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U 1 IJ rT w i M
r p1f
1 f 1 N F Central Official in Runaway Loses Sight of Eye
at L Nft Millions Wasted on the Citys Water SupplySee Page 4
> T tESUL1 4t Bryan and Taft in Town but hot to Talk Politics i
eo moN
VtT1IIItGenern1Ir fair tonight mill TiieuIsi
bt E IT I HI HI z 111111 I L N OtIO + pINAL
I Circulation Books Open toAIIl 1 Circulation Books Open to AU
Weather Cloudy April 20 rack Good
14 KlltiT ItUi For threes > r 1 fillies five furlongs
FlilT time Jm oft 231 Start R > od II un cisll Winner ch f by Oddfel
ow Hubuj Ouner K A rorjvthe TlmeJ
2nx Starter < u it I L I Yr ill Yllli CI L Sh
i P Berry Malf lin I It Ti I IlMuagr 2 I s iIU J3
1s Qun MirgucrIt Ill 1 1lit jb lb l O lIurn 1 1 2 fI
JAr Swift III I lit Ii T til 4hIHrig IU o 2g 0 3
US Santij luti 2 3 a Nutter 4 1 3 3 4
111 Its Ih 4 L t r VUllan 10 2 20 1 3
f ii S 5 i 7 fl W S IIIh ftP leo 10 20 I
iilrlt lot J Ik I b 7 I P13hl 3 11 1 12
Marbles 40 0 ih lIEr I 0 1 8
Jerr Mnll ran tu her br t form he Uiv In behlml Iho pace to the hd of the
trftch where he cam awa ejslly and won well in h iri Queen Marguerite had
plenty of ap etM in l held on well June SW Itt clo tsl a lOt of ynmnd and wan jrolnir
away Mronk Haiutnl w a under a hR1 drive all through the trelch Trljette not quite
ready Mirhl < hiirt
147 SKCtJNO HAiK HtctfDlechaw orfoUr3t3rol4S and upward sulllnir 7w added
i I i about two miles
Post time bi7m t 2 Start cood Won easily Winner ch r by Ills Urace
Anna Page Owner i5HTiimplcln TlmI 24
3tldex MArlerV Vti 71CJL rln Jirknr Op TiT Cl PT ShT
123 a mItr Line IM 1 2lt m J unini 77 Pi I liKi
133 108 jtraus II i 2 2 2 Mone 85 7 i 05 = =
Klnc Cattle 114 4 4 t B T Dupec 10 15 13 2 28
J33 K iulre 1IJ 2 Ij 4 4 Tell llupw 12 li 30 3 3S
Jlrnmy I ine w a much the b Nt he as under restraint for two turni of the field
I1en h < ownni up a winning leKl ant won enlls ius Straus wao und ra drive for
the lait half mile hut rwey threatened the winner Kin Ca tie showed GOd per
Tf > r > Tif Mr i n MriM r v fl Imnnivo
141 llliHll iont lLAeitian4it 1 01 M dl ia MiJed seven Cur
Post lime 327 off 32i Start god Won driving Winner ch c by Compute
telantt Owl1rF1 lllllefleld Time 121145
index tart Wift In JockeyaO III Ct 11 Sh
i Jubll ils 1 I ih Shaw 113 i i i 12 15
Cot Jack lot 14 l I J 2 CL Burn 2 52 U 12 1
126 Camhmer 113 I 2 30 4t 31 leCahel 311 40 0 6 4
iItt I J 1 dt 4 it 4t Shililntr S 2 1
ethus i I i it j t U1rner 15 2 Ib 32
TIIlnJ 111 H 3 t I tl I < umttr r 12 M 52 J
Shaw role a fine rncoli the inroJUbll he broke well but wu outrun to the
tretch where ort tlmul hla run to the second juat getting up to win by a head Cot
t hed ii nJ ill
Jack a nice K r nbbl T1
colt had Plenty of spee > l and hel on well Camaplcner ran hl race Tile
tEl quit
149 FOlHTII HACK The Ornrc takei Cr twoyfarolda Jlotio added four furlonirit
11 1 100t time 3l oft ti Slart ulr Won easily Winner ch C by lien
3ry5 Fair Vltln Owner H T Minn 1lmeII411 21
Jnde i r r > In + Op Iii CI II 8h
IJlI Trance 1rI I I I t0 l Mugrae t 5 ICS 1 5 710
1J Fit Herbert 102 1 4 4 2 t E iugzt 1 4 4 75 110
13t 1rbet t l g i litoti
1312 Iertat 101 U it l lcChey t1 20 12 i 52
02 9toyle Sea Swell Ill I 2 J 0 i Koorner IeUanIei rS S 6 ii 6 3 2 rJ
1m Slht Ig 1 St 71 71 f Lynch 5 8 8 8 75
121 tpon t4 II l i Fairtrother 4 4 ICS j11i3
Iten 1rankiin II 11 III 10 0 Garner 12 20
Jnk J1 20 8 4
1ml rr r IG2 jg
140 4 8 i l Notter 4 4 IG3 75 jl
134 10131 III III 1 1 U 1 I laboh tt 50 Ii 12 e
Wltn III 12 13 I I 12 n01 20 m 10 15 S
