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Charity Will Continue in Bak
crys New Quarters a
L BlockFurther North
V t
f The Bread tine Xew Yorks well
r known private charitv which has be
o rne an Institution In the minds ot the
poor It was announced today has
t been caught In the maelstrom of com
t mercial development and on June 8
f trill have new quarters at
aJrest and Broadwa This means that
The Bread Lino hag been shifted up
town a distance of one blo k as for the
eara It has held forth
r past thirtytwo years
I at Broadimr and Tenth street under tho
f chime of Orace Church
t I would be a poor ion of my father I
If I discontinued The Bread Line
> tnl d Otto P Flelschmann to an Evening
always felt that
t World reporter IIII
bb bustnr prospertr was largely duo
< to the good will of the public for his
In feeding the poor When
J flea hand
if move from oar present location to
1 the location one block north The Bread
i Line movos with us We shall continuo
i to feed the hungry poorwell as long
that the
I sincerely hope
L a I live and
r r jfraotlce will continue after
v I What Bread Line Has Done
L Hero U what hla prIvate charity Jias
4isp nsed within the past thirtytwo
Two million full loaves of br d
t One hundred and sixty tliousand
k pounds of softee
I Four hundred thousand o iorts or
l ilk
Four million cubes of liulr
Altos her more than 4000 000 persons
I y
loaf of
i have each been given half a
bread a CUD of hot coffee and a kind
H Word since tho late Louis Flelschmann I
on the northeast cor
his bakery
i opened
r lir and Tenth street Ho
Ii rer of Broadwi
of coffee
1 gave away his flrit cup
half loaf of bread on Chrlsfnas
1S76 and It was his mode of shnwlng
t Bold
f his pleasure at hvlriR received a
ri > dil for his oooWerv at the Phlladel
r Jjla Centennla1 Exposition
I Charity Has Grown
From this small bfilnnln the c iar
T Ity spread all over the eat side wheTs
S U was whispered You need not go
rfungrv go get In the bread line Any
r liixlv who wanted food could havo It
fyr the asX np on bake day under the
Qraro Church spire Saturday was the i
only das of tho ueek when Mr Klelsch
tuann dlJ not hre pome of the profits
< f tik business with the public He did
j TVit bake on Saturdays As an Indica
l tion of the ciov th of this Phiritv It
r Is an Interoting fact that 1103 lurmy
lliimi being were In the bread Una
lad night I
1 >
Body of New Yorks First
Governor Arrives Here on
Way to Kingston
With an elaborate show of civic and
military honor the body of George
Clinton majorgeneral In the Revolu
tionary army once VIcePresldent of
the Union and the lInt Governor of
New York wn brought to the City
Kali to He In state tor one day on its
way from the Congressional Cemetery i
at Washington to Kingston where it
is to bo finally interred on Saturday
near the epot where the Illustrious deaU i
took tho oath of office In 177 I
Upward of live thousand men mainly i
In uniform formed the escort that
brought the casket from the Battery
to the City Hal Gen Frederick Dent
Grant had command as grand marshal
of tho Imposing procession Under him
were soldiers sailors and marines policemen
licemen National Guardsmen citizens
of New York City and Kingston de
scendants of Gov Clinton anu patriotic
organizations All over the city nags
floated at half mast and thousands lined
lower Broadway to watch through the
passage of the caisson carrying the
ebony coflln wrapped In tho Hag for
which the dead man fought
Great Crowd on the Pin
A huge crowd filled the municipal
plaza and the open spaces of City Hall
Park to BOO the body carried Into the
Hall The Mayor and his committee
stocd with uncovered heads as tho
casket was borne past them on tho
shoulders of picked bluejackets
The body remained in the Governors
Room upstairs until late this afternoon
All day double lines of citizens passed
b y it Tonight It will be put aboard
the United States ship Wasp which
will carry it on tomorrow mornln up
the Hudson to Klngst accompanied
bv a fleet of torpedoboats submarine
and cunboats
The body which arrived last evenlns
from Washington remained at Jers r I
City all night on board the combination
car Olympic Many citizens of the I
neighboring State witnessed the cere
