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= = v n T v i III Jj rJ > oIiii 1 J
f t
IiII THE Ii EliliG WORLD Jti J1t5UAY 1H1tL iL 1O39Va
Abe the Elephant
Baby Wonder Wants
a Pink St Diaphragm
I He Is a Progressive Infant and Talks in
p Pachydermic About His Aspirations
and Progressive Ideas
By Rose C Tlllotaon
I Ate and I bad a beAuUtul thus orcr a
aloe cold bottlot milk
For It WM feeding time for Ab the
MCTMt baby In town at tit Madtaon
1 0quar Garden when I called on the eta I
WMkiold elephant yeiterdar after
I BOOB and lust to chow me that he mm
11ft Infant of uptodate ida lie took
1 bie bottle after the etyle of all pro
renlre kids
TTie nursery of the champion heavy
weight of juvenile elrolei who proved
by botsta that he tipi the scales at
Mventrflve pound li a dainty dimin
utive cace with a IOU lawduet rug
and In exclusive grandeur he dally dis
t play hlmeelf theN to admlrlnc
j throng
t With the aid of bli keeper Andrew
t who translated the pachdormlo jargon
1 Abe told me all about the trial of a
beavywelrht baby
If DO joke being toe only elephant
ever born In this country he con
I fided with a low wall whloh Bounded
like a but of dynamite I mUe alts
the fun of a juncle and have to be
cooped up In a box like this Talk
bout a Harlem natIt must be bliss
1 compared with my quarters
Wanted a Pink Diaphragm
I r Then they wont even let me eat
what I want to Now I attempted to
be real recherche quite uptodate
i yon know and tried to be something
i an elephant had never been before I
read about the New Thoufhtlita and
i I 1 Blade my mind up to grow a pink I
diaphragm and pick out a well 0014
Nothing doing I wanted a diet of
onions and eour milk according to the
rule but Andrew wouldnt have It and
DOW feeds me on common baby food
Then you havent any teeth 1 I
You bet I have answered Abe In
dignantly four of them which beats
the Newlywed baby to death But
I mine arent strong enough to crunch
f peanuts Its only sweet potatoes and
1 milk now Yea I take It in this bottle
t like any other kid because my trunk
Unt In working order yet
My dally outdoor airing Is the only
pleasure I have Rigged out In
my new spring outfit with the cutest
I bonnet you ever saw tied under my
chin I attract a lot of attention In my
I perambulator as we go through the
k parks As my mamma has heard that
the baby hippo Is very jealous of mo
because he Isnt one two three on
weight else and attractiveness she
Bteers clear of the zoo She says she
I doesnt want me In any tights until I
grow older But I could take care of
myself even though I am only a
month and a half old for I am already
i taking boxing lessons with the keeper
r Babeshes my motherobjects serl
I oualy and gave me an awful spanking
today for knocking him out in one
Trunk Instead of Slipper
And how do you like the slipper
Slipper nix answered Abe I get
i It with the trunk As a spanking de
i vice an elephants trunk come In for
t i nut prize for Its switching capacity
seems to be simply unlimited
d I suppose you have many admirers
d Scores of them Abe answered with
i a haughty toss of his head When
the circus Is on youll find my cage
i surrounded by men women and chil
i j dren all of whom seem to display ft
r wonderful Interest In me Why ono
woman who said she was the head of a
Ii i Mothers Club or same such kind of
11 thing wanted to adapt me to work out
her theories but 1 raised such a howl
she soon got frightened and stopped
pestering the managers heT sawdust
ling li the only proper i > hfre for un
Bun rice 321 Sun xti oiOMom rl < ec
High Water Low Water
Btnjy nooklu 110 107 111
Oovlrnofi Island 7 3S 7 Ml 1 J > if
Hull Otto U31 Ml 32iur
POUT OF ABV turtle I
Ada Rants Cruz 1
Antlllea X ew Orlnani
Pveyn Port Tampa
Kxc lilor IlotterJam
Orlncico Iulon
B villltt Orcmon
Trlcnae IJordeaux
MarUllo Hull Manoa Dcmnara
Tcrcia Oran Maranhenm Para
City of Evurttt KornlEla Loulte
Bhlrldi nibraltar
lallimihlre CarJIfl drlatlc QunlOn