u I 102 liLt = 12 13 McCarthy t 50 r 0 20 10
= = =
uJ It Keene U and i j entry
Trance ran back to her ureiiuui K0 xl rae went to the front early and won with
pLenty to Mre tit II rbtrt eIoeet mronK HrMt ran a rand race under ler hanJllnr <
floo quit 1ea welt can I n better ireonil ra < r race
15 rjWf HAUE for ma I Jen eyAfolJn elllnic lvv added six furtonjra
Post lime 424 ft iiJn fair Yon eaalty Wlnnr b c b fatlo
hel OwnfrJf h tep Time 114 25
1M Starters Who 1i L1 Jln JD L Upjitclm 8h
Mazuma 13 It It G Burn 10 13 12 r 55
11 Iontuk 1U II 31 p 2t 2 SicCahy 4 4 12 jG 110
JIt1 nont IUO t 11 St t 11 rtlrbrothr 2 52 2 I 12
Almndlne 102 i i 4t 51 4t 5tcartiiy 1 tI 4 85 45
Fielder lOS 2 41 1i 01 51 Garner Jr 20 2tt 4
Royal EOx 102 11 2 3t 10 t 51uoirao HI 12 12 4 2
SfQuenoo WO 4 Sb I 7b 7a K Lugan 10 III 15 5 31
= f hLa 1VU lit 10 10 14t 8 I tJrai 21 20 0 4
lY lY I JW ftlon
1rith Laoe US 11 11 It 10 ii Fulton i u fg g 4
lt08ulo IIYl 0 5 I 71 S I 11 Illno 1 10 10 4 2
Arid II 12 lit II 1J 11 W Vaieh 14 40 31 12 0
Carlton 111 1 12 12 12 12 51l1ttiel 211 10 30 10 1
111 G Ferraro 102 JI IH 11 1i JI Iuhun lUll 2U 21 rt 10
laun1a warn never In trouble Montauk ran a good race lied Uonnet ckwed strong
I A mRnlIn off badly A bad It
151 sixru a halt ltACll furiunga or tworol1 000wlnnersofL000 JillO added tour and
1o1t 452 ort 481 Start Cllr Won driving V inner b c bv Golden Maxim
Mtsi TaudMnan Owner < RwcaRUe Stable Tlml 3 35
Index Startrs V t St t LI Fin inckovt III CI 11 Sh
Preceptor IIH 1 11 I 11 O Burn 1 112 4 S5 41
1311 Wild Pigeon lOll 2 2 2 Nottr n 4r 2 1 ln
SIkln 104 1 i 72 1 I > DURn M lO iS 4 2
184 Ouy FISher 1m 3 3t 4L1 to nelsb 1 HI 4 I
Sir John 114 tiI 1 5h lcCarth i 12 10 3 81
Mootiah King 84 I 5 3 tit lairbrulhr 20 hI 10 10
h 19
Q0 Dress Para4 107 4 5 7 MeCahey 15 12 4
Gliding nlIe 105 10 S fit 8 lu3Im1e In rl 40 12 >
PatrIot 104 11 10 0 II Shilling 12 2n 20 6 3
lAW Heart InS 0 ot 10 10 E Lynch 12 211 211 6 I
i Wallr 105 I 11 11 11 hnnlI II 2 1 f
ire oeptor ran a good race Wild Pigeon quit Hlskn closed with n rush
it 0
Special to The Evening World
1 AQUEDUCT RACE TRACK April 20The Ozone Stakes the
t biggest puzzle of the season to layers and players alike went to Trance
I I which repeated her hollow victory in the Rose Stakes of last Thursday
and also equalled the track record of 46 25 seconds She won going
I away after leading most of the distance The race was the feature
of the card here today
Trance is a castoff of James R Keenes stable There were thou
J sands bet on this race Some took Trance others went to the Keene
entry of Voodoo and Apron Hundreds took FitzHerbert while more
took the B and O entrySight and Hoyle
The out most fancied was Erbet
This one was backed uo heavily that
few of the books offered a price against
him at post tltrte Fltz Herbert ran a
icood race oomlnc strong at the end to
beat the good thing Irbet for the
The Pinkerton forces seem to havo
completely squelched the poolroom ln
dustry and tho agents of the city
gambling affairs have signified their In
tention to give up the light They real
ize the futility of combating tho powers
gainst them as at present and will
devoto their energies principally hero
after to the races run In the South and
West where they can obtain some ort
of authentic racing news during the
Berry Maid Wins
Berry Maid proved best In the open
Ing event III which site ran to her
tt California form Whim llttlo MuNgravo
I was ready him came away and won
easily from Queen Marguerite wihlcli
