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The evening world. [volume] (New York, N.Y.) 1887-1931, June 06, 1908, Final Results Edition, Magazine and Story Section, Image 7

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I 1 1 in Prizes for the BestDressed Young Women on i fl fl l r
0 0 1 O 0
1 Riverside Drive in the Afternoon Parade ToMorrow
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1 The Simplest Dressed Girl May
Win the First PrizeSix Prizes
J in All Will Be Awarded
EV YORK exhibits one at dazzling clothes exhibit on view In
thn greatest drraa parades We Park London
Yet tllct0 dazzling professions of
in till world but N YI
bonu holly lrcs cd women are
I York doeant seem toellIalle if not surpassed by a parade
1 know It whllh may be seen any Sunday after
l Every war New Yorkers qoluoon from 1 to 5 oclock along River
j abroad nod roam Lack with tales ofi ide Drive
Uio wonderful pageant of gOWnl null During these hours tho sidewalks
mlliniTy to bo seen in Paris on are aJlvo with thou > inds of lovely
the BoIs do Boulogne or the equally women made lovelier by all the arts
l X t t0 tit flY A0Wiex3X5 < Jliie <
a c
I Hetty Green and Her Roll I
II 0 J >
1 I Seen Thro Funny Glasses s
By Irvin S Cobb
From Hi Glasses to Green Glasses
vercomo with
4 t ruth of aunt
it s i1 1 g and conn4 tug I
otlonsae t h a
I dtbka 4 ir reporter of ten
j N ttFvp3 y mono wiper would
f r J y under similar
tt1 rcmuatuncea 1
ze mr pen to
l xsg t ° nvy to you a
ooo of Intelligence
titling In tho ex
i4Z rent But a short
n1Cttlcnl ago fUr I wan upon my wa
r 1 met at the corner of the Bou
levard Broadway and the Hun de Forty
tecond mine good friend M Bat Mas
teraon who itoppod mil by hocking hlj
ifht Index nnsor under my gardenia I
and Into my excited earthe real of me
blnlt excited to match tho rand
rwhlrod the following astounding In
Auut Hetty Green iiao out loosed
Kindly bade off a sate distance and 1
Ontomplnte that fact In all Its mag i
tail oemt entirety I
Aunt Hetty baa tnkon th tmrHps oft
I b bonk roll and removed the latch i
troin the pocket where her small
4hao o has been slowly uxldlilng all
lbs you
She haa du1 np the preaerve Jar con
taining the first dollar she ever Hair
Ttvloh has been burled all this time
lawn at tier country place TightWad
dingham Jl > yUioCllnch
Sho ha moved to a suIt at tho Plnza
Trblefli is slightly larger than her re
a t neat flat ovw at Hoboken and
Idso more expensive It anybody ehould
1 tanoe to drop In and Inquire
Ilrh has given a llttlo dinner party
jrhioh retrocmded the Green long green
I M aha extent of twenty dollars a plate
i And oo tale taking anything away from
t tb table In a napldn either Sho has
felred a toeauty doctor to sort of KO
i I + Nr bas
f Lw waj a report that she got the I
lame 1 dermatologist who recently I
1 f iwotkad on Secretary Taft but this I
llod to be an error The one Toft mad
waa a pnchydormntoloslnt There Is
Ill wtmR rumor that Aunt Hetty IB gokie I
beaoeiet but this I am loath to
hJ l X loaU thick mtI4 rrac gtt
h w < i
along wlta redorOit Townsend Mar
tin They were raised so differently
VII i crythlnj
Soieral other things have been hap
pening In our busy community sines last
I called you up on the rural fro de
livery Veo had the payasjouenter
car for some time now woe not the
prmas > ouruntor kind Its on Third
avenue Tho receiver of that estimabl
turfneo road has plasterer the Insld
of his rolling stock with mottos raiding
as follows Thou Shalt Not Steu
ThIN receiver brazenly admits to tr
named r Walllngford Whltridxe
K allms urd intlmntes that ho w
feel pqi el if any pnjenger falls
cough up his or bur nickel Ali whfi
some of hlR patrons stated to him Hi
his card nmelled like a woodpecker 1
net utter n hard summer and tr
with a southern exposure It would
I pi lble to grow cuoumbcrs on tl
back platforms the soil teen hem
I light and sandy he camo buck wit >
the fuggentlon that they bathe them
selves more freely and offered to fur
nlsh the soap
So on tho whole we may feel safe u
assuming that T Witlllngford Vh
ridge will continue to behave na a man
having that kind of a name wuuul
naturally be expected to bohavo Hut
It 1 were him I would take a few of
those Thou Shalt Not Steal deslsiu