tLeonards Antivirp Vinella In irua
wills City Rwanda Mirldi Vrn Cruz
2 u u lla Glaixow Alltinea Colon
fllCiIln 1rlnce riorlAr Barre
lal rno Khr on Roltrrdam
I llaJtlc Liverpool City of Atlanta
a Ivor i in p llar Sivannah
> ocitiey Havina Hamilton
Kluneioia London OlJ Point Comfort
Ultonla Nape United State
Huron Jtckunvllie Denmark
OuUna St Vincent
HAUFAX N S April 16The Do
minion cruiser Canada was ordered to
day to iiurcn rr the sit3onei Jeanie
Ulvrtlc vial 1 Vt nod Lewis a nch
left Uouisburu n C ft week nso tor
Tlnllfnx and haven ot Since he i1 heard
Pllaa a LuUItUct 1U JAik
lm 1 HC llIe ue I > e urxi oho u a
ftivcu ulli the deli sod brnaq VVorlil
curd and manic comiiletr C code tnnu
1 lilt s f P < Ills i ct IIT ivhlili errand u
Kr CMtl run at the Nf w Vnrk Thrntrr l l
III S eat unu I nw on s return r > y s menl
Tkl I II great mmlr MICE H oed > sad
nn lc by lllllr Octt by arranctment
l4 XaurlN Stiaolro
olcphixnt and though I may long to
know the Joys of H junKie Im quite
content with my present quarter
With ii bcii > tcd 11 iilti Abe bade
me good by and Andrew the keeper
upenoil Abes month to Insert tho three
quart bottle of milk 1 departed
vaguely wondering who performed the
parental duty of walking the floor
at midnight with this aeventyflve
pound babe In arms
My Glasses Are Getting i
Too Young for Me
is a frequent expression rather
you ought to have your eyes reex
amined for new glasses Natural
changes which take place in the eyes
demand a change of lenses in nine i
cases out of ten every two years I
Our examinations are conducted
by registered PHYSICIANS who i
are skilled OCULISTS Their tests i
are thorough and absolutely accu
rate Guess these will fit you
methods are not practised here
Your glasses MUST be correct I
5100 eyeglasses that are worth 100
300 eyeglasses that are worth S300 I
54 Yest 23rd St neai Fourth Ape
54 West 125th St near Lenox Ave
442 Columbus Ave Slit dt 82d Su
489 Fulton Streot BROOKLYN
Gppa te Abr hta Q Sues
Easter Specials
i t
x S20
1 I
Suits Overcoats
Alcns lilgfcgrcde handtailored
Suits and Overcoats 1908 mod
els In a variety of fancy fnbrln
Brown Olive Gray Plaids
Stripes ana English Navy In
Serge guaranteed I
penectflttlnyirar 1 0 I
meats Silk lined
All go ot
235 ttroadway Opp PostOffice
zt zaa
kl vo r
J1 4
Dont Move
Old Piano j
li you have an oid piano either
square or upright or even an or
gan dont move or store it j let us
save you the expense
We will take the cd instrumirt
as part payment for a new Pease
and allow full value for it taking
the old piano away and delivering
the new one to your new address
I cartage free
If not ready for new piano now
we give a credit bill good for 2
The Pease Pianos both upright
I grand and PlayerPnnns TV >
standard for tone and duraliiiity
even niano marked at cash price
easy ivments if desired
I Writ fr catalog and cstiiaV
Pease Pano Co
128 w 42dSt near Bway N Y
ErtKVIjn Ertzch I Newark BraecS
657 FuUoa Si I 10 New Su
1 t a tiau
LLCr r t
It e
1 t j =
t r 7
l t
p A r
t t
r x v tee
W a I
I Y jerF a I
f I
j lr
j i
Your Easter Clothes
Should Be Brill Clothes
Brill clothes are New Yorks most modern clothes Brill clothes are most correct
and authoritative style clothes Brill clothes are duilies of most advanced fabrics Brill clothes are
New Yorks finest tailored clothes Brill clothes are New Yorks le t value clothes
Here are Easter Sale specials possible only in Brill clothes because of Brill trade advantages
Specials for Men Specials for Boys
Suits Topcoats Spring Coats and Cravenet KNICKER SUITS 7 to 16 years of all wool
Raincoats at 510 thai are good 1350 and Sts values worsted Cheviot and high grade fancy Cassiniere cut
Every one of these garments is guaranteed to hold its on full sized patterns and extra well tai Qt2 95
shape fit style and color until worn out This guar bored regular S450 values Special 17 SVV
antee can be made because of the tested fabrics used be
