 1H 2 Kin Joe k OBHI ci ft sh
47 Pete llley P > 1 r I 110 I1 iJr CAnlth 73 SS PIO fT Z
22 My Grace lOt 4 fI JJ 4 iZVi Wr J OBrn 75 8 910 13
22 Wnrrenton 1M 41 8 3 2U 150 Mr T Evana 8 15 12 s 1
22 On lrn 1M 2 Hi J t Mr Holloway 10 if IS s 2
m 0010 Garmln lM 7 7 I 5 Itr X Vei > r 15 20 20 ft 2
ca Fatiatiler Ul1X4 G I 2 te Felt lr AI port S5 52 11 a 1 12
22 KTUr rneliairs 1X4 3 4 b Felj Mr Hull IS 20 IX r 2
ColI1 CoulII
Pet taIlev lay In iehInd the pare for two turns M the field when he wnt to th
front and won gsltoitng 21 Oe clselsirn nrPayn rn tile ro
n S1aXlnlndIr ir for Ihreyouohlo ant upward selling fcw added one mile dn
I hlludroJ r5 01 COllr
Poet time 122 off S21 Start tood Won easily Wlnn r rti If by miry
A 11 Marronn TimeI
Clara WhlHy imerMlM en
iiPij Ptarte WH St t > T Fin Jockeys pp HI ci PI 5JT
i i 8t Joseph Ill 2 1 1 14 21 2 Iteren 70 is eio IS
CO Peter Knlcht 107 4 4 a I 2 llctIMn S 4 4 i
72 amber twO 3 35 2 r aicarthy 3 lea Illli 910
12 Water Doa 1C 1 4 i > 4rCaJsey a 111 S 11
St Jo er > h stole away from his field arou theflnt turn and opening up a bli
lead won emllv Peter KnUht all off if it too Ionic but closed strong llejtiber ran
bis rac Vnter P g gPlj t
After a chase that was punctuated
with pistol shots and hyphenated by the
cross fences of many back yards two
Brooklyn policemen late this afternoon
captured Jopeph Lasalla the man for
WhorlS tho whole police force of the
Greater City has been seeking since
hu broke out of Sing Sing last Sunday
It was bj ohance that the captor
struck the fugitives trail All day
members of the Italian detective bu
reau had been searching the foreign
horrorstricken brother were standing
over the body of their mother
Id have killed you too he shouted
at Mrs Powers If Id had a knife or
another gun 1 ought to have bought
two gun and killed the bunch of you
Detectives Carberrj Corr and Robin
Vui of the Gates avenue police station
rcachiM the house In a tow minutes
and placed Cnrlln under anvil H
talked freely al out his crime and
claimed that he was Justified because
his family had cast him off
Mrs Oarlln wns fiftytwo yeas od
LKtiiiit Sprluu uruuh jI S75
At Kings the Great Clothiers 343
nroadwiy opp City Hall 3pcUl
offer of brand new nprlns overcoats top
coat and cruvenettes all style Ilk
lined Hrht dark aM ItMtlum ahtu
at ItTS worth IIS King1
quarter In East New York trying to
get wind of the truthful burglar wno
said that he would escape from prison
and kept his word and who yesterday
showed his contempt for the aggre
gated detective lntlnct of the depart
ment by Btrolllng through Police HeAd
quarters In Manhattan
Walter Howey nnd Thomas McLaugh
lIn members of the traffic squad were
riding to work on a Liberty avenue car
Pawing Berrlman street a cItizen
jumped aboard a car and told tnem
that a small dark man just entering
a saloon on the corner was the much
wanted Lasallv
The two policemen dropped off the
car and started toward the saloon But
tho hunted man had thrown a callttoua
backward glance over his shoulder iu
ho entered Ho darted out of A tide
I door anti leaped on the very car which
I thio wo nnllcomi had Just quit
I With the positions reversed Mo
I LuiiKhlln and Howey chaivd the car
frt 4ld not slacken Ui speed for ncxirly
I three block although th y yelled and
I waved as they pe l long the trucks
In Its wake
Then It halted to let a passenger off
I The ftiKlMve hopped from the rear plat
form where he had been crouched and
1 hurdled a fence Into a yard
I The pursuer followed They ollmbed
nevjral fijrcoa constantly gninlor on
their man until they drove him back
agaIn Into the open At every flrmi e
of the flying eonvlot thee flwu Their
roreirs were empty when at Milford
street and Cilwimore aronue tAtal
backed up ftrnlnir a wall And wztte4
for them He had not been tosusd
In the bullet but after snran months
Inside < SInjt Slnnii walls his wind
was Imd
The panting policemen bad beem told
tIIIItch for weapons but Tiatlla did
not draw hb gin He fou ht with his
fins until he was crowilr1 down by
fore crt number and weight < u d or r
POn rri
At tin Iherty Avenue Station where
ho was taken the prisoner said be was
Jcwph nsalU He gave his reyldnce
as No t7 Fifl ITouirton stront JofnI
tan IleAVllr irone4 he rrarlea ffliiev
Tork In char e or the men who tis
taken hp
Frantic Newark Mothers in
Fear of Black Hand
Start a Panic
Scores of children were slightly In
jured and two little girls were badly
trampled In a panic at tim Seventh
Avenue School In Newark today due
to the circulation of a rumor that the
school wa to be blown up by the
Black Hand
For several days pant Black Hand
letters have been received by parents
and also by teachers The teacher
recognized some of the latter as the
work of mischievous scholars but the
mothers and father the majority of
them foreigner recently from Italy
and Southern Europe believed them to
be genuine threats from the dreaded
Though the children went to school
the same as usual scores of parents
accompanied them This was also the
case with three other Newark school
one at Franklyn another at Morton
and a tIlted at Jones street
But It was only In the Seventh ave
nue school that the principal called
upon the police to drtve the mothers
