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Rob Canal Street Jeweller
Next Door to New De
tective Branch
Frightened by Phone Bell
They Leave Victim Gagged
and Bound
A burglary with nil the Kureenough
melodramatic trlinmlnpri WT reported
from the polishing And plating estab
lishment of Nitlian Jlelkln on the
iirth floor of No 79 Carml street to
day Mr M lkln who Is tneityMx
and the father of a family could still
how the mark today where the
threo burglar had bound and Ragged
him before they undertook to loot his
chop of ltv worth of Jewelry sil
verware and odds and ends
The robbery occurred at 7 oclock last
evening wrun ther should he many
stirring In the new < let rtle branch
oJllio at No 17 Alien street This Is
next door to tin place the desperate
< rlo of robbers entered
Tied Him Fast
l All tin workmen employed In the
place hid gone some before 7 nnd
voting Mi > MM nd Just dlmlsd a
bop who had 1agcei with him over
the cost of platlne i 1 chain when the
robbers entered They came irouzh
t he door unw b j one and vv iii a
t ance about he ship convinced them
that they tad only ore man to con
tend with the tan upon him with I
revnvor fled knhei In their bends i
Thej preeI Mm ff nn 10 nn temple
ard the knha to my throat call Mel I
kill today + o tint I diied not even i
err out Thin two of lliini hound me
end gagged tine anil tied me I + t lo ai
lathe I
Afrr hrr h1 tin mo to tho Inn
they went to L o are which I tad eo I
> tt locked and Inm It they t K all j
the jewlr mil llirwat t i vvn +
They left hnwevcr a piece of pjilnun j
worth III It juibiMv UoUoJ lilu a I
worthier pie ur tin to tlem
Phcne Dell Scared Them
V bile they were doing tie QuT tp
In bin tho le phone bell In he snap
foKin to ring It rn and rang and
rang and this made lea feel nervous I
I guess for H Octn is they could tie
IMI their bag they t Vd d i wn the tabs i
It wa one of 11 > Iue mars Joseph
Cohen of No 17 II dride street who I
teas rlmilni mu up and Im in puy i
glad lie did It fin I think they would
hale taken everything ha wnn t
aft 1111 down If eemethug han t die
tubd them
While they were parking tis sjff
up I dttlnt dire move Even when 1
lfrhed one of them nuuld roar nrrr
and slick a pun li nj fie r pie
me In the neck with T Knife 1 w is rx
perlinc r i be muM rid any minute
1 wV ed some Etas while ifer trey
had gone before I began to stniTKl to
tree mywJr 1 guess I was an hour I
julnnlnjf and wriggling to get myself i
free from the lathe and when I did I
went down to the store of Rablnuwltz
Brothers A Kaplan on the ground floor
Vouch for His Story
They can tell you that I was bound
all right tor you would think from
the way these detecthej talk that I I
Invented the Whole thing
The nablnowltz brothers 1 of
vouched for fho truth of the voting
mans statement When he staggered
Into their place there were deep welts
In the flesh where his bond had nunk
and there were still bonds on his
wrists which they had to cut free
In the new Allen street detective
branch next door to where the robber
occurred Inquiries concerning the event
are greeted with snarls
Gov Hughes Signs Bill That
Stops Manipulation by
Wall Street
Special to The Evening World
ATHANY April 9 Gov Hughe put
his fllgnuture today to one of the most
Important of the bank reform bill
framed < l bv Supt of Hanks Clark Wli
llams Tho act alms to prevent reck
Irss loans and the manpulatlon of
banks by Wall street opeculat rs The
message reduces the mAximum of any
secured lean made by a bank or trust
companv In Manhattan from 40 cer cent
to 25 per cent of the capital and sur
plus prohibits any underwritten loan
unless the underwriter hall have cal < 1
on account of the purchase of the se
curities collateral to the loan an
nm imt In cnsa ciua to at least Cb tar
I tent of his ublUuion
