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T c e n n J i Or I 1 Tj
oldtime yells the kind that make people a couple of blocks away think
t a gale Is coming The Roosevelt demonstration was on At the expira
tion of six minutes it appeared to be dying out but the band struck tin
and It started all over again
At the end of fifteen minutes when the din was fading away the
t band cut It once more and rendered the voices and spirits of the shouters
t but the outburst was spending itself
Then the band leader struck up that old air so popular in the
Roosevelt campaign of four and eight years ago Therell Be a Hot Time
in the Old Town ToNight This served to keep the noise up for some
f minutes longer
4 The telegraph operator in the press stand who was sending news
direct to another operator at the elbow of the President in Washington
never worked so hard in his life as during the demonstration and every
f once in a while he would stop pounding the key and listen to an eager
inquiry from the other end
y It was plain to be seen that there was a lot of interest in the pro
r ceedings down in Washington
When the outbreak had luted twenty
flflve minutes Senator Loge who had
been pacing up and down the platform
topped up to the dask and nttemptDd to
e his speech Just than some In
spired enthusiast with a big voice
S started up this refrain Four fourfour
year more In half a minute It had
Breed clear through the convention
hall Ten thousand voices were shout
Intr it and the effect was mighty
The man who started the excitement
by waiving his coat fell off his chair
from exhaustion Whenever the tumult
J dJed away some collection of Roosevelt
k rpbters would strike up the Four
years more refrain to a fast tempo
ajid It was always good for nearly a
minute until spreading It became lost
r In the general roar ecvisp of thp In
f ability of the shouters to keep thne
The cheering had lasted thirtythree I
minutes wlien some men on the plat
t form raised aloft an immense brown I
> Teddy Bear 1
The crowd went wild and the tiring
t roOters took up their work anew I I
The Teddy Bear wa carried down
L the aisle to the Oklahoma delegation
wJlere two of the delegates promptly i
I engaged In a fight over tho possession
qf It But a little thing like a fight
TVOS a minor Incident In the general
t orderly disorder
f he demonstration was remarkable In
tel that it was unaided by tin horns rat
I tles or any other mechanical contriv
i ances
It was a noise of voices and clapping
hands and It lasted for thirtynine and
oijhalf minutes before the hissing that
Invariably marks the beginning of the
end of cheering demonstrations In po
litical conventions began
Senator Lodge made another effort
to stop the noise at the end of forty
three minutes The math of his gavel
on the table was the signal for a re
newal of cheering and he waited a
couple of mInute and started In on
his speech soon talking the demonstra
tIp down
I The ItooKpirlt outbreak lantnl
fnrtrflve mlnntr ThI break
all nntlonnl conrrnton records
find It not licrn for the determina
tion of Scuntor Iodife to proceed
ivltli 111 eIeeeli the noly demon
ratlon could rrmllr haTe been
contlnnril for nil hour AH It wan
nn wa frequently Intrrrnptrrl lijr
yeUe of tUr uc Tcddj oml
iinto him now
Senator Lodge when IIP snt the ear i
of the convention agnln announced I
posltlvclv that President Hooovflti I
decision to retire March 4 next Is Irre
slstlble That man Is no friend of
Theodore Itoosevelt declared the
speaker who attempts to force his ro
nomination Give us Teddy yelled
the crowd
He means what he says shouted
Senator Lcdce
So do we veiled the crowd again i
The graceful delverv and scholarly
l ngimage of Senator Lodge rjlaroi him
rl 11t In line with the audience after the1
1 Itoosevelt demonstration had die down j
J 9 clo > od his Rppcch Plooiientl nn11
itot a very KOI d land htnself
Previous to the demonstration the
