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M r e r y TT 0
Collect His Bananas Greedily
as He Tests Their Imita
tive Faculty
Wont Talk of His Discoveries
but Chimpanzee May Write
Book About Him
Btcause It was a very hot day and
new waj dull the City Editor tent a
wportw to the Bronx Zoo tll lie how
M lvln Hairerty a Harvard Profe or
getting along In the monkey house
where lie Is spending the summer In the
tnterwt of Cambridge culture He II
fitting a line or several linn on the
intelligence of the Intelligent monk Th
City Editor wanted ome too
You dont need a gulJ to point out
Hicgerty as you survey the monkey
cages Haggerty had his clothes on
Folllne tip to the cage the reporter
uked pleasantly
Does It sMm ort ff natural In
Although his name does not sound is
If he came from Harvard there can be
no doubt that Haggerty knows hI
D ck Bay and that he Is bearing well
In mind that a certain other Illustrious
alumnus Is going to get 1 a word for
all that ha eiys about animals There
fore Mr Hngcerty Is not going to give
Ttlj to the publlr prints wait he U
flndlrg out rom his association with
the monkeyi If It does feel natural
for him to be with them lies not going
tn tell the r portrs nnd he did not tell
this one But oncp out of the cage the
young man oi science Is quite like other
folk and talks enthusiastically of the
possibilities of recovering Jast what
monkcyi think of the rest of mankind
Something Coming to Haggerty
Hes been with the monkeys a whole
week now and already he knows more
HIM f10NEf
tricks than Maroellne ever dreamed of
Jt li tated on good authority how
It eVlr that Haggerty will not be turned
from his sotloui purpose by any tempt
inr offers he may get from the stage
He SS there to study monkey psychology
to toe ead tliat Newport nay not hav
arythlngon Harvard In the future His
ablo ullr anta are two culturtj ring
In oUI MI4 to bt baa
I L f I 0
orerr graduates oi tbt unrvertlty At
any rate they are hlgMjr educated and
extremtly useful u the connecting
IInktor mUilnj links If you will be
tween Haggerty and thi other Inhabi
tants of the cagei
Hagterty has itortod tn with the
twenty ringtails of the Zoo and whn
he wrings out all the knowledge that
they possess he will piss up the scale
until he retches Baldy the chlmpan
ie It b no secret tn the monkey
tuna that B ldy t laylng for the
Hdggerty person and that It will take
Tltt 110tY1 ira
a fullslzedHanard Intellect and some
muscle to cope with the big fellow It
may all end with chimpanzee literature
being enriched by a treatlio from
Baldy on What I Know About
Man There are a few other thing
coming Hagcertyi way to the keepers
aay with ominous shakes of the head
Quo of the young mans methods of
finding how much ene the monkeys
possess Is by a trick box In which he
places food The monk who discovers
how to open the box Is considered to be I
far more Intelligent than the one who I
rudely demolishes the apparatus In or
der to get what Is Inside But the latter i
monkey eats first
Harrlgan Beiti Haggertyi Qama
Haggerty first lets one of his pet
monkeys open the box In full view f
the cage full of monkey There li
great excitement when the animal who
has had the benefit of a Harvard edu I
cation pulls out a banana But let It be
laid to the credit oi higher education tn
the Bronx that the Zoo monkeys have
proved themselves apt pupils While
they dont dsplay the flnesM that only
the Cambridge atmosphere Ihee never
theless they generally get the binana
and thats what counts here Is New
Another apparatus used by the Pro
fessor Is a rope operating through a
pulley suspended from the celling A
banana Is attached to the upper end of
the ropehlle the lower end dangle
Just above a hole In a platform resting
under the apparatus The trick mon
keys lower away on the rope until the
fruit descends within reach
Yesterday Harrljan a big muscled
monk was led out of hli cage GJtar he
had neen the trick performed a number
of times Plainly showing lack of edu
cation Harrlran grabbed the rope vlo
I ontly and pulled the whole business
down The Harvard monkeys chattered