I The bill further prohibits a loan of
this character wren In term excteu
ithe period i > f one year and limits the
amount of iucli loan to a per cent of
the capital and iutplu prohibit luan >
i ulna eroiid mortgages If the nmuunt
of the IIrt atJ eerond mortgages ex
ceeds tnotnird of the value of the
I prop < ru or If the first mortgage ex
CEEd ten per rent uf the capital ana
surpltto nf the bank or trust companies
111111nt the loan limits the aggregate
rEal estate loun for banks in Man in
in to li per cent of the total assets
and to 23 per tent n other places It
ilin ro ilHtR the depositing of fund
a lank o trust rompnnv In another
Institution unless rei gtntel by a ma
Jul 5 or the d rocnrs txPluUc of an
uir or win Is IP utllcer rector n
ti iiten or tle depositor i < o designated
sad pro0lblts bulMInu find linn nsio
nilnn siTi doing n second mort
Cnre I1nll1e
7 s rko tr VerjJs r
f Prninun d near Kin 1
i A erfume which con
centrates in a single drop
the delicate fragrance of
an old French garden
h lolrtte KerkuT poaeeae
thr true llolrt fragrance
Kerljr11 irra xrlU U nen
Ills season
For Stir I rerv here
r w
t i g7 r IJII
I f ik 1 = t I NI
w fi
e f I
lr t2 I I
SVcik and healthy kidneys arc responsible for more sick
ness and Icrinsj than any other disease therefore when
through neglect or otncr causes kidney trouble is permitted to
I continue arnout remits are sure to follow
I Your otner organs may need ehtlonbut your kidneys I
I most because they do mos and mould have attention first
If you arc sick or feel badly beiln taking Dr Kilmers
StyampKoor the nrcat kidney liver and bladder remedy because
as Don as your kidneys begin to get better they will help all the
other organ to hcaltn j
Prevalency of Kidney Dlaeaae brickdust or sediment In the urine I
Most people do not realize the alarm headache backache lame back dizziness
ing Increase and remarkable prevalency poor digestion sleeplessness nervous
of kidney disease While kidney disorders ness heart disturbance due to bad kid
orders are the most common diseases ney trouble skin eruptions from bad
that prevail they are almost the last blood neuralgia rheumatism lumbago
recosnieii by patient or physicians bloating Irritability wornout feeling
trio uintint lhclII lIlt irttlt IllwluIIf lack of ambition may be loss of flesh1
the cffuti while she oiiylnul ilmiaii snow complexion or Brights disease
undermines the system may be stealing upon you which Is the
The mild and immediate effect of worst form of kidney trouble
SwampRoot the great kidney liver And SwampRoot Is Pleasant to Take i
bladder remedy is soon realized It
If convinced that
you are already
t stands the highest for its remarkable
SwampRoot Is what you need you can
cures In the most distressing cases
purchase the regular fiftycent and one
Symptoms of Kidney Trouble dollar size bottles at all drug stores
impRoot is not recommended for Dont make any mistake but remember
everything but if you are obliged to the name Dr Kilmers SwampRoot and
pass your water frequently night and the address Binghamton N Y M which
day smarting or irritation in passing you will find on every bottle
If You Need a Medicine You Should Have the Beat
SwampRoot is always kept up to its high standard of purity and excellence
A sworn certificate of purity with every bottle
Sample Cottle FreeTo prove the wonderful merits of SwampRoot your
may have a s erie bottle and a book of valuable Information both sent abso
lutely free by mail The book contains many of the thousands of letters re
ceived from men and women who found SwampRoot to be Just the remedy they
needed The value of SwampRoot Is so wellknown that readers are advised to
send for a sample bottle Address Dr Kilmer St Co Binghamton N Y be sure I
to Ui you read this generous offer In the New York Evening World
iIals vwvsa