convention sifter viewing mnrchlin i
j clubs that went through the hall took
I ipthe routine of buslnes The Com
Tnl lee on Credentials wab presented 1
by Chairman Kilton It wa a tram
roller report se tlns Taft ileliijate j
enough to Insure lilt nomination of the
Secretary of War on HIP first ballot I
Cbalrnian fnltois report was brief
It was simply en Indorsement of the
temporary roll of the convention as
nude up bv the National Committee
On the motion to adopt there were a
few scattered noes No minority report
was presented
The receipt of the report of time Com
mitten on Credentials was an omen of I
t ay t1e rest of the convention will
KH The programme framed at the
AVJhlto House will go through without
a hitch except for the light on th
Whs Committee on Permanent Organ
IxUtlon reported the appointment it
itje PfPsldents close friend net
ijodgn of MawacliUketts ns penmnent
cyiolman Scnat 1odfff wab pscorte
hIt ti > patfonn by Gen Stewart I
oodford of New York and Gov
1CJicen of lllliols He started almo
hnh1 IIIh un Ills speech bicause the
ttoinuE that sivetcil him did no
= r r
A Good Position
ls9 Points of
I Prosperity
11 Some peopic mane the mfe
take of accepting tile first POM
ilon offered them They are
like the man who boards a
Itrain not knowing its destina
I tion
f Choose your place with re
tard to future possibilities c
I serve to detain him to any alarming
extent it swelled rapidly however
and culminated In the great demonstra
When Senator Lodge finished speak
ing he wa congratulated by a throng
of notables who surrounded him Then
the routine was rcumed with the In
troduction of John Ade of Indiana the
father of George Ade Old Mr Ade Js
eighty years old and has voted for Re
publican candidates since Fremont
Just to show that he Is still spry he
disdained the stairs leading to the plat
form climbing up with the aid of a
cliilr and a sergeantatarms In nil
other mlnuto Jlr Ade was considerably
overshadowed by W II Trlpp of Penn
sylvania wso Is clghtyelKlit years old
and attended the cunxcntlon 1S < 0 that
nominated Lincoln 1
Senator Warren of Wyoming Chair
man of the Committee on Rules and
Order of Iluslnpss next presented the
report of the committee
This IK the committee that strangled
the motion of Mr Htirke of Pennsyl I
vnnla asking that the number of dele
gates to a national conventions from
the Southern States bo shrunk to It
slzr commensurate with the Hepuhllcan J
vote of those States Senator Warren
announced that Mr Burke would pro
ent a minority report the llrst of the
Speaks for Minority Report
Mr Burke was a whole lot In earnest I
He said he represented Mventren
States and that the vote by which his
bill had been killed was 23 to 17 After
the clerk had read the minority report i
Mr Burke took the platform to speak
for it I
Suddenly It became apparent that the
day of the South as n power In a nomi I
nating convention of the Republican
party is nearing an end The chairman I
of the delegations from Massachusetts I
N < vw Hampshire Wisonsln and Itah I
announced that they were In the favor
of the minority report
Mr Burke who had been apprehen I
sive perked up and sailed Into hiM I
argument with all sorts of ginger He
called attrition to the fact thaI North
Carolina has a delegate In the conven
tion for even 13fi Republican otersl
and South Carolina one for every KM I
Republican voters while States like
Pennsylvania New York Ohio In
diana and New eJrsey have one dele
gate for only each lOOV to 120 Re
publican voters
If Pennsylvnnla had the ame basis
of representation as obtains In South
Carolina she would hnvp ffti delppntps
on the floor of this convention li
said 1
Mr Burr made a good talk and got I
a lot of applause and approval
Gay Wilson of Kentuckv replied to
Mr Burke He snokp from the stand
point of the Southern Republican who i
regards his erpat power In the council
of the Republican nartv as an Inillen1
