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I Ir r < 1 > 1 f t I l
tatul M of Ptsmwlvonln their elec
tlan bcliiK certified not olon by the
I commlsalontir of the district but
i by the Seorotwy dt the Coinmon
vealtli of Pennsylvania while not a
BJitidovv Of oomplolrrt was mnda as
to any of f he Jelwrato
I This dolfjtatlon wan c mlfld to the
National Cimmrtteo hy th chairman
ond i cr Ury of tho Stat Central
eommllUe of Pennsylvania Notice
of contesui In a few district was
filed with the National Committee
A iUhcomnlttee of the Nations
I Commlttte was appointed and a full
and ttsolute hearing glv n then
contAiUntn The subcommIttee reo
Rortcl In favor of the certified deJe
lIe National Committee ai a
body unanimously adopted tha re
port of the subcommittee ami this
lotion made the right of Pennsyl
vania In the preliminary organiza
tion absolute Nothing could quej
ton their rlcht to sit and partlclj
In the business of the convention
The dclegitlon prior to the meeting
Ii of the convention caucau eil for the
i purpose of orsMnl7itlon 41 out of a
total of fiS participant
iiI was made clialnnan of the dele
gation anl members of the vtrlout
committees for th < < convention were
appointed I wna elected member
ft the National Committee Xot
wlthstandliR all this reguHrit the
temporary chairman of the Nntloml
Convention refused to permit Penn
< lylvanlan deeratlon to take part In
1 bo deliberations of the convention
t or on Itn committees thereby dli
j francnlslii the soverelsnty of a
treat State
Convention at Work
Although there wns the prospect of a
tight the convention was not so proniot
i In assembling today ai on yesterday
iMeantime the Cowjov Band entertained
I the irathirlns most satlsfuctorlb Tho
Cowboy Band Is all right but some of
the other bundi hero for the convention
I are the nrorst In the world
The convention started In nt 1231 p
t +
M and Her Dr Christian F netsler
6f dtffo MethodIst Church a premirnr
with a romarkible voice light but > rne
tratlng offered a prayer that ethirad
back from tho walls and the Mar
studded colling The reverend iJswfle
man devoted some of his remarks to
the evils of drinking and calflplayltis
He Implored that the Democratic put
may achieve dofeat olnndlng up for
tliu right rather than victory by the
exorcise of nrong
The lUnioaphore of pcice and snno i
tlty thit had pdrvudod tlio pra > er Will
wuddonly dliblpatcd ivy the entrance of
tho Dno Ito e Marohln Club from
Milwaukee which Is Mijhlng hut holy
I It was expected IrMit other marclilne
clubs would folow l > u the Mllwiuke
lans had Uis field to themselves In
paisln In and out thjy consumed tuet
one minute
Senntor Grady of New York Intro
duod the report of tin Committee on
RnlM and Clnlrmnn Rel then suoc ee 1
ed In mililnu a funny break
As the other committee ere not
rcadv to report h n1d there are
sonic minor rrmttsrs to be attended frn
I taJ < e pleasure In Introducing Mr MarI
tin of Arknnsa I
Mr Martin national commltteenmn
suddonlv on I
from hla State < poppM up
tho platform He N over six > et tnll
mid weighs oout MO pound The as
sociation of the bl Arkansan and
minor mntleri Iot a good laueh
from the audence which was 1111td
I when Mr Martin offered a resolution
of condolence over the deAth of the
I late ohalnruui of ty > NatlonAl Cwn
mlttee Tam B K JonM of Arbanio l
Til reflation WM adopted bv a rising
GabTcst BegIns
There was nothing esa for the con
I vention to do The great crowd ml In
patient expectancy while the proceed
ings drooled along for a few minute
A tecr tary read n list of names of I
man for whom ho held telegrams Then
Olllo James of Kentucky moved an ad
journment until S oclock tonight De
spite loud protests from soma delegate