Victor Talking Machines and Edison Phonographs on Weekly Payments of 1 L
= =
Seeds Bulbs Plants Double r NO CONNEICTiOH >
Garden w ANY OTHER STORE Double Airninnn Window Shades
Sods Fveru I
I SliJ and ther
Covers f
ihnig HOII need for Stamps e IFm Stamps i
S Summer jeda 1
Lawn or Garden at Special EL O R o J
Jill i Ii
Prices S P Till at 1 oiccst Prices in New l
Now 1
fourth floor 12 oClock l SIXTH AVC S JBGREENMUT PQES HEW YORK 12 0 clock I Third York rloor Center
wat wir c rJ p f Knttraker 5tar
Nearly 5000 New Suits for Men and Youths r from the liiest Knou ii Maker in the United States
Suits That Sell Today in Lradina Specialty lothing Stores at 20 25 and 30 Here atONE
s P 12 85 ° as
IF we could print the NE very important
name of the tailor ONE of the offer is
ing concern that that the variety presented is
m ode this clothing there would be J
i so wonderfully comprehensive It is
something resembling an earthquake 1 I + il l no offering of broken lots and odds
I in the clothing trade That is one of I i 1 d and ends It includes every correct and
the reasons why we were obliged to 1 i t Jh popular model designed this season and a I
promise that we would not it But
print s really superb assortment of the handsome
the label of the firm is in every coat and I and unusual patterns which are
we have not promised that you shall not I found only in the shops of generally
r z I i custom tailors
look at it g I t There
I are suits for
or elderly men middleaged
f When see the name will under I
you you 1 4 0 men men and
l young youthsplain blue and
stand why we do not think it necessary to i brown fabrics for the
t quiet tastes neat and
give any extend description of the suits It z i f f I J t fectivc stripes and plaids for business ef
s one of the two or three names in the clothing I striking effects in wear and
y plenty the
business that are familiar to the general public J = l l I t who like them young men
as a guarantee of the finest clothing possible i There
to make I he duplicates of the suits we 2 f I I l I are more than 1500 suits in shades
of brown alonethe ets
1 k the shades and
shall show you tomorrow at 1285 form the r patterns that
J i i li dont
you often sec in
highestpriced lines of thelhighestpriced readytowear clothing
t t > There are more than 1000 suits in the
cialty clothing stores in every large city of and spring
I summer grayssolid colors plaids and
this country and are marked today 20 25 p
v I hairline
and w3 I
3This 1 I Plenty of blue f
This is the biggest purchase and I e serge
the most unusual offer that we have 1 + I Y black vicuna and thibet All sizes of
made in clothing lines for many j 1 course The clothiers who are today
years So far as our recollection 1 selling these same suits at 20 to 30
paid more for them at wholesale
goes the price is the lowest for f
f than our retail price
which suits of this make >
have Choice of the en
ever been ad f
85 vertised Choice of 1 tirj assortment at 1285
the entire assortment
rl2 at 1285 i + J
A Fine Showing of Womens Tailored Shirts and Waists
THI steady increase in the popularity of the tailormade shirt waist has obliged us to devote an entire section of the
w Ri Womens Waist Store to its showing It is to this section you must come if you desire the largest choice offered in
T New York Good value is invariably giventhe good values that have made tt is the largest waist store in the United
State Special values belter even than our own averaJeare
plentiful 1 1 25 15O and 195
s p nt Here are some scheduled for tomorrows selling > > 1 an
Womens White WaisU uith black hairline Wont ns len lle mil Madras Shirtsthe white
j stripe others with colored novelty strips I A Special Display of I percale waist with Iwotone novelty colored a
