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r i4 r
T 4 I
I Heres the Latest Magazine Dream of the Destruction of New YOlk
i Whose Tall Towers Are Tumbled Into Chaos by a Crazy Scientist
I I Discovering the Principle of Cohesion
He Invents a Machine to Dissolve
It and Skyscrapers Fall Apart
of Their Own Weight
Trapped in His Laboratory by a Re
porter the Mad Avenger Ends His
Life by Poison When His
Formula Is Destroyed
New York City has been destroyed many times by novelists
and short story writers but it remained for Michael Williams to
discover that it could be done simply expeditiously and mysteriously
t v merely upsetting the principle of cohesion Mr Williams ex
I plains Tintr it is done in this
months Everybodys Magazine in a
story entitled The Avenger which is given here in condensed
i form
i I
A Flaming Warning in the Sky
GAINST the black eastern skythe night was cloudy and rain
A threateneda horizontal bloodred streak was quivering high
over the tower of Madison Square Garden There were diarac
tc j as of riting in it They were bright and then they darkened like
ail electric light fed by an uncertain current They were not clear All
at once they came into focus As the staring multitude in the square and
on the streets read the words there was a shout of astonishment mingled
with a shrill overtone like a scream of terror
I Gerald Lindsay a World reporter who had been sitting with the
t Governor in the corridor ot the
ft o Hoffman House whipped out a wad of
I VI folded paper and a pencil and began taking down the words His hands
t trembled in his eagerness to miss nothing Ivfore the skvwritinp shonH
> fade He set down
> wn
t 6f1lx l u t ct
0 Sl c t
Ch rt < u J
rr t tt tkL ut
It im lr li i inx Of cour p It was
hoax Hut at am rate It was the
AlgCtst hoax of Its knd that Neu York
I s ad known jet it wus his in Und out
fix hose hoax It was rind win and lion
t The portent Itself gave no clue Tniie
decere no llgntpencls treainuiK up from
t 1 OCTOle city to Indicate that some wonder
t cr011 lantern was projecting tin Inscrlp
Era CII against the cloud It wa as
I alioush the let t CIM had foen cut through
r I cloudbanks from behind so that
v a
horilble red licht coud shin
ever I r
Jlfh The iicrptimi fcppt Its rilll
o lllnncy for fhe minutes Then Hick
I W ring slightly again tn letters dulled
tvnd winked out altogether
After slopping a moment to peak to
a girl It the crowd who nld he was
lookln for her brother Oerald telephoned
I phoned the news to his paper The
press was fnI of the sonsitlonnl Inci
dent on Wednesday mornIng and on
Wtdne day nlsht the crowd nround
Madison Piuare had another thrll
T A little rftr < i oclock a dull slow of
f letters developed In thQ ky for yflvt
I dccfecs above the horizon It was
greeted with a mUnty roar of excite
ment from the itippte A dead hush
followed The second messise lIntel
a J ok tt
V 3 an
J o QM
In spite of the efforts of most of the
newspapers to Impress upon their rend
er that the warnings could not he any
I thing but hOAxes in spite of their efforts
to persuade people to attend 10 business
a usual and to r tra1I rom lolnlng in
A universal hysjerla the popular excite
I ment grew
On Friday night at C oclock tno
d orowds solidified In and around Miull
i t Ion Square
The Warning Repeated
I 1J1e best efforts of pollcw reserves
drawn from all over Manhattan and
from Brooklyn could not upen thu
1 t treet
I After a consultation with Gen fling
bam and the Mayor Inspector Klllornn
began a careful but reMmlcHs puxiltu
J back of the cruwd until Droadway
I Twentytlilrd street Twentysecond
Street nod Fifth avenue were cleared
