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Likewise 175000 Cigars 8400 Pints
of Wine 30240 Bottles of Beer
I and 35 Tons or Ice on
Their Five Trains
What Tammanys Braves
Are Taking to Denver
S 100000 in cash to be spent in the entertainment of
selves and brother delegates
For iiueeday consumption on the five outgoing trains
of seven cars each
175000 cigars
SIOO pints of champagne
35 tons of ice
if 30210 bottles of beer
lth the lepartiire for pptivnr tolav on the Twentieth
Century Llm
I ttel of Timminy Ioado Dinrles F
Mnrphv with Dnmorratle
mocratlc State
man William 1 Connor ninlcl F Cnhalnn Lewis ixon
nnrt T1l11many
I Serrrniy Thomas F Smith interest grows In the hi Tammany Ketawa7on
Friday whfn five tralnlonla of delegates nd shoutow
l < for the
e can Ien
tlon elt j
While there will hf many ahentees
cnd thlg
S Jear as
representative a delegation as ever pulled n cork
or held up a cib
And they are waiting f the Tammany
crowd out In Denver
nip Tim Sullivan has arranged with
I hm s for 3 ° 00
loose money and Brother John Murphy In
unwind In the convention city Altogether rl 1110 th cr 5 ° ° 0 r ° 11 to
hank del > ffatl ° n
carry a roll of 100000 besides StOO will
pints a wine fto
I 30240 bottles of beer and 175000 cigars 35 tons ot fee
I For yeirs Tummnny delegates have
bwn the beft ponders or Democratic
We may tall with our candidate
Hid Secretary Thomas F Smith to
day but nobody can d ny Tammany
first honors In good fellowship The
good people of Denver will riot bj dis
appolne for Tammany 1111 so out
well irovMeJ nlili the merchants Ue
I light otherwise called cash
I All Armed with Wads
Hero Is some account of the small
change thn iliatrlct Inauers are taking I
with thorn
Big Tom Focy Sheriff of New I
York County KWfl
Geno Mod ire of the Bronx M
Alderman Arthur Murphy lOw
Charley Culkln leader of the
Fifth District SM I
Alderman Patrick flynn 10
Count Clerk Peter Doolln IM
1 Etati sjoimtnr Th MuMantii lO
Deputy County Clerk John F I
Curry 1000
Jimmy Hasan the original Bryan
mnn In Tinuniny 1C > <
Phil Dunuhuc Treasurer of Tam
many 1000
George F Scannell brother of the
former Fire Commlaloner lWl
John T Oakley JOuO
Frank Goodwin Tammany leader
of the Poventh GOO
Ross Williams 1CW
Bart Dunn brother of tho late
former Sheriff Tom Dunn 2CW
Commissioner of Correction John
V Cossey 1000
Mike Cisurove lCW
Borough President John F Ahum 50CO
Magistrate James Walsh 1C 0
Wllllajn J WrUht M
Big Tom MiUoy 2600
Hilly Slnnott 101
Fire CommifMoncr Nick Hayes 2CW
Percy Nage louo
I In addtlon there are the Individual
bankrolls of the iXO delegates many
I of whom are contractors anil wealth >
All extra expenses aro provided by tha
i district organizations only the railroad
I tickets to and from the convention city
being furnished from Fourteenth streot
That the Tammany men will spend
flCOOCO In Denver It said to be a con
servative estimate
Amonfi those who will not attend
the convention are Tammany Ieaders
Christie Sullivan and William Dalton
and Larry Mulligan and former
Under Sheriff Al Johnson
Five Trainloads of Shouters
Ono train will go over the Erie leav
ing Jersey City at 730 oclock on Fri
day night This train will bo in chargo
of Boroujh President John F Ahearji
i and will carry Tammany delegatloni
It Do You Prefer
A SAFE Investment that will
yield t CERTAIN profit or a