and Id carry them around to the oHlcus
of the men who lave for years beau
exploiting the Now York public by
traction teals and grabs and Id hang
them on the walls where the boss could
see thorn frequently and then Id go
away hurriedly for fear of being
thought jitisonil
A bank teller shot himself this week
f Ire wan ton thousand short InhtN ao
counts It wan u very painful blow to
the ollljlals because hod been wlih
I them twenty years anl never hall
i missed a day mid from time to limn
I they raised his > lI ary until It hint
i cached the truly Kritlfjln sum of
11000 a year and In twenty years moro
If ihu was still fallhrul rind had come
down on tlma every day they were
going to raL o Jilm to lGj560
Thu think otllclnlu couhlnt understand
what ho did with the coin ho took Thoy
rhe must have been fpeculathiK
liecause all hn had to do with all iU
snlarv WMB to keep a house In a htH1
neighborhood and ralso a huge family
and ducatu them and always dross
well and put asddo something for a
I rainy day
Hut the han will recover from the
I shock It han flvo millions In undlvMn
profit1 and anyway the defaulter was
under a bond Ho Irft a widow and
some children and they ought to re
cover especially If his wife can do
I rlaln sowing
I ant vory glad on the banks ac
ommC rams HL
2L < ci 1
s YS t 1
ot milliner and dressmaker
There the most beautiful women In
the world are gathered
They were there last Sunday They
will be there tomorrow
And every woman In New York
with a pretty gown who wants to
win a dU prize should be there too
For in order to call attention to
New Yorks procession of lovellneis
Tho Evening World will award six
prizes the first prize of 50 to the
best dressed women to be seen along
the Drive tomorrow afternoon
The boat dressed does not mean
the most expensively dressed by any
means A 10 gown that you made
yourself or bought at a department
store will bo Just as likely to win the
4J 2
ihtrt prize of 50 as an imported cos
tume that cost twenty times as much
If In the oplnidn of the Judges It Is
tasteful and becoming
These Judges by the way will be
three In number They will consist
of n woman representative of The
Evening World and two professional
dressmakers who will mingle In the
procession and designate the six
women whose costumes In their opin
ion deserve the prizes
These prizes will be awarded as
The Prizes
FIRST PRIZE Ofor the best
dressed young woman
s ra < < e Lt
t r
sfcond best dressed youig
THIRD PRIZE S10for the
third best dressed
fourth test dressed
FIFTH PRIZE 5For the fifth
nest dressed
SIXTH PRIZE S5For the sixth
best dressed
Prize winners will learn of their
selection for the first lIme in TlES
f tcUl7t X1Y7s0a7 JJ
11 biir away from tie storm Bijt PO
often rust about aS IIP hal found this
Ideal or before h > has found her mud
before the sun it his stimnei day
dreamt has risen tho storm come
The tumultuous Impossible ador
abe unlaHnmible nminthe wom
an who may bo good or had ugly or
beautiful but N always fa cln > tlns
alluring and Irresistible And she
wrecks his little snmmei iliy dream
and turns his snit harbor Into a roar
ing whirlpool and rattles him off In a
tfinpit Sometimes he marries her i I
stid scnietlnTs he do nl bat whether
he does or does not he Is always
polled for the other Kind afterward I 1
And If he due niRTV her1 dried
the widow trallliiir In r llnir rs thought I
fully In th water he Is slu HVB sorry
and kind v l hlni he had era fled the other I
Well the hacielor hid hs puddle
across his Knee whats the iilrfcr 1
enco If hn had married the other
kind he would always have hen wish I
Ing he Iiadn Now If a man could
only be allowed two wives I
One for week days and one for
holldiixs11 Inqulied tie wMow arIA
Yes acquiesced the bachelor one
for pmli side of him the tanie idle
and the untamed side One to iere I
n II harbor and mike him i homo and i
fuini his domestic longings and bring I
up his children and keep him sane anl
moral and tho other to amuse him I
and entertain him mid Inspire him and
put the trimmings on lifo and the
cpc anti laver In the mttrlmonlal
S sedative and i stimulant1 Jeered
the widow on to stir you up and
uiip tn saint MIU ilnnii one to sp ir
you forward and one to pull nn tie
uupba Hebe and n Mlnem And