able right Gov WilMin warned the
Pillion Hint If the Burke resolutlnn
which allows a delegate for ever 10nI
votes cast hx anv Slate should pass
the limp would comp when four or five
States Ilk Now York Pennsvlvanla
Illinois or Ohio mlsht hv virtue of
their great nopnlafort absolutelv
trol HIP nomination of the Republican1
candidate foi Pipldent I
HP pleartd with t1n dp zatps not to
pass a rule tnat coul r cllcilly wlp
out the Rrmibllein pant In thp Stiles
f Ihp Smith OTi Klefpr repip tnfi
tlvr In Congress frirp Ohio tot < fie
nlntfnrm to Sak for the nmnhnpnl t
Thp G1prnJ Innrbhlp
KM i ron 10 w Pir
n drcs suit
noon md nliit
mmlp him an fliort n trrit lntre
11 I I > > n nurlinpp
IT 1111
ntppiloii to the fact In the
nations epptlon four vpprs a50 altyen
Southern Sate rasi v < if vi Republican
votes icsm than HIP Stat of York I
The States inn 111 PP toral vitPs col
lPctlvelv while NPW York onlv thirty
Congressman Kelfpr a srnestlv urcpd
that the nipthpd or choosing dplegntps
be reformed
Wadsworth Appeirs
Mvron T llPtrlrl of Ohio following
ionpre min Klpftr cooke ngaln the
prnno > cd Burke nnindmpnt HP ot
rpatrd tlHt the iiipstln was one fur
Con rp s I
HP vn uliwpd hv H L TSenniPl
of rllal1n who luought In thi ques
tin of dsranfhlspnpnt Th arsu I
l11nl BCP spiting down to a iinestlon I
of whether the control of lila Rppub
llran mrt elnl pis to the Slatp nri
NPW Yrrk New JPTCPV PenncxHanla
SlTSaehusptfi Olln Illinois Wlsron
tln and Mhlpan
Mr ItPTimer spoke IIP aertu1 for the
inlorid llppnhllrrtni if the South who
are not rflnwpd in rot < HP c3n tip
oiiventliin to indertanil that If the
MPEinps of limo South were allowed to II
vote thei would ma k up for the strong I
representation of time South In the Hu I
ruldlciin part i
A delegate nanipd ninklnghnm from I
Inp Cannons dl tpt In fiN Plate made j I
n hOI pppch In favor or the Hurke I
resolution When hp finished tiPrt1 wore I
w inty inpn mi ilulr feet asking for aj
rhanip to talk I
I lnm s W WaJsworth nf NPW York
uis rpcosnlzpd and madp his lint np I
I ppiranip as HP a < tlvp factor In the Ito
pulill nn National ConventIon mil IIP
spoUi tot thp
lupo t flunk ampndnipnt and
wa C flu wed hv xilnv WHrnioutb of i
i Louisiana Tlip l ii lan IHPII put It
all up to tic HiMp u TtoirpstniatHei
and hue said that tin tolored voter of
hp South who Is not aitrmvI l < the i
I Democrats to vote Ij iitltl d to ipprp I
I ntatlon In the rnunrll > nr iit pjij
Burke Report Lost
There wpte min iailv to Ik hut
i th California deleiiitlm moved the
nre lous fiuelon md itfn the i
niKslk 11 of time adoption o he urke
attn end one ii t Vrefou tip in ntin i
A roll call was dpinandd e id ordirrd
w th tine following rp lIlt i
Alnhatna ID ArKnr > as no Inllfur I
nla no Colorado aye Conner tinut 1 II
HVP I > el ware no Iluridp ti > tit irrli
no Idaho no llllnolx aye Iniluin I
ive Iowa ns r no Co Kansas no 1
Kentiick aye 1 no 21 Louisiana no
Maine nve Marvlind no Alumaihu
etts ivn Michigan eve ic no 10
Mlnnesotn iye 10 no 11 Mls < lFMppl
no Missouri nyc 1 no I M iiaiu
no NViriiki ine 7 ito 3 Nevada no
NVn Hnmrshlre ap
Now ltmey vet lS nay 1 New YPI k
w R North Carolina nay NTli Ia
UOIH mi Ohio iei S hay IS nkla
ioma nay Oreitoil vea 3 nay 3
Pitpyvanln 011 Illimlp halo nil v PD
SMith Carolina nav South Dlklta
> P8 Tennessee nay Trxac nay
Utah vu Vermont yea Virginia
I nay Washington yea 4 na y C Weft
The Roosevelt Steam Roller Running Over
i the Convention at Chicago Taft Ridinq Behind
t 1
4 t a
1 1i7
0 1
I 0
c p i 0
I 0
00 00s
I 3 t i1b
et I < i
I i i
Iuii 1 tilt
I 1
I 4r4ea
a j
Virginia yea Wisconsin yea Wyo
ming nay Alaskn yea Arlzonn nay
District of Columbia yea I nay 1
Porto Ulco nay New Mexico absent
Philippines nay Hawaii nay
The minority report was defeated the j
voti hPlng yas 4i1 nays Pt absent 3
The report of toe ComtnlttPC on Rules I
was adopted I > v n viva VOCP vote
rovnSTH nir Tine IT I
1121 ISI niorr Ilinn thirty