effective openfront longsleeve models Tailored Waists in Exclusive stripes is a smart sideplaited openfront long
I sleeve model with white laundered collar and
finished with a laundered collar with front Styles I laundered cutis of self material the madras shirt
plate ornamented with large pearl g 1 lineWe liked the styles and the making of this I is made of Imported white mercerized madras with
I buttons special values at L line of waists so much that we secured th colored hairline stripes a very snappy sideplaited
I exclusive right to its New York selling model finished with a white laundered collar and
Womcns Black Sateen Waists several eclf colored laundered cuffs euraordl ff
ti It has a snap and novclta distinctive jfi 1 50
xr1 I Ill I desirable longsleeve openfront models pleasing custommade appearance ihat make nary values at JL JU
i I I + other Iront of one side plaited and tucked the it one of the hestsellmu lines we have ever I Udinins While Madras and Corded Lawn Waists 1
I I tl patch pocket is n chic special Gibson values model with 11 had the pleasure of showing I 1 irndras Will t as illustrated made impelled
hki at There are nin st > les in the line one as i Iiglly meiccmcd figured madras front side plaited
I illustrated made from and colored and cluster front and shoulders
tt Womens Waists of imported silk finished cline an < > 2 > tir tucked plait are
mudra white ground with stripe lawns and white cross tar Swiss inns 11 beaded In ished with a colored laundered collar
dot and Roman While details differ in each bU luall are made shirt si LVCS and white laundered tuffs the whit
stripes in a beautiful collection
lection of coloiinss entire front of oils with a choice of lulllength or three quartcr corded lawn model has mercerized madras stripe 1
iy I inch graduated side plaits shirt sleeves sleeve with laundered collar and laundered which gives it a very lustrous effect made with i
t cuffs and laundered collar a gauntlet ftffs Prices arc liuuu led side plaits and finishci with a colored j l
waist that
I i i 150 195 and S250 laundered collar shirt sleeves and Yr it
you would expect to pay 2 95 gf a t a I
1 1 t lor special values at 51 5 I I values lauruccd white cuffs exceptional S l 95 ml f
S elf ln Cr 1 11 C n I ener1 a
ttydQgradQ RS61 Have You Seen the Hodgman Ra nor Travel Coat Tyaerade
DECIDEDLY the best thing in a lightweight waterproof coat we They arc shown only at this store in a choice of three stylish + u
have yet seen It is made in the Hodgmun way from a craveneited models copies ot the nicestpriced silk coats No woman can see them
vAptlralns Hydegrade fabric being therefore as handsome as silk and more Without instant appreciation of h rwnev
HO Oalw u AN durable as stylish as a coat can be light as a gossamc + but a perfect I their and their beauty low price their serviceability They sell at v 7 Cft SO 7K < and SI ± 75 HODGMAN
sswvs a protection and rainproof spotproof and dustproof I wrwtvas
gist 1 Coopr Store Second Moor Center
Bags Suit Cases and Get Your Share of the Good Things the Sewing Fountain Machines and Victory
Steamer Rugs Ihe lUay Festival Grocery Sale Continues Thursday Down
THE savings possible on these articles range from SOcto Fresh Butter Fresh Biscuits Pancake Flour 1 1 and
155 But thats not allthe Roods are the kind that rountiln quilli cant cret ucry I has > I Butler thin treani ten toll medal dllO Cos prerarcd se rlslnt miket l I 1 a Veek
youd select for their excellent appearance finish dellclouk near Crass Ilivor ic oJaas oclcc fur tr + hem or z le I dclcloua breakfast ciket 0 pick 1 C 1t
l > e5 r + i ll it ao I rnul tick regular prk fl IS Thufdav iei3fccret lOepackaj e I 1
and thorough workmanship even at their former prices i doiHic u packates lie regale 7r lit Ab
ICc raekrje
The reductions remember are from our own regular Kom Flakes I extra