I tlplr dlsjuit as Harrlgan ran off with
th banana
I ProC Haggerty Is taking his job very
i seriously find does most of his stunts
I while tne public Is not around So dont
gi up to the Zoo expecting to see a free
I W Mt GUf T T
IMrtR L B t
Burglar Raided Room in Hotel
Threatened to Brain One
Got 800 Loot
That a burglar hu made a ucce sful
raid on guests at the Hotel Imperial
during the early morning hours of lart
Friday became knoivn today when
Mrs T D Palmer and Mrs Albert
I Meyer both of Cblcaro reported to the
police ot the Well Thirtieth street eta
I tlon how they hd been robbed and
I how they had both been threatened I
with death by the robber If they made
5 l1olse
r8 Palmer and Mrs Meyer were at
the Women Convention Is Boston and
irrlved In New York Thursday night I
About 1 oclock Mrs Meyer was
awakened by a noise In her room
There was enough light In the room
to see the nirure of a man ransacking
tho bureau drawers I
Mrs Meyer awakened Mrs Palmer
R1 MO ttcr Miijpif ut ot bed and
took the receiver off the telephone
mewing to call up the hotel clerk I
Them n heard the cllsk of the Inslru I
ment and turning upon Mrs Palmer
ft threatened to brain her Mrs I
Meyer In the mean time ran to the
hall and tean scroanllng and knock
Ing on the doors of other guests 1
vs Mrs Palmer left the room ahe I
aw the burglar sling rope of 1
knotted towels over his shoulder md
male tor the fireescape 1
For fully five minutes the women
mv they waited In tho hall thinking
help would come from the office At
last R nero bellboy appeared Later
as the said th manager came toi
them with two detectives The deteo
lives told them that the towels carrier1
hv UK burglars were Intended for KMS i
One of the detectives 10 tho wonpa I
allese nMo tnM hem that nearly every 1
room alone their line of the lire escape 1
liad been entered and other eueiti I
robbed On the fire escape wai found
a hair tll1el with rfrt nepper
The women nv thev were robbed of
ffl in Je lrv nr1 mnn v
CARDINAL Ont July 7When B
McKnlgM a butcher went to his
daughter house ysetcrday he found
his cattle had been shot to death I
Driving bask to his meat market ae
discovered that the building had U n
set on fire
He tried to send In an alarm but the
alarm box had been broken and tht
key stolen
By the time the firemen arrived the I
tire had attained such headway that
Ilwu with great diukuitjr checked
After the market Ull Dillon Hotel and
UHTM ftora had t a fcntBtfl
i 0
Police Finally Interfered After
Most of the Valuables
Were Taken
Thieves Always Entered by
Front Door and Were
Not Suspected
One of those talkative little bird
called a stool pigeon passed the word
here the other day to Lieut McMul
len of the Headquarters tat that
two members of the Local Brotherhood
of House Trimmers and Indoor Fin
ishers were violating all the rules oi
the union by robbing the same house
every day all day In broad day
So McMulien alter locating the re
prehensible pair at the Old Olive Tree
Inn In Twentythird street near FIrst
avenue got Ono other Central Office
men Murphy and Hahn to help him
out on the job Testeraay afternoon
the three detectives followed the sus
teots uptown on a trolley oar and
chapejenttl them In an unbeknownst
manner until they had vanUhed
through the basement door of the home
of Dr S K Holllster at No 521 Madi
son avenue which door they opened
vrlth the use of familiarity
Just to make certain sure the trail
era nngered outside They had to wait
nearly two hours and It was a very
warm day before there cam the gentle
ttrangerj They travelled slowly each
being laden with a heavy vall e and
10 many bundles that he had to do
CD of those rlchm4n < uidneedleB ye
stums fretting out of the areaway
Thus the two parties met Irnroduc
tlons were deemed unnecessary because
everybody knew everybody else the
nerfoomers bering no others than John
Wilton o East Twentythird street
near Second avenue who haa done
four terms for burglary and Alfred
King ef One Hundred and Twenty
rifth strtel n ar Third avtntU who 1
sightly younger and who haj only
V rn up the road three ttma
Evasion and subterfuge beta out of