and all the sjectatora tha motion was
McCarren Kicked Out
I of Convention After
Hot Fight With Coler
Committee on Credentials Confirms the Work
of Murphy Unheeding McCarrens Warn
ing of Defeat in New York
I 1
Special to The Euning World
DENVER July SWHh a ucfliieii closely resembling the work
I tione by Charles P Murphy in New York the Committee on Credentials r
today kicked Senator Patrick McCarren and his contesting Kings County i
delegation out of the Democratic National Convention Colers dele
51 gates were declared entitkd to the seats
j Thin decision followed one of the hit
f trrent clashe ever Known tlta national I
I of1 anv other comentlon MoCarren
and Coler did not nilnce words In their
apioches before the committee Their
time did not come until 3 oclock this
morning IJurlns the preceding hours I
tha committee was heailne other con
fi I
teils and the two Brooklsn politicians
ware nurslnc their wrath They were I
worked up to the bolllnp point when
they were permitted to appear Mc
Carren lighting for his political life 1
ssalled his tots with stinging words i
accusIng tho Murphy machine which
tood back of Coler of overrIding IHW i
reason and dcconcy In their determina
tion to throw om the l fnlly chosen
dilegatea and aelzo absolute control of i
Iho party machinery
StcCarren warned the committee that II
unlcsa his delegates were seated the
Elate of New York might be counted In
j the Republican column from the start
ij fCMt sounded like a threat to bolta
tl fcolt similar to the one which was I
ellused by the throvUns out of the Me
Carren delegation when Hearst uai
nominated at liuftaloand It caused
I loums of the commltteemen to nondtr
Jwhether it would not be expedient to
pluate the Brooklyn Senator
I South Seems Sympathetic
Mr South of Arkansas gave voice to
thli sentiment I believe we should
i meet this man half way said Mr
I do not come os a suppliant re
torted McCarren No one need wssU
J any eympathj on me
Then Dan Cohalan Murphys
Spokesman and New York member
of the committee ntcrruptcd the pro
f You at lent might have the man
Here not to Interrupt me said JlcCar
1 ren BJ h wHed his long bony finger
tttcCarrena followers beran to cheer I
J He has II CRQU her to do his
work said Coh lan
Shut up Cohilan cried Ha fnflug
o < Brooklyn
The Chairman flnallv restored order
and McCarren proceeded with his
McCarrena Warning
hI want to tell you that jou have no
more chance to arry the State of New
York than I have to be Prime Minister
of England inles you unite the parly
of the State of New Yorl The Dem
ocracy of Kings Is the most Indepen
dent party In this countrj and If > o
do It Injuitlca no man In the word can
hold It
Even f you do eat m wer goln6
to have a hard tlne to cirrj New York
Im not saying tM for publlcitlon We
need > jyOCCO for the campaign fund ancl
ne liave an orgniaton to build up
I knon whtt a ehdl the organization U
In most of the counties of the State
TVIthout BrooUjn 0j janmt carry till
State and the peoplo of Brooklyn will
not stand for Injustice
Mr South of AK < an5M asked Me
Carren why his dol ritlon Wil tiron
Becii they netdid the dtKgate
to fwtcn tliHr grip on the party re
plied MoCamn They threw o it tto
rislffilfi wltlr > il liw or rM on
McCarrrn ncnt Itin ln arKum nt
OIl the mcriu of th cu and closed
irUh a fit for Ju Uc <
i Clrd 3 Col r Bv > d a heated reply to
llcOarwi lit dreldrtd he had b en
still to run oe Municipal O1rn4r
ship tlckPt becnttse McCarren had made i
a Ilea I wi the corpontlons I
Coler Explodes i
Three men ara conspiring against
the part > If you seat any of them it
means defeat The are Patrick Me
Carr n WIJIam P Sheehan and Jim1
Gully If you put them In ou con
nect tho Democratic party with cor