otn Hazel Bacon
prices which were the lowest in town for like qualities r charges
Fresh lomej corn Iaierder O I hC The f noi s hNGLISII style dry sugar
2 Uc 1 c Vanilla Wafers cuTime fte tes hatcvcr
Black Walrus rickif a a ers cureu nice firm pieces streaked wait i
lings Oxford
style bronze lock and catches round rrnham biscuit oyster crick > alto I can and ut this grids la sold In many r
handle leather lined sizes 14 15 10 17 18 regular HOthTII III TT HINi frsth ch rnd rmeters er Icrrnn snaps reE liar sloes ai ISc io22i a pound 11 ln We can
prce 650 reduced to jCK by DinUh Dilnmtn unJrr U b Goern prlceSSc eThurddol lie O ln Monday jpeclalprIce tlb A3
mem Pure Foot bupt + lon Sib art recular Scpackace J Jv I to
renthcrweiRht Suit Caaeamade eight drum USc I db print de 20c prove
best livered All I COFiri Msitl Coopers fAVORITE
quality Japanese cane WEET ORASOVi ancv Talitorn IA blend the best colic you < an buy ai this you that
leather capped corners straps PURL ° IdeSiIverCreu O4C veU box ISO ornte dado 95 hat i35c price eel n crouml or I011 22c
and buckles linen lined regular brand Ne06pII box 75 oran e 2IOde lLIi lbSI1I55Ib51lb these
price J450 reduced CLEANING IOttDCR = Swifts Pride MISSIS IBvuVS hr sht h h tAdtlNA RICL fanciest uholeVHr machines are the equal of
I rn G In 350 Nifhthi Clcincr dot SIC rciuiir 7c lulc Irult do 5 IN 1 1 htlll Ib RICEICnnr J Wl
= = = lOcbot J c the seining
= end
highest pticeJ
2 = 7 SiLlf illIIUIFLUUkIln quality best
= Kcrctol Suit C acesExtra deep YELLOW SPLIT ifcAb coh tren OIOSS STARCPIId bran rl Inns pitni nou iied m reference lo machines on the nur k et
c t pen Impor ed tajo prt ml kicner tt n laMincImeriu tl Dhn brand bbl riO h bb
tuo all a1c Isler I nn o hwoin a yoticr j Up
7 = straps around case bCloIObtJ5 Sb Jlt C OiJU 1 ue
I T = com > bo4H < o3aron ° i 15 e rb afc Why pay nearly tv our
= if fortable handle good brass lock SAhJ LL lLAi a ion ligioin Mud
r EnilUh Urcikliil Uunpo + Jr hy e < OlRI G 5tAiS fzslCocf s i UlinUN Ll MILi I nestlm 4Sc prices when you can Ret iio
I III steel frame shirt fold in 00al pren 1k 24c derwr dn d rol poneJ IomUs 1 Ibi
top wnarJaptnalb + llIb terwrarrer an tcoiira 25c I rOI <
I I II I I r I J Jill I I III regular price 250 el Uhcs 25 tars Sli f ri 5e rur ie COHr STRCIIiOinia n quillt maiea better machines I
I 1 I I IL h 14 reduced to 195 I t CARPET CLEAN iRHr ti II scap lor strrlor putting i lacxaces 45c Qn IriiesareSU lt > > 01750
iMixed lea
IIi 1 cleaning ruca carom etc fi bars I 1lb puckiie 0
I I 1ft Leather Suit Cnses Extra 70c 2 tars iC IKlbll UAlttLAL 11amnaDee 9 JID SLO 75 nt I LJ r 5
I i4 I J I j deep Includmc horn a Ooon t Dill h n < sr If
two sttapsall around case heavy llro + liutLcinanJ all AOc frcen or IRENCH OLIVL OlF main quality cai + li
leatherpretectedcornere strong lock and large handle made back varlcilct S Ib cad jl 03 1Uc trlrle ciarl led rsckeJ ai VarelHr IILMLh J PAUVtrta fA > CUll
roomy with shirt fold regular price 5 reduced very dlba lllb hance can 3 o Sill and s1 IOc lany me nica breakiati cheese or Uc Victorv DropIlead s
gn oe i ilk 0 picne iv r + ktl
to l > j9o Tlis utarl o lvir iil nil lheat
Steamer Hups bright plaid styles of fine quality woolen yarns Golden Santos Coffee Queen Olives Santa Clara 1 rune stari 1 Ul tlm 011 > in r Ise liu v older > old
large assortment of color combinations regular price Tre h from the rower bein eround rpi main qualilj large bnchl crir f oral rmmt n r p tee 1M
I 01
850 reduced to ipb25 or POWDER 7 Ibt Jl toe 8 bottles Silo retJlar S 1ge I true in ib ni o < > JC IICC
Slecel Coopir More Main Moor trout > Ib belt e < iel CUi cr Thd I leer Cn
bleiel i oocer r io rt r e
Ask for liS H Green Trading Stamps We Give Them

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