V made all the early pace Jane Swift
1 at n surprising price wtie third She
was uwny bnill1 nnd nlahcd with u
r Continued on Second Page
MtUlM d i
FIRST RACE Berry Maid 8 to 5
and 7 to 10 1 Queen Marguerite 5
to 2 for place 2 Jane Swift 3
to 10 and out 1 Gus Straus out
for place 2 King Castle 3
i THIRD RACE = Jubilee 7 to 5 and
11 to 2 1 Col Jack 1 to 2 for place
2 Campaigner 3
FOURTH RACETrance 16 to 5
and 7 to 5 1 Fitz Herbert 7 to 5
for place 2 Erbet 3
FIFTH RACEMazuma 12 to 1
and 5 to 1 1 Montauk 7 to S for
I place 2 Red Bonnet 3
I SIXTH RACEPreceptor 4 to 1
and 8 to 5 1 Wild Pigeon 2 to 5
for place 2 SltkJn 3
iT P Morrissey First in the
Boston Race and Hayes
of IA A C Second
M J Ryan and Fred Lorz
Were Among the First
Seven to Finish
BOSTON April IT P Morrissey
H the Mercury A C Tinkers N Y
won the Marathon road race here today
day covering the twent five miles In 2
hours 25 minutes and 4115 seconds or I
1 minute and 1315 seconds behind the I
record established last year by Thomas
Longboat the famous Indian runner
John J Havrs of the IrishAmerican
A C of New York was second In
J330 and Robert A Fowler of Cam
bridge port A C was third In 23342
The next rour men finished as follows
Michael J Ryan IrishAmerican A C
Sew York 227 03 George Brown
Nashua Y M C A Nashua N II
274S Jam a J Lee Boston Athletic
A soclatlon Boston 22S34r Fred Dirz
lomwk A C New York 23220
Morrissey finished close to Longboat
In the race last year He IB yet In his
i teens and weigh about 140 pounds The
1 conditions under which the race waa
run place the winner in the front rank
of American longdistance runners The
I rac this year had an added impor
taice In that it was the offlcal trial for
the candidates for the team that will
I represent the United States In the Mar
athon run of the Olympic games in Eng
land In July The best men In addition
to winning the prizes offered annually
I also won the right to wear the Stars
and Stripes In competition with the most
famous runners of the world i
I 100 Runners In Line
I More than 100 of the best long distance
j runners In America faced the starter
at the Boston Athletic Association club
1 house at noon Before the pistol was
fired a light snow began to fall and a
cold wind from the northwest was at l
the runners backs The course how
ever was In very good condition j
Roy Welton of Lawrence Mass led
by about fifteen yards at the OraL mile
I The rest of the runners were well
strung out At Natlck Welton led by
nearly a half mile and was two minutes
ahead of the record Welton held this j
lead at eleven miles his time being I
6741 and he was nearly four minutes I
ahead of Longboats record Only
Fowler of the first five among the
winners wns In first bunch nt this time
At Philadelphia
Boston 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 2 o R
Philadelphia 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 2 0 14
Batteries Young nrd Howormin
I Hoch and Doom Umpire Mr Klom I
At Cincinnati
Plttsburg 0 0 0 ft 0 0 0 0 1 01
Cincinnati 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 12
Batteries Lleflcld and Phclps Camp i
bell and cIean Utnplic Rlgler
I At St Louis
I Chicago 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 0
St louls 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Batterle Lundgren and Kllng Ray
mond and Hoatotter UmplreODay
1 At Boston
Philadelphia 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 G 1
n081011 0 1 3 2 0 0 0 2 S
I Uatterles Vlckert Kraus Maxwell
and Schrenck Young and Criger Urn
