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f t A V JW < i V i 0 r A Y KI L 8 S9O8
Dora Gilhr Ends Life from
Pretoria Wearing Dress
Made for Wedding
She Left Behind Little Nephew
and Niece She Was Bring
ing to America
Dressed In a gown she had made for
her marriage t > n man who deserted
her Dora Glllar a pretty youne
women bound for New York on the
j Hamburg American liner Pretoria i
Jumped overboard In midocean on
t Maroh 24 No one saw flier leap Into
eternity and the ship was miles awayr1
from the spot when her absence was
discovered I
Miss Gfllar left behind her on the
ship two little children her nephew j
and nlect Erwin and Helma Maas
Trtjom she was bringing to this country
to Join their mother who lives In i
Willow avenue Hoboken Thomas Ma I
loner of Greenville N J a ble <
tenderhearted plumber who was a i
pcs nd cabin passenger temporarllv
adopted the little ones and delivered j
i them to their mother when the Pees i
tom reached port today
Sent Over With Children j
Henry Mass the father of tho chliI
Hren took them abroad three months
ago While he was at his old home
5n Germany a young man who nad j
promised to marry his wifes
Dora Olllar disappeared The young
woman s heartbroken and her rcla
Mr i decided to send her to America
ACaas placed her aboard the Pretoria I I
with the children on
lit Hamburg
March 23 The little boy and girl I
rushed Into the passageway outside tne I
tat room they occupied with their aunt j
tea caned a steward i
He found the young woman bleeding j
from deep cuts on both wrists She j
was selfpossessed and was making an
effort to atop the flow of blood When j
asked for an explanation she said sne I
had accidentally cut herself with a I
I pair of shears I
Dr Oestering the chips surgeon at I
tended to her Injuries which were not
eerie From her conversatfon and ac j
tlons he Inferred that she had tried to I
ltlt herself and detailed a steward to
remain on watch outside the door of t
toe stateroom I
At oclock In tho morning Miss Gil
lar dressed m a white gown appeared
i kt the door and complained of
She said she would like to go on deck
r and get some air The steward accom j
panled her
They walked on the starboard prom
evade a few minutes the young woman
conversing rationally The steward i
t had not been fully Informed of her at
tempt at suicide and was unsuspicious
f whtn she asked him to go below and
r het her a cup of coffee
1 Stop at the stateroom the young
t woman requested and see If the chil
dren are all right I
t i Had Jumped Overboard
After the lapse of about half an hour
r the steward returned to the deck Miss
i OUlar was missing lie notified Capt
Bchratter who was on the bridge and
the engines were Stopped A boat was
F lowered In command of Second Officer I
HellholT but no trace of the miming
f passenger could be found It Is be1
hewed that she leaped over the aide
u loon as the steward went below I
i lf When the news of the suicide reached I
the second cabin In the morning the
r aft engers took charge of the desertpd
f children Mr Maloney however rip
pflared to be the only one In whom
they had had any confidence ind ho
< had the direct care of them during the
I long voyage
The Pretoria because of rough wenth1
er fell away behind her ihedule and I
r her coal supply became depleted She I
r compelled to put Into Halifax for
more coal and was era days late in
coaching this port I
All foe Other Old Directors
Except Clarence Mackay i
t Are Reelected i
Alexander E Orr who for 1 number
of years past has been a dlrcctoi or
the New York Life Insurance Company i
today retired as such and William H
Innli of this city was ejected to suc
ceed him Clarence H Mackay also
8 retired as a director the vacancy I
being nlled by the election of 1to lana I
O Hazard of Poacedale n I I
The election was held at the home
