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fo J
1 Cbmmittee of Ten of the Uni
f versity Settlement Investi
t gates Cause of Distress
< <
i Grocers Butchers and Doctors
t All Tell Stories of Poverty
F Among the People
j By aiking the grocer the butcher the
doctor and the policeman on the beat
I ten young men under the leadership of
Dr Prank Warne of the University I
Settlement have started out to learn
thtruth about the unemployed on the
ait side
i Rumors of a vait army of men and
women without work have Been reach
ling the ear of the settlement residents
for months past Investigation comes
ai a result of the facts published hr
The EvenIng World regarding starving
children In the public schools Reports
lave been brought In by hundreds of
those who have been crowding to the
lty charltlex during the past six months
nntll need of definite facts has become
Went The residents of the settle
ment at No 1R4 Eldrldge street have
at about securing them In the most
practical manner I
We are finding out how and what
people are buying and whether they can
pay for It aldI > r Joseph ntautteln
i one of the foremost of the ten Investi
gators today If children are stacy
mCat school there must be starvation
i thom and thats where our work
i must begin
t Sales of Bare Necessities
Grocers In the school district Xo 2
report to us that sales of anything but
i bare necessities have fallen away almost
I entirely and that for staple foodstuffs
1 longer and longer credit is asked
From what ne are IcnrnliiK I
i think we Trill be forcrtl to report
at tract onrdilrd of the at ldc
iout of work and rutty another
third rrorUlnsr oil short time and
hurt par
Five times more is bin given In
charity by the poor to their helpless
neighbors thun b1 all the charitable
organizations In New York today It
this were not true the distress In the
east aide would be terrible As it U
dctors report hundreds of cases of
sickness among men women and chil
dren from insufficient nutrition Drug
Clstn have almost no business and the
Tree dispensaries are consequently
Out of four hundred shops In our
district one hundred and fifty were
found closed and of the lest those
which formerly employed three and
four hundred hands now give work to
lInodrie rko
not more than one hundred or one
hundred and fifty It they have re
tained their working forces they hive
done so on short time cutting down
front eight hours n day to three JT
four hours This Is the practlci
demonstration of how the east side has
suffered from the panic
We have confined our research to
the second school district bounded by
Catherine street the Bowery Grand
Orchard Canal and Rutgers streets and
the East River This quarter Is Inhab
ited bv Jewish Irish Italians Syrians
and Bohemians In fact clmo i every
natlonaJltv Is represented Workers for
all branches of industry are supplied
from it so it may be considered repre
Seeking for the Facts
Our task Is to loarn the nature nml
cause of the distress lelt thire and In
how far It Is due to lack of employ
ment Hundreds have applied to me
personally for anything to work at and
1 have Investigated their casta The
need Is genuine
We are entirely In sympathy with I
the movement to help and teed children
but such relief Is necessarily temporary
Help can only he effected permanently
by removing the first cause
We cannot be too despondent over
the condition that now exists because
we realize that it Is one of adjustment
and will pass The subways and thi
bridges are doing wonders to relieve
The east side toiiKPSilon and suffering
Man families are decamping and while I
poverty and lack of work are driving
them out It Is our mot hopeful rgn
that east slders ar fluorine away to
better homes mid mitcr conditions I
It Is like a painful surgical opera
tion but we feel It Imil to come and
that It will IIP salutary Faist condi
tions are being wiped out llents will
set down to a normal level and while I
the process Is dNtmMni the results
will be healthy
r The complete report of the commit
tee of ten will be submltt to the Un
rerslty Settlement authorities by Urn
first of next week and some plan of
concerted action will be proposed to the
charities of the city
Farm Hand Fractures Skull of Em
i ployers Wife with Bar When
He Is Discharged
Special to The nenlnir World
inrm hand known as August who
mtsrJorously assaulted Mrs Joseph Mc
I Yey wife of a wealthy farmer for
whom he had worked yesterday was
found at midnight In a clump of bushes
on the premises In a dying condition
fi from Bolflnflleted wounds lie died
i three hours later He hud cut Us throat
and wrists In an effort to end hit life
When asked If he had attacked Mrs
t UcVey he nodded nlllrmutlvelv thai he
ilif Iud and wen asked if roobrv nas
N I iliu motive shoe his tail He tiiMi
t In Va den Jill tui lie ben a 11 i siioiid
p Mrs McVei wliote skill IIIIS Irle
l tured with an Iron bai cannot recur