Philadelphia 30000000 Gl
Boston 0 2001020 5
At Detroit
Cleveland 0 0 2 0 2 0 I 1 06
Detroit 0001100002
Batteries Rhodes and Clarke MulUn
and Schmidt Umpire Evans i
At Chicago
St LouIs 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 01
ChlfABV 00000 S 20 7
Batteries Waddell and Spencer Smith
and Shaw Umpires Egan and OLough
BOSTON April 20 Patriots Day
wai generally observed ln Mnwuchu
setti and Maine today with the cits
tomary meetings at Lexington Concord
and other towns famous In Hevolutiuu
ary history and by sports pastimes
p101L and a INapenalon of busIness in o hr i
Ryan Testifies That the Com
pany Was Not Looted
but Was Throttled
That 600000 Got for Un
built Railroad Used to
Defeat Bryan
Whitewashing the offlclal of the
Metropolitan Street Railway In no far
as they were connected with the sur
face oar lines of the city the Special
Grand Jury In session since Jan 6 wee
discharged by Justice Dowling In the
Criminal Branch of the Supreme Court
today No Indictment was presented
but for the first tlmo In the hltory
of the court the Grand Jurors append
ed the testimony given before them
hi all the juror reported 54 hearings
were held and Zit pages of typewritten
testimony was submitted to the Justice
to bo made public iThe Jurors said that
some of the testimony was definite but
that some na too Indefinite for action
Therefore they said they found no on
guilty of crime In the administration of
I the Metropolitan tlnasces but thought
It politic to make public what they had
The Jurors said they had examined I
the following persons William M I
Ivlns Herbert Llnburg Paul Fuller
Franklin Pierce and William F King of
the Stockholders Protective Association
and William N Amory and Thomas F
Ryans Explanation of Financial I
I In Mr Ryans testimony as handed i
In hl < reason for the present chootlc j
i condition of the Metropolitan finances
were given This Is his explanation I
It Is not due to anything but con
i dit Ions arising from Stole Interference i
This Includes extension of the free
transfer privilege by legislative enact
irent njid court decisions so that the
tare per passenger now U not live cents I
i but only a trifle more than three cents
Another cause was the enormous In
I crease In taxation The franchise tax
alone has been nearly doubled
Enormous congestion of street traf
fic has Increased the cost of oiKratlon
and maintenance of the car lines and
there Is now nn abnormal burden of ac
cldent claims
I These liu t aggregate at least 2 < M O
00 n jour 10 per cent of the gross re
Competition of the subway built on
the citys credit hats cut down the
gross earnings fiOnOoi u year 10 per
cent of the companys capital stock
The company was not looted It was
How That 600000 Was Spent
Mr Ryan also explained partly about
the use of the < 600000 paid for the un
built Wall Street Kerry and railway
line as told exclusively In Tho Even
ing World Th money was apparently
spent solely for polltcal purposes III
his testimony on this point Mr Ryin
It was thought that perhaps Bryan
might be defeated In the Kanai ty
convention In 1900 and that McJClniey
should he nominated Part of this sum
may have been spent In these a81
dont know
The presentment was a complete ex
oneration of the ear line otllclnl
much to the surprise of those who had
been Interested In the course of the In
Other Work of the Jury
The Jurys Investigation had InluJed
also a close Inquiry Into the banking
situation bore and the action of the Ice
Trust officials In regard to tin hanks