once of the company In this city
° There were no Independent nomlmi
lions Ten of the
old hoard wee re
elected Mewrs Innls and Hizard beIng
the only two new members
The retiring directors
nlio Won 1
awarded another term were Tiioinas F i
Fowler A Barton Hepburn Woodburv
sLn don Henry C Mortimer and El
bridle G Snow of this city John K
Andrus of Yonkers Julius Klelsch
mane of Cincinnati 0 Granger A
Holllster cf Rochester Robert J
Ix > tvry of Atlanta Ga and William n I
Plunkett of Adonic Mays
Alexander K Orr retires
because jf i
111 health lie was elected nrr < ldent of I
the New York Lifo Insurance Compaiu
after John A McCall rtflKned and
nerved as president until the election of i
Darwin p Klnssley I
Mr Orr served ax president of the
company dorm the period InimcdlateU
lollowln the tqvetatpn of the Lie i
Insurance ccmrnittn hv the njC3 r l
lnTMtlp tlnjr committee >
lcltiixk 5
Barred from the New York
University for Three Days
by the Faculty
Pass a Resolution to That Ef
fect After Being WarneJ j
Nil to Strike Ii
j That frt lou student body of NCW
1 York University suffered n sudden in
i I fusion of zero in the extremltlei to I
day after the faculty had suspended
the Junior class for three days for I
ducking Henry Itlooh and then noti
fied the other members of the other
classes that If they struck for so union
as three hours they would be expelled
for the remainder of the term
It win only last Friday that the I
undergraduate spirit boiled and freshi
Ics as well as senior cried If A
Young Is punllied for ducking Henry
Bloch ne will take his punishment I
Rah nah Rah WK WIM
Ala a coldness came to the feet after
It was announced In chapel that the
Junior class and Its president Arthur
YOUIIR had been suspended for Hires
days and were forthwith banished off
the campus and out of the dormitory
They Got a Warning
Go likewise ye others said a
learned Don to the fresMes sophs and
seniors but If you do so come ye no
back till next year Tell your maws
and paws that you have been sot had
one year wherefore one years tuition
has gone for naught Said maws and
paws I ween will not tae you to their
bosoms with loud cries and rejoicings
declared the Don or words to that
Cheers and corybantlc frolicking were
not In tin order of exercises when the
undent body to I bo number nf three
iiindn and tlft > met In Anoolitlon
Hull his iifliriHHin and pmed the fol
Inning resolution
VVIw is rile rniiiIU line acted
lonlriii In its piinlxliintiit mil lie
pnnlx iril n reprsiiifitlvo bud end
bo It
I not one Individual therefore
llfsohol Tlinl we remain In eol
i tape mil alilila by the KaculOa
f rullnz
Xiiw nn tin Henn ill och tho youns
man wh wls the cause of all this
Hi Oils still mi Ills Job todavpresent
im inpel wlIn the Junior Class ta
stlspndh and quite a bit In p Hdenpi
i > i > i tea u11sa5pndCd 1lasses met thl
IJ rrrnu
Ile had su crest Cd sicrl ilnvs agl
tint Ills cam be IllinlU ittciilfl lu In
out gold and siitllrleni 11117luolu
Pun niiulil ciniplfte the Job for nil
tltno KO that he might cnj < v his s1
lihiniirp Junior nnd Hiilor years un
mob sled
Bloch to Get His Wish
A lawyii fur tin vniing man sot tilt
MI itter before the meeting In Af oila
Hun Hall this afternoon It was framed
in a resuluIlnn arlll promptly tabled ns
the imilerKriiiluulPS dii not Intend to
leooanlf much MSIMICI formnlly
Informally111 iommlttee of tile was
appolntiil Its members an1 Sharon
ViHni Thompson Jnliisin ind blower
I will be tiulr purpose to see thai
Uliuli Iits his 1rti granted mil is
bizeil In fait tiirn Is a Milirnsi iin
lerstimlliiK tin V will be hared off
rnUnrsliv Ilitsiits If hi ontlntieK to
IL obtiifi to nil the hints that are
uirriiit of his iinp pulirlty
The only thins that happened to
lunch today except for sundry kicks
In the shltiw shoves jolllnxs a blow
