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r 1 > I r r
J 1
1 t I
I Will Remain in Sheriffs Custody in
Poughkeepsie Until Petition for
Release Comes Up Again
in a Week
t POUGHKEEPSIE N Y May tBecause DistrictAttorney Jerome
Sis detained by a trial of his own the hearing of the Harry Thaw habeas
corpus writ was today continued until next Monday when Supreme
Court Justice Morschauser will call it again Then if Mr Jerome is still
engaged with the inquiry into his official conduct there will be another
tadjournmenl As the Justice has a Special Term and a Trial Term to i
conduct ifmay be midsummer before the question of Harry Thaws I I
isanity is firmlly disposed of i i
1 By that time Evelyn Thaws suit for an annulment of her marriage
I will have been tried in all probability and Thaw will never get his
f coveted chance to personally plead with her to drop the action and remain
his wife 1
He nets Just one present drop of com
f fort out of the situation Until next
Monday at 1al he will not be re
turned 0 his hateful quarters In Mat
tejiwan He is to be confined for thlr
I nVek KJin possibly longer In the
Sheriffs rooms ndJolnltiK the county
Jail onthetop floor of the court hotii
h tlle sailed with relief when this nn
i hiouncenient was made bocnuse he
r ijuiirrelled with the whole medical sl
at Mattcawnn when he found they
r meant to testify to his present mtntn
r i Ordlnaril he would be In the direct
J custody of Bob Chanler thu mllllon
nlre sheriff of Dutchess County who
> Happen to be a cousin of Iho latu
> Stanford White But Sheriff Bob l
t Jn Eurot and tho under sheriff will
i have Thaw III chare
r Justice Morschauser found a prompt
way of settling the quostlon of saddling
i Uie expense of th states aliensis
r vpou tlili county Thaws witness
f for vliom ho personally pay will lie
lOIi I71trnP2n < wllP
tf IV thel testimony at New yri
Cjtyt h Qr < Justice Morscliaustr who
will BO there for Unit purpose
Main Fight Here
i Tliorpfiro Thaw vlll have a Judge I
of his owi chooilng but the main fight
will come In nistrictAttorney Jerornei
ovn ftamilng piourids I
j Not a single member of the Thaw i
family vjts hero toduy for the callliK I I
h pf the luilKiis cciUf procffdlngd I
Thaw coming to fight for his liberty I
i reached here from Mattoawan on a
poky train which also brought forty
or fifty of the lawyers alienists writ
j cm and wltmffw who had l > oen drawn
t io Iouhkecpslo by the proceedings
that ThawN attorneys A nusppll 1ea
Ixifly of NtW York and James C i
Oraliam of Xowburs Instituted In thf I
Diithosi County Supreme Court I
Thaw got aboard at Flshklll Landing
f having driven In from the a ylum In a
ptntlnn wngon He looked ruddy und I
tout Ho wort 11 new gray suit a tl 1
the color of Evelyn Xc blt Thaws tes
tlmony clothes and the same big Ulster I
hit used to envelop him during his two I
trial for Stanford Whites murder He I
told the reporters who met him nt tha
71 rWiklll depot that hf had galuttl soven i
teen pounds slncf he vas locked up at
Matteawan HP looked It
Ii Thaw enjoyed the rid down to Moun
tain from thn mad muse He held n
hamlkerchlef In his hand ready to hide
hs fico with It whenever n photographer
bobbed up as they did from Iii in
line With him were Dr Amos T
Help Wanted I
ToDay I
As advertised for in The Murning
r Worlds Want Directory
fi > Addrrs I lIrl1t bkers I
Acent IS lIouework 101
i A Irentl I II < hoe I
Artlsl 1 Ironer 1
lIaken I Jnnllo I
Dsrtenrln Jl1ll1e I
maekmllhs ladl TaBors
lJookblndera lnundrte s
if nookue I hehlnlU I
1I0yo 37 1
I1rlekla r1 Ionlour G
1 Huhelmen S lIlIlo
HUlchers 2 ur II
CabInetmakers OrratfJU 10
< 7nlaaers 8 alnlers 21
tnrpPI1I IhotOlI11h
Caohle II Iumb
Chambermaid 21 orters
Cheta I antr Help I
ColIlor Ir tJ
Compoollon 3 Hoote I
Cook male 13 gIlaII H
g C > Illn Iremal 211 anen 80
I1 Cultra t IIlr
Dretl UlJkon 313 111 > 111 Clerk I
Dnlllo 811n Ialnlro I
lI wnht II 11 < lrl Utln1I
11rh tJ I
Jrul CIk iollcltora I
fIlrlelan t Sabernen 3
111110 SII1Jralhrs
Imbrold nrs fllule 2
Jnnnera amulo 3
lnITanr I Tllor H
F3rm 1I0n1s I TIlInoro 2
Ywto 4 TlnmW I
I IlnIs1IPn I > hollen I
