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1t 117J r
f +
w Fourth Bishop of New York Also Ex
tended Catholic Church Work and
Protected Its Property From I
Native American Raiders
Morning At 10 oclock solemn vontlflral requiem mass for the < 1 P
ceased Bishops and priests of the diocese at the Cathedral Ololiran
Right Rev Tchn J OConnor D D Bishop of ownrk
Evening At S ocloM a reception at the Catholic Club to the MM
Ing prelates at the club house No 120 Central Park South Addresses
by three members of the club and two prraps
1 6
Catholic Church History in New York I
Written Especially for The Evening World I
UTirii n iv
HERE was considerable speculation
L11111 II amone New York Catholics on the
t Rt Rev John Hughes in the year
1 t 1810 In particular the stubborn
trustees regarded him with interest
They had beaten two Bishops and
probably felt no doubts about their
ability to defeat a score of them
j The editor of the New York
Herald of that date a quasi
Catholic named James Gordon
U Bennett undertook to voice their
displeasure at the appointment of
DiN1ULOOUf Dr Hughes and referred frequnt
ly to the gardeners position once held by the Bishop Alien a student ex
pressing the hope that the Bishop would not expect because of his abil
ity to raise cabbages a like ability to rule the Catholics of New York
Unfortunately for Mr Bennett in this case the ability to rule was
the strong feature of Dr Hughess character He ruled with a strong
Facing revolt within the Church and assaults from Native Ameri
canism without he did not lose a minute in snuffing out one and repress
ing the other in the most summary fashion He had great ability and
charm as a speaker and by persuasion alone he ousted some trustees
frightened others off drove a few into bankruptcy and bought in their
church properties and then got the Albany Legislature to pass a law I
which extinguished the trustee system forever In its place came the
present method of tenure by which two parishioners the resident pastor
the Bishop of the diocese and his vicargeneral constitute the Board of
Trustees for each church
i He and James Gordon Bennett fought out their differences in the i
morning journals and while always enemies came to have a better orin
ion of each other
The Native Amercan took charge of
Philadelphia In 1S4I and numeI tevcrnl
churches helonsinK TO tho Catholics be
fore the civil authorities could so out
the militIa DMIchtpd with tier iio
cess a large party of thorn cam over
to New York to parade to stir up pa
triotic feelinKs In tho metropolis and
perhaps to burn more churches
yIfl1 Churches With JJMI i l 1m
The Now York an 10 MM h ltt
eeem to be alive to tV dangers of the
parade In spite of visit from III hop
UusUes and much irqln to take pre
cautions o Ihe llshop Irk tile 11111
ter Into his own hands He ent out
extras of his dlocejan paper ordrrliiR i
nil Catholics to stay nt home or at
least to keep away from tho piride
Then he filled the churches with armed
men to protoct the nropertv In ci ° f or
attack and finally he wnno1 the I
Mayor that the first attack on Catholic
property or persons would meet with n
proper reprisal Neither then nor lati
I was any property InJttijSJi JSjiuned 111
the city
Horace Crete > ln the Tribune tie
potinced the Maor for waiting to lia
warned and tlirati > ned by Illhoi
Ilimhex anti al whit the prolate tn
iJ claim tho honor or having protected
1 what the cit v could not piotoct
S The Philadelphia parade look rao
but rather quietly for tin news wnt
about that both tin pjlli o nil I he
srmed mianis In the churches were just
aehlns to nil the 1hlhdelphlans wth
holes and lead
Queer Incidents Illustrate the lenin tr
ot the time Irish Immigrants Innll i I
almost every otln day nt Cattle Jar