on the Jaw mid the dropping of n clod
of turf down tin back of his neck was
the accident of a fortypound greet
lexicon falling on his head from n dor
mltorv window He wan stunned for
a moment but not rendered uncon
On I < a Piovence tomorrow are to sail
Alvah A Alec Assistant Secretary of
Slate Mr and Mrs Iortlandt Fleiil
lilshop Mrs Reginald de Koven
Stepliane l lIIzanne Mr and Mrs He
limy Stnrer and C A Sprcckels On
the Orcanl today will depart Countess
1otullcka 1tnJSt Aubyn and Mr and
Mr Ti oiias Thatcher On the In
oanla Capt A MrMorlind and Capt F
1 VIUox On the Potsdam lllchard j
H Grinnell anti Iawton Parker
7 rIo VJer Kt s
ouirciirir s V
Ii + fjlt
The more discriminating w >
the woman the more l
she appreciates the deli
cacy of this exquisite
French perfume
lulllie IvrrUo possesses the inn
violet fragrance
Ierkntr Vcr Stell I < BIT Un
Farae ErefJhu
Vnmf ns H 1t earroo G
Broadway at Thirteenth Street
Beginning Thursday We Offer
Three Extreme Values in
4 95
I C Values to 350
500 Tailored Waists in stripes checks and
solid grounds also plaids Each waist has
high turndown collar of material
1000 Lingerie Waists of batiste Swiss and
Persian lawn variously trimmed with dainty
laces new embroideries
ICO white linen box plaited waists trimmed
with bonnaz embroidery Tailored
n n n
Established 1X33
Cold lry nil kept fresh and in motion is tin
best restorative for furs
under these perfect conditions is
Storage assured in our modern plnnt
completely equipped
TT furs cleaned stored cared for nnd in
You Y sured nt thc low cost ofS jar each 100
worth of furs
iJ C called for to any address in Greater New
JL tX O York without additional expense
Telephone 5900 Main
Herald ttk Ajum4lanllBroadway
Square Rampant At 34th St
On Exhibition Thursday April 9th Thursday April 9
A collection of entirely new models in An Extraordinary Sale of
High Class Fancy Tailored 2 Waists for Women at 100
Suits DemiToilettes for Women included in the assortment are
twelve distinct models of madras
Designed for Afternoon Service
e fine lawn batiste or crossbar najrr
Fancy Tailored SuUs of serges marquisette Book in white also striped dotted
cloths and rajah silksreproductIons of the most recent i
French models In black and fashionable Spring colors or plain lawns jn colored effect
4950 5500 5900 and 6500
Apparel for Misses
P JPi TQetteS of satin mousseline applique laces
laces or rajah silks with extra silk or satin coats and Small Women
11000 14300 7500 and J9500 is
M to 16 yrs 32 to 36 bust
Being replicas of imported garments usually shown at double these prices
An extraordinary Easter Exhibit of fashicnable
ON THURSDAY THIS DEPARTMENT models designed expressly for small figures repro I
Will Place on Special Sale ductions and copies of expensive foreign models
and popular adaptations at very modest prices
200 Tailored Suits for Women
On Thursday April 9th Special Sale of
at 2950 Tailored Princess Suits
Regularly 3900 4500 and 4800
Included in the collection are about twenty of at 2500 and 2950
the seasons most popular models in a variety of Regularly 3950 4800
plain serges chiffon broadcloths Panama cloths Full Jumper Dress with separate Coat of fancy bor
shadow striped and herringbone serges and fancy dered serges striped or checked suitings or plain serges
striped and checked suitings Jumper Dresses at 1650
Voile Taffeta Foulard Pongee Dresses Regularly 2500
Fashioned of plain or fancy taffeta silk3 models
At 3950
Regularly 5500 to
Embroidered Lingerie Dresses at 590
Seven models in of Princess
a variety Empire and Kimono
styles in black and colors including evening shades Regularly 5950 I
Fashioned of soft finished batiste in white pink or light blue i
Broadcloth Evening Capes at 1400
Regularly 2500 Silk Rubber Rain Coats for Girls