Firemen I nruler
foIJr I I WU Ure I
Ca on 1 1cJ onou I
air I
Totnl i
The World jirinted S65 Helo
Ads today 537 more than 1 othr 1
Nrv York papers combined n I
i t >
Baker the ylum superintendent pro
tern John T Burns ajid Edward Con
roy keepers at Mntteawan and Dan
Moore of A Husscll 1eabodys staff
Ready to Say Ho Is Sane
Others who arrived with the prisoner
or on the train ahead were the Ilev
Luki > J Ecra Catholic chaplain of the
Tombs Dr John Wade the Episco
palian chaplain llabbl A Hodln who
conducts vices for the Jewish pris
oners in the Tomb all the following
Tombs employees Warden Billy Flinri
Deputy Warden John Manley Keepers
Laurence Creel John Flynn Mike
Cummin Mike Jone Jtlk Hillings
and Otto Metz All of these men bad
be n sum loiux as witnesses for the
Thaw side
Roger uMara exOhlef of 1ollco of
IlttstiuTB wlio is working up evidence
I of Tliiws present sanity wus also on
hand Three months ago he WHS eet
I tlnu evidence of insanity for th fume
l client Thaws battery of waiting ex
I pens all of whom except one had tea
i tied to his insanity at one or another
of his niurdur trial woro waitlne at
I the courthouse hwre tljKicut him They
were Ur Smith Ely Jelllffe Dr Churl
I W Pllcrlm of tho lludon illver Hoi
I pitnl Ur Charles K l ane of lou h
keepsle Dr Kvnn th lather < > f the
Ibrln storm and Dr Graom Ham
mond if Nmvburs
All of these men wero ready to tes
tify that In their opl lon Harry Thaw
is now mentally competent I
As soon as the Justices entered Mr i
liaham tiled his nakem corpus writ I i
John E Mack DlstrlctAttornuy of
Muteness County acting fir Mr Ctiir
xan said tho henrliiK would probably
last for weeks und inlRlil unnll an ex i
pense of J30KH upon tho taxpayers of
Dutches County He thought the case I
should b sent to New York where the I
public prosecutor knew nil tha facts
und besides hw said the precedent had
alwnvs leon to romove such proceed
IIIRS to the counties In which they orlK
Inale Gnrvan belnc Introduced by Mr
Mack said the tfstlni of Harry Thaw
sinlty nt this time would necessitate
the eallitiK by the State of many alkn
IsIs ut u heavy expense It would
nino b necL ary he snJd to send n
commisskdi tu IlttMMin Iarli Home
London and Monte Carlo for evidence
The pro ecutlim he said would review
the whole of Harry Thaws life I
Hearing In Two Counties I
Mr Graham said Thaw could not Bet
a fnr Iuarins m New York uuntj
Liiiiic iironrdliiB to the lawyers state
ment Jeromes office would use 111
power to intimidate wtncsies und tu
force Thaws own friends to slxe testi
mony uxalnst hill He said Thaw wax
ready to KU ihnnl ind prove that he Is
now snne and Bntltlcd to his freedom
Ho held that Dutchosi was the proper J
ounty for the trying of the huboas
corpus rlt I
JuMlce Morsthnu er Internipted Mr
Hrnhnrn to sny that he could Mot prnnt
he rrnuvil motion unlesn Graham us I
sontcd > will not absent said Mr
Gruhnni I
Then I nm compelpl to denv th
motion said the Justice ButI will
do this I Mr Onihim will consent I
vlil Rfi on with thn rae until his side
has offerel all tho tnitlmony It cares I
ti offer thn I Mr nnrvnn wants to
offer hi testmony in New York I will
an then anil Ml to heir II Therefore I
nuirln fount wl hr ipitcj tlo I
expensfx of vholi Mr Onrvan pp nkn
TIVVTV nddert the Ju < tlrt I han
mv dfnbtn whetlie Iiitohp R County
111 piv n nvnJi fnr t n f allenlsti n
New Vork mlpht pal
I in ip Viv tJ I o ua that all
Mr Onrvin I will nrrnnqe for filar
i > r lor ie Ttit teN
That I tir n nil fie lus
llce Uell heir i e oilier Me of the
nee hrri nol ynur > < P In New Vork
ST iMrrKKSwiia Mav JMIU
ftolypln ilaushtHr nf the Huslan 1ie
mle > wns married here Ihu afternoon
n IIul Hnck ill ItnsHlin Navil At
tncla nt Herlln The v midhiK ceremnny
was ntlenJo1 bv ninny members of the
Cabinet nnd of > > Dlplomntlc Inrps
and rejircNsiitutlveii of iiih Eolel in
St IVturtiburp
11 ritolpin was nt her father
r < 1nl In Si Ielersburt when Kie
almp was 1lp AlK I I II kil
Ii Prnlr a flll In t Ir1
irt of h < urr 11 OUI 1
U 111 hrr lfe Se
WI t Injul1 hwIor In <
0 il ti i losliltnl In SI 1n
In o H > r > ro r < > v I Ions time rei