cause of the hand tailoring on shoulders coihrs and RUSSIAN and SAILOR BLOUSE SUITS of
lapels and because of the high grade linings and shrunk all MHO blue and brown worsteds fancy velours flan
linen and French haircloth interlinings nels and homespuns in new grays and tans cut on new
models 5450 standard in tailoring fabric CO QCI
SUITS of all wool cheviot I all wool black and style Special W 2 t7tf
Thibet excellent worsted and cassimere Patterns are
new grays browns and dark mixtures Cut Ci 0 TOP COATS and REEFERS cut on new full
on new models Special J8V7 size models fabrics arc all wool coverts jntan and
SPRING COATS of all wool black and olive shades and cheviots in gray checks ejfrJS
and mixtures 5450 value Special
Oxford cheviot and TOPCOATS of double twist tan
covert serge linings and satin sleeve linings 10 DUDLEY WATERPROOF COMBINATION
Special >
CRAVENETTE RAINCOATS proofed by the ranted to jive iG service or a new suit ° 9 95
genuine cravenette process Fabrics are fancy worsteds free Special tp
all wool Oxford cheviots and all wool black Thibels
KNICKER SUITS of brown mixture cassi
Cut on full 52inch models and tailored by a concern
that makes no raincoats to sell regularly un Qe fl fi mere better tailored than usual S3 gar 3 95
ter 515 Special pLxJ inert Special
Garments at SI 250 some of which were made BLUE SERGE and BLUE UNFINISHED
to retail as high as 20 and none of which you can t1YfaPSTED SUITS in sizes up to 16 years 55 stand
iuplicate under 1650 ard in tailoring trimmings and style SpJ 395
SUITS of all wool velours and cheviots from cial tP
the best wholesale tailors in America Including the REEFERS of fancy and gray mixtures and
I Stein Bloch Co Attractive light and dark shatec n checks and TOPCOATS of tan and olive CJO 4
2n al different weaves and designs Spe 125 covert cloth values are 5 Special epu 95
SPRING COATS in many shades and weaves KNICKER SUITS WITH 2 PAIRS OF
of gray including worsted finished KVLKhPi made of silk mixture cassimere in hand
cheviots and allwooi cassimere fabrics f fl 6J 50 some new patterns fabric tailoring trimmings and
Special ijj JL4 ste idsntcal vti rood 57So suits Remember tilt
EXTRA PAre of KNICKERS to match with
f4 95
of worsted
CRAVENETTE RAINCOATS every suit Special 1 a
cheviot and Thibet journeyman tailored b > forem < st
rain oat makers including Michaels Stern Co These
raincoats hive the style and appearance ana will ov Seas Young Man
the service of raincoats often sold at fi a e J1a
double this price Special i3E tse J U Suits of cheviot and cassimere in new designs
and ilinngb including neat club checks and mixtures
Suits at S1350 from a New York wholesale and of black thibtrt Cut on new single and double
ta lor who made them to sell at SIS and 20 breasted models C S values sizes U to 20 years Q 6
Included are worsted cheviot velour and cwsimere Special CJ
suits in all the new Spring shades of tan brown gray
etc There are two and three button models with Yuiinx men S suits of worsted cassimere chev
slant or straight pockets broad or conservative lapels iot serge and thibet warranted to hold shape fit style
different and color until worn out excellent tO values CQ
cuff sleeves or plain sleeves and other nl ne v 8
style effects The coats are half lined or full lined The sizes 14 to 20 years Special tJO
I fit and shape retention Identical
tailoring insures good
Younjj men suits unusual under Si5 cut
suits from the same maker are being featured all over Olltlr on
the country as extreme StS and 520 fljjl f 611 extra smart new models tailored to fit and retain sll3r
aloes Social t1 l 5oe U including n < N Sprint shades usirly only found i 11 0
in SiS suits suizes 14 to 20 years Special qJI
Suits Spring Coals and Cravenette Raincoat
ti1at would cheerfully pay much more for
at Sts that you >
and for which Bril stores would have to ask much Tif 011lSprS ecials
more if it were not for Brill trade advantages 0
