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11 r The Evening I World Daily Magazine Wednesday June 1O 1906
f L The Mystery of = I
t = The Devils Ac t
t Or The Manor Mystery
f t By Fergti Hume I
Author of The Mystery of a Hansom Cab
j Boh IIr John Ncwbj has A twin brotbsr
Uetiard who ti his Mcrrtary Nnvliyi
taimlvwl body U found In a secret room
t Yadr tttl tower of an Enjtllth manor house
ownel br rrand Clair EnfIIOh room cen
tarlti earlier Clair ancestor won the manor
lIy playsnt Ute Dv1I1 Ace ClaIr IJI poor
Ne planned for his daallbl IJOrOlby to
w SIr lobn 8h II engaatd to Percy IIAI
Ion a uune enrlnr who live with her
frlead WilhelminA anll Dilly Minter At the
Inquest tlmony It oven br Mr > llrpll
Jawbr eccentric houMXeepor Wllh lmn
aupeota Clair of the murder the crime hay
Omit bun committed with a knife he ael to
1 own Count Dezkoff a Himlan Nihilist
Karolnc that Clair hu Inherited a lanre In
i come from Blr John comer to the manor to
ek funds for the revolutionary camj In
vX UM > a He ft7h to blackmail gla by M
2 ffmlnt him of Newby murder Hallon sfeks
I l to solre the mystery and meets Sir John
tit sir John explalne It was RIchard w < Sp
u slain Hmplclon of murdering Richard
y fill on Sir John lltikoff at Clnlie order
i li punrocd br the polk Wllhelmtaa r +
etll hIm She and the count full In lava
K with each other A woman clalmlnr to be
afar Johns wife < 1U on ClaIr
Your Wifel
OROTHY uttered an ejaculation of
DOROTHY If thin wai the belt
froii the blue hinted at In Willys
Idler It was the loM kind of bolt she
expected to fall
Can you deny ft John asked the
range lady speaking for the drat
time and Dorothy noticed how distinct
was her enunciation
t have already admitted It said
Knwby stolidly But I thought that
you were dead long ago
Dead cried Mints Sanding raIsing
herself on tiptoe to produce an effect
r hen I have been inning laurels In
I j
t There WM that railway smash you
know Sir John reminded her
I tams li It yes I admit that 1 waR
n It Hut I iwHped Mate In life and
limb A false rpon of my death wax
Milt In England and on that I pre
ume von conned thl young lady But I
had you carnal foi me John you would
hnv marie Imiuirlr and would have
IeurnC1 til ttutli Hut I returned a i
uiQntt + IK to my Hunipsteid home and
hard Cf your death and afterwards of I
your return from the grave Clot irp
busy with your name said that you I
ere encased to marry Miss Clair the I
daughter of the owner of thin Manor i
so I came down to save her i
Yes ye Newby smiled strangely
I am not angry with you la the least
ClaIr ThinKs looked black npalnrt me
I I admit but you will find Inter on that I
I am not quite a scoundrel Miss Clair
I Lady ranuin lit bowed politely
Goodby Sir John said Dorothy 1m I
pulslvely seizing his hand And I hope
Ill see you soon again
A Dark Hint
When my character to completely
cleared Goodby
Juice Schwlyx the Swiss butler wall
a great favorite with the other ser I
J Home
wants In the Manor i
Dorothy also liked Jules who was al
ways ready to do what she wanted i
It occurrvd to her to send him to the j
I Bono house Being u foreigner he
might pick up useful Information Ultra
lie agreed and departed ostensibly on
a holiday
Hut Jules never fame back Three t
days rlrpsed and Mill he wn Il ell
I Iot a letter or a card or even a tele i
gram came to explain why ha had I
taksn very upprop lately French leave
and great Was the sorrow In the Manor
kitchen for the loss of the favorite
Dorothy was seriously alarmed as she
thought that the poor little man might i
have cot Into trouble with the Anarch j
i sitYou
I You must not think of going to
Soho she paid to Hallon Ierhaps I
Jules has been killed and these horrid
peoplu would kill you i
IT I shall certainly go said Hallon j
Willy was alone when Hallon came
back and Immediately asked If Jules I
had been heard of
L If 1 tell you something she saM
lowly you muaet promise not to be
angry Y
No How could I be angry with
you 1 have no right to be What
tj ur
Miss JI Inter wt J no lien In fens
Inc but related the I4cbt and the
saving of Count Beikoff
Vjlly handed him Count BekofTs
card You MB that the address la In
I Soho Now this may be the very
house where Sir John was taken Oo
there and see Count Hezkoff He may
be able to explain what has become or
f J Jules
I It was after t oclock when Kallon
l found himself In a shabby street In
