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I n i T o i1rJ
r I
fiIi r 1
r The Evening World Daily MagazineT Mon day June I 2 9 I 9 O 8 >
i y jtt < < tt 01I x N
< l
C I OrE L c 1 YO
By James Forbes
ftfN0YNfi fJ l tW
Thl Novellzatlon of The Chorus
Lady Was Made
By John W Harding
ICOPJrlt 1W bv FDJ l W VlllmjlbLa > 0 I
1MU lullur t viit i Uori > i trulner II
nuMttU to Iatncla u Jincu a I
rliuru ln t te Illler Ife uxlal > J rtll
him In uaslnt Mjilur > wi pjtnirii
MOO Now lulcr naiura cra fulu iiataiura
I ttlacteil t > Suu u unm 1Jiricl t I
youncvr Itor a i > ictt > 10 MI wiu
Ions to iia on tlu siuse rumen tatcnes
Crawford Mums uri la HIM tii < itlrt rroii
hi luiet 1 urici tuku her to Now YDri <
KiiJ limit ner J < IIIOM u Owim tlrl
Ium turrta ciu fnitl itiucily in Nuv rj
lutictllllg Will JHtll < KCa 10lwllv > < PU in
hit tlp on the rac hyl i 11I01
tloif Kir who lmc ialricu Itirna Df
thl IatilcU uuai < Is wild Ula A It
tor from Malm 1 un > UJi If < tin
In the autlimcn thai n lit iruuith h > luj
IatrlclK loa ni > of n < ie ln s with
Crunfunl Sura confines c his for < f > l
h r lathers niino ID n fU > noi < which I
Crai > orol hoN i i 1 i m > h <
oie an 1 to bin elihc Vnn JTM tn
CrawforlH ntiartunt rlwforJ I t tut I
blj xaict tel < luiirs him oC Noras ariixal
Iontlmicd > I
lu Danger
T ADY hero wishes lo 500 you si
ILADY Holers wl ien Cruxford
responded to the call
Yes What Is her name lie In
She ddnt cve me any nO1lIJUI
told nm to tel you that she wanted lo
peak with you and that It was tin
linpoitint ehZ What docs she look
t > lk < > old 0l1n1
Youro ind scry irtty Ir She
dinner or thu opcrn I
< 3resscd Jor
think LeaMwa > s she hadnt any hat
That ao Well ask her to be sn
kind jj to walt one minute Ill come
up rifciit nwj
Ro r tuijvcie l the IIIlUO to Nora
1 oul oti J iiall
put a Itnpalcr un1 a
table boslUe icr ami withdrew
No a Icjt alotii han to lool around
her There was an air of luxury nut
the pie < t11 wad pUfn < Tne rug
feet was thil and toft
benejH t
Wils It re
red on
Vitn Cle paper
Cttied one d tlm rahionable tiuitel
rles un Klft > n ntie where he hail taken
centre of the
en her to lunci In the
tab of ebon >
room was a squars
ornilcly cuvtd
Jve with
omcwhat nl3St
electric reading lamp
legs An esant
upon it conaectcJ witii a chan cler
scattered around the lanp were
els ami a few of the latest miEislre s
In some
lo with
havlre to
most i
lapo or form On the smaller tabls
he waa seated a round
budr whlcn
dellcntey chafed saso o
one was a
which were some American
t liver in
Uvldentl th < v had been
Beauty roses
for they I
there for tire or four dn > s
and faded Heavy i
curtains red also were loped
opart at the two windows dlacofins
other Ions hangtnc curtains of cream
The Puzzling Sentence
Between the windows wn a nmKe
piled high with tho aotteet of ofa
cushions and abova It occupying all
the vail space was a picture rppreaent
InK Youth In whloli tho llfeilie nK
ota of a yount girl baslde a trcam
In a listening attltud ami weirlns lit
mischievous provoking
tle but a
tood out in Btartllnff relief ogalnst a
cmbre background On piano and
mid bIbelot of bronze and ivory on
the mantelpiece were a voral portralta
to women mostly actresses bearing au
A hnnds m bookcase beside a door
cvpoult the loung extended from the
door to the corner of the room at right
uncle to the mantelpiece It wm filled
with books partly French bound and In
I paper covers packed in wherever there