condition win eritleal
HFDO Tex Mav tI vni learn
fd hero todny that
through thn ar
tl > ily o the i i cf JIk Lli tiH
robbers of tne 3i < > j frwm thi Velm
I aria Ir i mpurj nie la J1 ntl
bot T men have nmfesHeU The > ure
lili C ttlnrr rhlef clerk m tliu eneml
olllce of the expretss rnmnnnv nn <
Itudolfo Avarcz nllait H < xlrKUcz ttie
espro n mesjenKer who dNannfarcd In i
A iwiB Cal n aB The monev wria found I
by the 1lce in Cutting room I
I I i HOTLflf RU
Others Still Rurieil and For
i Vayne Police Say Thirty
One Probably Perished
j death roll of the New Adeline IloM Ire
stood late today at ten known dad
ltli several pprons still unaccounted
for It Is estimated by Chief of 1ollce
i I Anckenbruck that the bodies of at least
I twenty guest and employees are burled
nthe ruins There were seventjeight
guI In the hotel Saturday nIght As
the register was destroyed the names
and addresses of all of them may never
be known
J I MILLER travelling llma
Swboygan WIs
J E ELLIS travelling salesman for
Carson 1lrle Scot Co of Chicago I I
ISAAC HIRSCH travelling snlcwnian
Falcsman Duluth
B S JOHNSON travelling salea i
man 1ana III I
faluHtnan Philadelphia
talcsniwj Detroit
WOMAN supposed to b Misn Mary
Burkott Mlshawuka Ind
O IAX supposed to bd Mls Sarah
Hwhanay Mlihawaka Ind i
MAX not Identified
Of the dozen persons seriously In
I Jured by burns or by leaping from the
I burning hotel all are doing wel at the
hospitals except E M Matthews of
I Columbus O whoso doth U hourly
I expected
I Ten of the seventyeight Kuests were
New York men some of whom were
severely burned The New Torkers
I played a prominent part In saving life
The Fire Department police and two
I companies of mllltla aided by many
laborers worked throughout the night
bunowlng Into the ruins In search for
dead At daylight the body of a man
I was removed from the ruins the first to
be exhumed from the heaps of d brls
since last evening hon the nre oc
1 currfd The body was Identified an that
of diaries BenjamIn of Detroit
As the ruins were still smoking to
day the work of searching for the dod
was necessarily slow
I Thu hotel was the larcest In Fort
Wayne I was owned by the estate
i of Thomas P Shoaft a carpet Im
i porter of New York ami was man I
aged by the Knickerbocker Trust Com
I pany of New York Tiere were ell
I rooms In the hotel and the firs swept
It from end to end
Stared In Elevator Shaft I
The fire was discovered by the nigh I
clerk at the bottom of the elevator
shaft He ran to rbu the guests I
beating at the door ivl yelling at the
top his lungs J tcoi CK clerk fifteen
minutes to make his rounds of the various
ious roms and by this time the flames
had run up through the shaft and
mushroomed us 1 went setting fire I
to the hallwayb and maklnz escape Im
possible down the stairs
Awakened from sleep some of thu
guests showed a cowardice thit helped
make the death list what It I Thcru I
were Bothers who forgot self In the roai I
of Iltttues the heat the smoke ami I
rushed to their own end dying as r < al
heroes die
New Yorker Saves Woman
Some woman ows her HIP to John 1
Stroheckur a travelling salesman for
A L Bllversteln of No 4 Broadway
New Yok 1 was sleeping on thn
uurth floor ald Strohecker when
was awakened by n womans scream
Jumped from b rt and found the hal I
Illed with smoke The flames came up
throush the elevator shaft with a hor
rible roar and when 1 reached tho hal
I vas choked with the fame and I
smoke I grnpeil around until I felt a
unt I
doorknob and entered a rom Juet as I
nad smashed the window and was
climbing out to jump a uomnn burst I
Into the room and besan to scream for
some one to save her She was followed
by a colored mal and 1 crawled back
Into the roon and assisted the woman
tu go out on the fill I TieM her until
she had a firm Krp on tne sill and
her let
lowcril her body I then nude
so nnd he fell to the emund striking a
suylglit at about the first floor The col
ored man did not wait for any one to
assist him but Jumped to the alll and
irincliut In his hands lei himself drop
I followed him all we ail three struck
th kkyllght which protiabiy saved our
