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Wife of Sherman Zeluft Son
and a Neighbor Are
Severely Burned
Mrs Bit man ZeliifT of Washington
avenue Mariners Ilnrhor her son Ic
roy fourteen years old and Gilbert
Jlislc a neighbor sire sufferlns from
burn received last night when the
tank mi Mr SelufTi cnxillne launch
Genie exploded
Mr 7 luff who In superintendent of
the Van Cllrf lumber yards went out
tenet night In his launch for a trip on
Staten Island Sound Sit him were
iils wife hn two Hon and two daufih
ter and four other persons Including
Gilbert Middle When on the war home
r Xeliiff discovered that he wa run
ning short of gasoline and he put Into
Ellrabethport for a fresh nupply
After ten Rations of gasoline had been
got on board Mr Zelun and one of his
eons went ashore to take back the
empty cans As they were walking
along the dock they heard an explo
elon and saw flames bursting from the
launch By the time they pot back to
the launch all who had been aboard
the little vessel were floundering In th
Severn small boats that happened
to be In the vicinity went to the res
CUR and everybody was taken ashore
V but It was found that three of the party
were severely burned
Mrs Xelurf was badly burned about
the necK race ant hands and after she
had been attended by a local pnymclan
ewe wad taken to her home In a car
riage Leroy eluff and Mli > lc were alo
urrennp from burns and were taken to
the Alexlan Hrothers Hospital in Kllia
beth They were sent home today
It Is Believed that the explosion was
caused by some boys who were jottlns
off firecrackers on the dock fart of a
Durmnit cracker is supposed to have
truck the tank of the launch and
eousej It to explode
Ten Women Held Zeigler
While Wfe He Had Abused
Punished Him l
There wasnt n sober face In the irtr
hem Police Court this mornlne after a
number of µ witnessed cjot through tell I
Inc how ten women helped Mrs Her
man ZelRler of No 31S East Ninety
ninth street spank her husband with a
length of rubber how
7 lglor testified that he had boon
ruinked and spanked mid to sulistim I
tlte his story said that he hudn teen I
able to sit down since then without
definite and acute twinges of pain
Mrs Xelffler was a widow when she
marrlc1 the man about eight months i
ago Since her marriage th < woman
said her husUind has nut spout twenty
tour consecutive hours In a sober ren
dition lie IHMI her frequently and rl I
of the neighbors in the house knew of j
it Three days ago she declares her
husband camo home with some pickle
and threw one at the janltrerg and
then chased her around the house with
a knife
The wife had become so used to twins
beaten she said that she hardly minded
It But there were other women In the
house who thought sumethtnt ought lo
CKJ dune
Mrs Mnry Sohlelser was the leading
Plrlt She rallied the women aim
plnnne the campaign The Brat tlmu
there was a rumpus In the Zeigler hat
It was to bo tilt signal for currying It
cutTJi ooislon came lust night when
Mrs Xelitler says her hU > and was
chasliijj her around with a knife At a
tlniial from Mrs rfchlelucr ten women
flocked Into the Hat
Hefore Xeluler could recover from his
furprlso the women tripped him and
then hold his race down tin the Hour
But KcUler kicked and squirmed and
the women found It more convenient
to bond him face down over a chair
and tho ten unit In holding him
Then one of them handed to Mrs
ZelKler a piece of lough rubber hose
stout four foot long
Mrs 7elgler started to work vigorously
ously Her husband groaned In agony
but the women cheered Mrs Xelglor on
and told her not to let up aa long all
ah > could swing the hose
During this opreatlon Zelgler used all
kinds of threat and one of the women
ran for a policeman and had clgicr
locked up on a oharge of using threat
ening language
Zeigler told Magistrate Horrmin that
he was satisfied and wouldnt abuse his
wife again Ho was paroled In JM
ball to Insure his good behavior and
lift with his wife
Pcllee Alarm Ont for Dnrbnrn nil
dabrand and JUmmmret Goninlei
Police Headquarters today sent out
a general alarm for two girls missing
from their homes
Th mother of Barbara Illldobrand
fifteen years old of No 32C East Twen
tyfourth street told tho authorities
tbat aha last saw her daughter on June
St Barbara wore a yellow jacket a
whit waist dark blue skIrt and black
stockings and shoes She is of fair
