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< J > w lll nA f A I ten U W araar a
aseF a + emgr aau
fI > = nwS4f IT a rywey II
l I r
IWnilamsburg Incendiary Kin
dles Blazes Under Stairs in
Crowded Buildings
rrlfled at the latest attempt to burn
Mown a tenement houso full of sleeping
people the residents of that section of
IWllllamsbure whoro flrobURs havo sot
thirty fires within a week arc prepar
ing to mnko a wholisalo exodus The
latest binge was not last night In the
two doubledecker lIo tory tenements
aefi containing twentysix funUHt
gym a total of 240 members In Nos 780
ad TO Myrtle avenue
Tho fires were set under the rear
stairways with door mat hall runner
mattress and newspapers all saturated
with oil The houses between tho two
oet on flro are all crowded with tenants
Patrolman llermun Hthicsur of
the Vernon avenue station l > Mird
women scraanilns Yta and Help
trom the open windows of No 776 As
fc ran to the doorway women and chil
dren were falling down Uairs or rush
li > B Into tho atntrt Smoke rose through
bona and Htalrwvlls to the top floors
SthlNter found a mattress and a door
mat of hemp rolled Jnt J a comyaci bun
r die blazing In the rear hull I
way undor tho stairs The panic ainonK
the tenants Increase while he grabbed
the mattress und drtiKscd It through the
Jjflll down tho steps and Into the street
No sooner hail ho done this than eMU I
of Help and Tiro1 sounded from I
the windows of Xo i + Myrtle avenue
Tho policeman dnrfI Into the hallway I
there and found under the rear mnlr I
way a honyitsi hall runner a mattrcis i
and a bundu of newspapers pushed toj
Itether and blazing In this house also
the tenants mire getting out as fast ns j
they could In a high slnto of panic I
Gthleiser cot that burring mess Into the j
street as hu did the other j
Mrs Mary McGuIre and Mr Sarah
Eolt Who live opposite No 7GO told
Btlileeer that they had seen a tall
allot well dresicki man waarlnor a dark
overooit with the collar turned up and
a slouch hat running from the hall
way of No 7CO uhllu the tenants of
No 776 lIr tlulaklns Fro The
nan bd run down Myrtle avenue they
said and turned the corner Into Noi
trand avenue The pollco are looking
for him
Taw thirty Ores sot within even days
ham all been of slmllir character to
tho two started In Mvrtlo avenue last
night and ulwajs they have been
started In crowded double decker tene
ments Flro Marshal Ilcera renamed
bl Investigation last nIght
Liner linn Tlirouuli Sine Viirlo I
ties of Urnllicr
Faeeeng era arriving today from Oln
tow mi the Anchor liner California re
ported thai the hip ran Into about ulna
e arate varletltH of weather liit
Thursday and IMday I
First then was a for then rain then
e 1 eat mil then In onlcr now hill
more rain untliljn lots of rain fog
minis and freosliiR tPiniwriture so t1t
the liP had more toe hanging to hr
whop she iem < lcil Siml Hook than on
any trip duriajr the winter I
IN 20000JE1EL
Former Servant of Mrs David
Pierce Morgan Caught
In London
Claude Herrtier formerly A second
butler In the employ of Mrs DavId
Pierce Morgitn of Xo iO Park avenue
53s today arrested in London Eng
land on a iarfo of having Rtolfn be
tween SITOOU and JMjnO worth of dIe
monde and other gems from the Mor
gan homo on March S this year
SWnlSlOl Yurd detectives took llerl
her Into custody at the request of the
New York polluo and he was held
without ball In the How Street Court
to await evtra < lltlon papas A num
ber of loose diamonds vseru found In
his possBslon but llorlher refused to
answer the uuiutlont of Ute Hrltish
lino robbery at the Morgan residence