New York sales
Junri A Foster of 11
man lor Marsh t Franklin Lowell
Mass was on the third Moor When
wakened lie thought there wai plenty
r lime l dress A hn reached a win
vj v and Was about lo get on the lire i
I rcipf he Heard sonu one crying i
Have my ion Looking back he saw I
i n oiinin und a Loy held ctptlv by ITt
tip tin me
itie Ionian was crying said Fos
ter and as 1 was about to jump ono
uu lire escape 1 saw that If nomolulns
WJ3 not dunu they would txj lett to
liinxh hun 1 0 nacK to Lit nali
it was a seething inau ut lat I
wiut tioiriule < uiu tnu cuiituslon wts
iiiMrd tu ny the TICK ut the men uud
frcroanib of the wuiiuti vvho WeiT ut <
off irom wiiery 1 stood 1 was carry I
m > iniviini uj mid 1 optpod lui
lug and put It up over my face
j l0i v d iid niv fr11 lulnu i
uverciime by thu smoke 1 ran back
and lea iHtl lit the mum and jj
almost superhuman excrton > iiicieded
in pulling thu lad nut on thu Iiru excapi I
The ntf c < ojf was cruwiltil mil was
for a time blocked by a woman out I
1 bellevo tiu iiry niif nn ih lift <
> lre
ciapc ut the time I came down was t
iaviU i
M Illrjich of No 72 es On
ilriil and Thlrucntn tr t N w Viik
fwapnl wlih a fwiv sIll uurnn hit
without any clothlm
II Fisher o NIW York an Im
Dciiter of 1 Dinllrirs hal I rnlrr
lon of V tlturii < on uxhlhltlnn In the1
hotel Tliw fiillio i > t fkt was di > xtroyrd
i an fsilintel o nt ftiW1 < I
Other guests rexl t reil from Nev
sork city who are known to have ei I
caped unhurt nr practically sn are O i
A Sumek A 1 Kent I J Ooldberir
Kramer and llrnwn I
COJCT T Keller Irnwn Kill mak 4
i A H Schtirier Shot Himself
t After Getting Pries
from Undertaker
Registered as I A Schuyler
of Boston but Clothing
Gives Clue
Arthur 1 Schurtnr ticket agent qf
the New York Central Hallway In the
ofllct > at No 1216 Broadway committed
sulcMt1 In thl Hotel Notherland at
Fifth ftvcniK and Fiftyninth street
last nlzht by hooting himself In the
head He took a rom nt midnight
under the name of A Schuyler of
Boston LQd his Identity was estab
lished this afternoon through marks
on hIe clothing
Schurter lived with his uncle Leon
ard Smith at No Ill EoM One Hun
dred and Twentythird street
No Love Affair or Business Trouble
Schurier was thlrtyflve years old
Left an orphan at the age of fourteen I
he went to live with ills uncle who Is
baggagemaster at the Ona Hundred
and Twentylifth street station of the
I New York Central Ills rulnllvei gay i i
that he was n steadv voting man with
no bad habits nnd that he had so far
I as thev know no love affairs
1 At No 1216 Broadway the clerks on i
I duty this nfttrnoon would not believe
that Schurter had killed himself Mr
j McFarlane the acent In charge was
especially Incredulous
I can conceive of no reason said
I Mr Mclarlane why Scliurter should
kill himself lie was a promisIng youns
lan and on of our b > t clerk His
accounts are In perfect shape
fHe worked here until 10 oclock last
night and betrayod no signs of de
spondency We nIP heard him com I
plain of anything bill pan he suffered
from one of hli fee on which he had
an Ingrowing nail He ili he was
afraid of blood poisoning I
Schurter went directly from the of
I tlce where he wa < employed last nlsht
i to the One Hundred all Twentyart
street New York Centra Station le
t l Ills uncle he was going downtown
to take a Turkish bath and wojld b
home Then he went ti the Nether
land and killed hlmelf I
The suicide a slightly built man
smooth shaven had no baggage when I
he registered paying In advance He
dlsplned a mal roll of bills and ap
peared to be selfpoiessed and accus I
tomed tu stopping ut first class hotel
A chambermaid trying tc door of
the room this mornlni found I open
and enteicd The lan who had recis I
terej as Schuyler was lying across the
I bed dead The revolvsr was on th
tloor near by Before klan himself
he had lemoved his coat waistcoat and
shoes i
Schurter on Clothing
House Detective conway was notified I
and lade a search of the room and
the dead Minns clothing He found on
the dresser a note which read I
Cattell undertaker line Hundred
nnd Seconu atrce and Manhattan ave