den and a inprir > pcrt on the pirl
of the tOuts wn u juk i quarrc
With the mare = ii I irlfii boy nni
whale tho life < n to tleni A fow
deaths refiiilied bit little was saLt or
thouKlil or ltlII
I Stcpped JFIbujc or immigrants
The sport wa cheoXel coincwhat In
P IlaylnR a trio on the touh John
Morrissey aiiil oth > r ylilllod ntlrs
were cnsaii > d to Tjltcr about the hks I
on the arrIval df ImmlgrantB and tu
< take u neluliburly hand In the 51ulJ > ln
matches 11 yirpisd the nnft an <
materially hilprd to end tho dan eroir
port J John Nou jcy nftcruanl bt >
A marvellous airship CIt htlol
will set < u t in New York in n
t endeavor < > Yl ile moon fo
full rrti J
f s Ncxi Sunday Finny Sid
nl11e n nrmhor of the UsMatnr
a very popular
man with nil c1Nses
liter on John leI wi n rfpro on
titlvo In Conurcss iv ere he IIRtlnd
on day to the Know
Vothln mr > nio
from Kentuckv workIn off a speech
which ronoctol untratlifiillv on t > e
Pop The orator taq one Kim Mar
shall John IClIj liMilur Toni Klly
Informed Marshall that he VMS II liar
causing n croat 5en itlcn for Inellnj
was thn III vogue nail It was exr < 1 p1
that Marshall nP impulMvc Southerner
voukl call out Ills antnpnnl the nv
lay TIll challnno nevi oanip Pan
Marshall went home and do j bolt
he next Congress John Kflly had 10
innulro of Tom why h3 brother nevr
HlallcnKed him
You SOC silil Tom casually Pmr
I had to KM into Corsrrfs anyhow and
Ills only chance was to cot In on the
Know othiiK ticket Then lie 1i t
moki rpechrs nsalnst tile 1op to
pleio iM oonstltuint lint he knw
he was lyln as well aa you did nnl is
vasnt going to hoot n dwwt ft Kiv
fIJI a crowd like that
Dr Ilusloi was a born ndmlnhlrto
unU a iibic man In iritlnnt Th wl
iaio of his people WaS no lkoter to lis
lifart than tile verar > o1 Ills count >
anil he ipoiU for one na readily as fl
the other
i It vas thought by ritilcnt PII
llat us a CntliulU prelate Ui Hiifcif
i iilKlit set t le tin iTinncc bvlnviii th
i United States anJ Mexico ui IlaInvlti
iln to KO to Mixko as nvjy eXlrUJt
dlnarj lie declined for yuol lOUIJns
i Ulw fibroid fci1 Lincoln
Tut lo cDiiUl nut dine later whe
Irosldeit llnejln ashed urn to g < > tr
i Kurope unolllclnlly anJ use hlJ inlluenc
I to stave oft tile threatened nsreemer
between the powers to put un end t
tho Will ibv cognizing tho onfeOoi
at y The cllvlHlon of tho ItepubMi Int
rival nations seemed to Hlsiop Hugir
i the Fililf t of calamities llo exertr
I hhn elf In public and private In beha
ur thu Federal Government anti Si
i clally ncropted the 1II1lnn to Krropi
There hi > vlsltid Xnpolon 111 und ii
u strom case befiro him In Koin h
l najunid tht Papa court of the utlmi
1 i vlctoiy of the North And on In n
turn homo 1m named Sfcrclirv Scvar
und the Irefidint l > oi i that they mu
hasten to mike fie liar dc < iv
Jealous and nvl ua Hurnpc would In
urveno to d troy the Hepuhllc
I Han jllenced revolt and frlgnir
lort exfrnal tnenucs Dr HIIKIII I
vitirt Ills cn rEle to thu ha I lii I rig u
nf aU dloofse rae jlrst need wa
ile i to look nftfr the iouirdt C
r iiunlriui purni into tne Slut
Xlt i r llisi > Conftollv nr Hlsoy U
i 3it e u11 pern lule pu S to Cjme C
to say Hi cast ni s nets far apd wc
ttirousli Anurui auJ Europt U uc
Fourth Catholic Bishop of New Yark Diocese P
Who Saw Napoleon as an Envoy From Lincoln I
t tp yjilt
4Z I i
4 4 I
tptee c 4Tc < i 4 WILL11r H
cq I q I
teA T I I I
that a man
a HiyInK in rhlladelphln
wlii fUlel anywhere else could rely on
an opening In New York
Vnlther dhall I go me lord paid a
wandorlns rltrRyman whom Uisnop
Kenriik had rejected If you turn mo
out wilt er slal I KO In inv oil age
Whither repeated the Ulshop In
fiitmate man RO Jo New York
Bishop RugtKS Got Results
Ape atl capacity were not questioned
In New York Hut the result was aston