occurred at an hour when the eritntd
had free access to all rooms of the
house Aa soon a l the theft was dis
coveru l th a gull communicated with
Inspector McCaffert of the Ddte
ive Bureau and Licuts Brown and
O were assUned to the case
in erv ant were n > umUcd and the
robbery was modw known bx the do
ii tAca It wa suggested that a Ken
I IJ jiiich of their parsons and qua I
I tune In nude luau their lesjionio was
ununjmu I
I v Louis XVI lima of diamonds was
lummc the stolen lewelry and the loot
I Included cold antliiiiei loor illaniuiids i
and gems vhlun Mrs totsin had col I
lected while tourlnc the world
I Hlllul disappeared a fen Ins after
th r uier > and the nnllee sent out a
I cuncril alarm for hH arrest The iO
lIce of all fonlBit nipltiil were notllled
and 110 eiond butUr olino raph WlS
Ind ogtnilltG
dl trltiuted In Iarls London and Omo I
i ova Switzerland His arrest today fol I
Mi Mora 10 the widow of the
i hanker who was also prominent In rho
affairs of the Sucur Trust Situ Is well
known In society of this city nnd Lon
Ion rornflluH Tollov fs hr > r brother
After Once Tasting
no one wants an oldfash
ioned cod liver oil prepara
tion or emulsion because
Vinol is a much better body
builder and strength creator
for old people weak children
and for colds I
coughs bron
ohitis etc If it does no good
we will return your money
RegeuiiudCo2c llruidmr2ll rl lion rath
f t and Till VeliMli st sod I el1 < lx Ave Fltnh
I ant M twiuili St Tiiil iniitrnliin 4sw I
Inlet M anil llrnailmir M4 Fulton st llronklyn
Time Dullilinit 4J M and llroailoar IIrIlJ < ray
and llleiclijr st
Itlkirn Drue storenfth te inilrvl 1t rnrn > t I
IlriMilnir an lltli st pntlnh si opp Wnlilorf
AMurlii iitrner tub st and Srrculhlee
In llnxirflrii Klker8 Iiruir Stores 4Wi Filling
htJH Hilton SIra utbuin Af 547 > iiinnrr
Ave r7 Columbla St
Kllloo II rill Store lrblh
11 and ntli Ave llnmil nr
Hiiil Kith sr ajtli St and Sih
1 Itmainftnn loan M Ave
Cl I nllllllh tre1 K CZd St tj I
Mud nt nil < lrtic Inroo I
U IHTO lld5lineand iIJIa
llitv sign la d15riaye4 e
Ertflll llfAw
i 2 OO New Walters Pianos
I in a Sale at Half Value
900 Walters X
Mastertone Player e I ynnl t
i Piano Outfits
i r
25 Dawn and 10 a Month
I Finest player piano made
with 12 rolls of music music
cabinet to match and scarf For
this week you may procure the
entire outfit for X450
I 475 Waiters Excelsior 235 f650 Wallers Style F325
475 Hal ers Stye C240 703 Walters Colonial350 I
500 Walters tye L 20 7iO Wallers Vertical375 I
550 Waters Style D 260 800 Walters Premiere 400 I
600 Wallers Style K 300 1000 Waiters Baby Grand600 I
We Guarantee you n sM nJ of ffO per o lit In this greatoffer 1
besides the best piano investment you can make Price Includes stool and
cover I
All the newest and most perfect musical and artistic achievements are 1
incorporated in the peerless Walters Piano
Buying a piano with the name of Walters on it is as safe an in
vestment nt buy ing United State gold bonds
Every Walters Piano Is Guaranteed for a Term of 15 Years I
Pianos priced up to 300 may be paid lor on the easy terms of I
5 Down and 1 Per Week
f No Interest No Insurance No Extras Delivered on Payment of 5
Waiters Pianos Are Built to Last a Lifetime I
Their tone U rich beautiful and reionam their touch Is one of the main I
natuixa elliptic and 1SIl1Olvo The cases auv drniLI vone re l emiabanded all
Mho way through beautiful and original In design Unite Piano nil hold the
tone nhlrh t the h tiI mid reionoat host r than any other pl no In the I
rorld ntt rhr cant be
In fj t tho Uale > r < Ilinoa are tha he t ulanoi that an tw nf de I I
