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mm OUR i
Ambassadur to Represent That j
Heidquiiies Are in
United Siries
Large Force nf Cavalry Pursue
KilJeis of Las Vacas
Into Mountains
CITY nv MEXICO Imr 1Tl in I
ternal tniiiliM In Mexico which began I I
rvnil 11 < age along tu iiorhprn It
border if to rpputilli lino ilM lnri 1
rci loia 1LItre + Tudiy Hop fcturn i
cci r a ml the elly of Tir roil andI
In fi reentry btwp < n that dace and
Jirn where iamlit bank < rr ti u
Inc in ont i iiton with the liniirre I
ti nlt < Ontnrut troop lire ruMitni
to the Mine
rnnn 1 > i IVcril enlJlT hair
riulipcl Ton R 10 rclii > rc the g > r
i i thre tun hnltlrl 11101 n
t i sort Ju it z mid in i nnliuri d
fft + and the
< I s i i t glib tK trrr
pi der hurt i i and JaiN at ieavy
g uiloi
Revolution Planned In United States
Jn Mm of fie lattit d Mlo3UMits
Amoa idor rite the M lejn upre
untnivo it t lnt ton who has ben
li ro on what iininiliert to bi a lone
irv e abscn bas I VIM iktnn tod to
rn r1 b i tu AniTnJn raptat witfonl
F i > II wt cave it one for ih
Is 01
It s the belief if tin Mcxlc Gov I
tnti M that the riMilntionary move
nllt uovr In pmire < w ts founded by a
Inn f irluu r who lung hive made
their luadiitMiloi in thu iltod Stall
On thl grouud It is bclbrd Amoisia
tor Creel will appeal to fio United
btam auliurltiei to axstst In appro
liemlng Mino of th leiulutlon par
ticularly those who neio concrned la
the alack on Ivis acm
Thu request will bf mode also that Ir
= an of the ringleader < or the muxPimnt i
are captured In do United Slates tn < y
are to ba tried in Uiu courts of that
I country on charges of violating the
neutrality law
At I > aa Vicas where the first serious
attack was made the Government has
i calnrd the nipper hand Troops are now
In control of the situation In that city
tea rebels and bandits who compo the
attacking fore roving he n driver
I back to the mountains They will not
lw permitted to rust there imdistiabed
however as tho Gnsarnment proposes
to make nn ample of lt fuel as an
object h con to others who might jon
l foie movement In other sections
To this end a lars force of cavalry
i has bean pent into the hills on tho heels
of the fugitives end tho cha o 13 now
In progress
Texas Gets Instructions
Stato Department today receded a
telegram from Gov Campbell of fexa +
u Biirnp tho Federal Government that
the Stnto of Tevas will do nil In her
power to prevent vlo atlon of the neu
trality laws iu u result of the reported
rpvoliltlon In Northern Mexlo
Las Vacas which was attacked on
Thursday Is directly opposite 11 Rio
Tex Accordln ly Seeretarj of State
Adeo has start a ntessago to the Gov
ernor of Texas asking that tin usn
every man to prevent any violation
of till neutrality laws
So far ns Is known her the activity
of Mexicans In tho Ltilted titates has
I been conlmed to tho conduct of IPVO
Hitlomry newspapers Oil the American
side and perhaps to the purchase of
nidi arms and ammunition ns mlirht
bo scoured In small ciuantltlPs and bf
coon of Dervlco to the bandits
Section No KS of tho ItMvlsed Stat
utes provides that every person who
within American territory begins sots
on foot or Assists any military oxpedl
tlon or enterprise against lunv Govern
merit with which the United States Is
rt iieace Is subjp3t to n tine not ex
i ceeding jnriOO and Imprisonment for not
inoro 1 tau three years i
OYSTER HAT Juno 23 Rejuitor
Manuel Caloro of Mexico and lion
aiarla Mallnn Mayor of Vent Cruz
I Mexico will call at Sajramoro Hill to
day to pay their respects to President
Koosevolt With them will como As
tlstant Secretnry of Stato Uacon
They will be luncheon jrucsts of tho
Tho President also will entertain at
luncheon Caspar Whitney Dr Albert
Shaw and Col William U Marshall of
New York
The Teddy Bears
Start in Business
The Teddy Dears In business went
And out a lot of letters sent
But they grew very blue Indeed
When not an answer was received