ilrleicntn are In their ints and
tin tin I1k tnlliiJ is sInnl > tilling
ut title ttnif
ll d 1 M The HIM cntlon nn
rnllcil to ordir HIM 1 uppnril wit It
prim > r by HIM Wlllltini O VU ITH
of Clilrnieo
ll m I 1 It Mii annuunred that nhlle
awnltlnc Crt iIqttla I tutu pail I ce report the
nmiclilUE lull i iitild intrude ncrom the
IJI r IMuitor akiTultrr of In
diana iiiuhnrlirn the tlatrnirat that there
nlll tie no inlnorltr report from the Com
mit Ire on CrcdentlaU
1111 I 11The rimlr iirprnnl < l
4i > 1lnk cou vent Ifin IItnry IlnUer
nf > lliintNiitn nnil liulifp V n Con
nor nf liiilliinii it ln > ivire cRete
uiilcs to the llfiiiilillcnn > it1lonn
mil fiillou nf I SrttI which ii 0111
I tin led Prfiiiont
11 I I > I Senator rune of Oregon
lias atcrndrd Ito ttlal forum In prrrnt the
report It I bo Crrdrntlnli Committee
117 I ITh Credential Commit
lee report eirnpiy > mt all lie present
dtlrculr rirrnt milling lr delegates
from NOW Iirilio gim lag them B third of
n iote Piirh
11H P 31Ileourt of CrMlrnllulK rom
inlttfe nilititf > < I h > sun ocr YOle Guy
Warmolh of louNluna und n few others
lone hhimtlnc No when the tote was
111 V M Ilrport of Committee on
rrrnniirnt lrKailintlnn win mibmlllrd
In I IWhn Senator Lodge said
thai llli > IrrMilrnl wn > the lwiit bluird
but IIHI iiopiilnr man In the United
Malr Inilii the niiisl rnlhu > laiillr item
nnstrntlun Ibui fur scott In I Itt con tonI ion
lr 7 r M flrr lm > inlnulr of thrrr
InK the uholr fnmiiitlon rose In tuoiul
tniiiis rhrerln and UUK waning
2117 I M Uhllp nearly nil lie dole
2111 nrr mi I trim frt Ito Ohio drlrca
tlon Is II nil 101 > fratrd nnd iIlriit
< 12111 I M lImp pluming of the band In
nil itltiiniit to Mtlll the crowd only In
rrrn nl 11 nol > liir M Among thr Bursts
on the iiiiitfurni nns N II fulrhanks of
Nirlnrllrlil < > n Itmol her of lie Vlrr
PrrHlilriit HH mu plfiiiin by bis rn
thiiiH tli nuIiiir of n nrwspiprr The
do > netil ntt ion IIIM ndmV III < le1 isditren
i mlnutr und In ktlll furious n bIle the
hand iilnji Thrrrll lie a Hot Time In
I the Old Town T Xljrht
L15 1 M tbalrinua Lodge ba Uen
Yrom Our Staff Correspondent
CHICAGO June HTllo New York I
delegation strongest numerically In the i
convention has not come up to breathe
vet It Is cuttlne about as much ice I
Iiero as John D Rockefeller would cut
at a clam bako of the ordr of Eagles
The delegates are all sore at them
s lvrs and some of them are sore at
each ether Gen Stewart Woodford
j who Is to make the speech placing
Hughes In nomination Is nursing a
tulle VlcePres Jcnllal boom It Is
generally conceded however that New
York has thrown away whatever
chances she had to get tho VlcePresl 1
i dentlal nomination
There was to nee tvon a caucu of i
tho delegation this morning hut It wn 8
called off Chairman Woodruff in dis
easing it said
I Soma of the delegates who are not
I aning to vote for hughes thought It
i would be desirable for every man on I
I the delecation to know hero every
other man stood We thought the easl I
est wav would be to coil a caucus and
i imt the question to a square vote
j I wont so far as to have the tickets
printed but there WHO several protests
i Some of the Hughes men felt the same I
I way There were others who said they I
i did not know how they were going to I
vote and BO wfc decided to call the
meeting off At this time I am unable
to sav how many votes Gov Hughes
will get from the New York delegation I
up all urmhlnnre of trrln to stop the
nolsr and baa tukri hln chulr i
217 I1 ITb uprnc continues nn I
nbntrd haTIng now lasted twentythree
The whole hall lies broken Into mo
notonous repetition of the phrMo Four
jrnrs more ° continuing like a chant
nnild it great eicltement I
111 r M Cecil Iyou of Trial from
the platform U encouraging his delegation
tu continue the demonstration ftrnatro
Lodge Is making effort la quirt the nf
vrintilaKP and U rapping fur order but
