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r = > I
But One Mother at the Stork
i Exchange Exhibited a
Japanese Poodle
Infants Seem Not to Flourish
as fin the Good Old
I Days II
By Rose C Tillotton
There laB been nn awful slump In the
BAbY Market and the Xcn York Stork
r Exchange at Madison Square Garden
I ma jr yet be draped In mourning
The depression In Infantile lnest
menu might hac gone undl co ered
for a long tlm hnd It not been U ibles1
Day at the Mothers Show jeflenlay
There the shortflso became appirent
at once and causeU a sensation for It
Traa generally supposed that babies
were the home pets of the matronly
bidders uHo attended marnlng noon
and night sessions at the Stork Ex
change Dut the truth li now known
and Manhattan can no longer hide the
act that babies dont flourish as they
used to do In the good old tlajs
At least thats the way It looked at
the Mothers Exposition jesterdixy af
ternoon I went there to len the baby I
brigade and I expected to see eery
ItOrt of juvenile from Infants In arms
I to aturay youngsters In knickers and
blouse Dame Stork guardian of the I
Maternnl Display wore a dejected air
> and her feathers were ruffled with In
r dlgrmtion at the childless aspect of the
I hurried to the check room for I
babies with a mental lslon of choco
latecolored triplets and lemoncolored
twins happily toddling about In con
blnatlon cribs and walkers while blue
jed Infants and blackhaired tots ex
ercised their lusty lungs cr > lng for
Teddy bears and other things
But the check room nns a haven of
rest and quiet There was not a child
In sight Even the Incubator had Its
steam ihut off and wa taking a dnT
of rest
Up the alele of booth I wandered In
search of the younger set pagerl
scanning each exhibition for a babo ot
any description The hotwater dolls
sat In solitude The automatic merry
goround ditto Kven the Nowl > wcd
hid to be content with only adult ad
linby dear cooed a noft voice next
to me at the booth where caps foi
atraltfitenlng ears were sold I fumed
to find a imart llttU woman with a
marcelled head carefully carr > Ing a
soft bundle In her arms which she
tenderlj fondled as she talked to the
girl behind the counter nab or
closer Inspection proved to be n Jap
nnc e poodle that disdainful sniffed
at the exhibition
Altltouxh It was Babies liny the
babies dTTInt attend Perhnps they
hav a grlevano ngalnn tlu Stork
Gets Subpoenas for Heads of
Railroads in Suit for
United States Examiner Franklin
Ferrl will hold a hearlns In Room 7
of the Custom House next Monday at 10 I
A M In the suit broupht by the Fed I
ernV Government In the United States I
Circuit Court St Tx ul for the disso
lution of the Standard Oil Compnnj on
the ground that It Is an Illegal
monopoly I
United States Judge Holt Issued yes
terday subpoenas for these witnesses
whom the Standard OH Company de
sires to examine
Frederick D Underwood President of
the Erie Ilallroad Eben U Tliomav
President of the lx > hish Valle > Ho
well Miller Chairman of the Chicago
Milwaukee and s > t Paul Jabez T
OUell President of the Marquette and
3e somer Dock and Igitlon Com
panv Vllllam C Brown VlcePuMdeit
of the New York Central Edwin W
Wlntei President of the American Rail
wav Iraltlc Companv Edward V lc
Kenzle T < Ilovd Ixiulj C Trltch
Fvrctt A Morgan William H John
son Cftlvln Skinner Walter E Hndgei
limes r Walsh Arthm XI Waltt an 1
H W Parsmore all railroad men
Parochial School Entertainment
TCic pupils of St Charles Bormmeo s
parochial school Brookljn will give
a grand entertainment at the Columbia
Theatre this evening The perform
I ance will begin at 7 30 and Is for tho
benefit of the school fund
ThB Knickerbocker Trust Commn >
construction of
plans for the
i hfts filed
nn eUrhtstory butldlni on Its properts
i at Broadway and Exchange place The
property has a frontafitt of slxt > fven
1 feet on ISrondwnv und 113 feet on Rt
It wa plinned
chan o plnce
the Trust Cormnn > closed Its
last fnll to hulld a twentxstosr
torl will
Ins on the lto The elKht s
constructed ns to make It pos
i be IIlf so to add the tnele sddltlonal
i stories nt nny time
lnrly niagnjiisand Scientific Treat
ment Accomplish Cures
Turereulofls is IOW dmltted to be a cura
blt ilt > oa e ty all leaJIng KlentlMs ant
fperlatltt on Lung and ChI t Diseases In
H l a dccelviiiK and lildilcn
Its reslnnlrg
I s c ami the failure to < ure has b11
due to th ph > lclnn s InoblllO to dUcover
the ril allmiT until the patient breaks
dunn ontlrul
I Dr Andcrron has become a rrnov nod c
clillt on Lung Rnd Ohe t Dlwaxs since
