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TT 4l IU nkrI1Iar
> VI W1 r
i Rosenfeld Had Watched Sulz
v bach Till Dawn and
1 Thought Him Asleep
Denied jhe Drug He Hanged
I Himself By Cord to a
Water Pipe
Mentally unbalanced Jam Salz
fccher thirtyfive years old said to
be distant relative oX James Sells
man the banker In William street
fcansed himself with a cord In a lava
tory at his boardinghouse No 7S Lex
Instcn aVEnue early today He was
found by Samuel Rosenfeld proprietor
of the house who with his wife had
been up all night to watch Sulxbachcr
The relaxed vlulance abou da >
Bght beliovInK their boarder had < onto I
to sleep but when Hosenfeld heard a
RiirRlIni round In passing Sulzbichern
door and tried to get In he found It
Hastily climbing a flreescape he
reached n window through which he
aw the body hanging to a cord that
bad been tied to a water pipe and be
gan shouting for the police Patrolmen
OSulllvan and McGowan ot the East I
Blxtyseventh street station cut Sulz
fcaehcr down and called an ambulance
from Presbyterian Hospital but en
nr tltlpv arrived the man was dead
t According to the police Sulzbacher
t was single and had no occupation His
1 brother Samuel who for thirty years
i had worked for Mr Sellgman lost his
mind several months ago and Is now In
a Jersey sanitarium He had always
paid his brothers board although bank
books found In the suicides room
howed the latttcr Jiad S100 In the Im
migrants Bank and JSOO In the Sea
After his brother left James began to
act In a uecullar manner and would
often tramp the floor nil night keeping
other boarders awake Yesterday he
tried to Induce a doctor who takes his
r meals at the housj to give him poison
nud Mr Rosenfeld then asked Sulz
ba her to find a room elsewhere today
rims restless footsteps later alarmed Mr
3ofcnfcld and wife and they remained
IIP hoping to prevent his carrying out
I the designs Indicated by his asking the
i doctor for poison When they thought
3if i asleep he was arranging to hang
Mrs Heins Thinks Husbands
ii Ill Health May Have Led
r to Suicide
The mystery of the disappearance of
John Peter Helns the saloonkeeper
whose body was found In the Central
Park lle Trolr was cleared by an
autopsy performed today by Conners
Physician Dr Timothy V Lane who
reported to Coroner Dooley that death
wan due lo drowning I
The body Is at the Morgue where j
the autopsy took place and there are j
no wounds scars or marks of violence
upon It Items had been mleslng from
Ills home No 873 Park avenue slncf
Ocl 2S and his widow Identified the
body yeterday
At the hems home It was said that It
had been hts custom to take mTnln
walks around the reservoir He had ben
actlne queerlv for several days bef re
he disappeared
Mrs hems Fall that her husband mar
havp become despondent because of iii
Jicalth and Jumped Into the lake lahe
timid of ils dlsaprwirence on Oct 15
Last May ho sold out to so to Ger
many for his health she said lIe
was suffering with a nervous disease
rwhlch I have always heard coiled
loon slcknfss Ho spent Bdvcral
months In Hanover Germany with
some relatives and returned to No1
York on AUK 21 of last year lie went
Into business again but had to give up
because of the constant recurrence of
Ws trouble
When prospective customers
llents walk into your store or o
flee arc you satisfied with the i >
pression they receive Remembe
they art apt to Judge your litt
ness or bigness by the appev
tnce of your furniture fixtures f
Spruce upt A
Sunday Won
Furniture Wall L 1
Cr AA tomorroit
< s matt likely jus
chat you need EL 11
Two More Police Heroes Are Added
to The Evening Worlds Roll of Honor
1 4 j I
