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d n r W
iJ v C I I
v j fc
Y t
Norman Wouldnt Believe She
Was Not at Home and Tried
jj to Reach Window
Taken Unconscious and Dying
to Hospital Girl Said to
Have Broken Engagement
Tb MUgotmr pals of FYeT eh Nor
a a brawny Itttlo deepwater
nnw who wIshed him all kind ot
I Iuc IItI < a he departed Hoboken Tester
1 fer the Heriem home of Ma but
bIoed my find htm toflny tucked In
t Harlem HospitAl cot which port he
made after a firestory dive down an
akhft th climax of n strenuou
Oaya March for the feiM best beloved
The twoheaded tar did not make the
ftreaor7 plunge voluntarily It wai
erely an Incident to his days ad
venture all of them within the tour
i w ills of No IS East One Hundred and
I Nineteenth street until he finally broke
eut and went down the airwell
Tli In that flathouse that Miss Emma
GEIger lives Twns there In her cos >
little menage that Frlcilerlch wooed H <
thought he had won but Alas twas
aot so By the tme he had scaled the
eg ladders and made the upper deck
of No 118 Emma had suffered a change
at heart The straight blonde hair ol
r orman had lost Its lustre In her eyes
4nd when the bowlegged little mariner
l kn ckd there was a darkskinned
Mvenhalred young man Inside
Dark Man In the Dumbwaiter
I I Frlederloh didnt meet the dark man
Who had blighted his romance yester
day though he almost tore the apart
tent houss apart In an effort to gain
an Introduction
f Arrhlnl at the flat hoti e vesterdav
he Hoboken mariner blew up the tube
and asked Emma if ilin was at home
8he sId Nix very polltelv but the
tond sense of her lover detected the
oft sweet timbre of her voice
i I guess she makes n tease of me
orman said to himself and mounted
I tv stairs Hefore he had naled the
topmost Iiddir Emma had communl
4stil to tho dark lover that the Ho
oken blonde would foon b near their
yildst lie of the raven locks became
S toistantly agitated Several of 111 pivot
e eth were displaced hefon he rniwled
tyito the dumbwaiter where Emma ton
deny maixioned him lie was safely
marooned when Nonnans knock thun
dered saint his niiaklnc nerves
J Meanwhile the husky little A n pon >
dered the cryptic meaning of Twenty
three By that time neighbors had
sjome out of their flats to take hearings
nd many eyes were turned upon Nor
I Ian One nelchbor with 1 twinkle Ir
4 Is eye Informed me voyager from Ho
IJoken that Twentythree meant have
patience So Frledcrlh lighted a clear
itnd leaned coTifortably against the wall
ti Fled Down Fire Escape
At last Emma had an Idea released
the marooned one and fared forth with
him Ilown the flrcescapc Hut the sail
or had all day nod waited A Mr
OToolc on the top floor shared the
contents of a crowlT with him Then
Vrlederlch and OToolo departed to a
earby thirst parlor Tho mariner re
urncd however and cillrd again upon
tint faithless Emma He coaxed and
pleaded and sought to take the door
part bit by bit But the door was
out and held
I Evening fell Night came Hut the
patience of the little man from Hobo
4en did not run out The nclghbora
were kind to him and the growlers had
MO bottoms Finally toward midnight
tjie persistent lover decided to icalo the
I liter walls and o surprise Emma by
bursting In upon her He opened a iK
le window and got out upon the leilgv
He was slgllllt merrily n mariners
dimnt when his foot slipped Bill Mc
Grath who lives on the second floor
declares hu wns Ptlll singing as ho
passed the McCiiatli windows
Jflut lila song eased nt the bottom of
the alrwell until Dr liennott came from
t ie Harlem Hospital and took him away
tI i an ambulance No bones wore bro
ken but thu Jar had ben severu
Cattnce Opriird for Them ut North
I Ionir llrmncd
I Protestant working girls of New York