nue Smith No Ill East One lundret j
und Twentyfifth street I
The mans underwear was stamped
Schurter In the Inner pocket of his
COlt WHS a tailors label showing that
the ult had been marie for A B
< hurler by Levy Friedman of No
J East One HunJred and Twentyfifth
A gold watch end chain and 19 were
found In the room The clothing was
of god material but was considerably
Conway telephi ied to Undertaker A
O Cattell who has I place at No 62
West On Hundred and Second street
< <
and Mr Cattell visited the hotel end
took charge of the boy He said ttie
dead man whom he had nevar seen
before visited his establishment on
Saturday and talked abut a hour
over thn cost of a funeral Upon leav
ing the stranger ald
Youll hear from me In a rouplo of
No One Heard Shot Fired
Levy Friedman by reference to
ihelr books found that they made a
suit of clothes for A B Schurter who
gave no address In April 1907 The
alesmnn who waited ou Schurter said
he recalled the man and believed he
lived somewhere on the west side of
This Is the first suicide tint hop ever
oCiirre < j In the Hotel Ncthcrland
Manager Whltakcr was greatly dis
turbed about I but gave the police and
the Coiouer every assistance In his
power to establish the Identity of the
No on < In the hotel heard the shot
lint m irked the end of the life of
hurler None of the guests In the
liouM knew ol the euicule until tut
body undertake was tnktii from the house by iha
Adinlril Arent Stliuylrr rnwnlnshleld
I S N retired In III at Ibo Homoco
liathlc Hospital In IhU city Th ml i
of hIs Illness Is not known AJmlri1
munliislileld wan vlltlnt relative n
IM city 1
moxt fonrolilnsc Investigation r h3S
bein dlscloiiil with pnutl il ctrtnln y
thnt the fire had lt < orlsln from th
furnnCf of the hntclx liCTtliiK plant
und not from dnfectlve wlrliix In the
elevator iiinfl
fharlc lurk porter nf th < hilt1
I v tppjiy rii rnlni nnrt
thouifhl tu Iw Hiimn the ilmd rouii
rwafii i idi lurk MOT of the
fire tpmlM ti < Aprnvt Uie tlnorv tluii
the flames started from an overrun1
furnace In llif basement He nyj h
caw tlaiip In tho elevator i > hifl on r
third jloor brfrre lie knew the Or had
i o Ctyxmtfw from lOmC
Failure to Prosecute he Ice
Trust Raised at Hearing
Before Commissioner
District Attorney Jrrorne scored
i twice unil was squelched once at ilio
limrlnK before Commissioner Hand to
day Mr Jerome also called tho
Iliurgcn nptintt him drivel unj opoke
j onipliatnvilly about lunatics
Ialhin ti > iirusecule tlie Ice Trust
niB the subject under discussion tu
Krnnklln 1Ierce relrsnl InK the pe
i tltioiiBr for the removal of the Dlstrlct
j Attorney expluiued tnit Mr Jerome
Instead of llvlnc up to tils proelection
j promlsis to prosouute the Ice Truat
j uctuuliy prevented a succesatul legil
attack on the Ice Trmt otllcera by pr
I ccedas agaiist Independent Ice Jualera
j In this way hald Mr 1ltrce he
estroyed the effectiveness of tho or
i Ifilnul case ngnlnst thu trust
j Alleged Theft of Papers
I Mr Pierce roferied tu nn alleged theft
I of Ice Trust prosecution papers from
i the olMce of the AttorneyGeneral
There was no Uieft explained DIs
I trlctAttorne > Jerome When they
were making a howl In the otlKe of the
AttorneyGeneral over the uliuxtd theft
of papers the > were sent to me rriKy
In my possession TIJI n all lot
BJuuuntcd to
John C Ilyrncs an assistant secretary
of llic Stock Kxcnuntte called to tio
itand produced tne ojlnnt papers of
application of the old wuiiouaaiiM Ice
lau v e
VliI I
11 I r IUJ
J u u u
oV J
Uu 1 IUI I u
uLuT u
ul lU HlliCt e1 > v 111 1 UU
w pluj ol uiih kS oulttceu Lie ito
1U3 I ana OIuI > > v uuaeid ftcid
turarilua tu i MCIUIV lu enaub iuiii
0 siaii d pruaeouiion
o ilr Ue r urL > allow ea to CDIII
mune with a iir McNeil 01 ie Attur
neytietieral s urtlce lu uu eiuia ur tu
role me noun ut le p ra u
intn ilevelop d ihat the pajtrs ero
< loon copies of tne papeis nucli hud
lr Jerome
utsn lent to >
> That settles my ciinfntlnn F id
Ih UlstrlctAttoriitfy tnesf are not
the papers sell me and i Hgam ob
ject I again sustain the obJe lon Copies
ounnot he proved wl hOI proof of bein
opIeH of originals ruled ConimH