bs ue of hl Ander on XLlgbt for the
mrlj and trie iiHgno ls of thee dljcnfes
bR s resulted In the compute cure of such a
I IcrRO ponentigt of till hundreds of cae
tint come to him Ills NLlgut locates
revrals dlwr e before the tubercle bacilli
six months sooner
nppeai nnclom tliree to
thin Is posiblo by thu usinl medical cum
I The folonlne I but one of the man hun
dreds of enrol cn es nhose reftrenccs are
on file In IIr Aiidersnn otllce
Mr Jos Itothol 401 E 4th 01 city says
I had beon III for two > Car had a tick
I ling hirklm couch at first which I could
not pet rid of iltioush I tried man cough
m Jlrlnes n1 hnd been under the care of
two sool famllv doctrrs I
I I grw wore suudlly couch brcamn
I more hnris liiK lot tn > appetite and much
roch ind nnfllv hegnn plttltiR up blood I
hid nnnv hemrtrhaRes and s pat up two
qu irt of blcoi on one occaMon Klvlit
fwonts chll fever and ere pains
through the ihest and shoulder Incjeirrd
I my distress until 1 wss pn the verge of col
r lijie when I first heard of Dr Anderson
and drrldcd to consult a spechllt recarl
Inc my rs1 which I rrnllred had not been
I uci s uin handled
An examination by the Anderson XIlght
Intaitlv rfvrleil the true tondltlon of my
1111110 and the stace to which thedl eae hid
niSvnrpd and for the first t me since th
beginning of my Illness I felt that m > con
dition wis thoroushly understood mid 11m
n oiltitrl pHced m > elf under Dr Andor
5011 s core
After four months of Dr Andersons In
hrlatlon ind vlhritoryelecirlcal treatment
rnd follow Inn his advice upon d et and open
air ixcrclse I was cured complete of a
MTloulv a4vancpd caw of tuberculous of
thp liins
Mv rouch chills feve sweats pains
hemorrhages In fact eicrj old iliMrcsiln
jmpinm lapldly disappeared and an
XIlsht eaniliiatlon several months after
I WTS curnl oho v > ij m > lungs to be per
fertl > haled and I have remained pcrma
I nentlv curei evtr slntr
t Dr Anderson gives consultation and ex
tmnntlon rrpe of charge nt his office Si
Wst d ft X York between 5th nm
Cth avtb llrurslnll > 10 to 4 Muml
VednesdT lrllo > iV nlngs till S oclock
rucdavs 11 to 2 If unible to cill wrle
fnr patticuars
Southwest Corner 6th Ave and 18th St New York
ty200 Pretty Cutaway Coat Suds
Prince Chap Suits Butterfly Suits
like illustration for Women and cMtsses
Suits in the seasons most approved models ol the best quali
75 ties of Sergfe Panama Voisteds and new fancy w ave
in Blue Gendarme Copenhagen Brown Blondms Ian
F f any size Gray Pearl Black and tha new fancy and Shadow Stripe
onrdsty e ° r made to retail for 1J to 25
1 I
i I
The Newest Rep Wash Suits f 3 Oft
Worth 750 to 1000 on sale p U
They are made in Linon Pink Lif ht Blue and Natural colors in a snappy
Prince Chap Style in all sizes for Women and Misses The Coats are trimmed
with larpe pearl buttons and with wide whi e braid on thi collars and turn back
J cuffs The tullnleated skirts are finished with three wide folds
Do you know If Brill stores
Brill Clothes At didnt want to grow If they
werent looking tor more busi
Savings of 30 to ness be these May Sales wouldnt
40 in these If Brill stores had been con
tent to remain little stores
May Sales theyd have gone on like all
the little stores puvinti the
smallest prce for merchandise
in the open market and selling It for the highest
But BrIL stores want to grow and so they work
They qo to the big New England mllis and say Hero are
bright shiny dollars weave us cloth now that voure not
busy Weave us that grade you get S250 per yard for In the
open market well pay 5167 forIt NOW
And the mills they weave
Brill stores go to the big tailors who lament that theres
nothing olng and brill stores say Do you want to keep
those valuable organizations of trained Journeyman tailors
intact f Well heres the price of heir wages lor making
Brill rlothes lent profit and other costs you must cut off
So Brill Clothes corns to you In these Alav Sales
You cannot buy such garment underprlce anywhere else
Brill stores offer you them and you pay beside the price
only the GOOD WOKD that you tell your friend about Brill
SI8 and < Q 50
520 Suits ltf
Journeyman tailored garments colorings include the
new tans browns and grays as well as blacks and blues
Models are new Tailoring fabrics trimmings and style are
S 18 and 20 standard
2250 and
25 Suits
Here are suits in the new tan brown green and smoke
Here are suits cut on the extreme models with curved
pocket flaps and new cull effects
Here also are suits of conservative cut fabric and col
oring These garments were tailored by the foremost tailor