fanmdlately around the building l1fty
I ybllocmen and a hundred plainclothes
r cJtIte otve were stationed all through the
building Itmlf The Commissioner felt
I l that there waa every ohnnco that the
yraralllng excitement would Inspire
1 DOM kinetic lunatlo to activity and to
If k a conrlctlon Uiat It wan proper to iniilcj
good the cloudwritten prophecy by
mean of an explosion or a tire
To the pollco reserves were added at
IM oclock ihun reds of pollcomen taken
oen their regular ponta In every borough
7 of tti rfty The Commissioner resorted
I to what lie called bulkheadlng cor
don he drew a line ot police across
seryetret corner within ten blocks of
the Ftatlron Building
About 10 oclock th Inspector crossed
to tbe Flattron Bulldlnc and dividing
P4 J Into quad made a clo la
spectlon of every floor Gerald
I Lindsay
I followed the officer to the door of the
I building and waited there to hear the
result of the Inspection
There Isnt a soul In that hulIln
I except my men the engineers the ele
vator men and the watchman said
Inspector Klllcran In Ueralda
I And even wnployep has one or my
men at his elbow There isnt
a change
or anr troubl unless unless
Inlps Mjj
jni aVi n mne ivag
Planted under the building and cut
lucted with elijtrle wire before thj
warning was given
The Inspector comire ed his lips and
Jt was nearly n10 oclock The In
sppctors hIts were coming t o him rap
itt ly now with Information of iron jle
tmlilenli it
> t iMvime parent that he
police lines at the front
of the crowd
were no longer ncs ai
necessary Ill ltl W1j
a universal
unreasoning fright ue
crowd wrs running
a vnv
Every llt
wa turned to the building Vioie
were lighting begging
praying to be
aluwd to get further away
Tnree policemen were walking
from their posts at the apex of the
1IlIlIlIlng The
inspector ran toward
I hem crying Com bact Uie
Onp of the men turned back n little
The Jlh others I only ulclellea their step
I 11 n i th lt
noail raving III his uteri He sI luck
i Otto In the 1UO el
t another iv the
u Mmldcrs and 1111 him bak anti until
I iI lls hem crjuk iiinped ihf stones with II hul i
A ilo ti mm
cam 11fn lItIri4I tin I
corner HI
eieswer wild
HO ninulit
Ih mIHllIr
by th mm niu Jiihioi
trig point M out I
0er the
suare at the
Look he sun t I ereI Llllo <
In te Sl11 flaring lurld rodthe
veiy color nvule iinlmaclmitlve level
headd nun tel a terror of which they
worn ton ashamed tn speak a ew
w Lining was g lea ni lug down upon the
5n LwmvI flL 3 6tuU
ad 13 L wtvj ot I
One of tire few rennlnlng policemen
Ian oiii d the curb nid Ml on his
kins waxUK his arms oxor his head
and praxlng Incoheiently Hu tred to
Bet up and fell forward on his ICU
The Flatiron Tumbles Into
Chaos i
The Inspector walked out to the car i
t opposite the point nf the build
Ilijt at t ho Txvenljtlilid street end and I
htood wit a his hands clasped behind I
his bach watching the silent square
while tho led words faded out of tint
hky Lindsay looked buck and gusped
with admiration for the rugged gtand
enr of the sturdy old man then he
turned again and wullud to his post
When hu lenclied It he Mopptd though
he felt that his feet were tiylng to
t a ke him on doxvn lie IIVIIUP
CJchl In heaven have mercy on my
soul Mother of Mercy pray for me f
Thu hIoIlIHd y ahrleked words tuna d e linn
turn It xvas Lieut Burke running to
xviird him priylng as ho ran There
xxius n horrid tiny grinding sound all
through the air Tho heavy pounding
of running feet canio Irlll1 the north
and tbv guHi > lng of a breathless man
and Inspect01 Kllloran lung himself
upon tho Lieutenant and Lindsay as
they clung together The grinding
rolse grow louder All three half down