I m
FreeAn Extraordinary rt ° 11rc a ery during this of I I
ado we will present
I ere of chirxo a beautiful not stile rnu lo cabinet
RWnr01 Wh no PJrchUA a pljno unUM It bean a prominent maker mro I
notann ut Un
cturtalcoet bearhI5 +
ctur hI5 u1uu uponmkplano
II Iomlhln n innufcturi U itfaJj ti ut lU n > u1l upon a piano the n
tl I wronjc with It
Walters The cam Walter on a piano tandi for the vary blrh and ti t irai
Caution Dont buy a oealld lIrhtused or secondhand piano at any
I liar jor It will 5on becom worthltM
Exchange fur old b1eno for a btauttful nue Walt and pay any blaac at
M iBe rnttt of 11 per week Warcrooutt ad Moor
Upon reQUMt a rrprMentaUrt will call
H 2Joumlto BLOOM1NGDALES JS8 tfffi I
Gives in on All Demands So
Italian Fleet Will Now
Remain at Home
HOME April 20 Turkey has ceded to
the Italian doniond for Italian post
ofllce In Turkish territory in order to
avoId a naval Uniotihtrntlnn In her
Turkey has coniniunlcdtivl ollltiill to
the italian Uo vrmntnl Hint It dues not
object to Ilnlj cslivblKliltiit foil cillln1
In HIP Tiuklli clues sinew tin ntmr
IIUMMS IIIIM III liulltlltlitiK urthir
more Ilur Iniii linn iiriclliin r m
JttinnlPdRf HIP outer Hull ill hllr in
Iliu tnttUi nf tlif right of Itnllnt fr
I to iitirclutwi1 lirntrt on 1titi4iI r
i rllnr and u lth riKiid to riun mul
grit Ion
I Js M nsult nC tliix ronrn l ins tin1
I Italian lotpi iiinctit luis Issued nl < > rx to
IMo litpI thai errs ilxMit to ilMirl fir
futtcev to tpinihi In Italian WiIR laid
I Iii > IncliUnt Is retarded as cited
LONDON April JA desjutch ri
I tilvil hero ftoiti Home SIMS orders
f have been Issne1 countcrm unlln0 tin
nillnit of an Italian xjuailron o Turk
ish n tiers for the purpose of coercing
the Suitnn Into granting itih corlaln
poi al prh IliVex In Turkish iiiruury
The TurklNh Ambusaador M Itoint1
lou < tplm JlechM gave Foreign Minis
irr Tlttonl satisfactory Bllrancus tnt
Italy would he unorded he same
treatment Mlth Vinl to tie tonlr s
Its that enjoyed l > j the other powers
The Foreign Minlstet IMIKHSLI Its
sitlsfaction at this titlltalile Sillle
nient and tnoritipon couni > rniaiided
the ordcts for the naval iluuonaua
An < 1
6t BA JjI1U 11 5 8th
LcL SIT h I JJ r r Y 1TL J2
1 r I 111 i J WR IT E
Ibi I
j d I Kr f UWIlr if Z l l1fE LlilO FOR UP i jj
° jiy
u i = n = tr y J
J p Itnntn We Are Here to Please You I 4 lIoom
13 Illrnhlrl I IIArlllpnl
t CUIcts Draperies etc lef a
I 4 11i nlhrI LIBE12AL CREDIT TERMS 5 1tlrnhled 1111I0
6998 S5UUO worth5OlrUown 100 Weekly 14975
I r 75UO 750 150 aa
I IIIrnlh Itnnn rd IU0o0 1000 200 Lpurt t I
IIIpr Anunnds III truporllon F nrndhdlnr
8998 Stir tn 111 1rnngtpb nleu hl Nrw Irrsn 1200
Lnug Llnnd nd CIIIIIllolil
I help Read WorldSltuatfon Wants foi competent Office and Household I
n 0
< lJI 3ff < 3
h tnlArOll Ul
r 0 n 00
i I Great 5DaySaleofsedPiano
FOR each day a remarkable list of bargains in Pianos that have come
to us in exchange for nevall good instruments and embracing many
famous makes We mention the original cost on each Piano to make i
perfectly plain the extraordinary economical importance of this sale
ToMorrows List The extrel1 r 1 low
Salo Vlica ht n r 11r a tfr r f extremely prices
price t u are made even more attrac
1 95 500
Stciinvay s rr
1 Stack 95 450 tive by our offer of unusually
1 Biddle 95 800 rtrn favorable terms I
1 Wagner 95 Saoo ° 0r u = 1
1 Mason Hamlin 125 400 r 5 down
1 Herbert 125 Sauo
l and
1 Pease 115 IaU j an
1 Chickering 125 500 1 grrgf6b 1i 1 week
1 Jacob Bros 145 S3J0
1 Kranich Bach 215 ti 500
= on any piano costing 150
Knabe 275