mony of transferring it to the revenue I
cutter Manhattan wnlch was lying at a
per near the Pennsylvania station
Met by the Committee I
The Manhattan In charge of Capt
Lev Is who had under his cumrnand de
tachments ut blueJackets trom the
Unltea States ships vloiiavk and Calu
met hail brought from Mannattan a
commltUe to camrt the body to the
Lltv Hill In New York The comm ttso
was composed of Cal Fowler Collector
of the Port of New York Hugh Hut
ings vicechairman oj Major McC el
aria committee and tUb descendants
of UOV Clinton Ueorfir Clinton n
jrews of Tarrytown George Clinton
Oeii t of Now York Sutherland U Tay
lor of Mt Vernon and Lout 1 Genet
of New York In the descendants par
ty there were twenty men and bos
On the tip of the coffin a Lnltocl
t I
The r I Special
i Leading Sale of
Specialh t A Hats
1 House l O ffyC tf 57 > 50 and Ma
S Tomorrow Friday Special Sale
i 147 Tailor Made Suits
taken from regular stock Including many of
our very latest models in light weight worsteds
airy tropical mixtures stripes etc 22 50
I At the one prce to close
Regubr selling prices 53SOO and < OCO 4
84 Frerch Voile Dresses
t direct from workrooms A beautiful assort
I t ment Stripes aiiil plain colors in the new
lrench shndes d1
9 50
At the excsptfonnlv ow Tro P J t
j Value sC3bO
Special Offering
450 and Embroidered l >
Lingerie Waists
< For tomorrow only 295
Regular sellhi price 8s
Millinery l 4 Millinery
L 20 West 23d Street
Special Sale
For Friday only
200 Imported Model Hats
F Productions of the best known Paris Milliners
Former Prices 2000 to 5000
I For a quick clearance
E 10
States flag was draped and on this In
turn rested wreaths sent by 1resldent
lloosoi clt Gov Stuart of Twins I
viuila and Gov tort at New Jersey
The body wai placid In the bow of the
lioat aid a Kimrd or artlllerjmen sin
honed themselves around It As the
Manhattan bneke out Into the dream
tho Wasp tired a Kim The V nsp
which followed the Minhntan to the
Now York side continued to llro Buns
at one mlnuto Interval
Reception of tho Body
As thu cutter neared thy mttery
detachments of regular marines blue
jaCAti and ineniliu of patriotic or
ders formed In adjoining streets Sev
eral companies of coast artillery
forming a provisional battalion maNOh d
In squads to a point along tho shore
wall adjoininG the Government dock I
Most of the descendants of the late I
Governor were assembled at the santo
time within the Aauarlum building
As tho Manhattan lrew up to the
dock the sides of the police boat Patrol
were manned by harbor police While a
calute of nineteen guns was Ired from a
NavjYard tug A detachment of twelve
men of the light artlllerv service fired
a third calute of nineteen guns being
the VlceProldentlal salute
A light artillery caisson had been
backed up to the IsndlnR anti to this
I the heavy oak box was borne by oUSt
noncomml sloncd officers of the Coart
Artillery who acted as bod > beirer
tho provisional Wutal on presenting
arms and the Mayor and other city of
ficials uncovehlns The bind from the
Nav Yard besan the playing of Cho
pins Funeral March The line of march
was through Broadwav to CItY Hall I
Pirk Tho chimes of Trlntv and the
bell M Pt Pauls Chapel tolled as the
procession passed I
The Majors carriage was directly he
hind the eun carriage on which the
body rested
Secret Service Agents Arrest I
William Nason and Frank I I
Keegan After a Fight I
William Nason said by Secret Service
agents to bf also known to them as
William Conners and Frank Keegan
accused of passing counterfeit ii cent
pieces on small shopkeepers In manv
parts of the city were held today In
flAX bill eaoh by Vnlted States Com
missioner Shields for examinatIon on
The men were arrested last night at I
Tenth avenue and rorf > lxth street
after an excltlnp struggle In which a
number of slnts were tired The arrest
was made hv Secret Service Agents
Cnllnhan and Kllnke after a hunt for
I tle pair that extended < 1 ocr a period of I
evorit seeks nnd In whkh Secret
Service Agents Rubana and Preu ter
n ISII took put I
Noson according to the Government I
detective has been arrested four times
and boen sentenced to one term of five I
years for pissing counterfeit money
When he coal zed last night that he had