risky speculation that may
even cause you to los
t e capital Invested
For a list of oppor
tunities to Invest advan
tag e o u sly see
World Real Es
tate Advertise
mentj today or
from th o lIstrlcts First IXin
an Finn
Second Tom Foleyo Third LHle
Fourth John
Aheirns Fifth Charles F Culkln
Klirhth Chrte Sulllvanj Tenth
Julus ITarbur ers and Twentyfifth
I Joseph F Prendergast This will
bo known ni the Sullivan
train as It
will Include men from the districts
ufuallv lined up In the Sullivan column
This train will go via Chicago and Kan
sas City ami
will stop f11
two hours
nn Sun lay In
In order to let
the men from the Bower and the Bat I
tery llften to a sermon
Ileturnlng this
train will come via Omaha to Chicago
Two specials nil go over the Penn
sylvania the first In charge of Frank J
Goodwin and will carry the delegations
from the Seventh Ninth Seventeenth
Thirtyfourth Thirtyfifth Twenty I
thlnl anil Twelfth districts Top latter
Is Itoss
IlFlrlct and tlrother
Jack will be In
charge of tha Oas
I lIS cunllngent
This traIn will
lOUt Ila Chicago o
j and Omaha returning
by ay or lan5as Cy The Fecond
I trim over thn
nU be
In charlc 01 Tholl1as R
I meT delegations Hush anll will
from the Thlr
1enth Fifteenth Sixth Eighteen
Nineteenth Twent rS
entyMven h and
I tynlnth districts i
I cover the
same route goIng
I ana comln as Train
Xu I
I Two special win
po over the
i York Centraltho lrt In chare 01 1
I Senator James J FranIcy It will I
the men from the Twentieth Tvent carry
Ihlrtyscoond Thlrtythlrd am TVn I
< n
I yim strict Th oconj Sn
will be section
In charge of Xlcholaj J HU
anl will carry the
men from ho SK
reenNI KltWnth
Thlrtyflrt rorl
tcenth Eleventh Tiventyeleh and
Thirtieth district
t a party tron I
iyuis > n and Nassau counties
Joe Cassldy will head tho Queen I
I County delegation
In Denver Tammany will make Its I
Hotrlr at Ue Drown PalacJ i
Ho el MOM M
Murphys headguirter
will be In rooms 336 33S and 310 Ir3 i
sleeping quarters will bo nt thu Hotel
Shirley near by
Hilly Watson SergeantatArms of
i the convention left for Denver earl
today to decorate the headquarters and I
pet everythlnff In rcadlneaa for the
ammany crowd
Prospective Employer Ara you a tee
AppllcantI us M to be but 1 re
formed Chicago Dally Journal
No Extra Charge for It
AiJmtlnnwnU tor Tit World nuir b Itfi
at anr American Dlitrlct Utiicnjcr Otnc
la the cltr nntll I r K I
Tammanys Delegation Is Taking
Quite a faq of Baggage to Denver
v < f > i
t > i i < p
t vv tS
> l > v j
s s v
t 1 i lf
35 TONS v
S mM
T bl bl LS
b TI v1
Admirers Have H stories at
Seashore When Ha Is Ar
rested for Forgery
There was a melancholy endnr In
the Tombs Police Court today to a se
ries of parties and nulnts at whi
youns Paul Shaner has been playing
host and thereby nlnnlnc the nlmrn
tlon of a coterlo of girls lutween tho
age of thirteen and eliMeeri who lIl <
In his neiKihorhood In Knoklyn
Paul Is only elsnteen yeir < old him
self but when he wai arralsneil befure
Magistrate Rreen and pleaded guilty to
a charse of forgery he was drexjed Illte
the flashiest of nroadnay sports ni
demeanor however didnt oorreip mil
to his brlshtcolored craat gay hat
band and the Jaunty cut of iili Mgit
suit I
I Vounp Shamr IIIC5 at No 132 Clark
son strEet Drouklyn anl has been un I
office boy In the Insuranco flrn of Uav