rupt lobbies and the Standard Oil
4 MoCarren cant hurt us In Brooklyn
or Nun York We wont compromise
with such ft man J dont care for the
effect of this speech on me I hue I
been politically killed too many times
Im uird to It We cannot rim ew
York unl s Tie go in with clean hearts I
and hand Ih e men have
mised with mer I
fjler3 crIminal trust In the
State McCarran vPn drew up A writ
ten agreement wltn the Republican i
Coler twgnn to tell about the httack I
by the Bureau of Municipal Research
wit fercnce to the police farm pur
chase and s wer buldlng He WM In
terrupted bi Comptrollor Met
Ye ond OU got HCOO on Pll
ordr altl rt z
hat rLght ha ou to butt In7
salt 1I1Iams or Brookln
Im Comptroller 01 ffl York reo
to etlla
iii = rp were cnw mat Mctz be heard
but ha nw not heard
McCarren Thrown Out
After the other
cases had jpn
heard the committee got down to the
work of malt n Its decisions It wna
soon announced that McCarrons case
nai ben throvn out and the Coler
dflegntej were sIloRed to retain their
seats Ths destrojed McCarrens list
hop of gftt ng Into the COI1e ton
ine < ori a of the Nineteenth Ohio
wan 3tislilni > 1a 1 lon for To John
son nnd his friends
The Coulest In Idaho was terminated
by a dec s on In favor of the Duio1
or antl formon fHctlon
In the Pfnnsjhatila ease the deaUlon
favored the intiouffov JeIple and iKive
that fnrt OT contml M the delegation
from the Keystone State
Stiff CorrfsjxmdW of ftie Denlnc World I
DIjXVER Jul > iThe big event of
the morning In Denver was llie jmrado
if the Tammany delegation Donver
9 ve the XBVN Ycrkors u rousing r ow
tlJn and I IH ihonlns they mad WIUI
flIT and anny moro Imposing than that
if crn jrer vl < Ung dulejutlon
Tho pamd vas head d by a bund of
gaudily trapped nnd painted Indian
Hdilnl the IndltiM walked Hlg Tom
McAvoy commuiiilorlnchlKf Charles
K 1urpij ualked In the front roo and
following him elKht abreasi irunped
he hnnei Her man idiHVid 1010
meed nmnloured Hnd slilned The only
ahasntoo In tlie delegation was Jianlsl
V rVial n who wa huaj ai flic luiie
In thf i omniltifc on Crodsnllalt
file wmllier wai not and the routs
av Jrs oer the blinding asphalt of
> npr < prmdpalc thoroughfares but
cr > me of them flnlilol strung 111
jhnerfu nr > ciaptln Ktigene Mo
JiUri liu Hllfh > l dma f In a few
nlnute diid found h < t had lost the two
intinds gim ha ehoaed list night Ha
rtjntcr n nnw
A urj riMln fnaiurr to thn Wetrn
penpH lin tir n < unninixi to men
heljthlB ind fIrth m thA numttro
Jlc mei in the Taini in > doleyitlon
By jojli said a t < uboy to a crowd
of companions 1 dUa thought thm
N a lon filler vu niiin but thra
U a lt of ii marching tlur J
wouldnt like to t t tnlrMup with
DO > >
Charges Oidtred Dismissed
in Decision of Appellate
The application against Jo > eph M
D 1 el a klng for his removal a Jus
t1t of the Court of Specla Ssrslon
was denied this afternoon br the An
pthte Division of the Supreme Co irt
The proceedings agnlMt him were or
dered dl mled
The upollcatlon was brought bv IY
trlctttorn > v Jerome as a citizen and
Jani O V OstKirne It grew out of thn
Town Topics matter In whch it
was alleged that Jt tlce D euel acted
BJ an attorney
The opinion In the denial Is written
r Ju ce Ingraham
L W f L Cij f
LffT O
Will of Late Partner of Joseph
H Choate Filed for
The nil of Joseph Lnwque Junior
partner In Choat Lorocque of which
former Ambassador Joseph H Choatn
Is senior member was filed for probate
with the Surrogate today by Joieph
Larorqtie son of the testator execu
tor and tru tee
The petition states tla Mr Lftroeque
left at lernt 100W In realty and at
least MviOfO In personal property
The helrsatlaw and next of kin are
Mrs Annie Iarocque widow Joseph I