I Twas then tint through World Ads
they bought
A Typewriter oh lucky thouKlttl i
f Good orders now came thick and fist
I And soon a fortune tluVit amassed
And Theres a Nora Here for You
t Real World Want II Ads WfW
rr jlJF rt J tx
= c an + > saanuimennas aae rrr + ee
Ni 1foubleStamps Willi All Before Noon Ifrji UGj M 1
W JU o A PNrelrrlsta v ItIL 11i1
vill jl IIIl
tsar I F tJ 1 t IEGEL 7J PER G t9 < at I
no cofinecriON WITH A3 OTHER STORE 7W 0 RCCHHUi PR sarfT
f3t h July Clearance
THE July Clearance has begun and the whole store shows it It is one of the
two great occasions of the year when an entire storeful of merchandise may
be legitimately underpriced It is the time when wise and thrifty shoppers
reap their richest rewards
I Boys Washable Suits I
niiiic ot a very serviceable material and well put I
together sizes 4 to 10 years other days AQn
7sc Tuesday C
Second Floor Rear
Khaki Sfl11tS made of khaki
Boys SuitsTSf so well
liked for its dependability and lasting quality
blue red yellow trimmed other days 85c
WSc Tuesday
Second I loor Rear
Axminster RugsSsiV pro
< duct of the very
best makers choice selection of oriental novelties
and floral designs other days 15 50
2250 Tuesday
t Fifth Floor Front I
7llfr T11 27x54 a jute Wilton iI
WIlton Rugs fabric rug in all colors
and designs shown in the high grade foods 98
other days 129 Tuesday C
Filth Floor Front
Cretonnes imported cretonnes in all col
ors and designs fresh clean
goods just purchased a very stylish and attrac
tive drapery other days SOc a yard Tues
day 29c
Third floor Front
Utility Boxes suitable for waists skirts
and other garments some
covered with matting and linished with < O
leather gimp other days 4 Tuesday
tTblrd floor Front
Hand Carsthe 2l1th Century strongly
XJU1L1 juMa made with wheel
cog propul
sion i rubbertired wheels can be adjusted to fit
Tuesday any child 4 to 16 years other days 01 275
Third Floor Center
GOCarts semicollapsible for children
In chilled steel gear leatherette up
holstery reclining back rubbertired
wheels other days S450j Tuesday X345
Third Floor Center
I x 150 Dressing
4 Sacks Tuesday at
I r rt sa x LL that we have on hand go at this exception
1 J ally low price tomorrow These sacks are
r b made as illustrated of superior quality cross
c bar lawn in a manner that will please women who
l like careful workmanship colors are pink and blue
t also black Full back and front with belt neckband
ri and yoke trimmed with insertion
Womens Dressing Sacksof lawn pink lavender
and blue kimono style with belt front
M1 y L Tuesday belt and sleeves trimmed other days 49c 39c
1 1t Second floor Center
Cocoa Mats he very cocoa good brush quality mats a good in a Barefoot Sandals = barefoot Little sandals Nemo
mat for outside use very durable and san for boys and girls of tan leather in all f
itary other days 50c Tuesday 34c sizes other days 98c Tuesday lC
Fifth floor Front Second Floor Rear
Baking TViwrlpT16 Ralston Pure White Canvas ShOeSformlss
IJdlilllg JTUVVlier baln powder one and chll
of the best and most satisfactory powders on the dren in button and lace style all sizes j nr
market other days 12sc a halfpound can other days 150 Tuesday lOC
Tuesday C Second Floor Rear
Fourth Floor
Mens Suspenders with
Dolls Carriages stery leatherette and u hood elastic and with leather ends and patent castoff
very strong and durable other days
polished body reinforced gear and rub 12
3a95 25c Tuesday 1220
ertired whecls olher days 5 Tuesday 2C
Milo Floor Center
Third Floor Cenltr
Men Neckwear5illfaurinllands
red and white in a
Childrens HataIn very large
I green and while and attractive assortment of styles plaids and
and fancy straw trimmed with rosette and f stripes other days 19c Tues O
quill other days 49c Tuesday JUC day OO for 25c
Second Floor Rear Mtln Floor Center
Youths Suits at 425
A Tuesday Clearance of Our Own Suits Formerly
Priced Up to 8