on their knees supporting oneanother
locked up at tho towering building
their glaring vyoa were fixed and hor
Every light had cone out and tho
= rn
f I
1j i
I f4iI fIr
A Li
j 1
i 1
e I r i I t Lt
i4if 4
S S c 1
314 t t 8
g t
s ti
I 3
I 1g
1 c4 Ik
rtt I t 1 ki q dC W
4 7r e ir r 0 1 t ui J I
I t
4 4t i S 1 5i j
t I
1 I
I iT ri
Ii j I
a t
l7r Ri
llllldtlg wro wri is t
S t u01 > I j
i in jiJe to II 5
In that in in u i I
Illf hiul N in I I i i i
iinittxl crt ul i i tlId 1 i i i i i 1
fear of hiiiuin ds o thni inlfi of m n
und wnmen whn wci witchinift Le
biilldhu from a tar nIt
After that Njl1lu roarlns oubiirst > >
discover tad of horror the dtimbnr1
of fear soileil Lit multitude to shorn
The lIt jritt leaned oV 1 toward i
IIIPX i v l further and fiirtnr on
toward tho rqunix Silently i eept fur
the lutz iv qrlttlv grind ii with
vhlci all tnu air seemed filled slowly
It s iiiied tirurd by n ret lie it a hut in
flexible I lid > iniDotilv sliwh will
now rid tin n n rending of Iron IHIIHS
within like cinnoii hots but without
con vii li > M 4 lthmit pxplpjloas It
bowed ThaI was t hit Insnnu horror of
the thlivl
It e wa > ed slekenlnirlv It whlvered tho
movement tnea ire tnorr > c wlft ntd tlifn
there wis a terrific ilitorlti rnini
Ins tearing roar of splitting beTin
hurtling blocks of stone re reirul rug
Sinn and ripping rending ilpMru n
Tile rintlmn pound Itself out Inn thu
square and liy lure a broken nimet
tag irrls upon the inking tunas of i
earth PlntiRtnR and runihlltiR is I lit <
pile settled upon itself
Mon ard wonien blocks nwiy 1Ip
thrnnn upon their fieiw by the m
crI us lain Many were killed outrltit ny
the tihoik and fright nil UID irei < in
the southern unit of tlu pirk usue
blown down befurc the blast tint n
fall ciused Vindows and ooriiK d
appeiNil as III I lit whirl of n tnrnil
rumbled alone pnlNfilled glis runt
uil reds of wood tlbni were iiorne ver
nil the central pan i > f thu city by tLc
vngnint winds
Lieut llurlto rose fiom the ground
wheio hi had been Hung with he otlir
two Hu tu1t an tu itt tigEr ind walked
nwiy ohiifkllng and dunchiK with
cluniKy bteps n mudmiin
torah llnday touclicd Insptctor
Kllloruns shoulder The Inspoctor
tumbled from his knei a Into thu gut
ter He was dful llndsay swounud
He opened ills eli after II vhllu nnd
found hlmstlf luoking > < p into a uoin
nna face It wis the vime girl lie hut
met on thu Itm night arid iiriiln slit
was loiiking for lier biother
New Yorks Skyline i Ruins
Three nights later tire Times llulldlng
was made Into a pile of stone and twist
ed girders and then every night was
I marked by a blow from The Avenger
The Singer Building and tho Huds >
Terminals wero the next to go and all
nl rr ot r 1 ill i v r 1 1
S han ls t I om
I Si Iui r Ir r I
I I hl T I i
j r l > lId 11 I I 1 kIn
1 YOII Wt alto I I or Ii
i I li l s hrig tn
iul tnI litt Vettin elite lIIrnln
S u H 1Ihl my IJl1lh o SItS slonN I
111 uvutiti hfnlllll nI I1rx 11 nrr
f 1 llat lnlwlH tint slOnlll1
pt y WOII11 Iii si itii n we
I order lluit lint cltzins mlslU tnsv
faiil inrtfopolH Ii ni at oiioe tin
1t1t 0iln M nn X i lint Federal
JIri illl1 OffnH lllereil tllll olty
Jrillons Mliltted It nv 11 Inll of thc
wviii1 vvpC not mOl t ha I ii vc llnn
51 rid
< rTKniH wore left i II Mnnhnttaii
iKliiiid ippp lViern J tl a I and city
cr5 polaeini nurses
1Hvlflnni nnd nevupnncr onospond
hut ctr YorI ws lal
Jliillsa r I union ll fl lila V > rv
bUIIlln ilust IOyenl hll1 tu lu tlit
r h Ill rd i01 hay hr ult nirrllt
Oril of the JUnn
jone or d lIcllon Ire
1111hl M 1Il 111101 I lie trtrruirurl al svnrl
I oiimunir nut this Itll 11 avoidln
t ito
walls hc m < miters In
a black ollnry street f lint Imns