lohlnK li hop Hughes filled th two
States of New York and New Jersey
with priests suMlcient to do the work
In 1517 ho formed the dioceses of Buf
falo and Albany and in 1STJ tho dio
ceses of Nennrk and Brooklyn conlln
Ins WniFclf to the district which now
forms the diocese of New York and
then ho had more priests In his district
than Dubois had In the two States
He founded For < 1hlln College and St
Josephs Seminary established the
church school system encourage the
Introduction of tho rellRlous communi
ties helped the Jaullsts to make their
foundation enmirased Sllllman IeJ to
found his Protectory for wild children
owned a diocesan Journal built Innner
able churches and finally planned and
started the great cathedral on Fifth
Ho died at the beginning ol 1CG1 too
soon to oe the comlns triumph of the
1nlon for which he had labored KO sin
cerely and Miffored 50 severely He WA
too far ahead of in time tn bo popular
ant ho waj dmncerlnc and harsh at
tlmen Hut hs Sfcutlve ability his
tremendous SIps his power In the
nation his fearl jne and hic nudaity I
made up for the lack of the gentle
fils Part In Draft Riots
He had a counterpart on a smaller
calo because thp other had not his op
portunity in te Rev Jeremiah um
mlnss the first pastor of P t Stephen
Dr Oummlns innite St Sic phene tu
fashionable chinch of lie time was
fond of tine ceremonies and music at
tended tho opera preached tirllMintl
celebrated tilt srMt feasts wit pn
dor and dominated every inn H dlf
iicrfd ofen nlh the Ar lnshnp who
had risen to this ilicnltv lu IVMI anl
calonally thwarted him But in the
iid Dr CummIngs had a eat a the
hblliop council as an adviw
tliiv tmit have settled their curly Jt
I fcrencen
Th last service which Dr Hucie
rendered to hLs people and ils count 1
war In the famous d ift riots nt iMl
whlcJi for a few day liiled New Von
with terror He spVro to ih on < w
from the balcony 01 lit roi Ion c nd
urced th > m to ac pt tin dn tneilre
as a humane effort 5 > > i h wa i
Ulcl > ly by ensacin liror irmle 115
nee Mi was atipluded and the npleil
thdrew to their hoinvs hilt tb eil
work was done hv hU tryrucl m
fe cierjy In private tn A tun h I
THiiple kept nt lHiie an 1 il n i 1111
In the riot I
Prfldom Lincoln vivii 1 1 i
to the POP for the Hsci i J
hit he dlel too son II tti > n
ilv one f fie rat 111 j f < 11
lucy and ho cri a ci nt A n I I
pte > s t whom tn o i i 1 i
1 > i i itlniile I
SO A P 3
Uont Buy Glasses As
H You Do Ribbons
Over a Counter
When vtu Ini eeslisses
by nerel > lrin on Jiilerenl I
liir inlii viii think you IHVL
I IniiiiJ ivliii ii think u rj
quire you invnrulMy jet I ut
t you slioulJ not have
You neej the help of a skilled
OCULIST and a thorough
capable OITICI A Nthe first
11 to examine and prescrilw the I
second to corrcrlly fill the pre
I scription Our prices are un
questionably the lowestwhen
C quality of work and services
C rendered are cunjered
i Slon Classes that ire vir > h sum
t S14 h5e tint are ITI si no
I j N 3
I i I NI a i i rTiUV
54 Letet 23rt St neAt Foimh Are
r 54 Weal 25th Sln r Lenox Ave
L M2 Columbus A vo 8lt U21 Su
489 FuhonStrco BROOKLYN
i jppoft AU Hain i Sitaui
i Cu new store at 76 Nassau Street
s 1 ne1 John Street opens next week
Gfi 7 f I
f t I
I 1 I
Wf1 1 t r + i 71 i Ii 1
o fJ N f 7 ft I
tJ <
> I jk 4 t7
S 4 > < c <
tNi I t5 U t W t U I
Secretary George M Duval
Victim of Heart Dise e
at a Meting
While occupying Ms station as jecre
tarv of Juppa Lodge No li > i r and A
M at No X > 0 Jornlemon street Brook
lyn last night George M Duval was
I suddenly stricken with heart tio be
and died In the arms of 01 Everett C
I Itrennand
Mr Liuvnl was as i rtar of
Orient Charter and a incmlwr Qt
Oimas us Commund rv and V1Ilh
TempI JIo was vxtyieven eard
old and Is survlvevl by i u i1 a
In and a daughter
