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I Bell Temporary
Chairman Calls
For Revised Tariff
f Opens the Democratic Convention With a
Speech Demanding an Injunction
A Plank Suitable to Bryan
DENVER July 7Theodore A Bell
f California upon being Introduced as
m jfitemporary chairman of the Demosratlc
National Convention spoke In part aWe
t follows
We have assembled at a time when
tho public conscience Is demanding hon
esty of purpose In the men who under
take to direct the affairs of state Thl
4 public eye li keenly eensltlve to every
political omvement and our proceedings
i here will bo approved according to the
degree of sincerity appearing In the
work of this convention There Is a
widespread belief foundfd upon evi
f dence of a convincing character that
f the party In power has not been true to
ata trust that It has betrayed the com
mon Interest Into the hands of the ene
mies of good rovernment thereby for
felting Its right and destroying Its abil
ity to rule In the name of the people
Apparent to every one Is the fact that
way down deep In the heart of the Re
publican convention at Chicago there
was a feeling of anger and resentment
over the popular clamor for reforms
I and It Is equally patent that there is no
bona fide Intention on the part of the
Republican party of granting any re
forms If the machinery of that party
can be retained In present hands Its
paper platform divided like ancient
Gaul Into three parts barren promises
makeshifts and evasionsIt Is hoped will
mAke a good campaign translarency
but no one seriously believes the Repub
lican party indorses that neutral manu
script which held the convention to
gether until It could ratify the nomina
tion of a Presidential candidate
Not an Enemy of Property
The Democratic party Is not the I
enemy of property but to the contrary
It has always stood and will continue
to etand firmly against every species
of aggression that would destroy or
weaken the right of any man to enjoy
the rewards to which his patience his
skill his Industry and his economy en
roll him Our party approves that feel
ing of pride which always accom
panies the possession of purity and It
commends nn Individual ownership In
the soil that will bring to the homes
of America more of the convenience
comforts and luxuries of life
Against the evils of special privilege
we urge the benefits of equal oppor
tunity In order that there may be
more land owners more homes and
more happiness among the masses
The Democratic party Is not an enemy
of all corporations It recognizes their
great value In the Indusrtlal wond i
Through the agency of Incorporation j
scattered wealth Is brought together and
given a driving force that it would not
otherwUe possess Great onterprlsees
are thereby undertaken and the unde
veloped resources of the country added
to the wealth of the world
° No rational man can be opposed to
corporations as such and the assertion
that the Democratic party Is waging an
Indiscriminate war against this con
venient form of transacting business 1
has no foundation In fact It Is the1
abuse only of corporate power that we i
seek to eliminate I
Control of Corporations
Viewed In the light of a great moral
Institution the control of corporations
should remain a question of common
concern rather than a political one but
the shameful and complaisance of the
Republican party In permitting Its
forces to he controlled and operated by
the most offending corporations of the
country throws the problem tnto the
political arena and compels the public I
to choose between the Democratic party
that will and the Republican party that
will not place some restrictions on I
corporate greed
We are confronted with the Inqury
what assurance has the Republican
party given that It will use the forces
a Its command to restore the people i
to thefr rights The distinguishing fea
ture of the Chicago platform Is its oft
repeated promise to do a lot of things
that the Republican party has hereto
fore failed to do We have the follow
ing Republican confession of guilt I
We did not reuse the tariff
We did not amend the antitrust
laws to secure greater affective
ness In the prosecution of criminal
W t did not add a sin rle line to the
interstate commerce law giving the
Federal Government supervision over
the Issues of stocks and bonds by
Interstate carriers
We did not exact a currency meas
ure that would mitigate the evils ot
a tlnanclal panic such as has recently
prostrated the country under a He
put can administration
1 ilul not limit the opportunities
for lousing the writ of Injunction
We did not establish pottal savings
S VB did not establish a bureau of
mines and mining
We dU not admit Into the Union
the territories of New Mexico and
Arizona us separate States