11 ho are In need of rest and recreation
nd have only limited means and time
are cared tor this summer at the Sea
I Shore Cottage at North Long Branch
tablUtud by Mrs Fletcher harper jr
The cottage accommodates 100 ana J
on the shore Each applicant for a
room Is required to give a teference A
girl may atay not over two weeks at
IS a week Applications arc received
every evening at room 613 No 156 Firth
Vrl of Mm W 1C Vniiileilillt
Jr Injured by Trollry enr
BAN JOSE Cbit Juno I Andrew
yJr brother of thu lato James o Fair
and uncle of Mrs W K VntulerMlt
jr and Mrs linrmnnn Orlrlfhi was
probably mortally Injured yuKluiday In
Jtree ear accident
Fair with W A Walton hit sofia
lherlnlnw Will driving fiom church
when their rig was overturned by u
oar Rilr and Walton both of whom
atlt old wr IhrovMi Inlo the gutter
Th late James n Fair loft his brother
ldO In his will
flouTii WKLIIIKIT Mtt June
I1Thl Ited Star lln steimer Finland
Antwerp Aiul Our lur Nu YurKo wai
111 cllmlliunwataoll by ilriuss
with tho itutlou lucre whm piTjaliitf
NtntuckHi I4lght hli ut HHJ A M till
T probably dock about SiS tontsht
> frtii J M i
Head of Steel Trust Build a 1000000 Opera
House in Paris in Which His Wife Will Sing
l M I B B I
Mrs Villiam E Corey at Last
Vins Husbands Consent lo
a Plan for FrancoAmerican
Performances in the Freud
American Girls Will Be Trained
and Will Be Employed in
House Vhere Mrs Corey
Will Be Prima Donna
When Mr nfl Mrs William E Core
BaH d from America two month wr <
Mr Corey tate < J positively that no
project for the eirtnbllshment In Parts
of an American rival to the Paris Omm
Opera and the Paris Conservatoln
would bfl entertained by him Mr Co
re had previously announced such a
plan CabTb messagos from Paris to
I day announce that the head of the
United States Steel Corporation has Us
I tened to the voice of his wife and thai
the FrancoiAmerlcan grand opera win
Mr Corey who w Malx > lle Ollmm
has an ambition to leirn and to sins
nil the s ind operas he pans pursu
Ing the novel method of eMabllhlng hei
own operatic training school for young
American singers building an pra
hou e to engage only American singers
and then booking herself as the prtnw
donna Mr orys objections have
been overcome to the tune of JlUmftX
to furtlier his wifes ambitions Jean
de Hwrke has bn engaged to be thp
director of both the school and the
opera and a Kite is rumored to have
been selected for a building In the vi
cinity of the Arc de Triomphn de
1Etolle The entire scheme will be
financed from Mrs Coreys private for
Studying Twelve Operas
Mi Corey has worked very hard ti
prIor for the tremendous project she
l undirtaklng During the r aht win
ter t h < has mrmnrized twelve operatic
roles preparatory to studying them with
De Rpszke with whom she studied be
t fore her marriage She has resumod
work with hIm since her recent return
to France anol lets had a lemon nearly
ovnry day during the past two months
DP Re zka rind Mme Ie Roszkc have
been the jnwst < of the Coreys at their
chitwin Just outside Iaris
This chatonu wns presented to Mia
Gilman by the stuel magnnte before nU
divorce nnd their marriage In the
ballroom of the chateau a small uRge
has been fitted up similar to the one
In Rvszkes Paris housa Mrs Corey
and Mm de Ileszko have been using
It for private p > rformancea together of
Nanon In accordance with a prom
ice made Mrs Coivy by De Reszke thai
i > ip should sing with his wife
The hope of a purely American
operatic school and theatre In Paris
vas born In Mrs toreyn heart long
ago when as a stuJcnt she wit
nessed the struggles hardships and
defeats of poor Americans attempting
to gain education and engagements
abroad Since her accession to almost