HIP girl
met on previous II > ruslIrs Her
mime mInts Bur to 1k Mir rn Damon
> hp Is
srcllnn a pllynt Ira Mr tier
brother xvho N sick mIl I IK llndinv
niunnu her Mtrango hrnilie
Mv lirullior Is II jcliriM she sall
lie hilt alwnys been a it ulenl and
he mndo mnnv Invonilnnv nni dN
roxorle lint the prnipss s at till
Tolinlcil I rrsl ii into ciins I i miHUD
and very Importinl h1 uiiiio1 would
rcxpr make thorn pulill H has ill
xviivs bpen ad and glninv
Ono night befor Ihe nilil xx linn I
found xon un the ground I heird hlii
Iniighln and cryini at eras In his
r in and i tan to lilm Ho wa sob
ing out tIter and ovi r again I have
found it I have found it at last I
asod him what he hud found He
S I > Milled proudly to a nueer machine on
I the Moor that looked like a big camera
and cried wildly
This With this machine I control
cohesion cohesion which holds together
the world and nov I am the master of
I the world
Hut ho grow calm as I showej my
I torrorfor ho was really raving and
Milt me axvax saving that ho had been
tiilklng nonsense and that he still hud
much to do before his new invention
would bo complete
Face to Face With thc Avenger
Gerald Lindsay entered the laboratory
of Gabriel Damon the Avenger had
tar Hla mother maiden name the
slitor explained A lighted oil Janjp
L n 1 S T I o 11
0 r il i i II ies 1 r i
Iii r m I J t i v a
n i ii of 11 IP n
w i S unr It u1 nf lh
r K H > I < nit lu b i j < 1 i u
Ui sin I hnaxinqs tool and Ii
rem if tin soil lay dcjp mi t tie HIMII
Near HIP hit w nilow nl the r > nr of d
inn there was u wide ti I imii
iti paprrH and over tls Iu Mu
> nt
HP wa Intentlv cyehiR a inin thu
siitttvl HIP i rlndllll Ii llilii < if NP
Voik many nf horn rtianoI with a
rod cross In Ink until a Lite nnd his
lieH WI tliunipn exctlnlhv met II
dlcovory when hu liennl i vtep on tbe
Mtalrs Hu shinced liuirlid aroiiii
Niiir nt iininl thrp win a eninln
i rpiesi Into which he mt I lig Im
i i 111 thu curtain with his vnher ill
Ills bund iali 10 hinl tne st p
1 dris ln on the stalls nil then 1
1 hoiiM > y hrlll video vciiI I tvruhi it
i n > all MI 1 nm s u i red Ann a
i tall emaelnlid IIHIM wi II loia
i ulavorous tlilnlv l i dd face from
winch iinslshot in S Kenmed liliii
milling coat from iiiv Ii she luITO1
iie roiiin lip iMI an iisliuminl
that 100111 lb ill blB land amenn
iied bv lion npn per IimlotriinliiM s
Iilndcuv leap I wnl the tnlt1 and
cIittr his rix Kii toward thu tail
minis head n ° u Do not movo u
slj Thiow u i our Hinds
Alili r i nipil tio lull man ulti i
n iineer gun I nug mund and ho in np i
a dnsi IHWII I HftUiK the cnuier iiko j
iistiuiiHii Ith his fingers rlrnliif
wMdlv ar > I I Its top
T i striiiicle was s TI Lind
say ttrrurv am icavlly to the r anl
MtatoliInK a sout COrd fioi ti liter
near to he nound him
The PUHJIHTI wild cYt > < 0 < d a him
All le aid with in i < li > rlbublu
nriwancu vour ijiuti t Jill Ii moie
than mine nut 1 h Itt my mark
> on thu uvunrl illi lana > mi and yours
until the end of tlnn
lie was Klarint appreliiislvely at II I
sliet of pivcttnrrtnrt it Ito lupor on tn
Inborn tnm tublp llniUiy Klan < i
Inward It An Intiitltlun lame to lin
lhit this was t IP incipt of TI Ainir > i
n written formula fir the inucitm 11
html otudtruvtut Nnw York lit plclil1 M
the iliifiinuMit It was headed Thu 1 IH
Ah sild HIP reporter wth a quick
I nil rail n breadth
Tins eyes of the bound man lame
atraln He kept a rltiid stlllnpss and
a deep silence however until Lindsay
SII > IIK 0 > d forgive me If I am
dninK wionn but 1 lake the rrrponM
blllty held he pircjimcnt to he
llame of tho lamp The captive
inspod an > I shirt nk a s tiouti fie llinus
had touched hU uody