Tt103 r 4i V Trios
Scarcely a day passes ill tchich
some policeman of the Greater Sew
York forcc docs not perform some I
act of heroism at the risk of life and
limb The Evening World will keel
and publish in the future a con
densed record jof these occurrences
setting forth the name of the officer
and the character of Ids praiseworthy
act That the list mill yrow apace
and reflect credit upon the Yew Yorl
St Paul Northern and Union
Pacific Reading Steel and
I Copper in Evidence
I Stocks were a point lower In the eiry
j market today with the tridlns fairly
brisk St Paul Northern and tnlf
1 Pacltlc Heading U S Steel Sinetin
und Amalgamated CLint were Zihs
4 prominent In the dealings There ub
i no change later In the itsalon
Prices stiffened ilunug tile clay but In j
the late trading run oir again and
closed at tOe lowest uf tOe day ji
The Clokliiif Irluf I
Todajs hlgheat lowest nrjj last prices i
of stucK3 ana uf nei clUng aj tiiiJrfi
Alih Saturtld ji xlnal figurt ar a foluAs i
High Low l aMhl < nu4ti I
Arcal Copper tu g 5M4 oo c j +
Am O A l o i
Am Icu Co t5 i r
Am Lo 13j 4 j n4 r I
Am A II 7J b i 71
Am S It jit t Mt < Zt
1 Am ubJi IIT Uiij liT
1 Aracorui Minlnj a < Hi ai + f j
At T s F M NH > u 1 I
Halt t tKilo 67s ST St I I
HW > n Hip Tian 47 ejt II I
nfl Iic 1VI I 1 1 I
ChM 4 Ohio 3I J5 03 l
CMC M St 1 lai4 lJij KJ = 1
chic A N w MIij ik j jji i 1
Cot Fuel i Iron IM i4 24s i
Oil Suutrurn il w > dii
j Col Sou h pf pj a a u i
Cineul Oas llJ llli IV 1 r
i IKI Hudson lV U 3Sii4 Iiyi4
irm Is I I i
t J
lilu lit rf V Ij 1
I lien Klectric l > Ui II 4 JJJf
i i > ti Num i > f 1al iJ7t lIT 11
I Inter Met ID u 10
I lntt lie pf S Si is r h
I III Central ltij w U 1
Louts I h lu 111 194 3
JManhitun lU liV jua l
Jlu K w Tex IT 7 1
Mu 1BLlflc frl L4 4I 4 H
Vt IMJ in j ijj ik
Sorf A West Ill Mlln II N I
NortTi Ani rs + I
N v Cutui luij iuu Ith I
Nor IaclrK Kwj 1 la1 10 i
tint I1 V fst fit as a ii
ltiiyvamiI 11 1mb I y
Pre1 <
i 111 aLel lJrla th j J
tft lilt lllllk Ji lj lin
HII nlp i 17 17s i
Iel I iiI 7 i
1Ik 1lonu I J 11 r I
a hUH IC i i w > 4
i Houth iaclTic JIt > i94 Is r I
I ftlUL1 KlIilHfl IT 11 1J1
I Texas 1 arc lli lj lu
i Thrd Atnue iih an ini > i
rii Hij tc l pt 3 vs 2
fnlon Inojflc U > S l m IJP P
I IS in i5 J5 i P
r K taevl iif iii c n iij unit
L tah i o T 1M lA t
i f
w ri t M li j t II
Wlv V nral 10 lii JUI r
WI Cent pf 4ti 413 jj
t AUan B IkcUie
CHKAJO May 44orn toilny on
tho Hoard of Trade toj < lio < l 7u 1J cents
1 for the Miiy option Tils is the littrli
1 IOSI llgure at w ii MIS old bl1e
i Ijjm Ju h loaleS alld IIhH
I ellls < itKmpEil > vmJ tjie IUd
II Tt Ui caiil uuit J LU A 1atlcri aiU
V H Jiurtlua aiv ti eiy rssjujntimo
for tat hulUli d iioi < iiaton Tnv
ihivo taken In and 1 > tU fur It u
c irnu l alnust IliJJ liuimis hint
i May 1 and riiunr ot the wars wao
I huB sold for May Jeer are nuxne
l much Lull ulty In JlllniB their ron
i traloS The fact tluit unlv a sma 1
amount of corn Is iiemn receved frum
inn country aids the hull movement
annual Ioicun Off to Wnnlilnii
liiu ToDuy Helurn Tliur iln
Cardinal Logue accompanied by Arch
olshop Iarley Jlffr Hayes nnd Father
lawla left today for Washington to
attend a conference of prelates at the
athollc Tnlverslty and will see Presi
dent lloosevelt before they return
The departure of the ccclnslastlcal
party from the Arohhlshops residence
No 42 MadUon avenue wai not at
tended with any formal ceremony but
a small crowd watched the prelates
and the priests enter their curriivies
Cardinal l < ogue Archbishop Karley
an4 the two priests will return to Now
York Friday und Ills Eminence will
preach at the 11 oclock man Sunday j