llmltliMs wealth Mr Corey hAS ex
tended ltd to many neelv American
girls In Iaris and has both supported
and educated thorn More than a dozen
gills iiv studying musk 141 New York
nt present is a result of Mrs Corey
I bounty and they will probablv he Rent
abroad later
To Engage the Best Muter
I The American conservatories will en
gage Lime best Ktiropoan masters of
voice mlseensceiie stage tradition
and all the necessary accessories for the
preparation of an artiste for a stage
career and theso advantages will boo
IrfaceJ wJtliln time reah of poor
American men and women students
They will receive all possible encour
agement and will be given an oppor
I tunity for public performance a thIng
almost Impossible for a poor Amerlcin
to obtan under existing conditIons no
matter how great their talent The
plan to have Mr Coreys full approval
and nhlo backing and will he n boon
to hundred of stmlenta who have faced
nnh disoumageniej and defeats in
I uric heretofore
Two Others Also Injured by Pre
liminary Celebration of the
Ouernioy Jackson fourteen of No 403
Elton street East New York II In the
Bradford Street Hospital badly burned
and It Is feared his eyesight li de
stroyed A flrecracksr was lighted last
night and thrown Into tho roadway
When It did not explode Jackson and
two companions ran for It
Jackson had Just picked It up when It
went alT badly burning his face and
I hands and painfully Injuring the two
other boys
Mint Hoof for IMnricround at
I lloonrvclt
Plans have been tiled with Building
Superintendent Murphy for remodelling
the south addition to tho Administration
I Building of Roosevelt Hospital In the
rontru of the grounds on Fiftyninth
I street to provide n root playground for
the children under treatment In ward 0
Tin present wooden peikod roof with
I UK MB ventilator will fIrM IIP removed i
iiinl replaced with u fireproof fin I root
10C tiles laid on reinforced concrete und I
HnlHhwl with a high fence of wire lat
I tice
ticeTh playRround will h thirtynine feet
lone imil twentynine feet wide Tim
space Kaltied bv changing the roof from
peak to Mat will be made Into uddcd
room for honpltnl service
Ikrnaid Ulscri a vellknown biiHlnovi I
muii of Yonkers U suffurlnK from In
Juries nc fhrI when lMward M tatiei
I 5HII of No ulj Iltlli slroet llruiklyiL
ran him down ullli an uutumobllc i Q
Hlverdale aIIUf Yunkeni Ui nlchu
1 Two wheel pawe over Risen ojiejr
and ho wu draagod u abort ll < tnnc I
Patterson wu paroled until tomorrow
L >
i ci
i c
I c
I ti
r jt
JR 7 I 2tI > t i
1 <
r < 1
1 r 1
1q r T
q rts +
t 4
I Ti
Three Policemen Badly Burned
in Work of Rescue at
Jersey City
During a flre which totaly destroyed
the ble rtrnmrtment store of Gilmore
OK ofe at No 173 Newark avenue
i Jersey City nt 4 P M today antI
damaged surrounding property two
firemen Ullllam Urannlsan of Engine
No 4 and Michael IJoylan of Truck
No 1 were pinned Ilown by boxes
hlh foil across their legs and held
them fast
Before the men could he relen ed
three policemen Brown levy and Dun
don of the First Precinct removed
I toni of Roods from the pile that had
buried them The policemens uni
I forms were scorched and they were
burned about the hand and face but
they did not slop until the Imprisoned
men were released and carried to the
street with their less crushed and
I When the tIre was discovered It was
burning furiously The flames seemed
I to have started In the basement and
when the engines arrived the fire had
I numliroomed on the three upper floors
and Jjpread to M Oroossmans shoe
store at No 171 also a thrcostory
building A second alarm was then
sountlwl but J Sucks five and ten cent
storeat No 16T and JE was soon blaz
ling A general alarm was then sounded