complexion live feet In height and
well hs 120 pounds
Margaret Gonzales seventeen years
old left her home No 710 Third ave
nue yesterday afternoon and having
ailed to return home last night her
liter Theresa Conner nuked the po I
lice to find Margaret The girl Is S feet
4 Inches tall weigh 113 pounds and I
has brown hair and hazol eyes She I
wore white shirt waist with blue dots 1
a tin straw hat black skirt and black
Mtldalia tad above
iv v v r r
Mrs William Smith Mind Un
balanced by Grief for Son v
Instantly Killed
Hufforlnir from n delusion that site
would he nnested today for plnndfr
Inc her neighbors Mrs Emma Smith
who llvfvl with her husband William
a fruit Importer on the fifth floor of
No Ml Rest Twrntv fifth street barred
the windows and doors of the flat to
day and leaned from the fire osrnre tn
the rear courtyard She was Instantly
The woman mental troubles date
back to the death of her only child
i a boy of nineteen who was drowned
last summer For a while after the
boys death she was completely out of
her mind Although she Improved tn
health and became rational agaIn she
war subject to hallucinations and de
I Her chief delusion was that the po
lice were hunting for her Lately she
ha < taken to locking up the flat after
I her husband went to the fruit market
at 2 oclock In the morning
She did so today and at 11 o clock
i this morning neighbors saw her bring
a tub out on the lire escape and set It
i bottom side up Then she shut the
window behind her and got up on the
tub She poised herself for a moment
and then took a headlong plunge strik
ing on her right temple upon the tone
lagging of the yard She was thirty
seven years old and had been married
twentytwo years
GIRL yearsmm in
Grace Weeks Is Dragged by
Wire While Trying to Eject
Intruders on Land
That loss Grace U Weeks was seri
ously injured defending her fathers
home Vista fAwn In nay Side
against the encroachments of a tele
phone company became known today
when the young woman failed to show
up In the Flushing Police Court to
prosecute four men arrested for tres
Dr II A Hatichton of Kay Side
told the Court that his patient wis
not able to leave her lied Hi volun
teered the Information that Miss Weeks
had been felze accidentally In the
fold of a coil or wire and drasjed sev
eral feet before she was ablu to ex
tricate herself It was also stated that
a team of horses were attached to the
other end of the wire and that her
escape from serious Injury was remark
able With her father Henry Clay Weeks
tho girl Is the executor of Vista
Lawn owned by her mother For
years the Weckses have fought against
telephone poles and wires twins strung
across their property The latest In
cident In the long struggle occurred
last week when the woman had four
men arrested for attempting to con
nect the wires It was not known at
that time that the girl had been in
She Is expected to appear In court
against the men June 2 > to which date
tho caso has been postponed
I Aliened Shyer of James Jlnroncy
Is Captured In llfirlrm
James McCllynn n steam driller of
No 43Ti East One t and Thirty
second street was arrested at One
Hundred and Thirtyeighth street nnil
Third mcnue at 3 ocl ick this morn
I InK bv Detectives Allen and Keasel
mark after a hunt that has been kent
i up since Nov 13 lust
McGlynn Is accused of having hit
i Jetties Muroney of No 1730 Lexington
avenue on the head with a bottle In
n argument over politics Maronny
died threo days later In the Harlem
I Hospital
I Before his death the wounded man
made a statement to tho Coroner In
which he declared McGlynn struck him
I McGlynn 1as been missing ever slnee
i A close watch has been Kept on his
old haunts however and after Ills cap
ture hu was locked up at Police Head
quarters charred with homicide
World No Place for itn Old inn
Iurdr llfllevod
Special to Tho Evening World
YONlvtJltti Juno23 Alexander 1urdy
a retired Business man who nail often
admitted a belief In tho Uler theory
committed suicide at his nome No 122
Now Main street today tie swallowed
a bottle of ortlorlde or zinc nml was
round dying fly his daugnterlnlaw
Mrn JnTiies 1urdy
1urdy hall been very despondent or
late and felt oa he expressed It that
tnis world Is no place for an old man
WASHINGTON Pa June 23 DurlnR
an electrical storm early today three
large tanks of the West Penn Oil Com
pany at Meadowlands filled with oil