siin r Hnnd
Jfhn 11 McNeil nn Hudlu who made
ai nv < > < itRalliMi of In lac Tru t Coii
panyn books for fonrtkrVAtttirin1 Gen
eral Julius Mayor IntfK win the nox
witness He prod urn n cofiy of his re
pnrt of his examination which wiif
MiiLniltKil to Mr Mayer as w 111 as the
prewnt AttorneyGeneral
This testlnumy Is wholly ncom I
tel nata Commlssor > r HanJ i
Jerome Replies to Pierce
Mr 1lenx vot 111 tif v tne i e
ut Lit tvc McNe I i JK I t isap
joprtil ihntly oIr AtcrneyGen >
ern Iark5 n took nillci and has not
vit litiT trncvil A ropv o the inlK lmT
ropnp was i frwr il n mibxtltutlori but
Mr Jerome o Jeoteil
I ncrablf mnn plret1 10 public
itTloo urn to hf drajrzfd up on rhnrK
hlch are 10 b trlfd oft on such
rl1 n ti5 > I < xllnif > J then II
all I can nv U Hint 1 havo reaohpil I
dtn Tons times i
All that would hrvf I V < > done
under thcv oomllllois would be to I
have a liimtlr pre T r rnrccs and thro
1 ar
Cnmmfionfr lan rtiil not sir taln
r Iorf > mp IM lmn Ilr ruled that I
Innsmuch ns Mr J rom < > hail knowl I
J of 1 nipifTo nf mioli j rnpnrt I
nM hnd bo officially apDrlseil he
would p 1 tho rcndlnR of the copy
the report I
I Jiidgp nosalsky In Part I Genernl
Sessions today 1 gned an order which
will iod lltfht on the dolnzs of tho
I Novpmhr Grand Jury and the original
Investigation Into the afTnlrs of tho
Metropolitan Street Railway Attor
Attorney Franklin IMerce requested that
the nilnutos of the November Grand
Jury bo made public and DlstrlctAt
tornev Jerome consented
t would further request that a copy
be sent to Commissioner Hand who
was appointed by the Governor to In
vMlgate me wild Mr Jerome
No I will not do thst said Judge
Ilosasky hut I will order that the
minutes be fllej with the clerk of the
court and anybody who desires may
examine them
All the wltnesse examined In No
I vember subsequently appeared before
the jury which served under Justice
officials Dow ling nnd which whitewashed the
DistrictAttorney Jerome has the
only copy of the mlnute and It Is not
known when IIP will nip them
I May Admiral Kvuns wns feeling rt
markably well on thin the last day nf
Ms stay here The pr vnte ell In which
he Is to make the trip to Monterey to
me t him the battleship fleet Is here nwult
Two Cases Dismissed Sen
I tence Is Suspended on the
I Third Complaint
I Son of Lawyer Politician Complains
i to Bingham of Otlicer Who
Arrested Him
lnuterbaeh lawyer In the I
I Alfred Iufrhaeh ft r tl
linn of wllch hl father Kdnnril lui
lo jiiei l n member apar < M IT the
I Court of Special ieloas toilav to nn
i oxver to clmrvr of ppurJlnc hl unto
I mobile iKvond the 1111 Improperly dis
I playlni his automobile llRhts nnd run
nine his machine under n fnl e license
number He WHS Acquitted on the lr < t
two charge nml sentence was suspend I I
c on the third
Mr Inuterbach went from the courtroom
II room to Poll Headquarters to prefer
charges ngnln t Bicycle Pollcemnn
Trank Iteinchle the
Irnk Ip oomplalnlnir otllcer
In tho cne The policeman had no
corroboRitine evidence while Mr Liu
tertnch and his aged mother l oth swore
to facts dlnmptrlcnllv opposed to those
Kvlted bv the officer
Heusjhle swore that Mr Iauterbach
on Nov 16 last ran an automobile Im
properly IlKhted and bearing f false
license numb across Broadway a I
Ont Iliindred und Twentyllfth street
j nt the rate of eighteen miles an hour
Then Mr Iamorbaci told tills story
I was driving my machine down I
Broadway ver > slowly when the ofllcer
rjda up mid cal my attentou to one
of tuy rear Umps which was burning I
Jlmly I explained to him tiiit the I
lamp won ou of ordtT und smoked o
tnat less If I turned It UP It would Oe ilf i
lie bear abusive and llnulb i
pluc d me under arrest As we Wt
hoing lu the station haute I nouccv
hlii pull out n stop watci ami tail I
n no e In ills bosk I toll mj mother I
tut he wuiiid louottess make u cnlre I
of nrripeeiliiin Utininst nit I
And i lie cud Then I Insisted tint
the proper hane that of having mj I
lamps irirnued improperly should ue
pretered anu aler omv illtHcully 1
got the ills K lleuennut to do as I
Wij > > l Lln they preferred the I
cease chat