cailliiK > vcry Ire lljrntlnp apparatus In
Jersey City
in the further aide of the department
store extending from Nos 175 to 177
J Perlmuttcrfl dry goods store was
soon blazing This U a new fourstory
building but the dry goods burned fu
Irann an and Dolan were ordered
Into tho third door of the department
itor2 The smoke was thick und tho
heat blUterlnjr They wtre dragging a
I hose when the big pile uf boxes turn
bled upon them
The men screamed for help and their
companions could hear but could not
locatd them The three policemen who
had been ordered out with eel reserve
policeman In Jersey City stumbled over
the three pinioned men and rescued
Before It was cot under control tho
fire had tartly Jamnued all of the
houses adjoining the department store
and had blistered oft the paint on Keith
Proctors Theatre across the street
The Injured fIremen were taken to the
Hudson County Hospital The have
little chance to recover The lira loss
was about 500i
Brooklyn Shopkeeper Arrested and
Held in dJIOO Ilnll
Poll o Captain Patrick Murphy Of the
Butler street station passing the little
hop of Max Atifrenslcht at No 145 Court
street Brooklyn today noticed that
the Stars and Stripes flying over the
store were emblazoned with an adver
tisement roadlnir Plreworlv for Sale
Murphy transported the shopkeeper to
the Butlor Street Court where Magis
trate Tkrhe read the law to him nnd
held him In JIM bal for further exam
ination Augensluht furled his Mat and
laid It away In the cellar
Ulrl Ilijill Plurovorn Iltnir Inriiig
Krorni mid < lvr Alnrm
IltirlnK the noon recess hour today a
small blaze was dlncivrrod In 1 tiich
ern Irk at Public School No 1H Wlll
lamnburi anil i pollcenmn on beat was
summoned by a tenyearold girl pupil
The ilnw room acre slniost nmpty I
mutt of the children having gone hum
for luncheon
Ioleemon IVrjusnn and AVJierte nf
the lymrr sliest xtatlon ant hold ur
the fire extlntiiljiier < ami soon hid the
fire out iIie suutoke found Its way
throughout fie billldluc ana Hip prbMl
Pit lUipemljd school for th bUncK of
I 4 >
i i
Public Service Commission
Probably Will Order Change
Despite Protest
Silt door Improvements on nil sub
wy car will shortly be nrdinil by HIp
I Public Hervlro CoinmloHlon lip rtaiiKe
In tim > method of entering and leaving
I tIff IntertKrouK train will cost the I
ompnny at tlie lowet l4VICfl The I
111 < irlns was ordered n month BBO after
ItJnn J Trnold elenrlcal expert of tlio I I
conniiliyldp ipoommeiidisl that iach
car be fciiilpped with inure exits
General uMnnRer flIe unit Albert
T Ciirdner iresontlnK tho Inierbor
oiiirh veVementlv denonmeil plans
whlvU Hiey lUClned would not ieve
present condltlrtni mid which would
not please miliway pnxnser Addi
tional doom he declared w < rild take
take away lt per Int of thn irs
acetlni cnpaelty To make up this loss
he said 18 pvr cent more rolling stotck
wculd be necessary
It Is proposed to locate one door on
either end and Ride of a car six feet
from the present door Passengers will
enter the oM doors and leave by the
now ones Curves on the subway line
the Commissioners held knock out any
Ides of a door In the centre of the cars
owing to the liability of serious acci
dents In stepping threu or four feet from
thu platform to the doorway
If the new order eon Into effect 310
new steel cars will be remodelled at a
cost of 2000 each There nre 600 con
poslte cars which could be Improved nt
1500 each making a total of almost a
million and a halt It Is likely that
fifty cars will be plnued under n con
tract Inside of two week and the ex
periment tried
rommlctlontr Eustl In his statement
to tho Intelborough officials plainly In
tlmated that an order would shortly be
Issued requiring the changes