4 I Soho and at the door of a shabby house
+ t Caught
A slim ollvecomplexloned woman
I distinctly French opened the door and
i 1 when Percy In her own tongue asked
I for Count Bezkoff she not only ad
I mltted that he resided there but
aha wed him Into a small dingy room
I on the ground floor When she went
I upstairs to tell the Russian about his
visitor Hallon glanced around the III
I smelling Illlooking apartment and
i wondered that so clean and smart a
man as Bezkoff and an aristocrat at
1 that should Inhabit so mean a dwell
s InsStarted
t Started in these itihoupjhtii JraKDth
I stoM by the dirty window looking out
on t the dirty narrow street Behind
I him tho door was opened and so
t quietly that he did not know anyone
had entered until a shawl WAIl thrown
1 over his head At once the young man
y ripped Ma revolver but before he
i I The Chorus Lady
f By James Forbes
I A novel founded on the very
Successful play of which ROM
f I 8tahl wag the star
j Will begin In The Evening World
I l Next Monday
I ji
could draw It many hand grasped
hint acid Iniuitdtatoly afterfrftrds a
Stunning Wow on the bead reduced him
to unconsciousness Hallonj last
ought as ho fell to the ground was
that a third victim In the person of
himself had been added to the Anar
chistic list
In Disguise
1 jOBSON the rural constable al
I n wall complained that B ltau
ueemod to have a magneto attraction
traction for all sons and conditions of
I Billy later and his sister had their
abode on the high road and therefore
found their cottage so Infected by these
I undesirable creature that oftentimes
they made up their minds to remove
On the day that Percy Hallon went to
I London on the quest whloh had ended
so badly for him Willy returning from
the Manor House at 6 oclock was ac
cosicil In tho gloaming > f a wfld loot
I Ing inure In raged garments and
i armed with a formidable cudgeL
I Willy gasped Count Beekoffl
i At your service now and always
I said she Count gracefully
Will hesitated no longer Catching
I up her skirts she walked swiftly along
the road and Bezkoff followed at a
I slow pace The cottage was only a
stones throw distant and Miss Minter
entering the gates Intimated that the
socalled tramp should seat himself on
j the dry lawn while she went Inside for
The Secret
Eh rtl Miss Minter emerged with
Hilly at her heels Brother and sister
walk straight to where Bezkoff
1 lounzcd on the sward
I Will you both promise to keep what
1 am about to tell you secret until I
I give you leave to speak asked Bex
I koffYen
Yen yes broke In Willy quickly
Tin do you know If Jules Schwyti
Is alive asked Billy
And added Willy before the Count i
could speak Mr Hallon whom you
met lifts gone to the address you gave
me to see you and Inquire about Jules
When anked Bezkoff quickly and
changed color
Today this afternoon
Hezkoff bit his lip I wish you had
not given him that address Miss
Minter There may be danger
Cant you save him tOO asked Willy
turning white
I wish to tell both how I came to bo
connected with such a society The Mo
tory will not take me long
Go on said Willy looking at him
To be brief said Bnlort I wa
born at Moscow and my parents were
wealthy and noble Owing to the Jeal
ousy of a high offlolal my father was
accused of conspiracy and was exiled to
Siberia lIe escaped and returned The
police came after him and he was cap
tuned In my mothers boudoir In try
ing to defend him she was hot
Oh said Willy In horror
yes said the Russian and rose his
Mil yes blazing with swift anger and
looking like two sapphires you happy
English people cannot understand what
we suffer from a corrupt government
My father returned to Siberia and die
there In miner my mother as I say
wax shot My only sister and myself
were turned out to starve In the streets
and our wealth was Belted by the high
offlclil who had caused all the trouble
and then Anna disappeared
The Vowels
There was a sympathetic silence
Then Billy esker And this society
It Is called the Vowed Society as I
have explained said Bezkoff rabidly
I not money from my uncle who In
fact allows me an Income not knowing
that I am a member of the society But
I have Joined It In the hope of aiding
my country Should I leave It I would
be killed
Do you want to leave It1 said Willy
Tea said Beikoff and brought his
hand heavily on the table A 8 soon
aa I can I hope to leave it but I o so