then Mmil bi iminliiiT ainvmd demand
Inn n Venus to tnaKi you foiget the I
other two VnjtHet woman a man
barrios hu invariably spends his life
Iphln for somrthln different It he
if tied to a nice soft sofa pillow l e
longs lor a backbone Tf lui marries
a Parlor oinanent he yearns for ai
kitchen utensil If his wife has a Greek
nose no discover afterward that what i
he really dnilics is pugs If he picks
out nil lull or black ho will KO blocks
out of h war to pursue evoiy ellow
iInt thI ratchu hN eye And 1f v hod
married a whole hirom at once ho
would dl coer that what he really
wanted was monosamy und a slagla
rwlft with a ilniU kill Thar rant
y fFi
1 r yr f
v = hJt
their photographs taken on the spot
In the winning costumes will be re
Remember if you want to win the
puce of a new gown put on your
most becoming costume and lake a
walk lions Riverside Drive tomor
n l r 0 3StSGttG3 Xl J JG 007J XX t ok t 0 0 0 i
I i I f The Widow and the Bachelor e t
> xtitc A I
i By Helen R6wland
Author of Reflections of a Bachelor
1 < NhI 1 t S b 1lodrn Publlsitng Co
iaon The Idow itn Si Nothtac of t
< In
a +
ie6an ROTAND
HAT would you soy aakd I
r 1 the widow tucking her klrti
cautiously oliotit hr patent
loather toes and leaning back i
luxuriously against the vnrl
e tj rlllowu If i should tell you J
that r have found the Tsty girl who i
would mnkp you n mo < 1M wlfo i
The bachelor glanced up l < iillff rpntly
and dipped the paddle Inrlly Into the I
1 waterWhat
What model IIP asked 9uspklous I
ly Women ate like aiitomohlli you
I know hero ore on many niodpN And I
even artr yeti IIIVP solprtnl one limit I
carefully mi never ctn Ill what It Is I
I going to do I
I They air morn like horses dp i
clirpd Ib wdnw If von I now how
to hnnillp tliPin and aro arwtle and
And let them see yourn master
And dont Jab them with spiteful
lltiln spurs i
And know when to pull on the
I Clllll I
Ant when to coax them with
And when to heal em nmf evm
then you oinl till what thprp going
to shy at or huh al any inoro than
xon cast toll WII n iiulotioMlP <
i solnj to break down n1 run away or
lilow up But this modes she pretty
l and retchtoR and wiln anted to rua I
imoothly over rough road and to
10 >
11XJ Cr gJ5Y5JIl t r
climb all the matrimonial hllli and nt
puncture n tire In the finances and tu
to just IUI good for a lung run ai fur
a spurt Is she smartlooklnR and sue
tantlal end
The widow sat up so quickly that
lie canoe swayed unsteadily beneath
aho1 not n harem Mr Traer
lie cried Oh dear she sighed
iiypclpsily leaning back again why N
t that every man expects to KH a
nrem of iiitupi combined In nn
rife I don t lirllevp any man hit
S was ever petiectlj atlsfd
with domp tlc llfp
Solomon leniniked the hT > hi > n
Ine the paddle nn fnphnrtr tmr
ind rIo1 the neresty for veriery
nines Hut If Solomon hn1 llvpd in
tie twentieth century IIP wouldnt toRe
tided so manv pr nnnexaUcnt lie
wild have Rot It nil In one modern
lonmn Now you for Instance
Spenkinj Imperxonatlv Intel ruptpl
ne widow trying to look Austere and
at the siine time to blow a chfton
veil out of her mouth when a mun i
buys an automcfolle he selects a run I
about or a victoria or a tourMK cir or I
a racing machine according to h1I i
needs mid Is BtlFfle
Not at all protested the nrtelor
The moment he has one automobllo
he Is slghliur for another and fie Is
never happy until he has a garage
MilAnd I
And It Is the same about a coat or
a hat persisted tho widow Ignoring
tho Interruption ho picks out what
suits him beat but hn doesnt expect
Ills top hat to do him for plnlcs nor
his swflllontall to seno fur inns ten
ills nor his jMchtliiK Clip to look well
In church nor I
A derby Interrupted Iii t > ach > lori
will do ahiout anywhere j
riov rtany kinds of nonien mi j
there cried the widow snddenh
How manv women aie thri re
torted the Imonelor The arktj Is
only llmltuil In the number of feminine
bull vfduvis Hut fundamoiitnlh they
Ian be divided Into two IAFPO Just ns
nuton obllcs cnn b < divided into gas I
olin and electric Them is the nom
nn a tout wants to marry the kind i
thai H stamped from birth for wife i
hoed the evcntcniiiorcd slcai iroInK1
innifrt St Kind of girl that you I
WdUld llkn to tie to for lift ntid with
llOlll you UTjtt nil W mill llll PP