lAirliiR Smith t Co No 43 Cedar street
Officials In the concern learned of the
lads misdoings through check which
came back from the Guarantee True
Company and nn Investigation revealed
that between June 12 anil 30 ho hi <
made out two checks for U5 each om
for J35 and one for Jo rjtrned the Irmi
name endorsed his own and drawn the
Yesterday afternoon Detectives Wil
bur and O3eKin went to look for Paul
and traced him to IlrUiton Heidi
was stopped as he was cumin out of
the bathhouse holding hU bathlnc nult
under hl arm On the bnard II all
were three or four KlrU waltlns fiir
him and when the found h IU bllin
arrested they went Into h tei
The hoy tmk It calmly vtmurh but
his nlKlit In tho Tom h tiok a Ifod
deal of his spirit and he was clown
cast aid dcjpondent when III VAi
broUBit Into the Tomn Court odny
After nn pleadel culltv MaKlMtrate
Hreen held him In IZ511 hall
> >
Im rrt J lTf
L rTI t I t i
Regret Lossof Bronx Peddler
Because They Wont Get
10000 Ransom
The communicative band of kidnap
pers lhO aocordln to loiters received
by Stern Bros of Ooil street arc hold
ing captive Jleyer Newnan a llronx
peddler of Jewelry to sailors have once
moro Inken their pens In hand and this
tlmo have written that Newman Is dead
The letter wn received today by the
llrm with whom Newman did business
and Is worded as follows
1 Sir We hnvo received wird fr m nnr
acent that Newman died and had tn he I
burled nt sen Ho starved himself to
death We regret his loss MR we lii o
our 10JO ransom He died llfty mllei I
from Santiago Cuba II H i i
Nonman who lived at Nn 135 Fulton
avenue thellronx anlslMti last mnnli
after ho had started out to whit
he told his wife was an Iniportmt busi
ness enKapement with a customer OIn
a ship In South Urooklvn who was po
ins to buy fcw worth of Jenelrv from
him The Stem firm has rocelved two
other letters purporting to ba fri > m tho
Capt Price of tho Bronx Detective
Ilurenu who Is handling the CRS was
little affected when he heard the pa
thotlc details of Newmans death H0
secriiod to think thoUKh that there
mlKht be lomelhln In the flity rolln
from Santiago part or IU
Male Children
Produced by
Hard Times
cInIAXD July lControl of
c SCN of Infants Is a practical
ipMltlon according to Dr Frank
Kiat Fecritiry of the American
liutltiite of Homoeopathv Dr Kraft
iyt h > > has discuiered no new prln
pe Ivit has shOT the practical
plkatlnn < > r one orlclnatlng with
tao eviUition theory The principle
If 3B lh based on the law of the
Minlvnl of tho fittest Dr Kraft
ikos these declarations In a book
ut oit the press
It Is well known to scientists as
rg the autlKir that pwage races
iid IiciM which exist where the
millions of life are hardest pro
iu e i preponlorance of male cull
nti lrim this fact he deduces
it nature recognizes In tho female
ie waker sex Thus he snys in
n n t plenty ffinalci nre llkel >
n piOluaiinate Some thinkers on
vo m Meet even go so far as to
i eit I IMC hard times proiluce male
i Ltt t f R f
Degres Also Tries Chimneys
and Coal Holes but Is
Caught at Last
I Following a chase of three men over
roof down i
chimney In and out o
coal holiM and over fence two pt Ice
men today captured Jmies Ptjgres
nineteen years old nd charged him
wlti part clrntlng In an assault on
Antonio Savonlo nn Ifman at Lenox
iveniie and One Hindred nnd Thirty
seventh street