moraine atth CattttdnJ
police organization there is not the
shade of a doubt I
Thesp names are added to the Honor
Iloll today j
Jlay Carroll Thomas J patrolman
Buslnvlek avenue station Assisted Pa I
trolman Nosky In the rescue of nine
persons from a blazing tenement at No
l Humboldt street Six persons were
burned to IC thin thU lire
Nnsky Thomas pitrolnnn Bu hwlck
avenue station A ss Isttd Patrolmati
Carroll In tht rescue of nine pprsons In
a tenement nre at No 17 Humboldt
street I
Heaved From Vindow by
Brutal Firemen FiftyYear
Old Relic Explodes x
The trasrl finish of a feather bed
which hall hen In the family of Mor
ris KdMsliMi for fifty years was the
feature of a fire that put the Edelsteln
apartments on the fourth flour of the
tenement at No 13J liroome street out of
business for dwelling purpose today
Mrs IMelstcins left hand and arm were
scorched to a blister and her three
yearold IJii and her seventeenmonthi
old Lily narrowly escaped Incineration
but these were minor Incidents out
weighed by the destruction of the feath
sr bed j
As for the feather bed It Is scattered
all over the east side The soft fllllnB
which adorned the breasts of thousands
of geese In Germany more than half a
century ago was borne on the wings ot 1
the wind through ttio narrow streets
and every projection and corner Isj
adorned with feathers i
Morris Edelsteln had pone to work
today and his wife nose was asleep
In a bedroom off the kUchei when ai
curtain blew aealnst a Itirnlns gas Jet 1
Tin cnis of the children aroused Mrs
Edflstfln Just In time She picked up
the lIttle ones and carried them down
tIm stairs j
In a few minutes the firemen were on
the job They found the Kdelsteln bd
all aMaz fling totally unaware of the
honorable position the tick full of feath
ers occupied In the Edclsteln family
they picked it up and hurled It through I
the window I
Down it sailed fifty feet to the street
and when It struck the
pavement It ex
ploded Tie air was thick with feath
ers Mrs Kdelfte emlned shriek at
ter shriek of horror and dismay and
ran about picking feaihers out of tha
air with her blltirel hands
Oh she moaned but Morris will
have a mad when 10 comes homo antI
the feather bed Is busted It was tlrt
his grandfathers bed When we cot
married in Germany his mother gave
it to him and we brought It with us to
this countr > It was inch a fine bed
and we lltnt Insure It
ARRfsno fOR
Dugan Caught Running From
Burning Tenement Out
on Bail and Indicted
When Joseph Ducnn o f No 332 St
Marks avenue Ilrooklyn was ar
mlsned In the Flatbush Police Court
today charged with having let
Ire to a tenementhouse at No SM
Rogers avenue last nIght the maRls
trats was told that Duiran wi already
under Indictment for arson The police
said ale thnt after his release on ball
he was again arrested and taken to the
Ralph avenue station charred with a
slmlar offense and again pot ball
I Dugans father who furnished ball
of JSopO and 12000 for the two previous
cawis was In court today and begged
Magistrate Steers to release his son on
ball which he the father was willing
to provide but Fire Marshal Beers
This man he said has been a
menace to the community tor some
month I had no Idea he hail secured
ball In the other two oases until I
heard of Ills arrest the third time I
must ask Tour Honor to send him to
The Magistrate ordered Dugan hfld
and the young mans father left Im
mediately for the DistrictAttorneys
ofllce where he made a plea for his
sons release but was Hatly refused
The younger Dugan Is tall lank
shockheaded and twentyelgrht years
old his manner Is sullen and after
he was Indicted In February Judge
Dike appointed a commission to In