The meat jalpible Instance of the
Insincerity of the Chicago put farm U I
f < un In its declaration respecting t1m
lisuancc of Injunctions I would hove I
been entitled to more rci eot if i had
omitted all mtntlon of It t session I
nter ssion of Congress labor Imn
pleadel for relief from the abuses of
Injunctions but Its appals have fallen
on deaf elI and here has Doer no
Indlcinon that reimdlal IcgWailon c
an > character would be enacted The
oligarch n House and Senate has
olKrch 1
decided that nothing hall be done to
WMkcn an > ndvamase that corpoi
a ton have Rained In Hbor dispute
I The fact is Iul aI i M < MI zm wh
oUt fCfPVCt to Hfltlon < r it c pat m in
ICe AOaI bsUO reJed for the
t courts ndlll J ma am tner in
tlr 1
N UI b lnx
l t i tt th CO
assailed Is simply made for the purpose
of diverting attention from the real
Issue Heretofore I has not been con
sidered treason or an unwarrantable at
tack upon the honor of tho courts to
define their Jurisdiction prescribe their
procedure restrict their processes and
generally to fix the bounds within
which Judicial functions shall b exer
I makes no difference whether the
court are acting In excess or their
Jurisdiction or strictly within their
delegated powers I either cue the
people have a right to throw addi
tional safeguards around human lib
erty There can 0 n reflection Upo1
the honesty of the courts In the pas
sage of a measure that will confine
the eaultv powers of the Federal Ju
diciary within such bounds as the peo
ple nf the United States through the
l9jMplatlve branches of their govern
ment may determine This Democratic
convention must formally and equivo
cally pledge Itself to such legislation
as will prevent the writ of Injunction
from being eonvertej Into an Instru
ment of oppression
Revision of the Tariff
With the power and opportunity to
carry out Democratic principles wo
will t e called upon to revise our tariff
law In the interests of the whole
people This issue cannot be disposed
of by the assertion that the Repub
lican party also stands for tariff reform
Republican revision and Democratic
re < Ion are two different things
The Democratic Idea In that where
Ihe tariff enables the trusts to iiuiii
tnn a syrtem of extortion the duty
should be removed from all trustmad
ifuiji so that competition from an > d
may compel reasonable prces to our
Jwn people There Is I vast difference
between the protection of American
lndu trles and the protection of
rlmnnl monopolize
The corrupt uo of large sums of
money In political campaigns I large
resoonslble for tho subversion of the
peoples will at the polls The masse
are awakening to a realization of the
great power of gold In contest that I
ought to be determined according to
the character of nominees and the I
soundness and morality of political
Issues and there Is a treneral demand
for publicity In the collection and ue
of campaign funds so that our citizens i
may knuw whether I political party i
his purchased Its way Into office or has
won Its victories by honest means I
I the Chicago convention a minority
report of the Committee on Resolu
lent containing a declaration In favor
3f publicity was overwhelmingly de I
feated upon a roll call of the conven
tion and the RepuMloan party placed I I
Itself squarely upon record In favor of
concealing the names of the con
tributors and the amounts of their sub I
scriptions i
Further amendment to our laws glv
InR the Federal Government supervision
over tho Issuance of railroad stOCK
und bonds Is demanded
Regulation of Railroads
The tlxing of transportation charges
sOd the control of issuances of railroad
bocurlties arc inseparably coimectej
with the actual valuation of rallruida
The Democratic party believes that tie
llrst thing to do Is to secure a physical
valuation of the roads tliat Is a valua
tion of me solid rather than the liquid
assets of rntiruad companies Vnio
un the other hand the Republican
party on a roll call In the convention
by an oerwlielmlivt vote took an unequivocal
equivocal stand m favor of I system
of water rate without giving the peo
pie the benetlt of a meter
Ve rarcli In raits fur one syllable
In the Ohlcago platform pledging the
Repjbllcan party to retrenchment and
reit ills and It Is no mere coincidence
nat nan given us I billion dollar ses
sion of Congress on the eve of a na
tional clctlun and the possible revision
of the tariff
So lung aa we maintain the present
method of electing United Slates Sena
tors we cannot hope that the upper
chumur of Congress will reflect tin
popular wll
On the osom of the Pacific will 0
enacted tile great commercial strujglej
of the future and the Interests of
Amrlcan commerce In connection with
the exposure of our western shores to