1 the question under the circumstances
I Meuri Wilton and King admitted w th
eome slight show of reluctance thst
this TOS th6 t Mri vlilt thiy nad paid
to the Holllster home and that they
hadnt lost money a single time They
always went In the middle ot the after
noon and entered by the front way In
order to avoid attracting attention
From their suite at the Green Tro
and from other places the detectives
had succeeded by today In recovering
loot veJued at upwards of 1000 In
cluding everything that one would ba
1 apt to find In a modern town house ex
cept the wall paper They are on the
> hunt also for other articles at preset
represented by pawn tickets But they
found time to photograph iMessrs VII
ion and King for the private collection
i at Headquarters Both had portraits
there but they were oldfashioned ones
Tn Holllster family Is out of the city
for the summer The house Is one of
the handsomest In the exclusive district
around Fiftieth street and Madison ave
nue Dr Holllster has been wired to
I come home and see If he CMS ncog >
nle the Interior of It He will not unl
less ties a close observer
Pose for Photo Although She
Protests Its Slllr I
DENVER July 7Vlth a battery of
cameras trained on them Alice Rooie
velt Longworth and her husband Con
I grestuiun NlchoLu Longworth stepped
140in their ipecial car in the railroad I
par yijsteriuy accoaipinied by their
nost Mrs UedlU McConmck of Chicago I
The PreaUi nts daughter stood with I
others of me party for several snap I
aaou but declined ricolately to b in
Cue of the photograpnera Insisted
1 upon having a picture of her and the
CotixressTan its 3iu > sie protested
to ner husband but ave In when he
urged her to stand
The LiO igwnrlh McCormIck p < Lrty
were driven to Woolhum tio Danver
home of Thomas F Waish where the
will remain for a day or two The re
mainder of the time they are her thev
will stay tn their special car Mrs
Lon worth and her party will attend
the convention and take In the conven
I tion sUhts Afterward they will go to
I Yellowstone Park
And Increased Salary a1 nuult
I of Uatluic Hlebt Food
There Is not only comfort In Bit
ins food that nourishes brain and
body but sometimes It helps a lot In
Increasing ones salary
A Kans school teacher tells an In
teresting experience She says
About two years ago I was ex
tremely miserable from a nervous
nesi that had been coming on for I
some time Any sudden noise was I
actually painful to me and my
nights were made miserable by hor I
rlblp nightmare
I was losing flesh all the time I
and at last was obliged to give up I
tho school I was teaching and go
home Mother put me to bed and sent
for the doctor I was so nervous the
cotton sheets gave me a chill and
they put me in woollens The medi
cine I took did me no apparent good
Finally a neighbor suggested that
GrapeNuts might be good for me to
cat I had never heard of this food
but the name sounded good so I de
cided to try it
I began to eat GrapeNuts and
soon found my reserve energy grow
ing so that in a short time I was fill
Ing a better position and drawing a
larger salary than I had ever done
As I see little children playing
around me and enter Into their
games I wonder If I am the same
teacher of whom two years ago the
children spoke as ugly old thing
GrapeNuts food with cream has
become a regular part of my diet
and I nave not been sick a day In
the past two years Theres a
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Malaria is due to impurities in the blood which destroy the rich
healthful qualities of the circulation and reduce it to a weak water
fluid The body is then deprived of its necessary nourishment am
strength and is unable to resist the countless disorders that assail it and
the general system suffers in consequence The appetite fails digestion
is weakened chills and slight fever are frequent while the sufferer loses
energy and ambition Boils skin eruptions and some times sores and
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germs Both a tonic and blood purifier are needed to cure Malaria and
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