and the financial cr sis of last fall the
Jury reported that It believed that them
was no widespread dishonesty In local
banking circles hut that It was confined
to a single group of bankers combined
In the control of several Institutions
Indictments had been previously
handed In bv this Grand Jury against
William H Montgomery former presi
dent of the Hamilton National flank
three Kdward II Thomas throe Or
lando F Thomas one and Charles W
Morse three
Spend to The Rvrnlnc World I
STAMFORD Coon April OA horse
of VI Lynch a Noroton contractor
ran away last evening and took to the
tracks of the New York and New
Haven Road It trotted along ahead
of a westbound freight train midway
between Noroton and Stamford until It
fell between the ties of a trestle
The freight train and several others
were held up for three hours while a
wrecking crew pot to the bridge and
with a derrick lifted the horse from Its
awkward position
hank UentUt Open All Night
6th oO L Woar ttth M N4W Tot e
Senators 0 I 0 0 0 0 0 2 Ou 3
Highlanders 2 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 = = 4
fRt > ec1al to The Errnlnir World
New York April 20 I
Griffiths Highlanders had an easier
time disposing of the Senators today
than they had Saturday the score being
4 to I
First Inning
Pickering filed out to Hemphlll and
Ganley filed to Keeler Delehanty
struck out NO RUNS
Nile tiled out to Pickering Keeler
drew a base on balls and scored on
8tahl twobase gnash to the scoreboard
board In left field Stahl then stole
third and scored an Blberfelds single
to centre Elberfeld was out trying to
reach second Pickering to Delehanty
McBride threw out Chase TWO HUNS
Second Inning
CJymer reached second on Doylea
bad throw to first and scored on Free
man single which was too hot for
Nlles to handle Freeman weM to
second on Streets sacrillcc Doyje to
Niles Conroy threw out McBrld to
Freeman took third Elberfeld threw
out Bhlpke ONE RUN >
I Cates Is now pitching far Wasnmtf
I ton Hemphlll singled McBride threw
out Conroy as Hemphlll took second
Klelnow filed out to McUrlde ilc
Bride then threw out Doyle NU
r Third Inning
Cates worked Dole for a base on
balls and went to second on Pickerings
sacrifice Conroy to Chase Ganley filed
out to Elberfeld Delehanty died El
berfeld to Chase NO RUNS
Nlles singled to left Held Keeler
dropped one over second for a singh
also Stahl struck out Both runners
advanced when Cates threw out Ellier
fold Chose then struck out NO
Fourth Inning I
Clymer struck out Freeman nefl
out to Conroy Street smashed a two
bagger to left field Elberfeld tossed
out McBrlde NO RUNS
Hemphlll tiled to Ganley Conroy
worked Cates for a base on balls Mc
I3rlile threw out Klelnow at first and
on Freemans bad throw to third Con
roy took third Doyle filed to Ganley
Fifth Inning
Doyle throw out Shlpke at tlrst
Gates was a victim on strikes Pick
ering laced a clean single tti centre
Ganley rolled out to Chase NO RUNS
Niles cracker a two bagger to left
field and took third nn Kielers sac
rifice totes to Freeman Stahl sent
a bounder to Cates who threw Nibs
out at the plate Elberfeld slngkd
sending Stahl lo third and took second
on Clymers poor throw In Chases
long two badger to left scored Stahl
and Elberfeld Ilemphlll filed out to
Pickering TWO RITNS
Sixth Inning
Delehanty popped a high one to
Chase Elberfcid threw out Clymrr
Freeman flied out to Hemhlll NO
flhlpke threw out Conroy Klelnow
filed out to Oanlcy Doyle dropped a
single over second and so did Nile
Doyle joint to second Keeler did