I mm I u ratio n Cullir AVenl to Aid
of UUnhlid Criifl
While Capt Frank 1alce In rnm
11111 nil of tin ImnvlKritliMi iiillcr 1m
nil g ra ii I wns coniliiK up tin bay eli ott iv
hater noon after Mulling the Atlintlc
Trni rt liner Mlurioaixill Jie sighted
fran the nlloi houio it smill Iii tiitchi In
uhlih werr twn nifii a PIl remit I t In
irnuble llearnK down on I he miii tot
iv ii ft he lrnrnil lila tiie innohlni
of lh llltlx craft liml b v jtiu > 11 N
i ilril und wai Kcliurti m the vinh tt
tli < > Inrctr craft iiafciit li fha vli lnlt S
Iint ltn responded t 11 their req lOst
fur H tow anil landed the uncut lu it
I nrrr a 1 without k a nil UK their
id nttty I
Li f
Brother Casimer Head of St
Annes School Killed on
I Vay to Park Concert
I Motorman lllchapl Kelly of No 159
Prospect street and Conductor Jere
I mlnh f razer of No JC6 Iaclllc street
I Brooklyn were arraigned In the Adams
I Street Court today because of the kill
Ing by their car yesterday of Brother
i Caslmlr of the Order of St Knincm
principal oJ St Anne schojl at Cwla
lliooltlyu The evl
and Kront streets
deuce FeemVd to Indlcuto that an un
avolilnhle accIdent caused tile death of
till In other
He had len tile college building No
t 1 Butler street In the afternoon to
hear tho concert In 1iospect Inli He
boarded a Klatbush nnd Hrlshtoii Hench
open car and occupied In Inner seat
resting his right arm on the wooden
rail Approaching the UlKlncU entrance
to Prospect Park the car proceeded
swiftly down an Incline At that mo
ment a Rust of wind swept the brothers
hat from his head and It fell to tho
runnlnB bOil Id
S Brol hr Caslmlr leaned down and
bent forward under the rail the sway
IriR of the rapidly moviiiK car Is be
IlBved to have caused him to lose his
balance and ho fell tirnliiK under the
car The rear wheels puM > cd over him
severing Ills head and arm Not until
several women passeiiKers ncroatnid did
the motorman or conductor realize that
a fatal accident had occurred looking
back they > aw the mutilated body o
Brother Caslmlr on the trucks
The body was removed to the college
from where the funeral will take place
tomorrow lirother Cuslmli came fron
Dublin was thirtyfive years old and
had been connected with the Franciscan
Orderm tyn LI he stood olRli for fif
teen yearn For sx years he had taught
In S L Anne lilt o1 ul school I his fnn
Ih nnrne wn Moore
Stomach Troubles tr I
disappear after a change
from coffe to
Theres u Reason
Read The Road to Wellvllle I
In pkgs I
s i
Tears and Prol When Those I
Who Could Not Pay Are
Carted Oil to Jail
light vanloads of prisoner convicted
ii finch 111 ench for trmvlntt the
niis and wiilKs of Imsjuct lark with
ell piipri plir liLt ball nnd de I
iriiMiie Mir iliriililiiry and llowrrF
n rucil nwiv fuiin tho Klnttmsh
tIt IOIH > III tin 1tlIce of more I
11 In jior iin iiianv nr wlnin vfIi
oh cried > I loudly tliit police Jicne
a cie rnllpil tJ rte thorn away
The prlsourri numberivl more than
me hundred Thfj were taken in fol
toying a raid by II hundred pollcmeu
rsterday Only ten of the original
umber of ItT were able to furnish 100
lull when arrested Ies than forty
veri able to pay the J10 fine which
Inalslratn Steers Imposed on each
f Her following his dpterinlnnllnn ti
i ia ip tiltS ot rowdies and persons
n > i olatt I lie pirk iirdiniilices par
Milirlv sni I 1 to ojnln of thf
VlnlamsliurB KrldRf Many nt tno prls I
lids fir from tin eiii t iidi of Man
If lou Iliinl HrlliMP II K 3lls I
H < ua of UrooKlj ti
The stentnor Itrnrtford arrive from
with a new I
he West mules todny
nrtnkle In the line of n whalw slime I
nut yarn wns spun by I apt i rHl and
vouched for bv Miss KoliTta flpgg of
Xo 47 Kenllworth place Brooklyn OIIP
r the passengers
W p sighted nt IciHt eight whales