CHOICE among several hundred suits for young men in twoand threepiece styles
which were originally in our own stock at prices up to 8
Materials are those in greatest favor this Summer in fancies blues and blacks
All sizes for youths 14 to 20 years old
All of Our 3 and 4 Fancy Vests at 150
Good Assortments of Light ana Dark Grounds
Main floor Hear
Playing Cards
j 500 Nickel Plated seconds of 25c quality but
the imperfection is too slight to be
noticeable includes the Sue
fry + tM Lamps at 79c cess brand If perfect would sell
e ti a + nt25ca pack Tuesday O
t i t 9c a pack dozen packs 1 lO
SHE usual price For such lamps as
TH Third Floor Center
these is from 110 125 We dont
t know of another store In New
York today which is selling their equal Mens Black
under 1 Fitted complete ready for use
collar attached cut
with 10inch opal dome shade Shirtsfull
full size doubly stit
t and chimney Sale price com 79c ched seams pearl buttons wu
t plete made all sizes othcrdays 29c
t 4Qc Tuesday
Slctll Cooper Store Third floer Front
Alala floor Center
4sk for flS lIu Green Trading Stamps W Give Them
Jllw i A
4 H
r Onc Block from 23d St Sixth AvenuesQrcatcst Store r
ONeill AJ d Co
IciiuitiJl Hudson Itiniicl el r Gins Carriage Entrances on 21st Street
I Phone J7CO Chclica Telephone 5700 Chelsea
t I I i I EsIihllsIied Fortyone Yean
L Our Delivery Service itt New Jersey Is the Most Complete of Any New York Store J
i Great Special Values for July 4th Outing
I Every item mentioned below much underpricedwhether you arc going away over the 4th or for your summer
vacation it will pay you to get what you require of the und rnotcd while these prices prevail I
Ready for the Fourth i Womens Suits and Dresses
600 Jumper Dresses 395 f
at Remarkably Low Prices t
cAdams Building f
ONeill Building
Juniper Dress like illustration of line white lawn good quality ng
I all embroidery sizes Value and dainty 5600 colored at piping extra wide skirt pO7Q nc Cool Wash Fabrics in dainty new models that I 1
t women will appreciate at the prices quoted
500 Jumper Dresses 295
I Jumper Dresses of fine lawn fancy figures dots 700 Jumper Dresses 500
I and stripes pipe with plain colors tucked waist hY
and extra wide skirt with deep hem and bias Princess Jumper Dresses of fine Union
fold 34 to 44 bust Value 5002 95 Linen handsomely embroidered on yoke and
I tt sleeves trimmed down front with self col I I
I Lingerie Dresses ored tbllttonsa dressy and serviceable
Lingerie DressesFine Batiste In white and all Jumper for hot weather wear r rr
I k the prevailing Summer shades daintily trimmed Uusual price 700 special at 4 > 5 00
I with lace or embroidery many t
styles up to 44 bust measure at J275 550 Wash Dresses for 395
J95 5590 up to l
Washable Coat Suits 195 Womens Tub Dresses Of batiste cliam
I Womens washable Coat Suits of white linen bray and lawn in white and colors Sumper
I colored collar and cuffs slightly soiled < 95 effect in four novel and smart de Q c
while they last at + > signs Usual price 550 at M > 3 95 z ki
Suits 395 l
III1 t Outing
Women1 Outing Suitssmart threequarter length Womens English Repp Suits
i coats well material tailored is full heavy sweep quality sUrt Llnon with light wide New and very fashionable long threequarter I
I fold fitting coats circular buttoned skirts wash
and medium stripes sizes up to 44 tfJO 95
able material
bust measure excellent value at Im guaranteed unshrinkable in
t Coat Suits 590 wiiite biscuit pink and blues tfjn rr
f 1000 9 75
Smart Coat Suits made of plain Repp and Llnon Palle 1650 at V
some trimmed with heavy lace others plain well >
I tailored white and colors all sizes 590 Also a splendid showing of womens Linen
1t a + Skirts all the new models circular and t 1
plaited at extremely attractive prices
More Big Values in Waists Long Silk Mesh Gloves
on Special Sale Tomorrow
For Women f
25 Dozen Net Waists
Originally Priced 500 and 69s No Lengthy Description Neces i
sary Simply Note the Price