was room for them
From the bookcase her eyes wandered
< to the door She wondered where It led
to Then she walked t the mantelpiece
nd looked at the portraits framed and
unfiamrd Clip criminals of ome she I
knew nt > ist by alKht and name She
took In hT hand the portrait of one
woman unknown to her anil ery beuu
tirul which stuod In a shlnlns nllvcr I
frame obviously new one SointthliiB I
wilt written across it In a line delicate
tcrawl she held It to the Ilklit and
To Dickie from Tat Memento of A
Kood timu nover to bu forgotten
Tile portrait Impressed her lIlaree
ably Sho wai uetiely Jealous of this
itutiftil unlnuwn and she replaced the
photograph rallier impatiently and
roushly AH slit did so EH ciunlit iKlit
in the mirror of tier uwn face all touted
anl powdered
A Cry of Dismay
She iiittred n llttie cry of dismay It
seemed to her that tin looked hideous
Mr Crawford tnuil never tee her Ilk
that the must wash her face some 1
ho llut liuw VVlicre There was
nothing with which she could do It
there not curi a glass of water She
wondered uheihw liu could nsl the
alcl to bring lie ono an the pretct
tliat SIP was Ihlrsry She went to tho
door iLMdliiR to tile hah but the man
was not to be con and hhe did lut
W to call him Suppose tflnj were to
t I tho other door SSIe went to it
but hlt led She was afraid to open
it Vet something had to be done ilr
Crawford would urrite ut any minute
he mlgnt at that ery moment be on
111 elevator
She lookea around In perplexity not
knuunc whit to do and notlciil the
ros > s Immedlitc a happy tluright
struck her lien was water QuicKly
jle went to the b a but ttcpped
lyiln lti nhat was the
going to wipe her face felie hall no
handkerchief la her ttage dress With
febiile hiMu tho seoicntU Uie cloak
hoping agai t hope that there might
be one there The cloak though slemt
leff hail a pocket but there was noth
ing m It saO 1ttle book of lace pow
der pupci Her woman w ca to
her aid She tore a lar e pnec off her
petticoat and remoi71 tiie io ts
bitlieil and rubbed her face lcor
ouslx until not a cstiso of the rouge
An Appeal
> receipt of Hoer s telephone
ON mcEsuse craw ford left the club
at onCe and hailing a motor cab
Instructed tho chauffeur to drive him
to tho West Knd avenue housu as rap
idly as possible He wondered who his
vultor cOld possibly be llogera had
said that fche wns young and pretty nnd
thnt she was dressed for dinner or the
opera This puzzled him That a woman
both young and pretty should call upon
him was not remarkable He knaw
many who answered to this description
I but that one should arrive hatless and
In full evening dress was to aav the
least not fcsual It was an opera night
I to be sure but he had made no engage
ment to take anybody there
When he reached home he let himself
Into his apartments noiselessly hung up
Ms hat and overcoat In tho hall and
went into his den in his evening
dress and with a gardenia that be had
picked up from the dinner table orna
menting the lapel of his coat Xora
I had Just concluded her Impromptu toilet
operation and thrust the wet rag Into
the pocket of the cloak The hard rub
I bing had set her cheeks aglow and her
eyes were sparkling with excitement
She looked lery pretty
When he opened the door Crawford
Btnrtcd with astonishment at bcelng
who his vlitor was
Well well This Is n pleasant sur
prise Nora You hno bald no so
often that 1 had Ions ago given up hope