likewise filling the bases Stahl filed
out to Pickering NO RUNS
Seventh Inning
Street drove a long fly to Stahl Con
roy got McBrldes hardline drive
Shpki > rolled out lo Chase NO RITNS
Shlpke throw out Elberfeld Chase
boosted a high fly to Pickering Hemp
hill was thrown out Shlpke to Free
Eighth Inning
Cates struck out Pickering rolled
an asy one lo Chase and was out
Qanley sIngled to centre Delehanty
worked Doyle for a reuse on halls
Clymer singled to right scoring Gan
hey nnd Bending Delehanty to third
lymer stole second l ° ri > rnun singled I
seorlnir Delehanty Clymcr taking sec
ond fhesbro relloveu Doyle In the I
box for New York On an attempted I
double steal Clymer was out at the
plate Klelnow to Nlles to Klelnow
Conroy laced a double to left and
took third aH Street threw out Klelnow
Phesbro hit to Shlpke who threw Con
roy out at the plate Nlles forced CutS
Im Delnhanlv to Mclirlde NO RUNS
Ninth Inning I
Street beat out a slow one McBrlde
popped out to Chesnro Warner batted
for Shlpke and struck out Milan
hatted for Catef On a passed ball
Street went to third Milan struck out
In an embankment on the Flushing
road near Jackson avenue Corona
L I today uncovered a skeleton A
doctor who examined the bones said
they were those of a man more than six
feet tall
Ths bone Will well preserved but
there was no war of UllInK whether
death occurred ten years or two cen
turies ago The skeUtan may be that
i at an Indian chief
Pickering cr 0 1 4 I 0
Ganley lr I I t 0 0
I Delehanty 2b 1 0 I I 0
Clymer rt 1 I 0 0 0
Freeman lb 0 2 S 0 1
Street c 0 2 G 1 0
McBride ss 0 0 2 4 0
thlpke 3h 0 00 4 0
GehrIng p 0 0 0 0 0
Cntesp 0 0 0 3 0
Warner 0 0 0 0 0
5Illlan 0 0 0 0 0
Totals 3 7 24 14 I
Batted for Shlpke In ninth
Batted for Cates In ninth
Niles 2b 0 3 1 1 0
Koeler rf 1 2 1 0 0
Stahl If 2 1 1 0 0
Klberfold ss 1 2 1 4 0
ChM Ib 0 1 11 0 0
u II em pb Ill cf 0 1 2 0 0
Conroy 3d 0 1 i 2 0
Klelnow c 0 0 7 1 0
Doyle p 0 1 0 2 I
Chesbro p 0 0 1 0 0
Total 4 12 27 10 1
Base Hits Oft Gchrlns 2 In 1 Innlns
off Doyle 1 In 7 12 Innings CluMim
First biiHe on lulli OIT iehrhiK I
Caten 1 ol Doyle 2 Che bn >
Ieft on Iliuses Highlanders 3 Wnsli
I Infftons r
l Struck Out By Cabs 2 by Doyle 4
I by Chesbro 2
TnoItaso Hits Stahl Street NIbs
Clm r Conroy
Stolen h1tsStnhl Clymer
tassel B1111 Klelnow
Impires Hurst and Connolly
Organize a Meeting at Carne
gie Hall at Which the Gov
ernor Will Speak
Goy Charles K Huirhej hap been In
vited as the chief speaker at the mass
meeting arranged hy clergymen to tnke
place In Carnegie hail next auk when
the preachers of various ilcnninlnatlin
will unite In a protest iiKalnst the Sen
i ate for defeating the bill to stop sam
I bllnu at the race tracks
At the weekly conference of the Bap
tist Ministers Association Madison
avenue anti Thirtyfirst street today
It was announced that the date of the
farnesle Hall meeting depended upon
the wishes of Goy HuRhes so that the
time would meet his convenience and
IriMro his attendance
1astors of all the churches In Greater
New York will be requested to announce
the date of tho meeting from their pul
pits next Sunday morning It Is desired
to have churches elect or appoint dele
gates to represent them at the mass
Presbyterian ministers at their meet
Ing today appointed a committee to co
oporate with other congregations In re
lation to the mass meetingFor the same
purpose the Methodist preachers also
appointed a committee
Canon Chase of Brooklyn presided
over a meeting of the committees this
afternoon to arrange details for the