1 nl e r 000
1 Kimball 195 400 Any of these Piano may he re and less and proportionate
1 Milton 200 535o turned within a year and amount paid easy terms on higher priced
applied on payment fur new instru t
All Uprights Also 37 others ment instruments
For Wednesday For Thursday For Friday For Saturday
April 22d April 23rd April 24th April 25th
51a When Sate tvtWn Hllft Vhrn Halo Wicn
prlrj new Sire nW pPalece nw p rlcn ni w
85 50U 1 P I oi 1 Vhoploik 05 CiO
1 3 0 I Fischer 05 100 I inblor 805 glen
I NVedliam S95 350 1 Sherwood S05 iH0 I Monrrrh S05 JWI I Ifg s S05 g310
1 Hall 595 300 I Fifth Avenue1 1 1
seune SOS Hiildlo S125 on
I Koliloi JIHS S100 330
1 Llghte S95 J30 1 Diiniihiut 1JO Jiniu i n
S95 3310 alIIlolrnstroll1 sum 512 1
I lirndhiny 115 r
1 Knorr 95 53UO 1 Whitney S100 301 1 Colby 8115 3300 53
1 Wcser S95 c30U 1 Kranich t Inch R125 100 1 rohnlncc S150 SI oo I Lelil tlt 125 > 33x0
ooo I ItI11i1g S135
Monarch S115 SVU 1 Chlckeriug 115 35p 1 Shuninger 810 50 Ct h u jro
I llnnlnian S145
1 Krakauer SluO 400 1 Weber 150 fi I Pease S175 snu 1 Vhslp SI 45 u gl0n
1 Vote 5150 30 1 Waters SI 50 g3a 1 SohnuT SITS siro t Vtkprt CIAO
rischer 175 1 Wolior S135 M
1 Bailey S175 100 1 3175 W svn r
I I dter SI 05
1 Sterling 5195 375 1 Win Son S185 3351 Stflnvay S105 Sino u n u 0 00
1 Duplex
I DP Ulvas S195 123 IKS Howard 5200 S1tn 1 Is I 200 Jinn 5IOU
1 Schencke 200 J325 1 Steinway 5205 ICOO 1 Milton 9S25 3i > bticd IA new I piano and oran tnni
And 42 othersall Uprights Also 11 othersall Uprlhts And 30 others all Uprights Also 111 othersall lfprlhts
We Also Offer Several Piano Players Including
1 Pianola lile new 100 f I Bailey InteriorPlayer lmnr 350
1 Angelas like new 100 Special i I Scminmi Interior Ilayer Piano 475
I Cecilmn like new 100 II Cecil an Intriiorllnyer Piano tf 450
With one of them nliined to your Piano you eRn play any music Aires inblninitiits me all IKo lion 1 IIP KTMS la 209 to 100
C I 0 e f
BIEiFI3 cL i
xr fr
+ r a
t ar 1 t 5 l r s dsro I
pymkWi f ba r Zlm
c vty a t4 ° ttu x r n i sa rp rt ieidT
f 1i 1 411Id
ytr o yttik + pa + s f H d fi 1 lu sf r t 4 B
r 3 a9 if w yria eirl ± qt td Lf iS1 t i A r t ivZ r ry
is L 4 r + r w I w x s aA tl S I i I t t wt f
f Ott + + i cf wiS
x t ° y q f 1rG t N7 a + wi 1 r t
eY 2
4 t
p 4s i tk a
r e r
7 f 1 v + lr 11
r j tJ
Yi ltqalrr rxnarrt c t rf aerY °
Music bij Arrangement withHWitmark A Sons I
Double HSH Green Trad
i ing Stamps 1 ill 12oclock j
I s Single Stamps After o
° ° 12 oclock
neernc ncrotiKrAiN
nccrloalwrrnarw m tlltr orr
Also an Exceptionally Big
List of Great and Timely
Underprice Specials
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Mln Moor Iron
10ca Yard Batiste at 5c
hlll Floor I roni
15ca Yard Percales 36 inches wide at 5c
Main floor hroni
25ca Yard Serge Suiting Plaids at 94c
I hln Hour I roin
15ca Yard French Linen Finish Crash
at 9 4c
tn Floor From
1Bca Yard Foulardines Choice Printings
at 9 Ac
llln Floor front
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Childrens 150 Shoes and Oxfords 98c
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Good 25c Corset Covers
a Tuesday
ht c
is only one of the
many great values in
the Womens Under
Muslin store for tomorrow Y
An exceptionally fine lot of well +
made and good quality cambric I 1
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bon and pearl buttons We have
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covers at a quarter
each but we make
them a feature to 15 C + t
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eo a M

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