at the cost of my tmrnetftate deaf
Unless what aaked DUly deeptj ln
BezJcoff started and passed his hand
across his forehead Dont ask me
thatyet he said significantly
How many members are there of this
society asked Billy bluntly
Only thirty who are controlled by
five moreA E I 0 and U aa I told
you thirtyfive members In all The
aim Is to get money In any way hon
estly or dishonestly as occasion serves
Wo tried to Inveigle Sir John Newby
Into our nets I was chosen to do so
and therefore I came to know him
Dot he was too clever and would not
do business with us But nlohard
Then what Is to be done asked
Willy anxiously
Beikoff who had assumed his dlsvnUe
attain turned quickly I have told you i
Miss Mlnter Ill ffo up and see what 1
can do He moved toward the door
As soon as I can I shall write only
give me a week to do what I can Only
one thing remains to be mid Should
you hear nothing of me or Hallon or
Jules within a week search the vault
Billy rose quite amazed Search the
vault she echoed Do you nwanl
Abbot Hurley crypt i
The samel Bezkoft opened the door i
The who secret of the troubles
and I truly believe of the murder
Itself Is to be found In the vault Walt
for a week and then search I I
To be + continued
i Magic In Odd Numbers
VEN In the matter of weighing gro
EVEN there e zna a magic In odd
number said a bouMkMper
Mbet of the ptokacesi of aM lusrar
coffee and other conxnodttlsji Hurt srro
oers keep on hand to tacUttaite trade
contain an odd number of ycwvta If
Ou ee 14 a1IUn7 ma e
UD IIaIran aotaliafat so y JdBt If po
eerie tradesmen can eoooldeedatyou
with a onepound threegioeM 01 Ire
pound package but t chance are that
It you want to Of low pounds
< I
Pres Roosevelts Own Story of Hunting the Buffalo j
< IEt X X X if a xor < < J yX E i J
1 atY a
l + t
rf I I cL a 1 f i
A aLs
e r 1
i Y t g
I o nmu
I L h 0
t A C
r tp Jtr
3k I 3 1
1r3 = stw 4tfie
+ t 1 fie t si
y 3 rr vt a =
y 1 = cT = s l 4
amy eas > re + Gn Ys r v vt z s
a ny fcE8jc3Ss = 258 t > yam
1 c Mitts Ffei33si 3 irtKJ csisS5 = ya
S eN4
Y Y r
if i jfjc Z2 3t 2 Jr 3r J rv vrs i = Vd
as = fw e w t Lltit1 + + 1 n st = tf r
sir T
2r y ry
i y L
a s 1r
ss ie1
n r > zX 1 Q e tai
y ems J r
F Lt sr =
r t
> r t
= v = = fI 41 F
4 L
rgsy mv Vii Vf ET I S
I Continued from First Page
I the gorse at the mouth of the basin
the trail leading along the sides of the
I sleep hill which WEre dotted by open
glades while the roar of the cataracts
I by which the strwuii was broken as
i tended from below Here We moved
i with redoubled caution for the sign
hnd grown very freSh and the animals
had once more scattered and begun
feeding When the trail led across the
glades we usually skirted them so as to
keep In the timber
At tall ti nearing the edge of one of
These eludes we saw a movement among
the young trees on the other side not
fifty yards away Peering through the
safe shelter yielded by some thick ever
green bushel we speedily made out
three blzon a cow a calfand a yearling
Brazing greedily on the other side of
the glade under the fringing timber all
with their heads uphill Soon another
row and calf stepped out after them
t did not wish to shoot waiting for the
appearance of the MK bull which I knew
wets accompanying them
So for several minutes I watched
the croat clumsy half y beauts as
all unconscious they grazed In the
open giRd Behind them rose the
dark pines At the left ot the glade
the ground fell away to form the
sides of a chasm down In the depths
the cataracts foamed and thundered
beyond tile huge mountains towered
their crests crimsoned by the sinking
BUM Mixed with the eager excitement of I
the hunter was a certain half melan
choly feeling as 1 gazed on these
bison themselves port of the last
remnant of a doomed and nearly j
vanished race Few Indeed are the j
m n who now have or evermore shall
have the chance of seeing the might
et of the American beasts In all
Ma wild vigor surrounded by She
tnmerdous desolation of hU faroff
mountain homo
At last when I had begun to grow
very anxious lest the others should
take alarm the bull likewise ap
peared on the edge of the glade and
stood with outstretched head scratch
ing his throat against a young tree
which shook violently I aimed low
behind his shoulder and pulled trig
At the crack of the rifle all the bison
o0H t < I f4TIRE15To bEIITtI I WISN 601N To
bul 1 PRoMl f