I Savonle KSL Xunced upon by three
men and hrilon ovr the head and
HuniUlers until his I
cries for help were
queted Ills list Rcicam however I
amused 1rtllcfirttn Hnrv Shorske on
ihitv nt th J Ilarim Hospital almost
uTis the street Shnisliu wa Joined
h > Pdncman John Turner The two
i iichel the cellar Ice home In time to
> three tlcures lleeliiK up the stairs
Te trio tjulckly made the roof nnd
A iv ion sin oral door away When
I nlilina romacd the skjluvnt their
qiirrv iinl dlsiippenred clown an pi
in the rout some dlstance away
Th h ixc I < M the policemen down a
nurei e and Into n Wh chimney
ihiii to the basement mal to u coal
Two of tin fellows hnd vanished
Imt lieiire wns not as agile as hs
1nnipanlons and after a chase of fmir
blocks was corralled at Fifth avenue
lie denied knnwlnu anjthlng about the I
Icemans Injuries ami said that he was
a ilerk nt No 312 East One Uundied
and Sixth street
Hanged After Five Years
WETIIKltSKlKhD Conn July 1
Inhn Vi lielesky was han otl at th
< 1le prison here at midnight for tho
iiinler of John Iukeswlz at West
11 f a suburb of New Haven on tlw
nlclt of Uec 3 I0fl The murder was
the r > > tit of a quarrel over IiUkeiwIii a
Wi f e
iL = 1
Rates Reduced
I F lowest tales and best service pHone
I 2380
Write for the new luiff card
49th Street ud 8th ATtnu
i I M SS
r lI T
Recorder Aids to Subdue Pu
gilistic Mr Ryan in 1 lo
When Fireman Eddie Ryan of Ho i
hiken Enirlne Companv No 1 srot
through flKhtln In ivcorder MeGinenns
courtroom In the city acrosi the Hud
Min today It looked ae It a cyclone
had struck one Dietrich Hlnncfc a KO
l June German proccr who had his oyea
Wackc his nose damaged and his I
clothlti torn to say nothing of tho lou
of his lovelv Jli Panama hat I
But that was not aiL S me vounit
and energetlo cojrt attendants attempted
to stop Clio wrathful Iran and as Po
licemen Kelley Wleha and Phalon I
stepped In his way he shot out solar I
plexus punriiej left hooks and Jabs
enough to win him a worlds clhamplon
srilp at any old weight
Ryan wan sailing eaay with the court
room In consteriuitluii women screaming
and men runnliiK cut of the scivppy
tlrcmnnK roul when Recorder McCoy
em wlioxo ancestor hall ln > tn the same
count v In li eland tis Ryan hopped over
the btnoh and iiulckly hud the fire
llnhter siibiliiei mid pinned to thn tloor
Of course the Recorder did not do the
i job all by himslf tor there were plenty
I of volunteers who Kuosied that Ryun
wa befit on HckltiK verybotly In slKht
Recorder Mctioveri held Ryan In JM
IJI for the Orainl Jury on a cliargf
ut Sault preferred bv lilinck loiter
the firocer apiearvl before Chief Dunn
of tho Flra Doi rtnicnt and his com
plaint cauaod the riHpen lon of Riin
on charges of itnduct un woniliiK n
member of thc Hobokcn Flro opJrl
uncks rroccry store Is at Nu Ul
Willow avenue llutiuken uud the Rjan
slitnlty occupy a ilat on un upper lloor
The coinpliilnt 0 Jlrs Ryan ajainst
Hlinck for U IIIR bad linuaiu tu uer
tuelveViMrtUl luiusnier KoMe Hits tile
reason for the couu heLriiiK The evi
I diiiiu nud been heard ami uecordur Mc
liovern Wt > abjut tip render hl Oe
cislon when the uutbivak occurred
The fireman in full iniiurin rm down
the court loom aisle In pnmaturely
jsray hair stickinK up stralirht
Tae Uerman uwei uim nls hat In
hand stood beui the JUltlu nninK
his fate when Ryun pounced on him