J Larorque son Loula Larocque ran I
nnd Adele Larooque Thomas and Louise
L TinkerHenry H Anderson grand
son and Joseph L Anderson of Lewis
boro Westchester N Y and Annie
Celeitlne Goddard of Lltchfleld Conn
To his nieces Louise Roe Elizabeth
Roe arid Cecilia Falls Mr Larocqua
left JlOCtt eacn
To hl widow he lft the resHejice at
Xo 8 Kast 1lftsixth street for life I
On cher death the houiu U to be sold
and the proceeds addul to the residuary i
6 41UIl A um of SIIiOO l also placed
with tile executors of which Mrs La
rucque Is to receive the Income On her I
iJtath tna prnclpal will go tu the trs
tators children and nramlchlldrn I
A trunt fund of Jilt > I Is iilso created I
for the bon rlt of Mr Lnocijue s Krand I
da u ht I nnle Celt tne Onddard
who Ic tu receive the Income tnn prin
cipal dtsrendlng to her cnlldrcn
The residue of ihe entata tjum 0 Mr
Larocqucc olilMren and grandchildren
and A codicil ainunda the clauai with
referentn to nl sun Ixiiils o > pro
viding tlin tlio Unrtoti TriKt Comrmny
Is to be appointed trustee of his nham
nrul toThi1 B imir World i
lNI > 5Olt Ont Julj i ltao he a
toda > rasuited as follous s
HKST RvrBPiira HOD mairlsn
tnrcuiajruhln on l11l1eI M IXk
eft li 1C W Murphy 7 to 3 S to 5
jnl I to f won u a origin and a half
Irntaitan fi II IUrt > j lj to 1 8 o
I imt 3 o 1 ond Tad Llziak 111
I 1 1 irnotir B to J < i t i 5 and 3 to i
th rd Tim IU Croymlan Oroonikd
Hl ind Marnare Iltlls Jenn fl finlrce
irKl Kid Ilooi ilso rsn
inrnSI I > ur flU jeepl
JU > i nl two iule Jtllb rrj US
I1Wtl T KI 1 3 to I and i to li won h >
j mad Waiiirway 1 iMcOlaln i to
1 9 to 10 nd 3 to i second Plcktlme
IU O UTieiVH 7 to I 4 tu I and to
> a third Tlnulli Manainn H B
ti and film ramxr also rwi 4f rry
mtktr run wt
Of rL
SubCommittee Gets Instruc
I tion on How to Deal
i With Injunction
DESEVn July J There are tmox
peoted delays In thf making of the
I National Democratic platform It now
api > ers that the Committee on Resou
tlons will not b abl to rbport until
I At 1 oclock this morning1 th ub
committee which Is draftln the pla
I form adjourned until 9 A M today
nt the sjg ejitlon of Senator Stone of
Missouri The full committee was In
I structed to assemble at 5 i1 M today
I at Whch time the subcommittee 01
I pects to be able to report The conven
tion Trill be usked to < Jay to meat It
I 10 oclock on Thursday and It Is the
phn to have the report ready for pre
i Eentatton at that time with the Idea of
Imlng It disposed of by noon
i Get Bryans Views
I WlllUm J Brians views aa to What
the Democratic national platform
should contain are now before the sub
committee charged by tho convention
with the work of drafting that doou
mtnt Gov Haskell of Oklafcoma
Chairman of the Resolutions Commit
teo nnd of the iubcoram tee spent
more than an hour during the early
hours of the morning roadlng to the
group of man who constitute the sub
committee what Mr Bryan had written
In the form of planks and what ha
had telegraphed to the Governor as
suggestions for plankn the particular
phrasoolosn of which Is left to the
committee should It Le deennd win to
Incorporate the suggestions
Mr Bryans views on tha Injunction
pUnk u fiuj transmitted are thnt
ti < plank should egln vlth the state
ment that the party nnonts any at
tempttd rNlectlon upon the Judiciary
of the country tlat not only ire the I
courts themselves created by Uw their I
Jurisdiction and authority are defined
b > law JB w ll as their rule of pro
c dure The po ltlon of the part on
thle jbjict In the platforms of IM
190 and 19W Is to be Indorsed the
furthar provision made that in con
tnnpt casej the trial la to be before
any Judge other than the one Issuing
tho writ Most Important the pUnk ti
to declare for the reennctment of th