x i BArt Qij otJR + ANOEINC
fC c r
without the momentary hail nf terror
struck surprise so common among
game turned and raced off at headlong
speed The fringe of young pines be
yond and below the glade cracked RIm
swayed on If a whirlwind were passing
and In another moment they reached
the top of a steep Incline thickly I
strewn with boulders and 1d timber
Down this they plunged with reckless
speed their surefootedness was a mar
vel In such seemingly tinwleldly ibcasts
A column of dust obscured their pas
sage and under Its cover they disap
peared In the forest but the trail of
the bull was marked by splashes of
frothy blood and we followed It at a
trot Fifty yards beyond the border of
the forest we found the stnrk black
body stretched motionless
He was a splendid old bull still In
his full vigor with large sharp horns
and heavy mane and glossy coat and
I felt the most eiultlng pride as 1 i
handled and examined him for I had
procured a trophy such as can full
henceforth to few bunters Indeed
It was too late to dress the beast
that evening so after taking out the
tongUe and cutting off enough meat l
for supper and breakfast wo scram
bled down near to the torrent and if
er some search found a good spot for
> amplng Hot and dusty from the
days hard tramp I undressed and
ook a plunge In the stream the Icy
voter making me gasp Then having
built a alight leanto of brush and
dragged together enough dead timber
to burn all night we cut long alder I
wlw sat down before some embers
aked apart and grilled and ate our
buffalo meat with the utmost relish
Night had fallen a cold wind blew
ip the valley the torrent roared aa It
leaped past nnd drowned our words
as we strove to talk over our advent
ure and success while the flame of
the fire flickered and danced lighting
up with continual vivid flashes the
gloom of the forest round about
Fights with Grizzlies
Will Appear In
Saturdays Evening World j
The Million Dollar Kid ± By R wTaylor
LOoit IS I5 A
iL r i r
Q n
HO 4
= = i
s A LO R 1 I
c jjJI L
ti i p M ee B w
Ways for Girls
1 to Earn a Living f
Mrs RHETA CHILD DORR hererepllss to questions about girls work
I from Evening World reader and gives advice and Information concerning
different employments
Free Stenography I
Der Mn Dual
INDLY tell me of tree olanses In
KINDLY phy where a girl onn
coattnus tier studies through the
bUmmer I heard that you had given
tills InJcrroaUoji but I hr not been
able to get the paper II W
I did refer to free cummer oUume Aoi
the Hebrew Technical School for Obi
but In this I WSM mistaken I have
since learned that the free clues thee
ore only open to the pupils who have
been tccdlnc through the wkvtar
There are no public school trade ol
In the summer I regret to ny
Costume Designing
Dear Mr Darts
ILL you tell me where I can
WILL costume designing I am
sixteen and have spent a year
In High School Am I uualuW to
enter a traM school L O M
There Is no such thing In tills coun
try as costume designing and naturally
the schools do not teach It Costume
design Illustration Is another thing It
In one of the highest branolwn of com
mercial art and you may attend
classes at the Manhattan Trade School
for girls No tt < i East Twentythird
ftreot or at the Wanchlngtun Irving
High School Tou will bo taught to
draw or paint from a design made In
Paris or Vienna a picture of a cos
tume on an attractive figure The fig
ure and all the details of the costume
will be your work Sixteen IB a good
ago to enter trade classes and your
year In hlg xohuol Is n great advan
Dar Mn Durrs
WOULD llqe Information concerning
I proofreading Its requirements Its
pay How shall I obtain a posi
tion I have a high school education
k F Qlon RIdge N J
Proofreading 1s a part of the print
ers trade and formerly a man or
woman had to be a practical printer
In order to be a proofreader Now the
requirements are not quite so rigid
One must have an exceptionally good
knowledge of English especially spoil
ing punctuation and grammar The
proofreader must be able to detect the
m t obscure errors She should have
some knowledge of Frenoh and Ger
man although this Is not absolutely
essential Apply for a position u copy
bolder In n printing office puhlJBbln
house or newspaper offIce i Ths copy
holder mails ibo copy to the proof
reader who does the onrreotln In
time the copy4iulder learns the proof