vestigate his mental state but he was
reported sane
When last nights fire started Richard
F lecher saw a man dart from the1
hallway and hotfoot it down the street
Fischer cave chase and after a Ions
run overtook his man
You have made a mistake said
Fischers prisoner You were chasing
some one else I have done nothing
Fischer Insisted that he couldnt be
mistaken and led Dugan back toward
the fire where he turned him over to
Policeman Klerstadt of the Flatbush
avenue station
The firemen got the blaze under con I
trol without much trouble At the police I
station some of the detectives recog
nized Dugan as tho man who had been I
arrested before on suspicion of arson j
r i
Take Turns in Sitting on Flag
stone to Prevent Erection
I of Telegraph Pole
I Mr and Mrs John Folev who con
ducts a grocery store at Fourth street
rrM Cast avenue Long Inland City
defied the New York and Queens Coun
t Electric Company today to put up
a telegraph pole In front of their
hop When Herbert Groger a fore
i man for the lighting company arrived
I with a gang of men and a pole hu
found Foley planted an tr llic
which had been selected as a site for
i f e
Foley defied the workmen with suli
strenuous language that he was ar
i sted hut as soon as he was taken
from his Intrenched position Mrs Foley
planted herself on the spot Sh >
I cmildnt be JdKcd by persuasive ef
forts or otherwise and she announced
her Intention of holding tire fort Indefi
Her husband was promptly dis
I charged from the polios talon anti
returned to Join his wife and nW
they are taking turns on cuard wit
Ue declared Intention of standing out
i tlte electric light company day and
night The gang of workmen have
appealed to the companys lawyers snd
are expecting the arrival of some sort
of writ with which to dislodge the
1 Foleyn
urFFALO May I It was announced
today that Schuster wll be In charge
of and will drive the American car Jr
the New YorK to Paris contest through
Siberia to Paris assisted by Miller
Capt l1an9o11 will be with the pirty
n4 a puswnger
i You can buy a ten cent package of
Wbeat Berries
I Puffed and baked under 400 Fahrenheit
I ft 7 cents
The best value ever offered in cereal foods
This is a new and delicious form of whole
i wheat thoroughly cooked and is a great
strengthener any stomach can digest it
Crisp before eating
I The Quaker Oats Qmpaivy
I Quaker OatSis now roc package
After Looting Flat Burglars
Applied Match Imperil
ling Many Lives
There was another one of those mys
I terious fires over In VIIllimsburg to
I day which started in a Hithouse at
So 971 Flushing avenue and which destroyed
stroyed Hint house and the houses on
either side before the engines answer
InK to three alarms of tire had the
blaze under control
Todays flro Is believed to have been
started by burglars who taking ad
vantage of the absence of Francis
Green his wife and children who lived
I on the second floor had looted the
rooms and then started the blaze to
hide the robbery
The house at No 971 Is In the center
of a block of thirty threestory and
basement frame flat houses When the
Ore wan discovered at 4 oclock this
morning by Polleenin Tlmma S lIken
I ion the names were shooting from
Grecn3 front windows Vllkens ms
alarm box key has been doing so much
I service since the epidemic of incendi
ary fires started In WIlllanisburK that
i It must have been worn out When
I he shored It Into the box the key broke
I and he was forced to connect with the
I Stags street station by telephone
With two otnr pjltcemvn Wllkenon
i managed to get out nl the families
I from No 971 They were forced to
I climb down the rear lire escapes and