1 s for the license number I hnd Just
hJU Tit me iia Mine and was uslal tH
manufacturers number until 1 got nn I
l wn rtil 1 ad applied or I was
within t le aw on IMS
Mr I > au crunch fiilly corroborated
her f luslie iH I
t Vyatt r an
MiiV li 1 Itiii I uschk ha I not < > <
tabs oil 1 t < afje
AUNAWtiY afjemm
h I
Driver ani Two Other Men
Thrown and Policeman
Dragged 100 Feet
Frlghtned > y ihe noise of n pas tnE I
autumobllo n team of horjes attiled
to tlif gracTv truik of O Oro > of I
No 52We t Sixtyseventh slret went I
iiRriiK down Columius avenue tart t
Ing nt Sst > bpventh street Hefora
they were rripp d thtv ii 11 ded j i i
nn L pllir threw their ilrlvtr from
plll i
kel down two other j
s < eat Um 1 I
men and dragged a policeman I hun
i Charlesllnn en the driver was proceeding
ceeding down the avenue whtn the
I puffing autcmoMIc sped by The big
gray phmgiil and then started on a
galop At Sixtysixth street I Mono
i hue and Frederick Mayer who were
I outside of HPIVI restaurant ran to
the Htreut Next the horses brought
1 the truck In collision with the L
pillar and Hansen was thrown
pllnr ald lanpn
I 1ollreman Wldder rsplendent In a
i bright new uniform wns on his way to
I tu Twentyccond Reirltnfnt armory
to report for drill duty when he saw
th repor dnMilng toward him He ran
out Into the street and watvl for them
IA they came ahronst Wldder Jumped
ifor a bridle of tin near hor e DPIJ
I is weight the horse kept on and rtM
nol come to a standstill until they had
the blueopal through th rfct
drag d hlUI11 Ilroul
The onlv nirt of Wldder that suffered
was his new suit
For household disinfection Prof Win
H Thomson M IX Dr Thomas Dar
lington 1res N Y Board of Health
Prof J A McCorkle M D Hrooltlyn
Iloarrt nf IlriiHli and several hundred
other omlnent New York phslclnA
I ha ndfrp1
I fs
I Chlorides
The Odoess
It Is an oduruvs colurlet nqii i ii
Instantly destroys foul odors and dis
easebreeding matter Solil ovirywluiro
by druggists nnd hlsrhcrons grocers
Write to the manufacturer Henry I
PIt 41 CIr it N V for free bonk
111 1 11 n 11I IUNn 0
isciAi AHSOIITII CIKICO fftgt kiKriiij ASSOUTKII eUlco19c
IAIIH UO klnilN rOLMJ IATKS UU 1lnlb Il n
011111 VAV CHKII os norciiTK
IIHID 2 1111 25
Pork Itnw ntnrn erenlnit until 11 nrluek
In open every oHnlof unt
tl rrlny trerl an1 Cnrllnnill street ntorr open Satiirdii crrnlnr until 11 oclock
or ovr tiiiin 54ICAYs
lltCIHtH II lt 1JIIR
I 111 Hlta 2S
nUii I llrmiUlin proper Ui rp CORTLANOTSt
Mtvrr I to in I5i for JOo to > COff CHURCH r
lulnta In Manbittin Rh < e On h
St HoUokrn anil Jfr ey lty Vft
tm < vU > mt C U U Cinir fr c
ur outoftown cUfttouur cirv
full picked und hlppj < 1 trim c
iiur > p clsl mill inter lUptrtment
I For a Bad Case of Eczema on Child
1 SuFered for Tree Months
j Distise Reached a Fearful State
Pain and Itching were Terrible
1 When I was small I was troubled
I with eczema for about Mtreo months It
was all over my face and covered nearly
all if my head It reached RICh a Unto
that it wss just a larpo scab ill > vnr
nnd tho pain and itching vero errible
I doctond with an nblo physician for
Borne time and was then advised by him
to use tho Cuticura Remedies which I
did nnd I was entirely cured I have
not been bothered with it inc I used
Cuticura Soap and Cuticura Ointment
but do not know exactly how much was
used to complete the cur I can saMy
gay tlrat Cuticura did a lot for me Mies
Oct Anabol 20 WIol North Branch Mich
With Cuticura Remedies in
Three Days After Six
Months of Suffering
I suffered fully six months Thfl
troublo began on my arms in llttlo
red pimples and it was not long before
it was all over fn body limbs far
and hands I was so bad that I con id
not rest night or day and durinp the
six months I did not get n Rood nights
sleep I doctored for three or four
months and spent at least twenty dol
lars trying to find 1 cur but none could
b found Then I saw tho tuticiira
Hemedies advertised ant the next day
I purchased homo for seventyfive cents
at the druggists 1 used them and I
was relieved of tho itchtni in throe days
and I have never had I tignof any skin
dUeasu since The Cuticura Hernedies I