marks the rather oumplloatril rornAu
lacy and the nnpral minutiae of the
trndn Wagoe vary from 1 10 to tan a
week A high school education Mould
be sufflonnt
Writing Poetry
DMV Mr IMrri
WHAT chances are there for k I
young lady aged twentrftr J
with a talent for wt1Uag pop
1t1 I am told that this talent
oou 4 +
be put to good use B ff
It could U the poetry Is really stood
Tou can find this out only by Mndlnri
some of It to the magazine Haft tbs
verses typewritten If posvtbi And Sao <
close a stamped and sslf siilflressiasl
letter for reply Send to aIM mafulna
after another and It none ot them sus j
cept the venn you will bar to so
elude that you cant write yet Bati
that need not mean that yon osnttel
lenrn to write Try again
Pear Ira Dom I
11 n young lady of s Tente a ea
IS fair education
qualified for SIIo
ployment UM a demonstrator WI1A
course of Study Is necessary and wliers
rtTiould I apply for a position
Most of the
sown In thn grocery department of the
big ntorei appear older than iiidiitlsn
However If you can do the work I
dont think your youth a serious hand
cap There Is no special course of
study Did you have domestic aclenca
In the public atfhools Many demon
strators hart to cook you know and
All have to handle domestic
Dear Mn DOlT
IAT are the requirements for
learning to be
an embalmer
7 I
am forty years old and have
two children to educate I think I
should like that work Are there schools
where It Is taught Mrs S W W
It there are schools they are prlvato
ones In connection with large under
taking establishments Why not call at
one of these and Inquire I under
stand that a number of women flnd
employment as undertakers assistants
at good pay
3OOOOOOOOOOOOO 000000000000 0000000000000
Betty Vincents Advice
6 on Courtship and Marriage
Hnooocxxxy onoooooooooooo ooooooon ooooonoirvvvw
cAsk Her to Walt
Dear Btttrt
AM twentyone and am In tore with
1AM very nice Ctrl who loves me She
Is willing to pt married It I make a
better salary I am now making 112 per
weak Am time have been so hard I
hare done all I could to cat a better
position but hare not uooeeded
I am afraid that some other fellow
may come along and take this dear girl
which would break my heart Can you
advise what to d01 W T
Tell the young lady you have tried to
get a better position but that at present
It Is Impossible Auk her It she Ia will
ing to wait for a year or so until you
are able to earn enough to support a
wife Besides yon are too young to
marry now and even If your salary
> were sufficient I would not advise you
to marry at oresent
He Should cApotogize
Dear Deny
AI twentytwo Six months ago I
I met a young man Are years my
senior Lila took me out many tlmes
and told me that he loved me While
calling one night he said something I
did nut like I told him not to call
a lLln1Do you think I ahoald wait for
his love any more T R D
If the young man offended you wi
ously do not receive him again untU
he apologizes if he does not do so
I advise you to forget him aa soon aa
DocaLble by accepting attentions from
some other man
I May Mantons Daily Fashions
OX plaited dreose
BOX the younger
girl give the
long line that are so
desirable They are
simple and can be
laundered with ease
This one Include
rtiort loose Bleove
and Is worn over H
separate gulrape 11 j
the lllujtrutlon the
material Is whIte linen
with bands embroid
ered and piped will
Copenhagen blue while
the gulmpe beneath Is
of lawn with the
sleeves and the yoke
of embroidery but
while Copenhagen blue
on white is a pro
nounoed favorite of the j
season Ute little dress
could be mode from al
moM any seasonable
The quantity of ma
terial required for ttii
medium size eight
years U 4 S8 yards
24 314 yards 83 or
314 yards 44 inches
wide witft llS yards
of banding for the
dress 112 yards K
Inches wide with 1H
yards of allover em
broidery for the
Pattern No OO04 IIi
cut In sizes for girls
of four six eight and
ten years of age
h Fi p
t Y
r r 1
1e 0
w 5ftE4iD c j
f n efl
T r
i 1
Girls Box Plaited Dress With Gulmpe r
Pattern No 6004 t
Call or send b7 mall to TUB JDVIIINIKG WORLD MAY ItAIi
ew TON ruuJON BtmJII U N o1U Bait TweoDtyUId street Naw
M I York lead 10 cents In coin ell stamps for each pattern adetsd
OIIWII I1MM 1KP0000oUnWrite TOur ast ae add addreu flalaeJJ4 end tJ
wqe 8PMItF elu wantld
ystttersy II r Fr
r < Tt

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