Ibr niilsp only lirrnUs out more voclfrr
niul Thp scene has lasted tnrntjretibl
z27 P M Home one threw n large
Toddy hear among the pee M sats and I
tin urciir be < ama neild In its enthailaiui
Thr bear U now being lowed about among
the delegates reusing Incrraxd ardor to
I thrlr cries
Jirj I M Tie > Toddy hear Incident
iras rrrntrd by Mli Maude Nml of the
Chicago InrlrOrrnn win brought the bear
on HIP srror The reuniting of Four
jenr niorr goes on and Ihouxh the ill
itnllon has nu nronllnnrd IhlrtrrlKht
mlnutro xhowt DO abatement
LaR I > l MIMII of the ilrlrcatn and
alternates hare ucln taken their rail
but the uallrrln are Just a drinonilru
Working for Peace and a
Compromise on the Court Plank
Staff Correspondent of The Evening World
CHICAGO June 17The peacemakers are hard at work today
in an effort to sidetrack the threatened war on the floor of the Conven
tion over the antiinjunction plank in the platform Both sides are in a
receptive mood and a comprcmise seems quite likely
President Roosevelt of course does not want to go to the limit of
an open fight and the opposition would just as soon avoid it So when
the Committee on Resolutions met today the report went around that a
way would probably be found out of the difficulty by splitting the differ
ence on the mooted points
An evidence of the pressure being brought to bear for peace was
the activity of E H Gary Chairman of the Steel Trust and George
W Perkins of the firm of J Pierpont Morgan These men with other
financiers were conspicuously busy with the committeemen
There was talk of the presentation of a minority report from the
Committee on Credentials which has seated the Taft delegates in every
instanc but Mayor Bookwalter of Indiana at noon today denied that
any such fight would be made The contests were without any basis of
justice in every casebut three or four The chances for a big fight lie
with the Committee on Resolutions If the Roosevelt measures are en
tirely choked off by the committee there will be a minority report that
will raise the roof
With the subcommittee known to have a majority favorable to the
Taft plank in secret session the problem of what the outcome will l
on this the big fight of the convention remains open for speculation
Modifications of the original plank on injunction are understood to
have been drawn by the friends of the proposition for consideration by
the subcommittee Those who oppose any mention of the subject in
the platform assert that the lineup of the full committee is 31 to 21 in
I their favor while the Taft forces maintain that these figures should be
exactly reversed As to the compromise propositions those lading the
opposition to the plank insist that their strength makes it unnecessary
for them to consider compromise
I At 120 the SubCommittee on Resolutions took a receSs for lunch
eon until 3 oclock The injunction plank had not as yet been taken up
1 The reason for the delay in this respect is stated to be for the purpose of
I giving time for the friends and opponents of the plank to do their cam
paign work with the members of the full committee
I In the mean time however the Committee heard Samuel Goinpers
and others on the court plank I
rpilltorn Object to Continuance uf i
Concern h > hr Ilrcphr I
VlceChnncellor Honftl at Newark
XwJ today reserved decision on an
ordir uked for bv the receiver of the
Pop Mnnufarturlne Company rutnmo
Idle and blcvrlu makers inthorlzlim i
them to contlmii thr 1I1hle of the
I concern for mullKr v 021
The creditors mmmltKp cMmpd that
Ilr the tmsine wits to ho continued thu
stockholders slioulil nrodtcn the rnoltni
to run the business Instead or tikp
the running exaonses out of tn maiey
that rightfully belonged to the creditors
Any one who attempts to use his name as n candidate for the
Presidency impugns both his sincerity and his good iaithtwo of
the Presidents greatest and most conspicuous qualities upon which