Within I alf rn our after Mr I
vats dean no1 was re Ied at the
ode room Cat an Intimate friend
James Ham t iuid ded suJ only
from heart toue while at Us home I
No 5 Sou K jolt place Broekjn
Mr llii v was s X eici ta
i i unl al eon n lurk In tie TH
litTle a n Miijn fe ia > exrMeei
i > IT WHS 1 emhr of tie iose
r 0 le Post G A 11
I NeIv4jj
1I6 4 0 J0
Piano Dept i Fourth 3 Foor7
10 Minutes to Holioken by Hudson Tunnel
Our Milton Piano Club
r is attracting a great deal of
= = fleservid attention Tim Piano > S350 Milton
i invoved are just such initru Upright Pianos
= inents us we arc proud to sell I
l F J on
v r which I
7 The beautiful tom quality
Club Plan
im rtsscs you at once is suitably
i housed in rich cases of nmhugnny or
t 1 Injjlish oik The Milton is a fine
L iiano in eviiy sense of tht vorl
t a 21 5
¼ 51 Milton Ipri ht fully guaran A
teed for 10 ml Ssili in this Club
puyabe if deired 1
10 Down and 150 a Week 1
A lev Used Pianos came to us this week Iii exchangeperhaps
a L A you will be cstedthcYre great values 1
I ShoniiiRcr IpriRht rl ff 1 Tease Upright S175 Vim UprIght 175 I Ian
1OU 1pn J tow ami eonlltl n f ozo fine fonilltlonl
i3r sZ fir nl in
inrsc c
1 Hartman pright 155 I 1 Chicltcrin Upright 185
Tt I
i I 1fl lit
tro J torui
t rr > CJ4CA 3 Snp Cl8 ale For xa Friday Sixth 11 < ir and Trl aiO Saturday thfNrn
t urcd Hams Hoyal Sample Teas
Butter SuSar Importers sum
Lxtra Creamery
Brawl churned irsh t tlla rt Urund I S Impe led
Hay al Stuart 1 rI csjvnrtli from iOe to lo Ib
ilul from loin wcfl JcrCy crca u mild ten Icr sweet hams sold
sale i 111 stciir sill clal fur this ale 5 lbs
cllIl ion this >
sj e regularly lit Kic
re g U a y
rroik ll > l Mill stonePik 33 C special Ib Ii4C tflfO 1 Ih 23C
Dili1 II print
ililitOIU 11111il > HAM nil Dry h U i E T
torrri 0 > oinj D I niiioiAiii I 111I14111 I
IKIAI niNMit Ml rguIfl UK Jflr i hlppfil then rnld rtKl tEAt > 110111 lituart II
mil Ki iIrafll
in I in SI1 11 I iai s iiualnv Hi I J9c lirly nt iliir iihil allnd Joz IIII lroOnll
llj si II > f o > i ro E S iiiuiii0 in order 91 C ran 10 e
MAM < n IIN ii > i > Iiniiil nM rPEUlnilv ni Ib MVAItA The crlebrateil B
Full nunrt Mii < n Oc 11 I ni ran sixrUI t IIUSE lirvMlilnDt rcrealj 3 ot
0 lloz 151JS IUIKU lic l inta Clam gillsfrult IIIK lur 25c
1 ur I ran ii 11 rIllorIY 01 Sc Ildllt Iloyal Munrt llrand
Mw rns
l 10 aiL s tlI I IKMIIN i IIN < rinu iII II p i Ini 10 Ibl 25e ntniiflard of ounllty DIM
H c Sin < > III mill I IIRM IJi r Ibi hem four mlllpd lmOW 10
I Unit III J I 1111 i Miiiui in > T t i > r i n ilnyH wliolfBiile prieD bnt
II > MTOI > t ll M till i hpii lal i Ijy 20c IIAtKS A a IUl knhl rcl In IMKcl llill p
I 17 tIIIUI 7Hc
Itran 7 ltc i nKilnrly nt lie I HT to 1mii Bark c
I a In < ni 111 Sniiley llletnl hiiLlil t1 huxi > i r = IVIKiK IlKUillT JUJU
MtlNI MiiK < tuts flay 110 I sc 5 r 1 no l 5C liniHNH lot 17c
i iii > Hi in 11 C Ib I AlllltATIIII IKArllKS OIM iloi 1 I
I z SIJI UI l I 11 ti I I I I I S I ii I rnllfurna trill Miiir u KV INDIA 11
il iU ktil > I Tort 111 told rotfiilnrly nt ITi e per 4 J t il t t
Itrlin 1 H I i Kit i n t I Wdlli jB I h nporlnl < lb cl ili7 ktd 27
I < 2tJc I 1 r II Ol I TO Ih c mi iioz
I Of 7 1 I IT
10010 Callori Calif ornlaWuic Mcnotrnin or Monticello
lin1 town cjtihVlil9kcy I1 rtS crryAiutli MMmcatcl mi 1 VVllllKO rIch mellow smooth
I Ii a rcic M sulil refill iny n l i lolvay old nftH trY lit S 175 l > er tthlUty 5 iiKtilarly al 5175 pr
t SI71 per Knn Spral I gillnn hiccml tar this 51 1 r Kil hicciiil gill tJUI 85 C
9 Ui 2 tI C till qt Volllc
U ttk gtl
I I u Inn SIU i litttc I
L tSr < >
= c i I c
Knrhm Uptown Prcem Make Down
H town Shopping an Eitrevegancr
KocH iL Co
Friday 9 Saturday Unpwalleged Economics
A Sacrifice Sale of
a t
Prominent Manufacturers Stack of
Boys Fine A Positive