wero struck by lightning and n torrent
of tire spread over the surrounding ter
ritory The oil destroyed Is valued at
TAMliro Alex June 23Tho Nor
wegian steamship 8 O Knudeon has
wiled for Perth Amboy N J with
WWOwn worth of lead gild copper
Hiilpp and ncOntnc < l l > y Company the American Smelting
Woes of a Hot Night on Park
I Row Added To by Zeal
of Men on Post
Alls well on little old post S softly
soliloquized Patrolman Louis Ulebling to 1
himself as he swung his club and saun j
tered along Park row at 135 today
Then somethliiR happened A fleeting
I figure of n man In the dimly lighted
I Little Savoy a restaurant at No
i Iii conducted by Billy Dlealer stirred
the bluecoat to action lie glided to the
I window and peering into the semidarkness I
of a man
ness saw the bending tlKuro I
illtnppear behind the counter near the I
cash register I
Burglar Sure thins said Bleb I
ling to himself and hiving been on the
force since January last and never
having arrested one Llebling know a
Jimmy man when he sees him He
smashed the plat glass window with
his club and clambered through the I
opening with revolver In one hand and
club In the other Unmindful was he of I
nls uniform which he has to pay for
From behind the counter the object
of pursuit wa drawn with the com
I mand Hands up as revolver aimed
I straight came to the level of his eye
Up went the hands obediently
Vho are you 1
Hans Vlenerwurst the dishwasher
you are discovered
Maybe alnt It
Whats your name i
Are you a census taker I
I am the law and If
Well I am the dishwasher und vat
aboud It 1
Who Is the boss
You lire the boss yust now aint It1
No klddln Call the boss and show
If I turn around vIII you make a
Boss Dlesler sleeping overhead was
aroused by the unwonted proceeding
below and appeared He looked woe
fully at the broken plate glass window
That Is Han my dishwasher and
he sleeps In the store these nights he
explained and down went the levelled
revolver Cost to the cop humiliation I
nnd the price of a new uniform
Two oclock Rlebling relieved from
duty Han a lerp under the counter
Window patched up and the hoes
main dreiunlng o bis orders for hot
cakes and toffee I
Along cotes Patrolman Medley the
relief twenty years on the force and
knows a burglar when he seas him
Broken window In the horizon
Ha ha says Healey Ho ho and
he smashes the door glass and tumbles
Into tho store The noise arouses Hans
and the boss i
Healey grabs both Then explanations
i come as a matter if course and Healey i
I makes a quick getaway
I 1 hope they will let me finish out
this hardwood nap said Hans as
I he again retired
I 16Z1
I Ill
+ lda m
P > r
No oilier medicine has been so
successful in relieving the suffering
of women or received so many gen
uine testimonials as has Lydia E
Pinkhams Vegetable Com
In every community you will find
I women who have been restored to
I health by Lydia If Pinkhams Veg
etable Compound Almost every
one you meet has either been bene
I fited by it or has friends who have
In the Pinkham Laboratory at
Lynn Mass any woman any day
may see the files containing over
one million one hundred thousand
letters from women seeking health
and here are the letters in which they
openly state over their own signa
tures that they were cured by Lydia
E Pinkhams Vegetable Compound
Lydia E Pinkhams Vegetable
Compound has saved many wo
men from surgical operations
Lydia E Pinkhams Vegetable Com
pound Is made from roots and herbs
without drugs and Is wholesome antI
harmless I
The reason why Lydia E Pinkhams
Vegetable Compound Is so successful
Is because It contains Ingredients which
act directly upon the feminine organism
restoring It to a healthy normal con
Women who are suffering from those
distressing ills peculiar to their sex
should not lose sight of these facts or
doubt the ability of LydIa E Pinkhams
Vegetable Compound to restore their
R H Mxcy 24 Cos Attractions Are Their Low Price
Womens 125 Waists Womens 125 ° ll
at 79c Petticoats 89c
Second Floor S pond I 10O n
Waists made of white batiste tucked back and fi striped peraline in a variety of colors made
front and finished with lace stock collar and culls uih deep shirred tl uiue finished will rose ruche
Bway at 6th Av Htb to JiLhSL
Garments That Make for the Comfort of I Mens and HOSIERY
j Womens
Mankind in Hot Weather
an In In ea er The SemiAnnual Sale of Samples