no shadow has ever been cast That man is no friend of Theodore
Roosevelt and does not cherish his name bud fame who now from
any motive seeks to urge him as a candidate for the great office which
he lias finally declined Senator Lodge to the Kfpubllcnn National Convei
linn In Us speech as permanent Chairman
CHICAGO June 17 Henry Cabot
odge In assuming the office of per
manent chairman or the Hoptfullcan
Nntlnnn Convention today gue plain
wnrrllng against a stampede to Hoose
President 1to pelt who has led
his party anti tine people In this great
work he situ retires by bin own de
termination from Ills high office on the
fourth of March next Ills refusal of
1 rcinimliiatlon dictated by the luttleat
molves and by a noble loyalty to
American traditions Is Until and Irrevo
Vliy nllr t > hn llKrinpts to lli Ills
the PrrH
im in r na n rnmltdnlr
tiltncy Imimicn liotli isle nlntcrHy
antI lil good fnllh two of tic <
IVpslilfnlx Krintfut nnd inoiit con
Mttrnitns Innlll upon snitch nf
alma ii cnv hits eter hern ciiNt lint
of Theodore
man Is no friend
nna evelt ninl does not cherish
hl mime and fame who now from
any motlxe seeks to urge him rs a can
didate for the great olllce which he has
finally declined
The President has refused what his
countrymen would gladly have given
hIm he says what he meant and
tnean what he says and his party
and hl Country will respect his wishes
as ey honor his high character and
great public service
I Leaves His Policies
I Hut although the President retires
he leaves his policies behind him To
I those policies the Hepubllcan party
Elands pledged We must carry out n s
we have begun regardless alike of the
radicals of reaction and the radicals of
evolution W C must hold fast to that
I which is rood while we make the advances
vances which tlia times
We ask for the confidence and sup
port of the American people because
we have met the problems of tho day
and have tried patiently to solve them
We appeal for votes and for tho power
they confer because we uphold the
Presidents policies and shall continue I
to sustain them We make our appeal
with confidence because we have a well
deHne1 policy and are not like our i
opponents fumbling In the dark to
find some opinion on something
We believe In I IK niiilntenntiee
of ITMY and oer niil In the anpI
port of the roartn In nil their J
rights nnd dltnlt We helleve In
cqtinl rlulitu for nil men und are
oppoieil In apealat privilege for
claim of men
nu > men or any I
hltfli or IIMT rich or poor
We who established the gold standard
of sound
ard are pledged to the cause
for protection
finance We stand
American Industry and American labor
and we will resist all the assaults of
free trade under whatever name
comes disguised I
Must Have Big Navy
We will see to the defence of the
country We mean to have a navy I
worthy of the American name We
seek peace and friendship with all the
nations but alliance with none Yet wr
have no Intention of being a Hermit
The great services of the President
to tho worlds peace will be continued
by the party whIch hn has led We are
a party tit to rule and govern to leg
islate and idmlnster andnot a for
tuitous collection of atoms whose only
form of thought or motion Is to oppose
Above all we arc trite to our tra
ditions and to our past True now us
we were In the days or Lincoln I
In this spirit wo must prevail by
this sign we must conquer
The response of the people to the
policies urged by tho President hall I
boon so emphatic that It has been mad
clear onco for all that the Govern
ment of the United States Is nover to
be dominated by money and llnaticUl
Interests and that the political party
which permits Itself to be ruled by I
them In doomed to defeat
To Control Corporations
The policy of tho Republican party
In dealing with theso now and formid
able questions which have taken con
crete form In enormous combinations
of capital und In groat public service