Suits 28 500 1 I
With Two Pairs of Y I
Knlckcr Trousers 4ffJFa r
ft t
The seagulls ninji soibitionil Suit ntlcriiu Out I
ready cisi give us Hit opportunity Tle mi
terinls are dievwN and isimere in blight 1V i
snappy paheriK nouMehvnstulMxk si
S to 16 cir > Kenienilvr Iry suit t i
IKOUSljRS A positive S500 value for ivo
Jays only 298 j
Shoes for Boys and Gins I
MISSES SIIOES fincH iiuiliU vci UU1 or 11 Kvrv a 1vfSt
iio1es test workmanship Sil lia to 2 229
rillLDRENS SIZES Sls to II 179
JOYS FINE SHOES of tan Kussii or rjcV calfskin ur a V1 hull W
or low cut haitI welt sd uanrs 1t < tis u 1 tn n 279
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velt seveJ soles small heels SCS I to t 179
I INFANTS SHOES JIM or 1uttoa of tan or Mack Uhkii hand ewcJ t
turned soles plain toj or tip sus i to s 139
fITS HND 1DF NKlc STKAi T > < > 2 t 6 89c
A Sille of Womens Shoes 195
Tonii iirow v shall fur ai eceleit assortment of
vCatea Myl Sh anl Koojnfarni l ° v Cut Sioes at 2 r f
niirktiiy Inw Ir c You cariot fin1 their equals In any
lr New York store it less than 5iOO Included
i w t M foind tt iiIxLIs with Mickies GIBSONS
ith L > IC tr t e yI itS and BUOHEIS cut with
tnrse lare velds II ii 0 i in heels short
ips pli i t s in either tan Russia calf
ir u < i k1skn pttiit crilt or cunmetal calf
IJl3SI11t1 as these shoes arc offered at
1 Rtffu If tnut tlu > st if manufacture we naturally
1300 Vaite rct nv S ntlvjs aMc Mioppiis
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CiIFLS TUB DKOSLs v ch > cJ C < lwtii if iperior models n high and low
reck also lumper effects A charnunp arav ot percale chamVravs and I
ichitus m da itv patterns and c Irs We also include a verv special wnite I
nl St < ail cmbro dere > These
and colored repp sriart tr nur na o I
lresc > are the suprrur k il Kth 11 sfu ait I iu i skrts extra 1 95
ai 1 Ih 1 1 I ue 5
mall 1IiSStS Vomflls 1rd tiretelie Dresses 450
MINES AND MML MVlV > A51iIM PKh SIS n smart bretelle and
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elective touchcsuf vilvet nllvn of citra tiic onlors Skrt Jullplilled t
Thf sj nolels are dres servcearle and well adapted to street weir There j
aid t I slect from in ginghams
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p rciles charhra > anl a r v ics 14 to IS ears value up to 450 i
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High Grade Hair Goods
I Of sjreatCNt inip rinncc to all w lmtl
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J PutlN and PimiMjoisrs ubich we are
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MERRY WIDOW PUFFS S in set alue 51 oo 298
Mail Orders Receive Prompt Attention
I 125th St West 9 Between Seventh Lenox Aves
To Effective i
You Dot Need to be Harsh I tU
aturn is never violent tion They are just as harmless u
rheti any bodily function ROCS wrong
she corrects it in gentle ways If the bowels are calloused you may
need one Cascaret twice a day for ft
do Nature tlocs
lease as es time Hut youll need them less I
Dont seek to ala her with violent and less
phslc7 with salts castor oil or pill For Cascarets restore the natural func I
I cathartics tions Soon you wont need thefa
t They ruin the stomach at all
harden the bowels just as con
ITiey 1 Cascnrou are cnndy tablets They are 1014
stant irritation will callous the slciu by all cirucclMs but never In bulk Ho sure to
get the ircnulne whthCCCon every tabltt
Then the bowels cease to supply their
I The box U marked like thlit
own laxative Thats chronic con
You can aid the bowels just ns effect
ively in a gentle way
That way is Cascarets The veitpocket box Is 10 cents
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c i
Sunday World To Lets
i Show May 1st Vacancies
j I j

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