The Irat blow struck lien Dietrich
on iho left ear nliilhif him around in
position to make RjinN next blow ef
tectlve on the nile Tie llreman struck
out fritt and furious and Dlitilch Wl1
tU so often tiat he jusi couldnt faj
101111 until Ryan stopped punchini
Vou InsulthiB do cried tne lire
man Ill teach jou a lesson tiiat Allli
keep you from InsultlniT youiiR Bills
In the future
And then some more punchev All
this tlmo the court attendants fkil
their best to Mnp the scrap but it
seemed us If Hin hnd all Ipe due
of a Droadnouv t lnttleshlii Rut
Hocorder Mcijuvirii ii was aid m
foreput the riuetis nn the affair
lllnnck was reprlmumleil on Mr
Hans charge but he ertalnly lr > olil
a sad plclun The coloring ou ail
iffir hl pMs W1 tlr nf > ie bist
efforts of a water wlor pilnter
Dunn me 111 nv K m alutil
So did Mr Ivan bit h ° loI nlilt
his riKht nnd left landing < n tile
propers Jaw
T b T I M
H b H S
Cnnrls Deny One Applirntnn
foi Naming of a Tempo
rary Receiver
Announcement wns mndn todiy by
W A Tucker O L Ilulsevaln nnc1
otherj representlni the Knickerbocker
Trust Companys Interest In the Hotel
Ootham of the lease 01 that hoitelry
to Messrs Merry Boomer of the
Plaza and E R Grabow of Alnslle
Grabov of Boston for A p rlod of
y ars
The Iftwees ar to take pOl5et lon at
once It Is said that ample oapltil for
the operitlon and development of the
property has been provided
The Hotel Gotham furniture uM to
I be the richest to be found In any hotel
Ion earth luu b en gobbled up by the
holder of the chattel mortgage and
small traders aNI clamoring at the
doors of tho Supreme Court for the ap
polntment of rec lvtre to collect their
bllli for meat groo rlti and other dllr
lUnry Kelly Junior who couldnt ool
I lict his bill of jno77 for frultt an
T otabl i brought e null In the Clt7
I Court which wai llowvd to ro by d
fault and judgment waa entered tor
i rtO71 Th Sheriff returned the execu
I tion unMUslled and then Huger
Hlckey In his bntmlf asktj Justice
nianoherd to appoint a temporary re
AgaInst thU Henry L Goodwin presi
dent of the Hotel Gotham Company
denying that the hotel hnj been trans
ferred saId In an affidavit
The whole matter la simply that the
Hotel Gotham Company was the lessee
of the Fiftyfifth Street Company ajic
i that that company had a chattel mort
i Kajre on certnin furniture nnd equipment
I of the Hotel Gothim Company upon
i our failure to pay a certain claim due
1 to the Fiftyfifth Street Compujiy the
1 latter with tho assistance of a Marshal
I of the City of New York took po 8U
1 slon of the mortgaged chattels without
any transfer or other aot by the Gotham
Justice DUnohArd dented the appll
cation for the appointment of a tempo
riry receiver
Nothing daunted horvaver by this The
odore Schmallholr Son butchen
who Bbcurrd a judgmnnt for a J7U meai
hill and In their behalf J C Lewis
applied to the snmo Justlc today for
tho appolnmiont of a temporary reo
celvor for th blp hotel upon which le
dslln IM r Mt
John D Ilndiav President of the
Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to
Children vc tciday underwent a suc
cessful operation for the iemova1 of a
tumor His doctors jaid he would be
confined to Ms bed for about two w nks
Anil AValcli lie eiv imier
For pnrtlfMilnri Write or Cull
Estates of Long Beach
INSIST thit your eyes be examined hy