Sr August had been discharged by
McVcy and the motive for his act is
I supposed to have beun revenge
t BOSTON June 17The observance ot
the one huuJred and thirtythird anni
vr ar > 01 me battle of hUnker Hill in
title and nun Hindu s citf ttiil towns
tu iliy a arne alnin ci > ely
urn > NIIII few 11 c
t i crtes J i 04 tll 10 a pro mn
The 4 s I trl Monn witer
hutv lc built uasiiusht bias the cen
tre of the ilayi celebration but vei i
iIiSS the observance was on a muon I
MMlltr al than tht or pit riri
L e I
t 1
if f
S f 3 zFs V t T vk r J R
J < JJ rl i
6th S I I
a r t1 0
Pr > L
Vi b j I
4 <
A romance of Grand street culmln
ated In a pretty wedding last night
Miss Beatrice Rosenberg of Xo 425
Grand street wee married to Mr
David Tolchln also of this city i
They met for tho first time a year
ago and the engagement was soon announced
noun ced
Miss Rosenberg Is quite a beauty
afeomnllshed and a blsr favorite In the
Younger set Her weddiiii dross Is
made of allover lacea wonderful crea
tion from Europe
fOR Jlf AVfNUfl
Deal for Vhole Block Site
Above Thirtyseventh Street
Is Nearly Completed
When one of the principals who Is
on his way from abroad arrived a I
deal will be completed for the pur I
Chase of a site comprising nineteen I
lots Including the whole of the block I
front on the east side of Fifth ave
nue between Thirtyseventh and
Thirtyeighth streets valued at about
It will be used as a site for a big
retail store and negotiations have
been on for several months during I
which time options were obtained on I
Individual holdings distributed among j
half a dozen or more owners The
llnal contracts of purchase await the i
nature of the principal now on his
ay home Most of the site Is oc
jl ifd by old private houses The
lirser part of the land Involved In
the deal belongs to the Lewis estate
nnd Elizabeth M Anderson Nawhold
T Lawrence of Xo S4 Vllllini street
represents the purchasing Interests
Justice Olmstead Gave Him
That Title After He Raised I
Ructions in Court
The wor < t bov In New York was I
the nv J utlr OlmUcid In t e fhtl
drens Court toda characterized Na
than nMteii fourteen Years > I < 1 of
No V Monroe Street The lw l <
foel 10 Inho In II ISM an I ut irT 10 >
UP riiittiritiv iiarcis and Hnrry lllrn
alluti fiiinMiii Mir old of No 41
lnnard Street Jcrey City Wre ar
i rested harRid with disorderly conduct
i Jacob alldI of No 203 YaMinirnn
i strAPI stlfltd that he wu > walking
along Viwy ftiHt WIKM the hay
pulled his whiskers and throw mines
t him They w era both taken to the
I Childrens Society Thy were taken to
fhlldror Court today becausn Mar
I cs hail been too troublesome for the
iiivu1 was paroled from the House
of Hofnie In April 197 1 Justice Ultn
stead today sent him kick to the Hou
1 if IttfuK on tin Indeterminate sent
I Iniiv Mar > us had broi handcuffed
I il tins il th > oarliiKll to kitp him
I from linaklnK uuuv
s Iittiltnin Itnlim and Ilctttcnnnt
Vurd I the lhllipi s otnrt narti
I tii liiil the I awa > to thf let do
I St tick out fool Hid tripped Knhni
thinning him tUt Then Mar u trl ° l
I to itru atc the liiitul lurf mid < it auuv
I from tin lieutenant It bib imf a
I I dozen itttfiidanlH to lltiall > vet the
beet of tj bits
Vfnink Ulr ii urn was pjiroled In cut
tody of Lieut Wnnl
Vnlr Itiinniliil Ip WMlo Cnlllnir
til Ciillfct IllncUnintl
< PnlftI tn Th H Tintr Vr 1
HlTik llid extrtIctls5 a TP 1
hj i P Sntr coninhj nt < y
day Tliey had ilrnuin 1tl Irlaue r > T
Domlnltk Oelota for pr icptlrR t f i n
he employed and when the > u wen to
the housf to get It curly today htvlnc
threatened Uelotta with death If he did
I not pay the troopers surrounded It and
captured them
The prisoners are Antonio Caccavl and
lonae Ma sldlnl It Is believed they
err iiemhers of tue tram that lies bpn
terrorizing people of Ashley for some
I time
t0 t it II I
341itte gtiit for expi t to UCrui4i
lteideCC nktibcv iit eo eLi
diw > t M gold for Oermany mak
JK the total for the movement IUua
ooS d I
Formuli for Manufacture
of Diamonds a Jumble
of Nonsense
PARIS Juno 171h L moln dia
mond case camo to a sensational end
Inlr with an unexpected climax this
afternoon Lemolno has tied and his
famous formula for the manufacture of
diamonds Is a fantastic farce
Henry Lomolne Is the Frenchman
who was taken Into custody a few
monttu ago on the charge of having
secured money from Julius Wernher
the English diamond merchant on
fall pretenses Lemolne declared he
could manufacture diamonds and It
ti alleged that he secured a large sum
of money from Mr Wernher on this
pretense Lemoine was releaed to give
him an opportunity to manufacture
diamonds and make good hU claim
and he was to vindicate himself by
exhibiting stone of his own manu
When the case was called In court
Lernoln did not appear and it was
announced that he had lied
In the presence of Mr Wernher the
Court then opened the famous envelope