SUITS of unfinished black worsted SILK Mens high grade worsted trousers in new
NED cut on correct new models In every way as stripe designs Journeyman ta lored Better in fabric
luxurious and warranted to give the same good service style trimmings and fit than usual S4 Cib IJ
s frstchss 2250 suits Also suits < > velour cass trousers Special t faL I tJ7
J and worsted m the bright new Spring sir I
mare browns pay etc in mixture stripe i Men SG value Htmgerford system journeyman
r 15
and ehI effects Special If tahred trousers fabrics are English striped worsteds
overphld 1he only trousers under 56 tint will permanently hold
SPRING COATS in tan olive gray and dl j the shape Sizes 2b to 52 irch waist Spe t
shades In plain a te and I 1 rine > ic ve r > 1 cui t 3 75
Hick and Oxford 5rn Coats all cut en nev 11ft r oils
models Special ojJ Jl Dressy worsted trousers in stripes and exclu
RAiNCOATS of high class worsted cheviot shr weaves fine enough to le worn with finest Prime
and velour iJ attract designs and hades rrr fr + 1 Albert or frock coat Tailored by the best ojamza
n uefs and expertly taJre 1 t I j ot trousers makers in Ncv York C 7
cravenetle FUC
w er L i 57 and J3 values Special t J
r ial
cor 3d Avenue
rr Chamters St 1A l
14th St nr Bway FOUR STOr = b + HarlemStore open evenings nr
= nm K
II I Greenhut Our patrons are cordially Fur Storage t
invited to visit the new Reception Fur pieces stored and pro
and ception and Lounging Room tected bycold dry Illr Brushed
on the Fourth Floor Tea is at frequent intervals by experi
I served without charge enced furriers Insured against
Company the Take 18th damage and loss Each piece
throughout day
I om anlv and garment hung separately
19th Street side
or elevators
Charges moderate Second Floor
I Dry Goods
Meeting Every Womans Taste
i In Suits Dresses and Coats
Every woman who has put off the buying of her Easter garments up to this
writing will be interested to know that our assortments of suits dresses and coats
are in inexhaustible variety That means that no matter what the preference of
any woman we can meet it in every detail
Exclusiveness of style joins hands with remarkably low prices at this store
The brief instances below may be taken as suggestive of hundreds of others
Mannish Tailored Suits at 1500 Fancy Taffeta Dresses at 1650
only 75 in the collection which we have unusually pretty onepiece styles two
decided to close out because we are un new models yoke and sleeves net and
able to procure more to fill up the assort lacetrimmed plaids checks and stripes
ment a wide choice of materials and col 15 patterns An outandout twenty
orings these suits have been selling in our five dollar value
own stock at 2200 and 2500
Lingerie Princess Dresses three new Girls Junior Tailored Suits fifty suits
models beautifully trimmed with lace m a wide range ot tancy stripes mixtures
and embroidery five dollars more would and solid colorings single and double I
be a fair price elsewhere breasted coat styles reduced from 2250
At 1175 1500 and 1850 and 2500 to 1400 and 1850
Easter The woman in search of Tip RrtV Only two days remaining
oy it for hunand
r smart distinctive millinery to get no
Millinery will find a full assortment of and His store in New York can
the most approved novelties please him better From a
in turbans sailors and side roll effects E aster SuW complete stock of suits top
fects in all colors moderately priced coats reefers hats and caps
Semidress hats in a variety of attractive we quote the following two specials
and flower
shapes colorings beautifully
Norfolk and doublebreasted suits of
trimmed value 850 575
at allwool fancy cheviots in grays and
Tailored sailors smartly wingtrimmed browns lined with best mohair two
value 950 at 675 pairs of knickerbocker trousers 8 tom
Roughandready sailors value 175 at years values 850 to 1000 at 650
Vashable Russian and sailor suits rwo
Japanese straw sailors at 125 in
pairs ot bloomer trousers in stripes