ironebuU Itegisttrcd Physician
All other eye tests are DANGEROUS
Eye Examinations < > WuXT by
11 oAra HrooMjTi K > e ont Dor Iospltali
Many viar In prlo te practice
S > mr9 Manliatlan nf and Kir lluipllal
lAir tn iklin Kc an1 i r Hospital
masst Aicays at Moderate ice
Oculist unit Optician
50 > nrs tn Irintice
350 Sixth Avenue 27f llroadway
HeiK d S Ilclnv Ml St
101 Nassau St 217 Urondwny
> lr Ann St > t r II in llMk
22J Sixth Avenue near 15th St
American Specialty Co
1127 Broadway Roar 25th St
Inauguration Sale
Exceptional ofTerinc in the followmR arkicles
the Quality of which will appeal to juilt3 uf Hljh
Class Mcrclintidisc
The Sale rlll be limited only one of each
article Ui a customer
SDay French Tray L diri Hand Dae
elina Clocli of Gill > UJ5 with chnnje puriaSMBl
Bronie la Ca Real Pij Skin
Ldie 4 Pochtl Book
AlllaD d Marine GI
trap and Cue lUll OO ttrap handl Pic Skin t I 40
Dr M orolCo
Dreii Suit Ca8e Cati Containing 4 1
24 Inebtt r 4 79 pair Scliiori Anoft 5105
Drldla Uathtr ed 3li a FliH Stal
Telephone 1047 Mnd Square
3franfclfit Simon Si Coi
Fifth Ave 37th38th Sts
Large Price Reductions rt
Misses Summer Dresses I
Sizes 14 to 20 years i
Dimity Princess Jumper Dresses
Of Striped Dimitv In nivy or light blue brown pink or
I violet embroidered eyelets silk velvet ribbon 575
Heretofore J975 U A
Hand Embd Poplin Dresses
Jumper model white pink or blue hand embroidered Q AC 1
crochet buttons Heretofore J1650 OVO
Lingerie Princess Dresses
French batiste ID white pink lifht brae or violet ebb
orately trimmed with Val lice and embroidery ft 7C
9 75
Heretofore 1 157 H VO
Tan Linen Tailored Suits
Of Natural Tin Irish Llnenloor coat nawmodel pliited f
iklrt peirl button H r tofore f 975 J 9 15
Hand Embd Linen Princess Dresses
Of best quality French Linen In white pink blat or tin 11
richly hind smbroldwtd Here < otora l9JSl II SO
Button Front Washable Skirts
White Irish linen or poplin open front model detsdnbl 3 RIf
link peirl buttons lenglhs 33 to 39 Va1IM so Y
Boys Summer Apparel
Norfolk and DoubU Breasted Salts
Extra pair Knickerbockers of illtrod tw < < dmd home
spuns 8 to 17 years Heretofore 97i
Washable Sailor and Ruulan Suits
Of Imported fabrics In white and colors lto 10 yeirs 1 9S
Heretofore 27S to 575 m
Washable Norfolk and Double Breasted Suits
Knickerbocker Trousers hm crish English khaki ml
fine white duck 8 to 17 ynrs Value JJOX M
Girls Summer Dresses
Sizes 4 to 14 years
Washable Dresses of fine Gingham Linen Dimity Poplin ind White
French Lawn Hiretofore J47J to 1250
285 475 675
Childrens Hosiery
Cotton Socks with Fancy Plaid Tops sizes 5 to 8
Fine Quality Lisle Thread Striped Socks II 5 to 70
Lisle Thread Open Work Socks 4 to 80
All at 22c a pair
Womens and Misses Silk Lisle Hose
Tan black or white also Ian and black embroidered
i sizes 8 to 10
35c a pair 3 pairs for 100
Womens and Misses Pure Silk Hose
Black light blue pink violet gray suede and bronze some
with cotton soles sizes 81 to 10
95c a pair 3 pairs for 275
i Altaian do
USUAL PRICES 300 fit 350 AT 200 EACH
34Uj etmt 3516 trtd 1mb 5th mtt
Lord Taylor
Sale of Mens Shirts
Negligee Shirts
in light and dark effects made Coat model
cuffs attached various sleeve lengths
I 00 j value 150
Broadway and aoth St 5th Ave igth Si
World Wants Work Wonders
IM i

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