i then the policemen boostcd the fright
i ened halfdressed tenants over fences
I until they got to the street
i Hy the time the tlrst engines arrived
the fire had eaten through to the roof
I and the houses at No X and 973 were
blazing A second and then a third
I alarm was sounded i
The hallways of both houses were so
choking with smoke and so hot that
the families took to the lireescapes and
roofs John Brooks a member of Sal
vage Corps No 2 was assisting a Mrs
Simonson from the third lloor escape
at No M3 when the ladder broke
Brooks managed to support Mrs Simon
son who Is a heavy woman in such a
way that she escaped Injury but his
right leg was broken He teas sent to I
his home In an ambuJiicc i
The three houses were completely i
cleaned out with their entire content j
and for a tlmo It was tf vaiut that the I
block of Hats would be de tOed >
While the lire laMeJ the greatest ex >
citement prevailed In the neighborhood
Ai of the lulghborlnc loutrs wvre
eeared of their occupant by the
The Fire Marshal discovered that f I < P
Green flit ha 1 bon entered by n tiltf
from te t1ro ape an 1 ho said fie
Ire was undoubtelly of Incendiary 1
t Tncle Dan Whipple need ICO yMr
died last night from hemorrhage of
the brain Yesterday he set tted as
well as usual and took a long walk In
the fields
Mr Whlpnle wa born In Cattiriieus
County New York Marh 1 m lie
I was a member of Gen Frenwifs Ix
plorlnc Part on tIle hUtorli trip
arrors the Pokips lie wu < long a
rinipanlon or Kit Carson and later
served through tie Civil Var In an i
Iowa regiment He never married be
jz trot to the monmry of a sept I
a who was torture to loati hv
Indins before lis pves when he was a i
voing man In the West
Harry Randall Canadian Ac
cused of Theft Mysterious
ly Disappears
For the second time within n month
a Tombs prisoner charged with felony
has mysteriously disappeared This
time the flitting was done by Harry
Ilandall who the police say Is a well
known Canadian criminal After spend I
ing two days In a Tombs cell lie has
according to the records of the Court of
Special Session and the Tombs dIa
per ed himself Into Impalpable ether
Ills vanishing dates bact to May 1
but strange to say the discovery was
not made until the prisoners appear
ance Wl8 demanded In court today Ho
> was arrested on April 27 charged with
i stealing n diamond pin In a Fifth ave
nuu department store
After being first taken to a district
prison he was brought down to the
fetnba on Apil CS and lodged In a cell
Tin re was no 0110 in the Tombs today
wno coulil lell what cell the young man
uiuj put Into Waidrn Filth his dep
uty John Hanlet and a conslderabla
portion of the Tomba staff Are In
IcUsriikeepMo today to appear In the
Thaw hearing
It Is certain that Knjidalt was ar
ralKtied on May 1 In Special Sessions
lie doclired that he was ot good fam
ily and that he had come to New York
from Montreal only two days before
hU arrest Tne Court ordered that his
career be InveslsiteU and that mean
time he be scat oack to the Tombs
Here is uueiu toe mystery begins I
The court olllcors swear they delivered
ilandal Into the Tombs yard Over In
the Tombs they swear tlipy nee not I
rim TnatV where the case stands
completely up in the air with a gen
eral alarm now sent out for the young I
Iicut Ciermann IB In charne of the
com t iund wMoi takes prisoners to I
and from the Tombs Sernt Hunt one I
of the officers of the Special Sessions
Court Squad reported to Lieut Ger I
nann that on Friday he signed a re 1
ceipt for seventeen prisoners which
were pent from the Tombs to court and
nt the close of Ihe session at court he
sent seventeen back and got a receipt
for them