U Mikado model of imported Chiffon Broadcloth i to 16 years Regularly SI250 at 690
with velvet and braid trimmings in white black pink
de chine satins and taffeta
light blue champagne light Of silk crepe silks Infancy
or gray
fancy plaids checks and stripes assorted colors
Short Top Coats at 1500 Spring Coats for Girls < 61016 years
Regularly 2000
ThreeQuarter length model of fancy stripes
Three models in black satinfinished broadcloth or and plain colors lined
checks throughout
shadow striped and plain tan covert plain or striped
taffeta lining At 590 Regularly 950
690 Regularly 150
Princess Lining Slips at 690
Perfectly fitting model of taffeta silk full flounce Washable Gingham Dresses for Girls
lace trimmed all colors and sizes Re ularl fancy models in assorted colorings
Regularly 1050 25 new plain or s 6 to 14 yrs1
At 148 Regularly S250
For Thursday Friday and Saturday 198 Regularly 295
Sale of 500 Low Shoes for Women 248 Regularly 395
298 Regularly 5495
at 365
TT J J Cold Storage of Furs
Buckle Colonials Sailor TICS English Tics Gibson
Tics Oxford Tics of patent leather tan or black Y e are Prepared to accept Furs and Fur
calf brown ooze brown kllidy welt or turn soles the Garments for Cold Storage throughput I
very latest modelsin all widths and sizes
Also Tan Russia Calf Button or Lace Boots per I < jn c the Summer Months r
3 65
feet fitting in the newest modelling of lasts I 003 During which period the repairing and remodel
Kidskin Romeos plain or tipped rubber gored j o ling of furs and fur garments will be undertaken
for house wear Regularly 250 > + > 73 at much lower rates than prevail in season
I 1r
i l + 1 d J > f r a rMt1i L rt i If 1J t Miffl
freenhut Our patrons are cordially invited to visit the new
Ii Reception and Lounging Room on the Fourth Floor
an Tea is served without charge throughout the day
Take 18th or 19th Street side elevators
I 1
Dry Goods
Suits Dresses Coats Skirts Waists
Remarkable PreEaster Values
No amount of graceful editorial talk could be as forcefully impressive as the
blunt merchandise facts which tell their own story so clearly in the few appended
paragraphs devoted to womens readytowear apparel The meat of weeks of
ceaseless effort is represented in those few descriptions We simply wish to add
that the styles are as It unusual and distinctive as this new store is itselfprices
the result of a new pricepolicy which has upset New York retailing
Mannish Tailored Suits the character Four Groups of Waists their irreproach
and individual styletouches set these able style will make as strong appeal as
charming models apart from the ordinary the wellworthwhile savings in price
styles shown elsewhere Fancy tweeds
Tailored Waists worth 375 at 225
serges and panamas solid colorings and
mixtures Extraordinary values Lingerie Waists worth 400 at 250
At 2200 2500 3000 and 3500 Silk Taffeta Waists worth 650 at 375
Smart Spring Dresses underpriced Net Waists worth 650 at 450
right in the heart ot the season Princess
and twopiece models of crepe chiffon Stylish Spring Skirts serges panamas
cloth rajah silk taffeta and uJardtn the and voiles and novelty weavesin
wanted colors and black For reception browns blues mixtures and blackall
afternoon and evening wealall copies of
advance French styles At 185025 00 styles and sizes
3000 and 4000 Value 850 at 600
Coats and Value 1250 at 850
Wraps twenty per cent less
than is asked elsewhere tor garments of Value 1650 at 1000
similar character Long silk taffeta coats
long coats lace coats travelling coats Washable Skirts mode of rep
jackets and top coats fancy capes Most nonshrinkable Fair examples of our
every wanted material assortment of new price policy they would be
colonngsevery conceivable trimming
Prices range every according to style of coat counted p ecials in many a good store