lliubaj with pale face and shaki x
hands watched the sputtering destnic
lion nf the secret of the makIng of t e
Instrument and the chemicals used by
the Avenger In his appalling career
I u > i i I > lulS of xxhl h the I
l 5 i p ua t l r f gnxlty
dl7o1 a ding H is will
S t i n ted Litdsn > >
5 rat oId i welling hi hart
I r uJ ei
ine inked In tile extent nf mv
I it nix d 11 js Ionic I IIXP tuneS
S It of ig Iiln I horn nf this nnnstioiis
world to nth is mid I he ciptlvp
suuri with inHiilto lasslnnle Tun Into
I InterfPic Llmlsnv MIW Unit Thp
Axiiiger bad ielcied Ils tight aim and
ind noun ib > inpe nnd now the trial
l airlcd a miriel nf iInuniI h rug while
unit piielot to lips
I v sniiii tohis 11
Too lal gasped Crlhllel PHmon
I IIuu will uves tr1 I n Ik 10 111111
saxs unit tlev sudd nil clnseil tberp
nVu s n I wlthill out u xprv
I mOhils ill lila Ih ui
treiiililing of Ih
fllrlllIrl a
InSt mllmnt III rrus over Ttnuilsay
S enl 111 th 11 nuIua Ih snnunnt or
manuipitnig feet nlIprt1 I ant unit
S Jilo In ncciirdiince will > tInt rermest
i rt for
i cii him
I I al 01 I n i lurr
nlo tho room a ii i i I nOI ltnul
a with III > M Ill
Vr ring v uulrrtrug
T 11 ls
I S llnor i plllllld r t un 111IIn II I tie
I TbaCs The trugr lie laiui He
I ticnti
The 5 niuptriusu in > nlih
i pv d
i > nis s se III
ruuulu Oil satunliy
I nn MHO c it Inrun
to fortx
elu i utirs iniro In lire Tinbs She suc
J III IPmini Inll 10lla but the
i ks and uillrlai >
tI uso bnui haxe
ru I lint 11II1h i unit uit hr hnlf
S 1la
renumesunuuuurt vu if I ire Amrit1I11
11111Oly COIl1PlII 11 III tl n i i
tlonipxs1 01111 ll > rtlv nfternoun nnd
announce thai tie WIK pie Iard 10
osit fwi III IIh 10 sunir ttuu lu
or Iiss tS I 1 I ruruin nr 1 I
In the Plork f Hie Cnlirt of Vjoiienil
eHlolls wi iI Hi imp rs ill i tue
oni V nus 111101 f ind Hie illlco I u kI
liun ity i ri u ittis Ill N In
rlosed HO Ih was or tiling tn do hut
xnlt until I i liv Th s rn u ii
KIIX 11111 i 1 i a us r i r
Ipfi S
I flip rescup f mitnr Platt
eneniy to
I S I i
I Kelps over
the hill
Cot lots of hud work
Theres a Reason
If Proprietor Brown Keep
Cafe Open Laic Hell Have i
to Arrest Himself I
To nltrifs the night xihen PMIoetmn
Vllllnni Hrown will Inxe the oppor
t unIty to keep his eagle eye pee > M on
iiii plain William Brown purveyor of
xxmes llitiors a und cigars and pro
prietor uf ihe West Ilnd Inl > next
dnir to the West Knd Ticiiro hi
Vost one Handled and Txientyllfth
And If plain William Brown pur
vex or of wlnps liquors und cigars
doesnt lock up the cash register turn
S off I ho IKT tap put out the lights and
S put up DIG shutters sharp at 12 oclock
S Policeman Ilrown IH expected t o de
I scend upon him xxlth all the fervor of
a nmo Larrio Nation raid the place
nnd arrest Ihe proprietor which will
pn hard with both of them conslder
ng the fact that they are one and the
smile person
It all came about because Commissioner
Illngham has a sense of humor lie
I has known since three works after he
I got hU present Job that many of his
policemen untied saloons laundries
harbor shops bakeries and other insti
tutions which helped them a little In
HIP snuggle for bread but not until
Pullerman Hrown spoKe light out In
i ireotlng and said yes lie and Bill Me
Dfirmott owned the Uest Erich Cafe and
S what warn nnylrxly going to do atom It
S tIlt the COl11ml loner have the goodij
right on one of them
Got It Without Pull
He didnt smite Ills desk and swear a
S good round oith by tho nine gods of
ancient Greek cuss I
war or any other
word lie just chuckled and llko Urer I
Itabblt IIP lay low Then yesterday he
plated his little Joke and today the
whole department Is nil of a chuckle