away Thoy had brought their children
to school but r fured to Icavo the neigh
borhood Their chattering and jabber
fnr drew a crowd and caused the dis
semination of many weird rumors
Women Overwhelm Police
As the windows of the schools were
side the
epen on the Seventh avenue
pupils could hear the cries and shouts
of tbe excited women and this caused
uneasiness In the classrooms Finally
Principal MCLaury became alarmed and
telephoned to Police Headquarters
Capt Brown of the Second Precinct I
found forty mothers gesticulating at
the entrance and with a squad of men
drove them away This only served to
Increase their hysteria however and
also to arouse the region about the
Scores ef mothers poured Into the
ctreet from neighboring tenements and I
the little band oX police were swept off
their feet I
Fire Drill Useless
There was a rush to the doors of tho
school and the principal felt that It
would be useless to continue school
any longer Several classes were al
ready in a ferment Using the fire drill
an effort was made to set the 1200
scholars out class by class The hys
teria of the mothers at the entrance
spread to the pupils within however
and presently there was a mad slam
The mothers rushed In as 4ho chil
dren rushed out and the confusion be
Mme a serious menace to life Many
children were being trampled when tho
reserves rushed to the door and swept
th mothers away allotting a free
exit for tho panicstricken children
One Victim May Die
The two children who were so badly
hurt that they were taken to St Mich
ael Hospital are Antoinette Rugllo
thirteen years old of No 40 Garside
street and Attlllla Clcooive eleven years
old at No 7 drvrildo street Little An
toinette was badly crushed and may
die and the other childs eye was torn
and her body lacerated and bruised
Blaok Hand letters were reported to
hare been received today at the Mar
ket and Morton street schools all of
the letters threatening that the school
house would be blown up When the
teachers sifted these rumors down they
learned that the father of a child In
South Market street had received a
black bordored letter from Switzerland
Jlens V r ta dulls In All
J rr Htrles at ft7H Worth 1O
At Kings the Clrefit Clothiers 13
Broadway opp City Hall Groat bar
gains In maps spring suit silk lined
111 latest brown hades fancy gray
U tck thrbets and blue serges all MJZOS
and to fit the abut men Our price
MTS worth lIZ Kin1 0
Hughes Forces Beaten After Day of
Excitement and Bitter Debate in
Senate Doubtful Senators Swing
ing to Racing Men
Senator Fancher Kidnapped to Help Defeat of
Measures but Turns Pp in Time to
Cast His Vote for ThemAnti
Forces to Try Again
I ALBANY April BThe AntiGambling Race Track bill was kilted
in the Senate late this afternoon
The vote was a tie 25 to 25
As the LieutenantGovernor who is the presiding officer tof the Sen
ate cannot cast the deciding vote on a bill the measure advocated by
Gov Hughes to end betting on the turf in this State was consequently I
defeated 1
Twentysix votes were necessary to pass the act and that numbte 4
had been claimed by Senators Raines and Agnew who led the antiJ i
gambling forces The racing men had declared all during todays
session of the Senate that they would at least have twentyfive votes 3
and they made good their prediction j1
Fuller and Taylor Democrats voted with the Hughes forces 1
for the bills while Burr Emerson Gilchrist Cassidy Wemple Grat
tan Knapp and Wilcox Republicans cast their ballots with the rac
ing contingent and against the bill f
While LieutGov Chanler has no vote on the final passage of
a bill but can vote on a motion asked the roll call on the Raines j
motion made early in the fight to lay the bill on the table It re
sulted in a tie as did the roll call on the motion to pass the bill The
LieutenantGovernor therefore cast the deciding vote in favor of
the Raines motion so that it was carried by a vote of 26 to 25
This means that Senator Agnew can call up his motion to re
consider the vote by which the bill failed to pass at any time He
must give such notice within three days He said this evening that
he would give his notice tomorrow
Gov Hughes was deeply chagrined when told of the failure of the
bills to pass He said he had no comment to make at this time I
Senator McCarren and the racetrack men were jubilant at the re
sult of the vote
The bills are dead said McCarren and will not be resurrected
An extra session will not make any difference but I dont believe there j
will be one The Governor has been beaten
Kidnapping was added to the evil acts charged to the race track men
in the effort to defeat the bills The reformers made the charge and
Senator Fancher was held up as the victim I
While the racing contingent was claiming Grattan Kriapp Cassidy
3nd Wilcox as sure converts to their cause whose votes would at least
defeat of the bills the reformers
insure a tie vote and the consequent
were thrown into a panic by the discovery that Fancher who was ono
of their own was absent from the Senate
Scouts were sent out to hunt up the missing man Jut no trace of
him could be found and Republican Leader Raines desperate and with
r c

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