Mens Store ith riwr The Best Time for Buying Half a Years Supplies
Lightweight garments fashioned of very thin materials thai call for the lailormms linest
Main Floor
needlework The call is answered in these Still left in abundance 01 the blockings placed on sale yester
Shantung I Mohair Suits TwoPiece Suits day morning the sale started with over 33000 pairs
g > Excepting the Womens Silk Stockings at 98cf the sale stock
Silk Suits 2375 1675 to 2275 1275 to 1975 range of styles is practical unbroken
ioatandTrousers Suits made of Most of it sample Hosiery all of it perfect quality And with
Twopiece Suitscoat and trousers I Ttvo piece Suits made of Priestly aruus lightweight fabrics incltul an article of merchandise as staple as hosiery little wonder that the
made of fine Shantung silk coal 3 cravenetted English mohair In fancy lll > doors Inp al worsteds cas underpricing brings out holiday throngs
of Iineres anti cheviots 111 Pain ad I >
button model Irons effects and anous s
singlebreasted black r 11 blues grass tans olive and Womens 25c Womens 35c to Womens 5oc to
ers turned up at bottom and finished gray fabrics warranted both spot i rwns coats quarter or halflined Hosiery 15c Soc Hosiery 24c 75c Hosiery 37C 1
with side buckles and belt loops and wrinJI proof with good quality mohair
Mens 25c Mens Soc Mens 5X to
COATS of black alpaca and brilliantine TROUSERS of white duck 124 and 100 of J
Half Hose 75c Half those
5188 to 5 2rl tan crash 240 Half Hose 15c 24c Hose37c
COATS of blue and black serge unlined t I Details of the sale stocks
310 to 5075 CRASH SUITS coat and trousers 5no
fYli1 = ldS I Womens 25c Mens 25c Half
Hosiery at 15c I Hose at 15c I
Trunks and Bags in a Sale I Petticoats Indicative of
InoIuliMu plain black oven amiimi K juk innon cnloreil cotton black and
June White Sale mercerize Ilulp l BIO black black Ui wi i M Jiiie th cud plain black sod col
e Savings
S amend iolors plain black aid colnrcl Initon with frnhrollcrM dKurei and
VacationGoers Kimimtn fancy figured InotoI ran I h ante leeksfancy cheek effects and tImely
Timely for Vacation oers I i wind Floor Checked grnnuda Insteps on black atul iolnmi ut iill par airmen ns Mack round cotton al rlpre ant with Jjc un I
NClrPllONALLY good nchn nlt feet cotton In soul tan
Basement up and nose iasiiiiiere In black nat I
= ODERArE PRICED travelling requisites costing much less LfEloU this year tha wc Womens 35c to 50c I tarot
Il1 I than usual just at the outset of the summer vacation pen d iK jg hve for June selling Hosiery at 24c I Mens SUe Half
= means just so much less expense to figure on for the trip an of white
= array t till Hose at 24c
I s while priced e
The Trunks and Bags concerned specially dergarments ln hil > nK IPI h iifk < ui < > n in inu
r Goods rmcnts as attractive from in1 iniHiltnn HKbts hack C rtnn wuh non
are good staple numbers such as we show in the Travelling blcichpl > pll rel h av weight leered
economy viewpoint as an oton tdin MatIt with imhumtnvl spM niHirtij Irrnin 01ik llile thread
store car in and ver out any feet titan llir d ti > nnd hPel black 1iiiKiricd IiTiiun KIUZI lise pliln black
year year lace IISIP with nllo < r lace nnd lm e kMuzc IHIe black cmiun blick Cmton
Saratoga Travelling Trunk covered with duck and reinforced at all the May White Sale afforded nnklcp oloreil actors lilnrk Ltwli ewith idalbb irhs apill Linethl blick and
brass locks nnl rata with ttiiforolderM tea < olorrd Llili him k amt colored llln
points with malleable iron trimmings combination dowels and rass Take this one collection tI noiki dnt e1 LIJthr nd fancy ilitck anl urry tnoiid crourd iorticil
itrt tl Italbriucan ttn < l rat Cl lzi > 9 In otrlo on black mil lured Iollnd
two trays lined throughout with cloth Womens hk Nark with unbleiclvd sill fret fancy pluids iiii hiki Merifrlj i i Ilale I
Sire 32in 34in 3fin 3Sin 4CMn garments Cambric in hd rt assn In I il it iKC in In plain and fii miliml frtctii black
and rnlorid KMuiiids mil
Each 758 704 S831 860 902 Petticoatsall priced under the Btrlt s nnd riknrcs ulna polku dotted
Continental Travelling Trunks covered with heavy waterproofed S2oo mark as an example ot Womens 50c to 75c
fibre bound brass trimmings and lock leather straps four slats in at 37c Mens 50c
canvas Hosiery i s to 75c
bottom deep setup tray and extra skirt thoroughly riveted and lined with the June sale valuegiving Half Hose at 37c I