been tripped for the fifth time he put
up a desperate fight to get away
Hclng big and strong he attacked
Callahan The Secret Service agent te j
something of n scrapper himself and I
a number of blows wore exchanged I
While Nason and Callahan were strug
gling with each other K egan and
Kllnkp sot tospthor After a few blows
hid been struck bv Keegin and Klinke
the former took to his heels and In
tilt chase after him Kllnke fired sev
eral shuts before the fugitive would
conic to a halt
When Kllnlte returned to the corner
with his prisoner Callahan and Nason
were stt pirnmelllnc each other with
a ring formed of onlookers surrounding
them Kllnke managed to land a blow
with the butt of his revolver on Na
sons held and the struggle was over
Vhcn Nasin fame to ho found himself
handcuffed to Kcepan The men were
I ekel up In th West FortvspAenth
street pollrp station for the night
c H
7 rt < 4
4t 4
I I 4c
i J I
L Wsaac
Our Summer Suits at 15
Attain an Unrivalled Plane of Excellence
E occupy a solitary position in the matter of our I 5 suits 21
WE At this price we offer a garment combining every quality
that will appeal to men who are seeking modern style
honest workmanship perfect fit and Summer comfort These I 5 1
suits are brought down to the lightest possible weight but notwith
standing this fact they possess a stability that insures the permanent
retention of shapeno wrinkling or bagging The shoulder alone
where most coats go astraYIs a masterpiece shaped and modelled
by hand without the use of superfluous wadding
Broadway Houston St
imm m r 4
Shoe Dept Second Floor
JuionUiuiiJon1La t
ici Kill Oxford with patent top
and welt sole in Patent leather Blucher with ilull
9 kid top and Cuban heel
+ r TANS J2
3 71
and 3 50
Gun Metal Blud nicely arched 1atunt leather Pumpismall bow
instep narrow toe Cuban heel
Black too for those who
want it ami e cry go id
style of oui ing shoes nt
fair prices
1rk Lw
Tan Blucher Russia calf with I5ilVA IWllfhf N Patent leather button Oxford
welt sole new and dressy
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We never advertise catchpenny email lots in a large advertisement like this When
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g In ThIs 18 one of the best offerings of omens stock
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Summer Shirts at 250 assortS e in sheer plain lisle thread in fast black or f
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with cuffs attached with the Identical materials rrenrh made for the Paris market and have the original
workmanship that we put Into our madstoorder up rench marking on the boxes
at 4 and 14 CO This exceptional choice lot Is made up Main all Old BuIlding
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i plain col IflClUding Tan Cn Calf Gibson
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> nulldln s Also oilier styles Remnants of
Mstr floor eW laum H i r popular retu I
r lines
nps In broken sizes 1lr
tr n imlr
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can tlnd Tomorrow 33 n pnlr tnt tries o Vr Aieclal items In Toilet Goods
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130vs 3 and 350 Oxfords at Ul resuirl > 150 I
Tan Ctllt fine styles but only In narrow wIdths SavodermaTollet Sonn lOc ci box of three cukei
Sizes 1 to P4 MaIn Moor New Uulldlnc regular 25c Main floor Ninth r OU IiuiMIni I
Mens 8 to f 12 Faille 25c RIbbon Faille In lustrous Ribbon llulsh at t4 ISc inches Yd wide in I
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We Intended to grade these hat when we bought
them selling them at the higher prices mentioned Inn y
we have decided to give customers the benefit of a I l4
our 4 Diablo Sets at 250
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a new brald1 rope edge that
All n rtf from ouO
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age Barn 1I00r
B 650 and 750 25c American Flags at J5c
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oys an Amtrltan Flags cotton 14 x 35 Inches mounted on
write ennniPl staff for Decoration Das
S uits at 485 IIClh nor nn Build In
A cleanup at our fine KM and S 7 50 Suits for boys
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at 4SS n mult Main 11or luiulng at I2l3c a Yard