mass meeting
Senator Ullchrht has declined to ad
dress a meeting rill th discussion of
aiitlraco trtuk 1 < iitloi tuiimrnnv
night In SDmers Hall lltifuklyn In n
letter to the Rev Kriink S Applftun
he sayi Hint the Roiiubllcan Goxtrnor
Black OHM1 and Rooiovelt did not
Interfere with the IerjyOruy lnv
HIM 1 prefers to stand with them
Senator Qllchrlst voted against the
titaowUtrt bllli
Giants 0 0 0 4 0 0 0 0 O4
II Brooklyn I 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 I
I f
I perM H The Hienlnn World 1
Droaklyn April 20
Tile niniils fomm the Brooklyn
easy loiliv laiiilln tile MMjoml famu
of thilr series by a score of 4 to 1
First Inning
Shannon drove a line fly Into Alper
mini namlH Tinneys fly dropped
rely In short loft Uonlln then
lionneoil onu to lltickir who shot the
ball to Lewis foftlnj Teiinoy at sec
uml Donlln was caught napping at firs t
on HncUHrs fast throv to Jordan NO
Pattee wa thrown out by Taylor
Milutiey singled to right but was
caught napping oft first Taylor to
Tcnney to Nlcklln to Tenney Burch
then smashed out u twibaK to deep
loft centre and crossed the plate on Jor
dans long drive June out of Shannons
reach for two bags Alpernmn was
called out on strikes OXB RUN
Second Inning
Suymonrsi scorching grounder utriiuk
Jon ina liana and bounded iwiu
which was good for n hit nrcHnanun
jjustcd a long lly to deep rlllht which
Burch gathered in IJevIfn wall hand1
a pass Seymour moving up to second
Nlcklln also drew four balls tilling the
I bases PiUteo made a pretty running
catch of llrlrtwclls pop fly back of first
I Taylor fanned N 0 HUNS
I Taylor could not get them over for
I Hummell Lewis sacrificed Taylor to
Tenney Bergen drove a fast liner to
Btldwell who throw him out Humincll
i sprinting to third Hucker pasted a fly
to Seymour NO RUNS
Third Inning
Shannons hot bounder strurt Ruck
Irs hn ml and rollnl to Lewis who
threw Spike out Tenney was the sec
ond victim on his high one to lion
iiiill Dunlin wai culled out on strikes
I Piltrp holstrd one to Shannon Ma
loniv fanned out Uuroh sent u slow
lioumlr to Nlcklln who got the bull
to Tenncy In plenty of time NO
Fourth Inning
Siymour NltiKlrd along tho tlrst base
line IlrefliKihiiu welled the ball to
right advancing Seymour lo second
Devlin sacrificed Alpeiman to Jordan
Itiukor pmposcly t as ell Icklln filling
the base llrlilwcll hit to Lewis anti I
on the tatters bail throw to the plate
Seymour scored Taylor walked forc
ing In Hresnuhan Shannon singled to
rljsil Hcorlng Mcklln and triO wel I I
Teimey foultd out tn Hcrgen Olin II II 1
fiiied Taylor at third Lewis to Alper
Jordan strolled on four high onus
Mi rinan ulno walked Junlnn going u
second Hummplls high foul tly was
taken by Hresnahan Lnwls hit Into
a doubt pluv Devlin to Nlcklln to
Temipy NO HUNS
Fifth Inning
Seymour was quickly retired by
Hucker and Jordan Hresnahan was put
out of tin1 WHV by the same players
Devlins InllPld flv was captured bv
Alp nnnn NO HUNS
nif rpiucd Iiylor In the box for
HIP niaiiti Bergen was retired Ten
nov to Ames So wan Hucker Iattee
rolltd a Blow one up the first base line
but Itresnnhan bv a quick throw to
TiiimV nlpned him at the big NO
Sixth Inning
Nlcklln filed out to Hummell Brtd
well lined the ball lo left for a bag
Ames Hacrlllcetl Borgen to Jordan
Sinnnons hot one was grabbed by Jor
den who put him out alone NO RUNS
Mnlomty lngled to cen4a but was
easily nailed trying to teal second on
Hresnihans pretty throw to Nlcklln
Hiiroh was a victim on strikes Jordan