anv hti1e attack will demand that the
Ir ter portion of the American nay
shall be retained In the waters of the
Pacific to preserve the peace of the
urld 1resere I
This magnificent Western country of
urs I is not ony proved attractive to
our own people and the other white na
tions of the earth but It has likewise
proved alluring to the crown and yellow
races of the East Some protection has i
been afforded by the exclusion of Chi
nese Hbor hut the evil Is but half met i
If the Immigration of other Asiatic peo
hores ple he not also excluded from out
Always for Peace
This National Convention meets at I
time when the angel of peace Is hov r
Ing over the entire world and the no
tions of the world each day are I
strengthening those ties of friendship
and common Interest that will render
war less frequent and permit mankind
to turn their hands to the peaceable
pursuits of life rather than to the de
struction of one another i
The Democratic party realizes the
part that Amerla must nevltably I
play In the affairs o tP world and
that we cannot e < csp partlcoatlon In
the iteiient of err wind roblem
that arises but Amarcat wtUht and
Inllueno must ever t > on the side of I
peace on the side o luttlce oi the
sOe of tvif fipvr I un I If the will
o the people II y Imt to our
hands the scapttf nf nAor If will b
used for tie renilVbn nf tfy hjrh
American Iduall hrt nA i ur ovi
people in lotl and better tiling and I
through our prwss nM exit inks
contribute to I I being and happ
ncss of all makil
DENVER July 7These are the tem
porary qfticers chyjen for the Demo
crat National Hinton
Chairman Theordore A nell Call
lornlu General 6cretarr Urey Wed
son Kentucky AMlstant G < ti ra
Secretary Kdwln Sefton Washington
TJ C Assistant Secretaries Chutles
S Nirthrn Atlanta Ga If Rlcrnvnil
Fremont Neb C A Nash Prry Pa
Edward Cahlll tprthgtlld III Will
Relff Rawlins Wyo and ITrank 1
HOE Indkirapollj Inj
ItMdln ClcrkjWlllhm SfcBnlry
Hock Hlnnd III T F Smith New
York CIty William 1 I Thyme
t Charlenton W Va r J Gavin Den
1 T Col Rics r Horrocki Ltlle
I Hock Ark and Joseph L L holly
Indianapolis Ind r
SerueantttArmsJohn J Martin
II MI our
Chief Assistant SergeantatArms
C Penn Indiana
Chief Doorkeeper Kugeno W Sulll
van Illinois
Tally Clerku Ruby Laroon Madison
vllle Ky V Allen Langdon N D
E K Murphy Lcavcnworth Ran
Thomas H LoveJace St LouU
Thomas n Collier Memphis Tenn
and C C Ernst Decatur Ind
Messenger to Secretary V Rloh
artlson Danville Ky
Messenger to Chairman Emeat Das
icy Bulllvnn lad
Parllamentnrlan D CrutchlleU
Official Stenographer W Blum
berg StenograperM
ChiplalnsTueeday opening day
Right Rev James J Keane Archbishop
of Wyoming Wednesday Rev C F
Rplmer Denver Col Thursday Rabbi
Samuel Kerch Seattle Wash Friday
Rev 1 T Ramsey Denver Col
LrNC01 N NIb July 7Th Repub
lican Stats Central Committee early to
day carried out It intention of showing
active resistance to the Bryan campaign
paign by stringing a Taft banner acroia
the street at the Intersection of Twelfth
and 0 streets probably the most prom
inent corner In the city SeUcus oppo
sition from the commercial Interests of
the city was encountered whin the plan
was first proposed The raising of the
banner has aroused another storm of
protest from the Interests which have
thus far advocated local nonpartisan
Paul Clark a local Republican ladei
was among the first to protest and he
announced his Intention of calling a
meeting of Republicans to form a Bryan
Republican club
The banner extends clear across the
treet and reads Nebraska for Taft
Beneath this Inscription Is a huge pic
ture of the Republican candidate for
President with the words By the Re
publican State Central Commlmttee
DENVER July 7The following Is
the new Democratic Committee so far
a seIctid
Alabama John W Tomllnson Bir
mingham Arkansas Guy B Tucker
nllfornln Nathan Cole Los Angeles
Colorado Alva Adams Pueblo Con
necticut Homer S Cummings Stam
ford Delaware Willard Saulsbury
Florida 1 A JennIes
Georgia Clark Howell Atlanta
Idaho Simon P Donnelly Coeur
1Alene Illinois Roger C Sullivan
Chicago Indiana Thomas Taggnrt
Indianapolis Iowa Martin J Wade
owa City Kansas John H Atwood
Leavenworth Kentucky Urey Wood
ion Owensboro Louisiana not chosen
Maine E L Jones Watervlllc j I
Maryland J Fred C Talbott Luther
11e Mlchlgnn Ddwin 0 Wood Flint
Minnesota Fred J Lynch St Paul j
Mississippi C I Williams Jackson j
M > ourl William A RoUrwelt Mo
Uerly Montana J Bruce Kremcr
Nebraska P U Hall Nevada John
Sunderland New Hampshire Eugene
E Heed New Jersey Robert S Huds
petit New York net chosen North
Carolina Josephus Daniel Raleigh
North Dakota William Collins Ohio
aarvey C Oarbcr Columbus Okla
homa W L Brady Oregon Milton A
illllo Lason
Pennsylvana James M Guffey
Plttsburg ode Island George V