Federal law rsoulrlns notlcs to be
given before Bitch preliminary Injunc
tions shall lusiie precisely as It existed
prior to ibTI
Mr Ilrynn made unlurquent
I gnmteitlon for tlili plunk to tlie I
rret that It mlicht lie vrrli to
provide tlmt no
pro Injunction or rn
IrnlnlnK order hall reiniiln In
farre fur a period longer than
Iliroe dni nnd Hint thp hunrlnu
on Ioh iiriler shall be liefnre two
Mr Hryin aim balleics an expression
should be made to ti e effect that Clr
cult and District rourts should not have i
tha power to suspend tlin rshU
of thai
btute tint htt right of appeal In suoh
case should a
The Currenoy Plank
In his furrency plank suggtutlon Mr
Bryan turerta that the Treasury funds
were used an an emergency aid to forro
nrl > ugh Congross a rlll which IBS
fulled th give prolertlpn to the fifteen
million dpoiltora nf ho country The
belief Is expressed that the nero of
commerce roqtilie an einnrgenoy cur
rencyi that nidi ourrcnry should bo
lasued and controlled by the federal
Government and loaned to National and
State bank undor piupui guarantee
We favor tha posul eavlnri bank i
lit the guiranloa bank cunnot ie se
aured Is the termination of this pro
posed plank and Mr Bryan rnada It
alear tn tha committee thai this rjuall
fling language should be ussd in the
IndnrMrnent of uit postal savings bank
Another plank whUft UA 8
usvited In confidence to the subcom
mittee but concerning which tie ex
presses hom doubt as to the wisdom
of IU promulgation l < headed Tim
I Misuse of Patronage It conclarnni
u a violation of the spirit of our In
stitutions the action of the chief execu
tive to secure the nomination of one of
hU CeblMt offloen Tha plank con
To force noaeailim In the
Irrddrnry In lonrcely lets rcpoar
nnnt than life tenure In that of
I flee and tend to the ritabllih
mrnt of a dyniutr
1 The plank concludes wtth the slite
ment that thn Democratic party stands
for th right of the people fr ly to M
lect Oielr fflolals that the Democratic
partj stands for demoeiicy while tie
Republican oarty Is trie party of prt
I vat monopoly
I Ctutlout on the Nivy I
1 i
1 On the subject of the navy Mr
Bryan cautions this committee to be
I careful not to Indorse a large nary
An adequate nav he ajs Is as
far u we can go He has no objec
I lion to a plank Indorsing 8tt mlllUiui
I but prefers It to be In the languagt of
I Thomas Jefferson on that ubjot A
1 veildisciplined militia Is our bst rec
ognized dtfenae I
i coorm co mT
Mrs Asmus of Hoboken Is a
I Believer in Westerners
I Medicine
In eonnCtlon with tns me lcln be
ing sold so extensively in New York
at present by L T Cooper is the fol
lowing statement made for publication
b Mrs Adolph Asmus of No 310 Hud
I son Bouleard West HolKiknn N J
Monday morning Mrs Asmus called
I at the Hiker Store Broadway and Ninth
streot where Cooper and his assistants
I are explaining his medHnes to the
I public and said I have suffsred be
yond torde for three years irtth rheu
ma Ism and atomach trouble For the
pant year I have been forced to live
on liquid food entirely as I could lake
no solid food whatever Into my
Every physician I have seen during
th list rear nil offend m llttU sn
courogwnent and hud b comi almost
hopalets about my condition I was
tn a ierrlble state ot health when one
of my friends told ma of thu New DIs I
pry medicine and sald It had en
tirely relieved her of al stomaoi
trouble Upon ner sugijenlon I got the
medicine about six weds ago I got It
for my stomach trouble and had no
idea It would affect rheumatism I have
taken Lie medicine faithful oer tin c
and the result has astonished m >
frlendx and myself I do not look or
a I < K the borne woman 1 ham
ba lcd K < lght und mruntfih I uat hiuu