aid to contain Lemolnes formula The
pacer Inside was read but IT contained
only a Jumble of fantastic and sense
lees phrases
No Name Signed to Latest
One but Writer Says
Hes Willing to Die I
Comptroller Herman A Metz has re i
ceived another threatening letter on
account of his stand on the Fourth
Avenue Subway Five men hive now
condemned the Comptroller to death
The latest wouldbe homicide writes
that he Is willing to die with the
Comptroller and be a suicide but the
Comptroller Is not wanted In this I
The writer did not sign his name
He wrote In pencil on a postcard with i
out date and the postmark only shows
the word Mew of New York so
that It cannot be learned In what part
of the city the card was mailed
In very small handwriting the man
saysYou have carried the Fourth
avenue subway opposition beyond
endurance all for selfish motives
You have and are Injuring the In
terest of the public and Individuals I
You have Injured my Interest to
uch an extent that I am willing to
die but before dying I have con I
clude to kill you for the benefit
of others to give up my life by I
taking yours You are doomed
nothuiK can save you You must
die I have prepared and am ready
You and better prepare You are
gtU wanted In ehrrc world
The card was addressed to Mr H
Meta Comptroller of New York New
Yoik The Comptroller U not bother
Ing about It i
PAUIS June 17A dispatch to the
Matin from Tclilta Siberia says the
Italian car In tile New YorktoPars
race has been seriously damaged by
fire T ic arrival of the American car
ai NVrt Mnsk on Tuesday lndl > utcs that
the Aiiifrian1 arc decreasing the lead
of the German car
Wealthy New Orleans Italian I
i Slays Blackmailers of Son
in His Home i
NEW ORLEANS June Foltowlnit I
a series of cranes attributed to so
called Black Hand societies in the
Italian quarter of New Orleans one all
I the worst tiOKidlea yet connected with i
that section took plar today when i
three Italians were shot ti death i
These men were killed as a result of
t an attempt to extort money from Pletro
Oloacona a wealthy Italian wine mer
chant of No 1113 Chartres street Qiao
com told the police that these men had
frenuentlv bought wine from him by
the barrel and had Invariably refused to
nay for It According to his story
the three forced him to shin a barrel
of wine to a point in Louisiana yes
terday and returned early touaj no
ordered him to prepare a meal
I The elder Gloaconn had hidden a re
pealing rifle near the table When one
of the visiting Italians drew a Teol r
and ordered him to produce money
anti valuabVs Gloicona answered with
a shot from the rifle The man he fire
at fell dead and the other two at
tempted to escape One was killed be
fore he had got ten feet from the table
The other reached a staircase only to
receive a bullet In his brain as he
started down the steps his body falling
1 Into the courtyard below
Only one of the Italians who was
killed has been Identified He I f known
to the police by the name of Darraca
Later another man badly wounded
was found in n shed near the Glnconii
home He was Identified as ana of those
who had attended Glaconas Team the
only one who escaped with his life
His wound Is dangerous
The police asked Glacona If In des
peration After numerous Black Hand
schemes had been nraotlspl on him
he had not Invited the Italian to hN
home for the purpose of squaring ac
count This Glacona stoutly denied
Plnr a t Iloronffh Park Clnl to Aid
NesT Jlnionlc Temple I
Three society women of Bensonhurst I
are Included In the cast of The Girl
From Porto Rico to be presented to
night at the Borough Park ClubHouse i
Mrs Jack Van Pelt a leader of the
younger set and who Is said to pos
sess histrionic ability of a high order
Mr Charles M wells who has at
tained distinction In amateur theatri
cals and Miss Marion Halket have
volunteered their services for the benefit
of the building fund of Brooklyns new I
Masonic Temple I
The play is glen under the auspices
of Kedron Lodge of Bath Beach Har
vey K Young Is directing the affair
Sea and Car Sickness
Quickly Cured
By Motheriilli Seuick Remedy The
Only One For ale and Recom
mended On All Steamships
Do not hesitate buying Uckit by Ooeu
Lake or through Mctuntalni from fear oc
sea or car sichnrs for Muihtnlir Mlck
Remedy will guarantee yu all the pleawru
of travel
Moth r lHs Poailck Remedy IB guaranteed
not to contain aicwlne morphine opium or
other Injurious drugs It li the onlv remedy
ICarItllk orhl
for pAtlckrin i or car sickness which ha
been unhesitatingly romndd by all first
cla s teamiihJpi
Guaranteed to produce no unpleasant or
Injurious effect on the wnftkeat system
Suarantoed satisfactory or money returned
Mother > lll > Srailck Remedy li put up In
rlh gelatine leeT Me and JIOO
vest pocket size boxes For sale and recom
Iti J
mended on all steamships and nt drug stores
or order direct inclosIng price and you will
reecho reined ail charitis prepaid Write