Greene Vooncocket South Carolina
not cho en South Dakota Edward
Johnson Pierre Ten I Se R Lee
Montonatle Xtishrille Texas R M
Johnson Houston Utah Frank J
Nbe ktr Salt Lake City crmont G
ItfTlwrt 1ape Uarre Virginia J
Taylor Ellison Richmond Washing
ton William K Dunphy West Vir
ginia John T McGraw Grafton Wis
consin not chosen Wyoming John
K OHborne Rawllns
Alaska not chosen Arizona Saline
J MIchel on District of Columbia
blank Hawaii G J Walker New Men
co not chosen Porto Rico N N
Field Guayma
Reelected I
SpecIal to The Evtnln World
DRXVl July TGus Thomas the
playwright will not make a speech sec
onding the nomination of Iran He
has been turned down by the peerless
leader at the last minute and there is 1
a lot of soreness about It I
The understanding that Mr Thomas
was to make the chief seconding speech
was reached some time ago It wan arranged
ranged that In the roll call of Btates
Arkansas was t give way to Missouri
and Mr Thomas an alternate from
that State would make the effort of
his life Word came from Lincoln
shortly before the convention aubled
today that Thomas must step to the
Goe Glenn of North Carolina the
eminent railroad harrier will make the
principl speech seronldng the nomina
tion Gov Glenn likes the sound of his
own voice and It appears that he had
been promised a chance t hear It In
public In the Denver Convention In a
speech seconding Bryan Glenn would
not rive way to Thomas and Thomas
had vve give way to Glenn because
Thomas it not a politician and does not
control the machinery of a great State
like North Carolina
DENVER July 7Mayor Tom L
Johnson of Cleveland was defeated
for membershiP on the National Com
mittee today at the forma caucus of
the Ohio delegallon It already had
hewn slated that I C Garter of Co
liuiitRM ass t succeed Mr Johnson
but tlie Mayor of Cleveland put up a
hard flIut which lasted for an hour
T c remit was hratfly against him m
Inl 27 for Girhcr t 7 for Johnson
People who seek antlBryeji Indica
tons and inferences attach lgnlftcance
to Ihl defeat of two men known as pe
I culiarly the friend of Br anTom
Jhn < on of Ohio and Campiu of Mich
leonand th Indorsement by their
Htatw of four whoe defHt Mr Bnan
was known to have dcsirrdSulllvan of
Illinois Gultey of Ppnnjvjyraniiv Ta
r rt Indiana and Moflra of West
Virginia I
Elbert II Gary chairman of the
Board of Directors of the United States
i Steel Corporation Senor Don Ramon
Plna Mnlster of Spain to the United
I States and John W Gates tailed to
day oo the KronprlnMMlB Ooetis
1110 A M Doom of Conrentloti
Hal opened and people begin
ning to enter Cowboy band in
stalled In gallery
1130 A IUand plays a med
ley of patriotic nlr laU rap
Idly flllinit
1148 A M Bund pUrlnsj
Dub Tiusrart IOU to plat
1 Jloon Conrenfelon cxUled to
1305 P Mflleates still sr
ririnsr Considerable disorder
1300 1 Sfc Hiran banner
hroncht Into the hull or Nebra
kate delegate Great enthusiasm
1210 1 > M Chatrmnu TaKirevt
direct oflloeri to obtain order
1213 P California brlnipi in
banner with Bryan picture
CIsc cnn ic
1217 P M Oklahoma enter
with Ilryan banner Cheering
1220 P Chairman Tnt art
secures order und In brief speech
lauding Democracy and Denver
open contention
1221 P SIThe secretary read
the call fur the convention
1223 P Archblihop J > Ji
Keane of Wyoming deliver
prayer delegate and ipectaton
1234 p JlXame of temporary
convention officer read br the
1237 P tGo Illanchard of
Louisiana Coy Clllion of Vir
ginia and Ollle James of Ken
fncky appointed committee to
escort temporary Chulrniau Del
to the platform
1243 P Temporary Chair
man hell presented to convention
Delegate cheer and wave hat
1244 P iHeIl begin ipeeoh
120U P MtIrt reel cheer greet
Hell attack on monopolies
121 P Chairman Del prom
lie that the platform vrlll contain
an antiInjunction plank provoked
a strong demonstration of ap
125 P M Chairman Del refer
ence to Kooievelt created wild ant
bare of applause Delegate tood
np and waved Ilh
1J10 P MHell In direct refer
ence to Bryan bring drleKnte to
their feet wildly cheering and
> < ll2S i > TOontrnilon lat fif
teen scouds
TIOIEI A flashlight explosion lu
the aisle nlongilde the New York
I delegation burned four hair oft
the head of Sheriff Foley and
throe from the bend of Charlie
I White leaving the latter entirely
I bld
I 1B4 P JI Clerk cnll roll of
State chairman of each delega
tion announcing its choice of
member of Committee on Creden
tial Permanent Onrnnliatlon
jltnle and Order of Reline and
Platform and llriolallon
158 P MChalrman licit ends
speech which lated one hour and
eleven minute
304 P ExGov David K
Francis of JlUiourl make speech
from platform on Cleveland
810 P M 1rnncU appeal to
delegate to linry all dissensions
of pat canoe wild cheering
213 P Mlrancis end speech