hl1 waiting to see xvlint xvlll hapen
Is trnns
I Ordlirirtly when a policeman
fPTod to xihnt Is known us the station
I h use post In the West Knd the Ot items
shake their heads oiulously antI sn >
I 5 iCS I guess tints bad for Jim or
n ib or whatever his name may lie
He must have a mill somixvrere he
I cinse tint station bouso post Is ono
nt tile softsi tOil most gentpel as
tlgnmPiits to xxhlcli a n v one may as
pire nnd 1101 In a neighborhood xihre
1itrglnrles are few citizens keep early
hoirs the sIn ets urn broad and lcll 1
Hihied peanut and fruit rtands as
hick as tin sands of the spa unit there I
I are minj ploamnt lounklng Intones i
I mong the latter Is Wllllan iironns
V I inns Ilipiors and cigars dlslrlbtitoiy
I niuni t cut Is prplrelj xvhx Instoid f
I enxlous dance being cast at Pollcmin I
William lImo win wIn err the order for his
I transfer to the pall wns rend at roll I
cal In the Union Market station Ids
trct hems of the nightstick mlckeied c rut
pllv and dug him facotlouslv In the ribs
Well what are xoti goIng to do about
if I
Excise Point Up to Him i
S Ioliceman Willlim Hrown went nn his
now post yesterday afternoon but if
5 ure there ails no necessity for lookIng
Ing In to see If Saloonkeeper William
Hrown was lognrdlng the law then ami
I wiielirr or list Iollceinan Wlllian
liroxvn event visited the West tntui Cafe I
will never be known As fur Hint rio
bodv Iires fur It Is on Ills inule of
t roced ire early to morrow morning that
i ull u > us will tuin
I itx ihe prixIxioiiH of the present platoon
eidicm he Ill no nn dutx nin ti i a
> 1cloikr and he must kirl > iixxnko
S until In the moinlng tlms uing HUM
uii hour In n mcli to make sOrt tait I
xoixlhliikr Is Mlnil up light ir Willliin
S Ilrov ns Wesl iml Cafe I
i Slinul the glass portals of tine fam
IIv entrance swing slmiM a single
I no leturnlng psldent of tho neighbor1
I jiiind disappear xxlln the glnxfrunt I
hluaild there in a glimmer ot light from
S Hie pi i < Policeman llrnwn will liavo
S in Immolate himself upon tin altir Of
nInth nnd lint nut Proprietor William
S llliiwn to Ihe West Due Hundred and
Twentxtifth streit it in thorn
I The evs of his brother ofllceri ruin
the merrx I Ii irgturu urn down are ut > on
him nnd we Mull MH what Ill hill
I 7Glko L9erAjr8
uar s
a The more discriminating
r the woman the more
she appreciates the del
cacy of this exquisite
Fierch perfume
Mnletle Krrkuff poM CH f tlif Irlll
ilulrt frngmiHU
KprknffV ITII Strlla U new tbt
fn aft ltn whto
500 FE FOR A
It Vas the Night Before De
Satnn and Mine Gould
Sailed Too Is Rumor 1
Although d nlM Is made today that
Mm Anna Gould and Hclle de SaJ n
th spendthrift Frenchman who Tol
loned her to this country under an
assuni I mine were married secretly
in Meyers Hotel In Jersey City the
nisi they lx > th slipped out of New York f
before starting for Europe the next
dn he act remains that a coupl
answering their description were mar
ried In Hoboken on the night of April
11 and a Jersey City Justice of the
Peace Is FHlil to hive sot a fee of 500
for keeping the civil ceremony frora
I official records
Aionu with this sensational report
comes the story that George Gould
head of the house of Gould who baa
so bitterly opposed his sisters alllanc
with another scion of frayedout no
hllltv Is weakening In his opposition
It Is declared lie Is as bitterly opposed
to P Sasan today as he was from
the ilny the Prince set soil after Mm
Goulds hand anti millions which wai
pen before tho Paris courts Krant 4
her a divorce from llonl de Castellana
but IL Is said he realizes the longer he
prevents the open acknowledgment of
Da vixan that Mine Gould Is his wit