cloth Vith lawn flounce two clusters n nl g aiuut IJtHI nrM lakes from I
I < 3in 34in 36in 3Sin 40in 11 ncu i atk r hr a in I ii1 0 II u
olze of hemstitched tucks 30 colHintillK of hutch 1 sue
30c lery thread
1 I
974 1009
JJ1 I 800 902 038 S A ilh franc la01 inKvJi Inn vitrlttv of I iiMirtd aI IIMH thread bi irk
at tile k rite llsl ulth baulembrddta
tntlTiit tack 11117 net iiiediutn nvght w embn ii chi
Pan Cabin Trunk covered with heavy duck fibre bound mal With lawn flounce hcimtitcheJ 1 Isin thread n mi h mil Miibrnlderpd In sin rrr bark i onuu and fln black
Kniil Ioiiun tab > rrrat
liable iron corners brass lock and iron bottom tucks and embroidery ruffle 50c Kiepn an
30ln 32in 3lln 36in 3Sin toin
Size 2Sm
Each Sol 11 448 S481 510 55G S592 ° 28 With deep umbrellashaped fV1 CYS
flounce pin tucked and hem I
Featherweight Cabin Trunk French trimmings mottled fibre l
bound hardwood slats cloth lined and riveted stitched 50c Marchioness Corsets at 98c
Size 32ln 34in 36in 3Sin toin With deep lawn flounce ant wide
Each 902 050 1009 1064 1118 hemstitched tucks 89c Ordinarily Worth 175
r IOar ort
Suit Cases made of grass fibre very light in weight neatly finished With lawn flounce five tucks Y
durable 24inch size 217
very and embroidery ruffle 80c SOOIld FIr
Telescope Bags made of rattan lined with plaid leather corners 22 The Marchioness at full regular price IS tinnuiched
in 362 24in 383 26m > 404 Will lawn flounce two cluster moneys
worth for it reprcoCiils the tel workmanship of American Corset
Reed Suit Cases very light and well made leather straps all around tucks and open embroidery ruffle
396 builders Good fortune then to lind an iinderpricin g such as this
22 to 24in 26in 43J some with embroidery beading
with ribbon above ruffle ouc Choice of three different n nd lsshort and Inns hip with mediuir J
J1 r > r5 high bust anj long hip with high bust made of fine white batiste all If
Vith lawn ruffle lucks and tor trimmed with lace and ribbon and with how supporters attached
I A Bathm Suit for hon lace insertion and deep lace
I Bathing Ult or 11U As the Marchioness typifies the American standard so our Com
I edging tesse Corsets represent the best work of French cursetieres I
E Member of the F I With circular ruffle of six rows
Every em er 01 t e Family Val lace insertions and two edIT
I HREE separate organizations collect Bathing Suit stocks for ings 121 Handmade Chemises 99c
flounce uf
IT Mncy patrons and do the work thoroughly These stocks With perpendicular
SironJ Jloor
are on sale on two floors Womens and Misses Suits on torchon lace insertion and edging <
Chemises made of naiiixjuk liimhed with beading with ribbon
ttc rS s 129 n
the second floor 34th Street side Childrens Suits on the I
tlr awn through and lace edge
second floor 35th Street side and Mens Suits in the Sporting Goods With deep flounce wide tucks t
All handmade and handembroidered and as examples of fine
store fifth floor and two rows wide lace insertions J
domestic needlework they are splendid
By the attention paid to details in collecting our stocks of Wom and edging 129 neellliud i hiltl
You will find it difficult tn distinguish them firm in 1 armed
oils and Misses Bathing Apparel you may determine our fitness for With deep flounce hemstitched handmade garments costing two or three times as much I
this of the wardrobe I
furnishing part e summer u a tucks between torches lace inser
Not alone do we handle the products of other prominent manu tions and edging 130 MCl Cs
facturers but we manufacture scores of Suits in our own workrooms 9
Women will find among these Macy Made Suits a number of exclu With deep flounce cluster tucks W omens Misses Chl
and deep n or blind embroidery
sive models designed by our own designers Included are Silk Bath very p open
ing Suits ranging price up to 3774 broidery ruffles t140 drew Readytowear
ren s ea
Of especial interest With deep flounce two rows Y owear I
point de Paris lace insertions and
Womens Bathing Suits Riding A I SVonri Floor
159 Apparel
deep lace ruffles I log ppare loth St Site
At 198 Two styles of Suits made of surf cloth one a Dutch neck
style trimmed with white duck and black braid the other with large sailor With deep flounce of blind j19t em II r < = = NCIi you inspect these garments and note their graceful