estcrdav morning satii Miss Gegs
The JSllpK of th < > sun vnme on It
made HIM ky Miiddnlr nnirkv ami
hsurp and the whiles began scurrv
Ing nbotit in iiiiist odd fishioii Tliev
veimcd to have onit lilra of what time I
happening for I tech lire that I
< in nevoial of thiin trylnc to look nt I
he sun At mini rate hey ste lied fm
ira nil with ixtra vigor during tin
ohenomenon like true whalii sun
The Hradfonl hiought the first deck
oid of bananns seen jprp thh year
I IISHON June SQimecii Amrllc of i
Portugal mother of King Manuel nnd i
widow of King Carlos Is suffering from I
a mild attack of diphtheria Her Ma
jesty has been inject d with veriim The
Portuguese Iloyal aolit Amelia left I
here IIIt week for lllo Janeiro having
on hoard the Rft wbeu Klni Hrlos
had Inteniled to present to President I
I Penns dtirhiK n visit to Brazil
Almost Covered with EczemaNo
Nights Rest for Nearly a Year
Feared Lifelong Disfigurement
All Treatments Failed and Limit
of Endurance Seemed Near
With the pxcoption of his hands and
feet my son Clyde thirteen years old
was almost completely covered with
eczema Physicians treated him for
nearly a year without helping him any
While thy were very kind nnd did nil in
their power yet nothing hcemrd lu re
lieve him And I had tried many rem
edies sont to me by kind friends but thoy
all failed His head faro nnd neck were
covered with largo scabs which ho would
rub until they foil off Then blood nnd
I matter would run out and that would be
worse Mnny n time ho looked as if
his ears would drop off Friends com
I ing to see him said that if ho got well he
would be IUfliiricl for life
I When it seemed as if ho could pos
sibly stand it no longer I decided to
try Cuticura I bought a cake of Cut
cura Soap a box of Cuticura Ointment
II and a bottle of Cuticura Itesolvcnt I
Used them in the evening and that was
the first night for nearly a year that ho
slept This may pound exaggerated
to you but in the morning thtro was a
I great change for the better In about
six weeks you could not have told that
ho had ever hadnny thing wrong with him
I I treated him tit r day for six months
and at present he has a fInn complexion
i and not a scar on his body This story
may seem overdrawn but neither words
I nor pen can describe Clydes suffering
and how ho looked Our leading phy
sician Dr 1 recommends the Cull I
cura Remedies for eczema Mrs Algy i
Cockburn Shiloh 0 Juno II 1007 I
Frequent shampoos with Cuticura
Boap nnd weekly dressings with Cuti i
cura stop falling hair remove crusts I
scales and dandruff destroy hair para
sites soothe irritated itching surfaces
stimulate the hair follicles supply tho I
roots with nourishment loosen tho scalp I
skin and matte the hair grow upon a I
sweet wholesome healthy scalp when
all other remedies fail
Complete Kxmnal nml Intrmil Treatment tot
Erect Humor ot lnUm CDIIrirrn ned Adult
ot rutlruri mnap CISc to rinnw the bkln
consulS nap
Cuticura Olntmrnt 1fcn Ural the Skin anil
Cmlnir 1caitci nt ttOeot In fnrmotCliorolm
tttpml llll Sir pr vial nt tu tnlurlty 1M Hlomi
RaUl turouchiut the world Initrr Drug t Ctiem I
Com Bo > prop HoRtoa MUM
lIillM Free Cuticura Hoot on Skin DlaeueL
you that WLDoug I C
las 350 shoes are
the bestil1 the volld
Stern Greater tlt York
w Hroadwar for IIwsri
i m = I i I >
41 Hn iTi MI I
ala llroAil Ajr ittr vtli St
HIT 119 llnxi < l4 > rur UII x
u aittti sirwi r
JJ ai raili sir > et
IK Hum v < eius r
u1 I hint t T i or IMtb 01Vt
Tit ttatrU f nllft to =
IIIutah tIt lIHmsiIt
Lt satti > ur Ot Sb 4 TIC IoIU
IU IIKMh lIft 151 Rrstt0
J ik I > iUI iutlt5Iur
iukTU Uuasu < uiit ruuit IIr uUa
= = =
= Store
o wRwosvonMr Ii I
For Tuesday I 4 1 I
Special IOAMtolPM
I 10 AJI to I 111
10 AM to I PM 1