Col Halderumn of Kentucky
take platform on Cleveland rca
2 P Mlgieatuis Dunn o Ne
lirtmkn oiler the Bryan resole
lon expressing sorrow at the
death of exl > retdent Cleveland
and declaring the convention ad
journed until 12 oclock noon to
214 1 31Ioud cries for Judge
Parker of Nosy York Wild cheer
Ing as be stand up Cries of plat
I form lie come to platform and
delegate land up yelling and
waving hut and pennant
I 216 P JlIarUer presents his
resolution on Cleveland but see
ond the one offered by Dunn of
I Nebraska
f 220 P tThe Dunn resolution
adopted by riling nnnnlmou vote
223 P Chairman Del turn
down GutTer men from Pennyl
anla Shout from Penniylvantu
General uproar Col Gate all
down ale and protests Yell
and cheer
227 P Mflcll pal question to
refer contest to Credential Com
mittee Load about of Aye
Scattering Xoe Dell declare
plot Inn carried Crle of Ao
from nntlUryan men
230 P M Clerk announce time
I and place tfl isontnjlttee meeting
ana P Convention adjourn
until noon tomorrow
Continued from First Page II
ventlon established that the accoustlcs
voice of
In this hal are perfect The
Archbishop Keane who uttered the open
Ing prayer was heard to the
corner of the building I was an In
spiring sight to witness the great as
semblage rise and stand In quiet at
tention 8 the spare churchman began
hIs ben lictlon An overlyenterprising
flashlight as the
photographer set of a tahlght
prayer was rearing its close and narrowly
being throvrn out of the
rowly escaped throi
ball Temporary Cairn Bell received
oscorted to
he was
IWt8 a reception as ecrte
Bight stuffed eagles
lb platform Eght
from wire over the platform
hanging wire patrm
han8nr other stuitled agle
and half I doze lum e0
the cowboy bind were
perched over
most appropriate decorations Mr Bell
of Eagles
Order o
Is the head of the
which nearly all of our most prominent
bookmakers are members
Alice Roosevelt Longworth with her
and arty of Denver friend
husband Ind I party Dnver
occupied a bos under the main balcony I
on the ground floor Mrs Longworth
wore an Immense straw hat crowned I
with bows and she was not compelled
to take It off B she ws In Chicago I
behind her
There were no spectators bhind
eldest i
hers Ruth Bryan Leivltt the
daughter of th Impending candidate
was another Interesting spectator Much
during the
better order was maintained
speech of Mr Bell than was the case
In Chicago during the speech of Tem
porary Chairman Burrows With all
due reipeot to Mr Burrow he does
not rank with Mr Bell a a speaker
Another factor that makes for order
out here Is the liking of the people
for speech The prairies and moun
tain countries are the pellblndori
Cheer for Roosevelt
There was a remarkable demonstra
tion of the place the rough rider oc
cupe In the hearts of the Western
people during Chairman Bells address
In referring to Candidate Taft he made
an incidental reference to Rosovel
Son after the Roosevelt excitement
Chairman Bell mentioned tl 1 nime of
Bryan for the head of the ticket The
way the delegate rose and cheered was
conclusive proof of the foolishness of
the claim that Bryan does not control
more than twothirds of the vote Only
a mall proportion of the delegatesfar
I less than onethird refu e < l to Join In
the demonstration
I It i etntrUbf bIhieved bir Uut
Judge Gray of Delaware has finally
consented to accept tho VicePresident 1
la nomination His managers here I
have been holding conferences with the
Now York Connecticut and other I
State leaders
Crowd Grow Tired
At tho conclusion of the temporary
chairmans speech Delegate Lamb of
Indiana called the roll for the an
nouncement of selections of members
of committees The Republicans do
much better In their conventons the
various delegations sending the names
selected to the Chairman thus avoiding
the tedious roll call and announcements
ment As it was 3 oclock past Den
ver dinner tie the audience began
to file out and the hal was oon half
J Ignatius Dunn of Nebraska of
fered a resolution of condolence over
the death of Grover Cleveland This
took the place of the resolution Judge
Parker intended to offer I read a
foil owe
Ai It baa pleaded the Ruler of
the Universe 10 remove from our
midst Grover Cleveland late Presi
dent of the United Slates who was
three tImes the candidate of the
Democratic party be It
Ileaolved That we the delegates
of the party In National Convention
assembled recognize In him one of
the strongest and abet characters
known to the worlds statesmanship
who possessed to an extraordinary
degree pses element of leadership
and by his able conscientious and
forceful administration of public af
fairs reflected honor upon his country
and his party sod
U prtYi
Reolv That we hereby e
press our deep sorrow at his death