fintioil out weakly NO RUNS
I Seventh Inning
I Tcnney hunted but Huckor tossed him
out Iattee ran out Into short right and
gathered In Dnnllns lly Seymour was
put out of the way by Lewis ant Jor
Mpprman hanged a slow bounder to
NIckMn who threw him out Hummell
Inclpil to right Lewis wuis easy on
his little roller to Ames who tossed
him out Ilummell movIng i > p to stc
and llpr Pii struck out NO RUNS
Eighth Inning
DrpSnalmn could not find three of
Huikera fast ass s Ppvlln linefiled
to Jordan Nlcklln struck out NO
Hucker out Tennov to Ames PatteA
nnd Maloney did the fan act NO
Ninth Inning
Ilfiilwfll niod out to Unroll Ames
I vpiit out on his little rollpr Intteo to
Idiiliin Shannon struck ut NO
I Unroll hit safely up the thirdbase
i tile Jordan ill was nmn d by NIck
lln but l v a quick pickup throw
forced notch at second Aperman tiled
nut In SovmrMr who throw th twill to
TViiiirty doubling up Jordan bofor he
null return to the bag NO BUNS
KV HAVEN Conn April 30
III1W fell lv > re today and the tempera
ture went down to 11 degzees
Shun non Ir 0 1 1 0 0
Tenner 111 0 1 10 3 0
Donlin rf 0 0 0 0 0
Seymour cf 1 2 2 1 0
Dre5l1ahan c 1 I 8 3 0
Deiln 3b 0 0 0 1 0
Nlcltiln 2h 1 0 2 5 1
BrIdwell 8S I I 1 1 0
Taylor II II ii 0 3 0
AmeN p 0 0 1 1 0
Totals 4 G 27 18 1
PaUee 2b 0 0 i 1 0
Maloney cC 0 2 0 0 0
Buroh rC 1 2 2 0 0
Jordan Ii 0 1 11 0 0
Alperman 3b 0 0 t 1 0
Hummell 1C 0 1 2 0 0
l ewlN ss 0 II 1 2 1
Bergen c 0 0 6 1 0
Hucker p 0 0 0 5 0
Total 1 G 27 11 1
Base Hits Off Taylor 3 In four In
First Base on Balls Oft Taylor 3 off
Rucker 4
Ieft on Hasps Brooklyn 3 Giants 2
Struck OulBy Taylor 2 by Ames
5 by Rucker fi
TwoBare Hits Burch Jordan
Double PHys Devlin to Nicklin to
Tenny Seymour to T nniv
Impires Emslle and Ruddernam 1
Pushed Them Away From
Runaway Team but Fell
Under Horses Hoofs
I Klghtyearold Marian Swanson o
No 31S East One Hundred nnd Thirty
I third street the Bronx sacrificed her
life todav to save her twin sister Halen
and a little friend from the hoofs of a
heavy team of runaways at One Hun
dred and Thirtyfourth street and Willis
The team was harnessed to a mllle
truck owned hy Tleglwin Brothers oNo
No M650S East One Hundred and Eigh
teenth street and their driver Samuel
j Truner left thorn standing at the cor
J ner of One Hundred and Thirtythird
l street and Willis avenue
I The throe children were going home
I from school for the noon recess Marian
was a few feet behind tho others her
attention riveted on a book when they
started to cross Willis avenue All throa
I were oblivious of the fact that a pass
Ing automobile had frightened tho heavy
team Into panic and that they weN
dashing alone Willis avenue concpaled
from their view by several delivery
i wagons standing at the corner
I Helen and her little girl friend Etlie
i Schonllner also eight not directly In
the path of tho advancing team and
stood still and frozen with fear
Marian looked up train her book
realized the peril and sprang toward
them throwing all her weight agalml
them and tumbling them Into the nut
But In doing so she slipped and the
unguldid tnim boro down upon her and
the heavy hoofs crushed her as she lay
stunned by her fall
Her nek was broken and her skull
fractured yet sho lived for a few
minutes dying an policeman Bond
carried her Into a drug store
The other children escaped with a fet
scratohes The driver of the team Will
arrested and locked up In the Morris
anla station
Sunday World Wants Work
k Monday Morning Wonder Y

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