All the newest shapes in milans chips checks plaids and plain materials Rus
and Neapolitans of trench and domestic sian suits 2J4 to 8 years sailor suits 5
manufacture are shown at markedly to 10 years worth a dollar more
low prices At 185
Main Floor fecond Floor
Womens Misses Easter Footwear
We direct attention to our complete stock of dress and walking boots Oxfords ties
I and pumps for women and misses Exceedingly smart effects are shown in patent leather
tan and black Russia calfskin and glace kid Remarkable valueat 300 a pair
Sale of Easter Pumps and Christy Ties pumps of tan Russia calfskin and
patent leather both buckle pumps Christy ties of white canvas patent leather and
brown kid all with two eyelets All sizes and all widths gt 250 a pair
crn1 floor
Ringspotted net veil Womens Made of seal walrus ard
Veils and s
el s an ings in all colors value a variety of real leathers
Veilings 58c a yard at 45c Hand Bags Mostly black some in col
s Chantilly lace veils 1 Yi ors Leather or silklined
Underpriced and 2 yds long in black fitted with purse and card case
r white navy blue and Values 300 and 350 each at 195
brown value 125 to 165 at 75c to 125
Special styles from our regular stock of Values 450 to 650 each at 295
dotted veiling m all the newest shades Main Floor
also plain and fancy meshes regularly
25c to 38c a yard at 18c EaSreC Cabinet of 120 sheets and
Main Floor S er 100 envelopes Of fabric
J Stationery finish paper letter and note
r Striped laundered collars sizes value 75c at 50c
Omen s sizes 12 to 14 inches value Box of 24 sheets and 21 envelopes
Neckwear 25 c each at 12rac value 45c at 30c
Plaited net bows lacetrim Easter cards in complete assortment
med value 25c each at 19c Prayer books rosaries and book marks
Main Floor
Main Floor
A Gorgeous Display of Easter Flowers
The main floor rotunda section is abloom today with hundreds of blossoming Easter
flowers The magnificent display is akin to a beautiful expansive flowergarden The
sweetsmelling plants exude their fragrance throughout the entire store stimulating the
Easter spirit as well as affording a superb feast which no woman in New York should miss
Sale of Plants and Flowers 4d
Spireas at 100 to 150
at 12C a
liter Lilies
i Hyacinths at 25c
to 200
Azaleas at t25 I
Lily of the Valley at 125 I
Hjdranges tt 250
j Crimson Ramblers at 150 to 450 Genistas at 100 to 200 I
I Rhododendrons at 150 and 200
I Not subject to return or exchange None deli ered CO D Delivery rmds along our regular routes only by
wagons leavirg this store
1 w J Long slips several styles Unmade White embroidery robes
Infants and
intanrs ana Of nainsook with yoke ef G
or colored batiste b
IS t e robes
Children feels of hemstitching em Robes
I ren s broidery and lace at 50c 0 es Cluny lacetrimmed reg
I Dresses 75c and 95c Underpriced ularly 475 each at 375
Short dresses na1 Main Floor
I in yoke or bishop styles trimmed with
lace embroidery and plaits sizes 6 Ribbons Allsilk faille ribbon 6 in wide
50c 70c and
months to 2 at Ions
all shades 35c
s a e s regularly a
Washable dresses of checked percale yard 22c tl
at I I
I blackandwhite and navy blue and
whit piped in red or blue sizes 2 to 6 Allsilk fancy striped moire ribbon 6 in
I at yoc wide in pink blue tan gray light and
Caps assortment of styles at 19c to 39c dark blue regularly 50c a yard at 28c
Main Floor
Infants Dept Second Floor
6th Ave 18th to 19th St Greenhut Company 6th Aaz18th to 19th St
Store formerly occupied by li Altman Co
I This is the title of the next son to le given with the New York Sunday World
Comic sun hit of Follies of 1907 which enjoyed a good
Words and music complete WI 1V song lifc VI WJ W N > J I J w W
I run at the New York Theatre 1 ast year and is now on a retur n engagement This is a great
comic song Words and musi c by Billy Kent by arrangeme nt with Maurice Shapiro
c C I i
i < Alp

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