and extend our warmest sympathy
and condolence to his famIly gna
that this resolution be spread upon
te records of the convention and a
copy b forwarded to Mrs Cjeve
land and
Resolved M a further mark of
respect to his memory the conven
reptt hi memor
tion noon do tomorrow now adjourn until 1 oclock
In Praise of Cleveland
David I Francis of Missouri took
the of secondIng
the platform for purpose cd
Ing the motion of Mr Dunn that the
Convention adjOUrn until tomorrow out
of respect for the memory of the dead
Democratic Prosldent
Gxjy Francis spoke with deep feeling
ai I friend of Grover Cleveland and
as I member of Grover Clevelands
Cabinet It was apparent that Qov
Franc did not think that the resolu
tion presented by Mr Dunn was strong
enough The Mlsourlan remedied the
brevity and coldness of the resolution
by delivering a strong oulogy of his old
I chief In closing Gov Francis said
i The Democratic party has always
been successful when united Let us
now bury all dissensions of the past
This sentiment was heartily greeted
coming as 1 did from one of the lead
ers of the wing of the party that has
consistently fought Bryan and Bry n
policies But Gov Francis wan politic
enough to refrain from Injecting any
thing c politics Into his eulogy
Col Hdlderman of KrntiiLk second
I pd the resolution on behalf of his State
and then some bgolced mil In the
p4 rr ril 4 MrlMrr Ww wy WM
taken up nml Judge Parker was liter
ally forced to take the platform
I Judge Parker Speaks
Judge Parker said that If he had been
recognized he would have offered a
Cleveland resolution of his own H <
promptly proceeded to read It and waj
listened to with breathless attention
The delegates did not know whether the
rather lengthy resolution the dlatln
Kulahed New Yorker was reading carried
a Bryan stringer or not As the read
ing went on It was apparent that the
Parker resolution as given out In New
York had been carefully edited her In
Dwnvar All the veiled attacks of the
original resolution had been eliminated
At the conclusion of the reading of the
resolution Judge Parker seconded the
Dunn resolution which was adopted ty
a rising vote
Fight Over Guffey
A fight In the Pennsylvania delegation
came up following the announcement
that Pennsylvania had sent In two sets
of name of members of committees
James of Kentucky moved that the
Pennsylvania fight be settled by the
Credentials Committee
This did not suit the
Thi Ouffey crowd
who wanted the convention to act Col
Guffiy walked down the aIsle to the
platform and tried to make a personal
plea There wa sa lot of disorder In
the convention but Chairman Bell fin
ally put the James motion and It ws
carried overwhlemlngly The vote
lined up the Bryan and antiBryan
strength In the convention
Adjournment was taken at 2JO oclock
until noon tomorrow
There has been more noise and hurrah
and downright energy about this assem
blage of Democrats since last Saturday
than was manifest In the whole Chicago
convention of Republicans Inside and
outside the Coltseun A visitor from
Mar would Imagine from the display of
enthusiasm that William J Bryan had
I mortgage on the rom In the Whit
House where the President sleeps for
tour years following the th of next
A Sombre Significance
But nevertheless and notwithstanding
there Is behind this curtain of biasing
voclferousntss a stage setting of sombre
signification While the crowds were
cheering Bryan on the streets and In
hotel lobbies conference and caucuses
were under way In quiet rooms remote
from the disturbance that will have the
effect In November of making some
itartllng return In the vote Men who
hate Bryan and his policies were tram
lag up a method of accepting both the
man and the doctrines he advocates In
the hope that the election will forever
retire him to a llf of a much privacy
as William J Bryan can endure
Thi leader of the Conservative De
mocracy have prepared themselves to
swallow Bryan and the Bryan policies
with only a surface show of resistance
Bryan knows full well that the sup
port he Is gaining by bargains with
men from the East and the Middle
West who are antagonistic to him Is
superficial But with the Jnountalrlous
pgotlsm characteristic of the man hel
going Into the fight full of confidence
that the people will prefer him to Will
iam H Taft
TntIt II All Bryan I
There has never been held a national
Democratic convention so thoroughly
dominated by one man as this When
he ticket and the platform go before
the people they will bear the Bryan
stamp In pursuit of the Presidency
Bran Is prepared to make many con
cessions to what he called In 1S96 and
1900 the enemies country In the full
knowledge that these concessions are
yielded by men who would regard his
defeat with equanimity he Is bossing