of seeing you here ho exclaimed ad
I vancing toward hnr with both hands
outheld Unthinkingly she extended
her own nnd ho that
I saw her anus
were bare Her action also partial the
I cloak aulllclently to reveal that she was
In deep decollete
To De Continued
r May Mantons Daily Fashions 1
fli E waist
THE with th
square bertha
effect Is ono of the
lalelt and beat I
liked This one has
th merit of beIng I
adapted to o great
many different ma1
terlals it can bill
utilized either with I
° r without a lin I
Ing and Is available
tor all the pretty
muslins and for the I
thin silks and light
weIght wools Which I
require lining In I
the illustration tho
material la crepe del
Chine the yoke
L 0 1 n g nude of
tucked net and the
bertha of embroi
dered bandlnr The
I trimming on the
l blouse Isot Inser
tion and lace
The quantity of
material required
lIlT for the medium
r Bite is 2 6S yards
21 or 24 2 yards 21
or 1 88 yards 41
Inches wide with l
yard of tucked net
for tho yoke and
under sleeve 1 73
jl yards of banding
I z 2 12 Inches wide 5
l 12 yards of Inser
r 1 tion 11 yarda of
I eckjln 34mch wide
Iii 58 yard of silk for
r Fancy BlousePattern No 5024 aa the Illustrated girdle to miOto
r Pattern No OOit is out In olios for a 32 34 S3 38 and 40 bust measure
Call or end by mall to THB BVE nNG WORLD IotA Y UAN
Bow te TON FSlIlON DUREAU No m Eaat Twentythird atreet Ne
obtala I York Send 10 cent In co In or atamptor each patt9rn orderec1 j
721 IY1 ORTANTWrlta your name and dllr pJbly Jnl1 ILl
httuu wa lqec1ty Iln wanted
tl fr k
now iiu
I I i 4EN r r 0
J < < X < XY 00 xXI0 N000iE N0
i Lilian Bell rd W d to the Man Who Bullies His Stenographer
< > iXjA5igXSA SS I W X0y i 0
ERE you ex r i outdo Miir owi home le
puzzled to caust > when x ju think xou nre onl > a1
know why a J C fcrllnc j ar manllripHH by turlfjInK fl >
man who was per1 I olTIco boy and bullylnc > our si nojr
fectly obadlent to cJ plier vou are cirrlin > around an ad
ils wife would blow xrrtloiiient nM largo IS snridlili
Into the ortk ilk imn thnt xou nte the tctin of pel
i xvhlrlwlnd and pro i coo rule nt homo
urd to tenr things It Ri > em odd thnt thn men who ii
vide open lhe e ihlriRM shouldnt have dlscuxerr
1 I t I Well you neednt Ihf r n son for ihm ilxp Hut thcv f > x
no Kor tho secret dinlly luxoVt or they xvoiil 1 bo R4 lnmo
to ailxirll the fnct If II th
< just here Man lS nx ivii r
I > nature the mlor nt all Ihov miikt Kmnv thu c iv cn
I f things He tr the I II1URI half II ni t and HUH ili I
of comrpn atioii K In mniMt on vxci
Monarch of the jrlm
where nnd at nil tlnir
so to speak And
Po tnko ont II lTlr clrl nd ort
I whenever this mon
t IIOK When i he bus N m iv > o i
arch Kets N proud neck under the xoke
larch nnd the lij b > ir moot iinhcirili i
of some female his superfluous energy Kmln Olllellx tn uh I n
his natural Instinct to boss somebody 1 your hearts 7u < t wait until xou RP
will always nfsert Itself
linmr mlKpr YOUi
ou wifo l 1 < >
And who shall say tliat this is not as Aith xou for nil that xou hav dono t
it should be1 UN totny
Man was born to be the master of The linip man In tlio woild n lr <
this household nnd Is at his best when
Wait Till He Gets Homo to His Wife own luimi li th mnn who Is a whirl
he marries a wifo who will allow him i wlnd In hl < nllko llu will slnm up
I to be Hut sometimes there exists a rulershlp Of h9 domestic household an olllce where the vtpnngiapher Is In roll over belt rotrlcxe lininlkcrclilif