the longer the scandal now attached to
them will brew
Would Stop Scandal
Mr Gould It Is declared came to
the c inclusion that his opposition wits
of no mail after the visit of Mm
George Joud ana hfr live children to
ParK Mrs Gould had Intended going
to Hnslnnd on May 13 but at the lat
moment changed her plans and sailing
a day earlier went to a French port
She iirrlvcd In Paris Monday afternoon
tinj went to Mme OouldH irtment3
No 12 AVenue Malakos and remained
there durinK the day
Mrs Gould Is said to have communi
< ntrd the result of her visit to her
it him been shown to Mr Gould also
that if Mine Gould coin nues to 1 > o
ut > uut with Ut Safiin In Parts ns she did
III Jtnly i > c Castellatw will have
grounds for asking that the children b
Kipn over to him Should he be suc
cessful In this lie would be In poses
sion of u Hibstuntial income from the
On the night jcfore Mme Gould and
her children snllrd on the Frledrloh der
Grosao and DC Sicnn set sail on the St
Paul justice of the Peace Dudenhen
I item of lloboktn was asked to perform
n secret marriage of a prominent
I couple
Justice Had Change
At the last moment so the story
runs the nronilnent couple decided on
n leisev Clts JuHi e of tho Peace The
marruiRe it Is declared was performed
som time between the time when Mine
Umild and De ftisnn sneaked out I
UirrmBh the kitrhen entrance of the
Motel St llpfflf anl he time they
appeared at the stijmslilp
TIII next dn tho Justice of the Pence
who Is credited with performing the
cei mony was blylns nine for all com
lest how the Ioupie sot around the
law hlrh riHiulrps that ono of the
pnrili > to a marrlape he at least a hotel
r < ldeiit of tIne State Is not made
Makes Wrinkles
Disappear in a Night
In nets It tnnces No face massage no
Ftrnmlng no crrams or norailed skin
find nn nia < kt nr rollers nothing to In
ject hut a marvellous simple discovery
that work surprising wonders In BIGHT
nm took my own wrlnklfs out by my dIe
rcucrv ifirr timfsnge nnd beauty doctor
haul fnllel My treatment Is absolutely
harmlHS cm be Upon 1 without the knowl
cdi n cf any one and takes only a few
mlMite Tor further pirtlculas address
IIAItltlCT MKTA suite M7C Syracuse
N V llofore I give lull Information Ire
julri iroinl of secrecy for my own pro
Before Retiring
Any unpleasant after effects
from a late supper may be
quickly dispelled and restful
sleep assured by taking a dose
of the worldfamed correctives
Sold Everywhere In boxes lOc and 25o
is Caused by Cathartics
Any harsh physic any physic that
gripes Irritates the bowels
That is how salts and cathartics get
their effect They act as pepper
acts in the nostrils causing the
juices to flow
But the bowel lining like the skin
grows calloused under COuqt1
The bowels then cense to supply tileir
own laxative Yuu need physic nl
the time As the bowels grow harder I
you need larger doses
That Is chronic constipation
That is how constipation Is caused
by the efforts of Nature to resist a >
harsh physic
The way to cure It Is to use a natural I
Cascaret laxative dainty and gentle Thats
II the bowels ue calloused take ono
i Cascaret twice a day for a time
i But youll need them less and less
They will soon bring back the natural
S functions Then you wont need
them nt nil
I But when the bowels again need tern
porary help dont attack them In a
i way sure to case constipation
S rials n mndv iiolels They are laid
S < S a1 rill but nsicr n bull Ho into to
S get Ilia crnuine with < I f on tvrrr tiblet
Tbe buz It mu llke thli
The vtitpociet box U 10 cali
The moDthtreitmect bai 50 ctat
uoO boxes old nnt U > 4

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