the whole job and relying upon the
country at large for a favorable out
The Johnson and Gray people have
oino to be In Denver I much of a joke
as the Fairbanks and Cannon and I
Hughes people In Chicago They 1 In
sist they will place their candidate In
nomination but it Ii beginning to look
as though Johnson and Gray If they I
have any aspirations for future political
honors will retire In favor of Bryan and
make his nomination unanimous horn
the start Any opportunity they may
have had to bring up an Issue or a prin
ciple to divert the votes that Bryan has
Instructed or pledged has been lost by
With the nomination of Bryan settled
beyond the peradventure of the Inter
vtntton of anything short of a miracle
In the situ
the only subjects of Interest
ation are the Identity of the candidate
for the vicepresidency and the strength
or weakness of time platform
New York Bones Dodge
It I quite likely that the name of
the man who will be Bryan running
mitt hen not been u yet publicly re
I vealed Score of candidates for the
nomination hu e shuffled up In the
poltlcal deal and thrown Into the dis
card New York has the opportunity to
put forth a man satisfactory to Bryan
but Murphy and Conner appear to be
dodging the Issue possibly for the rea
son that they hope to make their race
for the control of the State government
next fall with the only man they con
sider strong enough to propose for the
vlcepr ldency
DENVER July 7Tbe New Jersey
delegates decided In their caucus to
day after I heated argument to vote
for George Gray of Delaware for
President I 1 also decided to vote
under the unit rule The latter decision
wan not reached until after a long do
bate which at times was somewhat
Robert Hudspeth was elected member
of the National Committee and James
Smith jr was chosen to represent the
I State on the Committee on Resolutions
nOTTlNBAU fl Dak July 7
Charles IVItler aid Lithe ItlSiig Run
T have conf Mfvl to tit l rler
nf F W SMell and his niece JtlmK
Somkse whcro Sdrll was pupthvittlr
I I They 1M444I1t have bn bend over hl ties iiH
i Tammany Crowd Add
to the Rollicking Fun y 4
in Denver City
I 4 CIl1 i
Demand for Baths Squelched by Tom Smith < Jf I
Proof That Rarefied Air and Red Eye f f
Are Not a Fatal Combination
Special from i Btsff Corrxndent of Th
Evening World
DENVER July 7When the Tammany
many crowd struck Denver yesterday I
morning there began a period of trouble
for Tom Smith secretary of Tammany
Hal Mr Smith coma out to Denver
months ago and made arrangements
for rooms In which the Tammany men
might hit the hay when tired of th
manifold diversions of the city
He engaged quarters in half I dozen
hotels and naturally the quarters wore
not satisfactory to everybody Every
Tanunany visitor wanted a room with a
bath attached A particularly grimy I
landed Tom
member of the delegation lade I
In the lobby of the Metropole at noon
and began to lament becaus he had I
no bathroom handy
Now look nere said the usually
pacific Smith I know you and 1 know
where you live There Isnt a bath tub
on your block In New York that Isnt
used for I coal bin
i 4
Aisemblman Bob Wagner the author
of The Evening Worlds FiveCentFare i
6010SG SING i
Henry Hosier Sentenced for
Eleven Years Shorter Term
for Regulus Shippy
Judge Foe In Part I of General
Sessions today sentenced two members I
of the notorious Barry rang of note I
swindlers to Sing Sing
Henry Healer fortyeight years old I
vas sentenced toeleven years having I
been convicted of grand larceny In the
first degree a a econd offense Hosier
got llflOJO worth of notes from Conrad
Schwclkert a Staten Island grocer kited I
them and failed to pay the grocer a
Hcgulus fihlppy who embezzled 8000
woijh of note sas sentenced to not i
es than coo year nor more than axI
lie Is o old man and was Once rich I
The Court rw lenient with him because
of his a s
Charles Barry a Chicago lawyer who
1 < said to be the leader of the gang
was also down for sentence today but
upon the request of the District Attor
ney his sentence wu set over a day
Harry W living like I prince at the
Buckingham Hotel when arrested He
war convicted of obtaining and kiting
lltMMty worth of notes Many firms
have gong Into bankruptcy through the
activity of this gang
WINDSOR Ont July TTbmorrows
entries foilowi
FIRST ACEOne mile thrwyMroldj
m iaenii lr Unk In Mwrtret 104
JolTee 104 Lulls Jonnlfc 101 Croyden 10
Oroonokix IrtJ L M Brkert 1M Protairo
niet I0 Fllwlnd f rh nn 1H
SECOND RACK Two mlls steeplechase
ouryiarolda and up limdlcap M rrv
Mtkr 130 WoodiM liT Waterway IM
Plckilma H2 Bllborry W Maniano t2
1m 12 Dlbm 11
Eel li gum lamer li > Couple Wool
Mr nnA wnttmay FIIprn entry
TII1HD RACE Mil end I Utfnth
I thr l6iroldj Cal upwtrl Gail Turner
ItO Ollmmfr 103 fiolnn StilnKK 102 rft