B < ii > mtaU a day and hvs no
slomacn trouble I have a sp endld
> ipptitlt leep soundly and um no
mn er In tho least nonouu 1I > food
tauten no It should for the flm tim in
t years
P ia in t antonlshlng ihing to m
Is that m > rheumatism Ins eft in
1 i relv 1 cave nut been tmu Icfl Hllh
It for two week All wellnK and
0 entss hft > o gone and BO far as I can
o I um nuv aJ well as I evor was In
iii I tnlnk this mbdlclnt is a
IjoislnK It Is worth Its welent In
lfoll U Is not 1 1 lie the usual Muff I
nine taught inat proniisei to hslp lui
Ltr se m to do It
iiop4r iiiv him his medicine on Me
it all druggists In New Ynric put
unruei to see tha iiubUo ai the Rite
ator Bronda > nd Ninth strut Tha I
ale of the pr aratlon li the largest
Mn of the kind ever 11M In New
Pretldlng Justice Edward Patterson I
of the Appellate Division of th Supreme
rourl ulll sill for flurop tomorrow
un the Ualtle Ht w ll b aciompinlid
by hli s cret r > Oooe T Caropbtll
I and thty will 1IfIlId sevsral k au
tamnblllni through Italy Print abd
Tell Story of
j Convention
I The door are nprn nnd the rrond
lowly IIU Ilnbll all About n half
doi n delrjotci arr In thnlr irati
1181 A MHand plarlnK na
tional alri hall filling rapidly
I 1224 P M Chalrmau Ilrll rnllt
convention to order
1230 P MChclrn i IU nn
ble to aeaare orrtrr U bentlnK it
long roll rrltli hh rarel The
delrvatoi are to blam I
12 8O P 1SrplaDtaatarme i
drive drlpsrmt from the alilri to i
their aeh I
1231 P Prnycr br Ilei Dr I
lleUnrr of nanrer
12no P 51 Prayer ndn
12 40 P M VUltlnsr ninrrhlng
olabs bellln a pirade through
Conrentlon Hull
1341 P MIrrwdr end Only
one dob enme through
1242 P M Senator Crndr of
7I TT VorU Chairman CoiniiiKlre i
on Ilule inbmlU hlft report j
1U4S P M nrpnrt nnanlmondy
1240 P 31 Chairman Dell an
nonnoei that the other commit
ted arc nnlfeiul anil rrooiniliej
Aatloiml Cominlttwman Uartln nf
Arkania I
1247 P Itriolntlon ealoll j
Ing the late Jlunu K Jon < > of
Arknnini Introduced
1S54 P M Viinoono men utadn
from th iilntform that Huorrlnry
of lIata Wlmlen of > r lorU U
wanted h > CJOT llnirhti on the
Ion a dlitnnne phone
1204 P Announcement made
from platform that the Mlohlunn
dalABation liii IIIt III nible
1 I 1OllIe jHinrs of Ken
tuck luoiei n ruoess until N
cloak tonliclit
106 P UChairman llrll In nn
iiror to frantic cries from the gul
IrrlM conientlnit holdi the con
vention In oiiloti for a abort time
lnnirr Cnlls on bond to pi ivy
100 P ITellllee deleeate
arlie nnd utter loud rrlei for
Taylor Ocorirln harrli for
inmtbodf lie Oklahoma about
I fur Mmlioll II ilniTin upon tlip
linrrlllid llnNlrrn ilrlcwiitri thai
Ilipof iniii nnnt In tnrl 1111 nlil
I fimlilonod KllifrKl
112 I > Jinny In till iiuilliMicp
dont iinrr nlintit Injlur II Ie din
miYrruil lull hi Inn left the hull
I 11t P Mlilirlr Ill nil lit
PY York IcniK Into lha breunh
I and ilrim nil cucortlmj rummllter
to Ihu vlntfuriii leiuilor Uoro of
Okltiliiiiiin bvitl him to It
I 117 I1 M Srntor lore beKlni a
I Illllv
lll P M senior lore utters
inline or llr > itn llln iliMiiojKtrn
tun aiiionic ilrlricutvi iTHllrrle
i iipnlliutlo
121 P > Giillerlti wnkliiu up
i Ilrjan bnnnrr curried to platform
lId enlhimlitiiiu
111 1 M 1 ounx limn clliuli on
I Chalrinnn Uink tiilnei linnner
nnd knockn IIIWII n atnffert rntilf
on Iho hend of Col John > lnrlln
I 121 1 MDeiiioiiitrntlon unill
mlnUliccl bill itutUrlri do not rlnp
In tlir ocrimloii Siri < lnl < ir < i Ililnk
i Ihr ililiiiiiti nn Rlvlnt n hlln
Unit In purl uf tin priMi oilliiKN
lrt I MMiMiilirrn of tin Dllhl
in tin Ilnli of Omahn nlnrlliiK
DirotiKh KMllerlo with riit tttilti I
and blue umlii ill to Inrt nonic
IhliiK In nuillenro
12T I IM OllMlmmi ilrliKntton
I team In iluniliiril Inimp nnd Ktnrtii I