ti ai tI 1
for Information and testimonials from
prominent people to the Mothrrslli Rem
ely Co Ltd 10 Clelard ItjlldlnR Detroit
For sale and recommenled In New York
bi lies n n v Co 5 sm t nkand HrooKl > n
Stores niker Drug Stores Sew York and
stores p i > n and Saltsr S Hocke both 1
IN no other form is to
bacco so satisfying
k as in a good chew
Start with
r L
The FineCut Chew
jKMm Made for over 25 years
jlcC from the very finest select
ed Green River tobacco All
i clean 5 cent packages foil
i Established uy
4 D lL McALP 3 CO
5 it
R TT Miey ft Coi Attraction Are Their tow Prten 11 f
In Progress The In ProgressThe I
1908 Series of Old 1908 Series of Old I
fashioned Macy Sales fashioned Macy Sales I
Bwty t6thAv 34th to 35tb Si I
I lYlarYs
Boys Wash Suits Notions Miscellany I Blanket Bargains J
Special at 84c and the Like in
Second Floor Sewing Room Requisites a For Campers
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material and trimmings for the Main Moor 84lh ft Side Only 200 of them
sum you pay for the Suit made Sewing Silk full 100yard spools Tolsons Double Skirt Belting durable gray Camping Blankets
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ered fine quality sizes 3 and 4 size 62x82 inches
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Full sizes3 to 7 Years talnlng 360 pins regularly Sc and YIp
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Iai Goldplated Cuff Pins assorted 1 tic sidepin on regularly 24c
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19c t
I designs sets of two regularly 9c sale n an s resses I
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Wood for weight light and washable made of I
a reward for those who Fingers with arm I 1i LOWNECK DRESSES
3 and 4 pair 7c dozen
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j Basement
journey to the Underprice ase Black Mercerized Dress Braid
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only regularly sa e
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gx I
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Floor Parlor Weaves I
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f = = ROM English Scotch and French looms the choicest Shirtings
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duced by us a month cr so ago up a i
The extraordinary demand for Irontex caueht us napping 1 I
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rIx Main Floor
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Girls oats
Ir S resses an k tC
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Folding Camp
AS > r j n carpet
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r i eo oc J < to ne A variety of pretty models from regular wire spring and cotton mattress j Folding Camp Arm Chairs can
C t 296 and oUb
Coats 5 30 and
stocks formerly 549 to 794 single complete 474 I vas seat and back 9149
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paca cloth in tan Hue and redall handsomely tailored fYlilPV9
cLx More Bicycles Ready to Meet
Breakfast or Luncheon in the Increasing Demand
Macys 8th Floor Restaurant Fifth Floor
cys Not since the Bicycle craze was at its height have we known II
Tilt skylight dining place one of the largest Restaurants in the such stirring interest in cycling as the 1908 season bringsa deep
worH with a seating capacity of over 2000 Roomy cool and airy rooted interest that is manifested in daily ales of wheels by the score
eight snre < above the Broadway street level And we are meeting the demand with Bicycles that stand for
Open from 8 M to fP M Service a la carte and table the highest stage of development in Bicycle buildingwheels well
dhote Tvpical of the table dhote service a lunheon of this sort worthy of the liberal guarantee we give with every one
served from Hlo A M to 2 P M costing 44c A shipment just installed from one of the foremost factories In
Soup Puree of Tomatoes with Rice or Potage Fermlere the country embraces these well known machines for men and
Boiled Live Codfish Sauce Roast Stuffed Chicken I
Egg or Young au Jus women
or Braised Tenderloin of Beef Green Asparagus Tips The Elberon at 1774 equal to any 2500
or Chicken Salad Mayonnaise or Cold Mixed Cuts Potato Salad wheel on the market
The Erie at 2074 a standard S3000 machine O
Chocolate Cream Slice or French Ice Cream e
The Day at 2649 eqUal to any S4000 Bi
Tea or Iced Tea or Coffee or Milk or Buttermilk cycle procurable
Rolls Tea Biscuit Corn Muffins The alrove have 20 and 22inch francs enamelled black fitted
A breakfast or luncheon outdoors on the loggia overlooking the heart with singlelube tires and firstclass equipment throughout For
of the Metropolis will be found delightfully Interesting Loggia service a la
carte only S424 extra a coaster brake will be attached to any machine j
u I
i k
11 TI tt l1

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