rOURTH HACK Flv furlonrs twoywr
oM siilinz4aeu4e 91 Sallv Tone 01
FleecIer 91 Many Colors M Ieroy
rn mbr 101 UirlJ 101 Thl lli Krllt
UH Ramble 1V lavoc UN PariJIw
IDI ink11
enI 8 Dloooan 103 ChIpmunk Ito
FIFTH llACB Six furlongs all age
htndieapCoctaUrs Ixo Perk Row Inii
Chief Hayes 94 OhM M MortttiOT Oh
SI 110 Jeanne 98 Eldorado 1104 Johnny Blake
10COI Cocksure and Park Ha A B
echell entry
SIXTH KACBaix tulonr elllnj three
yMrolla and upsanilflarrey A Glen
YMrO OrMfuro 0 Tn Ko Mj OrT
br t
T 107 MInot 101 EJwly 10 llomen
tune 107 WTaterbury 110 Ynddo 110 Clam
tur ll Waterury
ents Ill Pl ntland 115
HBVJCNTH RACBOne mite tlrrwrwr
otisBottle BiM Va rd i 10 Fernando
IW Cosmopolitan 10 W Bands 10H
Aj7m r 100 Bre4kaWsY 101 i flock R
IW Owirt C Clawefl lOfl Wx lien Jftl
oI8 allowance
jrjrtIce <
lwr11O Track feat
Krath o > kly C
PITTSBURQ July 7One man was
fatally Injured and
woman 1njur
klllM I woan fatall
kll Wtft resulted
ilamase amounting 0 relefl
at Monongahola near hers when
tjlay nlr Ier
In the waterworks plant ex
a bolter te pnnt
plod eti
bill was surprised when he re rt ri
Denver with the Tammany outfit to fad
his fame had preceded him Us WM
taken In hand last evening by a dalw
tlon of Denverltes familiar with his I
efforts to secure a street car ride between
tween Manhattan and the sea at a ru
sonable prlc They escorted hUn tp
lakeside the Coney Island of Denvr
and endeavored to make him so iatU
fled with the situation that he wolifi I
not care whether the fare back to town
was 5 cents or J5
Be It recorded however that thp jr
failed because Mr Wagner conflnM
himself while In Denver exclusively to
Manltou water as a beverage
Eastern politicians are begrnnlng io I
take off their hats to Charles Bryan >
brother of the Peerless Leader Charles i
Bryan Is an unobtrusive citizen and it
the papers printed his picture without v 1
an explanatory caption observers would
not know whether he was a horribto
example Illustrating the virtue of k
patent medicine or a shoe manufacture
Hut It Is Charles Bryan who Is wielding
the trowel that carries the conciliation t
salve In this assemblage of Democrats
and that he respect Is considerable of a artist In
4 I
I Big Tim Sullivan Is a expreiUUnt S
of the Order of Eagles Theodora Bell j
of California temporary chairman of the
convention U the president e
conventon II present preldent 1
It will b somewhat of an Eagle J zno
stratlon when the convention gets na >
der way with Bell on the platform Md
Bite Tim sitting among the delMtoq
At station between New Y I
every staton Torji
i and Denver delegations of BagUp
I hopped aboard Big Tim train 1
pay their respects In one tow XP V
sac the only Eagle therein rt Miof tl
citabfd MII Pit TIraa aw aai
leave tho high sign
Im the lone Eagle In this her o
munlty M Sullivan explained ttM
I tnthuslastlo exile but I can ear pM
thing for myself by gothl Ive cot o
I Eojtlets I
BU Tim promptly handed him DBJ 11
110 bills with the commaal that CG8
of the EagloU be tmmedlauly Mtstki V
llshed aa A beak depositor 4 v j I I
Frank Lantry th rebel TiJ 11 n sl > I
leader for whose r Md traanj
portatlon no arrangement WI M tnssfVtj
by the Tammany commlrt srTsJ
I here with his delegates yesterday toosso
Ins He was standing at the teHfrafliV
counter In the Brown Faleo wrltlm
I telegram when Phi Donohuv TrMUi 7
of Tammany hail and Jimmy Olli
I happened along Look who h r
said Donohue pointIng to Lantry
How did he ever walk It I quleW I
Inquired the Rage of Paradise quc
Ir 1 1
That dont wear through
Guaranteed for 6 months
Should they weir through a
new pair FREE
In fiuhlcnible ran tanS blick JTCC I
pairs In box 0 no miller lot I
XKW pair If a Iou shows 11 0 mont I
fold Onli i
In Manhattan KINO 111109 775 Broad
way in 6th ave ant 102 K Uth a r
In nrooklrn I W HBXNETT I C0f
467 and 570 Fulton I 00 Bin IT
and 1011 moadwur
v m w I J
F YAzs
i Uniforms 18 up
I White Duck Working Suits JSQ
Oilskin Suits 208
I Sailors Complete Outfits
Moat Canoej Fishing TaclcJ
Tent Camp Goods
Special for ToDay the 7th Special for ToMorrow the 8th
I LATK8 IO lilnd l OUNOtC nunTfK POUND
VISEAIPlIl rOUND isC IATKS 20 hind lou2nI9
Iitnlns Until 11 uClork
link How ltnre OiIn EverY
0150 aluriUr Enlnl Until 11 CIoeh
CoMImlt Rtrrft Store
nrcl r Street
lUIIC1tA8Lt or OK lIozLAR
IIAlThHV A i l H1fl IV
AM OVKK Bill VKKN nnnslss
AND JUIiril 8TKKITI niso all J Cor Wot ffwnt I
t I 1
llruuUlyn Priyirr We deliver 1 to
pounds for 20c to point In Man 29CORTUNDTSt f
hCttan soY ZllDih St Hobnken I CorChurthSt
and Jersey City No rmirli nt r j
O I Cnndli for our nutufioni 40r PARRROWtNASSAU
cuilomeri cr fully packed I y M1Park
ihpp1 from our special mill 01st
itpwtmtat t
w T
J I 1a1 <
t t t I

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