Ing concerns in America and are standard S2250 and 25
515 Value Blue Cf < 50
ScFiie Suits 11
Fabric tailoring and style are S15 standard The serge
was bought underprice and the tailoring done in dull season
You are assured Si5 service in every way These suits are
tailored to fit they will hold their shape they will not readily 1
shine and they are cut on new models
U S True Blue 50
Serge Lulls t i
These suits ire 520 value They ire warranted to give
S20 service All over America equal tailoring equal fabric
eqml trimming inJ equal style in a blue serge suit will cost
you So
Out of 15000 U S True Blue Serge suits sold guir
anteed to sive S20 service rr you get your money Lnck not
one Ins ever been returned
Here ire S new mrdel5 modernly tailored
3 ES
llarlrm Hlure Open KTrnlnc
279 br u QWAY n Chambers St U5TH STREET cor 3d Avenue
UNION SOi c Ri > n D way 7 CORTLANDT ST n Greenwich
EI Principe de Gales
Havana Cigarettes
Do Not Stain The Fingers
RICE lOc per box of 10 PECTORAL
fAD Maktn of El Prinelp d Calf Havana Cra
S S S is the only safe and reliable cure for Contagious Blood Poison
It is purely vegetable made entirely from healing cleansing roots herbs
and barks and in addition to curing this vile disorder S S S builds up
CC1 part of the system Mercury and potash cannot cure the trouble j
iiey can only mask it in the system for awhile and when they are left off
hccliscase returns usually in worse form than before and the patient
finds he has damaged his health with these strong minerals which dis
case the delicate lining of the stomach affect the bowels produce chronic
dyspepsia and often fiet up Mercurial Rheumatism It will not do to trifle
with a disease so powerful as Contagious Blood Poison for every day it
remains in the blood it is progressing toward a dangerous stage and will
in the end get beyond the control of any treatment S S S cures blood
poison in the right way it goes down into the circulation and removes
very particle of the virus No bad results are ever experienced from tile
use of S S S It is gentle and pleasant in its action and forty years of I
arcs warrant the statement that S S S is not only a safe but a certain
reatment Home treatment book on this disease and any medical advice
esired sent free to all who write
i y II RI m
to see how quickly you can learn 1
to play thj phro violin gUItar
I banjo horn accordion etc if you
follow the rules laid down in a
book of instructions and practice
during leisure moments from day
to day You can get the book of
lessons at nearly any music store
but be sure and save money in buy
ing an Instrument by reading World
Southwest Corner 6th Ave and 18th St New York
DOM Gambling in Shoes is just as unprofitable as any other form of
gambling You arc bound to lose in the long run Why take
TOPICS chances on the shoes you buy when you know you can get
legitimate value for every dollar you invest here livery pair
slices we sell is worth more than the pric charged Therefore
I GAMBLING you dont gamble when you buy your shoes of us
Colonial Pumps 1 English Pumps
Gun Metal Callskin and Patent Tan Calfskin and Tan Kid
Colfskin Sizes 2J4 to 7 Worth skin hand turned or hand
> 5250 and 300 50 l welted extenMOi soe
> 150 450
a pair I
a pair
For Children Misses and School Girls t 50
Tan Russia Calf High Cut Stioes I
Heels Lace tlutim
Welled aoies
The Sbade Evcrvbody Wants +
SbesSH ol1UI i in 2 and 2W to5 Worth 3SQ at iII
II fe
Womens Ii
II Oxlods
> rejruUr 0 too
KlcKkin Uppers Extension
Soles Sues 24 to S i
Wosstens Gibssn Tics
Pnent col s m tipoers short vamps silk
r bbon ae u nsd or extensi n soles
Cuban Ii els MZCS 2 to S the kind
that othr stores rt
tul it 52 50 our
100 rnc SJOO
Misses and Childrens OxlordsPampsStrap Sandals
Entire sampc stocks front several famous makers woith 5200 at l
Hundred newest Spring styles sizes 8Yto Ii and 1 t 1A to 2 Bargains never bi ore 1 00 I
equalled Patent Coltikm Gun Metal Calfskin and Vici Kidskin worth 200 at
sg00 and S350 Trade 175
Marked Mens ff
Shoes and Oxfords K
From ti 21 I
i h o
Geo E Keith Co t y
r 1 K
Packard Shoe Co li I
W s H McElwain Co 11
Tan Russia f ll t L
H H Calfskin NY i r
Gun Metal
am Calfskin
T ntitfpll f m Vici Kid
LillUlkl ll JfB Jm skin and
T im Patent Colt
Ta m s f r mm Hand
ML V O vViSHsw Welted
Button Boys
Samples worth up to So
Tan Vlci Kid Tan Calf Gun
Metal Calf Patent Colt
Sizes skin and Vlel Kidskin sizes 150
6 to 11 9 to t3Yi and 1 to 5 at
i I
1244h St and 3d Ave
C n Sale at 18th St Store and Harlem Branch
h 7

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