J M CriiKin Sincon lljirmnn
Itliiuc Who Crl AniitlKT Toll
Lawrence Ores cr the new llorouzli I
President of QuefiiH nppolntnl J M
rmge c a lawyer mil friend an his
prvitr < Lrctnrt toilnv In place nf
TIairnn Kljisc v ia Ill sAcrntar for
Ltirni UIIKP t IL midc rMpf clArk
f tiio lllghwuxs Iiffirtment
MatthiW J Cnldner Superintendent
0 Public FVjlldi Ks and umccs hand d
In his rrscnation which was accepted
His Irpartmciit has been under in
vestigation huclpn Knapp tiuter1ta
ti leit of the Htr o foanlnr Depart
miTt nnd uperlntondent John de
Kruji of the tewer Department alOo1
< n1lri their rsgnatlons hut the new
Homuch Prodet refused to accept I
till Til
In charging the new Grand Jury for
May that will continue ittvesitntions
I nubile affairs In Queons Justice
Stapleton today admonished thf juror
tttatrst ttltvrrag pIP < lntmenl against
Irdh Hual when they were unablp to
rnd nlctrnonts This was considered
no a drcct amp at the action or a
recent Grand Jury that
r devoted a ro
m ntinpnt ilmost exclusively to Bor
ouh PresMtnt Bermel
nltt 1 rotiisnyB she of Fresh Reef In
New Tort Ity forth seek Endlllil SatuMr
My I tens i 019 cents p er pousd
20 1I Dainty
r I
2 Lingerie
1Lirgerie Batiste
Princess Lace ret1jal
Dress dered
t Exactly Like Picture
Now i HancJgomely
c r 4 I Embroidered
Reduced to farl
Panels Front
i U I Rew tf Rid
5LI Y Pal Lace
ir Insertion
20 Value Iressm et
4 miih
Womens L 11lt
and k j Whit
Mines Only
Sizes gj l
l SpecialTuesday
Remember all Three Stores
Alterations FREE cLt 1095
460 62Fulton Street
645b651BroadStr d
23rd Street 34th Sire t
On Tuesday May the 5th A
LADIES SUITS la Both Store
Tailored Suits Made of shadow i i
and fancy stripe Serge Panama Cloth
and grey Worsted
1950 2400 and 3950
Foulard stripe and plain Taffeta
Bretelle Dresses Plaited model 2100 I
CORSETS In Both Stores
All Corsets Carefully Fitted I
La Vida Corsets New models for
every type of figure Many models for
overdeveloped figures giving graceful
outlines II
300 to 1500
Sale of Stamped Patterns Shirt
waists and Underwear in sets to match
Gowns on sheer Nainsook 110
Chemises II j
lenl1ses 5 sa
D ra ers SOC
Corset Covers sheer
on Nainsook
Shirtwaists on linen IQO
Embroidery Hoops Silks Cottons
Crochet Needles Hooks Stilettos etc
Sale of 500 Silk Petticoats Black
and colors Excellent quality
595 to 1275
Black and Colored Taffeta Silk
Skirts All the leading shades Dres i
den gun metal stripes and plaids I
Numerous models Suitable for street
or evening dress
The regular stock includes a com
plete assortment of Mohair Heather
bloom Sateen and Washable Skirts
NOTION DEPTS In Jot stores
Dress Shields nainsook covered
Sizes 2 3 and 4 90C doz Sc pair
Dress Shields silk covered Sizes
2 3 and 4 165 doz 150 pair
Hose Supporters eo i8c
Elastic Shirtwaist Belts 8c
Washable Net Collar Foundations 50
Allover Hair Nets ioc
Steel Studded Elastic Belt Strips 450
Silk Covered Feather Bone
850 box Sc yard
Dressmakers Pins Sizes 4 5 and 6
MJ pound box 150
23rd Street 34th Street
23rd Street 34th Street l
On Tuesday May the 5th
Sale of Imported handmade long
slips i75 and 250 j
Handmade Pillow Cases with hem
stitched ruffle or finished with lace 175
A number of handembroidered
Linen and Pique Russian Dresses Size
2 to 5 years At about onehalf usual
Infants and little childrens Ap
parel including complete Layettes
Christening Robes long and short
handmade Coats and Caps I
Bibs 2SC to 1500
PillowCases 150 i5 ° °
Crib Sheets 95C 375
Wrappers 175 1650
Sacques L3S 1250
Hood Shawls 2 2S CI 1000
Pique and Lingerie Afghans
ghana 475 ao ° o
23rd Street 34ih Street
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