n imriiitt Klalioinu Trxa nnd
Nclmi ku jon anil > lan iirlMi ctt
llhhlK Illllioli anil KiMillickj I
tiinilariU are rarrlri to pliitfnrin
mill iinicd
110 P M ronplnii of MninlitnU
on pliitform I In art rnmlin
friini nil 01 vr lir hall innlnif I
I like tin iicari nf an arm > I
1110 P > > rn url Dchuiilrc 1
I Aeir JIT I lirorKln MlnneNiita I
and ConliiTtlcin onl utiindariU
left on Hour All tlie rent nnrlnK I
on platform
I 131 P MStnndnrdii hrliiK rnr
rled liacU to the Hour Demon
tratlon bPitlnnliiK to fnde i
130 P M llr j nn men nmklnj
frantlc efforls to prnlniiK np
pluute Great nld from I
I the row
I bo > Ilnnd nnd Dixie
1lf P MTIn horn and rntllrN
lime been Intrndneed to help
keep up the racket
11 2 P > 1l1nnd utrlkei np Hnt I
Dime In the Old Torrn Tonlirht i
Men cnrrjlnn itnndnrdu hare nen i
nltnck of hmterln nnd tart nn
other pnrnde nronnil hull
14i P > fVmontrntlnn hfen i ftlTe
20 minute OsllirlM tnkln llttU pnrl
Ill > P M nnn Ifader lIarh M
Old Kentnrkr Home Ttioa iil < Jnln i
In Initlnc Tieerln hIOI with re
newed rtrdor I
1 jj > i > Mnn rrrlp Hrn o IM I
ner i > pl > ri nn the Imlronj lmyt ldr hit
plPturp of drnrgr Whlnlrtnn ttnd hanc I
Ihp banner uilfr the palntlnr nr10n I
biH terii rurrjliif > < lHle luud rl hntf
kdirlrd Ihrnutli unllrrlr
lfiO P M NUT Aork ilplpgBtlnn hu
rat Impiiinltr IliroiiKh the diprrlni n
ppiUII he Tnmmnn men IWuid II now
pluxlie Tnmmanr but no rl from
Murpti und hll men
lDit I1 M Cnimli mlllnit fur Murphjr
who U illllnit nHth hl arm folded nnd a
irln on hl > f r
lDII 1 M IleiKonMrnllon lull IIPPD
rnnnlnn Ihlrlythrre minute und Hryun
pe < iplp Intend tn strptrh It bpjfwd Ihr
forl > li minute HooinirJt bhul In
J r M 1nrnde of l nd rdlifarpr U
now murrhlnif In a cirrI around the New
York delrxullon One 01 the llrjan men
tried to luke lollnt lout ntundard nod
Join in the ilpjuuiiilrutlon but > In I
lenll pre Piilwl lot hto f llm dela lr I
2ll P M nr > 0 C llrndlorU
lelcwutelltluriie from Colorado
hn jnst climbed on Hie hair
man dr > k nllh the ifiiniliird of
her Slnte and II U nil nturtluM
HVT nuiln Two other Tinmen
nnd n lllllr ulrl join her
JOfl P U > en York rtelexatlnn
U boldliiK oil a crinrd at Wrateru
UrrHUllei > rho are trln to nwlpf
the alnndnrd Churlln White nnd
Col Utke Padden of thu Ilimer
with n boilyKnaril of n rinien Hul
llvanlln hiiTe been Ouhtlna In
hold the Hi unlnrd for hull an
hour and It l > mill there
Stn P fIhe Uumonilralliin U
now fnrtyplKht minute old nnd
Bdlna iirae The Hoonevelt li >
terlu In riilnaco hni IIPIMI hpnlvn
310 P MConbo Hand haul
come dmrn from the itnllnry nnd
II parndlnn thrnnRh the hall
nrynn bnomeri are hnntlnc for
nuth Drynn lpmltl with the de
t B M
Special tor loUay the 8th special tor ToMorrow the 9th
BUDS H H t1tTfD 10 C rns
IATKS CM kinds POUND S > C tVfEN < 30 kind lOlM19c
Purk Hun Store Open Evening Until 11 oTIoek
Hkrtlaj SttMt k Cortlandt felr t Stoif Open feuturda Eieulnn Until 11
1 luuUI Ut 1 alto 1 CorWrit Dway
llrouKlin ItiMKr W deliver 1 t i In 29CORTLANDTSI
pounds for lOc to DOinti In Man Ii Il1U
Rattan above anoth Bt Hoboken tj CrfhlUhSt
and Janey City No iroods sent C tOr PARKROWtNAS5AU
Ind Candid for outoftown PARKROLHAcnu
P our
0 Candll cutortoln
cuitumrn carefully pack d and o Al City Hall Park
shipped from our ipcelll mal order
In the World
I ftIII lini of tctllrm lirr In rrvltr tn litl
Sll I1 II lint I I IMP In tlip Olit
Tint ii li Mulil IIIIK ulnrtrd >
ilriiiiiiiMriillnn irllli riiinrrU
i limit Ilitnil 10 Krmiiril Ju < it b
lilnil I he Nell lurli ilHiKiilliiii nnd
deliknfrt Ire nil mrr tlu hull
orr milliiu tlitMiiftvlvr Imnrce at
lie Iiiiiiiunii men nliii nrn a It
tliiu tlulit niul linlilliiK nn In their
lularl f
r Tormenting Eczema Spread from