man who cannot control himself and takes It out In being a bully In his terror of her life 1 alwvrs ha a llttlu and pxon piny dlnl wliemver his wife
i therefore he cannot control his own i office household secret smile nil to nnielf ns 1 bay tells him to
wife i So uhenovor I go out to dinner with Tlat mrns wife bosses Im And coiuldprlnr hl office manners
I That man tocliu thwarted in tho J t man who bullies the waiter or sea So be careful you men who are this Is Quito as It rhoulJ bu
I In Childhoods Golden Hours + fJ By J It Bryans
I = J l 7r = 3
2 I =
The Boy Qee but dpren no ploasln dls sencrn
What n beautiful dollyl tlon of tolls 1vo ot ti iwuntl of dirt wlgRled mo
Yctm Every one lays It look exactly like mol earn an etooil on mo licnd till Im blue In dr fate
an nothln dulul
As Sho Understood H 1
WH BTUDB fwlth Illustrated vreeV
MR ly Martha hero U a plctura un
JLVJ titled DockliiK on Ocean Grey
hound I
Mrs Btubh flarln tlPt Just dont I
wont to see It 1 think hero should bo I
a jiw a alnst clipping oft a noor dolCa
No Merr Widows In Japan I
nro no merry wldor tn Jupnn Onco a widow uluayn a wlrto r
THrnC rule there And xvhro Is tho widow who could bo inurry uider
uch u nillng Strange to a there am no old nmds either Jim m I
Juiun sayc Marshall 1 Wider In hli new book there nr no old nmldn I
I Marrlau s nro ttrranr dt nnd as widows nra not allowed to marry nsnln that
helps toward having anouch man to go around tinea each woman IMS only one < I
ohanca Vh < m her hu > bund dloa even though she may be > ounR and aiartiln I
I tha widows hair Is out oft and III Is doomed for the rest of hr life to slnot
blaMtdnais and a draotMd > oa
IVK3I noticed thnt you have a
B Inroad tied round > our niihar i
UPIu that Is to rmnlna you of
JltUs Not exactly It In to remind
mf wifu 10 ask me If I forgot omu
thlnl olid laid me to rom mberIfar
0 iXyX fS J
I Pres Roosevelts 7 = l
I Own Stories of r
j Hunting j
j Big Game
1 Told by Himself l
fConvTteht 1533 hr O P Putnami lone1
1ubllMicd iindur Hrrumtcmpnti with 1
0 I Imntunu Sons New York aud
Story No 10
A Wolf Battle i
NCB I hid
O the K o 01
fortune to
wltno K a vpry PT
rltlns liint nmims I
tho norllien Rock i
I I xvas staying
it tho hone of ai
fr ondv roxxman
whom I will call
Iude Yanc y
S t u m p Judso
Slump wa a
Democrat who as
IP phiased it had
fought fnr hli Oininrrncy that 1 ha
liul boon In the Ojnfrdpnte Army lie
WiiM at ilijse diaxxn with hli niip t
nHslibor n rM raI1e1 niountaln
farmiT who l ia > bu knuiui lit oM man
I There XMI one point hivxpxer on I
whlrh the two cnme toRotlicr Thpy
xxprp ppppnilv fund of hunt In xvlth iI
liouniN Tlip JinUe had thrci or four i i
tni khoiindi nnl four of whit he I
called mxiftliouniN HIP latter Includlns
onr iitiiphrpd fiinlc Krhuiinl uf vim I
I dprful peed nnd tPinppr a duncolond
i xolplu anImal xililch wat a cross bc
txxcpn a icxhound and a fx hound
nnd two iithfis Unit WPr1 rriniii 10
tnoin ti Kipjhound and a xxlrchalred
Jcut h diirhouiil
Did man Il Indies contrlliutlon tn tho
pack cinsli tiMl of two liniuon bilndiptl
monRrpli of Krcat tivnth nnd fero
clnui IciiipiT Tliiv wi > rc unllkp any
1 doss 1 hixc vcr setn In this country
Ai I was XTy nMXIous tn P i x ixnlf
hit the Judi < > xnluiilcni to 4It on >
I up 1 nd niktd old man Illnd ti ri
i ilHt for the take of Ilia Iwo bi flKIt
1 Inc do
Tmi Uidse and I carried uur rtllef