and material from 1000 to 5000 At 250 375 450 and 550
I An Unusual Sale Unusual in the Trimmed our Easter showing of
character MH trimmed hats for street
of Negligees and d Millinery and semi dress
I oo beauty and wear
Muslin Underwear daintiness of the For Easter embodies the newest
garments con ideas of the Parisian
cerned and doubly unusual in the millinery world
remarkable pricereductions made Prominent in the showing is a group
effect clearance of smart hats flowertrimmed and
solely to a speedy
wing effects which we have already
Imported dressing sacques long neg introduced
as milliner
permanent millinery
gees and house gowns of albatross
French flannel and cashmere many feature of this store
beautiful designs elaborately trimmed At 1000 each
Former prices 1500 to 2500 Our dress hats for carriage and evening
Prices for this sale 500 and 750 wear as well as our entire collection of
trimmed millinery reflect the
Nightgowns chemises corset covers Paris
nSd with creations receiving as we do
trimmed with
drawers and petticoats tnmme
cmbrotdery stylenews weekly from our Paris repre
lace or embroidery sentative
Former prices 100 to 285 Second Floor
Prices for this sale 75c125 i > 175
Second Floor Lawn and In character and in the
unusualness of their
Batiste Unmade stylethesehandsome
Men and Women Womens and insertion lace lobes lytnmmed robes will
b I
0 es appeal tot tasteful
Handkerchiefs trimmed handkerchiefs womenwho
women will
kerchiefs sheer appreciate besides the economy feature
A Sale linen centres
regular 25c White lawn robes rimmed with m
quality broidery value 1050 each at 775
15c each 6 for 8Sc Imported French batiste robes embroi
At or c dered in the bestliked colorings beautiful
Womens sheer Irish linen initial hand designs value 2200 to 3800 each
kerchiefs laundered wreath around At 1650 2000 and 2800
initial value 75c half dozen 6 for 55c Main Floor
Mens alllinen handkerchiefs fancy
block initial Kin hems regularly 150 Ari in this department a
a half dozen box of 6 100 I teacher gives instruction
Needlework m he newest stitchcry
Main Floor from 9 to 12 and from 2
to 5without charge New stamped de
W The beauty and low signs for French and eyelet embroidery
W omens on fine materials
prIces of the neckwear
Waistson handkerchief linen
Neckwear at Greenhut and Com 175
regularly at 125
pany are already known Waistson batiste regularly 1 50 at 100
to women throughout New York Corset Coverson nainsook regu
Four instances larly 40c at 20c
Collarson heavy linen regularly
Net bows plaited and lace 12c at 8c
trimmed value 25c each at 19c Third Floor 18th St
Net bows hand embroidered
white with pink violet green Sale of For tomorrow only
Alice blue brown or black value a e 0
50c each at 35c Ruffled Muslin we present an ex
ceptional sale of 225
Ties of white lawn colored embroidered
Curtains pairs of ruffled muslin
broidered ends value 25c at 15c urtams
lin curtainsfine
Imported white lawn ties embroi of muslinthe
quality regular price
ends value 50c at 25c
dery of which is 100at 75c a pair
Main Floor
Third Floor
E aster Gift Cabinet of the finest = SilkandCotton This dressy silk
fabric finish paper j > HKandu > rron striped fabric is shown
Stationery 48 sheets and 48 en
ry velopes value 70c 50c Pongee this Spring for the first
time it comes in light
Box of 24 sheets and 24 envelopes blue pink lavender Nile green cadet
values 60c and 45c at 45c and 30c russet tan brown gray and black 27
Easter cards in full assortment book inches wide value 50c t
marks rosaries and prayerbooks At 35c a yard
Main Floor I
Main Floor
6th Ave 18th to 19th St Greenhut Company 6th Ave 18th to 19th St
Formerly Occupied by B Altman Co
1908W q IdAi DJaga N ow 0 Sal B ftstfi Price 25Cir
L O J 1
J n A > J f
+ l

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