295 and 395 85c 85c
These waists are made of very fine r
net Cluny motifs and Cluny inser a pair t a pair
tion rare bargains at the prices Value 200 i Value 200
quoted Never Sold Before for Less Than 200 a Pair
Special Offering of After you have realized the extreme low price please remember that
these are long silk mesh Gloves in mousquetaire style reaching
600 Silk Petticoats at 400 almost to the elbow embroidered backs
Result of a most unusual purchase
of these fine garments from one of What you may need for The Fourth
the best manufacturers Jn New York Summer Veils
They are made of a good quality taffeta silk suitable alike for eve
ning and street wear with circular and accordion pleated flounces For Outing and Automobile Trips
and silk percaline dust ruffle Regular price 600 spe < 400
225 Hydegrade Petticoats 169 also 1M yards square J48 and 165
Hydegrade Heatherblooni Petticoatswith unbroidered and shirred ALL SILK CHIFFON AND GRENADINE VEILS hemstitched and
flounce in black and assorted colors Regular price 169 satin stripe borders 10 yards long in black white and colors 49c
5225 special at FANCY MESH VEILINGS light weaves suitable for Summer wear
59c Wash Petticoats at 45c in magpie black white and colors Values to Socper yard at 25c i
Wash Petticoats In seersucker and percaline with deep 45
flounce with small rubles Regular price 59c special at C I
I A Chance ToMorrow to Buy i
See the Unique Exhibit of 1 and 125 Hammocks for 79c
Hydegrade Cravenette Garments Adams Building
I Made by Hodgman of New York
C Palmer woven Hammocks made of Take 4
In Windows Adams Building Hammock
good Macrame cord full length and With You
Womens Coats Mens Auto Coats width with pillow and valance J
and Choice of several colors Regular
Coats for Misses and Children price at Slaw S125 tomorrow 79 C 1
Garments that will stand the severest test to which Raincoats can I t
Other Hammocks up to 700
be subjected I
200 Lye Glasses 100 Extraordinary Offerings ot Mens Worsted
Adams Building Bathing and Swimming Suits f
Lye Glasses and Spectacles Frames andmountings fitted 300 to 450 Kinds at 198 Ii
warranted to wear for five years will not corrode or discolor cool 1
ing periscopic crystal lenses including examination by our expert You cant thoroughly enjoy the ocean
optician Jo plunge unless you own a bathing suit
Gold hilled Straight Bow Spectacles Here is the opportunity to procure the I i
Gold Filled Hiding Bow Spectacles very best made at a ridiculously low price
Gold billed Skeleton Spectacles I Wurhi c S
MOO Suits for secured from the knitter of the
Gold Filled Adjustable lye Glasses special it 900 high guide men 1
Gold Filled Ortiet Eye Glasses best Baihing Suits madea well known concern whose reputation
Gold Filled Ollset Skeleton Ky Glasses J is the highest but whose name we agreed not to mention J
Go Filled Eye GUss Chtfn Freetuith Every Purchase of the Abinu They are heavy knit worsted twopiece Swimming Suits colors i
guaranteed sleeveless or with quarter sleeves
Trunks Bags and Suit Cases sliipes Navy blue white border I
at Prices Lower Than Usual Navy blue red border
And > just in time for July 4th Outing or perhaps your > w stripes
Summer Vacation Oxford gray navy blue
t jjj I stripes
Dress Trunks at Special Prices I Oxford ry red border It
These splendid Dress Trunks are made I stripes I I LI
of basswood canvas covered malleable
Included in thelot are j I
I iron trinmcd long strap hinges riveted I
I throughout muslin lined two trays best I 120 suits of the heavy
lock light weight wool sweater knit kind
I 28 in 30 in 32 in 34 in 36 in in both one and two
I 795 845 895 945 995 1 r piece models
Dress Suit Cases Special at 495 Sijf ts ° 300 to 450 Suits I
Dress Suit Cases sole leather bra a
spring locks and catches linen lined b t
with shirt pocket sue 24 A nr = 1 98
0 inches Cp4r 7D 1 v
I t a

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