nnl tlm Iuivboy lilt rpxolxpr but uhl
I mini IMinllH hid nothing Ilit n hiavy
whip for IIP ixnrp wlti many oatl
Cupv r b > tj 1 1umama rionx
I thnt no one hniiM Intel fere with ili
big dogi for bv themselves thes would 1
I miiely nakn tic wulf feel jlcker Ian I
n stuck nii Uur niiingy poniei i
lUemll Kilt < r
racked tilling ut a
the dfwv prairie srn < Tlie two bis
dogs tnitted behlnl their master Km
and ferocious
i At last we reached a nomewhat deep
ei alley 111 wtilcn the wolves were
harbored i
IostlnK the cowboy i > whom he gave
his rllle with tno greyhounds on one
the end and old man
side of upper
Prlndle with two others on the opposite
side while I wm left at the lower end
of the
to guard against the possibility o
wolves breaking back the Judge
thicket near mu and
jrorte Into
lloocencd the track hounds to let thim
Mod tho wolves trull The big dogs IIho
were uncoupled nnd allowed to jo In
with tho hounds
W fat motionless on our horse s
1 eagerly looking through tho keen frosh
mornlnic air Then a clumorouK bi > InB
from tho thicket In which both the
i horseman and doits had dlMipnoaied
hound that Ihe hounds lud struck the
I trail of their quarry and woio running
on a hot scent for a couple of minutes
wo could not 03 iuuu certain which way
tho game wnn foliu to break Tho
I hound ian zluiag tliouii thu oruah at
we could toll by their baying und one
I tome yolplnjc and a trcat row sliowd
Ithut they hud oomo rather closei1 t tail
thoy liiid oxpeftcU upon at leual onu uf
tho wolvos
In another minute howevtr the Ut
ter found It too hot for them und bolted
from tho thicket My llrst notlcu ut
thin wa a olnu thn cowboy who was i
tiindlnu by tho ldt > of his horsa I
nuddanly throw up hln iIHo und tire
whllo Im greyhounds wtm had boun
tpilniitnx high In thu nlr luilf inuildtiiibd
by tho clamor In tIle thicket b > li > w ror
tt nioiiiont dHHliud oft the wiong way
oontus < d by thu report of the gun
II I woh tn wliora
1 rod fur a IU
thu cuAliuy utooil and luxttititly ciunlit
a Klimpsu of two wolves srul Jgra >
ond brown whlcli liuvlng buan tinned
his hot liad utartod itraltiht ovur
tlu till ucrusj tliu plu n tuwurd tha
I mountain thru nillea uay
AJ uon da I miw tliuni 1 saw aUo
thm ih rTni t1 nf the il hl
been hit somewhere In the body and I
nns lagging behind tho blood running r I
from Its flank while the two grey
hounds were rnclns utter It and at i
ho Mme moment tho trackhounds nnii
th > big dogs burst out of tho thicket t
yelling savagely as they struck th <
bloody troll Tho wolf was hard hit
and staggered as he ran He did not
haxe a hundred yards start of thn
diigi nnd In leu than a minute one
of the greyhounds ranged up and passed
him with a sa ago snap that brought
him to and before hu could reo rver
the wholj pack rushed at bin
Wpnkennl ns ho was he could make I
no effective light ngalnst 10 many foes
nnd indeed had a chance for but one
or two rapid maps before he wa
thrown doxvn and completely rovered
bv flip bodp < of his enemies Yet with
one of these naps he did damage as a
shrill > pI told nnd In a second nn
ovi > rrnsh trackhound came out of tho
struggle with a deep gTh ncrosi his
boulders The xxoirylnggrowling and
snarling xvcre lorrlfle but In a mlnuts
the heaxlng mips grew motionl ° FS and
the dogs drew off save one or two that
ellll rontlmiPil to xvorry the dead wolf
ns It lay stark and stiff with glazed
eyes nnd rumpled fur
No sooner xiore xvc satisfied that It