feetl conriitril anil inter I pits
very ian has Ui mind his Jiai site
and nearly every man Ideal Is of the
calm domestic wholly goad wholly 1
WMtcoxt the aort that uema UM r
J J > I i OA XXXJ i
luh Kinds of womin m the world
to fullll any one mans Idea of what a
+ rn should oe
And yet sighed Hii bachelor 1
Ice knew a woman who would have
don thatall cry herself
rive widow looked unromlnced
Was sho a model wife she In
quired soeptlcalv
How do I know said tho bach
olor She wasnt mv wile
Of course not cried the wUlosr U
lsa laN the other mans s wife who Is
our ideal
Sio wasnt mj Ideal protested tho
bachelor Sho was tho storm that
lalPioil mv Ideal nnd potlpl me fo >
matrlmom She was a whole gara1
a nhoe stable a wnole harem In one
The who lo < iked distinctly dliap
Its Inkr she sad coldlj that
you < < rnpeia woman like that
Hut I hapjit protent the Bach
clot lylni donn Ws pTldlo and lean
nc forward so that tie lids of We
widow s chiffon veil blew In his fare
hn was the pploe In IIfO pudding
the flavor the atone the stimulant
I hqTelI I
This cano 110 Unpins dreadfully
ret + tnrked the widow but tm disap
proval had disappeared from hr eyes
Tile was
Vn I do believe Its growing dark
III Truer
It Is agreed the bachelor Nobody
can soV
1 Seewh t ak t the widow snKJ
denly slltlns tip straight and flxlns the
bachelor with her eyes
How perfectly ndomble and un
fathomable and tumultuous
Arc yea fiowllnc me sugar Mr
Perhaps acknowledged the hnch
lor leaning back and picking up the
paddle nsnln butt some day when Tm
ridy Im going to top feeding you
sugar Im going to put on the curb
SVhy dont you do It now Billy
acked tho widow with n olmllonglnj
mace from beneath hn lashes
I rant grumbled 11110 Jbaohelor
while you are blowing that chiffon
The widow took the ball ends of the
offensive thing and tied them delib
erately under her chin
Some day continued 1ho bachelor
us he swim tho canoe shomvard with
n vigorous dip of ten paddle Im
point to show you wjios master Im
Kulnc to marry you and then
Us scrry laughed the widow
Of course assented the baOhelor
I but 14 be orrisrlf X QIQatC
l1 8
t >
L >
if M
row afternoon between 9 Hid 0
All yon havo to do to win SiO is to
look your boa and win the IndoibG
incnt of The Evening Worlds judges
as tho most becomingly gowned
woman In Now Yorks dress parade
Should tlio weather bo unfavorable
tomorrow either rainy cloudy or
y f vt XJ
rah fY a
rl y
threatening BIB win be no selection
lof prlo wlnnei tho event being
postponed until next Sunday Dut if
tho weather iii fair The Evening I
Worlds Judges and photographer will J
lie on hand to select und snapshot the I
iKStdiesed young women In the parade fl
made e
0i EtCo o oXYI o Y r X I
I Is There a Woman Will Dare
t to Wear the Bathing Sheath
a r r > V4j > Ml
t 4P v
N1 pi r
S 4 r
k itt
r + 1
ry ttu v
y Y tar
Anti 4
a rr
rr rJ r
Y7 v r
J 4
a b f
C j jr
S trt 1
r1 a i
i + igFRt y
9 A a I I a is
Fp y
Ii H I Is tha
H sheath tvtthlrug
ft la
tho latest
or the Trench
It Is 1
tI nee of ilk
Hshily fitted i
that so
inteiia Ls lost and i
t3 a great
ON the ordinary
bithnK suit
Tho c no illustrate
re nnd which la
> Ln i to servo ns
11 r I for the
VitiiliR sulfa of the I
confine season to r
those who like suits
of this kind IB
uarle of wa colored
ik IM a tort of s
rev hlv mid trim I
n r1 with wlilte J
ros rain It fits HJI
snugly as any Gib
son glrlS ball dreta
and the decultote la
edged with taco Just
as an evening gown
ould be Another
11 ns In material
lies iii the fact that
nro aro no bleovc
Hut what makes this
particular nathlms
suit so praljoworthjr
and Itraetlvo at
least In toe eyes of
the Trench Is tho
fact that It Is worn
stay and these
stat art cut ac
iirdlii to the Intent
Ira In whaiobone
ai cnitll Tho cor
st ls ci the newest
nol 1 It displays a I
fine Ilrfuro with a to I
tnl absinco of cunto j
tnd hliMLss and with j
the aid of much I
compression i
On her way from
her bath house to I
ho water Mndama <
ears a very btHirtt
nil mantle of crotih
linen silk or flannel
made a good deal like
an opera coat but
onn sutnejently to j
Isplay no handsoron I
bathing suit Some e
attendant accompa
nies bar to the very
edge ot tho water
holding an umbrellA
Aver her head
iW <

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