coiporatlons has been formulated anti
deturmlned That policy Is touse Gov
ernment regulation and suparvlslon for
the control of corporations and com
hlnaUons so that these rroat and nec
essary Instruments of commerce and
business mav hi preserved as USeful
servuma anil tint destroyed becnute
they hivo thrononod to become din
gerous niwter
This pollev Is rhp absolute opposite
m5 Government ownership nnd all like
mpiMii idvixMttd by imr opponents
nhloh tend dinctlv to Socialism and to
all II < nttftidant ml series and evils
In iur3iiinic of thN poliox shaped
and tied lul ir tin IJst lew years
that old laws hive been vntoivuil and
nm onus enncted
olliltiit IH more dentriictl tu
Hie rest id I for lnHthe ehlef linl
IlIrlo uf cltlllTetl Hiiclel Ilinn In
Iilnee mets upon the ittninte lioolc
In iirilcr iiiirel > In Mil pulille
elnmor timid snti > f > the iiople hut
whIch It IK ne ncr Intended to en I
The worst liws iinnclnable are thos i
wbiih are iilloued to rust unused b 1
leans p If enforced the micht Interfere
with MSted abufes or curb the rich
anti powerful
The President has enforced the law I
s he found thorn un the statute hoik
1 TOr this rfoiminco of blf sworn
dutv he tins been bltterlv attnekcil It
van to he pxppted Vested abuses a id i
proltablp uronus ers out lotidv when
tin Ir entrenchments aro carried anti
Connie one Is sure to be hurt when th
bayonets or thp law are pushed home
In tin great Amerlenn Elec I
turnIp nifitiej lins fi > xr soten but
It ext ii riiiiiiniinil iniiny sit Ists nnil
eniise inn n > lilnls to slaM The re
nil In Hull I In 1reslilent In thin
bent iilnixil nnil the mom pnuiilnr
ninn III the lilted tnlen todn7
He line lieeii ninre iilnixed Ihmi linT
President eetpt nsliliicton llil
eoln nnil nrnnt
He posse pes tine hove and confidwic
Or thp American people to a degres
never enuilled except bv Lincoln anti
Washington May it not lv > paid In
sober truth that the fearless perform
ances or a sworn duty Is not without I
Its pxcrpdnr great reward
Tie Only Company of III Kind in the World
Your Old Trunk ur ISagcnce
Ia < lr fiood as x rmc I I
Uouglit hold Exchanged
and Made tu Order
i Co Baggage Repair Co
i tSEl4tbSt
t sear Bniy tlJnlon S < j W
It uuoUa Drummers Paraplr
lariat Duniujrrfl lOOmIS Ktc
lllOt > AM > S ur UAIKiAiVS J
tmTa 1 > la 2 Icir trotL T8
SS faWwr I4 IiS i hVig
s > VJ rmtral 4 M ni SID RId SrwM IIUO
itt M Jdeal lit TJMI Til fitte Top 4HO
f DI W rrll 1
4 IS Iron Biund aJtl I 87S MattlngjSO
Bliort Trip flag Ittc ltlli aDO 3UO 4o
Tbratrlinl Cummrrdal mil nrru Trunk
Knxllli Unit Hinl rlltrd Cairs
Extraordinary Special
High Grade
Eriss bound 3
1 ply Veneer Vul
j canized Fibre I I
IpE Women Mens
S 1385
016a Repair Called For and Utllnrtd
Emergency Cos Sians
One Door fnnn Union Sn West on 1411 s St I
irnd for Ilonklrt I
I1ulncu utrlctlv oonfldentliU
Xn employer reference re
Uillred Call or write for hums
trated Catnlncao Ho 44
37 Maiden Lane N 7
I CashHCredit
FAU1LY IRONURS on lawn and lInens
good chance to right party CobRa
clearer mid dyer 80 Irnox av
Na Ultra Chart for It
AdvertlKmrnli for TMo w rld may b left
at any American DIr1 Messenger Offlot
In ihe city unUl t V P U
iicitt t AMmni > CHOCO 9c SllCIAI AISOItrKO CIIOCO 19c
LATHS 10 klnhrOUNO l3 lATKH l t11 klmttl I titiNi
ChIOC0iTlt 1IAIU1 LMOND Ofin ciioft > ivrn IKAXiiT flU rlIIt
1nrk How tore open esery eneiiing until H oclock
IUrrl T street and turtltndt street stores open MluriUi rvrnlnx uulll 11 oclock
llII1CIISS U i iihi t1 iEr ut l1ItIH IO1LtU 11 54BMCLAYST4
stm I I It HJIrt tlimii ml CnrWdtrwat
muljii li lr t V 8 tietne I tu r rfJ CORTLANDT5t
JV 1muUflit M Ic 10 P lnts in Mill
ubovu uutli 81 Ilnboknn CorCliurchSf
iiMisii tmd ry CitYiU vouli uut C 7f CtOI PARKILOWLNASAU
D Candle oui outoftJvvn
Juilumer cureM Hacked and 3 oJ At City Hall Park
hipped from uW mall mutter
deparln1el1t V

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