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Choice assortment of M and Bin Umbrellas extra lard designs
luaU allsilk with handsome natural wood handles I 20c Printed Organdies at 12l c
I All nw sor < s ths season white grounds printed In
doral dtsUn Also
25c Alerce Ized Cotton Brilliant 14c
J I Madras and Crete Curtain Materials 25c Piloted SiU Muslin at I24c
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A Third Unier Price
A very attractive collection of desirable materials
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j ear ue ChannltiR colors and designs nl tic iSo
title S5c Ol mill 1J5 u yard regularly MC tn j Six Red Letter
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cred tieMsn patterns we
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iia anil l tira usuail g to J Ihxth In two large and two small drawers nicely I
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33x20 In
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a live larK drawers upright oval mirror 16Tjj In nlce
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HUT riilfTonlrm nt IIIltWhlte Enameled Chiffo
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at We
Paper minor ItxHu In nicely Jinlsliwi
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1reltj designs wood sleKS Ileular > value ul Kk straight front cast top 3 > x2J in two large and two
Also So Firecracker Fans Itt Iel ana luc lower Tans small drawers upright oval French plate mirror 222S In
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upright oval French plato mirror 10x20 In
JUfl ChlfToiilers nt n Mahoganv Chffonlers jf
Good Novels Much UnderPrice fine construction and tlnlii chapel top ISN < In four
Urge and two small drawer landscape oval mirror
One hundred and sxt > iive titles of excellent Novels Jilxl6 In vfnh floor Nn HulJIn
thAt olil up to a year UII at 7c to tl OS > pl nilil Sum
mo r reading at a iiuirur or even a ilfth of the regular
Twentvtlve titles at 15c published at 7Jc to Jl
liehty titles at JJi published at tl to 150 These Red Letter Specials
Flrt tit cs at xic published it tl to lO
Ten titles at 3 > c published at tl j Ui iso On Sale in the
The Works of Robert Louis Stevenson E Basement Old Building
cono my I
Ten yllImnch gilt top In clth If a sot formerly
priliili priced at h Half katner tlOM fonierlv SOc to 5150 Silk Remnant 35c and SOc Yd
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The following Red Letter Specials advertised for today will still be
in force tomorrow OM nuiwiwconunued
On Sale in the Old Building
MAIN FLOOR Mussed Muslin Underwear Reduced
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I ered plain or scalloped edge pearl buckle
THIRD FLOOR On Sale in the New Building
Womells 1675 Silk Coats
Vn stylish Ct of poncolor Isor r ltIck and Men 15 to 25 Sack Suits 1250
tllrttn siik SpeciallY Inside for us In best style an S
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uiarly at 16i5 Both styles are 52 In long single men who want a Slimmer suit Broken lots from our
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self matrll Just one hundred ot these beautiful
coatS at to mph Also medlumwellht Black Suit In size 40 to 4S
Inches at 12SO a suit
Womens 2350 s
Princess Dresses at 1575 THIRD FLOOR
ulUnlt Three that channlnt has the atrlesAI appearance made or at fine the Prcnch now cotton linen 1650 to 25 Oil Lamps at 10
walt with 111111 yoke ot Torehon IncA
style has
On colored handemhrohlerr and trimmed handsome Vases at Japanese hronn with raised
outillied with design III green anti brown finish
lh elbow sleeves Skirt t1laltld and Joined floral and dragon
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lit waist with fitted girdle The other two are over mounted with
So ont with letmhrolder1 bodice and burner
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American horehalr tx 76 In 40
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or and styles Bizes for U to is year spring splendidly made
I BroadaY Fourth 4vsnus fl
Fnrmtrly WANAMAKER to TanSt Street
A T Stewart Co JOHN EighthtoTnChSCru t

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