wis dead Plan the Judge with cheers J
and unllis and crackings of his whip i
urged the dogs afer the other xvolf
The tvxo greyhounds that had been with
old mnn Prlndle had fortunately not
l been able to > CO the xvolves n hen they
IlIrt broke om the coxer nnd never
nw the xxounded xxolf at all Jtartlng
off at full speed after the tmxvounded
ine thu Instant he topped the crest of
Hie hill He had aUn advantage of a
slight hollow and turned and now th
base wif ciosflug in half a mile away
i With whip nnd spur xvo llexv toward
i I hem our uxu griiyhounds stretching
out in front nnd leaving us as If we
I were sfimlmg still the trackhounds t
and big dogs running after them Just
are nl of the horses
I Portumtelv the wolf plunged for a
moment Into n little brushv hollow and
I agiln doubled back ami this gave us a
hari to see tilt end o tile chase from
I near ly The two greyhoundi which
had Irs taker up ti nursul Tr + rm
lien but n hnrt distance behind
Nearer ihev eront until they were with
In ion anlH nnd then with a tre
mendous rae the little fcmalp ran
IJst him and Inflieipd a vicious bite In
th e bIg beasts ham lie whirled
around llko a top and his jaws clashed
Irke those of a sprung boartrap but r
quick though he was sho was quicker
and Just cleared his savage rush
In another i < lIIelll h lesumod his
night at full speed a speed which only
that of the Greyhounds exceeded but
almost Immediately tho second grey
hound ranged alongside and though hi
was not able to bite bocaune the wolf
Iept lunnlns with hIs head turned
around threatening him yet by hll
feints he delajed the beaut flight a
that In a moment or two the remiinn
I couple of swift hounds arrived
I on tl
kctiif for
moment tho wolf nnd all
four dogs gallopta along In a bunch
then ono of the grJ hounds watcntnir
his dunce Pinned tio beast clovorlv
bv tiia h < ok and throw him comyleuty
The othern JJmped on It In an Instantf
but ilsln bv iMin atrtngih the wolf
shook himself fiou cauhlug onu dog
by thn ear nnd tiurlng It Jmlf off Then
he uat down on hli haunche and tho
jrojluuiulb langid tlumselvej around
him minu Iwenly vurdt off fonnlng a
iliiK iiliUh forbide his retreil thouoh
tlllol ilK mi < elvei did nut dare touoh him
However thu end IIH ut hand
In unuthor moment Old Aba und den
nraiit came iiiniiln up u juuiillonir
tlievil and nniusheil into tha Will UUu e
couple of Imtlpringiuiiiti HH rose ofi 1
his hind lkM Ilku ti wrentler as they
ciimn at him ihu gn ylmunds also rising
und botincliiK up uml down nu rubber
Kills I could Ju > t ran Inn wolf und tluj
ttrst big doif MH togqthnr ua th
sucond ont muii trnod hu tlroatholil
In unothof muuifnt ovnr ml throu tum <
bled uhllu HIM i ylioundi > Jjinpod in to
lako tMirt In HID Uilllng
The big ilugH mori limn oemiplutl the
ivalfn attrnlion und took Hli tlio ruin
Ifilnff while In u Irlia one of tlm Iry >
hounds having n lzml him by tho hlnij
leg htretched him out and Dm iHliery
cL bltlnif hl > iindetenileit ully Th
siinrllii und vullln of th worry 1lj
u nolso HO nundlh that It wna fulrlr
hlnolcnnlMnt then It vinduully died
ilowti unJ ttt bCnn wolf Inv Ifniu on
the plain Ullled by IhH dodH unutsisluij
This wolf waa rather heavl r unit i od j
udlv tttllor tlmn ellher of iha hll dOJ s 1
with moro slnowy tU1 and longer lungif V
Story No1 After Blacktall
Deer will appall In Wednesday
Evenlnn Voli
M k

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