Childs Arm to Ear and Face
All Kinds of Salves and Remedies I
Met with No SuccessFinally
I hod a lot nf trouble with tny little I
firls oozptna Slio had Ixvn 1 stifTerer
irs r for some tirao I
r fyK Tho eczema
Xi sUrUxl on bcr
I 4 z t inn and the
< Jjjf it got on hN
0 for and ear
VI Wo had ou
7 family doctor
4 Jtri1F who treated
PY7 tf her and did
YI I all bo could
Ho ffavo HIT all kinds of salves and
remedies but without elm > The
di en e tnrmentrd lier so che wrtuld
scratch day and nl ht Then I read
of whut Cuticura had done for othw
children We used Cuticura Soap and
Cuticura Ointment bandaging her 1
that tho owma would not spread over
bAr whole i > ody Aftfr tisinR the Cutlr I
cure Hume lies for 1 month she etat
to Improve I have u r Cutiour
Soap for her tlneo she was bora and
that with one box of Ointment cured
her I ani plait she if cur and I
always rtwramond the Cuticura Hrme
dins IN hllilo Blttner 529 Onto
St Ruth Dethluhom Pa March IS and I
April 14 1W Ii
Lasted Pour Year Irritation wa
Terrible Cured by Cuticura
My diwue woa > aoria ls It W
pftrtlciilarly bad caju affecting ino from l
inr hrud to mv feet and the Irritation
TIU tornble I suffonxl for four ye
off and on I had seen five doctors and
tried sundry remedies but none gen
mo any ease until I tritxl Cuticura Sap
and Ointment My case Mng a verjr
bad one It nftturally toolc long a
make a good Impression but after vet
severing day after day for a month I
seermxl to mak fnir proRrwii I b
gan t use tho Cuticura Remedies about
July 1POO and was
my cur 6 complete
about October of the same vear Alf
L vr 1 Winkfleld sme Wood Green j
n Encland Morcb 23190S
Cullciiri iap r I Olntmnl 5 > 1 KMoltnl
SOc i n choocUtr tIN I III 1aI a tril
Ihrouihniit th world r tur Drui A Chin e
j > rnirs n Onurobu AT Uo ton
TH cuucura Ilook oa f 1 D
Up uit 9 01 r f Ktiik Uuck OOO
Jp Cork iuihion r d io order <
n fiturlng Wheels Oil 1
inlitil flBO
ineh btfnnx Whuls tiri rliOO
x F s 1n > h Pollihed llrtu 140
L i BIIM wirth n o
c 1 10
lluilurii trlctlr oon > il ntlJ 1
No cuiploreri roforonoe e 11
unlred Call or nrrMe far IU J
Irmled CutKlumiP Ho 44
4 t
87 Maiden Lane N Y I
ASllIjnn In the J9th vmr nf his ap
MAtRICC ALSBEHO beloved hu tn < S of
Mnrtha in < 1 broJur o William aad fid
iu I Ibo
frhintral from residence of Mrs Nen
berth No 7 E 13th tl o Thursday
July 0 M tO A M
I UntWuly O Jul1 i U
CHARLES F BftUYK beloved huaband
of Mm 11 Nolan
Funeral from his 1at r ukeC W3
Dwok S4 nu Droai on ThunJay July
8 IOCS a 130 P 1 IntnmMl at K
nayrromls Waldin
New York pap r pl copy
FLOOD On Tutay Julr 7 1801
WILLIAM F the belovti son of lUrr
and the tatt John Find In the 33d
y ur of his are I
Krl mi art Invited to attend the
funeral ram the reshlenc of his mother 1
H Mllford si Ilrooklyo ca JrlUI
July 10 at 3 P 1
HLVNVTueiday 1 I M FUQ
FLYSN Infant son of Patrolman JotU
Fl > na and JIh Uoran led i oocUvs
Funeral Thursday 3 P M from r I
dinoc ol parents T3 ClajUon It luttt
mcnt In ChUary
ISAKOWITZ 4 years old
Funeral July 9 1808 at 19 A ufJ
from his late resdenct 186 But 141 I y
XEII1 Suddenly at St Vincents UOI
pita JOifN NEIL
bervlro a III tie held at Oven Duia >
umlirtaklag cstallliinont O Welt tltk
st < n TrmriU > July 0 at 2 p 1 V
ObAIUtn this city oa July 11 1081 I
at bit residence 3il Weit Klh st i
Funeral frO iI Michaels Chureh 8 I
A 1 rtinrsliy vrhtre a requiem man
will bi off rfj
IWII 1 1 1110rlnl mltl
detUniit IB iurjuhlr suouiif
rjtci > d ou fr hvoe UI or blul
nes MkiOA th1 110 Cih av W
nvtn Ith 2rI f v sti
No Lillu Clijrgu for I
AJvcrtli ri Di > iui llxr WorU ttiif U tfi
it ali Amnrlcan District Uinnutr OJsui
la tb city uattl I P K
t IW

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