collar trimmed with three rows of braid and tie broidery lines and the splendid tailoring mat gives permanence to I
At p 279 Two styles of Brilliantine Suits one with square neck IVid CvS H39 s I the graceful lines you will not wonder at the marked suc
trimmed with braid with and narrow tie with braid embroidered the other anchor with a large sailor collar trimmed Footwear for the Bather cess of this Iciest addition lo the ranks of apparel ready
Mens and Womens Bathing towear
At 396ntree of Mohair Suits Dutch neck neck and
styles square with rubber
Oxfords of white duck r The cost alone is sufficient argument in favor of such apparel
large sailor collar style prettily trimmed with braid soles 24c
ber I or purposes of comparison you have only to take the cost of
At 549 prlmress style Mohair Suit trimmed with srtk braid and Womens and Misses Oxfords I
I pearl buttons and Low Sandals of black and similar garments madetomeasure These readytowear are quite
At 594princess white duck with cork soles pair the equals of toorder garments and for a third to a half less than
Princess style Mohair Suit prettily trimmed with tiffeta silk
Other Princess Model Suits 704 to 1224 14c toorder work costs
Oxfords and Low San
Mens Riding Habits for women and misses with skirts for sidesaddle pall I
Mens B h with white trimmings 221
Suits s at
en s ulb
mg dais as above 04C astride riding of linen 1074 of khaki t 840
5th Floor Other fancy knit Swimming Suits Womens Roman Sandals of Children a Riding Habits of crash and linen fJ40 of khaki I84S
Mens twopiece allwool Wors In the new heather shades up to
574 white duck cut high and finished Womens and Mines Long Coat and Breeches Habits of linen 1471 I
ted Suits
navy and with red
with ribbon adjustment sizes 2 to and 9821 of khaki 1374
or white stripes at Boys Bathing Suits 7 pair 08 r t
Other Bathing Suits in varld
a variety
2d Floor dour St Stdn I
of colors and combinations Suits
Onepiece cotton Bathing Suits 11
270 to 740 navy blue with white or red trim 0 Lace Embroidery Prizes
dens twopiece sweaterknit mings fast colors sizes 2 to 10 Outdoor Play Clothes Vi ley
Swimming Suits closely woven years 08c Man Floor SE34K4
stripes gray grounds with white or 207 red Onepiece Hathing Suits all wors for the Boy 2d Fl White Venue Lace Insertions in widths from one to three II
ted jersey plain navy or gray Not fashioned so much for the inches made to sell up to 5oc a yird special 24c29c33c
Other sweaterknit 120 with
swe Swimming trimmed white or red
Suits in a variety of combinations 150 sake of appearance but for dura Batiste Embroideries combined with laces filet soutache and j
at 340 to 400 Twopiece Bathing Suits sleeveies bility fabrics and sewing such luny effect including insertions medallions and bands in
allwool widths from H to 5 inches made to sell to Si5o yard I
Mens itwopiece fancy or with quarter sleeves of plain i1 up a
will withstand hardest service
t Ilrl rvlc
as I I IS all S
sweaterknit Swimming Suits gray navy or gray all worsted 150 o special 38c 49c 69c and 89C
fV1 D6 49c for Play Suits made some
1 what like rompers only the trou
Table Cloth Lengths of Linen sers lek long nude of blue ortan Macys Skylight Restaurant
chambray sizes for boys of 2 to
I Damask A Clearance 10 91 years c for Rough Rider Suits Ideally Cool and Airy t
I Dflnrtment made of khaki cloth trimmed InHere the entire
Eight stories above the street levelan1 through ntlre
Here are pure Irish Linen Table Damasks 66 inches wide toll regulation style with fastcolor
bleached and of perfect quality all in neat designs Ordinarily red blue or yellow drilL for boys block from 34th to 35th street with outdoor service on the loggia
worth 75c a yard at these special prices of 3 to 14 years > overlooking heart of the city Sea tint capacity 25oo Service
2yd 2 J4 yd 20yd 2Hyd 1yd 24c and 46o for Overalls a la carte and table dhote Special sni king room fur men A I
118 133 148 163 177 made of blue denim sizes 4 to feature of it is lie traveller1 heels right up to vnir table and
Pure Linen Napkins full bleached 17inch size elsewhere 75c 14 yeirv also at 40c Overalls from it are served choice cuts nd ready dishes t
the half dozen here 49c made of tm cotton covert cloth
i I It
Sunday World Wants Work Wonders l
t aa i

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