are the only remedies to use for skin
diseases they have cUrd me Iud they
will cur others in the amo way J W
Doom H K Telegrapher Holloway
Mich Nov 20 and Dec 29 1000
Cuticura Remedies an guaranteed I
absolutelv pure under tho United States I
Food and Drugs Act I
Complrtr nxlernal an < l IntfrnM TreMmMlt for
ftrr Humor o Intunti tilldrrn mid Adults m
fists ut Cuticura SOAP 25c In Clin r the r kln
ill i ho It
Oiuran liniment 60c > lo Heal thf Miln nd Cull
run Kemlrem SOc i nr In the tnrm lr rhofnlsu
OutM Pllm 2Sr per vhlot fJi in Iurlly the Hho
Solrt thniuehriut th worM Inr nrus A COfm
Corn soir Inip o In M i
Vm Krr Ttiiuri H cn on Sim DUeuot
If you han 113 n vour
wardrobe a sut cf our c ot 12 s
you wilt own a styisn gar
ments as money cm buY
The prices cf v rcois and
prces c
Suit rang from SiO to 15
but for exceptional valuj
we especially call attention
to especialy cal utenton
1 I
Handsomt Suits at 25
lurbufA i
YBtrtt tltJP9 I
Msk tlic Man Wlio H i Tliout i I
Suits and Overcoats
i at 15 and 18
I Which are exceptional values
AIM at Xew llnviii > onn
Your Eyes
Eyes Examined C Jr UK O bi
Skilled Doctors of Experience
Glasses Always at Moderate Prices
Dculimi unit I
jo yearn in 1lClot
350 Sixth Avenue 1274 Uroadway
Below 22d St IJelow 33d at
101 Nus ati tf 217 Broadway
Near Ann St Aitor TInui Dock
223 Mxtlt Ave near 15h St
DONOIIOOn Friday at hlJ rcildnnce 3IS
Wrjtt 179th st near Anulerilam av
banJ of lilrn Iiwlor lao of tho Sixth
Waxl Minhattnn
Puneral on Tuesday May 5 at St
Andrew Clrirch Duane I and City
Hull iilacc ttiiprn I rmulern main will t >
> alJ for tho liaupy rp uf hlJ roul at
KHAltMIV UBNNIH belnveJ ion of
< UIi < Tla imd l < trlek KearnBy 16 Hi
7uih > t May 1 11MW
fMneral noilco Tueiclaya paper
> 1IILI la iltlUlll UltLS lull II
Ainrrlcun Manxanca Co a domeatlo cor
ration anlan > l rlnclwl Imalneia uffiur
m 1 ITounly of New Yifk and Htatu u1
York will njijily lo thu SupremeCourt of the
State of N w Turk at a HIHJC I1 Yrrm
lh rt < > r Iuit WI Yr kl lKl1 In thn County
Court Houif Iorouali ot Manhattan on thn
28th Ilu of Mar UiOS al inno A M or
a > torn ttiermtter ai eouniil can Ai heard
lir an iinltr uumoilalnx h corporal Ion lo
chanxe atlon Ita corporate nAnia to Mohawk Bxplor
ortral A ANJlna c
Dy ii Kan
Datt eW ek Ky 1
I Jr I I
1 I
Do von riMltze lie advantage of
buying your floor coverings ili
rectly from the manufacturer
I Von net only have the opportu
nl > lu cK l tfrulu the newest and
freshest patterns but you get
them at 1 big saxiiR in price due
t the elimination of betveen 1
profs Quality is guaranteed in
every cie A few eximples of
these advantages ire to be seer in
these offerings I
RU05tnndsome Royal Wil 1
tons 9i2 standard grade ar
tistic designs were S3950 now
2750 2950
5cimlcss Srrnk Wiltons 9z
13 Oriental color schemest I
were 54000
now 3 > O5U 1
1 Body Urussls 912 5frame
qualitv serviceable and
I durable werj 2850
23 50
I Attractive Tapestry Btus
sels kiiRS 9x12 built to stand
hard wear wee Sl50 m
11 75
now 11
Ky ae of rus made from
remnanis at less than cost
Sizes t fit any room bring
mc > MI Cements
CARPliTS Worsted Wilton
Velvets in floral and twotone
shales of red and green were
S13S now
75c 85c 95c
Fine Ouulity Tapestry li Tas
sels In tbe best 10vlre weav
ing regularly SlOO 72 t c
now 73
J 14th ft
D o b son S Fifth Ave
Makers o Carpets for 50 Yeats
j 1
With a can of JA7A
LAC I yon can so easily
refinisli the baseboards
in your home thrt when
you Ire through youll
I wonder how so complete
a transformation was
possible vith so little I
effort I
All nQ51
High ArtHome Oullitiers
y f
T I nnk or the HI filrcrlc Sim
f I
W I25n St nr 7tn 1IJ
35 Buffets 1625
1625 I
for 35 Buf
Siets like
jiign polithed
iS carved quartered
riedoak jrench
bvel mirror
LeadedQl >
Doors lined
drawer bratt
trunmbgi dc
an extriordmary value
I 9100 Worth ol Gods j
I 150 Per Wee
I W t K iiiv hone t
tMwn arM omltlvely lo I
not Pr iurf eninl > er refer
1 r wrl t Iluo
7tvi rilnliife No 41
37 Maiden Lane N Y
ISII Kultnn Si I
Irn r
i ji
1 i iillj I Kj MferdAitAjr fr

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