10 AM to 111
Mens Underwear
If en s n erwear
Window Screens BOYS
tOoo suits of the
PATENT CENTRE popular Iainsuok
EXTIISIUN WIN underwear for men
IUW S C R I E N S Shirts are coat mod The Cant Rip
h a r I v 0 I d oiled dc slceeless aUI kind in blue with
frames cmered with letic style drawers bIb cut full sIus
best wire clolhS are knee length and I to t4 years Limit
inches hiih extends relnorced through 2 to a customerj
III 37 inches No out value 50c No Value 35c
a liar 33c dtil Or 2c No Mali 16c
hrs tens 7 Orders
4 nmnl I 181n non Thld Floor
10 AM to I PM 10 AM to 1 PM 10 A1I to I PM r
Linoleum Mats t
Tumblers Folding
G II A V E Ii TUM ITS I yd square All steel gear leather
BIEHS assorted pat handsomc horders cloth body rubber
terns valti to ic all around 90c tired wheels 250 j
ptr doz No Mail value No t value No Mall Or
Orders Cm 23c M a I I Or dm
for ders 39c I 139
Illurmelll Fourth 1100 Third Floor
w w
10 AM to I PM 10 A1I to I PM 10 An to I JII
Idealia Bay j Womens Chicken Cock
I Rum i Oxford Ties
nest quality finest WOMENS WIIITI Whiskey
aroma comforting DUCK a x FOR D BoWed under su
in hot wcather TIES sizes 2a to perrision of the U Tn b
Limit 3 rotUes 2 7 tipped toes Cu S Government sold
Pint bottle No ran heels alwas at 100j J
i a I lOr No Mnl limit I hot
ISc 45c
Irs Orders tie bottle 68c
I 11In 1Itor1 Third 1loor stslh 1100r
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10AM to I PM 10 AAt to I PM 10 AM to I PM
Breakfast FricasseeChick Legs of Can
Bacon ens and Fowl ada Mutton
3ooo strips on sale
at 33tEu less than 2000 freshly killed Very choice young
the wholesale Jersey Poultry limit Canadian Limb
mar spe I
ket price limit I to Ibs to cial to
strip a custom f it morrow 1 Ol
12c llhC 122C
Ib erj ib 2 at Ib 2
I 11lh Fluor Mlh Floor Sixth Floor
Popular Tuesday Feature
5 Colored Wash Goods line White Goods f
i Colored Wash Goods Remnants Figured Madras Slilrtlngs dotted 5
Swiss linenfinish Suitings 5
lengths 2 to 10 yard pieces
consisting of Organdies Persian India and Victoria
Lawns lengths 2 to 10 yard
I Swisses Checks plain
Percales I pieces Values up to J
f Chambrays Voiles f II
I and Ginghams foods desir 29c Yard 1 A C
Main Floor > CJ
able for Dresses Shirt Waists
Shirt Waist Suits and Chil
drens wear worth up ftlp
i to lie yard at O2C Ribbon Remnants
Maui Floor
Allsilk Messallnes Taffeta and <
S Satin Taffetas from t to tVi r
inches wide Values up to
20c yard One to 5 yard
Dress Goods remnarrts Yard upward
1000 Remnants and short J from j
I lengths of woolen Dress Main Flonr J
Goods from 2 to 10 yards i t
Odds ami ends of the sf nns
most desirable fabrlcsSeq 2 f I
New Batistes
Cashmeres Henriettas Checks 5 I
Fancies Stripes Panamas Mo z Chambrays I etc
hairs Sicilian Voiles and i Remnants Colored Wash Goods
many others Values ranges many from pieces that sold 1
ci from 39c to 75c f > up to toe yard all from this IIi
yard i J C seasons cutting consisting of
Slain Floor these fabrics Printed Batistes
Plain Clumbrays and
Ginghams worth up to
i f 5c
S IOC yardMain
I iiwns and Linons Main Floor Pt
10000 Mill Ends and all short
pieces from our regular t Vac
I to lc lawns good lengths Remnants Oilcloths
I 3 to 12 yards No f
Mall OrvierO yard UzC and Carpets
I v Main nor
PETS very highest grade J
nv of carpeting made Value J I
5 Summer SilKs i 300 98cl I
1 imx saris n lengths from 2 to vtrJ J C
i t2 yards iicluiilng Pongees J SFiORT REMNAMS OF5
l lips affetas in plain and OILCLOTH various
lI J fancies In lias MessalmesS
I I 5 grades including No i
dins and Kuards F > ei J
I iilarK MC t JlOO 1 fl J quality Square i c
ibd yard i 9 C J yard UC i
1111 bd t Mimic Hour I f e dourlh Mmir >
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